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It's about a weird man named Dumbo,it's his first day at work.Everything goes well for a while.But soon,something strange will happen.

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Published by Beau Bendel, 2019-05-08 17:18:17

The Weird,Wacky,Happy,Humorous,Adventures Of Dumbo!

It's about a weird man named Dumbo,it's his first day at work.Everything goes well for a while.But soon,something strange will happen.

By Beau Bendel

Weird​,W​ acky,​ H​ appy,​ ​Humorous,​ ​Adventure

Near a 5-star apartment building, was the cleanest alley way you
could find in Low Budget City. And in that alleyway was a guy who would
learn anything on his adventure. This man was named DUMBO!

In his the Trash and plastic, mansion, he built himself, he was
unconscious from a fight he had with a rat that tried to kill him for bread

He, finally, woke up from a pigeon making a nest on his head. He got
up and went to make some eggs from the nest on his head.

Unfortunately, they hatched and threw him in the dumpster with one

When he found some eggs. He sat on his metal chair and admired
his astonishing trophies he found while dumpster diving.

And he couldn't have done it without his family. His raccoon family I
mean, he lived right next to them. He never knew his real parents, but in his
head, he remembered how his real parents found him.

His new family took him in when he was just a baby. At first,they
wondered if he was a giant dead cat. They dragged him to the there
trashcan to use him as a couch. Then one of the little raccoons found a
laser pointer and aimed it at him for a couple of hours until Dumbo's eyes
turned purple.

For a while, the family thought that it was a special couch. Then when
they sat on it, it really smelled. Then for sure, they found a really good

After a few days, they had to feed the couch. They never saw this
coming at all. Then they came to terms that this couch was actually a chair,
then the chair began to walk and talk.

After that, they finally thought it was a live cat, they thought this
because a giant cat came by and slept everywhere. The family (raccoons)
was sad to see the couch, chair thing go, but soon it grabbed the cat and
threw it out of orbit. For sure, for actually sure, this was a super raccoon.

They named him after how stupid, they were for thinking about
putting cup holders on it, so they put all their stupidity together and then
named him Dumbo.

After talking about his past out loud for about 15 minutes and cried a
little, he started watching someone's TV about a handsome and brave dude
named Dumbo who was on the news for being one of the top ten idiots.

He looked at his clock. After one hour of staring at a clock, he
realized that his boss, Monkey Banana,CEO of Car Dummy’s Inc, actually
hired him! Despite his lack of talent, Dumbo thought this would be a good
start (even know he gets paid less than minimum wage).

He went to the 2-month-old cardboard car. He bought it from a shady
guy, but Dumbo recalls it as the cardboard mobile. He had to go downtown
in Frog Street at 8:40 AM. Luckily, it was 20 minutes away. He got into his
car and drove off.

(Ten minutes later…)When he was driving Dumbo heard a weird
noise from his car. At first, it was a Greck noise and then it got louder and
louder until it made a ticking sound. He realized he forgot to shut his gas
ta-…”BOOM!” His car blew up, and Dumbo flew and crashed into the
ground right next to a convenient mattress.Thankfully, he practice for his
job and learned a thing or two about being a car dummy.

Sadly he was in the desert. His legs were now spaghetti, and the Car
Dummy Inc building was right across the street.

He thought for a while and wondered how his boss, Monkey, was
going to kill him with his temper.

But he lost his train of thought when a bunch of ripped and familiar
dressed children in wreck clothes with school equipment weapons. Then a

kid with body armor, bike helmet, and poorly drawn on abs and muscles,
slowly walked towards Dumbo.” Looky here boys fresh meat” the boy said.

“Who are you, and what are you doing here!?”Dumbo shouted

”Well, I guess if you are going to get schooled
, you should maybe know what our names are”, said the“cool” leader.
Dumbo was a little frightened about him getting schooled,”Im Little
Timmy, and this is Big Joe” Little Timmy snarled.As Timmy introduced the
other gang members, one of them was a weird kid named Dog Boy. He
kept making random animal noises, and wearing a curtain robe, and a
plastic dog head, and carrying a lit match. Another boy was stuck in a
cactus, and wore a fake mustache.

Then Timmy was done , ”All right now you know us. But you will
know why.WE,ARE,THE,EVIL...KINDERGARTNERS! ” He said violently
and for some reason slowly.

He pointed at Big Joe then at Dumbo Then as he walked forward
slowly cracking his knuckles without an expression on his face with the

broken gas mask. Only wearing a dusty T-shirt,and ripped up jeans,and
with table cloth as bandages, wrapped his arms. Big Joe grasped Dumbo
by the shirt and gathering all his might, he suddenly heard a loud roar come
out of the car dummy company building, then came a banana motorcycle
driving towards Dumbo and Joe.

He saw his boss who was a monkey, wearing a black suit and red tie.
He bashed Little Timmy with the handle on accident and completely ran
over Big Joe which made him let go of Dumbo. (Mission impossible style).
Dumbo flipped over and landed on the back of the motorcycle.

As they drove off, Dumbo said,”Thanks for being there at a really
convenient time, Monkey,but why were they there in the first place?”.

”ecrbqwfrwdcjhfaffytrdywffvngaigd” Monkey responded.(This is
monkey-talk for “They were bad egg kids who took over the preschool, but

as they turned to kindergartners they became more deadly. So they walk
these lands to destroy all adults”).

”What did you say?”Dumbo questioned. (5 min later,ohhh time scary),
When Dumbo got to Dummy Inc, Dumbo really didn’t care what monkey
said. All he cared was he would get an 80% discount on any medical
supplies for his job, and he was happy!

Yeah, a cool ending without total destructions. :D

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