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Published by Le Jardin Academy, 2022-01-25 15:15:33

LJA 2021 Annual Report

LJA 2021 Annual Report

Aloha mai ka-kou,

The resilience, grit, and dedication to learning shown across our LJA ‘ohana this year is
reflective of the very values that bind us together as a school community. Though we
returned to campus last fall with trepidation and many questions as to what a global
pandemic would make of our school year, we ended in June with a flourish, not only having
kept our campus open for face-to-face learning while providing a distance learning option
for others, but also having kept our LJA community in tact, regardless of vaccination
status, risk tolerance, or opinion. In fact, LJA became a leader and ekox-akmuapplerifdoerssucshomoolsst.
locally and nationally with its pandemic response. Our community
It’s the very glue that has secured our commitment to student learning and to the well-
being of one another these past 12 months.

We believe we have been truly fortunate in this pandemic to be able to send our keiki to
school each day to learn and be with their friends--something we are able to do because
we trust that, across the LJA ‘ohana, other parents like us are equally committed to
choices and actions that are in the best interests of our student’s health and well-being.
It is the unwavering support and generosity of our donors that has positioned LJA so
well to be able to demonstrate its agility and innovation with each and every pivot so that
creativity, collaboration, and learning could prevail both on campus and at home.

On behalf of the trustees and leadership, our hats o to you--all of you--for all that you
choose to do for the LJA community. It’s our privilege to serve LJA, and our commitment
to do so is renewed daily by the passion of our faculty and students, generous support of
our families, and promise of an increasingly bright future for our school.

With gratitude,

Paul Sibley Earl Kim
Chair, Board of Trustees Head of School


Earl Kim
Head of School Paul Sibley, Chair
Courtney Chow Jennifer Meehan, First Vice-Chair
Director of Advancement Sue Ferandin, Secretary
Wendy Cook Paul Marx, Treasurer
Director of Facilities Steven Ai
Julie Do Bill Deuchar
Middle School Principal Art Gladstone
Jana Fraser Dewey Hess
Director of Athletics Shane Jackson
Melissa Handy Dave Kennedy
Director of Educational Technology Makani Maeva
Dan Schaberg
Evan Scherman ’88
Scott W. Settle
Connie Smales
Dean Spagnoli
Roger Ulveling

Stacy Kilty
Director of Business and Finance
Leah Magaña
Lower School Principal
Josh Masagatani
Interim Junior School Principal
Melissa Leina‘ala Moniz
Associate Director of Communications
Alex Ramsvig
High School Principal
Jennifer Souza
Director of Admissions


Su ary Friends of LJA (4%) Trustees (100%)
$2,043 $125,555
OF GIFTS Faculty &
Alumni & Alumni Sta (49.4%)
Total Gifts A liates (4.1%) $31,999

by Constituency* $120,337

with % participation Students (2%) Parents
$1,121 (50.9%)
Alumni Parents
& Alumni A liate

Parents (4%)
Grandparents (15.1%)

* Gifts are credited to all relevant constituencies

Annual Fund

Total Gifts Restricted
Giving &
by Fund Endowment
$769,779 $344,737


Income Capital Expenditures

$20,039,331 by Area
Other Income (1%)
Auxiliary & Lower School (2%) Junior School (2%)
Middle / High
Non-Curricular School (9%)
Programs (7%)
Restricted Giving Concessions
Annual Fund Administration
Tuition Athletics Facilities
& Fees (15%) (55%)

Expenses Your Gifts Funded...

Tuition Assistance $19,658,504 • Laptop computers • Parking lot and
(15%) • Swimming pool starting Lower School Loop
Debt Service (2%) improvements
Professional blocks
Development (1%) Instructional • Water polo goals • Roof and gutter repairs
& Student • Motorized gym divider • New outdoor furniture
Facilities & Services • New pool pump motor
Utilities (5%) (46%) curtain • Turf for Gaga Pit
• Replacement • Handwashing stations
Auxiliary & • Fire alarm panel for
Non-Curricular air-conditioning units
Programs (9%) • GPS ionization strips for E building
• Salt cell for swimming
General high school classrooms
Administrative • Cleaning equipment pool
Support (22%)


Celebration OF


LJA Giving Day

AS UNIQUE, ENERGETIC, and heartwarming as any student event on campus
is LJA Giving Day, a tradition of giving back in celebration to advance student
learning for our School. On October 23, 2020, the event broke its own record
when 404 donors made 443 gifts to raise $190,784, unlocking $100,000
in matching funds from its trustees and activating $294,784 in support of
healthy and safe student learning. Also of note, the average gift received was
$635.32, nearly double that of last year!
Student groups--including the Robotics team, National Honor Society, and
Basketball, Volleyball, and Cross Country teams joined with faculty and
parent volunteers to create a contagious energy on campus through their
cheering, sign waving, and expressions of gratitude for the LJA community’s
continued support and generosity of spirit. Despite the face masks, everyone
was all smiles in celebration of LJA Giving Day.

Annual Fund Annual Fund

Trustees (100%) by Constituency

Friends of LJA (4%) Faculty & $%
Alumni Parents Sta (49%) Raised Participation

& Alumni A liate Parents Trustees $77,624 100%
Parents (3%) (48%) Faculty & Sta
Parents $30,624 49%
Students (16%) Grandparents
Alumni & Alumni Alumni & Alumni A liates $167,557 48%
A liates (4%) Alumni Parents & $32,395 15%
Grandparents Alumni A liate Parents
(15%) Friends of LJA $10,870 4%

$1,011 16%

$11,250 3%

$29,874 4%


Annual Fund Totals

Total Raised $425,042
Number of Gifts 709
Total Donors 480
Average Gift/Donor $613

Annual Fund Mahalo to Our
Parent Participation
by Class Committee
Barbara Bumatay-Picayo
Linda Diersbock
Mercedes Fagundes
Megan Gold
Jennifer Hu
Ariel Hylton
Johanna Katzman
Denise Kolodny
Cindy McFarlane-Flores
Caitlin McOmish
Donna Otto
Cheryl Polliard
Rori Spriggs

80% 60% 60% 58% 66% 64% 67% 68% 48% 55% 50% 50% 40% 57% 50%
2035 2034 2033 2032 2031 2030 2029 2028 2027 2026 2025 2024 2023 2022 2021




Madame Akina Madame Francoise Akina is credited with building LJA’s Junior School to
Junior School Scholarship what it is today

THE RETIREMENT of Madame Francoise Akina, “We, like many LJA families,
the Junior School’s beloved long-time principal understand that high-quality
in July 2021 inspired a generous gift by an preschool education provides
LJA family. Three generations of the Jackson a strong foundation for
‘ohana came together to establish the Madame lifelong wellbeing.”
Akina Junior School Scholarship--LJA’s first
two-year, full tuition scholarship. The gift is a - Shane Jackson, Board of Trustee
reflection of the impact LJA’s Junior School & Parent ’29, ’25
has made on the Jackson family and honors
Mme Akina’s 34 years of loving and tireless
dedication building LJA’s Junior School to what
it is today--a unique and nurturing program
that prioritizes relationships and attends to
the social, physical, emotional, aesthetic,
cultural, and academic well-being of our
young learners. This scholarship is intended
to provide an exceptional educational start for
deserving students uniquely suited to thrive
in the Junior School program who, without
financial assistance, may not otherwise have
the opportunity to attend LJA. In honor of Mme
Akina’s children and grandchildren preference
is given to Native Hawaiian students. LJA’s
2020 inaugural scholar has thrived through her
pre-kindergarten year as an outstanding student
who exemplifies our IB learner profile traits as a
caring communicator and risk-taker. The student
has developed a love for reading, writing, art, and


2021 Academic Excellence Award Winners (left to right): Christine Keogh - Academic Excellence
in Supporting Teaching & Learning, Non-Teaching Faculty, Rebecca Postema and Cassie Caldarone
(far right) - Academic Excellence in Primary Years Education, Grades PK-5, Diana King - Academic
Excellence in High School Education, Grades 9-12, Dante Oliva - Academic Excellence in Middle Years
Education, Grades 6-8

Academic Excellence Awards

IN 2017, a visionary LJA family created its celebration of excellence, recognition
the Academic Excellence Awards Fund, an of the importance of relationships through
endowed fund dedicated to recognizing, community nominations, and mindful
once a year, four outstanding individuals/ planning of resources for the long term. LJA
teams who’ve demonstrated academic congratulated its fourth cohort of winners
excellence in teaching and student support. in April 2021 with a live campus-wide
A gift before its time, this innovative fund toast (via Zoom and with sparkling cider, of
aligns with LJA’s newly adopted values in course)!



THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC brought new PYP Exhibition
challenges to LJA. Over the summer of 2020,
each division designed learning models to The Lower School welcomed parents back onto campus for
support student learning during the pandemic. the first time in over a year for PYP Exhibition 2021. This year,
The finalist was a model in which families could rather than exploring a topic of interest for six weeks, students
participate in one program either from home or engaged in their topic of interest throughout the entire school
in the classroom. Initial survey data indicated year, allowing them more time to inquire, take action, and
that most parents would keep their child home reflect on their learning. Their work culminated in a showcase
while community spread was high. of projects for small parent groups. The PYPX measures
However, by the start of the school year, parent Approaches to Learning (ATL) skills--critical skills that support
preference for the face-to-face learning model academic success and are integral to an IB education.
was high, necessitating a pivot towards a more
sustainable learning model that would allow This year, 5th Graders inquired into:
for both face-to-face and distance learning
options for families. Teachers were true  Animals Used in Times  Human Expression
heroes in providing both online and distance of Conflict  Imagination
learning simultaneously, a Herculean feat--  LGBTQ Rights
and a commitment that resulted in positive  Black Lives Matter  Life in Space
outcomes - including increased enrollment as  Climate Change  Pollution and Its E ect
new families were attracted to LJA’s pandemic  COVID - 19  on Humanity
response and choice of learning models.  E ects of Junk Food  Space Exploration
Despite these challenges, learning thrived  The Future of Medical
across all divisions. Signature culminating on Children
projects like the PYP exhibition, MYP personal  E ects of Video Games Technology
project, and DP Extended Essay were  Gender Equality  Virtual Reality
momentous opportunities for student learning
to shine - all possible through the continued
steadfast support of our donors.

10 L E J A R D I N A C A D E M Y | 2 0 2 1 A N N U A L R E P O R T

MYP Personal Project

The MYP Personal Project is the culminating,
yearlong project for Grade 10 students. It is the
opportunity to take a step outside of their regular
coursework to plan a learning goal and outcome
based on their individual interests, skills, and
This is an independent project that encourages
students to manage their time and organizational
skills with the guidance of a supervisor. Their
learning goal and outcome allows them to pursue
an area of impact in their life, education, or future
MYP Personal Project performance has been
identified as a predictor of success in earning an
IB Diploma. Equipping students for success on the
Personal Project is a priority at the high school.

Upcycling Old Clothing Into Everyday
Project Goal: To design and make everyday
items from only up-cycled materials
that express my ideas and values while
researching the fashion industry's e ects
on the environment and human health.

L E J A R D I N A C A D E M Y | 2 0 2 1 A N N U A L R E P O R T 11


Extended Essay • What is the e ect of nanocomposite magnetic
nanoparticle liposomes on MCF-7 and MDA-MB-231
The DP Extended Essay (EE) is the culminating product breast cancer adenocarcinomas, when considering
of the Diploma Program. The EE is a written research the potential of nanotechnology in relation to
project of no more than 4,000 words that is intended traditional chemotherapy?
to promote academic research and writing skills and
provides students an opportunity to engage in personal • To what extent has political corruption undermined
research in a topic of their own choice. Students the recognition of second generation human rights in
choose their topics within the broad range of Diploma Peru?
Programme (DP) subjects. The completed essay is sent
to IB moderators around the world for marking. • The Relationship Between Power of Incident Light
Versus E ciency of a Photovoltaic Cell
Class of ‘21 Topics
• An Exploration of Feminism and Classism in Jane • How does the solution to The Laser Gun vary when
the room shape is an equilateral triangle?
Austen’s Pride and Prejudice and Emma
• The E ect of pH on the Rate of Photosynthesis in the • How does the increased acidity of saltwater a ect
Microalgae Tetraselmis sp.

12 L E J A R D I N A C A D E M Y | 2 0 2 1 A N N U A L R E P O R T


‘21 IB diploma pass rate


Students with learning
plans earned the
IB Diploma


Average score, with six
students earning 30+

Diploma Program Results Senior Art Exhibition

LJA is proud to share its outstanding IB Diploma pass
rate of 91%, a substantial year over year improvement.
Also of note is the 100% pass rate of LJA students on
learning support plans.

Scores are just one indicator of academic performance;
however, these results provide us the opportunity
to analyze, reflect, and adjust. The results also
demonstrate what can be accomplished when we
work together to support the whole child, a priority
that evolved out of the pandemic and manifested in
weekend study and tutoring sessions, the hiring of
student support specialists, and teaming with families.

L E J A R D I N A C A D E M Y | 2 0 2 1 A N N U A L R E P O R T 13



RATHER THAN HUNKER DOWN, LJA used its time Mahalo to the LJA Medical Hui
during the pandemic to reflect on what’s most
important and to rea rm the School’s commitment Dr. Bob Anderson
to excellence, character and global impact. Our tools? LJA Alumni Parent ’97, ’02
Innovation, creativity, collaboration, and strategic Pediatrician at Pediatric Care, Inc.
planning--all visible in our day-to-day work and learning. Dr. Ruth Bessinger
LJA Alumni Parent - ‘21 & ‘18
Collective Well-Being Global Health Consultant
Dr. Susan Christensen
A healthy community, safe campus environment, and LJA Alumni and Current Parent - ’17, ‘20
cultivation of social-emotional well-being were top
priorities in 2021--and LJA’s Operational Goal No. 1 and Molly ‘27
for the year. LJA worked tirelessly to support its Family Practitioner
community through frequent shifts in the ongoing Dr. Tom Crabtree
COVID-19 pandemic by continually adjusting operations LJA Alumni Parent ’17
in accordance with a COVID Response Plan. LJA is Chief Medical O cer at AMI
particularly grateful to the LJA Medical Hui, a dedicated Dr. Susan Hurley
group of local and national healthcare leaders in Past Hui member and LJA Alumni A liate Parent ’35,’33,’31,’29
pandemic response, for their continual guidance in Former Family Medicine Specialist at Straub Clinic
refining the school’s mitigation strategies to support Dr. Scott Miscovich
face-to-face learning for students for the duration of LJA Alumni Parent ’14, ’15
the school year. President and Founder of Premier Medical Group Hawaii; Fam-
ily Physician; National Medical Director for COVID Response at
176 days in face-to-face learning PAE, COVID Testing Director for US Olympics, Senior Advisor
19 days in distance learning to Hawaii Lieutenant Governor Josh Green MD
93% of faculty and staff vaccinated Amy Thomas, APRN, FNP
Zero community spread LJA Parent - ‘31, ‘26, ‘22
Director of Clinical Education, Employee Health and Wellbeing
and Workers’ Compensation at Hawaii Pacific Health
Dr. Jerome Kim
Director General at International Vaccine Institute in Seoul,
South Korea

14 L E J A R D I N A C A D E M Y | 2 0 2 1 A N N U A L R E P O R T

L E J A R D I N A C A D E M Y | 2 0 2 1 A N N U A L R E P O R T 15



Collective Well-Being

In preparation for post-pandemic wellness,
educational leadership also laid the
groundwork to support the development
of a framework to support social emotional
learning for LJA.
Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is the
foundation of all learning and a core
component of an IB education. Of priority
were the first steps in a multi-year e ort to
“support well-being through the intentional
cultivation of healthy relationships,
targeted data collection, and an articulated
PK-12 social-emotional learning
framework” for both students and faculty.
This year, e orts were focused on adult
relationships and well-being on campus
as well as the teaching of social emotional
learning. Milestones included an internal
audit, planning for an SEL framework,
and a key resource analysis for year two--
including professional development for
teachers, use of the Student Success
Review (SSR), a tool to evaluate internal
learning support and counseling systems,
and time to incorporate Approaches to
Learning (ATL) skills into the PK-12 scope
and sequence. Work will continue through

16 L E J A R D I N A C A D E M Y | 2 0 2 1 A N N U A L R E P O R T

“I’m so appreciative of our leadership, Medical
Hui, parents, teachers, and students for doing
everything they can so that we can be in person.
Everyone has worked to keep us all safe and
helped to sustain us as a community.”

- Traci Khan, Kindergarten Teacher

Building well-being into the everyday
After 12 weeks of distance learning during the early months of the pandemic, the
importance of adult well-being as a building block to ensure student well-being was
evident. Thanks to the support of our donors, LJA was able to pivot to provide:

Employees Parents
• A First Responder Child Care program that • Parent Book Clubs were formed in the

included care for employee children Lower School for adult learning and
• Additional prep time was added to support camaraderie
• Virtual showings of the films
Middle & High School teachers “Screenagers” and “Screenagers NEXT
• Teachers enjoyed a menu of self-care CHAPTER” helped our parents navigate
increased screen time as a result of the
choices for their fall professional pandemic
development day • High School launched a “DP Survival
• Well-being was built into the agenda for all Guide”, a parent resource for supporting
Lower School faculty meetings students’ social emotional well-being
• All teachers selected and were supported through the DP
in one well-being PGP goal to focus on
their self-care

L E J A R D I N A C A D E M Y | 2 0 2 1 A N N U A L R E P O R T 17



Bulldogs Build

LJA’S OPERATIONAL GOAL 2 involved close coordination
of the School’s financial, enrollment, and the programmatic
needs and long-term objectives around development
of its Master Facilities Plan. For design, LJA selected
Flansburgh Associates to develop its Master Facilities
Plan vision. The Schematic design for key projects was
completed in June 2021. Plans include:
 Early Learning Community (new facility)
 Swimming Pool expansion, including new locker rooms
 Soccer Field expansion, including new tennis courts
 Arts and Innovation Center (new facility)
A five-year financial plan has been developed and outlines
progressive but steady growth in admissions, fundraising,
and debt capacity based on the school’s current trends--
and will serve as a roadmap for the next chapter of LJA’s

The LJA “campus of the future” is imagined to unite our learning
community on one campus, provide enhanced facilities to support
innovation in learning, to attract and retain students committed to
the arts, design and athletics all the way through graduation, and to
strengthen partnerships through programming on local, statewide,
and global levels.

18 L E J A R D I N A C A D E M Y | 2 0 2 1 A N N U A L R E P O R T

Engagement Matters

The Learning Community Council
(LCC) is a volunteer work group made
up of trustees, faculty, student,
parent, and community stakeholders to
represent the interests of LJA’s broader
community. The LCC meets quarterly to
provide valuable feedback for the master
plan work.

Katie Brown (Faculty)
Courtney Chow (Administration)
Susan Christenses (???)
Sean Connors (Faculty)
Wendy Cook (Administration)
Massimo Flumian (Student)
Christina Hoe (Sta )
Stacy Kilty (Administration)
Earl Kim (Head of School)
Morgan LaRue (Parents)
Leah Magana (Administration)
Rebecca Postema (Faculty)
Alex Ramsvig (Administration)
Evan Scherman (Trustee)
Kristy Scherman (Parents)
Paul Sibley (Trustee)
Lizbeth Smith (Sta )
Sarah Tarquin (Student)
Roger Ulveling (Trustee)
Skylar Webb (Student)
Ann Yoshida (Faculty)

L E J A R D I N A C A D E M Y | 2 0 2 1 A N N U A L R E P O R T 19




trajectory for LJA was a set of clearly articulated
shared values to support our mission and vision. Led
by Melissa Handy and Melissa Moniz, LJA’s Values
Team forged a path toward values over a 10-month
period that built on nearly two years of previous work.
Expert facilitator Chris Pating was tapped to conduct
management and stakeholder input sessions. More
than a dozen faculty members represented their
divisions in personal values interviews. Students (and
parents!) were asked to weigh in via survey and during
advisory sessions to help shape the conversation.
Between 90% - 95% of individuals felt the values
represent who LJA is now, and who LJA aspires to be.
Between 92% - 97% also felt the values aligned with
their own personal values. The result? With input
from 521 total participants and 94% comfortable
with the proposed values guiding decision-making,
LJA’s Board of Trustees adopted the proposed
values with full confidence in May 2021. Next year,
the Values Implementation Team will work with
leadership, faculty, and sta to integrate the values
into school communications and traditions and to
celebrate the values in action every day.

Between 90% - 95% of
individuals felt the values
represent who LJA is now,
and who LJA aspires to be.

20 L E J A R D I N A C A D E M Y | 2 0 2 1 A N N U A L R E P O R T

LE JARDIN ACADEMY VALUES individuality, excellence, innovation, peace, and relationships. As a
learning community, we:

Honor individual pathways to success and happiness.

The unique gifts of each individual enrich our learning community. We honor and support diverse
approaches to self-actualization through inquiry and passion-based learning. We embrace
‘hAa‘pophienepsasuaksaa‘inkeesi skeanhta-ialal umheoa‘soukraehoi f- our e cacy as an educational institution.
All knowledge is not taught in the same school

Strive for excellence.

Excellence is achieved through self-determination, resilience and action. Our culture encourages
growth and personal mastery through individual ownership and agency. We are principled in
cEhkau-llleianigkinagnouu‘urs-eSlvterisvaentdo others and pursue win-for-all outcomes.
reach the summit

Innovate for positive change.

By design, we embrace iterative processes by using curiosity and creativity to take action and
make change. As local and global citizens, we actively engage our community and partners through
shared learning, sustained social and environmental stewardship and innovation with intention.
Hana i kahi hopena maika‘i - Make a positive impact

Serve peace.

We serve peace in all we do and recognize that positive peace is a consistent value of individual
wellbeing, open-minded and compassionate interaction, and intercultural communication. We
rLeo-skpaehcit-dUivneitrys,ehpaermrsopneyc,taivgerseeamndencut ltivate inclusivity. We peacefully stand up to injustice.

Nurture relationships and resources.

Our greatest strength is in community. We steward healthy relationships through mutual respect
and collaboration, and care for the wellbeing of people, land and financial resources. Our goal is to
ensure resilience, flexibility, and increased access over the long term.
Aloha kekahi i kekahi - Care for all that is in relation to oneself

L E J A R D I N A C A D E M Y | 2 0 2 1 A N N U A L R E P O R T 21



AS OUR COMMUNITY continued to struggle with the of LJA’s sustained engagement in ‘a-ina restoration was
pandemic, LJA students found ways to mobilize and help that the School secured a right of use permit from the
meet its needs by collaborating with partners to create Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR),
meaningful impact while simultaneously advancing their making LJA o cial acting stewards of Kahanaiki. LJA also
learning. convened a Kawainui Stakeholder Team and commenced
Through impact programs, LJA continued to build a quarterly meetings. In addition, LJA students were o Mea-red
strong sense of kuleana within the student community. tlawmoayIoKutahLao-dkvaihsio.ry positions on the board of ‘Ahahui
Despite the challenges brought on by the pandemic, LJA
continued to amplify its mission to positively impact the The school’s list of organizational and programmatic
world. Students sewed masks for the unsheltered, helped partners expanded significantly this year to include
collect and sort derelict fishing nets, delivered food to more community-based organizations whose values
kupuna, created an Enchanted Forest as an alternative to and mission align with learning at LJA. Through these
Halloween, built a Windward plastic makerspace for the partnerships, students engage in experiential and work-
benefit of all students in Ko’olaupoko, created STEM kits based learning designed to align with the United Nation’s
for students at partner schools, delivered care packages Sustainable Development Goals.
to respiratory therapists at Castle Hospital, worked to
restore natural habitats and cultural sites at Kawainui,
and consistently demonstrated a deep commitment to
sustained community engagement.

Kawainui Marsh Stewardship

LJA not only sustained but increased student
engagement in stewardship activities at two
conservation sites at Kawainui Marsh--Na Pohaku o
vHiasiutwedahthineemanardsKhafrheaqnuaeiknit.lSy.tAudt eNna-tsPoinhGakrua,dsetsuKd-e5nts
enjoyed an expanded learning community by working
alongside peers from Olomana School in stewardship
of the lokoi‘a. At Kawainui, a team of five LJA student
interns engaged regularly in work. A positive outcome

22 L E J A R D I N A C A D E M Y | 2 0 2 1 A N N U A L R E P O R T

Community Partners

‘PAahpaahhua-inMaa-ulmamokauIa-KkaeaLMo-kaarhini e Debris Project (PMDP)
Sustainable Coastlines
Zero Waste O‘ahu
Wild Communities Foundation
Boys and Girls Club
Department of Fish and Wildlife (DOFAW)
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Full Circle Farms
Healthy Climate Communities
Adventist Castle Health
A ordable Housing and Economic Development

Foundation (AHED)
Pan American Foundation

Plastics Makerspace

This ytheaerP, LaJpAahfa-onrmauamlizoekduaa-knedainMvaersitneedDitesbpriasrPtnroejreschtip
(PMDP). In partnership, a school bus was acquired
from Kamehameha Schools to create a Windward
Mobile Plastics Makerspace. This innovative project
freropmurpPoaspeasham-naaruinmeodkeuba-rkiseaanNdatoicoenaanl MplaarsintiecsMcoonlluemcteendt
to create new materials. The program will be piloted
and led by LJA students, and will ultimately serve
students across the entire windward side.

We love it when LJA’s Impact Programs lead to further
alumni engagement. LJA is proud of alumni Mahie
Wilhelm ‘18 and Daniel Braun ‘13 for their participation
in PMDP’s Spring 2021 expedition to the Monument
to retrieve plastics for LJA’s use. LJA alumni Aidan
Anderson ‘20 and Malie Na ‘18 and Ariana Lunow-
Luke ‘18 maintained their involvement in PMDP as
interns this year.

L E J A R D I N A C A D E M Y | 2 0 2 1 A N N U A L R E P O R T 23



Middle School I-Term

IMPACT TERM (I-TERM) is normally a week of learning in
which students have the opportunity to engage in unique
courses based on their personal interests. Due to COVID and
the di culty in having field trips or guest speakers, I-Term
was adapted into two days of engaging courses, including:

• 52 Anywhere • My Innter Yogi
• Art for Change • Play Production
• Book and a Movie (BAM!) • Publishing for Young
• Culinary Creations
• Golf Writers
• Insta Writers • Scrapbook
• Language of Mythology • Sew Cute! Sew What?!
• MARSH MASTERS: • Shark Week in a Day

The Kahanaiki /
Kawainui Project

High School I-Term

IMPACT TERM (I-TERM), LJA’s signature ”week of learning
without walls”, continues to grow. This year, LJA innovated
its way around the limitations of the pandemic by engaging
local businesses as partners for our course o erings. In
May 2021, I-Term o ered 22 distinct impact courses to
High School students. Course highlights included a beauty
course in partnership with local salon Beyond the Mirror,
a farm-to-table cooking course in collaboration with Full
Circle Farm, and an automotive course that leverage UH
Manoa’s trade school for real world applications. LJA’s
American Sign Language I-Term course has become a full
high school academy, where students are further engaging
with the hearing-impaired community through creation of
videos for the hearing-challenged.

24 L E J A R D I N A C A D E M Y | 2 0 2 1 A N N U A L R E P O R T

Earth Day Summer Urban Planning
As always, the whole school engaged in a day of
community stewardship on Earth Day. This is an In partnership with the Urban Planning Institute
integral part of our program, an experience that (ULI), LJA created and o ered a six-week summer
we feel is central to LJA’s mission and an essential internship course for 25 students interested in urban
component of our learning framework. Our annual planning. The course, which was o ered during
Earth Day plan is developed by the High School Wild Summer 2021, provided students an opportunity
Kids Stewardship Council, building on relationships to explore a ordable housing for windward area
with community partners that students work hard teachers. Students from neighboring high schools
to cultivate over the course of each school year. In were invited to apply, and 25 students participated.
2021, the council members curated a menu of project As an outcome, five LJA students have an increased
options for students and faculty: interest in pursuing urban planning or architecture as
future career paths. In addition, valuable connections
• Keiki Hike--sharing nature with our Lower School were made between students from LJA, Castle High
students School, and Kalani High School, contributing to LJA’s
vision of collective impact.
• Na pPaorhtankeurs-h-fiipswhpitohn‘dAahnadhuniaMtiav-leapmlaanItKraesLto-okraahtiio)n
(in 5th Annual Common Ground
• Hamakua--native plant restoration (in partnership
with Healthy Climate Communities) Since 2016, the LJA Wild Kids Stewardship Council
has hosted an annual Common Ground Summit
• Kahanaiki--native plant restoration (in partnership designed to bring together diverse, multi-age
with DOFAW) communities to connect over our most common
ground: the planet. In collaboration with local schools
• The Net Shed--sorting and measuring derelict and our international Global Citizens Diploma (GCD)
fishing nets in an e ort to identify major sources for consortium partner schools in Thailand, Hong Kong,
this type of marine debris that destroys our reefs (in London and Nanjing, China, students exchanged
partnership with Hawai’i Pacific University) ideas around the theme of Navigating Healing of Self,
Community, and Our Planet. In collaborative teams,
• Beach Clean-up--collecting trash and sifting students shared learning activities, designed plans
microplastics out of the sand (in partnership with for local action, and created pathways to connect and
the Surfrider Foundation) share stories.

• LJA Gardening

• Albizia tree removal and native plant hunt

• Trail building along the edge of campus

L E J A R D I N A C A D E M Y | 2 0 2 1 A N N U A L R E P O R T 25



Mala‘e Wilcox “LJA sets you up to do whatever you
Navigates His want,” adds Mala‘e. “I liked that I didn’t
Pathway feel forced to go with the normal college.
I did get into all the schools I applied to
MALA‘E WILCOX’S ‘15 love for the - the normal colleges, so I had options,
ocean brought him back home in which is awesome.”
2018 after receiving his BS in Marine
Transportation at California Maritime to Montana each summer peaked his interest in sustainability. He
Academy and 3rd Mate Unlimited remembers his favorite sports moment was scoring the winning goal in
License from the US Coast Guard. the Hawai’i regional water polo semi-final game.
“I knew I wanted to find a job I could do “LJA sets you up to do whatever you want,” adds Mala‘e. “I really
here and come home,” adds Mala‘e, who enjoyed playing sports and I liked that I didn’t feel forced to go with the
began his journey at Le Jardin Academy normal college. I did get into all the schools I applied to - the normal
in 5th grade. “I basically realized when colleges, so I had options, which is awesome.”
I was doing my college search that I Mala‘e has no intention of quitting his day job, but he has dreams of
didn’t want to get a general degree and also starting a zero waste bulk supply store to support a ordable and
not know what I wanted to do after. I sustainable product alternatives for the community.
started looking at other options. I found
California Maritime and realized it was an
awesome blend of getting a degree and a
super practical license to drive ships.”
Mala‘e currently serves as 2nd Mate for
Young Brothers and says, “I do love my
job. I love the life it lets me live. It’s cool
to navigate to other islands.”
Growing up in Kailua, and as a student
at LJA, Mala‘e participated in water
polo, paddling, swimming, surfing,
freediving and Wild Kids. He shares
that school sports elevated his passion
for the ocean and trips with Wild Kids

26 L E J A R D I N A C A D E M Y | 2 0 2 1 A N N U A L R E P O R T

Maxim Palmer Strives for Excellence

Grade 3
“Maxim chose to run for Student Council and was voted in. He then ran
for Vice President and won! He is the only 3rd grader this year to do
that. Maxim is always so engaged with what we're learning about and he
continuously goes home and talks to his parents about what we're doing
in class and is able to make connections with mom and dad. He is a hard
worker and always respectful and kind to his classmates.”

- Katy Nakayama, Grade 3 Teacher

Janice Corsino Nurtures Creativity

Lower School Art Teacher
“Mrs. Corsino is really one of our unsung heroes throughout the years. She
provides the kids with a nurturing place to grow their creative strengths.
She has such a great disposition and quality that my daughter appreciates.
Jan has helped my daughter to develop her artistic skills and my daughter
is able to articulate her learning in writing, as well as creatively.”

- Mercedes Fagundes, Parent ‘25

Dante Sbarbaro Models Great Character

Grade 12
“Through all of the years that I've known Dante, he has consistently
demonstrated a respectful attitude, strength of character, and a highly
dedicated approach to learning. Dante embodies so many of the values and
traits that LJA holds dear.”

- Sabrina Ito, High School Language
and Literature Teacher

L E J A R D I N A C A D E M Y | 2 0 2 1 A N N U A L R E P O R T 27



TO MAKE THE BEST of ILH and State restrictions
due to COVID, LJA Athletics found creative ways for
students to play by pushing all sports from the first
semester into a modified second semester with two
seasons. LJA pivoted to create a ‘sport experience'
for contact sports such as water polo, soccer and
basketball scrimmages or senior celebrations because
the ILH didn't sanction those sports to be played. All
other sports had modified seasons.

“Our student athletes have
react positively to adversity

28 L E J A R D I N A C A D E M Y | 2 0 2 1 A N N U A L R E P O R T

Despite having no ILH all stars or State
championships this year due to COVID,
LJA Athletics proudly notes the following
 LJA hosted its first-ever cross country

meets in campus--3 in total
 Three sports competed at the D1 level-

-sailing, golf, and girls volleyball
 7 seniors went on to play collegiate

sports in either soccer, volleyball, or
 Alana Barthel ‘21 and Thomas Caps ‘22
both qualified for the Olympic trials for
 Sailing finished in second place
amongst D1 schools

demonstrated their ability to
throughout this pandemic.”

- Jana Fraser, Director of Athletics

L E J A R D I N A C A D E M Y | 2 0 2 1 A N N U A L R E P O R T 29


OF DONORS Benefactor’s Circle
30 L E J A R D I N A C A D E M Y | 2 0 2 1 A N N U A L R E P O R T Ahe Group
John & Sue Ferandin
Michael Flumian & Moira McGrain
Marcy Jackson
Shane Jackson and Michelle Garcia
David & Yumiko Liebreich
Dean Maeva ‘82 & Makani Maeva
McInerny Foundation
John Lewis & Jennifer Meehan Todd
& Alina Middleton
Brook & April Nottage
Mollie Richardson ‘97
Dan & Tara Schaberg
Schuler Family Foundation
Scott Settle & Sasha Kent Settle
Michael Shapiro ‘83 & Maria Shapiro
Skip Shuck & Melissa Jackson
Dean & Tara Spagnoli
State of Hawaii Department of

The Cades Foundation
The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg

Foundation, Inc.
Mankwan & Chanel Wong
Zilber Family Foundation, Inc.

Trustee Circle
Steven Ai
Todd & Ruth Bessinger
Alec & Susan Christensen Michael &
Miyuki Erickson

John & Leighann Frattarelli Madam Neal Circle Michael & Jill Williams Julia Sempio
G.N. Wilcox Trust ($1,000-$1,960) Robert & Bona Shell Wong Connie Smales
Steve & Marilyn Katzman Melissa Stark
Kivalu & Heather Ramanlal John & Sharrie Ah Chick Bulldog Club Times Supermarkets
Mia Riley Armed Forces Communications & ($500-$999) Gaylord & Wandee Town
Philip & Virginia Robitaille Alvin & Cathy Alana Scott & Yoko Tsukamaki
Aaron Scherman ‘89 & Kristy Scherman Electronics Association Hawaii Timothy & Rosa Brannon Karen Sibylle von Merveldt-Guevara
David Hirokane & Yoshiko Tsukamoto Bayer Barney Brennan & Autumn Woods Brian & Julie Weinstein
Roger Ulveling Yoav & Catherine Ben-Yossef Kenneth & Kathleen Bunce Paul & Andrea Wilmott
Erik & K. Kulia Boerstler Giorgio & Cassie Caldarone
Wiley Brunel & Pamela David & Robin Campbell Blue & White Club
Fleur de Lis Circle McMillan-Brunel John & Katie Cannon ($100-$499)
($3,500-$4,999) Ron & Jami Burks Andrew Cole & Krista Hopkins-Cole Mauricio Abreu & Misty Kjallman
Castle Medical Center Tharan & Wendy Lee Cook Georgia Acevedo
Friends of Hawaii Robotics City Mill Company, Ltd. Larry & Reyna Cox Armando & Kathy Acuña
Paul & Carol Marx Blaine Curtis & Sherry Bush Curtis Lawrence & Josephine Cunha Neal Agamaite & Kerrie Urosevich
Jim Moonier & Lisa Marten Jim & Jeanne Du y Aaron Delos Reyes & Evelyn Ramo Glenn & Jada Akiona
Daphne Park Charles & Jean Ehrhorn Tom & Linda Diersbock Amy Allegaert
Alex & Kyle Ramsvig Doug Ewalt & Regina Mangieri Sam & Peggy Failla Raoul Allen & Tessa Travers
Evan Scherman ‘88 & Yan Scherman FIRST Ryan Frederiksen & Jill Furubayashi AmazonSmile Foundation
Paul & Courtney Sibley Matt & Juliann Greene Anonymous
Jason Apo
1961 Circle Raphael Grignani & Moka Pantages Guy Gilliland James & Kathy Archey
($1,961-$3,499) Pema & Rosalynn Hegan Ralph & Catherine Gray Shannon Ayau
Rajiv & Ritu Batra Marshall & Heather Hickox Burl & Noriko Hays James & Carol Barrett
Matthew Chapman ‘83 & Nicole Steven Hinaga & Judith Fitzgerald Tyler & Kilia Hinrichs Grant & Sheri Barrett
Jed & Gail Hirota Chris Hirota ‘95 & Shauna Hirota Je & Desiree Bartlett
Chapman Eric & Jen Hu Ko‘olau Distillery Dayna Beamer
Steven & Courtney Chow David & Ruthie Kaminskas Ankur & Yuka Kothari Leslie Bingham
Devon J. Baranski Foundation Dave & Fiona Kennedy Edward Lawlor Aaron & Laura Blunt
Marcelo & Maria Garcia Ryan & Ana Carolina King Michael Lawlor Juan Carlos & Martha Bonilla
Art & Michelle Gladstone Medford Dyer & Masu Kusume Dyer Kenneth Lindell Sr. & Fay Molnar Aaron & Susan Boodman
Dewey & Lili Hess Pono & Danene Lunn Iam & Sari Bouret
Timothy & Sarah Howell Kenneth & Portland Law Brian & Janet Magaña Robert & Jo Anne Braunthal
Phillip & Johanna Katzman Chung & Anne Lee Wendy Marotta Jim & Charlie Brennan
Brian & Stacy Kilty Daniel & Patty Lee Vicki McNeill & Diane Smith Pat & Christine Brooks
Earl Kim Melissa Leina‘ala Moniz Ian & Katie Brooks
Philip & Sunyoung King Maui Ku‘ia Estate Chocolate Inc. Inc. Je rey & Kathleen Moore Stephen & Claire Broussard
Sergey & Katya Kiselev Neil & Caroline McCown Robert & Blair Morrison Millard & Sharon Brown
Henry & Monica Lau McDonald’s Restaurants of Hawaii, Evan & Jaimie Nagle Je & Bao Brown
Kevin & Kristi Le orge Alina McNally Richard & Judy Nakayama Mike Burg
Raoul & Leah Magaña Ron & Suzy Mitchell Frank Parrish & Deborah Goebert Brian & Lindsey Burik
Ku‘uhaku & Shanlyn Park Rafiq & Renee Munir Robert Picayo & Barbara Bumatay Jodi Bushor
Alex & Aubry Paulsen Rory & Donna Otto
James & Natalia Zagorski Nadir & Angela Safai Picayo
Martin & Jennifer Souza Dave Pojar & Lauren Hopper-Pojar
Ryan Ung & Jill Harunaga Kivalu Ramanlal ‘15
Terry & Natasa Revere

L E J A R D I N A C A D E M Y | 2 0 2 1 A N N U A L R E P O R T 31

Hon Ro


Robert Cagnina Jana Fraser Shane Kilty ‘24 Michael K. Moses Sr.
Anthony & Stephanie Caires Vinicius & Jill Freitas Brody Kilty ‘26 Leighton & Andrea Mue
Austin Caires ‘19 Manny & Leah Freitas Scott & Shannon King Ellen Mulholland
Giorgio & Nella Gina Caldarone Amanda Gagnon Sarkis & Karlyn Kitsinian Teri Ann Murakoshi ‘96
Ryan Canencia & Raynelle Walter & Miki Gaines Drew & Denice Kolodny Thomas & Amanda Murphy
Jim & Willa Gardner Jessica K. Kreye Nani Naish
Sollenbarger Dieter Giblin & Lisa Bartholomew Harvey & Barbara Krohn Mike Nakashima
Brian & Suzanne Canevari Edward S. Godlewski Ronald & Sung Hyun Kuroda Kenley Ngo ‘31
Phillip Cardon Brian & Megan Gold Brad Landers & Renee Will James Nichols & Vanessa
Scott & Julianna Carvill Joshua Gonzalez ‘18 Scott & Morgan LaRue Werjefelt-Nichols
Gregory & Jennifer Castells Frank & Christine Gould Roger & Lyn Lau Michael O’Sullivan & Jennifer Geis
Ben Cavazos & Beverly Hudgins Barry & Dianna Graves Jim & Sandi Lawson Dante & Nanhee Oliva
Luke & Helen Charles-Jones Neil Gray & Caitlin McOmish Geo rey & Julia Lee Frank & Connie Oliva
Mark & Brandi Clement Barbara Greve Andrea Lee-Tam Eli & Kara Omori
Marc Cloney & Hilda Montoya Richard & Jessy Gri n Lisa Leydon John Ott
Sean & Kristen Connors Todd & Kristen Grimsley Curtis & Kathy Leyshon Michael & Grace Packard
Aaron & Tamar Creps Murray Grounds & Shari Lyons Amy Lu Bill & Stacy Paris
Michael & Patty Cress Jason & Kerry Lum Stephen & Janis Parker
Karen Cross Grounds La’amea & Nicole Lunn Steven & Kimberli Pearman
David Curry ‘88 Randy Grune Lloyd & Kari Machida Jeremy Pederson & Thinzar Nyun
Nick & Jenny de la Mare Barbara Guss Edwin Maldonado & Amanda Jon Pegg
Larry & Marlow De Rego Melissa Handy Reed-Maldonado Ken & Dawn Peterson
Eugene & Grace Delos Reyes Alex Harris & Jamalah Munir Alfred & Judith Marotta Kevin Phillips & Maelyn Uyehara
Kathleen Dinman Fred & Joan Harris Josh & Jenna-Lei Masagatani Dolly Phillips
Julie Do John & Candice Harris Doug & Rachel McCall Lynne Ramsvig
Clinton & Jordan Dodson Matthew & Kayce Hazelgrove Kathryn McCarrie Andrew Recktenwald ‘07 & Jessica
Mia Doyle ‘33 Jean Hickox Dan McDaniel Sr. & Michelle McDonald McDonald ‘06
Doran & Nicole Duhart Richard & Madeleine Hill David & Kim McDonald Venu & VJ Reddy
William & Kristin Easter Stanley & Lynda Hino Tom & Carol McGrain Norman & Karen Remigio
Graham & Tiare Eastmond Dana & Alice Howe John & Katie McGregor Brian & Sally Rhee
Robert & Kathleen Edge George & Perry Ann Howell Michael & Lili Meagher Bart & Jane Rice
Byron Edwards Stanley Hughes & Tricia Medeiros Jayson & Ann Medeiros Benjamin & Cristi Richards
Carol Egan Liz Hui George Medeiros Nikki Risso ‘22
Obie Elkins & Mary Valenciano Elkins Jacob & Susan Hurley Sean & Jennifer Medeiros Keaka & Laura Robinson
Jon & Melissa Everest Travis & Ariel Hylton David & Louise Melchor Dallas & Cathy Robison
Michael & Mercedes Fagundes Mike & Linda Ja e Maureen Mench ‘92 Alika Rogers
Mark & Sasi Faildo Du & Cindy Janus John-Anderson Meyer & Melanie Yoon Hwan Roh & Yookyong Hong
Chris & Rochelle Fairbairn Mark Johnson Gresham Jobriath Rohrer
Todd & Melissa Fee McMillion & Robyn Kalahiki Je rey & Jennifer Miller Mike & Deanna Rosner
Morna Fitzgerald Hilary Kawelo ‘87 & Jobriath Rohrer Jorae Miller Joe & Beatrice Sailer
Kenny Flores Jr. & Cindy Adren Kela & Raelynn Broad-Kela Aiko Miyatake Brian & Fayzer Saunders
Dwight & Jeannie Kellicut Daniel & Laurel Miyatake Damian Sempio & Ka‘ai Nalua‘i-
Macfarlane-Flores Enrique & Evangeline Kennedy Scott & Deanna Moncrief Sempio
James & Miranda Foley Zia & Traci Khan
Foodland Super Market, Ltd.

32 L E J A R D I N A C A D E M Y | 2 0 2 1 A N N U A L R E P O R T

James Senda & Mandy Westfall- Bill & Marie Sode Terrence & Alissa Takenaka Scott Molzhan & Amy Manso
Senda Michael & Karen Spanich Rodd Takiguchi & Marsha Bentzinger Weibin Zhao
John & Jennifer Speed Jason Tan & Lesli Nicolay Scott & Shayne Liedtke
Rebecca Silver Paul & Rori Spriggs Brenda Tanaka & Lisa Ginoza Shannon Cleary
Charles Skaggs & Gloryann Delos Vickie Staton Brad & Brooke Taylor Stan & Mavis Nagatani
Kendrick & Liz Sue-Ako Temujin Thomson Carolyn Coarsey
Reyes Skaggs Dorothy Suzuki Ryan & Hedi Thornton J. Kaleo & Rebecca Ahina
Adrian Skrzycki & Martha Myers David & Amy Swirsky Mark & Raylene Tom Paul Bennett ‘90
Hudson & Sarah Slay Victor Szabo & Sabrina Ito Meredith Trockman Timothy Carson ‘96 & Marissa Fry ‘96
Caleb & Nico Slutzky Larry & Maile Tuileta William Craddick & Rebecca Postema
Jack & Sarah Smyth Scott & Aubree Valentino Emily Craig
Asa Voss Karen Crisler
Mario & Carolyn Voulgaridis Dana & Ginger Edmunds
David & Cris Wagner Michelle Edwards
Robert Wahl Luis Alberto & Terry Espino
Andrea Walker Shasha & Nicole Fesharaki
Trent Ward & Laura Simmons John & Joy Gayton
Travis & Lisa Webster Gilberto & Maricruz Gonzalez
Steve Weinstein Tim & Deidre-Ann Harrison
Ray & Roberta Westfall Alan Hornstein
Bob & Charlotte White Marcia Huber
Sam & Kami White Jeanne Jelke
Alan & Evangeline White Carlin & Melissa Jones
Bradley & Lara Wilcox Kay Kenfield
Randy Wong Diana King
Clay & Carolyn Wooten Mahina Kiyabu ‘24
Woody Wu & Joy Jing Joseph & Elizabeth Krueger
Mark & Ann Yoshida Hoang Nhi & My Dung Le
Danny Maalouf
Windward Club ($50-$99) Pamela Melish
Tony Kotas & Amy Lu John & Lisa Memering
Eric & Lesley Ballew Kyle & Kimberly Miyahana
Robert & Serena Marsden Michael Morelli
Steven Hochart & Kirstin Shaun O’Sullivan
Graham & Kate Perry
Anderson-Hochart ‘97 Richard Pyle & Lisa Privitera
Noelle Maeda Juniper Richardson
Bob & Viki Bladet Deidre Sargeant
Michael Cornish & Jennifer Cornish Ken Schmidt & Joshlyn Sand
Reinier & Joie Serra
Creed Ian & Kristin Shea
Carl & Rachel Domenic Robert & Susan St. John
Ericka Ehrhorn-Sailer Dennis Tanaka
Alvin & Cindy Goshi
Kale & Erin Kippen

L E J A R D I N A C A D E M Y | 2 0 2 1 A N N U A L R E P O R T 33

Hon Ro


Christopher & Amy Thomas Davis Ott ‘25 Bayer G.N. Wilcox Trust
Tom Watthanasook & Leslie Witten Kristin Packard BEK Inc. Hawaii Flower Lei
Edward & Doris Young John & Angela Posatiere City Mill Company, Ltd. Hensel Phelps
Ke‘alohi Young ‘19 Max Power Click LLC Hawaii Honolulu Star Advertiser
Teresito Quezon Devon J. Baranski Foundation Innovative Landscapes, Inc.
Additional Supporters Matt Reiley FIRST Ko‘olau Distillery
Mikel Abreu & Jessica Hosoi Brandy Ross Foodland Give Aloha Manuheali’i Inc.
Cody & Kelly Acuña Jonathan & Staci Sadoyama Foodland Super Market, Ltd. Maui Ku‘ia Estate Chocolate Inc.
Alan & Alyson Akina Joel Saito Friends of Hawaii Robotics McDonald’s Restaurants of Hawaii, Inc.
Marc & Carlotta Amerino Quinn & Cheryl Sanford
Roy & Lauren Andersch Brandi Saunders ‘16
Rolando Barroga Rett & Molly Schmidt
Andrew & Emily Blaser Ryan Settle ‘22
Jimmy Charos Siena Settle ‘25
Ryan Chow ‘29 Kate Shivnan
Andrew Christensen ‘20 James & Kristin Snyder
James Christensen ‘17 Kala’i Soares ‘26
Cheryl Coolen-Derosier Kalei Soares ‘25
David DeLima Skylar Soares ‘19
Bill Deuchar Wendy Sprague
Foodland Give Aloha Michele Steindl Franke
Dustin & Melanie Fordham Adam & Mandy Sutton
Matt & Cara Freeman John Syslo & Hilary Parkinson
Jeremy & Deanne Gessow Demeryce Tanaka
Cyrus & Grace Gohol Luke Thompson
Mary Henkel Ildiko Toth
Guy Hicks & Julie Larson-Hicks Lisa Ventura
Kevin O’Brien & Christina Hoe Love Volkova
Robert & Rose Hutchison Duane Wong & Tracy Woita-Wong
Craig & Susan Jaques Tina Wycko
Susannah Johnson Ryan Yoneshige
Miles & Rose Jones Terence Yoshida & Li Zhang
Janice Kealoha-Gier Tyler Yuen
Ryan & Christine Keogh Alexander Zagorski ‘22
Jason Louie
Allen & Katie Mehr
John & Sylwana Mitchell Adventist Castle Health
Russ & Marsha Mochizuki Ahe Group
Melvin & Cheryl Morris AmazonSmile Foundation
Krysia Nicole Mossakowski Ph.D. Armed Forces Communications &
Alyssa Muniz
Jessica Osborne Electronics Association Hawaii

34 L E J A R D I N A C A D E M Y | 2 0 2 1 A N N U A L R E P O R T

McInerny Foundation Dean & Tara Spagnoli Edward S. Godlewski In Memory of Nanette P. Hutton
Microsoft Corporation Ko‘olau Distillery Alina McNally Matthew Chapman ‘83 &
NyLawn Tennis Court Fund Mia Riley
Outrigger Canoe Club Medford Dyer & Masu Kusume Dyer Dean & Tara Spagnoli Nicole Chapman
Pan-Pacific Mechanical Trustees for Teachers Fund G.N. Wilcox Trust Barbara Guss
Schuler Family Foundation Earl Kim Jorae Miller
State of Hawaii Department of John Lewis & Jennifer Meehan
Paul & Courtney Sibley Schuler Family Foundation Fund In Honor of Adelaide S. Murphy
Education Connie Smales Schuler Family Foundation Devon J. Baranski Foundation
The Cades Foundation Junior School Fund
The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Henry & Monica Lau Shapiro Family Scholarship Fund In Memory of Reed Olaso
Foundation, Inc. Michael Shapiro ‘83 & Maria Shapiro Scott Liedtke
Times Supermarkets
Zilber Family Foundation, Inc. McInerny Scholarship Fund In Honor of Alessa L. Pescatore
McInerny Foundation Bart & Jane Rice

RESTRICTED FUNDS Robotics Fund The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg In Honor of Giovanna M. Pescatore
Armed Forces Communications & Scholarship Fund Bart & Jane Rice

Madame Akina Scholarship Fund Electronics Association Hawaii The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg In Honor of Marco K. Pescatore
Rajiv & Ritu Batra Foundation, Inc. Bart & Jane Rice
The Jackson ‘Ohana Bayer

Theater Fund Wiley Brunel & Pamela McMillan-Brunel HONOR & In Honor of Matteo J. Pescatore
Raoul Allen & Tessa Travers Anthony & Stephanie Caires MEMORIAL GIFTS Bart & Jane Rice
Barney Brennan & Autumn Woods Austin Caires ‘19 In Honor of Ethan K. Ravelo
Andrew Christensen ‘20 Andrew Cole & Krista Hopkins-Cole John & Sharrie Ah Chick
Scott & Shayne Liedtke William & Kristin Easter In Honor of Hiram K. Apo In Honor of Lana K. Ravelo
Frank Parrish & Deborah Goebert FIRST Jason Apo John Ah Chick
In Memory of Daniel K. Sailer
LJA Response Fund - COVID Friends of Hawaii Robotics In Honor of Dena P. Brennan Charles & Jean Ehrhorn
Relief Frank & Christine Gould Jim and Charlie Brennan
State of Hawaii Department of Susannah Johnson
Diana King
Education Doug & Rachel McCall In Honor of Valerie Burg
Zilber Family Foundation, Inc. Neil & Caroline McCown Michael Burg
Don Dymond Scholarship Fund
McDonald’s Restaurants of Hawaii, Inc. In Honor of Peter M. Cavazos In Honor of Dean Spagnoli
George Medeiros Ruben Cavazos & Beverly Hudgins Robert & Ellen Cagnina
Jayson & Ann Medeiros
John & Angela Posatiere Shaun O’Sullivan
Soccer Lights Fund Max Power In Honor of William Yuen Cook Chang
James & Kristin Snyder Stan & Mavis Nagatani
Mahalo nui loa!
Michael & Patty Cress Brian & Julie Weinstein
Michael & Miyuki Erickson Steve Weinstein In Honor of Olga Gililand
Doug Ewalt & Regina Mangieri Bob & Charlotte White Matthew Chapman ‘83 &
Stanley Hughes & Tricia Medeiros Edward & Doris Young
Nicole Chapman

Brian & Stacy Kilty Ke‘alohi Young ‘19 In Honor of George Hutton
Jim Moonier & Lisa Marten Matthew Chapman ‘83 &
Kivalu & Heather Ramanlal LJA Scholarship Fund
Aaron Scherman ‘89 & Kristy Scherman John & Leighann Frattarelli Nicole Chapman

L E J A R D I N A C A D E M Y | 2 0 2 1 A N N U A L R E P O R T 35

BRAT ING 917 Kalaniana‘ole Highway
CELE Kailua, HI 96734
1961 s 2021

60 year

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