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The Flame-bearer Edition May 2019

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The Flame-bearer Edition May 2019

Ember Glows

Find out what long serving
staffer Fiona Kingi has to say

Hamilton Alumni

HoHou Rongo Latest


Stuff to make you go mmmm

Sun Down

The last word from our CEO


the Flamebearer Edition

A Cup of Tea

It was a pleasure to share a cup of tea with our Fiona Kingi and to hear just
why she is so excited about her beloved Connect merging with Framework to
become Ember

"I am so excited about Ember !"

With roots stretching to 2006, when Fiona Sounds like you have big hopes for Ember?
joined us as a student placement, the
current full time, full on team manager of our “Absolutely! We could set the standard for
BeachHaven team can rightly be described service delivery in NZ, in fact wider than that,
as a Connect girl. With over 13 years’ service, why couldn’t we be a global force for change
punctuated by a couple of breaks to pursue from right here? I’m really looking forward
study and care for family and a working to seeing how we innovate; I’d like to see us
knowledge of our organisation from the move into new areas. I really do see Ember as
inside out, Fiona has no hesitation when she a platform to stimulate us and to harness our
says “I’m a Connect girl through and through, energies for good”
I started as a Connect girl, I took a couple of How will you feel about the new name. Will
breaks as a Connect girl and I came back a you be an Ember Girl?
Connect girl”
So why so demonstrably excited about the “Sure will! I like the name, and I love the vision
advent of Ember? of what it stands for. It’s bigger, much bigger
than a word. Ember Korowai Takitini tells a
“Well I was excited right off the bat, I had great story. I find it so easy to use to explain
some questions and I asked them, had them to people the basics of what we do, then I fill
answered and I’m sure that Ember is going to in the gaps. It has a real high-quality look and
be an amazing force in our sector. feel to it, that’s going to stand for the better
It’s two complementary organisations quality services we’ll have. It just feels right!
coming together. It’s going to be so exciting At the end of the day though it’s going to be
for our service users who are going to have about the people and the environment we
access to a wider range of resources - it’s create together, a great working environment
all about them and we are going to be able that rewards our brilliant staff can only lead
to better meet their needs. Add to that the to better service deliveries”
chance for staff to have access to more Your final word?
growth and development opportunities and
there’s no doubt that with Ember we can “The future with Ember is going to be an
serve better and learn more” amazing opportunity . Super Exciting!!”

2 ReConnect


4. 14.
Work Place Wellness New to Connect

Meet our Angie Allbon. Learn how you can We took 5 minutes to ask 5 questions of 4

help her and play your part in shaping a of our newbies.

safe, healthy and rewarding work place.

6. 16.
All Change Hamilton Heroes
Change is nothing new, and it can stress Six of our finest people check out of
us out . However you meet change, ponder Hamilton.
here for some change items that may make Check out their graduation and share their
you think! success.

7. 18.
What’s in a Name? The Last Word
Soon we’ll have a new name to answer to- Hard talk and clear answers from Darryl
Ember Korowai Takitini . We give you a few our CEO as he reflects back on Connect
insights into what it means and why it’s and shares why we should all be so
important. enthusiastic about Ember.

Dream on
As part of shaping our new culture as
Ember, we’ve all been dreaming about
the kind of organisation we want to be.
Checkout some of the many highlights.

New Look, New Style

Our new name brings with it a whole new

logo, look, feel tone and style. Here’s how it

all stacks up.

Small steps, big shoes, and great strides - note from the Editor’s desk
As the new boy making small steps in the early days of my new role I’m conscious of the big shoes I have to fill left
by Regan; I say left but that’s not entirely true. He’s been of immense help coaching me through this first edition for
which I am truly grateful. Thanks Regan! To join a company at the start of arguably the biggest change in its history is
incredibly exciting. I hope that 25+ years in the marketing and communications field and lived experience in recovery,
will serve me well as I attempt my bit to help spark Ember to a lead role in serving others and helping to make their
lives better.
You’ve all made me feel very welcome, and it’s with pleasure that I now welcome you to this, the
Flamebearer edition of Reconnect as we fondly farewell Connect
and eagerly embrace Ember Korowai Takitini .

April 2019 3

Ramping up the good stuff!

Angie Allbon our Wellbeing Health and Safety Administrator is on a mission:
Search out the good stuff and make it better.

Creating a safe, healthy progressive place to work.
and happy work place is Gone are the days of
an ongoing task,not a procedural Health and
fast dash to a quick fix Safety; do’s and don’ts
solution. punctuated by the odd
Angie’s new role is just fire alarm when Health
one example of the and Safety was someone
transformational thinking else’s responsibility.
that makes Connect
such a thriving and

Angie Sums It Up
“Our desire for Workplace Wellbeing is based
on working together and talking among
ourselves.We’re on a quest to develop and
keep improving a
• Safe
• Caring
• Enjoyable
• Thriving work environment
based on
• Collaboration
• Chipping in ideas
• Peer enforcement
and looking out for each other every day .”


Workplace Wellbeing belongs to us all and if you haven’t heard from Angie yet,then stand by as
she rolls out the next phases of our programme that’s coming up in three stages.

1. SHOUT OUT , getting everyone involved and letting all teams and every individual know that
we have a new approach and that we welcome ideas and feedback - we want to hear from you,
so get in touch.

2. FEET ON THE STREET Angie is all about learning and discovery, she’s out and about
visiting sites, meeting with teams and getting the skinny from the frontline about what we can
do to make a good place a great place.

3. MAKE IT HAPPEN, based on what’s needed and in response to what’s asked for, there will
be a roll out of workshops and learning opportunities, changes to work environments, more
opportunities for feedback and much more.

4 ReConnect

Infographic thanks to Huffington Post

The time we spend at work is second only to the time we spend in bed

Ultimately our work place is shaped by us, and a big part
of Angie’s job is to listen. She wants to make sure every
voice is heard and to propose improvements that reflect
the thinking of all the teams.
All this in balance with the need to remain up to date
and compliant with the many recommendations and
requirements required to keep the modern work place
safe, healthy and secure.
If you have something to add, want to raise an issue or
chip in with an idea then

email [email protected]

She’s always on the alert !

April 2019 5

Change is inevitable, all around us and nothing new. It happens every day. It’s also a
fundamental of what we encourage in recovery.
It can be rewarding and fulfilling and lead to amazing outcomes that we never believed
possible. It can also be a daunting prospect and make us feel anxious and untethered.
We’ve searched the webosphere and compiled a miscellany of change that may just make
you go ...hmmmm.......... enjoy !

It began life as the Celtic COSTUME CHANGES PER SHOW
word Kemb, “to bend”,
the Romans made it AN F1 CAR MAKES 3920 GEAR
“Cambire” to barter . CHANGES PER RACE
By 1200, the French had
it down as “Chaunge”
meaning to alter or
switch. That all took
around 3500 years!

60 %of us admit to not
changing socks
between wearing them

The measure of intelligence is the ability to
change” -Albert Einstein

New Zealanders are changing to become vegans at
the rate of 11% a year

Making us the 3rd largest
vegan nation on the planet

6 ReConnect

I BET THEY'RE GLAD Before Google maps
The Compass has been
Sept 15th 1977, helping us change
BackRub changed it’s name to Google. direction for over
Don’t believe us? 2250 years
BackRub it!
The magnetic compass was first
invented as a device for divination
as early as the Chinese Han
Dynasty (around 260 BC)

Worst Change Fail!

We all know traffic lights change from red to
green. The very first traffic light was installed
outside the Houses of Parliament in London
in December 1868. It had red and green gas
lamps for night time use. The device was
pretty crude, and less than a month after
it went operational, it exploded and killed
the unfortunate traffic policeman who was
operating it.


its name from Staten Land to New

Its capital from Okiato to Wellington

change FACT ....

Dogs change to seals when wet

April 2019 7


Ember is the name of the new entity that will bring Framework Trust & Connect Supporting
Recovery together.
The name Ember is supported by the Te Reo words Korowai Takitini meaning a cloak of
many parts.
We found our name following a process of co-design with staff and some service users.
An ember is full of hope and possibility; with the right protection and support, it can glow
brightly and reignite new life.
Korowai Takitini talks to the coming together of two organisations to provide wrap around
services and support for all people. It has been gifted to us by our kaumatua.
It demonstrates that we are all working together and will do whatever it takes to provide
the protection, awhi and support to help keep people’s embers burning.

8 ReConnect

History of

cloak making

Arrival in Aotearoa New Zealand

When the ancestors of Māori arrived here from the eastern Pacific 800 or 900
years ago, they found themselves in a much colder land. To survive, they needed
to make warm garments.

The settlers already knew how to weave, but they required durable, readily available
materials. In their Pacific homeland, they had made cloth from the bark of aute (paper
mulberry), but this plant was difficult to grow here.

Adapting old techniques for new materials

Harakeke (New Zealand flax, Phormium tenax) was the vital discovery of these early
Māori. To make garments from its leaves, they initially adapted the raranga plaiting
technique, used throughout the Pacific to make mats and baskets.

More importantly, they learned to extract harakeke’s inner fibre (muka) and to twine it
together to form the foundation of cloaks. They did this by adapting whatu - a twining
technique originally used to make fishing nets and traps.
They also discovered other suitable plants, such as kiekie, and they experimented with
animal skins as well as feathers. They made cloaks of all kinds - from hardy pākē (rain
capes) to magnificent cloaks for chiefs.

European contact and influence

An influx of European settlers in the 1800s brought about a wave of rapid change.
Māori weavers began experimenting with European materials, like coloured wool,
goat hair, and exotic feathers, and they adapted European sewing techniques.

April 2019 9


If you were to ask Darryl about why we should be
excited about Ember ? ( And we have, full interview on
pages 17 & 18) he doesn’t hesitate to affirm the main
reason as

“the coming together of two amazingly talented
sets of people from Framework and Connect”

It makes perfect sense then that Darryl and the
management teams were insistant that the only way
to start the process of shaping a vision for Ember was
to bring the people together and to ask them to dream
big - check out some of the wants, needs and desires
over on the next page......

did you know?

Everyone dreams
We can have up to 4-7 dreams a night
Visually impaired folk dream as much as the sighted

12% of us dream only in black and white
Dreams can be symbolic and confusing.Whatever
symbols are in your dream are unlikley to be the

38% of us have precognitive dreams (future
predictions) 98% of us believe what we dream will

come true

2 companies
70 people sitting down to chat

5 sessions
1 intense week
10+ conference hours

10 ReConnect

WE DREAMED BIG.... We dream to always be people like this
50 + pages of notes
8000+ words A force to be reckoned with
full of hope
Dreams We listen to anyone
Hopes Bloody enthusiastic
Client directed
and some all important Watch Passionate about service
Outs! Not afraid to try something new
Experts at bringing people together
leaders in our field

Dream things that never were change makers and influencers
then say ......why not? We will have a super size heart
Full of new ideas
WE HAVE A DREAM THAT ..... happy

...this isn't a dream.... this is the work we do..we make it happen
......we keep the essence of what we are....we destigmatise acceptance.... te reo Maori and cultural identity is
valued and spread across all services
.. Ember will light a social movement flame..we will be the leaders
in the movement of hope.
.. there will be a mobile counselling service as an organisational
resource.. life experience is recognised as qualified or valued in the workforce..we have more aroha, more
services, more people to prevent burnout.
......we get new services contract funding.. community and compassion are put ahead of conflict and
..our services are unique and out of the box. We will get the resources we need
.. no one should have to wait 3 months to see an AOD clinician
......we are one big family
Ember glows bright, setting the world on fire


“Business as usual” “If it works copy it” “Team building” 1 Never lose our mojo
“Learn””Be clear who does what, and where” “Lime scooters Make sure we have the
for all staff” “Determine the culture” “We all get a voice” cash

“Growth and opportunities for staff” ”More contracts” Don’t isolate
No work silos
”Innovate- expand what we do and offer” ”Be better known” 3 Apathy and negativity
”Mobile counselling” “All staff go on a massive camping trip” are not for us

Different offices keep us

“Better housing for clients” “Turn MH services inside out, lived apart

experience becomes considered expert” “Global recognition Make sure everyone gets

as innovators and influencers”” Big party” “We still - or will - what the names mean !

10love our jobs” “We have made a wonderful difference”

April 2019 11

Let’s spark up the
Ember in all of us

Right now we are at the begining of change.
Pretty soon, we will see a smart new look,
presentation style and logo.
A new name and some new colours will
support our new brand as we work together
to shape it up to meet the needs of our fast
changing sector.
Here’s a sneak preview of some of our new
stuff, and a brief word or two on how it hangs

12 ReConnect

How it all stacks up

Our name, Ember, serves as a metaphor for the
vulnerable state that the people we support might
find themselves in, and the great opportunity there
is to help them reignite their own light.
An ember is full of hope and possibility; with the
right protection and support, it can glow brightly
and reignite new life.

The wordmark is built from a bold, heavy and
rounded typeface, which implies a friendly and
reliable organisation.

The primary brand mark references the shape of a
flame, with an ember at its darkest point. Its
abstract form allows for many interpretations; a
korowai adding layers of protection and warmth, an
embryo growing in a mother’s belly, a finger print.

The primary colour palette draws on deep mauves,
browns and charcoal tones contrasted with
warm reds and oranges to create a rich and
warm feeling.

April 2019 13

We took 5 minutes to ask 5 questions of 4
of our newbies here’s what they had to say
for themselves .......


1. What’s your part in the
Connect family?

2. What songs are on your
playlist right now?

3. What strange pastimes
do you get up to ?

4. What’s your pet hate
that makes your
hackles rise?

5. One word of wisdom to
a younger you?

14 ReConnect

‘Ice breaker’. WHAT Employment Consultant at EDGE
Reception. I ensure that those
Really liking Arianna
who are within or joining Grande’s new stuff
our family to feel (a song called
welcomed, warm Monopoly!), and Billie
and comfortable Eilish.

I believe music THEY No time for
is an art and strange past
times. It’s just
for that reason work, study and
I have all sorts gym for me. I
of pieces, all time like art painting
too, it’s just
fave hard to find the
TLC time.
Wicked SAID People
This Way chewing
Comes. with their
mouths open,
Watching a or borrowing things
ton of horror without asking
movies that
include Zombies. Always trust your intuition.
And a not so happily ever after
Danielle Clarke
Lack of kindess - there can never
be enough

You are not alone

Shaniqua Duncan Communications and
marketing . I get to tell the
I’m in the CST team Dominique Williams wonderful stories we all create

Rufus Du Sol: You were Right When not stuck in the UK
and Treat you Better post punk of my university
Motez: The Future days,I’m enthralled by the
Wilkinson: Afterglow modern day story telling of
Kate Tempest and Stormzy
I recently took up
boxing in a gym As an NZ Masters Athlete I’m
that’s like a nightclub lucky enough to compete on
and I LOVE IT! the national and international
I love to go home and
spend time on the farm circuit. I run 10k, half, full
with my mum and dad! & ultra marathons

When people lash out to Simon Kozak
strangers on social media.
If you don’t have anything I can’t stand bad manners. A
nice to say, just don’t little courtesy goes a long way,
say it at all, it’s really you never know what others are
simple. dealing with so be nice!

Be gentle with Take the long view and always
yourself, you’re doing put service first.
the best you can with what
you have.

April 2019 15

Six of the Strongest - focus on Hamilton

There’s a saying that goes “Never under estimate those in recovery, they are some
of the strongest people on earth”

Our Hamilton team has recently graduated another six of the strongest through its
12-week Active Transition Living Life Well program at Hohou Rongo.

Support on the journey is tailored to client needs but normally comprises help with
learning skills that will ensure their transition to independence is successful such as
• Independent living
• Finding work
• Enrolling in study
• Getting photo ID

Success rates are high and to date those pictured are doing really well. They’re all
back living in the community, one is studying, another actively seeking work, and
another seriously following a weekly recovery regime with NA.

Phillip Westbury (moved to a studio apartment) Johnathon (Jono) Van Lubeck (moved to a studio apart-
ment) Moanaroa Gates (moved to a studio apartment) Sydney Metu-Davies (moved home to his family)
Daniel Tiehuis (moved to a studio apartment) Joel Simpson – behind (moved to a studio apartment)

16 ReConnect

Active Transition Living Life Well program

Hohou Rongo Hamilton
From success to success

A joint initiative between Waikato DHB and Connect Supporting Recovery. The program
focuses on supporting clients as they move through 5 life changing gateways
subject to options available. Gateways include:
1. Move to independent living in a community of their choice
2. Return to family
3. Move to a shared living situation
4. Achieve goals that they identify in their recovery plan
5. Aspire to a life of their choosing with just that little bit of support which may have been
lacking in the past or that is needed at this point in their lives

April 2019 17

A view from the bridge the last
word from our CEO

As the sun sets on Connect opposite didn’t go unnoticed. clear about our goals going
and readies to ignite Ember “Ok. Let’s get into it” forward - what are they?
our CEO Darryl is anything but I see that we have three.
pensive. Upbeat, energised, Q:Embers can go either First, we need to be very
always ready to reflect on way. What makes you so clear that we will not drop
the success story of Connect. sure this one will flourish? the ball, we are amazing at
Today he was here to spend The people, I have no what we do, that cannot
some time sharing why hesitation in knowing that’s change. Above all else we
Connect and Framework why. The people of Connect must continue to be excellent
lighting up as Ember is going and those from Framework service providers.
to be big news for the sector give me the greatest Second, we and I do mean
and the people we serve. confidence that Ember will be us all, have to work hard to
I began by letting Darryl know a bright flame. I’ve spent time, build a strong Ember culture.
I wanted to get straight into a lot of time with the teams We have two very strong
it, with no advance notice in both organisations and I and great cultures in both
of the questions. I wanted can tell you in terms of ability, Framework and Connect, our
candour. talent, skills and attitude goal is to blend them, forge
“No ducking the issues, no they’re interchangeable. and nurture a new thriving
fudging and don’t think too Every single person is Ember indentity.
much about your answers” amazing. No doubts. Thirdly, to use the coming
He’s a big fella is Darryl, and Q: We’re in a period of together of two talented
change, you’re at the helm, teams to build a louder voice.
his ability to square up from we’re looking to you to be

the soft furnishings of the sofa

18 ReConnect

To be louder and better heard Look , there is no doubt that Q: You’ve got the last word,
we must, must, must better I’ve got the final question.
about how the Mental Health support our people out in Why, Darryl, should we be
the field. I will be focusing on full of hope?
and AOD sector should be. that. One of the key things Because it’s our responsibilty
Q: What are you, personally, for a multi site, multi centre to be the bearers of hope -
going to do to inspire and organisation is for everyone hope for our service users
influence the rest of us ? to have a hand in how their ultimately.
role shapes up and a say The current review going
I can promise everyone that in the environment and through right now, has
the tools they need to do given us a once in a lifetime
• I’m going to be there it. Ember will be open and opportunity to play a big
encouraging of everyone who part in driving change in the
• I’m going to listen brings ideas to the table. sector.
It’s critical that everyone We, Ember, will personify
• I’m going to ensure that understands their role and what it means to be leading
their contribution. Everyone and a leading edge.
our infrastructure is is just as responsible as We are about to step out
everyone else for changing and to make our mark as an
focused on supporting our service users’ lives. experienced, trusted and
Q: You talk a lot about safe brand capable of making
everyone to achieve the reaching out to the people. real change and pushing
Give me 3 concrete ways boundaries that need to be
best service delivery they you’re going to empower pushed.
individuals The fact that we have
can. One, when I say “team” I influence, that’s only going to
mean every employee. I will get greater, that, that gives
For me, leadership is a ensure that we consistently me hope for improvements in
invite all teams to be involved our sector.
service. as we go. I want to keep all All the energy, all the skill all
Q:We’re moving into a new staff, all teams, all services the talent, experiences and
era, with a new brand and involved at all times. abilities of our people focused
new dreams and visions. Two, we will be coming on one mission to be the
This is a huge opportunity together a lot after the remarkable force in what we
for us to challenge how merger. Once Ember is out do - that’s hope right there!
we do things and do there, I want all teams to play
things differently What an active part in helping to
innovations are you keen drive and decide the shared
to see? Let’s start with the values that will make it
way we impact the sector- breathe.
just give me your top one. Three, we do need to
acknowledge that change is
I’m keen that Ember leads the hard. I will see to it that we
are on full alert to support
way to ensure that as a sector each other as concerns and
challenges arise. I want to see
we listen to our service users a one on one culture, where
we talk one to one. We’re
more. For too long it has been people, let’s make sure we
treat people like people.
about doing “to people” not

“with people”. That’s why we

need to celebrate just how

many people we employ that

have lived experience - the

more the better.
And for Ember - what’s top
of your innovation agenda?

An unrelenting commitment

to improving the quality of

our delivery, never resting

on our laurels, innovating

improvements every day if we

The teams, the all
important team members,
what’s new for the team
player clocking onto
the late shift , coming in
out of the rain on a wet
Wednesday night?

April 2019 19

49B Apollo Drive, Auckland 0630
PO Box 102149

Phone: 09 4433700
Fax: 09 4412400

Email: [email protected]

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