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Published by patrickdural2018, 2019-12-05 22:14:29

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Untitled presentation

Coach pat
PE Class

Patrick Dural Jr.

Obstacle course

•Objects needed: Cones, Basketballs, hollo hoop, and been bags
•Half court basketball court required
•25 min game
•Rules: throw hollo hop over the bean bag, then you have to jump through the 6 hollo
hoops, then have to dribble through the cones, the shoot a free throw( if you miss the
free throw finish with a lay up )
•This game requires speed and athleticism

Knock down that pin

•Objects needed: balls, bowling pins and gym floor
•Half court basketball court required
•20 min game
•Rules: two teams on each side of the middle line which each team will be separated
by. As soon as I blow the whistle both teams will run and go get the balls off the middle
line and protect there pins from getting hit. The first team with all pins knocked down
first loses.
•This game requires arm strength and aiming ability

Knock out

•Objects needed: basketball and basketball goals

•Half court basketball court
•25 min game
•Rules: the first person shoots the ball from the free throw line. If first person misses
the shoot and the second person makes it the first person is out.
•This game requires shooting ability and aiming.

Tug - a - war

•Objects needed: Rope

•Half court basketball court
•20 min game
•Rules: two teams divided upon each other and each team will pull the rope after the
whistle is blown. First team to get flag across the line wins.
•This game requires strength

Hopping rock paper scissors

•Objects needed: hollo hoops and your body
•Half court basketball court
•20 min game
•Rules: hoop through the hollo hoops until you meet with you opponent. When meet
opponent play rock paper scissors. The person who wins keep going.
•Game requires thinking skills

Four square

•Objects needed: ball
•Half court basketball court
•20 min games
•Rules: 4 players in each square and you have to make the other person in the square
miss the ball.
•This game requires thinking skills

Duck , Duck ,Goose

•Object needed: students
•Half court of the court needed
•20 min game
•Rules for game: every student sit in a circle on the floor and one person is the walking
around saying duck, duck, duck ,duck. When that person say goose the goose has to
get up and tag the it person before they sit in the spot.
•This game requires speed skills

Coach pat said

•Object needed is students
•Half court of a basketball court needed
•10 min game
•Rules of the game: when ever I say coach pat say do this , that’s the only time you do
the thing I say do.
•Skill needed for the game is listening skills

Chase the rabbit

•Objects needed is students and cones
•Half court of a basketball court is needed
•10 min game
•Rules of the game: two teams separated into two teams. One team is the rabbit
catcher and the other team is the rabbit. The catcher have the to catch the rabbit
before the rabbit get back to the cone.
•Skills need for this game is speed

Red light Green light

•Objects needed is students
•Half court of a basketball court is needed
•10 min game
•Rules of game: one person is yelling red and green light, if you get caught moving
when they say red light your out.
•Skills for thus game is listening

Freeze Tag

•Objects needed is students
•Half court of a basketball court is needed
•10 min game
•Rules for the game: two people are running after the other students. If you get tag u
stay frozen until someone touch you.
•Skill for the game is speed


•Objects needed is students, bean bag and holla hoops
•Half court of a basketball court is needed
•10 min game
•Rules for the game: you throw a bean bag into a hoop and u have to hop to the holla

•Skills for this game is jumping.

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