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The Life Story of Amber

By: Amber Ramirez

My Birth Story

My birth story began in evening time when my mom was taking a walk
with my aunt.While walking back home my moms water broke. So
determined to give birth to me in torrance memorial, my mom had my aunt
drive 8 miles to torrance memorial. Around 11 pm my mom had me. The
doctor that delivered me also had delivered my brother and sister. I was
born perfectly healthy. Only thing different was i was born with a skin
condition called vitiligo. This affected my skin around my hips where i lose
pigment in my skin. This concludes my birth story.

Life changing event #1

My first life changing event was in first grade on a friday night. I was with my
sister in her room where we could see my parents arguing in the kitchen. Still to
this day i don't know what they were arguing about. After 1 hour of yelling my dad
decided to leave. Only 1 hour changed my life forever. The next day my dad came
to get his belongings. I was a little kid i didn't know what was going on. That was
the last day i saw him for almost a year. In and out of rehab and jail my dad took
the fall and was most affected. Still to this day once in a while i talk to my dad.
This changed my life because it made me feel and act more independent and
soon to take care of myself without no parents at one point.

Life changing event #2

After two years with one parent my mom was struggling to take care of 3 kids.
She was able to provide for us but she was never there. In third grade my moms
drinking problem had only worsen. It was getting so bad where she even had to go
to the hospital. Still to this day i don't blame her at all. My aunts and uncles
decided it was best to send her to rehab for 4 months. I am living with my
aunt,uncle,2 cousins , and my siblings. None of my siblings worked still going to
school at this time. My aunt was taking me to school and buying us groceries. I
had to take care of myself for 4 months. I was only 8 or 7. I was keeping to myself
at home and this had my mentality bad at first but then i realized that i had to be
alone at one point of my life. It shouldn't had been in 3rd grade but it was and it
change my perspective growing up and knowing i don't need anyone to take care
of me or deal with me.

Life changing Event #3

This event was the most scariest thing i had ever went thru. Knowing i could've
gone hurt still to this day frightens me.In 5th grade i had gotten very sick. I was
actually diagnosed with pneumonia the next day in the hospital. I was home alone
thinking i only had a fever. I was in my room and i heard a lot of thuds on the
kitchen window. I only thought it was wind. Them i heard a cough. I went outside
of my room and sat on the couch where i can see the the reflection of the kitchen
window from the tv. I saw a body figure at the window. I wasn't scared at the
moment. I go to the kitchen and there is a man trying to get inside my house when
i was home alone. If i had stayed in my room and this man got inside is so scary to
think about. I ran into my room where i called my mom. I did not call the police. My
mom thought i was imagining something. Still to this day i learned the scariest
situations happen when there is nobody there and you are all alone

About the Author

My name is Amber Ramirez. I was born in torrance california on september 9th 2006. I was
born into a family of 4 already. Both of my parents are immigrants from mexico. My mom is
from guanajuato mexico. My dad is from nayarit mexico. I didn't have the best childhood. I
was dealing with a absent parent and one struggling. I was always listening to rap and r&b
since my siblings would always listen to it. I grew up listening to kanye west, lil wayne, drake,
the underachievers etc. most importantly my favorite rappers are kendrick lamar and kanye
west. I always knew about music and its history. My sister shaped me into who am i. She
shaped my personality and appearance. I am very grateful since i love who i am today. I
could always tell my sister everything she's like my best friend more than my sister.
Someone else who helped me since i was a little baby is my best friend of almost 12 years
alexis. Me and her never had it easy and we helped shape each other and always looked out
no matter if we got into arguments.That is all about me.

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