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Summer Vacation Hadia 5 Pink

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Published by hadia.6710, 2020-05-30 07:34:38

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Summer Vacation Hadia 5 Pink

​ ​Rain Water Harvesting 

This model is very useful in areas where it rains often
because the rain water can be used even after th rain has

Here is how the water is harvested in this model:
● First the rain water falls into the​ mouth of the pipe.
● Next the water goes down the pipe and through the

● After that it is collected in the w​ ater tank.

● When water needs to be used it goes up the p​ ipe
leading to the sprinkler w​ hich wates the plants in the

The water collected in the tank can also be used for
other things like washing if it is connected to a tap
using another pipe.

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