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Spew, a community vigilante puts his life at risk going across midland into the badland to fight crime and keep his town safe. He meets a divine master who he communes with to know his fate.

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Spew: Tales of a Vigilante

Spew, a community vigilante puts his life at risk going across midland into the badland to fight crime and keep his town safe. He meets a divine master who he communes with to know his fate.

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(Tales of a vigilante)

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This collection is dedicated to all vigilantes who risk
their lives in keeping people of their community safe
during times of insecurity.


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Dawn ---------------------- 1-7
Into the midlands -------- 8-12
Communion -------------- 13-20
Badlands ------------------ 21-22
Journey back home ------ 23


Spew, a community vigilante puts his life at risk going
across Midland into the Badland to fight crime and keep
his town safe. He meets a divine master who he
communes with to know his fate.




Break of dawn looking out the window to a new day
Past has been of cries and laments but crime don’t pay
I take a vow to bring all culprits down in quick justice
A planned future kept for the next being threatened
Vices all lay close daily on the streets in young ones
Eating deep into feeble minds misleading to prisons

I keep fighting ensuring my kids lay hands on good
And other young ones who grow as future tomorrow
I sacrifice my blood going into the forest to hideouts
Facing wild beasts of whom all are in human blood
Holding riffles I wonder from what age they began
Becoming vampire thirsty and living life eating skin

Its dawn I have to protect my town from destruction
Youths in bushes come out causing great mayhem
Causing fears that farmers no longer plant for food
Farmers sow and cannot go to harvest their sweat
As guns keep ringing making me to take a decision
Of risking my life for a cause leading to safe haven
No community survives in the midst of insecurities
Dreams shattered as corpses lay litter on the street
Given the mantle of bringing change to last forever
Bringing cure and heal all who suffers great fever


Faces of children all covered with scare and fear
No room for education that’s always been priority

“Who will cleanse this land, who will dry our tears?”
No one comes out the street anymore worse are girls
Parents no longer able to cater for growing youngling
Life at risk to anyone who tries to bring crime to end

I come as savior to lay my life down for better days
Hear me o! Earth and bring forth courage to lead on
I have decided to take on the battle into my hands
To create a stamp of legacy wiping heinous crimes
So the land can once bloom with industrialization
Bringing forth beautiful fruits from time and season

How the mind get so twisted and filled with hidden lies
To leave a place of good thinking through crime eyes
I wonder what will be shown in a place of broken roofs
Of burnt windows and people running helter-skelter
Clamoring to survive away far from home and love
All looking to heaven praying for a divine helper

Break of dawn bringing me to a new way of thinking
Of self-sacrifice to go out and putting things right
Prosperity to find a place it calls home and reside
Where families can take peaceful walk to seaside
This only happens where freedom is truly free
What I wish for me, my family, all that has life


Ancestors all lived, this known by forests we have
In crime the land will deteriorate and life withers
Like desert wind blowing all dusts filled with dry
Like barren land where no seed goes on to sprout
Little babies crying more hours than they sleep
Unhealthy from weeds growing faster than food

It all begins from the mind, fight for great change
Strategies and path to follow keeps turning page
How to kill dark spirits causing thirsts and rage
Causing virus to mind of whoever is light-head
The people having a ruler who sleeps to crime
And it keeps growing through remnants of last

We have duty to fight off crime in our vicinity
It’s not left alone to those who sit in offices
Actions is for the future that’s sweet coming
With last blood I’ll protect the green of time


Today I go out in search of any information
In stealth I’ll move to keep no track of me
Spew the wise, quiet and thinking moves
Experience comes with repetition of actions


A hunter gets better after years of catching
Successful hunting shows track to the meat

Drawing plans and route to find whereabouts
Of hoodlums and thugs found at roundabouts
Hideouts and to where commodities are kept
Before the sun rises, night best of time to act
Today I self-motivate as to this path I choose
Not knowing next outcome, if I win or loose

I leap into big decisions all in a bid to protect
Existence of humanity, benefits of being alive
Where memories can be made and kept in sky
For birds to see as million species around all fly
Out on the street I keep going in search for hint
Things keep going easier with currency prints

Money making scheme causing others to cry
For loved ones coming back home all maimed
By humans acting so carnivorous loving crime

That should be brought to justice not amnesty
By a group of those who decides not to act fair
Cries of hurts and many whose lives cut short

Can a wild beast go on to be tamed at home?
Can thirst for wrongs be wiped and replaced?
How to change thoughts gotten from ill actions


Can this ever come to happen? Is dialogue key?
Will there ever be a time of new slate, new life
If no one arises to put all what’s gone left right

I put my life at risk as I enter dangerous places
To find perpetrators of evil knowing their faces
They drink and make merry with souls so dark
Dancing around carrying heart filled with black
No brightest of spots can be found causing smile
Going into their dungeons coming out for chaos

I keep watch all day knowing time to make strike
For the interest of vulnerable who have all fled
For the powerless ones back at home all scared
Praying for a day violence all comes to an end
So people can come out once again rejoicing
Celebrating festivities and preserving culture


New dawn for residents of Riqbal+ Town
I decide to be brave and face masquerades
People claiming to be man eaters walk free
Going around, receive tax where not sown
Open attacks at peaceful passing marketers
A day doesn’t go by without sounds of cry


This day openly I confront a recruit of bad
His eyes shine red like flames burning fire
We wrestle to the floor before he flees away
Stand firm on my feet thoughts don’t sway
I chase after the criminal to know his route
Missing way I pause and retrace to re-plan

Next day thousands of men masked arrive
Burning fire families all run into the woods
Riqbal under attack I watch keen to know
As to where perpetrators all come out from
Hideouts is revealed as I see their route
Into the thick forest where orders come

I see an opportunity to find root of crime
To bring back peace to its time of prime
Children in tears anguish on many face
I take first dive into an unknown place
I will not want my unborn to see such
Place where lives not safe, ills so much

I risk it all as I venture into a new world
Line of risky I cross and stake my head
Knowing the task ahead is not an easy one
To bring lasting peace in society infested
With ills and of wrong doings displeasing
I imagine destruction back home increasing


This keeps me going on my trip of justice
To cut where grave evil springs forth from
Burning all bad thoughts causing civil unrest
Going deep into battle to save coming lives
To bring back a place where handwork pays
A serene environment for crops to bring cash

Oh how I want for all things to go on smooth
For live to go on good as were God’s planned




A strange place I do not know what turns to take
Withered leaves trees looking like long forsaken
Into the Midlands far across drawn lines of hate
Into a tribe ancestors have long battled no fate
A place where lives all struggle to keep living
To keep surviving no food for birds of the air

Thirsty I look for source of water giving energy
What a destiny is befall me as I keep moving on
Searching for a path leading me to end all bad
Bringing back everlasting peace to home land
Into a strange place to combat forces that brews
I keep going on knowing it’s all for a just course

Passing of moon no place to lay and sleep tonight
Deep in forests of Midlands the mosquitoes bite
Out of the blues I get faced with ambush attack
I suddenly pick race quick running to save my life
“Kill him he is from Riqbal” is all I hear I speed
I’d gone across to dreaded land folk tales tell of

Pursuit to erase all roots of evil arising in the future
Leading me into deepest of fear as I face thousands
Filled with hate for reasons unknown to my hearing


With spears they keep chasing me, I’m the hunted
Still I do not relent, burning desire as I keep going
Jumping logs breaking shrubs bursting through all

Going through narrow tunnel I encounter a lady
Pulling me into a safe hold hiding from attackers
I look and see a different kind of human so dark
With beauty radiating bright in darkest of night
Holding sword how I wish to perish in her arms
Fierce looking eyes still emitting rays of good

“I’m Princess Faye what are you looking for?”
She says to me, I realize a stone on her head


Where I come from the sea gets scared to be free
As our leaders and rulers do not have proper see
A place you get locked in a box not free to explore
On a regular, blood of innocent staining the floor
Because rich do not bother to think of the poor
Forgetting in life height fingers are not equal

I embark on a mission to make the future bright
To find good source that brings shining light
Into the mind of everyone flowing like river
Sleepless nights I’m drowning in this thought


To wipe away roots growing more evil minds
To see beauty of creation recorded in clouds

Stories of past being told what awaits across
Of danger that lurks but I decide to push on
Knowing there is of one heart that sees good
A unique being from which generation brood
I see in your eyes desire to make things fine
To heal a land not surviving the test of time

You a Princess a beauty my sight to behold
In you a spirit comes standing tall and bold
Not swaying to any sort of lies being told
Generation to come from you metal flows
Strong nation protecting the weaker ones
A kind of Princess with grip on me so firm

Through your kingdom my destiny takes
To a time of me doing good for humanity
I plead you to make passing way for me
Midlands, my fore fathers didn’t thread
Time there was no fire hidden in smoke
Time when voice of good all they spoke

Please grant my request to pass through
I wish to bring my people heavens’ dew
To bring about a society like baby new
Having no ill heart against one another


Standing up higher holding each other
Mind free to go wide broaden horizon

Into midlands my fate intertwines yours
As I seek eternal solutions to end crime
To bring back beauty of the sky so blue
Bringing safe sun shining hot in summer
We all need such light inside our souls
Grant me passage to battle for my home

Headed to end of it all possible no return
Then I will rejoice knowing right is done
Princess of the midlands I plea spare me
To go through and destroy roots of evil
Into caves where humans all hide to plan
Coming out causing mayhem and anarchy

I do not intent harm to anyone found good
Of pure heart that sees all life as beautiful
Wishing for the grass to grow green again
For love will make Midlands to blossom
Bringing fertile ground for seeds to grow
For trees producing fruits to sustain life

Then you can take five and watch life go
To happiness as everyone achieves dreams
In an ambience of grace and good tidings
For prosperity to ride into next generation


All I want is good to abound when I’m gone
Offspring’s coming to a place filled of love

My desire oh Princess is to make best of time
For the rest of years living life to its fullest
To hold a special someone dear to my heart
Having smiles to gladden pains from the past
This I pray and wish to come in my era and last
Where I come from pain show on people’s face

“I will show you a path to continue your destiny”
The Princess takes me through a path so narrow
Far away from Midlanders keeping my head safe
Going further into the forest as Princess Faye lead
A heart of sacrifice as she puts her life on the line
Acting as one bridge between me and God’s plan




On this course I keep search to find cure for Riqbal
In dark nights I keep going, in rain with eyes on end
To tend and nurture good, making everyone to grow
Old ones to reap harvest of young children they sow
Crime wiped away fumigating any ill minds to new
For love springing out, new faces of happiness seen

Across hills down the valley we both cross hurdles
During dry and going through rain we jump puddles
Steady pacing panting I keep breathing and running
Princess Faye strong leading as we head towards exit
All through my journey I keep positive results ahead
Knowing one day God will grant my utmost request

My concrete thinking making me see clear and hard
Like dart thrown aiming for the highest, bulls eye
Looking at a nation flourishing, we come and go
What is being left behind from within blood flows
I will not give up, coming this far not to turn boat
Faced with hard rock I will burst making a way

No human or spirit will stop this mission I’m on
Sleepless nights as many go on to cry till dawn


From death of a loved one, or harm from crime
Meeting Princess Faye shows God is on my side
As we both go through waterfalls causing tide
Tunnels, long walk coming out on a darker ride

No sunshine in this place it’s all dark no sprout
Tears dropping down her eyes she point a way
Portal taking me out of midlands to my destiny
Finally an end after days of moon rise and fall
I walk standing tall as I go towards point of exit
Seeing my call from long ago, form of true in it


Looking back at Princess Faye as we separate
Emotions deep in my heart begins to distillate
Suddenly white light shines burning into my eyes
A man standing covered in cloak made of bright
Reflecting, burning my lens I can’t find my path
Bend falling hard on the floor to catch my breath

Princess Faye runs so fast coming to my rescue
Treating me like egg protecting me from harm
It all becomes blur in my eyes blacker than tan
Voice speaking silently I strain my ears to hear

Faceless man I see, I become scared with fear
One inch further a step to take I do not dare


“Doom await if you go across line of death”
Voice speaking around, I hear loud and clear
Out from shining image its sound originates
Princess Faye pulling me up, what a threat
The Princess bows down worshipping him
She begins to chant singing songs of hymn

Princess Faye goes on to incant for hours
Amazed to what human kind this could be
Place tones blacker the image raises hands
Calming Princess who’s loosing strength
Finding sight approaching strange light
Only source of a thing shining so bright

“Divine Master of Midlands” Says Faye
I miss understanding getting lost in hay
As to being stopped by a spiritual being
Prophesying doom to my long run race
“You have to be fortified before crossing”
Says the divine master, Princess intercedes

I sit back getting more confused in time
I know things won’t always go on fine
At last lap to where I battle till the end
The road turns, becomes much longer
Un-quenching hunger staying stronger
Staying positive for result of my fate
The divine master whisks away into air


“You have been given two options fair”
Princess says to me, I wake from dream
Reality of how far I’ve come from home
Given option to either sacrifice or loose
Seven days I get strength ready to move

Or risk it going back to no home, all gone
Can’t go back not bringing good to society
Can’t go back to corruption and killings
I now have to take the greatest decision
Seven days I get to keep on my mission
Looking forward to time it begins count


Deep in the forest of Midlands I am kept
No food, I feed from leaves fallen dead
Burning grass to enchant my spirit alive
Risk taken to better family, all other life
Point of no return looking up, no cloud
Fighting for good of Riqbal and all land

In cold of the night moonlight is all gone
Trees with roots searching far for water
Creaking ground fireflies they look sad
Stranded, all animals look for fresh air
Place of no growth as life is per minute
I stay wondering type of people ruled


Waiting for set date by divine master
Wishing time to go on ticking faster
I pray to conclude this phase of run
Ending base causing spirits of crime
Into vessels empty with no thoughts
Controlling the mind to act insanely

Not knowing hours of the day nor date
Seven days Princess Faye is to return
To visit divinity and pay ultimate price
I do not know of what is the sacrifice
I know I have to keep pushing forth
Returning building a peaceful fort


Morning, I wake to sight of Princess Faye
How she keeps track of time I do not know
As to when trumpet will sound unknown
I will be lost in time space and place to go
Until guided by true light showing my way
I wake to continuity and of securing my fate

Princess Faye leads way going we journey
To where fate and destiny will pave road
Staying firm I face my fear, I’ve to be bold
Following a route looking farther in sight


Cross fields of thongs spiking dangerous
To find answers to questions over layers

“In my sleep you bring peace to all land”
Says the Princess, eyes filled with fright
Blight from old causing midland ravage
“You I’ll support to darkest of any end”
Voice of commitment she begin to sound
Echoes around saying words that rebound

Over and across creeks Princess and I go
Arriving at a hut that’s surrounded by fog
“Today is the set date come in” all I hear
Princess Faye ushers me in and turn back
My fate I bear final cross on last day alone
Going into temple to meet Divine Master

Getting to meet he no one sees or know
“No one goes into the badlands common
Dangers looming as all are blood thirsty
You wish to embark to most dreaded
Place none of pure heart go and return
It’s your desire to put crime to an end”

I wish to see my home blossom again
I wish to see grasses become greener
To see future for unborn kids coming
In Riqbal becoming heirs of tomorrow


Wishing safe passage to end and return
I’ve come this far and can’t go to restart

I am willing to pay with my last of coins
I am willing to give away my last of hope
To bring forth returns everyone will cherish
To bring everlasting peace that’ll not perish
Grant me grace to achieve what no one can
I look to end of way where happiness leads

“For your sacrifice what’ll you want in return?”
I wish for knowledge to plant seeds of wealth
I wish for patience to nurture it all till death
To keep going right as I create path unending
To give me knowledge for a proper spending

Strength to till over hectares of large field
To get profit from palm trees and its yield
Banking on my creativity paving me way
Going to bank on weekends getting pay
Growth around everything that touch me
I wish for shining light on my forehead



Arriving final thought, ultimate price
I pray it all comes back in good style
A journey my heart has gotten no rest
Now I am ready to move unto the next
To take away bad eggs brooding pests
Cleaning every space housing evil nest

Divine Master gone in twinkle of eye
I feel strength as I go out from his hut
Out to sight of Faye eagerly waiting
I see her heart pumping kicking hard
She run holds me looking if I’m fine
I go on to tell Faye this’s right time

“May the gods guide your mission”
Princess Faye says as we embark on
To battle crime I come far and wide
For Riqbal, to settle fight and tide
Blood keeps boils until end is done
We keep going to the place of cross

Boundary portal Princess Faye point
I walk crossing over to the badlands




All dark with sounds of gun ringing like toy
I remain stealth in a place filled with blood
People with faces rough all thirsty for chaos
Chant turning in circles around burning fire
Burning leaves incanting round burning tyre
I look to find where their kingpin is seated

Language they speak and I cannot decode
I try to use movement making up my code
Still searching for roots where evil comes
Bandits in red drinking potions and rum
Getting drunk spirits elevating for crime
I keep waiting until time for my prime

Drum by corner I go to check its content
Filled with ethanol mineral for explosive
Taking some I miss my step trip and fall
Causing sound the bandits look my way
Seeing strange face immediately charge
Attacking me I run fast like a cheetah
Going into the badlands taking turns
Left to right not knowing my way



Running taking as much bandit I can
With plans to annihilate one at a time
To end what ill caused by miscreants
To clear all sins for dead to forgive
To dry all tears of innocence slain
And make sure there is no repeat

Bandits they come out one at a time
Until it becomes leader next in line
Kill roots and minds that spring evil
The world doesn’t need such to grow
Humans that terminate seeds sown
Is a taboo and has to go for remake

I send one at a time they disappear
Multitudes in flame to be cremated
Going back to earth making plants
Resetting a world filled with oxygen

The kingpin arrive sees and in shock
He tries to run but then divinity in me
I go after making sure it comes to end
All for Riqbal and I will spill my blood
Exterminating the kingpin, it’s all done




The deed is done I’m free in spirit and soul
Now I can go back home to sleeping bold
Knowing there’s no more root of mayhem
Tears dried and never to return to Riqbal
Families to have peace and grow in love
Heavy rain is being sent from God above

To wash away all that’s caused bad crops
Bad Bloods no more to infest good ones
With smiles all around is what I wish for
I journey out of the badlands going home
Oh Princess Faye I wish to see once again
Finding my way to portal crossing realms

Into midlands hiding though the forest
My goal is to reach Riqbal my final rest
Knowing my escapade was for just cause
Reaching destination a sight so different

A war torn zone the evil ones are dead
Peace comes like new rivers flowing
Time for everyone to go on and repair
Planting seeds and watch them grow
Riqbal is set for time of prosperity.



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