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’ 'Cvery c/iild an


cf/ie proSlem is Rozo remain
an artist zofien ZOQ grozD \ff

- Pablo Picasso (1881-1973)

Da Vinci!
Monet! Warhol!

... all ‘risk takers”, as the International Baccalaureate learner profile
would suggest.

They were not afraid to make mistakes, to try something unconventional,
to communicate their thoughts and passions in a unique way, to push
bevond the exnected.

Le Jardin students, like all children, are by nature creative beings.

You see Seniors meticulously assembling sculptures as you stroll by the art room

in the wee morning hours.
Log onto YouTube and you might view one of the many channels hosted

by lja High School students sharing their musical talents.

Walk into the Middle School drama class and witness thespian enthusiasm at its best.

Peep into a Kindergarten room and experience bursts of the crayon spectrum as

children express their innermost feelings and dreams through their art.

The Yearbook Staff was impressed by the talents and dedication of members of the Class
of 2011 and decided to stress the importance of the arts in our school community.

This book pays tribute to several a r t m o v e m e n t s and prominent a r t i s t s
who would have perhaps felt right at home on our campus.

The cover was designed by Junior

Charli Infante as an homage to American

pop artist Roy Lichtenstein (1923-1997),

who often referenced comic strips in works

such as ( 1 9 6 3 ) and

(1964). Ms. Infante has named her

original girl “Audrea” and depicts her

celebrating the...

I• # • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • mmm• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

pass if on"

- A lbert Einstein (1879-1955)

nee Iflp o n a C im c

...there were two princesses who came to live on an enchanted isle in F b e princesses' school, Ijjte J a c k 's bean stalk , grew and grew !
the middle of a vast, blue le rrifijin q ocean. I he first princess was called and gre w as each yea r passed. The ch ild re n grew more
\ lenri elte a nil liad Ipft her father's kingdom to follow her liear L S I ie num erous and older, too. Ib is m eant tha t more and more
had followed her brave kniqht hall wau around the world from Belcjium. spells and boobs bad to be conjured up. I here was no longer
I he other Princess was called Mona. s u lad met hep beau in distant room at the Lu theran s C a s tle arid the princesses little srhoo
Vienna amid piles of <hocolate gateaux and suppounded f if men bad to (ind another eneba nted place to operate from . A ft e
wearing lederkosen. W e ll now let's he ppecise. It was fifty years ago scouring ibe fin g d o m an o th e r home was found at the
that these two very clevep princesses started to badger their princes into M e th o d is t s P a la ce and the child ren and the teachers were
giving them five hundred dollars each with which to purchase an happy in this ne w -fou nd home. Each day they would stand
educational spell to cast over the whole of the \ \ iridward side's young a ro u n d th e ir banner and sing about th e ir w o nd erful school.
children. 1 he wise princes soon realized that peace and harmony could The child ren o f the garden got in to top schools a ll aroun d the
only he restored across the land, if they parted wi th the requested funds island but they were sad and m an y cried because they wanted
from their royal treasure houses. Reaching deep in their royal poefets, to stay w ith th e ir own little m agic school. T h e y wa nted to be
they gave into their two princesses, handing over the five hundred dollars B ulldogs from Le J a rd in through and through.
to each of them to buy fbe necessary spells.

C C u r tenacious princesses, with llie ir dollars in band, beaded off io I a r aw ay in the dista nt P a li th e ir c ry in g was heard by the
the biq castle over the bill where the qreat qiant of qovernment lived to friends o f a wise w iza rd called H a ro Id. T h e y Iia d listened to
qet bis permission to open their new school. F irst Henriette and then th e ir tears n ig h t a fte r n ig h t and fin a lly they could hear it no
Mona wrestled with the wiched bureaucratic qohlins down in Fjpnolulu longer. I f no one else w ould help these ch ild re n , they would.
to qet the spells needed to release their dream school from the bonds T h e y asbed t h e w iza rd if he w ould share his home in the Pali
that held it prisoner in the d a rt danh dungeons o ftlie C ity Planning w ith the sad ch ild re n o f the garden so th a t they could all he
C ffic e . A t first, these wicked goblins put up all manner of obstacles bulldogs fo r ever. H a ro ld tho ugh t fo r a m om ent. Ves, hut
for our two good princesses to overcome. They made them crawl through he added th a t it was tim e fo r him to move aw ay. H e would
doorways that were too narrow and fill out forms until their prettq little give the garden childre n his home and go tra ve lin g . S o it was
princesses fingers bled. W hen the qohlins had finallq taken all their th a t the child ren o f the garden moved to l laeir very own home
rnoneq, tlieq issued them the spells that would ena b le tllem to open the up in the P a li where w izard H a ro ld had once lived. T h ere
magic school at the C astle of the Lutherans. O u r heroic princesses they have rem ained un til this day un de r the princesses' spell
called their new school Le Ja rd in L-1Enfants (garden of the children). laughing, singing, playing and being bulldogs forever.
I he next day a stream of eager and excited little elves from Kailua,
Lanibai and Kaneohe were seen shipping down the road on their way
to the new pretty little magic school, there waiting at the gate were
the two princesses, their dreams floating freely above their heads and
big smiles lighting up their faces.

?dge and J
visit the it i
J u n io r School at dusb, wdien no one else is around, you may he luchy ‘ AvvV
and just catch a glimpse of our two happy shy little princesse >as they
play hide and seeb amongst the trees..

31drian 3Uun.

Junior School 18-23
Lower School
M id d le School

Arts 5 6 -6 5

High School 66 -8 3

Sports 84-91

Class of 2011

„ o 'N " d e le ft

\N jV \e ^ ^ a xjg'pe'h ^ When I started in 1996 I was
shocked I had to sit with my kids
* * » * & * « * ^ eeV\oQ c^ aSs v o ° ^ S a\e a ° 6
through lunch...the most
< S < S . p » < ° : ■■” amazing thing was the
encouragement to be innovative.
ss> I simply fell in love with the
school and decided to stay!

-Carolyn Hiatt

Average cost of a new
house: S12,500
Cost of Gallon of gasoline:
27 cents
Average cost of new car:
Top films: "West Side
Story", "The Parent Trap"
Top tunes: "Runaway" by
Del Shannon and "Pony
Time" by Chubby Checker
First men in space: (Soviet
Yuri Gagarin and later
American Alan Shepard)

"Le Jardin d'Enfants" Added: Serving 100+ Leased Added: 7th Merged
founded by Madame Kindergarten, students properties at and 8th Windward
Grades Preparat
Henriette Neil and Spalding through 6th St. John School-
Nona Springel as a Phonics, grade Lutheran, enrollme
preschool. Location: French Kailua United
St. John Lutheran instruction Methodist, reached <
and Kailua students
Church Kailua
Baptist 19

i 1961 1962 1968 1975-81 1977-79

Favorite Memory^ LJA T U R N S
Witnessing the kids' faces

when they found out
Paddling was declared as

an ILH sport!
-Natalie Sokol

When I graduated from 8th
grade I had 30 kids in my class,
and now we have 20 in one 1st

Grade classroom! It amazes
me how far we've come and
how lucky I am to have been a

part of it for so long.

w ggpi -Patricia Paz >

LJA student 1988-95
Teaching assistant since
W 2009

v m <r w F oo _J

m u r*c ^ J w~ =

4* £

3rd Grade Bday Wishes

"Have bulldog cupcakes!"

"LJA does not leak"

"Be the best school in all of

"To always be like this!"

Be happy and keep on getting
nice people and staff"

New campus

opens on 24 First classes International
in Gym and Baccalaureate
acre Kapa'a World School
new High
Mr. Adrian E Quarry Road High School School Status
opened: 50 building (PYP, MYP, DP)
Allan joins n site, formerly students in First
9th Grade graduating
LJA as 5th j Kailua Drive-
Headmaster In Theatres

1998 1999 2002 2006 2009 2010

Sabrina Ito Eric Reppun

Favorite art piece? "Cirque" by —
Henri Matisse (above)
Most inspiring type of art? Art from that you can preform the best? Monologue acting.
Literature, visual arts and the Fascinating fact about you? I have played in 5 Frisbee world
theater. championships.
Favorite memory from Most meaningful art piece? Vasiliy Polenov's "Christ and
My grade 1 teacher let me teach Woman Taken in Adultry", 1886 (above) Several times over the
the class how to draw a flower, and years I lived in Russia, and travelled to St. Petersburg to
in high school, I loved being in the contemplate this painting.
musical production of "West Side
Most likely to be creative by...

Brenda Herron

Connors —

* How do you express
art? Through song!
Funniest question a student has asked? "Can you be Which painting is the,
my Dad?" "story of your life"?
Which painting would be the, "story of your life"? "French Countryside"
"The Great Wave off Kanagawa" by Hokusai. It reflects by Vincent Van Gogh
our life and how relentlessness come and go. Favorite school
What kind of art form can you perform the best? I'm a memory? My first
pretty good dancer but my true love is to sing. boyfriend in 2nd grade.
He gave me a batman
What kind of art can
you perform the best?
Drawing and pottery.

a ll aBoul Ilia QeleBratiom

as we celebrate our 50th anniversary, our international
exchange students tell us how to party in their countries!

Most significant holiday:
led Mubarak, because most Indonesians are Muslim - it
is a 2 day celebration of praying, eating, and visiting
friends. We alos love New Year's and Independence Day.

Expressions of Celebration:
"Setamat Idul Fitri" - for led Muarak
"Selamat tahun baru" - for New Year's Eve

Cool Indonesia facts:
We have 17, 550 islands and we're the 4th biggest
population in the world. Komodo Island has become a
candidate for the New 7 Wonders of the World.

Favorite thing about America:
The people - and I like it because it is not so strict; I am
like a bird now - 1am free!

China Asilia

M atin

Intersting holiday: lebecca Ristikansas
Our Spanish National Day is the second Monday in October Finland

there is no school! Best holiday:
We are soooo happy when summer holiday starts, because
Best flavors: summer means sun and warm climate compared to cold,
Paella, Omelettes (but it depends on who makes them!), and potatoes nasty winter! At our Midsummer Party, we eat Graavilohi
(salted salmon), Mustikkapiirakka (blueberry pie), and
with onion. A special Easter dessert is torrijas- bread with sugar. Raparperikiisseli (rhubarb pudding).

Unique holiday tradition: Best flavor:
My family either gets together in the same part of Spain or we go Salmiakki is a kind of salted licorice candy that Finns are
crazy for! When foreigners try it for the first time, you
skiiing at Easter - in Switzerland! usually see some strange faces because the taste is so
unusual. It is sort of similar to Hawaiian li hing mui powder.
Unique tradition:
Best thing about America: SAUNA!! We are crazy about this small room heated to
The beautiful Hawaiian weather! about 100 degrees Celsius...we hit ourselves with birch
whisks then jump into the snow or icy pool afterwards!
Spanish A rtist Finnish designer
Joan Mire's Eero A arn io s " Bubble'

The Cold of the Chair. 1965
A z u re 1. 1967

i\K A1
|M 1

- .'•»* -5 W -1
w E v\ 1' -•- W ■ l M I I v ’s
:|j^ ~\\ f t ' /& ’
Hr s
* T 3 § ® □tSf>cvi,'iIwt .VV-, •ijyf ■ wV*“r-J*"^""- ■
jM^w . y, Lr]a ' f ,5Bpg „J ''jffi&akrS*®S?c' g; m;:i



i hook (fal (hewort

- .J - S ' '

'm , At

i ‘1


U rl 1 E R S s M h ,

..-ll ^

Spanish Chinese and Japanese

la Anderson, Charles Blanco, Rose Hutchison, Victoria Adams,

Karmela Quiroga-Verhaaf Yoshiko Tsukamoto


Junior School

PK: Ann Yoshida. Rochelle Fairbairn, Sandy Bayliss,

Thomson, Davra Westervelt JK: Summer Robello, Les

Fernandez. Heather Smith, Melanie Aurio, Faith Pang, Sp<

Kathy Erwin, Brandy Buijten and Principal Fn

1f- p


Design Tech onnors

/an Ryzin, Lizbeth Smith, Se,

Carolyn Hiatt

1m ® w; \

\\rr P T

r ' i T o d a y Is

Windy Cummings
Leah Freitas
J Hecomovich
Cecille Heinemann
Cindy Herndon

W l V & S jm iM f f ' f f m Micah Hirokawa
■m Liz Hui
J t'i| . . yjy ■ / 4 l | Chi Kwok Kwok
Roslyn Liu
Cynthia Manley

Clyde Matsuura
Kyle Miyamoto
Kyle Nakayama
Reed Olaso
Ryan Rimsinth

Francisco "Paco"
Lawrence Smalls
Susan Taylor
Lori Thomas
Thomas Vinigas


Inspired by: Piet Mondrian

h i5 • ,

IBB y^p T


jd fiB i

v' ,n

Kyson Aurio
Jordyn Barenaba

Brook Begley
Leilani Blue

Jimmy Cannon

Kealoha Comcowich
Palmer Cotteen

Marley Davidson
Aviana Doyle
Ella Erwin

Jacqueline Fagundes 1 I, §
Rebecca Fitzgerald 1 i /•' i '
Aiden Ford
Max Frankenfield \ jk
Sydni Gardner Ip ~ 7

Benni Gilbride
Benjamin Griffin
Declan Jamberdino
Gigi Kiyabu
Julius-Alexander Lee

Sophia Lee
Kahea Lindsay
Kaha'i Logan
Maxton Molzhon
Vaitua Quoniou-Yvan

Fiona Ress
Morgan Sadang
Dillan Scherman
Sophia Schultz
Jackson Shuck

Alaka'i Stewart
Makana Toonen
Rainna Trout
Andrew Young
Zoe Zimmerman

Sandra Bayliss
Rochelle Fairbairn
Ann Yoshida


m * tj

rW-t 1 1 J sm
• ■*, fjj
Bode Bryant 1- p H m
Serge Campbell-Kupahu JW ' ^ A
A ^ ‘9 yw 4 V 9w~~ 11
Gabriel Canevari
Narissa Chen W' 4
Malia Christy

Ronan Cole
Emma Crago

Max Even
Iona Felise
Elijah-Shore Flores

Kai Fraser
DJ Hanson
Rileigh Hepa
Claire Hutchison
Ethan Jackson

Breck Johnson
Adam Katz
Shane Kilty

Kai Kim Han
Kelsey Kominek

John Medeiros
Dillon Merriman
Alohilani Morris

Joshua Muniz
Oakley Nakaahiki

f1^ ^ iiij13 blc->» JgM Mk
iI p E1 %^ ^ |r lac->: ) | P ~ I Emily Nicholson
B 1* h f v i"* £■J1fVB ' -- 1^ Jackson Nowinski
f3 ■ { Wlit,;___-__-i _11]W1y J 1 Giovanni Oliva
Kahiau Park
__1_ Marco Pescatore

Alika Piette
Magnolia Rebmann
Lauren Rogers
Joseph Shirkin
Kalen Smith

w iiM m ,i

K 4_ ! - *1 ca -M T, * ^ ® Dahlia Tabori
| —* i Bl Lukas Thompson
1§ A J. m l-n,, " S 3 Ezra Thoreson
Ava Voss
Kainoa Wade

i ,,1" i s i ■ ■ » '» • ■ / m a* 1- Brady Wakatsuki
1 H l /- -' r 1 Abigail Ward

1 Ik P r^ Anika Wida
Duncan Wijnberg
Tobey Yuen



Vanilla and Strawberry Chocolate and Vanilla! Mac and Cheese!
- Trinity Sinclair, -Dante Sbarbaro, -Sophia Graf,
First Grade Second Grade
l Kindergarten A

Swimming and Hula!
-Jessica Hibler,

L Sixth Grade A

Salt and Pepper!
-Ren Miyatake,

Third Grade


, Q o tl^ '

-» *S > Grad

Famous A rt Duos!

Warhol and Soup
Georgia O'Keefe and Flowers

Da Vinci and Mona
VanGogh and Gaugin

fp «/ | i * .>■ m 1 W ,• 11
1 |^H l m jfl I
rSKIi 'A
k ite * , 1 mm ^t , M
Gwenivere Burvall w ' 41 u 1W
Daniel Cannon Hf i |H r

Allison Chang m /f
Rachel Corley
Catherine Ferandin

Devin Craft
Taylor Creel
Lily Emmanuel

Aiden Field aA\_lmH...1/v// /a
Isabella Ford
Analeia Glover
Hailey Guptail
Amelia Hagen
Charly Hanawahine

Ellie Hanohano^ F (W
Merrick Hemmings

Keaton Hicksi*-
Moira Jamberdino®

Pohaku Kaha'i'
Elle Kristo

Ashley Kodama ft Kh 1
Emile Labrador/ ■% S 1
Jacob Loa-Nelson\
Kailyn Machida^

John Manson1
Daichi Martin.



Kaine Martin *> VTT 1^I E . /v- - f i J-v l
Reid Miyatake •• —i |
Brevin Newman
Ella Moncrief^ ms 1|
Jordan Nakayama

Amber Nobriga ,

Tehani Nuuanu
Anna Omori
Elena Piette

Maya Petzoldt

Jack Price-Nakagawa

Keenan Ramanlal

Justin Richardson

& } Ml 1 1 f* ^ -rjm' TtF1 Zack Roncska
I 1 - y)m 1 1i Adrianna Russo

Kai Sasaki

Noah Scherman

Aidan Sibley

W f’ 4

| fkt I / i f ja f MM Trinity Sinclair
Katelyn Spicknall
|. A~ ^ V ' ^ w l si * \l Leilani Spies
J1 .
1 rfi 1< j Maile Ann Stoutemyer
P^i ( 1\ Mikaela Tallett
Isaiah Trout
mT Uo k ~~ 9 - '1
M u' 3
n j IM

Keanu Ventura
Kameron Warren

Madison Watanabe

Liam White
Zachary White
Sydney Wilson

^i Brenda Herron
Erin Koshiba
Tracie Lorimor

Pono Barton 'if m
Tahje Beaupre *~ fzj
Logan Bennett

J. Luc Bouret.

Finn Brennan
Hayley Brunei
Zachary Burke
Michael Chen
Hunter Christy

Nico Cloney

Azariah Coleman
Ruby Copsey

Jackson Giannasio
Veronica Heen
Campbell Hess
James Hickox

Carol Hutchison
Jase Ide

Ikaika Johnson
Aidan Kristo
Alexis Lau
Zoe Lau

Logan Lefforge
Anna Lerner

Macy Liang-Jones
Elan Molina

Hannah Morris
Lance Muse

Alessa Pescatore
Noelani Puana
Wyatt Pung
Lana Ravelo

Alexander Robison
Danicka Sailer

Dante Sbarbaro
Ryan Settle

Allie Sniezek
Siena Spagnoli
J. Wade Spriggs

John Stark

R- __,w I 1 Alissa Sue-Ako
Teagan Swoish
" r® tHJ*W 1 'm. /tp- jfn>|g m <' -» t. ,,ijXBe, /^1iB'* ?**vjJ^Bl m 9 Tiara Takahashi
H jk| ^JYf'fjlll Garrett Tarter
'kjilV GJBl I&,, Duke Thomas
Kai Toonen
f iMF t ' f T l . iK a ®
Antonio Traettino
I Perry Wakatsuki
| Evan Wallenstrom
Catherine Ward
m>r I |2 1F ^ 16*Tf 1 f»*.\.j| Br|pr' Ciff/-*m» «karJB I k!
^ -jssIBji 4 - .ill hIL ■ wttk ■x- ^ I f I '■ ’ ui Mackenzie Wasielewski

gob a 1 I ll. Jason Yee

■ Richard Yoon
JEllie Young
Sasha Zagorski
Zachary Zagorski
Liliana Zoraster

Meghan Maughan
Sarah Rocheleau
Jerusha Tabori

\w k m ,

_JiJIHdv \

Sonny Campbell O m B m -* mm mM tJ IS |
Kristin Chang M1 fr j
wK: JH
Samantha Chapman
9■r 1/ /:mmP 'H v
Zoe Chapman
Kate Charles ■"I rvm-Tj . *>»'Tfl
Griffin Cloney a ’' j fWj | 1 (■i- /

Hosanna Emmanuel ,0J.t■Si>i r.

Cole Ewalt
Jaclyn Farr
Sophia Graf
Nancy Gutzwiller
Eileen Hansa

Jessica Jacobs
Kamelenahe Kai

Pali Kamaka
Ho'ohila Kawelo

Maisie Klem
Kayle Kodama

Jacob Lefler
Suhana Liedtke

James Lindell
Nate Loose
Brooke Lum
James Lyon

Heath Manson
Tabin Molzhon

Taeshia-lrene Natividad

Kamalu Park
Christopher Piette

Teia Piette

Neil Piper
Onipa'a Pung
Rachel Rand
Ethan Ravelo
Hanna Ruterbusch
Emma Schneider

Ia -^R1|pf A'^ :J |^ "^1® | 1 gp■r. / Mni Carlie Schwarm
a- L*r m 1 Nicole Sison
I l i w m r.ri Laynee Souza
Sabrina Sterns
*^ •* Melia Swirsky
Ml e i m -- - M !i t - L ^ Ji 11 Noa Taylor
IL L .J1L J||. j !1

^ i; Kg m I vi

r__ 7 V/// 111J Aletheia Tsuchiya
Hank Warrington
Skylar Webb
Kaden Wolfley
Kento Yamada
Jonah Yoshida

Seth-Alexander Young

Griffin Zachmeier

X '-»• yi
L^ / -~*i_ f '1
H pCA nr

! H■'* '4/7 \ r. Jennifer Souza
HL ^ Demeryce Tanaka
Kathy Thomas

selle Bittick
istall Brown

Amelia Butala 1r -• ?^<7«*. n °1.Ii1,I Jf .^ ^ w tjp1 I■T1 1 W ilt i ,
- ~ r* JL v- J \ 1 i Y n•J t j |
Andrew Christensen jb j
IV^P )m bfK \ '. f .
Emmalee Cornish i^
Joseph Correa r
Piper Crabtree mm
Andre Delay •*

Eric Deuchar
Abigail Dietrich

Cole Drake
John Erickson
Eleanor Foehr

Jaden Fox

Hilina'i Gilliland
Ku'i Gilliland

Norissa Goodman
Novell Goodman
Julia Guptail
Luke Hamacon

M rJr .J r 1f I

Sean Hershey t

Stella Hess I Ln, ~ ■•* * r10fJMl Py ^ ^ n
Matthias Horgen r - — . V '^ J

Ethan Jago

Cassady King j # v ji ■ >s
Jake Kreul K


Peyton Ku * * ^1 p if J
Hannah Kurosu
A ' * J |1 r J . j|
Kira LarRieu » J K |1 'ijk - —

Mara Liang-Jones Wfof \ J%
m jf ^
Kylie Machida JL J !
Dayne Maeva

f f iif i /m*

Zach Merriman JP B — - r=>*
Ren Miyatake
lain Moncrief ■
Jacob Moore |f (
Anna Nichols

Liam Nichols-Shipley

***'■*■ W *** * 3 r* f-) j Dani Nottage
I. ■ > '■ I Rji. ..* P 1 j Eva Ramm
; 1 ». v jM Benjamin Reay
m ^^ Edison Santo
Ek--. 7 Jm Alexandra Shank
Juliana Shank
Joey Sniezek
P -' /, 1 Aiden Spagnoli
Nanea Spies
w '*■ bH I §Wm mm Km' ^ «v yj Megan Takushi
v -i j g i f Emeline Tarter
/ -^ Mw/SjM I 4< JHyjfl Br a ? *‘ mil bw1:-’-. /L* > A Clara Ursic

V ^ jift 1 Marcello Ursic
L "1 Sarah Vincent
^ 3k | Kelly Watanabe
(3illian Watts
Hunter Wilson
Kaylin Wilson

Thomas Woodbery
Stefan Zagorski
Anya Zoraster

Cassie Caldarone
Maggie Foley
Leah Magana

■H * IjmfijS^&sTtiV|- 1 1,H flfe 1
M B/ Mr.

(T ,<W1i J t e cl ii

ip i r r i

PP |P-iH- .,K u 1

fli? jmw[' s'bAah\1, f. ^
bIB W M I rr \* tii

PH M1* ' hjApi o
fn f,

■r v,LJD„or^ vi , - L i ‘VV/'^H
titni.fni/i**„- “,T/sR,/!"Tt , fj'" 1r ? '/!/ ii
■aP i

if^ r ^ j
,3 f j

James Medeiros '
Maddy Memering^

Isaac Millers
Jared Miyatake*

Max Moonier"
Morgan Muse,

Michael Noon
Luciano Oliva *
Magdalen Owens

Abigail Price- Nakagawal^

Owen Pyle
Charlie Robison


§§£ ■

^ -IS ^ **. * -.
^ m'
/ \ B ffll v » flip V '■:# • I

1 w jp (HLM j f -'“‘A'-
jK IM i v

, f '•■'' v

i L il>


mb 1!1B r ir fi]
/ ■ )y

Ke'alohi Young

, Laura Cochlin
Brianne Crumpacker
Justin Frodella
Debbie Smith

Koa Baginski
Olivia Benedict
Callum Bessinger
Teagan Brassier

Max Buras r^ , i 1 '> I\ i :/
Sean Callahan fx i/ 1■ / [ fil 1 fm
Benjamin Charles

Ben Cook
Colt Correa
Esau Cusick

Nicky Durston
Matt Erickson

Christopher Espino

Jennifer Fachan
Markus Foehr
Madison Fujii

Kanoa Geske
Shelbie Ishimaru

Bryson Ito
Lili Kelly-Jervis

Kyle King
Olivia Klem

Tiare Kofsky
Sydney Lum

Arianna Lunow-Luke

Justin Manson
Drew Mausolf
Saviana Metter

Kristen Miyahara
Kira Miyatake

Monica Ogi-Nissle

Lex Oldham
Matthew Olson

Emily Piette

Natalie Piper f» H 1 ™ ‘%
Liza Rooks
| A- A |
Jordan Sandoval
W a/ 1* mi \ v
Violet Schwartzsmith V 1

Justin Shuman
Brighton Simmons

mL mP v f I1j1116|,■ ' r Daisy Sprenger

Taylor Swoish

I Kenna Tanouye
Jaime Tom

Dave Vincent

W Vif?'f•jtif'i- Cian Ying

^ ndk i jg fe Ethan Young
Malie Young
r . .1 Malia Zoraster

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a * >!W * M&Jt.^ -«iv

1/ _ i’T

i Dale Coarsey
' ^ ***BA Suzie Gamble
Joyceline Lee
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L M 1 /{* _ i •

Inspired by: Peter Max
b. 1937

Paul Adachi

Grace Adler 1 ml

pJackqueline Ardo

Aidan Baird Tim Ww£■-j fkr i1
Cassandra Barina

Connor Bennett V___0 -£V
1------------- 11 A [ _ '1

Kainoa Boyce JB 1"i**vz.,*■«*"'> M ■
Chance Bridgman .jp 1 ajfc. 1,;

Chase Bridgman Tr m vjgr ■
James Christensen y£_\^1lVM:'gzm;WM■?/<w* mV ,\Ja1 §

Kevin Conkling 9
Forest Craddick

Koa Dey
Hayley Dietrich
Maxwell Dunlap

Taima Elaydo
Kiara Fairbairn
Alexandra Fairfax

Allison Farr
Mikaela Foehr
Nikos Foundas

Kylee Giblin
Lani Gingras
Raithlyn Godfrey

Jonny Hanawahine

Tevin Harper
Richard Helman
Zachary Hetzler

Jessica Hibler
Blaizen Ishikawa

A Evan Kroll
Alyssa Manley
jm D M p i Jeremy Markowski
Isaiah Marks
1 I*LWlg M'f I Michelle Mason
Austin Mays
1 1^1
I| Clay McDermott
0 tk Kiana McDonald
Amelia Miller
1 I Katelin Miller
I; I(Bjl Airabella Molina
*l|**BK3B ■ Jesse Moonier

1 1 Jack Moore
■m . I Nicholas Oldham
H aSlL Sebastian Orlich
Devin Otto
mm / Patrick Owens
Victoria Pate

Keale Stoffer
Ethan Taira
Tianna Tran
Niki Tsubota
Tasman Turner
Timothy VanHorn

Tawny Ventura
Mikaila Wahl
Alia Wallenstrom
Benen Wier
William Wilson
Clio Yamada

Caterina Yamamura

Henry Allen
Mahayla Baker
Bennet Bernhard
Joshua Bittick
Alexander Black
Rebecca Blacker

Samuel Braun a'laJi'xlf I1 ■P P#R?P r1 ___ ,/ 1tW 1 S§9R 0 )

Chandler Bridgeman 1-. /

Alexis Campbell
Evan Carmody
Haley Coffman
Alexis Dias

Clancy Doyle 1/ IW ' ^ /.
Isabella Eastman 1WElffllh M y / 'i\i I l n ■ j i t^ jp y

Jacob Eng
Dylan Feeley
Wyatt Fischer

Nicole Ford

Maeve Geraghty
Emma Hanohano

Haley Hayashi
Jack Hershey
Jarrell Hibler

Dylan Hines

Siobhan Honey
Katherine Jacobs

Yael Katz
Michael Leong
Jake Martinez

Marika Marx

1 JB f-'**’J3| jffW « A i: wc I
p;: '. / J% /
L - - r J \S r
71 i

X sf |;
m r !&£rWk ■ tWfj1jY: 'Jrs^mfBiEB 1 ___l___
Wakk mj .L|{jH

Keithan Armstrong
Matthew Battaglia

Kai Bonis-Ericksen

Joseph Braun
Samantha Brown

Kelly Buck

Daltin Carritt
Saxony Chariot

Ken Colombe
Mia Cremer
Anna Delay

Alexandrea Deuchar

Nicholas Dunham
Shane Fogg
Leah Ford

Michael Gabrelcik
Ryan Hambalek
Andi Hamocon

Delsey Huitt
Christian Jones
Caitlin Krueger

Kacey Kuchenbecker

Felice Langkamp
Cierra Lauro

Alexander Lee
Tyler Lunow-Luke

Alexander MacLeod

Micah Madrid
Lilian Maero

Brandon Markowski

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