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Published by buuvuu, 2019-12-05 00:17:05

look out, he's back

look out, he's back


The worlds most boring sports magazine


ROSTER? Who takes home MVP?

Can Brendan do the unthinkable and get PLUS: THIS WEEKS PLAYOFF
2nd for the 4th straight year? MATCHUPS


QB: Lamar Jackson Total Points


RB: Christian McCaffrey 354.1

RB: Dalvin Cook 269.6

WR: Michael Thomas 274.1

WR: Chris Godwin 242.9

TE: Austin Hooper 154.8
FLX: Leonard Fournette 224.3

D/ST: Patriots 191

K: Wil Lutz 121


Now it's



MVP Nominees

Christian McCaffrey:

McCaffrey has been almost unstoppable this season helping
Bryan get the top seed in the league. With his only game under

17 points coming in week 2 he has been on an absoulte tear.

Lamar Jackson:

Much like McCaffrey, Jackson as been pretty much
unstoppable. His only score under 21 points came in week 5
and he is close to breaking Michael vicks record for rushing

yards by a QB

Dalvin Cook:

Cook only finished behind McCaffrey in RB points. After
missing a lot of time last season Cook has bounced

back this season in a big way proving all the doubters

Michael Thomas:

No other WR has been as consistent as Thomas since
he entered the league(maybe Hopkins). Thomas's

dominance has helped Noah finish with a 10-3 record
and 7 straight wins.

Russell Wilson:

Wilson has had some great weeks helping him finish only
behind Lamar Jackson in QB points. Although the rest of
Clay's team decided not to show up this season, Wilson was
the one outlier on his roster that made you worry when you

were matched up against him

Best QB Nominees

Lamar Jackson

Not bad for a Running

Russel Wilson

Deshaun Watson:

Watson has been pretty consistent
when you look at the numbers. He
finishes as the QB3 and is hoping to

lead Bryan to a championship

Dak Prescott

Dak Prescott was one of the only bright
spots on George's team. And was one
of the main reasons George was in the

playoff hunt for so long.

Best RB Nominees

Christian McCaffrey

Dalvin Cook

Austin Ekeler:

Ekeler has been one of the most consistent
RBs this season in PPR formats. Only
putting up less than 10 points once this

Leonard Fournette:

Fournette's lowest points this season
came in week 1 and hasn't scored less

than 12 Points since. Talk about

Aaron Jones:

Jones hasn't been as consistent as the
others on this list, but he does have 14
total TDs and has put up multiple 40 pt
games to help Daniel get into playoffs.

Best WR Nominees

Michael Thomas

Chris Godwin:

Godwin was projected to be Andrew's breakout star this
season and boy did he not only meet those expectations, he

exceeded them. Helping Andrew lock in a playoff spot.

DeAndre Hopkins:

Hopkins got off to a super slow start but hasn't
scored less than 15 Points since week 5. He

helped turn Daniel's season around in a heartbeat.

D.J. Chark Jr.:

One of the best Waiver pickups of the season,
Chark came in for Greg when he needed him the
most. It didn't help Greg make playoffs but it did

do something, and that was give him hope.

Amari Cooper:

Besides the donut Cooper dropped against a
tough Patriot Defense, Cooper hasn't been bad at
all. Especially with an injury tag next to his name

for most of the season.

Best TE Nominees

Austin Hooper:

Hooper missed the last 3 games with a
knee injury. But before that he was the
TE1 on the season, helping Bryan secure

a 1st round BYE in the Playoffs

Travis Kelce:

The touchdown numbers aren't there for
Kelce this season but he still remains the
most consistent Tight End in the league
and will hope to capture his 2nd straight

fantasy championship

Mark Andrews:

Andrews got off to a blazing start to the
season and then cooled off a bit. He is now
slowly picking it back up to potentially help

Clay from obtaining last place.

Darren Waller:

Waller was another pickup early in the
season and he filled in nicely for Brendan
as he was waiting for Henry to get healthy.

George Kittle:

Kittle has proven to be one of the most
consistent TEs in fantasy. He's doing better at

this point in the season than he was last
season. And that's scary for anyone who has

to play Noah in the playoffs.

Best K Nominees

Justin Tucker

Wil Lutz
Harrison Butker


Kyler Murray:

The Cardinals got their guy in Murray. And Brendan
took a shot on him late in the draft. No, he hasn't been

the most consistent QB but he currently sits at QB6
right now.

Josh Jacobs:

Aside from Tyreek Hill, Jacobs has been the most
consistent player on Jake's team. Add to the fact that
this guy has been dealing with an injury for most of the
season it hasn't really affected him as he continues to be


David Montgomery:

Matt Nagy has really screwed the pooch with
Montgomery. He has so much potential and Nagy

refuses to use him. If Bryan fails to win the
championship he can use Nagy's incompetence as an


D.K. Metcalf:

Metcalf looks like a complete stud as a rookie, he is
consistently targeted by Wilson. And may be the future

for the seahawks WR corps.

Bigges Bust Nominees
David Johnson (Rd. 1)
Antonio Brown (Rd.2)

Odell Beckham Jr.(Rd.1)

Damien Williams (Rd.3)

A.J. Green (Rd. 5)
JuJu Smith-Schuster
(Rd. 2)

Biggest Steal of the Draft

Lamar Jackson (Rd. 10)
Mark Andrews (Rd. 14)

Courtland Sutton
(Rd. 9)

Patriots D/ST (Rd. 14)

Biggest Injury

Saquon Barkley Alvin Kamara

Kerryon James
Johnson Conner

David Davante
Johnson Adams

Best Waiver Wire Pickup
Josh Allen
D.J. Chark Jr.
John Brown
49ers D/ST
Darren Waller


Now, our Division winners Bryan and Brendan
have a BYE this week for their hard work in the
regular season so there's no breakdown for them
this week. But enjoy this super dope picture of


#5 Andrew @
#4 Daniel

2-1 H2H 1-2

Chris Top Aaron
Godwin Scorer Jones

242.9 222.2

158 Most 141.2

A matchup between two 8-5 teams should be a good
one. Both teams carry a 2 game win streak heading into

this contest. Some things to watch out for in this
matchup is the GB vs WAS game and the NYG vs. PHI
game. Aaron Rodgers(Andrew) vs Aaron Jones(Daniel).
If things don't go Andrew's way on Sunday he will have

to rely on a struggling Saquon Barkley to save his
season on Monday night.

My Prediction: Daniel Wins 133-128

#6 James @ #3

2-1 H2H 1-2

Ezekiel Top Michael
Elliot Scorer Thomas

214.6 274.1

145.6 Most 144.7

Noah is by far the hottest team coming into playoffs
bringing in a 7 game win streak. Meanwhile James has
been pretty balanced going 4-4 in his last 8 games. Some
big games to watch out for during this matchup are SEA
vs LAR and SF vs NO. James has 4 players going in a
big sunday night game (Lockett, Gurley, Hollister and
Woods) meanwhile 2 of Noah's top scorers face off in
what should be a high scoring affair (Thomas, Kittle).

My Prediction: Noah Wins a close
one 142-140

Clayoff Predictions...

The dreaded Sacko, no one wants it but someone's
gonna get it. The person who loses 3 games in these
next 3 weeks will need to set a reservation because
they're going on a date!! Or they can be a bum and get

booted from the league. Their choice.

My Prediction: Clay takes home his own title. Clay's team
has really strug led and under performed this season. And
if they can't even perform when it matters I don't see how
they'll perform any better in these next 3 weeks. A team of

bums disguised as superstars will cost Clay his dignity.

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