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Published by payne.jaida, 2019-12-03 22:03:05

L.O.G. Presentation (1)

L.O.G. Presentation (1)

L. O. G. Jaida Payne
KINE 1151 P07

M/W 12-12:50pm
September 18, 2019


1.Kickball 7. Capture the Flag

2. Red Light ,Green Light 8. Concentration

3. Musical Chairs 9. Wall Ball

4. Floor is Lava 10. Mouse Trap

5. Human Knot 11. Sniper/ Poison Dart
6. Ninja Frog

12. Dodgeball


2 Laps on the track

15 Second Stretches Drills

L.& R. Arm stretch across the chest 10 Jumping Jacks

L.& R. Arm stretch behind the head 10 Cherry Pickers

Toe Touches 10 Arm Circles
Spread legs reach down to the L, M, R 10 Hips Circles L & R
L. & R. Flamingoes


Instructions: Each player is to kick the ball and run all the bases and score a point. When not

kicking, the opposing team's goal is to prevent opposing players scoring and get them out by catching
the ball or being forced out a base

Objective: score as many points as possible to win the game

Equipment: ball, bases

Skills: strategy, physicality (agility)

Required Space: Full court
Time Limit: 10 minutes


Instructions: Participants are to stand in a line facing the caller of the game. When he/she calls

“green light”the other players are to move towards the caller until he/she spins around, calling “Red
Light”. When they hear the red light command the other players must freeze on the spot. Any child
seen moving must return to the starting line

Objective: Be the closest to make it to the presented caller and

Equipment: N/a

Skills: Listening, focus, speed

Required Space: Full court

Time Limit: 8 minutes


Instructions: Participants are to walk around a set of chairs in a circle while
music plays and once the music stops, participants are to sit down as fast as
they can in a open seat, a person without a chair is out. The game continues
until there is only one more chair.

Objective: Be the last one standing

Equipment: Chairs

Skills: listening, attentiveness,

Required Space: Half Court

Time Limit: 5 minutes

Red Rover

Instructions: two teams each forming a line by holding hands faces each other. Each
team takes turns calling out “red rover red rover let me come over” when called out
someone runs over to try to break the other teams line. If successful they get to take
someone back to their side, if not they will join the opposite team.

Objective: be able to gain as much people and to keep a strong line.

Equipment: N/a

Skills: strength, cooperation,

Required Space: Half Court

Time Limit: 8 minutes


Instructions: Circle up and reach in and grab someone’s right and left hand. However,
participants cannot grab the persons next to you hands. Once this is done they circle
spreads out a little to notice they are in a knot and have to work together to undo the

Objective: undo they knot and get back into a perfectly formed circle

Equipment: N/a

Skills: strategy, communication, cooperation, team building

Required Space: Half court

Time Limit: 5 minutes


Instructions: Everyone is to get in a circle shoulder to shoulder with their
hands in the middle. On the count of 3 the word “NINJA” is called,
everyone is to touch another persons hand in a single ninja move. If you are
touched you are out. The rotation goes counter clockwise if you are not the
attacker or attacked you are to remain frozen in ninja position and start
off with a person to the right of the last attacker.

Objective: avoid being ninja slapped and eliminated

Equipment: N/a

Skills: quickness, attentiveness

Required Space: Half Court

Time Limit: 6 minutes


Instructions: To win the game you have to go onto the opposing team side and capture
their flag and bring it back safely to your team. If you are caught in attempt you are
sent to jail and have to be released by your teammates

Objective: get to the opposing side and back to the your base with the flag without
being captured.

Equipment: Flags, bases

Skills: strategy, observation, speed

Required Space: Full Court

Time Limit: 10 minutes


Instructions: A beat is set to go around and players pick a subject to rhyme, if
you get stuck or cant come up with a response you out.
Objective: keep up with the rhyming words.
Equipment: N/a
Skills: Memorization, attentiveness, listening,
Required Space: Half Court
Time Limit: 5 minutes


Instructions: 4 players max. Hit the ball above the line and within the outside
boundaries, you are remained to stay in the game but allowed to get other people out
with tricks such as black & white magic (swiping over and under the ball on your turn)
ball cannot bounce more than once or you out

Objective: hit the ball against the wall staying within the boundaries and to stay in the

Equipment: Wall and bouncy ball

Skill: power, physicality, quickness, attentiveness, focus

Required Space: Half court

Time limit: 8 minutes

4 Corners

Instructions: Label four corners in the room. Everyone hast to pick a corner, if
that number corner is called out, they are out of the game. The caller closes
their eyes and counts slowly and loudly to 10
Objective: be the last one standing.
Equipment: N/a
Skills: quickness,
Required Space: Full court
Time Limit: 5 minutes


Instructions: A group of 4-12 people are to sit in a circle criss cross applesauce. Everyone has to

close their eyes as the overseer walks around to tap someone to be “IT”. 1 guessor is picked and as
the guessor is trying to figure out who the poison dart frog/sniper is, the poison dart frog/sniper
sticks their tongue out at everyone else and has to play dead. Once the poison dart frog/sniper is
found out they pick a new guessor and

Objective: Guess who is the poison dart frog is/ and to be mischievous and not be sought out

Equipment: N/a

Skill: reasoning, judgment, mischief

Required Space: Half court

Time Limit: 5 minutes


Instructions: eliminate players on the opposing side by throwing balls to hit
the opposing players below the face but above the belt (shoulders, knees, legs)
Objective: to not get hit, be the last man standing
Equipment: game balls
Skills: communication, body awareness, physicality, attentiveness
Required Space:
Time Limit: 5 minutes

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