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Retrix June 2019

PTM Newsletter -2 2019



Message from Area Director 13
EXCOM Messages 15-16
Message from Club Founder 17
Toastmasters International 18
Incoming EXCOM 20
Club Achievements 21-22
My Private Pride/ Newbies 23
Captured Moments
Mind Mapping and Public Speaking




Dear readers,

Welcome to the second issue of Palakkad Toastmasters Newsletter “Retrix” for 2018-19.

It has been an abundant year for Palakkad Toastmasters club. PTM is growing leaps and bounds. With
its achievements as-Distinguished President’s Award, Smedley Award and Program Quality Director
award- Club DCP Achiever award, Club Pathways 100% Enrollment award, PTM is now in cloud nine.
All these achievements are the collaboration and relentless action of PTM Toastmasters. None of these
would have been possible without the enormous effort of each toastmaster. Victory is celebrated with
humbleness and no one takes self pride or credit of these awards, one of the finest qualities of PTMs.

The second issue is a distinctive one, the thought of the theme, “Palakkad toastmasters an amalgam.”
takes me to the magnificent “Northen lights or Aurora Borealis”, which has always fascinated me, the
one and only wish in the bucket list.

Northern lights a naturally occurring phenomenon on the polar region is one of the wonders of nature.
This majestic display of lights on the sky is caused due to the collision of charged particles from the Sun
with the atoms on the atmosphere of the Earth. The blend of ions and gases results Aurora Borealis.

In a way, Palakkad toasmasters are well connected, it has a blend of toastmasters from different sect,
class and age. Here we have the expert professionals, the competent leaders, competent communica-
tors at various levels- bronze, silver, gold and a Distinguished toastmaster. All collaborate under the
PTM canopy, aim and function to achieve as one. Hence, “Palakkad toastmasters an amalgam.”

I would like to give my heartfelt thanks to my mentor TM Dr.Bindhu Nair, who was guiding and sup-
porting me throughout my journey as VPPR. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to this
issue. My sincere thanks are due to TM Diviya Ramesh and TM Sunitha Raghu for their support and

I would like to give my sincere thanks to the editorial
team for sharing their time and knowledge.

CC CL Supriya Pradeep
Chief Editor

CL Dr Bindhu Nair CC ALB Diviya Ramesh CL Sunitha Raghu


Vol 8 Issue 2 2019 RETRIX

EXCOM 2018-19

From left From right
Sgt at arms TM Sambhu Suresh VP-Public Relations TM Supriya Pradeep
Treasurer TM Mohammed Shafi VP-Membership TM Dr. Bindhu Nair
Secretary TM Sunitha Raghu Immediate Past President TM Sajitha Madan Mohan
President TM Chithra Ramesh VP-Education TM Diviya Ramesh

Club Officers Training 2…Dec

Club Officers Training 1...June2018.



“ROAD TO ALS – Experience the Unique”

ALS or Advanced Leader Silver Award – this is your immediate
destination before reaching the final Citadel of Toastmasters’
journey – DTM – Distinguished Toastmaster . Do you know that
the journey to bag ALS award will teach you in 1 or 2 years, what
you have failed to learn in may be last 5 or 10 years ?

Trust me, dear fellow Toastmasters, the road to ALS will help you to pick ACG ALS Sajitha Satheesh
miracles of Leadership experiences ! Let me share such few moments
with you !

Apart from doing some presentations, we need to lead an event – as YLP Chief coordinator or GMAC
Chair or Area Conference Chair or Chair of such Toastmasters related or non-related events – which,
definitely helps you to realize your potentials and tap them to the maximum, which in turn, will help
you to eventually rise up as institutional, community or even global leaders…
As GMAC 2017 Chair, there was ample opportunities for me to mingle with senior Toastmasters who
were finding time to mentor emerging gavaliers irrespective of nationality or religion. The impeccable
performances of smart & confident gavaliers on the GMAC Finals, clearly reflected the hardwork &
dedication of the toastmasters who worked behind the curtains.

This self-less attitude & commitment of them, taught me a lot – to look into myself & put more efforts
to coach & mentor other clubs or toastmasters.

Inspired by them, I took up the role as a mentor of another club – SMEDLEY Bahrain [SMBTM]– which
helped me to prove my coaching & mentoring skills and also guide a new set of toastmasters to es-
tablish themselves in the TM global fraternity…today SMBTM is standing proudly with President’s Dis-
tinguished Club status, with 10/10 DCP goals achieved status, makes me proud as a Mentor of that
club ! These are moments that we can cherish forever in our life….some unofficial tokens…

From mentor to Area Director, the next step in ALS journey, was rather an easy jump…Completing my
Area Director role gave me some of my best Toastmasters memories, and set up a solid foundation for
my TM life; From exploring and working across various clubs in Division D as AD, as one of the Key
players of Division D Annual Conference and to having given the opportunity to perform as part of the
2019 DTAC Marketing Team, gave me lifelong memories, awards and lessons.

My most memorable moments of this journey is when I visited all clubs of my area and some other
areas to get to know them more…this opened door for me to have an indepth knowledge of how oth-
er clubs are working and they are building relationships….and also to build one-to-one relationship
with many of the Toastmasters….this helped to deepen the spark of my keen interest in continuing my
TM journey…

There are many such official & unofficial memories, awards and tokens that you receive when you
pursue your ALS journey….

Hence, I would encourage ALL TMs to take up the challenge of ALS award and kindle your passions.
Enjoy the challenges. Inspire your communities. A lifetime of leadership opportunities await you!”


EXCOM Messages


CC ALB Chithra Ramesh


When you watch the second hand of a clock tick slowly, even a minute seems like a substantial
amount of time. But, months seem to fly by in the blink of an eye. I feel as if it was only yesterday
that I wrote my first note as Palakkad toastmasters club president for the first issue of the term
and here I am writing my second and last message as president of the club.
Now reflecting back in my one year term as President, I feel I was privileged to be the officer of the
club at a time when PTM scaled new heights. We added a large number of members, many of our
members completed their personal milestones in communication and leadership tracks. And to top
it all, our efforts were acknowledged at the Area, Division and District level.
As our club veterans have always said, the more you do something for others, the more it helps
you to develop and gain confidence as a leader. I experienced this first hand during my term.
Talking to members every week, representing the club in wider forums, interacting with TMS from
various clubs, all this made me a better speaker and a more mature leader. Though the term of
leadership has ended but the lessons will remain with me forever.
I take this opportunity to thank each and every PTM members, my efficient EXCOM for their un-
stinting support which helped me in my journey as a TM and as club president to carry out my du-
ties and run the club successfully.
I renew my promise to support the club in its respective pursuits for the years to come.
Kind regards
TM Chithra

"Ours is the only organization I know dedicated to the individual, we work together to bring out
the best in each of us and then we apply these skills to help others". RALPH C SMEDLEY


Vol 8 Issue 2 2019 RETRIX


“Leadership is not about being the best.

Leadership is about making everyone else better”

CC ALB Diviya Ramesh

This is my definition about leadership. When I was assigned the leadership role of VP Education,
my aim was to promote each member of Palakkad toastmasters to achieve their goal of joining
Toastmasters. For some toastmasters, it was completing their project manuals, for some it was
achieving the leadership goals and some it was just to come in front of an audience and speak
few words. Completing project manuals and achieving leadership goals, it was easy to achieve.
Because as VP Education, my role was to just allot the slots for them to perform their role. The
main challenge was bringing forward the members, whose aim was to just speak in front of audi-
ence. With the support of Ex-Com, I followed the words of Ralph C Smedley, that we learn best
in the moments of enjoyment. I was able to arrange some special meetings, where the focus was
given on achieving this purpose and I believe, I succeeded in that.

As VP Education, what I learned is that “If you fail to plan, then plan to fail.” Without proper
planning, we can’t achieve great things. With proper planning and with the support of fellow
members, we have already achieved 9 DCP points and became Presidents Distinguished Club.
We have also planned for the 10th DCP points and by God’s grace we will achieve it by the end of

Fellow Toastmasters, I take this opportunity to thank everyone who supported me in the jour-
ney of Toastmasters and as VP Education. I urge all members to explore the opportunities in
Toastmasters and achieve your goals. All the very best to all fellow members.

VP Education



TM CL Dr. Bindhu Nair

George Bernard Shaw said, “Progress is impossible with-
out change”. In the blink of an eye, we have already reached the end of a toastmaster year. I
was reminded of how change generates growth. Over the past few months, much has changed.
We have seen many new faces join us at our meetings. My term as VP Membership has ended.
Being a club officer for two consecutive years at toastmasters has been a privilege. It gave an
opportunity to interact with club members and guests on a personal level and get to know
them better. I realized that every task could be done with ease if planned. If you are passion-
ate and dedicated towards your work, it is bound to reflect in whatever you do. It's important
to do what you feel is right and express yourself clearly at every stage.

Through all of the change one thing remains steadfast, our Toastmasters’ club mission: “We
provide a supportive and positive learning experience in which members are empowered to
develop communication and leadership skills, resulting in greater self-confidence and personal
growth.” It is through our members’ willingness to embrace change and contribute in meetings
that our club mission is fulfilled.

As we approach the next season, I would like to encourage you to give your fellow Toastmas-
ters the gift of your time & encouragement. Be the change & volunteer for a role, especially
the one that you really don’t want to do! Give your speeches, evaluate your fellow Toastmas-
ters and continue to support our mission.

Thanks to all the members of the Ex Com team and the beloved members who have provided
me an opportunity to serve as the VP Membership of the club. I will stay committed to our club
& wish TM KT Ramesh all the very best in his journey as my successor.



CC CL Supriya Pradeep

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you” by Fred DeVi-
to. I thank Palakkad Toastmasters Club for giving me this won-
derful opportunity to serve as the VP Public Relations officer for the term 2018-19.

What is special about being VPPR for me is, it is my first life time experience serving as an
EXCom member. As quoted by Helen Keller “Alone we can do little together we can do so
much” being a part of an enthusiastic and innovative EXcom, I deeply realized the need for
leadership, importance of teamwork, to act selflessly with responsibility and commitment.
Streaming through this journey was an enriching experience, learning and reinventing me.

My role as a VPPR of PTM club is to promote the club, its existence and benefits to the local
community through various social media. With guidance and support from my mentor TM
Dr. Bindhu Nair and my teammates so far in this term I was able to realize my duties to the
best of my knowledge. Personally It was an amazing experience making posters and news-
letters for the club. Dear readers as you enjoy reading this edition of newsletters you can
see the hearty smiles and colorful moments of PTMs captured during the meetings.

My Best Wishes to the incoming Excom.



CL Sunitha Raghu

A Dream come True

If you can imagine it,you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it – Wil-
liam Arthur Ward.

The moments are still fresh in my memory, when I first got on to a stage to introduce myself at
PTM parent organization PAACT’s inaugural meeting in 2006.

With shivering hands and feet I got on to the stage and could not even say my name properly in
front of 500 odd audience.

That day I could hear my heart beat at my ears and was about to faint. Without saying a word, I
stood still and later I just came back to my seat.

My long cherished dream of becoming a public speaker shattered on that day, but the irony of life
is, now I am a confident speaker of Palakkad Toastmasters club, a club founded by the parent or-
ganization PAACT and the same audiences are my fellow Toastmasters.

But becoming a good speaker was always my dream and I used to imagine that I was giving a
speech in front of audience.

It took a decade for me to come out of the fear and pursue what I really wanted to and it is now
showing results.

After joining PTM, with Fellow Toastmasters continuous support and motivation, now I can confi-
dently take up any roles and am able to deliver speech.

As the Secretary of the club, my listening skills has also improved
which is very important for any speaker, that is to hear less, listen

Over all, my toastmasters experience for the past one and half years
have been very fruitful, challenging and rewarding. I could achieve
whatever I have achieved at my own pace, one goal at time and in a
consistent manner with passion.

If I can become confident, happy and successful of what I am today
from nowhere as a Toastmaster, anybody can become…


Vol 8 Issue 2 2019 RETRIX


TM Mohmmed Shafi

Shine like star

Last one year I was part of a wonderful team that has provided real learning opportunity to
me, but I am not ready to say “thank you” that is safe in my heart forever. As a club officer I do
not know about my performance but I know PALAKKAD TOASTMASTERS performance and its
aim to support people to achieve their communication and leadership skills.

When a person is forced to work or travel abroad, He or She should be learning new
language that is more popular in that particular region, a local language speaking foreigner al-
ways gets special attention from local people that is the beauty of vocal communication. Cur-
rently language is not a barrier in communication area, because we have software managed
translation technique. But speaking face to face, chatting, reciting, singing, lecturing are all the
beautiful human uniqueness. It helps us to face world confidently and grab opportunities easi-
ly, luckily here we have wise leaders, they established a platform ‘PALAKKAD TOASTMESTER
CLUB” that help us to overcome all types of nervousness and lack of confidence.

I urge you to join this nonprofit organization PALAKKAD TOASTMASTER CLUB, if you are
good in English, you can become a shining star among other speakers .



TM Sambhu Suresh

Failure is just life trying to move us in another direction…

“It doesn’t matter how far you might raise, at some point
you’re about to stumble because if you’re constantly doing
what we do – raising the bar, if you’re constantly pushing
yourself higher, higher, the law of averages, not to mention
the myth of Icarus predicts that you will at some point fall. And when you do, I want you to
know this, remember this, there is no such thing as failure. Failure is just life trying to move
us in another direction.”-Oprah Winfrey

Dear Fellow toastmasters thank you so much for this wonderful platform. Being a member of Pa-
lakkad Toastmasters Club for more than a year now, as Sergeant At Arms I got plenty of opportuni-
ties that provided several moments of pride while meeting in outdoor. I enjoyed my journey as Ser-
geant At Arms for the year 2018-19. All my ExCom members are very friendly and each member has
played a significant role and contributed to other member’s growth and success. Moreover, here
everyone is very supportive and encouraging, as well as have a positive outlook towards team work.
I would like to thank TM CC CL Murali Menon and TM Srilatha Menon for considering me to be a part
of Palakkad Toastmaster Club. Without a great leader we can’t achieve goals, A special thanks to my
Mentor TM Supriya Pradeep who helps me a lot in preparing different role scripts. Once again I
would like to extent my sincere thanks to excom members and my fellow toastmasters for their sup-
Best regard


While joining the club and proudly calling ourselves TOASTMASTER, each of us had a clear purpose
before us…….to emerge as good communicators capable of expressing ourselves with clarity and
to evolve as effective leaders capable of empowering those around

Today, as yet another new term unfolds before us, it is time for
some introspection….Only an ardent Toastmaster can see the posi-
tive transformation that has come about in his or her life…… fear-
ing less and expressing more, hearing less and listening more, be-
ing less passive and getting more active. Fellow Toastmasters, do
you see these changes within you? Then be assured, you have put
your feet in the right place because Toastmasters is the place
where leaders are made.

Wishing a bright future for PTM in the trusted hands of our new
team of Officers!!!!

Sajitha Madan Mohan, CC ALB


Vol 8 Issue 2 2019 RETRIX


Message from the Club Mentor

It is wonderful to see that the new edition of our club news-

Retrix is getting ready to be launched.

I am sure that through such regular publication of our newsletter, the members will be in-
spired with the experiences of other members shared and the stories of their successes
and challenges would motivate other members to strive harder.

Being a self-paced programme, a lot of discipline and commitment are required to com-
plete the projects and move forward to achieve educational goals. The mentoring requires
special attention to fulfil the members expectations.

Wishing Palakkad Toastmasters all the very best in the coming years too!

Madan Mohan Ambat ACS, ALB


Vol 8 Issue 2 2019 RETRIX

District 20 Training

District 20 Training Session by Immediate Past International President DTM
Balraj Arunasalam and with World Champion Public Speaking Ramona J
Smith at Wyndham Grand Hotel Bahrain, 8th Feb 2019.

District20 Toastmasters Annual contest-DTAC

PTM in news– Daily Tribune and 4pmNews



Why a speaker should not say “Thank you” at the
end of a speech.

Dr. Ralph C. Smedley

Should a Toastmaster be perfectionist?
An Article published in 1958 TI magazine

Citation from Facebook Area 20 Toastmasters




What does it mean to “Toast” someone?

A call to a gathering of people to raise their glasses and
drink together in honor of a person or thing, or an in-
stance of drinking in this way.

“he raised his glass in a toast to his son”

This is the season for holiday get-togethers! When
friends and family come together to celebrate, it’s often time for a toast. Whether you are
raising a glass at a winter wedding or saying a few words at a New Year’s Eve soiree, here are
10 tips from Toastmasters International on how to make your speech ring true.

1. Do identify yourself. Although you may be surrounded by friends and family, it’s cus-
tomary to provide a brief explanation of who you are before beginning the toast.

2. Don’t make the speech about you. Just because you are the one speaking, doesn’t
mean it is an opportunity to talk about yourself.

3. Do toast the host. Show your gratitude at the event by thanking the host during your

4. Don’t drink too much alcohol before speaking. You will want to be in top form when
delivering the toast.

5. Do use humor. Jokes and funny anecdotes are acceptable as long as they are positive
and not offensive.

6. Don’t use inappropriate language. Avoid using profanity and telling potentially embar-
rassing stories.

7. Do practice. Rehearse your message in front of an audience prior to the holiday.
8. Don’t apologize. If you make a mistake there is no need to say you are sorry. Pick up

where you left off and keep going.
9. Do raise your glass. At the end of the toast, stand; lift your glass by the stem and say,

“I’d like to propose a toast.” Pause to allow guests to shift their attention toward you
and give them time to lift their glasses. Be sure to lower your glass to about waist


10. Don’t talk too much. A toast should last no long-
er than three minutes.



Incoming EXCOM –term 2019-20

President CC CL Deepa Sajeevan

VP Education VP Member-
Nikitha Krish- ship CC CL
nadas Ramesh KT

VP Public Secretary
Relations TM Aathira
CL SigiLal Menon

Treasurer TM Sgt at arms
Sumesh TM

“Your time as a caterpillar has expired,
your wings are ready!”


Vol 8 Issue 2 2019 RETRIX




Vol 8 Issue 2 2019 RETRIX




When I have almost reached the first anniversary of my Toastmastering, I would
like to say it out, “ Hey, Become a Toastmaster...It’s really worth ..Specially, join
PTM….one of the outstanding TM clubs of Bahrain…

To be honest, I joined PTM to overcome my inertia and a slight phobia of public
speaking inspite of being a public dance performer…

But scene has changed now, today, after completing Level 1 Pathways and hav-
ing stepped onto Level 2, I tell myself - “Look Aathira, finally, you took the right
step in your entire life, ” to overcome your flaws.

Guys and Girls out there…Trust me, Toastmastering helps you, coaches you,
mentors you and hone your skills in various ways ; you listen to Senior Toast-

TM Aathira Menon masters speeches, evaluations & observations, you learn to absorb speech

techniques & public speaking mannerisms; you gather courage to face Tab-
letopics which will definitely help you to manage many unforeseen situations in your life to come;
you learn to be meticulous when you take up grammarian, Ah Counter or timer role..I was enjoying
while I did the role of an evaluator – I got an opportunity to praise & give suggestions to another
Toastmaster who was senior to me by many years…

In nutshell, this community doesn’t care age, position, seniority or education…it’s just finding YOUR-
SELF....which is the unique beauty of it !

A close friend of mine who is the President of TASCA toastmasters club
TM Panneer Selvam and also a well-wisher, often helped to develop my
communication skills. He invited me many times to come as a guest to
Toastmasters Club. But I was making stories and excuses to avoid the
invites due to laziness and also was shy of meeting people.

By understanding this, months after he tricked and made me to partici-

pate as a guest in Palakkad Toastmasters Club through his friend TM

Sreejith Raja. Myself, without any other choice attended the meeting

and thereafter continued as a guest for few meetings. TM Jayakumar

During those days I met members who are energetic, confident, motivating

and good innovative speakers. This inspired me, hence, I decided to join as a club member.

Recently, I have done few roles as Timer, Ah Counter and Table Topics Master.

Currently, I am a bit busy in my workshop for the next challenge to prepare myself to give an Ice-
breaker Speech.

Thanks to Palakkad Toastmasters Club for providing an excellent platform for everyone to show-
case and develop their communication skills.



Club Newsletter release

PTM Annual Contest 2018-19


Valentines day special


Vol 8 Issue 2 2019 RETRIX

Mind Mapping and Public Speaking

TM Sreejith Raja, CC, ALB

Imagine you are at your Toastmaster’s club delivering that speech
which you have taken days and weeks to prepare after a diligent
research. You have drafted a fine speech, rehearsed it many times,
asked your mentor and yet, on the day, as you deliver, you stumble. You forget words and you are
blank. Did you feel your efforts were in vain? Do you want to come out of it?

Yes, there is a solution. A secret called Mind Mapping. What is Mind Mapping? It is a simple way of
getting the information flowing in and out of your mind. Mind Mapping basically helps you create a
map of your central and associated ideas. How do we do Mind Mapping?

First, write your central idea on the centre of a blank page, circle it. As you think and get more as-
sociated points, you may write it in the different parts of the paper and encircle them. You can now
connect the main idea and sub ideas. Your Mind Map is ready on that topic. Now take a good look
at the Mind Map and remember the ideas. Reflect on those ideas in a logical way as obtained from
the map. Your points should now come in a flow. Convert this flow into an excellent speech by de-
livering it in a fantastic fashion. Wish you successful speaking.

Grammar words introduced in
the meetings. January 2019-June



PTM Family day out to Princess Sabeeka park.



PTM as Club sponsor for Bahrain
Odiya Samaj Toastmasters club

Club Achievements 2018-19

TM Sajitha Satheesh ACG

TM Shivdas Nair ACG

TM Sreejith Raja ALB

TM Madan Mohan Ambat ACS President’s Distinguished
TM Supriya Pradeep CL CC Club

TM Dr. Bindhu Nair CL Program Quality Director

TM Rema Santhosh CL Awards 2018-19

TM Sunitha Raghu CL Pathways Level 2 Club DCP Achiever Award

TM Nikitha Krishnadas Pathways level 2 Club Pathways 100% Enrollment

Aathira Menon Pathways Level 2 Award

Sigi Lal CL Pathways Level 1 Smedley Award

Area Director Club Visits Award


Captured Moments Vol 8 Issue 2 2019 RETRIX



Vol 8 Issue 2 2019 RETRIX

NO.1602963, DIV D, DIST. 20.

Individual commitment to a group effort– That is
what makes A team work, A company work, A soci-
ety work, A civilization work. –Vince Lombardi

Meeting on 1st and 3rd Friday
4.30 pm to 6.30 pm at
Al Namal Building ,Salmaniya,
Kindom of Bahrain.
President: 39591360
VP.Mem: 39242135

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