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Published by Clear Creek ISD, 2018-12-20 13:51:12

Chatterbox December 2018







on Crossing


Lillian Closs

Meet Coach

Robert James


District chatter for staff that mattersistrict chatter for staff that matters


9 Science Fair Judges Needed

You don’t have to be a scientist or engineer to be a Science & Engineering Fair judge.
Clear Creek ISD is seeking volunteers representing all education paths, interests
and careers to serve as judges for the annual District Science & Engineering Fair.
Please help spread the word and share among your friends and neighbors.

Volunteers can select whether to judge projects at the elementary or secondary levels.

Elementary Project Judging
Monday, January 14, 2019
11:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Bay Elementary School
Professional Learning Center

Secondary Project Judging
Monday, January 14, 2019
11:45 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Clear Creek Intermediate School
2451 E. Main Street, League City

Click here for more information.


Sylvia Alba Tiffany Gambill Caroline Martinez Kyle Sampson
Tierney Allen Ma Garcia Lopez Alizabeth Mcclintock Roswell Sartwell
Roy Anderson Lacey Glover Shelly Mcdaniel Brittany Schroeder
Martha Andreano-Cordova Eileen Gonzales Samuel Mcdonald Sven Schultz
Kolby Baker Sara Gonzalez Jessica Mcnatt Ines Sepulveda
Shanon Bargas Jennie Gray Paul Merta Crystal Sherrod
Keolla Bell Heather Gundling Deandre Mitchell Susan Sifuentes
Stephanie Bellew Jessica Guzman Shairoz Momin Bridgett Smith
Mariam Betros Lynda Haeske Jordin Monroe Reina Sorto
Ashley Bray Terrence Haynes Melissa Moore Rebecca Straty
John Caine Maritza Hernandez Robyn Moore Jonah Strickland
Reina Cantu Mayra Herrera Kimberly Mora Raegan Styron
Bryan Carleton Terry Hinson Tayeba Nasreen Janae Tate
Martha Carrillo-Cisneros Phuong Ho Kimberly Neal Anna Taylor
Jan Cheezan Jennifer Huddleston Maia Nendza Ashley Thomas
Kerri Cimarosti Dustin Jackson Kevin Odowd Auston Thornton
Darlene Clary Angela Janecke Lillian O'neil Urmi Upadhyaya
Christine Collins Jared Johnson Zachary Pagel Sherry Utsey
Heather Cooper Maurisha Jones Janet Penn Alireza Vatankhah
Hope Corkran Serena Lamora Rebecca Perez Elisha Wakefield
Amanda Corte Alexandra Lavelle Zachary Rainey Elizabeth Wallace
Patricia Crouch-Lee Sheri Leboe Vanezza Ramos Lauren Watson
Lora Curtis Linda Lee Kelly Ramsey Margaret Watson
Mia Davis Judith Lewis Alexander Reyes Deborah Weaver-Lind
William Daws Alma Lichter Sammy Reyes Jessica Womack
James Emmons Madison Little Kevin Robbins Mary Wood
Irene Espinosa Gemma Llusia Catasus Marvin Roden Steven Woodyard
Lorelee Faszholz Linda Lockwood Rinku Bal Roth Donell Wright
Monique Flores Diana Lytle Emily Rounding Manal Zaky
Ramon Galeana Nunez Dana Mackey Martino Brandy Saenz Angie Zepeda
Mark Mahloch Andrea Salazar

Teacher Innovative Grants (TIGs)

Are Now Available!

Teachers apply for Teacher Innovative Grants
to implement innovative, hands-on
instructional ideas that enrich the classroom
learning experience in academic areas such
as math, science, language arts and
technology. If you could have anything for your
students that would inspire educational
excellence, what would it be? Professional Learning
The Professional Learning Department needs
Apply for a Clear Creek Education Foundation YOU to help make our CCISD Grow 360
(CCEF) TIG today! Conference a success on February 15, 2019 at the
Education Village. The Grow 360 Conference is all
You might be asking yourself, what is CCEF about feeding your mind, body and soul. All
looking for? professional staff will self-select professional
learning sessions based on their interests and
student needs. We are now accepting proposals
Innovation: Do you have a new for 50 minute sessions, 1 hour 50 minute sessions
innovative hands on learning opportunity and 2 hour 50 minute sessions. The session
for your students? Your materials are categories are: character/core values,
instructional best practices, technology tools to
not the innovation we are looking support instructional best practices, leadership,
for...what you are accomplishing is! school safety and physical wellness. Please
Sustainability: Ideally, this grant should consider sharing your knowledge and experience
have some longevity. with others! We need over 100 sessions to make
the day a success, so don’t delay. Submit your
The deadline to apply is Thursday, January proposal by January 11. We need many more
31, 2019. secondary proposals! Click here to submit your
proposal today!
CLICK HERE for the TIG Guidelines.

For more information on Teacher Innovative
Grants, visit the CCEF website.

Click here to apply today!


For Your Benefits
Happy Safe Toys and Celebrations Month!

Did you know that December has been designated as Safe
Toys and Celebrations Month? During this month, there is a
focus on increasing awareness when choosing toys and gifts
for children, putting up holiday decorations, and celebrating
the season with friends and family. While we are all making
plans for this holiday season and shopping for friends and
loved ones, following are some things to keep in mind:

When shopping for children, make sure to choose age appropriate gifts. Avoid gifts with sharp
edges and small parts for young children and show your child how to safely use new toys. A
good rule of thumb to remember is that if it can fit through an empty toilet paper roll, it is likely
not appropriate for a young child. When purchasing video games for your children, keep age
ratings in mind. They are there for a reason. Read warning labels carefully on all toys.
Decorate safely by hanging ornaments high enough where young children cannot reach them.
Utilize safe electrical lights that do not have damaged wiring. Avoid leaving fire hazards such
as open flames and candles unattended.
Once all those exciting gifts have been opened, immediately dispose of wrapping paper,
bows, and other packaging that might pose a choking risk to young children and pets.
When preparing holiday meals or purchasing food items as gifts, be mindful of possible food
The best part of New Year’s, besides making those resolutions, is the fireworks, right? When
shooting off fireworks, wear appropriate eyewear that wraps around the entire eye, is resistant
to heat, and can resist high impact. Nothing will ruin New Year’s Eve like a trip to the ER.

Most importantly, have a safe and fun holiday break! We’ll see you back in 2019!

TCG Retirement Planning Sessions Update

As a reminder, TCG Services, Clear Creek ISD’s third party administrator for optional 403(b) and 457(b)
retirement plans, has recently begun offering individual retirement planning sessions to our employees on a
monthly basis. So far, this new benefit has been very well received, with sessions filling up within a few
hours. As a result, beginning in January, we will offer this service twice a month until the end of the school

On Wednesday, January 9th and Wednesday, January 23rd, TCG Group Holdings will offer individual
appointments onsite for financial retirement planning. A representative will be available to assist with
questions and provide general education on planning for the future.

Schedule a 30-minute appointment to get assistance with questions about different topics including:

Understanding, starting, or reviewing 403(b) and 457(b) retirement accounts
Understanding the need to save money
Investing for retirement (in addition to Teacher Retirement System contributions)
Teacher Retirement System (TRS) calculations and what it provides
Social Security Education
How to rollover a retirement account from a previous employer
Student Loan Forgiveness

Appointments will be held at the Education Support Center, 2425 East Main Street, League City, Texas

Click here to register.

CCISD Crossing Guard Pro iding Ser ice

with a Smile at Education Village

Lillian Closs’ cheerful face can be seen bright and early every school morning, stop
sign in hand, whistle blaring, happily guiding students through the bustling school
traffic. Closs, who serves as a crossing guard at Mossman Elementary and
Bayside Intermediate, may have one of the most hectic jobs in Clear Creek ISD.
She estimates that she crosses upwards of 200 students each day, and that is no
easy feat considering the precautions she must take to ensure that every student
arrives safely to their destination.

“My number one responsibility is to secure the safety of my kids as they get to
school,” Closs explains. “Over the years, I have had to develop tough skin and
command cars to stop. I have to make sure cars come to a complete stop before I
can cross the students.”

For Closs, that means making eye contact with drivers and stepping out into the
road as cars are slowing down to a stop. Only at that point will she motion for
students to begin making their way across the crosswalk.

While it goes without saying that school crossing guards play a very serious part in
student safety, Closs sees her role as much more than simply helping students
navigate from point A to point B. She works to provide a well-rounded service to
her students and always does it with a smile. It is through this personable approach
and genuine interest in her students’ well-being that sets her apart.

“When I wave to the kids on the special education buses and their faces light up
and they wave back, I believe I started their day on a good note,” Closs said.
“Sometimes one of my kids will suddenly wave back when they didn't at first. I
can't describe how much that fills my heart. I especially jump for joy when that

But Closs’ impact doesn’t stop with her students. Over the course of the past three
years that she has worked as a crossing guard at The Education Village, Closs’
spirit has extended to her parents as well.

“When I'm in the lunchroom and a parent learns I'm the crossing guard they see
when they are driving by, they go out of their way to say, ‘thank you,’” Closs said.
“They tell me how much they appreciate seeing my energy and smile every day
and looking out for the safety of their kids. I am very blessed to have wonderful
parents at The Village. It's a privilege and honor to be their crossing guard.”

Although some may wonder why Closs chose this challenging
line of work, considering the demanding hours and unpredictable
weather conditions, her answer is simple.

“I adore my kids. I love getting smiles out of their grumpy faces
as they come to the crosswalk and telling them ‘have a good day.’
I love hearing about their accomplishments, their run challenges,
their not-so-good morning or day. The excitement on their faces
is priceless.”

Clear Creek ISD employs 43 crossing guards who work throughout
the school year to promote crossing safety by helping students
navigate to and from schools and neighborhoods within the
District’s 110 square miles.

Click here to watch spotlight video.

Meet Brookside Intermediate Coach

Coach Robert James is a beloved teacher and coach at Brookside Intermediate. Always willing to
lend a helping hand, James has earned a reputation as a Jack of all trades for his work in and out
of the classroom. Learn more about Coach Robert James in this month’s employee spotlight.

You wear many hats at Brookside Intermediate. What exactly are your roles at Brookside?
I work as an Exploring Construction Technology Teacher, Boys Health and Fitness Coordinator,
Boys Athletic Coordinator, Assistant Football Coach, Head Boys Cross Country Coach and Head Girls
Golf Coach.

What does a typical day at Brookside Intermediate look like for you?
I work a lot with our athletes before and after school, making sure their equipment is working correctly
and monitoring grades. I teach class during the day and practice after school.

What is your favorite part about your job?
My favorite part about my job at Brookside are my students. They can bring a smile to my face in a
heartbeat. A lot of the students call me Papa James. They say I am just like a dad because I get onto
them when they need it, but I am also there to give them praise as well. They say they know how much
I care about them.

As an educator for more than 26 years in Clear Creek ISD, what words of advice would you give
to newcomers entering into the field?
Keep on learning every day and always enjoy what you do.

Know a CCISD employee who should be profiled? Email [email protected].

CCISD Named Top Workplace

Clear Creek ISD is not only a great place to learn,

but also a great place to work! For the seventh
year in a row, Clear Creek ISD was named among

the top workplaces in the Houston Metropolitan

Area by the Houston Chronicle.

Awards & Accomplishments

Congratulations to McWhirter Elementary principal Dr. Michael Marquez who
was named a Distinguished Alumni for the University of Houston-Clear Lake.

The honor recognizes Marquez's work as an educator and commitment to
serving the McWhirter community for the past 10 years. Marquez accepted the

award during the UHCL Alumni Celebration program on October 20.

Notable Notes

Sympathy is extended to Karen Berry, kindergarten teacher at Wedgewood Elementary and Kristi
Foret, cosmetology instructor at Clear View High School, whose father, John Edward Hodges, Sr.,
passed away on October 4, 2018.


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How to Submit Stuff

Got Questions? Call 8 - 84-

You can submit news about yourself and/or fellow employees through Eduphoria. Click on Help
Desk, then click Create a New Request in the bottom left corner. Once there, click Office of
Communications, then click Employee Newsletter to find the submittal form.

Notable Notes
Copy and paste text below into the description box, edit, proofread facts then submit. You may
also attach a photo as a .jpg.

Marriage: (name of employee), (school and title), became the bride/groom of (name of
bride/groom) on (date).

Birth (Parent): (name of employee), (school and title), and his/her wife/husband (first name)

became the proud grandparents of a son/daughter (name of baby), (weight of baby), on (date).

Birth (Grandparent): (name of employee), (school and title), and his/her wife/husband (first name)
became the proud grandparents of a grandson/granddaughter (name of baby), (weight of baby), on
(date). Proud parents are (ex: Suzy and John Smith) of (city, state).

Death: Sympathy is extended to (name of employee), (school and title), whose (relation: ex: father)
(name of relation) died on (date). Retirement: After (number) of years in CCISD working as a (job
title) at (campus or campuses), (name), is retiring in (month).

News Features & Photos: Check the box by Award, Achievement, or Photo Worthy, and in the
description box add details such as who, what, when, and where. Attach a photo as a .jpg and hit

Collaboration Corner: Send us your contact information and information about a community service
project or other idea suitable for collaboration with other teachers or employees around CCISD.

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