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LOG projectPDF

LOG projectPDF

Briyon Barzar

KINE 1151

October 10, 2019


1. Two Truths, One Lie. 7. Ninja
2. Mingle, Mingle, Mingle. 8. Octopus Tag*
3. Toe Tag 9. Snatch the Bait*
4. Dodgeball-Doctor Dodgeball 10. Human Shape
5. 1, 2, 3 Red light* 11. Clean the court
6. Silent Order 12. Over Under x 2


• 2 laps around the gym
All stretches will be done
for 12 seconds
• Arm stretch (Left/Right)
• Arm stretch behind head

• Arm Rotations
• Leg

n the middle)
• Quad Stretch.


• Rules: The instructor will choose one person to tells their truths and lie or a
volunteer can be called. That person will then tell 3 “facts” about
themselves, Two truths and A Lie. The person may tell their facts in any order
they desire. Everyone in the class will able to choose what fact they think is
the lie. The peoples who guessed correctly will be next to tell their 3 “facts”.

• Objective: The peoples who are guessing, will have to guess what fact is the

• Skills: Mind skills, teamwork, learning each other.
• Equipment: NONE
• Space: Minimum Space
• Time: 3-5 minutes.


• Rules: Everyone in the class will mingle with a
classmate they usually don’t talk to until the
instructions are told. While the class is mingling, the
instructor will call out a set of instructions (e.g. get
into a group with a person who has a pet, everyone
who has red on get in a group.

• Objective: The players will get to know people in their
class and the similarities they have in common

• Skills: talking, listening.
• Equipment: NONE
• Time: 2-3 minutes
• Space: Minimum Space


• Rules: The class will be divided into two teams and
separated to different sides of the gym. Bean Bags
will be spread on each side of the floor. Each team
will be lined along the base line, when the whistle
blows, both teams will reach for their bean bags and
throw them over the divided area to the other side of
the court. The teams will throw the bean bags and
aim at their opponent's toes. If your toes are hit, you
are out.

• Objective: Get all the other team players of the
opposite team out, and Be the last team standing.

• Skills: Aim, Locomotive Skills, Running,
• Equipment: Bean Bags
• Time: 5-6 minutes
• Space: Half Court


• Rules: The class will be divided into two teams. There will be
dodgeballs placed in the center of the court. When the whistle blows
you can run for the balls. In Doctor Dodgeball, each team will be
able to choose a “Doctor’. The doctor is unknown to the opposing
side. The doctor can revive any player that is hit. Once the doctor is
hit, they are out and cannot be revive. In dodgeball, you are out if:
I. you are hit in shoulder and below
II. you try to catch a ball and drop it
III. someone on the other team catches a ball you threw
IV. a ball hits one of your teammates and deflects off you as well

• Objective: The players must hit as many players on the opposite
team to get them out.

• Skills: running, throwing, speed, locomotive skills
• Equipment: dodge balls, foam balls.
• Time: 5-10minutes
• Space: Half court

1, 2, 3 RED LIGHT*

• Rules: There will be a person as the traffic guard, it can be a volunteer or
chosen by the instructor. The other players will get into groups of two(if
there isn’t enough people, it will be every man for themselves. The only color
that will be called is red. If there are groups of two, we’ll do crab walking.
One partner will walk on their hands, while the other holds their feet. When
the crossing guards back is turned you can walk, when they say red light,
YOU STOP. If you are caught moving, you must start over. The same rules
apply for “one man for the themselves”

• Objective: Is to be the first person to cross the finish line and become the
new crossing guard.

• Skills: Running, Listening
• Equipment: None
• Time: 5-6Minutes
• Space: Half Court


• Rules: All players must be silent, there is no talking not even a
whisper. The class will be split into two teams. The teams must
get in order from youngest to oldest or in order by month and

• Objective: to be the first team in order without making any noise.
• Skills: Thinking, Teamwork.
• Equipment: None
• Time: 5-6 minutes
• Space: Half Court.


• Rules: All the players will be in a circle. When the word NINJA is
called you pick a NINJA Stand, like a warrior. Your movement
must be one motion and remain in that same position until its
your go again. You are trying to tag the person next to you just
by moving your arm. If you touch a person's arm before they
dodge it, they lose an arm, and must place it behind their back.
Once you lose both arms, you are out the game

• Objective: is to get the person out next to you with only using
your arms when its your turn.

• Skills: Locomotive skills, Agility, Attention, Fast Thinking.
• Equipment: None
• Time: 5-10 minutes
• Space: Half Court.


• Rules: There will be two people who are “it”, they can be chosen or be
volunteers. The other players will be lined at the other end of the court
along a line. When the Octopi yell “Octopus!” everyone on the line must run
across the ocean to the other line without being tagged. If they are tagged
before reaching the line, they become seaweed. Seaweed are still in the
game but are obstacles. The seaweed can stand(pivot on one foot), or sit,
They CANNOT run. They must stand where they were tagged. (no more than
6 seaweed). If tagged by a seaweed, you’re out.

• Objective: is to not be tagged and turned into seaweed.
• Skills: Running, Endurance, Agility
• Equipment: None
• Time: 5-6 minutes
• Space: Half Court


• Rules: The class will be split into two groups. Both
teams will be aligned on opposite sides of the court.
Each person will have a specific number matching the
number of the person on the other team. The same
number may be called together or not. When your
number is called, you must do two push ups before
they can snatch the bait. First group to 5 wins.

• Objective: to be the first to snatch the bait
• Skills: Listening, Running, Speed, Locomotive Skills
• Equipment: None
• Time: 5-6 minutes
• Space: Half Court


• Rules: The players can either be divided into groups or
play all together. The instructor will call out a shape,
number, or letter and the students must form that
exact shape, number, or letter ONLY using their
bodies. All persons must participate for the final
product. If there are enough ppl for teams, the first
team to 3 wins.

• Objective: To quickly form the figure that was asked
and be the first.

• Skills: Thinking, Teamwork
• Equipment: NONE
• Time: 5-6minutes
• Space: Half court.


• Rules: Each persons will be divided into two teams.
Each person from the opposite group will pick
partners. (Form two lines) This is a volleyball game.
Two persons will be on the court at a time on each
side of the court. You must pass/bump the ball with
the opposing team, but don’t let the ball touch the
ground. If the ball hits the floor on your side, your
teammate and yourself are out, the next pair move
up on the court.

• Objective: to be the last team standing on the court
• Skills: Running, Agility, locomotive skills,
• Equipment: volleyball, cones
• Time: 5-6 minutes
• Space: Half Court


• Rules: The students are divided into groups. They will line in a
row. Each team will have a ball. Student will alternate the ball
down the line either over the head or under the legs. While they
are alternating, each time the student passes the ball they
must say a multiple of 2 (a different challenge may be chosen)
when they are passing the ball. If you mess up a multiple, you
must start over. When the ball reaches the last person they
must run to the front of the line. It starts over until the
beginning person is back at the front.

• Objective: to be the first team finished and with their starting
person back at the front.

• Skills: Math, fast thinking, Speed, Teamwork
• Equipment: several balls
• Time: 10 minutes
• Space: Half Court.

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