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Published by Warren Serrano, 2019-11-22 04:10:16

NC Social Media Guidelines

NC Social Media Guidelines

Annex A

A. Background

Republic Act No. 10644 otherwise known as Go Negosyo Act seeks to foster national
development, promote inclusive growth, and reduce poverty by encouraging the
establishment of MSMEs that facilitate job creation, production, and trade. It mandates
the establishment of Negosyo Centers as one-stop shops that caters to various froms of
assistance to potential and existing entrepreneurs. It is targeted to bring government
services closer to Micro, Small and medium Enterprises (MSMEs) through the
establishment of Negosyo centers in all provinces, cities, and municipalities.

To further increase the public’s awareness about the Negosyo Center and its services,
the Negosyo Center Program Management Unit (NC PMU) encourages the each
Negosyo Center to actively take part in social media and have an online presence by
taking in consideration DTI’s main policy thrusts: to alleviate poverty & uplift quality of life
of all Filipinos thru sustainable economic growth that generates more income
opportunities through employment & entrepreneurship:

• Innovative, value-adding, technology enhanced and competitive industries
• Competitive policy environment & efficient eco- system to promote supply of quality

goods at affordable prices
• Entrepreneurial culture & competency to develop MSMEs & more economic

activities & employment in all regions
• More inclusive business models & social enterprises to link small enterprises into

value chain of big business
• Facilitate trade to maximize FTA gains Exports backed by competitive domestic

industries, clustering, MSME sourcing
• Foreign investments that are job-creating & accelerate infrastructures to attract

investments like ports, roads, transport
• Protection of consumers against unfair trade practices like profiteering &

substandard products

The following guidelines were adopted from the DTI Memorandum Circular No. 16-03:
“Strengthening the Department’s Presence in Social Media”.

B. Purpose

This document serves as a guide for NC PMU and Negosyo Centers to set standards in
managing accounts and to ensure that the contents featured in the social media
accounts are necessary and appropriate.

This should likewise be viewed as providing a general direction in producing the
contents, unless specific actions are required by existing policies or regulations.

C. Communications Guidelines


1. Key messages
⎯ Inspiring stories with human-interest feature, including success stories, and
initiatives that contribute to livelihood development
⎯ Stories which strengthen investor confidence
⎯ Stories which matter to consumers' well-being
⎯ Opportunities for consumers and micro, small, and medium enterprises
⎯ Other stories that demonstrate that the country's trade and industry climate is
safe, sound, and predictable

2. Applying DTI's guidelines in writing and circulating press releases:
⎯ To create Content that is guided by the DTI's Trabaho and Negosyo thrust.
⎯ Accuracy. Be objective and truthful in what you write at all times.
⎯ Clarity. Know your audience and be concise when needed.
⎯ Context. Be cautious with your quotes. Seek clearance from concerned offices.
⎯ Basic format. Keep your caption to 4-5 sentences.
⎯ Polishing. Make sure to pick the best photos to go with your posts.
⎯ To consider timeliness. Strike the right balance between reviewing and getting
the content out as soon as possible.

D. Social Media Presence Guidelines

1. Issuance of Policy Guidelines
⎯ Scope: All Negosyo Centers
⎯ Objective: establish the Negosyo Center’s presence in social media and support
the strengthening efforts of DTI in the same media

2. Designate Official Accounts and Channels
⎯ Facebook: @DTI.NegosyoCenter
⎯ Twitter
⎯ YouTube
⎯ Google+
⎯ Instagram

3. Establish Registration Procedures
a. Develop a registration form
⎯ About the channel
⎯ Accountable personnel
b. Must be registered with NC-PMU

4. Promote the brand
a. Standard look and feel
⎯ Official Profile Photo – static and constant
▪ The DTI logo must constantly appear as a standard part of the
Page’s profile picture. To the right of it will be the Negosyo Center
▪ The dimensions of the profile picture of NC accounts shall be 360
pixels x 360 pixels.
▪ The display photo may be downloaded though this link .


⎯ Official Cover Photo – change every now and then; an acceptable cover
photo is an image featuring the latest activity/event

⎯ Use of official Negosyo Center logo as profile photo

⎯ Register as a verified account
⎯ Official description – mention that this is the official page

⎯ Official contact details must contain:
o Address
o Phone number
o Email address

b. Uniform name convention

Office/Unit Page/Account Name Handle
Negosyo Center PMU @DTI.NegosyoCenter
DTI Negosyo Center
Negosyo Center – Region Program Management Unit @NegosyoCenter.CAR
Province Negosyo Center CAR @NegosyoCenter.Abra
City/Municipality Negosyo Center Abra @NegosyoCenter.Bangued
Negosyo Center Bangued

c. Implement Standard Name Convention
⎯ Page Name: Negosyo Center Quezon City
⎯ Account Name: NegosyoCenterQuezonCity
⎯ Handle: @NC.QuezonCity

d. Use standard name template and footer on all collaterals
⎯ Posters
⎯ Publications
⎯ Banners
⎯ Email signature

e. Sample About Page (provide all details)


f. Standard Short Description
⎯ "Welcome to the official page of Negosyo Center! We aim to . . . "

g. Standard Short Description
⎯ "The Negosyo Center Program is the _________________.

h. Community Guidelines
⎯ "This Negosyo Center social media channel welcomes all commentary
and discussion. We appreciate supportive comments, and encourage
constructive criticism, as well as the airing of grievances.

We reserve the right to pre-moderate and delete comments and
messages to disallow spam, advertisements, foul language, and abusive,
off-topic, or ad hominem content. We reserve the right to filter and
archive all correspondence addressed to our Office.

For queries, please call ______ at (___) ____________or search for the
Center nearest you at
Our feedback team works Mondays to Fridays, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00
p.m., except on regular holidays and special non-working days."

i. ISMS Memorandum Order No. 16-479
DTI E-Mail Policy (Standard email signature)

Note: This same standard will be applied to the official Negosyo Center
email addresses (those under the domain)

⎯ All text is in standard font: Arial
⎯ Name – Bold, 12 pt. Font
⎯ Title – 10 pt. Font
⎯ Bureau/Office | Division/Section – 10 pt. Font
⎯ Agency/Department in Arial – 10 pt. Font
⎯ Address – 10 pt. Font
⎯ Office number | Mobile number (if applicable) | Fax number – 10

pt. Font
⎯ DTI URL (hyperlink to DTI website) - Italic, 10 pt. Font


⎯ DTI tagline – italic, 10 pt. Font

Patricia May M. Abejo
Knowledge Management and Information Service
Department of Trade and Industry
5th Flr. | Trade and Industry Building | 361 Sen Gil J. Puyat Ave. |
1200 Makati City Philippines
Telephone: (+632) 751.3196 | Mobile: (+63) 917.858.1971 | Fax:
(+632) 895.6487
Enabling Business, Empowering Consumers

5. Suggestions/Things to consider

a. Build a unified account

⎯ Create a users' group composed of social media admins of Negosyo


⎯ This will serve as a venue for sharing new ideas, tips, and tricks

⎯ Tutorials and discussions

b. Post management

⎯ Facebook
o 3-5 posts per day
o Graphics/info graphics
o GIFs
o videos

⎯ Twitter
o event updates – unlimited posts
o Status updates

⎯ Instagram
o Use visually aesthetic graphics and photos
o Timeless human-interest stories which gain more reach
o Feature products

⎯ YouTube
o Video database, share constantly

Note: Share posts throughout all platforms. If you post a new video on
YouTube, share it to all your social media platforms.

c. Post Types
⎯ Status updates (Twitter)
⎯ Infographics (facebook)
⎯ Social card can be a summary of story, with the full story on website (link
is placed in caption)
⎯ A good photograph can be a good way to increase following (instagram)
⎯ Human interest stories gain more reach
⎯ Videos have higher engagement than photos

d. Audience Interaction
⎯ Replying on the "wall" keeps others from commenting


⎯ Respond to queries quickly and in a timely manner
⎯ Giving out complete information creates ownership to the situation
⎯ Establish process of escalation for queries
Other guidelines:
⎯ All Negosyo Centers with existing social media accounts are enjoined to comply
with Section 2 above, and register their accounts with Negosyo Center-PMU,
using the attached template (Annex B). These accounts are also enjoined to
“pin” and “like” the official DTI.Philippines Facebook page.
Additional Resources
⎯ Style Guide for Government*: published by the Presidential Communications
Development and Strategic Planning Office, provides for guide on the use of
plain language, usage, how to write, social media
⎯ – practices in Phl
⎯ WeAreSocial, SocialBakers – stats on social media
⎯ Likealyzer – analysis on performance
⎯ Viralnomics – a book on how to get others to talk about you


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