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The Wheels of Justice (Can Roll Exceedingly Slow)
A small NSW country town in the rich farming area of the MIA of around one thousand citizens where very little causes a ripple.

The ten year drought the toughest in the region…the whole of NSW, Victoria, and Queensland suffering from the worst drought for more than a century. Then the drought broke with floods…but regular rains now meant a bumper winter harvest and a decent year or two…crossed fingers and confident smiles the ‘new’ norm from the black moods and scowls.

A well-known local girl shoots her abusive partner to death. Confesses several times … even at Trial.

A Television Investigative Journalist prepares a semi-doco that is aired as the young woman is released from Prison having served her time. Out on an eighteen month parole period needing to be served before she returns home to that small country town in the rich Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area.

Because of the TV Program an Order from on high is issued for Detective Four Joseph Lind and his new partner Detective-in-Training Isabella ‘Sophie’ Grasso to reinvestigate the crime and put to bed all the innuendo, half-truths and straight out fabrications sensationally presented.

Detective Lind knows he and his young partner will be in a tricky situation not welcomed by most of the townsfolk who think their presence is a slap in the face of their local much loved coppers. It was too late to turn over cowpats according to the citizens of this law abiding community…or is it?
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