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How to Properly Care Your Engagement Ring-converted

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How to Properly Care Your Engagement Ring-converted

How to Properly Care Your Engagement Ring-converted

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How to Properly Care Your Engagement Ring? A Quick Guide

When it comes to entwining in the holy matrimony, there are several crucial aspects that
come into your priority list. The engagement ring is one of those essential components that
will be cherished for a lifetime. From trendy designs to perfectly fitting stone, every factor
needs to be taken into consideration while buying an engagement ring. There’s no doubt in
asserting that engagement rings depict the eternal commitment between the couple and it is
cherished forever as a token of love. In order to extend its lifespan and sealing its enticing
look, it is essential to follow a proper care plan to maintain its never-dying appeal.
From keeping it safe decaying and cleaning it now and then, there are plenty of things that
the owners must follow to make their engagement rings eternal. Engagement ring
maintenance is not difficult as it may sound, one can easily perform the care regime in their
home with homely things to clean the rings. Apart from these DIY ideas, diamond experts
suggest that in order to extend the life of your ring, it is important to clean the ring four times
a year and get the setting checked for stability twice a year. Following is a list for a proper
care of your engagement ring.
Get it Tested Twice a Year
Engagement ring stays in your fingers forever and wearing it daily and doing your chores tend
to bend or lose the prongs leading to breakage. In order to safeguard your ring and securing
the hold of the prong, it is important to get your ring tested twice a year. If your ring has a
diamond as the centre stone, hence, it becomes even more essential to tighten the prongs.
You can get the ring checked by any jeweller or from the store that you bought the ring from.

Clean it Four Times a Year
Dirt, oil and sweat tend to accumulate on the ring forming a layer that leads to tarnishing.
Though there are no said rules for cleaning the ring, you can clean it whenever you want,
experts suggest that the ring must be cleaned at least four times a year. The layer formed on
the ring makes your ring look old and dull cleaning it regularly restores it actual shine and
even make it brighter. There are several DIY ideas to clean the ring at home, such as, soapy
water mixture.

Polish The Metal
Along with regular cleaning of the entire ring, taking care of the metal is equally important.
The metal band is said to lose its natural colour over time and with the accumulation of dirt.
Polish the metal once in a year to restore its lustre. Platinum and gold are two such metals
that require polishing. So if you are owning one, then you must polish it to keep it shining

Choose Ring with Warranty
Warranty is something that assures the estimated life of the ring. Buying rings from reputed
stores can get you extended the warranty on the rings. There are several jewellery stores that
offer repair and replacement warranty on manufacturing defects. Some jewellery stores also
provide lifetime warranty along with polishing, prong tightening, cleaning and rhodium
plating services.

Remove It While working with Hands
Though it is true you must wear your ring every day of the hour, in order to keep it shining
forever, you need to take some precautionary measures, removing it while washing and
bathing being one. Whenever you are doing something that involves heavy usage of your
hand, remove your ring and keep it somewhere safe till you come back. This will help in
keeping the lustre intact and avoid unnecessary incidents that might make you lose your ring.

Rings are forever and you would not want your ring to lose its alluring appeal anytime soon.
Engagement ring maintenance is as important as you wash your utensils and clothes. Your
ring needs cleansing and quality check that helps in extending its life and locking its stunning
appeal. Failure in following the right cleaning and checking procedure might lead to ring
dullness and rust. Make sure you start taking care of your ring from the day your man slides
it in your finger.

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