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One day, Jason wakes up and thinks its just the perfect day to hang out with his family. He wakes up and realizes he is late for his meeting..

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Published by Emily Valenzuela, 2019-05-08 11:13:45

An Unexpected Bad Day

One day, Jason wakes up and thinks its just the perfect day to hang out with his family. He wakes up and realizes he is late for his meeting..

T​ he Unexpected Bad Day  
​By Emily Valenzuela 



It was just a beautiful Sunday morning in spring. Birds were singing, 
flowers were blooming, it was just the perfect day for Jason to rest 
at home and have fun with his family all day. 
It was 8:55 a.m (morning) and it was time for Jason to get up. 
Jason went to take a shower, change his clothes and then, eat  
Jason then said to himself, “Oh it's Sunday! There is no work today! 
That means that I can spend all day with my family today.”  
Just then, Jason had remembered that he had a meeting at his 
workplace! His meeting starts today at 5:26 p.m. But Jason said to 
himself, “it's okay because the meeting will only be 30 minutes long 
since it’s about changing my work schedule.” 
Jason went down the long stairs in his house and quietly walked 
into the kitchen because his wife and his kids were sleeping. He 
decided to make some delicious creamy pancakes for his kids and 
wife to eat breakfast. When Jason finished cooking the food, his 
wife came down the stairs and said, “What smells so good?” Then 
Jason said, “I made some breakfast for you and our kids!” His wife 
named Jessica was surprised “Aw, you didn't have to, but thanks.” 
said his wife. Then the kids went down the stairs to eat breakfast 

Jason had 3 kids. Avalline, 
Brianna, and Catherine. They 
were all girls. 

After the family finished eating breakfast, they got ready to go to 
the cities and have fun.  
It was 2:57 P.M, and it was time for Jason and his family to go home 
because the cities are 2 hours away from his home.  

When the family got home, Jason went to his room and fell asleep 
for 30 minutes, but before Jason went to sleep, he put an alarm for 
5:10. When the alarm went off, Jason headed for the white door, 
shut his lights off and went inside his car. 
When Jason was already outside, he saw that there was heavy 
blue rain pouring from the dark gray clouds in the sky. Jason didn't 
know that there was gonna be such a thunderstorm, so he went 
back inside his house to get in an umbrella. When Jason was back 
outside, he went inside his car and put the keys in. Jason couldn't 
see anything when he was driving in the wet slippery roads, so he 
slowed down.  
Minutes passed and later on, Jason was lost on where he was 
going. He couldn't see anything! But there was a huge problem. His 
big shiny gray Ford car broke down in the middle of the road! Poor 

Jason! The thing is that when Jason went to grab his phone, it was 
dead. Jason was really upset and worried, he wasn't able to call 
anybody, and he didn't bring a charger! Jason could see the big 
grey clouds of thunder full of heavy, heavy rain on them. How was 
Jason going to get to the meeting on time if it was 5:20 P.M.?  
Jason was really disappointed with how the weather was. He didn't 
want to walk all the way to his work with his umbrella because the 
umbrella could fly away from the heavy rain and wind! What if he 
gets wet and looks horrible at his meeting?! But Jason had to walk, 
there was no other choice but to walk.  
Jason was really worried that his boss named Jerry would get 
really mad at him. It would take like about 35 long minutes for 
Jason to get to his work and he was also going to be late for his 
meeting. Jason didn't know how to explain this to his boss, Jerry.  
Jason was finally at his meeting, he opened the door and there was 
his boss, just chilling in his chair by the table. 
“What are you doing here?” , said his boss, “I sent you a message 
saying that we didn't have to have the meeting today because of 
the weather!! I even called you, but you wouldn't answer your 
phone.” After all the work that Jason did to get to his meeting, 
turned out to be, unnecessary. 

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