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Are you facing criminal charges before a court in the Melbourne, FL? We can assist in a range of criminal matters, contact us on (321) 426-0209.

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Published by John Vernon Moore, 2019-04-24 05:53:51

Do You Have A Criminal Record?

Are you facing criminal charges before a court in the Melbourne, FL? We can assist in a range of criminal matters, contact us on (321) 426-0209.

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Do You Have A Criminal Record?

It is time to ask your Criminal Lawyer in Melbourne some really important questions
regarding your criminal case proceedings. You need to do all you can to make sure that
you understand even the minutest details of your case and also do the needful to help
your personal injury lawyer win it.
If you don’t have any past criminal records, it is a good thing. But the opposing counsel
is not going to listen to it when they are out seeking ways to beat you in this case. They
are going to try to find out ways in which they can prove that you were at fault in this
case or in any past cases against you.

What Is A Criminal Record?
You might be a civil offender at most or might have missed paying for the parking ticket
a few times but that doesn’t make you a criminal. A criminal record holder is a person
who has committed several offences and has been convicted because of them or has
pleaded guilty or has been found guilty on several of those counts. Any person who
hasn’t been found guilty, it will not show up in their record. Any person, who has been
convicted of any offence in more than one city or state, may have more than one record.

Generally, you will be asked for your consent whenever someone asks the police to
release your criminal record. Although there might be some exceptions to this rule which
include requests from courts or other police forces. Your Criminal Lawyer in Melbourne
might need a copy of your criminal record to establish some statements and their
authenticity and also they might be able to prove your alibi or presence or absence in a
particular event in case you’ve been charged with a false crime.

In many cases a criminal record is a must have document when one is applying for a job,
or willing to work as a volunteer, or work with underage people or children, or in need of
insurance or is looking for an overseas visa. A criminal court will ask your Personal
Injury Lawyer to submit your criminal record for the purpose of reviewing it when
deciding upon an appropriate penalty or fine for an offence or prior to granting bail.

It Feels Good When You Don’t Have A Criminal Record!

By pleading guilty to any offence you’ve been charged with, you may be let off a bit
easily. The magistrate may choose not to record your conviction. In such a case, the
person convicted is said to have no criminal record but then there are exceptions to this
rule as well so it’s again advised to check that with the magistrate. You will be asked
questions about your criminal history. You will need to ensure that you fully understand
the question prior to answering them. Remember, being charged with breaking the law
and then getting convicted for it and then being found guilty is different from pleading
guilty and then not having your conviction recorded. So when you’re trying to start
afresh, the employer may ask you whether you had been found guilty in the case or you
had pleaded guilty in court to avoid a recorded conviction. All this can be explained well
by your Criminal Lawyer in Melbourne.

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