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1 Messages from Our Co-ordinators
2 Poetry: The Light through the Stained Glass
3 Drawings : Artists of the New Age
4 Prose : Our Mindscape
5 Photographs : Magic Lenses
6 Our Matribhasha
7 Science in our Lives
8 Unique Club Activities
9 Our New Interests
10 Class Photograph
11 Message from our Class Teacher
12 Editorial Team

Dear Students,

It was indeed a challenging year for all of you. But you all have
proved once again how strong and determined you have been
to face this challenge and adapting yourselves to the new

It has also been a year of growth, learning and being free from
the bondage of unnecessary desires. There has been an
unforgettable lesson we have learnt in the past one year which
is not to take anything for granted and be grateful for every
little thing we have. Keep this lesson close to your heart while
you scale newer heights in life.

The school is no longer the same without your smiling faces.
We wish to see you back in your classrooms, creating an uproar
in the absence of a teacher and being your naughty selves. We
miss you in silent corridors.

As you get ready to move into your next classes, I wish you all
the very best in life. Be good to yourself and others. May God
bless you with abundant joy, success and peace.

Best wishes and good luck in all your future endeavours,

Minni Ma’am.

Dear Friends,

A very strange year draws to a close and what is even more
strange is that we teachers got to know each and every one of
you and grew close to you without once seeing you in person.
Incredible! We journeyed to new lands, shared music, books,
paintings, dance, plays with you, introduced you to fascinating
people and even stepped in and out of galleries and theatre
halls with you. Could we have done so much together in our
real school? The answer is a resounding NO! The experience of
the virtual world has changed us; I think we have significantly
advanced not only in our intelligence quotient but also in our
emotional quotient. And when we meet again on the other
side, in the real world, in the real space of our beloved school
we will all have a shared experience that has made us more
aware, more sensitive to the richness of knowledge and more
than ever eager to learn.

I am glad to know you!

Swati Lal.

Dear Students

It has been a different experience altogether for all of us. You
will agree with me that this year has taught us to look at the
positive and bright side and appreciate every little thing. We
have become more accepting. The fault-finding nature of ours
have somewhere vanished in the oblivion. Being away from
each other has taught us to listen to the other more carefully.
The restricted situation has made us more curious and has led
to a new awakening. They say that distance enhances love, and
exactly that has happened. This physical distancing has made us
more sensitive and compassionate. We have learnt to stretch
our hands of friendship and support the one in distress. The
year 2020 has taught us how futile human power is. Perhaps we
had never thought how lucky we are to be able to go out
whenever we like. We took the world and what it had to offer,
for granted.

This experience has definitely made us wiser.

Today I understand better what Guruji had said long back: “We
must look for happiness in everything we do.”

Being in lockdown has truly taught all of us that we shouldn’t
take freedom for granted, freedom is a privilege, that we
should appreciate and be thankful to have.

Ditipriya Ma’am.


Dawn, the beginning
I woke up enchanted and sprightly.

Looking outside my window,
the beauty of nature gave me jocund company.

I started my days, with a cup of tea
My heart filled with pleasure,

and nature danced like she’d found her treasure.
Slowly the glee converted to gloom.

It reminded me of dusk, so beautiful yet so sad.
The dark stage of twilight had already begun.
“Let every dawn be to you as the beginning of life,
and every setting sun be to you as its close.”

- Chetna Chhajer


The horizon turns orange as the Sun sets,
Marking the end of another day.

The birds return back
To their nests, and even our fathers

The darkness returns,
The shadow falters away
And our worries are kept aside
For a good night’s sleep!
With the first light of the sun,
Gulfing away the blinding dark,
And providing us with brightness
Marking the start of another day.

- Keshav Rathi


In the lockdown nothing is fun,
The only one celebrating is the sun;

Even when the festivals come,
No one in the lockdown goes down for a run;

I forget the tune I was about to hum;
The beauty of nature is at its height,
With no pollution to put up a fight.
Dear reader, what do you have to say,
I personally yearn to go out and play,
With poems and drawings, we celebrate

Environment Day,
No fancy birthday party invitations to give

Recently came Janmashtami,
Which in my house under a tree
Was celebrated very blissfully
The smoke in the sky and the cutting of trees

Are now starting to cease,
We must lessen the pollution, I do concur
But the celebration of festivals, I firmly prefer.

– Dhruv Rana


I shall wake up at the crack of dawn,
And to the drawing room I shall run;
As the beauty of nature is witnessed by me,

I listen to the roars of the sea.
I go down and play on the beach
As the sun sucks my energy, oh what a leech;

I go back at the set of sun, I
really had a lot of fun;

My drawing room is the place I go,
My spirits high but energy low.

-Dhruv Rana


When the new beam of sun’s ray,
passes through the air and touches the flowers,

red white and pink touch our eyes
and we see a world of colour and shine.
Variety of colour, variety of species, found in fields,

found in gardens,
and everywhere it has the same name Roses. how do

they live?
Just some petals,
on top some glittering dew, and ample dose of energy.
Life is as simple as roses,
The petals fall from roses,
Drip onto green moss,
Sometimes the petals happily float in the air and that's
what life is meant to be,
Just keep your life simple like these roses
-Prapti Mallick


Today I am going to do something very interesting,
which is nothing,

Just doze off in bed and never awake like my plaything.
Walking through my dreams and playing with swings,
And then hovering above our nation with my wings.
Touching the stardust and smelling the star flowers,

And then fighting aliens with my superpowers!
Travelling through the universe, meeting different heroes,
And then observing wondrous planets and their moons in rows.

There comes the boss of the aliens,
He wants to capture all our football stadiums.

I come with other superpowers,
To write a new chapter in the history of mega powers.

We shoot beams, we chant spells,
We make the galaxies surge and swell.
The mother spaceship of the villains engage

In an attack of fury and rage.
It is then that I realise

It is my furry friend, my favourite chap,
With his wet nose and wagging tail, waking me up from my nap.

-Rohinish Agarwal

We Shall Overcome

A virus is always fleeting,
I know when I go back, my school will be greeting

The desks, chairs, shelves and classrooms
Will again bloom and forget about their growing gloom.

The playground will again become lively
We will again meet and greet our teachers with a smile and politely.

Only a few words should we say and hopeful should we become
I believe, we shall overcome!

Pen and paper will we hold again, In school will we find our Zen
Getting scolded by our teachers will again become a ritual,
But these scoldings will help us grow as an individual.
Playing pranks on our friends and buddies will again resume,
We will experience the change from Zoom to room.

Only a few words should we say and hopeful should we become I
believe, we shall overcome!

Eating in the canteen will again become a part of our school-life
Buddies fighting and then patching up again in spite of strife,
Will again become a part of our childhood

In school, I know we will again spread the message of brotherhood.
Writing tests and exams on paper will again be back

The tradition of sharing and stealing from our friend’s bag a snack
Will again come back.

Only a few words should we say and hopeful should we become I
believe, we shall overcome!

This distance between us will again be broken
The school gates will again be woken

The sun’s rays will again kiss our school grounds
The stairs will again experience mayhem all around.
The classrooms will again be filled with buds willing to learn,

The school will experience a bright new return.
Only a few words should we say and hopeful should we become I

believe, we shall overcome!
-Shaivi Kumar


When lonely with nobody around,
Just go to Nature for she is bound

To give you her love and care
But harm her not, don’t you dare,
For she too has feelings and a lot does she bare.
When lonely with nobody around,

Just go to Nature for she is bound

To calm and soothe and caress you

But harm her not, don’t you dare,
For she too has feelings and does feel blue.

When lonely with nobody around,

Where and to whom will you go now?
For Mother Nature has long forgotten us,

As we forgot her in the rush…
-Shaivi Kumar

Gone are the days

Yes, it is a lockdown, That is the bitter truth,
No matter how much you censure me;
Even I feel ruth,
No more going to school

And no more going to play, Now I really ponder
On what to do all day;

Online classes may have begun,
But I really don’t have fun,

I miss running on the open grounds
And playing with friends in the radiant sun.
Now there is only sadness and worries, To play with, I have my

But remember, Corona virus,

We might be in a disarray
But in the end we will win COME WHAT MAY!

-Dhruv Rana

O Dear Nature

O dear Nature!

How I wish to thank you for blessing the Earth,

With many and one, small and big creature!

How I wish we could sustain and preserve all that you gave us,

For our past, present and future!

How I wish we could share, spread, use judiciously all that we got,

And be your preacher!

How I wish we would not devastate, destruct and consume,

Not more than we require!

How I wish we could be better beings,

And not greedy ones to barely think of our nurture!

How I wish we could avoid our lessons, as they come through, Locusts, virus
and disaster!

How I wish we learn our lessons even now!

May I wish and promise, On
behalf of mankind,

That we shall look after all the elements,

Big or small,

Very important or not,

We pledge to protect, preserve, be prudent and Heal you
faster than soon,

Dear nature… -Shaivi Kumar

When the eye of Heaven
meets the Sea

Sitting on the sandy carpet of nature I feel the
cool breeze moving.

The comfort was renewing.
The scene that was in front of my eyes,

Was just how I pictured heaven to be.
The beauty of nature, I’d thought, could only deceive.

But, now, I could do nothing but believe.
The Eye of Heaven met the sea,

It shone as fiercely as a warrior’s spirit.
The scenery was more than it was supposed to be,
The reflections it created would win the best merit.

The sea shone in glee,
The moving clouds and birds too were pleased.

The spirit of Nature was released.
-Veer Raghav Jaiswal


My drawing room is the greenest tree,
From where there’s a view no one else can see.
Dark grey clouds moving all around, Moving together

like hound dogs unbound.
So many trees rustling in the air, Leaves

moving faster than a hare.

So many thoughts springing in my mind, Making my heart
a golden pot, one of a kind.

Oh! This monsoon's scent that takes me to another realm.
A place where I can dance and sing, Where I feel
like a sprightly king.

But I have to leave this ecstatic place, And go back to
the world of the human race.

But my drawing room will always be there for me,
It doesn’t matter whether it’s a he or a she,
It will always be a part of my family.

-Veer Raghav Jaiswal


How do the trees feel while getting cut?
Or the air feels when it is polluted?

Insecure like a drowning cub, Or a furious lion who is

Does anyone imagine?

The beauty of nature is not to be ignored, But this
destruction of ours can never,

Befriend Mother Nature once she's on her furious
mode, No one will ever breathe forever.
Does anyone imagine?
By digging a hollow in the soil,
By adding only few seeds,

We can give birth to new life without toil, A plant that
our world really needs.
Can anyone imagine?
-Rohinish Agarwal


You are the one who guides me like a kite,
So that I never have to be awake till late night.

You are the one who scolds me,
But holds my hand forever.

You are the one who is like a mate,
Whom I could never hate.

You are the one who helped me grow,
And touched my heart with the love you show.
You are the one who illuminated the prism of life,

And made me thrive.
You are the one who made me hold the rightest of paths,

And showed me the depth of knowledge.
-Chetna Chhajer

Vedika Agarwal 7D - Rashika Roy 7D

-Khanak Agarwal - Aditya Banka 7D

- Arnav Kheria

Jiya Bhansaly

- Chetna Chhajer


The lush green garden, the beautiful flowers that have
blossomed, the feel of the fresh breeze, the birds
chirping, the view of buildings and towers and the sky.
The vast and blue sky, with white and fluffy clouds,
merry birds and the bright, glowing sun-all these views
can be seen from a window like mine. It’s like I can see
the whole world. It’s like the world has no boundaries.
I know it sounds bizarre when I say that I can see the
whole world which has no boundaries but the truth is,
who need to explore the world if he can see all that
there is to see from a window like mine. I know I have
been procrastinating and have never taken the pain to
sit by my window and explore so much, but frankly
speaking, I never had the time to adore the beauty of
the world. I know that I am a nature-person and there
is nothing better than being with nature, but this
Lockdown has allowed me to discover so many beauties
that this world possesses. I was always tangled up with
my classes, my homework, my sessions and so many
other things. It was always a hustle-bustle routine. But
now, I am free. I sit by my window everyday and write
so many words. I see such wonderful things. What
pleasure it is!

But, sitting by my window, I feel like I am the only
person in this world. I feel lonely. It is like all my sunny
and bright days are over. This Lockdown has affected
my life so much. I am thirsty for friends. I feel like I
have forgotten what friendship is all about .I have
forgotten my merry days. It is like I am completely
dull and bored to death. However, this Lockdown has
also taught me a very important thing. I see the birds
flying free and high in the sky. I never had seen so
many birds before. Maybe it is because of us. Maybe in
the past, animals were caged creatures and we were
liberated ones. But now, we are caged creatures and
animals are liberated ones. I now know what it really
feels like to be a captive. Maybe nature balances
everything. Maybe we never saw Nature the way it was
and continued ruining it. Maybe, we all can sit by our
windows everyday, admire the beauty of Mother
Nature and be thankful for what we have. Maybe, we
can write an ode to our window, maybe we can write
words from our window.

-Shaivi Kumar


One day when my father returned from his chamber, I
found him very depressed. I was eager to know what
was wrong. So, I went to the kitchen and asked mom if
she knew anything, but I didn’t get any satisfactory
answer. Then I asked my father the reason why he was
upset. He remained silent for few minutes and then
uttered, “Mankind is going through a rough patch.” I
couldn’t understand the depth of his statement. Then,
being a doctor, my father had to go out every day
during this Lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic
to serve his patients. One day, while he was driving his
car, he found an aged person lying on the road and no
one was coming to help him. He parked his car by the
curb and got down to help the old man. He seemed to
be physically sick. Immediately gripping my father’s
hands, he started crying. He said in grief that, “I am
seventy-five years old and a doctor. I voluntarily
served my whole professional life for the poor in the
suburbs and rural areas, and now I have come to this.”
After a little conversation, my father got to know that
he had Chronic Arthritis and so he had fallen, but no
one had come to help him in spite of crying continuously
for help. I learnt that day how dangerous the fear of

death can be. Every individual is suffering from panic.
They are terrorized by the contagious Coronavirus.
The people are losing their humanity. The feeling of
insecurity and uncertainty is gradually rising day-by-
day. The prolonged isolation and fear for own self and
for our dearest and nearest ones is resulting in stress
and mental depression. Human beings are known for
their social bonding, but now this crisis is compelling

all to be self-centered and to think about his or her
safety and security. In such an alarming situation we
must re-think our role in society. Everything
contains both the downside and an upside. First, if

we become aware of our UNIQUEness and cultivate
it, we will find a new ‘us’. Our creativity will be the
weapon to fight against stress and depression. When,
one is feeling fear, the beauty of silence gives us the
answers. So, if we look more inward rather than
outward, we can find peace.

-Saubhaghya Roy


Vidushi Sinha Dishani Khandelwal

Shezal Singh

Shaivi Kumar

Panav Bansal Nabhya Jhunjhumwala

मातभृ ाषा

आदरणीय दरु ्गा मग,ँा

सदर प्रणगम,

हमने अपने अपने घरों मंे दरु ्गा पजू ग मनगई इस पत्र के मगध्यम से मैं
कहनग चगहतग हूं कक आप अर्ले वर्ा सब कु छ ठीक कर दें तगकक अर्ले
सगल हम आपकग बडे उत्सगह से स्वगर्त कर सकें

इस सगल पजू ग मंे हम पडंू गल में अपनी संदूु र मरू ्तया ों के ललए प्रगर्ना ग
नह ंू कर सके और न ह हम कगर्नवा गल में जग सके और मजे नह ंू
कर सके l l हमें घर बठै े और T.V देख कर पूजग करनी र्ीl कई लोर् दरु ्गा
पजू ग की प्रतीक्षग करते हंै तगकक वे मेलों में स्टॉल लर्ग सकंे और कु छ
पसै े कमग सकंे , लेककन इस सगल वे ज्यगदग पैसे नह ूं कमग सके और
उनकी पूजग इस बीमगर के कगरण ठीक नह ंू हुई l दरु ्गा पूजग एक ऐसग
समय होतग है जब पररवगर लमलते हंै और आनूंद फै लतग है। लेककन, इस
सगल, जब हमने एक

सखु द पजू ग करने की कोलिि भी की, इस अवधि कग डर कभी खत्म
नह ंू हुआ।
मेरे पगस के वल एक अनरु ोि है, आप कृ पयग इसे लंबू े समय को जगर न
रखंे और इसे जल्द से जल्द खत्म करें।

आपकग प्रप्रय,


अपनी मातृभाषा को समर्पित...

र्िन्दी इस संसार की सबसे संदर एवं वैज्ञार्नक भाषा
िै. इस भाषा का आदर के वल भारत मे िी निी अर्पत
पूरे संसार मे िै. र्िन्दी एक सँस्कृ र्त िै जो भारत के
लोगों को जोड़ती िै. यि एक बोल-चाल का माध्यम िी
निी बल्कि भारतीयों की पिचान िै.

र्िंदी भारत का गौरव िै। िम भारतीयों को गवि
िोना चार्िए र्क वैर्दक यग में अपनी उत्पर्ि को
देखने वाली यि भाषा र्वदेशी भूर्म मंे भी एक
स्थान िार्सल करने मंे सफल रिी िै जिाँ लोगों
को र्िंदी र्सखाई जा रिी िै। यि भाषा कई
अंधकार यगों से बची रिी िै और कई लोगों ने
इसे बदलने और इसे संपार्दत करने की कोर्शश
की िै। र्फर भी, इसकी प्रामार्िकता और समृल्कि
की तलना शब्ों मंे निीं की जा सकती िै।

- शवै ी कु मार

Science in Our Lives


Heritage at Home
Film Editing






Aarush Sharma Shezal

Dear Children,

Travelling through time and space, I found myself in the year 2020, in
the classroom of VII D, full of beautiful and inquisitive children. We
have lived through this year in a way we had never expected. You
inspired me a lot and helped create an environment conducive to
learning, understanding the importance of relationship, love,
compassion, humility and humanity.
I could not meet you across my table in the classroom with the
blackboard behind me, but I tried my best not to let the screen of the
laptop or mobile be a hindrance to the understanding of each other. It
was very rewarding interacting with you, be it in the academic classes,
activity classes, the clubs, the projects and of course the reflection
periods. I extend my appreciation to each one of you for adapting to
the challenges thrown at us by this pandemic.
Though physically absent, you were always in my thoughts and so it’s
no wonder, you shared with me your sorrows and joys, your dreams
and heartbreaks.
You welcomed me into your homes and it’s then that I realized I am
not alone in this endeavour to bring in the ray of hope and knowledge
to you. Your parents have been so supportive and together, I believe,
we can cope with these challenging times in this new platform. Thank
you, parents.
Chase your dreams and do not be too hard on yourself if you fall
behind a few steps. Forever keep smiling, children. It’s been my
pleasure being with you. Hope to see you soon.
My heartiest wishes to each one of you.
Thanking you and with warm regards,

Sharmila Ray



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