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IIUM Press of International Islamic University Malaysia is one of the leading
university presses in Malaysia. Since its establishment more than three decades
ago, IIUM Press has published over 2000 scholarly books and journals in our
selected subject areas across the humanities and social sciences, combining
cutting-edge scholarship with high editorial and production values to produce
academic works of lasting importance. The IIUM Press is a global ambassador
for the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), distributing our books
and journal worldwide each year.

Malaysia, as part of the Malay World has a long tradition of learning and
intellectual debate in Islamic Studies. IIUM Press fits well in that tradition. As
a leading Malaysian academic publisher too, we aim to be the preeminent
publisher of serious books about Islamic Knowledge. Our Islamisation of
knowledge books cover Islamic Finance, Islamic Banking, Waqf, History,
Politics, Literature, Language and Linguistic, Arts and Architecture.

IIUM Press also publishes textbooks, research monographs, reference
works and cutting-edge series across our subject areas. These works reach
international readership. For year 2022, we are proud to introduce you to our
new book category which is translated literature. We have released a total of
eleven new titles, including novels from the Middle East Countries. There are
more than 30 titles to be resealed soon under the folktales series.

Although there have been some restrictions on our daily activities due to
Pandemic COVID-19, IIUM Press has managed to catch up and keep its
productivity at its best. Our record shows that the total number of new titles
published in 2021 has increased by 11% as compared to 2020.



Among our latest books is IIUM Library Classification System for Knowledge
Resources on Islam (ICSI). ICSI is the first comprehensive classification system
for knowledge resources on Islam in the world. It has the capability to cover
almost everything and can accommodate further extension and subdivision, as
our knowledge grows.

The high quality of content and book production to which the IIUM Press is
committed has become the hallmark of its various disciplines. This year, IIUM
Press will be available in various leading international book fairs among the
Islamic countries, including the Kuala Lumpur International Book Fair 2022,
London Book Fair 2022 and Frankfurt Book Fair 2022. See you there! If you
are keen to publish with IIUM Press, please get in touch – we would love to
hear from you.

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Architecture & Engineering 8
1. Green Transportation System 8
2. Urban Traffic System 8
Education & Philosophy 9
1. Humanising Education: Maqāsid al-Shari’ah and
Sustainable Development 10
2. ICSI: IIUM Library Classification System for Knowledge
Resources on Islam 10
3. Sociology of Education with an Islamic Perspective 11
4. The Malay Concept of Sejahtera from an Islamic
Perspective 12
5. Essay on Sejahtera: Concept, Principle and Practice 12
6. Sains untuk Manusia 13
7. Towards an Islamic Curriculum Principles and Issues 13
8. Contextualising Islam in Psychological Research:
Theoretical Foundation, Current Initiatives, and Way 14
9. Creative Thinking an Islamic Perspective 2nd Edition

Islamic Economics 15
1. Islamic Financial System: Theory and Practice 15
2. Islamic Banking 16

Islamic Law 17
1. Family Law (Non-Muslim) in Malaysia 17
2. Islamic Law: An Introduction 17
3. Indeks Syariah Malaysia: Aspek Perundangan 18
4. Al-Diyah as Compensation for Homicide Wounding in 19





Islamization of Knowledge 19
1. The Meaning of ‘Son of God’ 19
2. Permisalan dalam Al-Quran 20
3. Japanese Contribution to Islamic Studies: The Legacy of 21
Toshihiko Izutsu Interpreted
Malaysiana 22
1. Islam in the Malay World: Al-Falimbānī’s Scholarship 22
2. Monograph on Selected Malay Intellectuals

Political Sciences 23
1. Democratic Transition and Constitutional Justice: Post 23
Reformasi Constitutional Adjudication in Indonesia

Medical 23
1. Healthcare Utilisation among Elderly in Malaysia 23
2. Optimization of Dose and Image Quality for Computed and 24
Digital Radiography
3. Training Safe Doctors from the IIUM’s Perspective: 25
Application of Islamic Epistemology in Undergraduate
Medical Training 25
4. A Guide Book on Short Case Examination in Internal
Medicine for Medical Undergraduates

Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Vision: 26
1. Digital Image Processing and Computer 26
Fundamentals and Applications
2. Media & Muslim Society 27
3. ICT and Islam 28




Arabic Language 28
1. Al-Madkhal Ila Dirasat Al-Fiqh Al-Islami 28
2. Al-Madkhal Ila Dirasat Usul Fiqh al-Islami 29
3. Al-Lisaniyat Al-Tatbiqiyat Al-Hadithat lil Mutakhasisin fi 29
A-Arabiyah Wadabha: Madkhal Wasafiyun
4. Madkhal ‘Ila Al-Sunniyyah Al-Hadithah Litalabah Al- 30
Marhalah Al-Jami’iyyah Al-‘Ula (Second Edition)
5. Madkhal Ila Dirasat Wujuh Al-‘Ijaz Al-Qurani (Third Edition) 31

Translation Book Series 31
1. Undang-undang Keganasan Rumah Tangga 31




Architecture & Engineering sustainability. Green Transportation
System presents the basic of design,
Green Transportation System components selection and sizing,
Ataur Rahman, Rafia Afroz, Abdul system integrations of electric
Hassan Jaafar vehicle development, the utilizing
battery recycling and policy for green
ISBN : 978-967-491- transportation system initiation.
021-1 This edition would receive a wide
Year : 2020 assessment at the system level for
Pages : 256 electric vehicles. The authors bring
Price : RM 120.00 this new edition “Green Transport
System” to a new level, significantly
Environmental sustainability is largely expanding the possibilities of
designing and developing electric
measured by the transportation transport while maintaining an
integrated systems approach.
system. Green transportation This publication is presented as a
resource for practising engineers
revolves the efficient and effective use and graduate students interested in
the latest developments in electric
of resources, makes the low carbon transport.

and healthier environment for the Urban Traffic System (Second
nation by reducing the greenhouse Abdul Azeez Kadar Hamsa

gas emission. Promising innovative ISBN : 978-967-491-
technologies could be the ultimate Year : 2020 (Second
solution, but innovation comes to Pages : 252
Price : RM 46.00
fruition if society plays a crucial role
The urban traffic system constitutes
in the development of electric vehicle a group of interdependent and
interrelated traffic, and related
focused on decarbonised transport. components which are intended to

Developing effective and affordable

policies to ensure the introduction

of low carbon technologies in line

with political aspirations requires an

understanding of how markets work

to save fuel. Green Transportation

System, First Edition, gives

aspiring and practicing engineers

a fundamental understanding of

technologies for electric vehicle

design and development that meet

the national goal of environmental



form a unified entity to accomplish methodology involved to collect
smooth, orderly and safe movement and analyse traffic data to arrive
of vehicles in an urban area. Trip at important decisions related to
attractions at urban areas are smooth, orderly and safe traffic
normally very high due to high movements.
density commercial and business
land uses. As a result, the increasing Education & Philosophy
number of vehicles especially private
cars travelling towards city areas Humanising Education: Maqāsid
has caused tremendous pressure al-Shari’ah and Sustainable
on the limited road and related Development
infrastructure, especially in urban Abdul Rashid Moten
areas. Increase in traffic congestion,
environmental pollution, travel time, ISBN : 978-967-491-
discomfort and inconveniences, and 093-8
decrease in speed are the common e-ISBN : 978-967-491-
and regular effects resulting from 092-1
increased traffic volume and limited Year : 2021
road infrastructure. Understanding Pages : 202
the effects of increase in traffic trends Price : RM 80.00,
on road and related infrastructure RM 40.00
is, thus, important. This book (e-book)
emphasizes on the characteristics of
traffic components which include road The International Islamic University
network and road geometrics traffic Malaysia (IIUM) is devoted to nurture
volume, speed, road intersection, and train the mind, the physique, and
road capacity, level of service, the spirit essential to realise the good
parking, traffic control devices, road wholesome life (ḥayātan ṭayyibatan).
safety, traffic management measures It has a purposive curriculum for
and traffic calming. This book is the Islamisation, Integration, and
expected to further strengthen the Internationalisation pushing the
literature on each of the selected boundaries of human knowledge.
traffic components, especially in It has also created an environment
the local context. It is also expected that preserves and promotes the
to benefits students, especially essential sharī’ah objectives to
in higher learning institutions and promote the good life. It humanises
professionals in the field of urban education and provides a humane
traffic system, traffic planning and environment leading to humane
engineering, to understand the




outcomes. Humanising Education thesaurus-like arrangement of
knowledge in Islam. It introduces
explains, for the first time, the subject headings appropriate to
Islam. This publication is produced
performance of the University using to fulfill the need of the Muslim World
the maqāṣid al-sharīʿah framework, for a comprehensive classification
system for knowledge resources on
Sustainable Development Goals and Islam, accommodate varying topics
for the development of literature on
the 2030 Agenda towards realising Islam and Islamic law, promote IIUM
the overarching goal of raḥmatan lil niche area, that is Islam, facilitate
‘ālamīn. research on Islam, and to leverage
the IIUM Library as an exemplary
ICSI: IIUM Library Classification library to others.
System for Knowledge Resources
on Islam Sociology of Education with an
Arfah Md Isa, Noraini Mukhtar, Siti Islamic Perspective
Aidah Rabingan, Rasyidah Mohd Edited by Azam Othman
Daud, and Latifah Ramli
ISBN : 978-967-491-
ISBN : 978-967-491- 049-5
079-2 e-ISBN : 978-967-491-
(Hard Cover), 123-2
978-967-491- Year : 2021
078-5 Pages : 174
(Soft Cover) Price : RM 50.00,
e-ISBN : 978-967-491- RM 25.00
086-0 (e-book)
Year : 2021
Pages : 620 This book discusses basic principles
Price : RM 250.00 of social foundations of education
(Hard Cover), and the mutual relationships
RM 200.00 between society and its educational
(Soft Cover), systems from both Islamic and
RM 100.00 Western perspectives. It represents
(e-book) the efforts of the authors and the
International Islamic University
This book is a classification system Malaysia towards propagating
for knowledge resources on Islam, Islam and bringing out the beauty of
revised and devised by the IIUM Islam, which was entrenched in its
Library to replace the currently used
Library of Congress Classification
(LCC), subclass BP-Islam. It maps
topics befitting the supposed



vision and mission statement. The The Malay Concept of Sejahtera
readers will find this book interesting from an Islamic Perspective
for them in its quest for change Mohd. Kamal Hassan
and providing quality education
for all. The trend in sociology of ISBN : 978-967-491-
education is closely related to the 058-7
changes in external environments Year : 2021
of educational institutions. By Pages : 108
broadening our understanding on Price : RM 40.00
the social foundations of education,
we will be able to understand the
nature of educational institutions and The word sejahtera (“well-being”
create effective educational policies or “prosperity”) is widely used
for all students and parents. Due to in Malaysia and Indonesia as a
the demand of our changing society, fundamental concept of human
education is strongly influenced by existence which is usually applied to
social changes and political forces. various dimensions of life: physical,
Hence, this book will add to the ecological, psychological, spiritual,
literature on sociology of education intellectual, emotional, economic,
and its significant forces, such as political, governance, educational,
social class, politics, economic, and social, cultural and religious. Given
technological revolution shaping its importance and central role in the
education, especially in Malaysia. building, nurturing and sustaining
This book also tries to analyze and of a humane, peaceful, balanced
develop an understanding of how and prosperous civilisation in this
social class, race, and gender effect period of heightened global crises, in
educational opportunity, access, which most of mankind are currently
equity, and achievement. The starving for kesejahteraan struggling
authors, therefore, have presented against an unprecedented COVID-19
the materials related to educational pandemic, the Malay concept of
problems and challenges for paving sejahtera – in the present writer’s
the way to more future academic humble opinion – should be reviewed
research on sociology of education and re-examined by Muslim scholars
from the Islamic perspective. and intellectuals for the purpose of
building an alternative paradigm of
holistic and sustainable development
from the worldview of Tauḥīd.




Essay on Sejahtera: Concept, Sains untuk Manusia
Principle and Practice Dzulkifli Abdul Razak
Dzulkifli Abdul Razak
ISBN : 978-967-491-
ISBN : 978-967-491- 046-4
061-7 Year : 2020
e-ISBN : 978-967-491- Pages : 154
068-6 Price : RM 30.00
Year : 2020
Pages : 62 ‘Sains untuk Manusia’ menumpukan
Price : RM 50.00, kepada kesan terhadap penyelidikan
RM25.00 dan pendidikan sains andainya kita
(e-book) tidak berhemah dalam menghadapi
cetusan Revolusi Industri ke-Empat
The word sejahtera has its own (RI4.0) di Malaysia. Tiga cabaran
place and meaning. Lest properly utama bakal dihadapi dalam
understood, the use can be baffling. memajukan ilmu sains pada era
For example, in the 2019 Budget, RI4.0. Pertama ialah kesan dan impak
sejahtera was used to convey an kepada ketamadunan manusia yang
aspect of socio-economic wellbeing bakal diubah oleh ledakan RI4.0,
of Malaysians, which in Malay reads malahan daripada revolusi-revolusi
as memastikan kesejahteraan terdahulu yang telahpun merosakkan
rakyat. but fall short when confined alam sekitar. Cabaran kedua adalah
only to “socio-economic” aspect. pemupukan insan seimbang melalui
Sejahtera is a rather multilayered pendidikan sains untuk generasi
concept that conveys a deeper mendatang. Akhir sekali, kemelut
meaning than any single word can arah penyelidikan sains yang jauh
convey. As such it has no equivalent menyimpang dari ‘akar’ ilmu ditekan
in other languages, neither can it be pula kepincangan yang di’bawa’ oleh
accurately translated into different RI4.0 kerana hanya menekankan
languages due to its close cultural kepada sentuhan teknologi. Lantas
learning and nuances to the local meninggalkan masyarakat hanyut
Malay(sian) tradition. dalam gelombang RI4.0 tanpa
sebarang sentuhan insani dan hati



Towards an Islamic Curriculum: teaching methods applied in Muslim
Principles and Issues education in light of globalization.
Rosnani Hashim The curriculum of teacher education
and Islamic Studies programs are
ISBN : 978-967-491- evaluated. The third part discusses
004-4 the necessity of reclaiming Islam’s
Year : 2020 pragmatism and reviving philosophy
(Second and philosophical inquiry in Islamic
Reprint) education as a prerequisite for the
Pages : 320 advancement of critical and creative
Price : RM 50.00 thinking. Finally, the fourth part
examines in depth the identity issues
Many books have been written affecting Muslims as minorities in
on the principles of curriculum, its multicultural settings, and the nature
foundations, theories, designs, and role of women education vis-à-
practices and issues. However, vis men education. The objectives of
these curriculum foundations and the book will have been attained if
theories are largely based on readers reach a better understanding
Western ideas knowledge whose of the principles and issues, and are
foundations is liberal and secular. moved to act and transform Islamic
Although knowledge has been education.
variously classified by great Muslim
scholars, there is a dearth of Contextualising Islam in
curriculum texts based on the Islamic
epistemological framework. This Psychological Research:
book was written to fill this vacuum.
The first part discusses the principles Theoretical Foundation, Current
and philosophical foundations of
an Islamic education curriculum, Initiatives, and Way Forward
and then moves on to deal with Edited by Mariam Adawiyah Dzulkifli
the problems of liberal and secular
education, focusing specifically on and Nor Diana Mohd Mahadin
dualistic educational systems that
have beleaguered Muslim nations ISBN : 978-967-491-
worldwide. As a resolution, several 052-5
curriculum models of higher education e-ISBN : 978-967-491-
are examined. The second part 126-3
examines the issues with traditional Year : 2021
Pages : 188
Price : RM 50.00,
RM 25.00




This book is intended to present in the first part of the book provide

a compilation of research that an overview of the philosophical,

has incorporated the Islamic theoretical, methodological,

philosophical, theoretical, and and conceptual foundations

historical perspectives with the that are related to Islamisation,

concepts, theories, and methods in Relevantisation, and Integration

psychology. While the relationship (IRI) of research in psychology,

between Islam, research, and while the subsequent chapters

psychology has been studied present empirical studies that have

previously, the effort to incorporate, applied these three processes in

integrate, and use Islamic resources their research. Finally, the remaining

to examine phenomena related chapters are dedicated to the

to psychology through rigorous discussion of the conceptual and

scientific methods has been found strategic way forward for research

to be lacking among Muslim in specific areas of psychology.

researchers. At present, most of In doing so, both the rationale

the existing studies have not gone and practicalities of incorporating,

beyond discussing the historical integrating, and utilising Islamic

development, philosophical resources in research on psychology

foundation, and epistemological have been provided.

issues in Islamisation of knowledge.

As such, there is a need for

Muslim psychology researchers Creative Thinking: An Islamic
Perspective 2nd Edition
to demonstrate how issues on Jamal Badi and Mustapha Tajdin

psychology can be investigated ISBN : 978-983-2957
and critically evaluated from the Year : 2021 (Ninth
Islamic perspective. The present Pages : 262
Price : RM 40.00
book, therefore, is an attempt to

meet this need by incorporating the

Islamic perspective in the conduct

of research in psychology. It is also

an attempt to contextualise Islam

in the current efforts in research on

psychology so that we can better

understand the religion, both as

an established way of life and as Enthusiastic readers, notably those
who have special interest in thinking
a model of scientific inquiry. In and cognition, are expected to know a
great deal on creativity both as a skill
contextualising Islam in research

related to psychology, the chapters



and as a discipline. However, rare banking and finance are increasing,
are those who have thoughts on what not just by those involved in the
a religion like Islam has to say about industry for commercial reasons, but
it. Many vital fields of studies seem also by those who would like to have
to have been alienated from religious a deeper understanding of the Islamic
principles and values, as if religion financial system. Islamic finance now,
distrupts the smoth and triumphant is seen as a viable alternative to the
march of human knowledge. This conventional financial system, which
book presents a humble argument has the prospects of high growth
for the worth of Islamic principles and application that could potentially
and values in the domain of thinking provide the panacea to address
and creativity. Though this work is issues and problems currently facing
an introductory textbook devised for the conventional financial system.
teaching purposes, it hopes to meet Since Islamic finance is growing at a
the expectations of those who seek rapid pace and has started to make
detailed and informative account of a meaningful economic contribution
the subject. in many countries, there is a growing
interest on the role of Islamic finance
Islamic Economics in contributing to efficient functioning
of the overall financial system and
Islamic Financial System: Theory its relation to the real economic
and Practice activities. The unique feature of
Salina Kassim Islamic finance which requires the
compliancy to the Shariah in all its
ISBN : 978-967-491- aspects, would result in an economy
036-5 achieving the maqasid al-Shariah,
Year : 2021 and obtaining the noble objective of
(Second socio-economic justice for all, which is
Reprint) the major characteristic of an Islamic
Pages : 380 economy.This book aims to provide a
Price : RM 150.00, comprehensive understanding about
RM 75.00 the characteristics, structure and
(e-book) operations of an Islamic financial
system, particularly in performing
Amid the rapid growth and increasing its role as an integral component of
presence of Islamic Finance industry the overall economic system. This
across the globe, interests in detailed involves an understanding on the
information and knowledge in Islamic foundation as well as evaluation on
the concepts and structure of the




Islamic financial system, as well as Islamic Banking
the legal and regulatory framework Hassanuddeen Abdul Aziz
facing the system. Comparisons are
made between the Islamic financial ISBN : 978-967-527-
systems with its conventional counter- 248-6
part so as to highlight the unique Year : 2020
features of the Islamic financial (Second
system in mobilising financial capital Reprint)
in a Shariah-compliant manner, Pages : 94
while pointing-out the economic Price : RM 35.00
implications of the differences
between the two systems. Key Islamic Banking is designed to
principles and characteristics of the provide an introduction to Islamic
Islamic financial system, as well as banking and finance for students
the financial products or instruments at universities and similar tertiary
traded in various segments of the institutions. This book also a source of
system are highlighted. This includes general understanding of the concept
the operations of each component of of Islamic banking and finance and
the Islamic financial system, starting it will be beneficent not only for
from the Islamic money market, students but also for the laymen. I
Islamic equity market, sukuk market, believe that the approach to Islamic
Islamic unit trusts industry, Islamic banking and finance taken in this
banking institutions, and Islamic book will provide a solid foundation
non-bank financial institutions. towards understanding the concept
Also critical to the functioning of of Islamic finance. An effort has been
the Islamic financial system is the made to provide an overview of the
monetary system, which in essence, principles of Islamic commercial law
relates the Islamic financial system in business and Islamic financial
to the overall economic system. dealings. This book has been written
with the objective of conveying an
understanding of Islamic banking
and finance, without introducing
unnecessary technical terminology
and procedures. It was written to
develop a clear understanding of the
prohibition of Riba, the instruments
of products offered by Islamic banks,



the contemporary approaches and the necessary reforms to suit the
practices across banks worldwide, modernization of communities and
and the challenges and future the changing society. The topics
prospects of Islamic banking. presented in the twelve chapters
are: historical outline: betrothal and
Islamic Law domicile: marriage requirements,
procedural matters, status, rights
Family Law (Non-Muslim) in and obligations: divorce and matters
incidental thereto - maintenance,
Malaysia division of matrimonial property
Norliah Ibrahim, Noraini Md Hashim, and custody of child: legitimacy,
Najibah Mohd Zin, Azizah Mohd, adoption and domestic violence.
Nora Abdul Hak, Normi Abdul Malek, As Malaysia is a member of the
Roslina Che Soh and Mohd Hisham international treaties, this book
Mohd Kamal explains the effects of the treaties
on certain aspects of the national
ISBN : 978-967-022- laws. This book is a useful reference
588-3 for law students and practitioner.
Year : 2021 Similarly, for those in the legal
(Fifth Reprint) fraternity and the public at large, it
Pages : 441 will make for a better understanding
Price : RM 55.00 of those principles of civil family
law and to keep abreast with latest
developments and reforms on the
subject matter.

The book discusses on family Islamic Law: An Introduction
law related to non-Muslims in Mohamad Akram Laldin
Malaysia which is generally based
on the Law Reform (Marriage and ISBN : 983-3855-03-2
Divorce) Act 1976 and several
other supplementary statutes. Over Year : 2021
the years, it is noticed that there
have been legislative delelopment (Seventh
affecting family law which need to Reprint)
be addressed and clarified. Thus,
the primary aim of this book is not Pages : 240
only to state comprehensively the
legal aspect but also to highlight the Price : RM 46.00
recent developments and to suggest




This work is an attempt to provide Indeks Syariah Malaysia: Aspek
some light into the basic principles Perundangan
of Islamic law in order to understand Zaleha Kamarudin, Ainul Jaria Maidin,
the purpose of the revelation of Sahari Nordin, Azizah Mohd., Badrudin
rulings in Islam. This understanding Ibrahim dan Roosfa Hashim
is very important to be understood
particularly by students and ISBN : 978-967-418-
researchers in the field of Islamic 779-8
law. This book also examines five Year : 2021
important legal maxims, namely: (Second
al-umūr bi maqāsidihā (matters Reprint)
determined according to intention), Pages : 168
al-yaqīn lā yazūlu bi al-shakk Price : RM 80.00
(certainty cannot be removed by
doubt), al-mashaqqah tajlubu al- Indeks ini merupakan satu produk
taysīr (hardship begets facility), lā pelengkap tadbir urus Islam di
darara wa lā dirār (harm shall not Malaysia, yang boleh dianggap
be inflicted nor reciprocated) and mempunyai nilai-nilai perintis. Dalam
al-ʿādah muhakkamah (custom is erti kata ia adalah menyeluruh,
arbitrary). These are considered komprehensif dan yang pertama
as supporting sources of Islamic seumpamanya di dunia. Pada
law. In the last part of the work, the 10hb Februari 2015, YAB Perdana
development of Islamic law from the Menteri telah melakar satu dimensi
time of the Prophet (p.b.u.h.) till the baru dalam pentadbiran Kerajaan
present is discussed. Finally, the Malaysia apabila melancarkan Indeks
work outlines about the present state Syariah Malaysia sejajar dengan
of Islamic law and provides some hasrat dan kesungguhan kerajaan
suggestions for the way forward. It is untuk melaksanakan pendekatan
hoped that this work will shed some Maqasid Syariah dalam pentadbiran
light for those who are interested in negara. Indeks Syariah Malaysia ini
understanding the basics of Islamic adalah model tadbir urus Islam yang
law. pertama seumpamanya di dunia dan
boleh dijadikan rujukan oleh negara-
negara Islam lain untuk mengukur
tahap pelaksanaan prinsip-prinsip



Maqasid Syariah dalam semua importance of victim compensation.
aspek pentadbiran kerajaan. It has brought them closer towards
the law of Diyah. The syari’ah has in
Al-Diyah as Compensation for variably upheld the victim’s right to
Homicide Wounding in Malaysia compensaion and a study of recent
Syed Ahmad S.A Alsagoff legislation in Pakistan, Sudan, Iran
and the state of Kelantan in Malaysia
ISBN : 978-983-385- in implementing the law of Diyah
504-9 shows its suitability for application in
Year : 2020 Malaysia. The practice of punishing
(Second the offender with fines payable to the
Edition) state of homicide and wounding need
Pages : 436 reappraisal in favour of compensation
Price : RM 45.00 to the victim. A compulsary insurance
scheme using the system of takaful
will ensure compensation to all
victims of homicide and wounding.
This book concerns itself mainly with Without such a scheme, the state
the law of diyah as compensation should compensate victims in cases
for homicide and wounding. It is an where the offender is impecunious.
attempt to show that this idea of victim
of compensation, that conforms to Islamization of Knowledge
the dictators of reasons, justice and
humanity, is applicable as common The Meaning of ‘Son of God’
law for all Malaysians. Human life is Ungaran Rashid
sacred and historical survey of how
earlier communities responded to ISBN : 978-967-491-
homicide and wounding shows and 094-5
underlying common thread of victim e-ISBN : 978-967-491-
compensation. The notion of crime 095-2
against society later superseded this Year : 2021
practice. Society vindicated itself by Pages : 128
punishing the offender with death, Price : RM 45.00,
in prisonment or find and the idea of RM 22.50
conpensating the victim or his family (e-book)
when into oblivion. There is a growing
acceptance amongst western
and common law countries on the




The Meaning of ‘Son of God’ permisalan. Kata Mathal tidak hanya
provides a Biblical interpretation bererti permisalan, bahkan memiliki
of the term son of God. The term banyak erti, antaranya keadaan,
usually interpreted in a different way persamaan, pengajaran, sifat, contoh
by the Christians and the Christian’s teladan dan tandingan. Keindahan
explanation on this term responded makna serta corak penyampaian
by Muslims through Islamic view, ayat-ayat tersebut akan memberi
which considered as a mistaken kesan yang mendalam kepada minda
in terms of faith. As a result, there dan jiwa pendengar dan pembaca.
is a misunderstanding between Al-Quran menyeru manusia untuk
Christians and Muslims concerning merenung dan memikirkan ayat-ayat
the term son of God. However, permisalan sebagai peringatan bagi
this book brings the readers to the mereka: Dan Demi sesungguhnya
understanding of the term from Kami telah membuat dalam Al-
the primary resource, which is the Quran ini berbagai-bagai-bagai
Hebrew Bible. This book is one of perumpamaan bagi manusia supaya
some important resources for those mereka dapat mengambil peringatan
who are interested in peace-building ( Al-Zumar, 27). Ayat-ayat permisalan
between Christian and Muslim dalam Al-Quran menjadi salah satu
communities. Besides, the book is korpus kajian dan pembahasan
suitable for those who are concerned para pakar ilmu balaghah, yang
in the field of comparative religions, membincangkan tentang keindahan
especially the Abrahamic faith. makna, cara menyampaikan serta
kesan yang ditinggalkannya.
Permisalan dalam Al-Quran Terdapat beberapa keistimewaan
Rahmat Hidayat Lubis dan Gamal ayat-ayat permisalan, antara lain:
Abdul Nasir Zakaria Pertama, permisalan dalam Al-
Quran tidak meniru atau mengambil
ISBN : 978-967-491- daripada sumber-sumber terdahulu.
034-1 Kedua, permisalan dalam Al-Quran
Year : 2020 mengandungi keistimewaan gaya
Pages : 294 bahasa yang tidak dimiliki dalam
Price : RM 80.00 korpus bahasa selain Al-Quran.
Ketiga, betapa tingginya nilai sastera
Salah satu kehebatan Al-Quran pada ayat-ayat permisalan. Jadi jelas
adalah keindahan bahasanya yang bagi kita bahawa permisalan yang
diungkapkan melalui ayat-ayat disebutkan oleh Allah membuktikan
kehebatan Allah meletakkan sesuatu
selaras dengan tempatnya, yakni
memberi misal sesuatu dengan
sesuatu yang bersesuaian. Selain



itu, permisalan turut menzahirkan Japanese Contribution to Islamic
hakikat sesuatu yang tidak terlihat
agar terlihat. Buku Permisalan dalam Studies – The Legacy of Toshihiko
Al-Quran mengandungi tentang
konsep dan teori ilmu permisalan; Izutsu (ICONSIST), 2008, in Kuala
kaedah baharu untuk mengenal
pasti ayat-ayat permisalan dalam Lumpur. It contains 19 essays
Al-Quran; pemilihan ayat-ayat Al-
Quran mengikut kaedah tersebut; covering different issues and topics
pembahasan ayat-ayat permisalan
mengenai hakikat iman dan kufur; relevant to Izutsu’s works, ranging
serta pembahasan ayat-ayat
permisalan mengenai orang mukmin from worldview (weltanschauung),
dan kafir.
philosophy, mysticism/sufism,
Japanese Contribution to Islamic
Studies: The Legacy of Toshihiko semantics, linguistics and ethics to
Izutsu Interpreted
Edited by Anis Malik Thoha scientific study of religion. It includes

ISBN : 978-967-527- also three articles in Arabic, which
Year : 2020 evidently show that the interest in
Reprint) Izutsu’s thought and works have
Pages : 370
Price : RM 54.00 gained a good deals of attention

This volume is a selection of papers among the Arab scholars and readers
and essays that have been improved
throughly by their respective authors as well. Not only are the topics of
based on the discussion, comments,
remarks, suggestions, criticisms these articles varied, but so are the
etc, transpired at the sessions of
the three-day-conference, i.e., methods and approaches adopted
the International Conference on
Contemporary Scholarship on Islam: by their respective authors. Some

fall under the so-called “descriptive

approach”, and some is analytical in

nature. Still some others are critical

and “normative”. However, we believe

that this should be academically

acceptable as long as all are based

on the sound arguments from

academic perspective. Needless to

say, the book taken as a whole, shall

undoubtedly be of a great interest

to anyone who wants to study the

legacy of Prof. Izutsu’s scholarship

on Islam.




Malaysiana first product of research which utilies
a wide range of data and classical
Islam in the Malay World: Al- sources relating to al-Falimbani,
Falimbānī’s Scholarship including manuscripts, Jawi books,
Mohammed Hussain Ahmad Arabic biographical dictionaries and
many others.

ISBN : 978-967-418- Monograph on Selected Malay
430-8 Intellectuals
e-ISBN : 978-967-491- Edited by Mohamad @ Md. Som
125-6 Sujimon
Year : 2021
(Second ISBN : 978-983-295-
Reprint) 702-7
Pages : 416 Year : 2020
Price : RM 70.00, (Second
RM 35.00 Reprint)
(e-book) Pages : 308
Price : RM 70.00
Islam in the Malay World has

been developed by a number of

classical inellectuals, among them

al- Falimbānī. Abd. al-Samad al- al-

Falimbānī is an eighteenth century

Muslim Scholar from Palembang, The Islamic civilization created great
minds like Ibn Khaldun, Imam al-
located in the Indonesian island of Ghazali, Imam Shafie and many
more. In Malaysia where Islam is the
Sumatra. Through the examination integral part of the federation and
its people, the rise of its very own
of his unpublished manuscript and exemplary minds was only natural.
Scholars like Idris al-Marbawi,
published works, this book explores Sheikh Daud al-Fatani To Kenali,
Haji Ahmad Badawi, Ahmad Ibrahim,
al- Falimbānī’s biography, his Sheikh Mustafa, Dr. Burhanuddin al-
Helmy, Pendeta Zaaba, Yusoff Zaky
various scholarly contributions, Sufi and others greatly influenced the
Muslim minds in the country. Another
orientation as well as theintellectual of Malaysia’s prominent Muslim
was its father of independence
developments of the Malay Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra al-Haj

Archipelago. It uncovers evidence of

al-Falimbani’s great erudition in the

major Islamic sciences by tracing his

early education, the developments

of his intellectual maturity and the

influence of various well-known

scholars who shared their expertise

with him. This book represents the



who played a pivotal role in uniting The fall of New Order Regime under
the ummah at the global platform. President Suharto saw the emergence
Though they may not be with us of Reformasi (Reformation) and the
anymore, the legacy that they left beginning of various institutional
us is still very much alive. Muslims and governmental changes done
in Malaya and later Malaysia greatly in the pursuit of democracy in
benefited from their contributions. Indonesia. Constitutional justice
The book gives an overview of the is fundamental to the success of
role played by great minds from democratic transition in the country.
Tanah Jawi in enriching the Ummah’s One of the results democratic
knowledge in Islam. This book also reform and constitutional changes
touches on the workings of their after Reformasi in 1998 is the
minds, the way they disseminated establishment of the Constitutional
their thoughts be it in politics or Court of the Republic of Indonesia.
education and their writings. The all
had one thing in common, to help Medical
fellow Muslims to dwell deeper into
Islam and unite the ummah through Healthcare Utilisation among
their works and thoughts. It is hoped Elderly in Malaysia
that this book would help the readers Noor’ain Mohamad Yunus, Noor
to appreciate the contributions of Hazilah Abd Manaf and Azura Omar
Malaysia’s Exemplary Muslims.
ISBN : 978-967-491-
Political Sciences 058-7
Year : 2021
Democratic Transition and Pages : 144
Price : RM 45.00
Constitutional Justice: Post

Reformasi Constitutional

Adjudication in Indonesia
Iwan Satriawan and Khairul Azmin


ISBN : 978-967-491- Population ageing is a significant
031-0 demographic event in the 21st
Year : 2020 century. This phenomenon is driven
Pages : 224 by a demographic transition, which
Price : RM 85.00 consists of a shift from high fertility
and high mortality rates to lower
fertility and lower mortality rates.




The growing number of the elderly Optimization of Dose and Image
in Malaysia poses new challenges to Quality for Computed and Digital
the government, as this will impact Radiography
the national development, both Zubir Ahmad Shazli and Soo-Foon
economically and socially. Several Moey
works of literature that are related to
healthcare utilisation are available; ISBN : 978-967-491-
however, the psychological aspects 114-0
and the level of health literacy that eISBN : 978-967-491-
influence the healthcare utilisation 113-3
are hardly focused upon, specifically Year : 2021
in Malaysia. Thus, there is a lack of Pages : 182
empirical evidence in the study area Price : RM 90.00,
that needs to be linked. Realising the RM 45.00
need to examine the determinants of (e-book
elderly healthcare utilisation closely,
this discussion on the determinants Optimization of dose in radiographic
of healthcare utilisation among examinations is essential since
the elderly in Malaysia. This book the utilization of x-radiation is
provides further insight into the related to increased cancer risk.
determinants of healthcare utilisation The study’s objective was to guide
on the elderly in Malaysia. The radiographers in ensuring best
significant theoretical contributions practices for common radiographic
of the study include extending the examinations of acceptable image
previous literature on healthcare quality in digital radiography while
utilisation and provide evidence minimizing radiation doses that could
for the healthcare provider and result in harmful effects. The study
policymakers to understand better comprised of three phases. The
factors that influence healthcare first phase involved 90 respondents
utilisation among the elderly in between 20 to 60 years of age and
Malaysia. weighing between 60-80 kilograms
for the following examinations:
anterior-posterior (AP) abdomen,
AP or lateral lumbar sacral spine
and posterior-anterior (PA) chest
examinations. During this phase, the
radiographic examination’s technical
parameters for 30 radiographs
for each examination were at the
radiographers’ discretion. Kerma
X_plus, DAP (dose area product)



meter was utilized to evaluate the actualize throughout the training in
entrance surface dose (ESD), while order to achieve its noble objective that
CALDose_X 5.0 Monte Carlo was is to become safe medical practitioners.
used to estimate the effective dose. The ideals of Islamisation of knowledge
The experimental study utilized an forms the foundation for developing
anthropomorphic phantom (PBU-50) core values and competencies
and Leeds test object to compare the expected of medical doctors such
image quality. The best parameters as professionalism, leadership,
were adapted to the patient’s AP management and team work, which
thickness for the optimization are vital for safe practice. Besides that,
study from the different technical students also learn about fiqh medicine
parameters used in the experimental and its implications to medical practice
phase. as well as developing decision-making
skills in medical ethics by application
Training Safe Doctors from the of the four ethical principles of
IIUM’s Perspective: Application Beneficence, Non-maleficence, Justice
of Islamic Epistemology in and Autonomy and the Islamic ethical
Undergraduate Medical Training principles of the Maqasid and Qawaíd
Edited by Ariff Osman al-shariah. At the same time, for Muslim
students, it is obligatory on them to
ISBN : 978-967-491- observe and practice the true teachings
045-7 of Islam in terms of its Aqidah, Shariat
e-ISBN : 978-967-491- and Akhlaq.
Year : 2021 A Guide Book on Short Case
Pages : 114 Examination in Internal Medicine
Price : RM 35.00, for Medical Undergraduates
RM 17.50 Muhammad Naimmuddin Abdul Azih

This book addresses the experience ISBN : 978-967-491-
of training medical students within the 022-8
framework of Islamisation of knowledge Year :2021
through its curriculum, Islamic Input in (Second
Medical Practice (IIMP). It elucidates Reprint)
the importance of having the right Pages : 276
mind set and clear direction of the Price : RM 75.00
educational journey that each student
should understand, internalize and




Internal Medicine (IM) is a major Information &
posting for Bachelor of medicine and Communication Technology
Bachelor of Surgery undergraduate
program of Internal Islamic University (ICT)
of Malaysia, MBBS (IIUM). In
clinical years, the examinations for Digital Image Processing and
this posting consists of theory and Computer Vision: Fundamentals
clinical examinations. The clinical and Applications
examinations consist of long and Othman O. Khalifa
short case examinations. This book
is intended to serve as a guide ISBN : 978-967-491-
to the techniques and knowledge 101-0
required for short case examination e-ISBN : 978-967-491-
in IM posting. Basically, there are 102-7
5 main areas that are covered, Year : 2021
namely, cardiovascular, respiratory, Pages : 316
abdominal, neurological and other Price : RM 100.00,
examinations (covering endocrine RM 50.00
and rheumatological examinations). (e-book)
To familiarise students with the real
examination settings, in each clinical Due to the rapid development of
scenario, a series of questions are put technologies, digital information
forth in the sequence of provisional playing a key role in our daily life
and differential diagnoses, relevant and can be closely related to the
investigations, final diagnosis (after social presence theory especially
the main investigation results are when referring to the social media
revealed), followed by the principles aspect of images captured by our
of management. phones. The huge volume of stored
and transmitted digital images,
together with the efficient data
acquisition and display techniques
and devices demand novel, fast
and intelligent algorithms for digital
images manipulations. Therefore,
Image processing has become such
a critical component in contemporary
sciences and technology that many
tasks would not be attempted
without it. It is a truly interdisciplinary
subject that draws from synergistic
developments involving many



disciplines. The developers should Media & Muslim Society
Mohd. Yusof Hussain
be able to solve problems with an
ISBN : 978-983-385-
innovation, creativity and active 508-7
Year : 2020
initiators of novel ideas. However, (Third
the learning and teaching has Pages : 256
Price : RM 45.00
been changed from conventional

and tradition education to outcome

based education. Therefore, this

book prepared on a Problem-based

approach and outcome based

education strategies. Where the

problems incorporate most of the

basic principles and proceed towards

implementation of more complex The book contains twelve essays
on topics related to the subject
algorithms. This may include “Media and Muslim Society.” It is
compiled as a textbook for students
applications of image processing in taking the course of the same
title at the International Islamic
computer vision, biometric, medical Universiti Malaysia. Thus, the topics
selected are those covered in the
imaging and robotics. Students course. The topics include media at
various stages in the development
required to formulate in a way to of a Muslim society, the role of
communication in a Muslim society,
achieve a well-defined goals under media control, media effects on
Muslim society and the roles of
the guidance of their instructor. The ulamas in influencing the media. A
special topic on Muslim society is also
main aim of this book is to address included at the beginning of the book.
The contributors of these essays are
the fundamentals of digital image experts in their field. They have also
helped developed and taught the
processing and computer vision i.e. course. In this first edition, most of
the examples and discussions are
image processing and computer based on two Muslim societies, i.e.,
Peninsular Malaysia and Indonesia.
vision taxonomy, typical problems This is understandable because
most of the writers in this first edition
(including image formation, are from the Malay world. We hope

quantization and coding), application

areas, hierarchical levels of image

processing, image enhancement,

transformation, segmentation,

compression, restotations,

classification, recognition and

Morphological Image Processing.




to include examples from other Arabic Language
Muslim societies in the next edition
when we get contribution from Al-Madkhal Ila Dirasat
writers from other parts of the Muslim Al-Fiqh Al-Islami
world. Finally, we welcome criticisms Mohd. Fuad Md.Sawari
and suggestions to improve this
book from our readers. We shall ISBN : 978-967-491-
certainly consider these criticisms 071-6
and suggestions in the next edition. Year : 2021
ICT and Islam Edition)
Mohamad Fauzan Noordin Pages : 300
Price : RM 45.00
ISBN : 978-967-527-
221-9 The book provides an introduction to
Year : 2017 the science of Islamic jurisprudence,
Pages : 168 stating the basic concepts of Islamic
Price : RM 50.00 jurisprudence through discussions
of the concept of Shariah and
jurisprudence, the objectives of
Shariah, the general characteristics
ICT & Islam covers the philosophy of Islamic law, and the history of
of ICT and Islam, the Qur’an and Islamic legislation and jurisprudence.
the Hadith as the guiding principles This book deals with the rules of
for ICT ethics, security and privacy, jurisprudence by talking about the
the Qalaam as the infostructure, concept of jurisprudential rules and
peopleware, heartware, knowledge the history of their inception and
workers to wisdom workers, development, and presenting the
knowledge society and wisdom five general rules. These topics
society in ICT, the e-government: were presented in a simple and
the trust, transparency and easy-to-deal manner, sometimes
accountability, and the ICT and accompanied by tables and drawings
Islam as the way forward. Ultimately, that were almost absent in the writings
ICT and Islam not only explains the of the ancients and contemporaries,
relationship between ICT and Islam, in order to bring the reader closer to
but also provides the solution to the the intended meaning, mentioning
ummah and the world. the Qur’anic verses and the hadiths



of the Prophet as a problem, which Al-Lisaniyat Al-Tatbiqiyat Al-
may help the reader to read and Hadithat lil Mutakhasisin fi
memorize them. A-Arabiyah Wadabha: Madkhal
Al-Madkhal Ila Dirasat Asem Shehadeh Ali, Majdi Ibrahim,
Usul Fiqh al-Islami Hanafi Dollah and Yasir Ismail
Mohd. Fuad Md.Sawari
ISBN : 978-967-491-
ISBN : 978-967-491- 089-1
085-3 Year : 2021
Year : 2021 Pages : 346
(Second Price : RM 65.00
Pages : 358 This book deals with several areas
Price : RM 45.00
in applied linguistics that is related
This book is a fragmentary notes
that previously wrote for students to human sciences, by to emphasize
of the College of Knowledge of
Revelation and Human Sciences at that the information has been
the International Islamic University
Malaysia, and then edited and achieved by universities and High
published in a university book that
is accessible to all, in an accessible college’s students, and highlights
and concise manner that is neither
concise nor boring, and in simple its role in improving the relationship
language that students understand.
between the areas of Applied

Linguistics, and the effectiveness in

the human sciences. The problems

which hit the ancient heritage

makes us look in all seriousness

and insistence on practical solutions

to the issues of Applied Linguistics,

a science education language,

comparative studies or contrastive

and error analysis, psycholinguistics,

sociolinguistics, geographical

language, science of computer-

based language, industry lexicon the

science of translation, and other vital

topics that hit hard at times and lack

of clarity for learners in universities,

also opens the eyes on many




responsibilities in the midst of this of the origin of human language,
vast ocean of information. schools of contemporary linguistics
the development of linguistic
Madkhal ‘Ila Al-Sunniyyah Al- studies, the efforts of contemporary
Hadithah Litalabah Al-Marhalah scholars and their contribution to the
Al-Jami’iyyah Al-‘Ula (Second development of linguistic studies, and
Edition the principles of descriptive linguistics
Asem Shehadeh Ali schools. In the second chapter, we
have the theory of transformational
ISBN : 978-967-491- generative theory of Noam Chomsky
037-2 and the developments based on
Year : 2020 Chomsky’s idealist theory, and the
(Second relationship between language and
Edition) thought. Third chapter conducts
Pages : 198 linguistic analysis, the vocal level, the
Pric e : RM 40.00 morphological level, and phonetics
lesson of ancient Arabs, the definition
Language studies are currently one of phoneme and its concept, the
of the main topics that students in stress, the syllabus in Arabic, the
universities should be familiar with intonation and the morphology. The
the various topics that focus on second examined the grammatical
the study of the Arabic language level in the synod structure and its
at the four levels. In this sense, analysis, and the verbal and moral
contemporary linguists began to clues; the semantic level is aware
study contemporary linguistics of the meaning of the ancient and
through different titles. These books temporary level of language, the
introduce the concepts of language, relationship between heritage and
the view of points of ancient Arabs contemporary in linguistic studies,
and contemporary westerners of the position of contemporary ancient
the scholars. These books including linguistic heritage, and Islamic
levels of language and details, and principles in linguistics.
address the position of the issues
related to linguistics; in this study,
we dealt with various topics. The
first chapter studied the ancient Arab
language theories, interpretations



Madkhal Ila Dirasat Wujuh Al-‘Ijaz of an enormous ability to distinguish
Al-Qurani (Third Edition) the balance of speech.
Radwan Jamal Al-Athrash
Translation Book Series
ISBN : 978-967-491-
042-6 Undang-undang Keganasan
Year : 2020 Rumah Tangga
(Third Penulis asal: Daleleer Kaur
Edition) Randawar & Najibah Mohd Zin
Pages : 384 Penterjemah: Wardati Md. Sheriff
Price : RM 55.00
ISBN : 978-967-
This book reviews the hierarchical 491-082-2
structure of the secrets of the Tahun : 2021
Qur’anic expression by focusing on Halaman : 237
the aspects of miracles that ancient Harga : RM 140.00
scholars have dealt with, such as
the system, Al-Jahid, Al-Rummani, Buku Undang-undang Keganasan
Al-Khattabi, Al-Baqalani, Abdul- Rumah Tangga di Malaysia ini
Jabbar Al-Hamdhani, Al-Jarjani, membincangkan mengenai jenayah
Al-Qadi Ayyad, Al-Razi, Al-Qurtubi, keganasan rumah tangga oleh
Al-Zarkashi, Al-Beqai, Al-Sauti, and orang Islam dan bukan Islam di
others. In addition to what was dealt Malaysia. Umumnya ia berdasarkan
with by contemporary scholars who Akta Keganasan Rumah Tangga
were interested in revealing these 1994 dan beberapa undang-undang
harmonious and tightly structured tambahan lain. Dengan berlakunya
secrets such as Al-Alousi, Al-Rafei, perubahan undang-undang dalam
Abdullah Draz, Saeed Al-Norsi, bidang ini, penting untuk buku ini
Sayed Qutb and Ibn Ashour. The menjelaskan mengenai pindaan dan
book reached results, the most perkembangan terkini, sama ada dari
important of which was that the aspek pelaksanaan atau undang-
Qur’an was miraculous in its wording undang kes. Buku ini menerangkan
and meanings, and its methods dengan jelas prinsip undang-undang
made by means of the al-Jazzel Keganasan Rumah Tangga dalam
system have made strides in which aspek perlindungan kepada mangsa.
the Arab masters were unable to Rujukan silang juga dibuat dengan
match them and come up with similar set undang-undang lain yang
ones, despite what they possessed




berkaitan dengan keganasan rumah
tangga yang mempengaruhi fungsi
hukum ini. Analisis dan perbincangan
yang diberikan oleh penulis akan
membantu pembaca memahami
aspek asas dan yang lebih rumit
mengenai keganasan rumah tangga.
Perbandingan dengan bidang kuasa
tertentu dipilih untuk memberikan
pandangan dan mencadangkan
pembaharuan yang diperlukan agar
sesuai dengan arus kemodenan dan
masyarakat yang berkembang. Buku
ini bertujuan untuk menyediakan
sumber yang tidak ternilai buat para
sarjana, pelajar, penyelidik dan
pengamal undang-undang mengenai
isu keganasan rumah tangga di
Malaysia dan beberapa kes terpilih.







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