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Challenge in Yakutsk the coldest city in the world



the coldest city in the world




the coldest city in the world


Challenge 1

the splash of hot water heats up
in the air


Challenge 2
Flying noodles


Challenge 3
take a dip in the coldest

city on earth

6 Challenge 4

Try the exotic food.


The results of the votes among

the group's members

Do you like the most top 3

for challenge

In the past three months, in

winter, the average temperature

dropped to 40 degrees Celsius,

which is called the most beautiful

city in the world. Of course, the

temperature is higher in other

places. For example, the village

in the east of the town is 925 kg.

This is by far the coldest

temperature measurement

of 500 people living in meters,

which can be at 8 degrees Celsius

even in Antarctica's Cassirer. In

winter, there is a temperature of

about 76 degrees Celsius, but

neither place has a complete However, deep underground in the

"city" like Yakutsk. There are city is a precious treasure, and even

280000 people living in this city. supersonic air is not an obstacle to

Because of the cold winter most the city. This is a place where

of them are right. diamond

production accounts for one fifth of the world's total. In addition, natural

gas, oil, gold, silver. And many other girls. Locals often say, "it's warmer in

the fridge."

In this case, I will take you to play and challenge the city.

Challenge 1

the splash of hot water heats up in the air

Let's start Challenging one,

I've been listening to people who

have come here to tell each other I was going to do this challenge and

that if Yakutsk had to do this, that is as I was walking about 100 meters

the splash of hot water heats up in from the room my eyelashes started

the air and it turns into tiny droplets to snow and now I can feel that the

like snow a hot water bottle and a area around my eyes is really cold.

mug for hot water. And one more Now it's where I'm going to do the

thing that I can't live without is my experiment. Then start pouring hot

dressing. I had to wear really thick water temperature 100 degrees

clothes and a balaclava hat to cover Celsius pour into a glass and prepare
to splash some hot water into the air,
my whole head because the one, two, let's go ...

atmosphere outside was too cold for Oh my god, it's beautiful. This

me to handle. challenge was passed. I'm impressed.

The name of my experiment might sound strange. This experiment, I have

not heard anyone say it or have done it before. But I think it can First of all, I

have to prepare the equipment. Instant noodles, practice cup, hot water, and then

I'll cook the noodles completely. Now it's 10:20 a.m. and the temperature is

around -36 degrees Celsius after leaving the last experiment because the weather

outside is very cold. It made my face dry. I think that before the next experiment

I have to cover my face as well. Let's start the experiment. Let's go .....

3 minutes have passed and I have started to strain my arms therefore

looking for a helper that is glass

Finally my experiment was successful. My hot noodles turned into flying

noodles within 7 minutes. At first I was secretly thinking whether the experiment

would be unsuccessful or not. But it was able to succeed it is very exciting

Challenge 2

Flying noodles

The Russians in Yakus do one thing, taking a dip in the Lena river, like an

activity every morning. They are believed to keep the body healthy. I was

surprised because it was soaked in water at very low temperatures. To the point

where the entire river is almost frozen For the Russians, it is very common. They

will swim in the water. And bring food to the edge of the pool and eat it as

comfortably as a walrus, But for me, being in this cold weather is difficult. It is

very difficult to experiment with challenges. But when he got the chance to test it,

I didn't want to waste this opportunity.

Before getting into the water, we have to stretch and warm up first. It is

very important and breathing should be adjusted by entering a warm room.

It's time to start after taking off your clothes and coming out of the room. The

cold weather caused my body and bones to ache. And when I go down, the body is

like a thousand knives that have been cut and numbed all over. It is completely

different from bathing in winter. It will take us a very long time to soak and come

up. After coming up, we go back to the room where the heater is turned on to

expand the pores. This challenge is really fun. If anyone has a chance to come here,

it is recommended to give it a try because it is very unique. It will not be like any

challenge you have tried.

Challenge 4

Try the exotic food.

Right now I'm in Yakust supermarket and Challenge. Finally, I think

that coming here I have to try the local food here. First of all, I would like

to share with you a bit about the food hunting that we are going to try

today. It's local food here. In this city, we can’t grow anything because the

weather conditions are not conducive to planting. Therefore, the

merchandise or the food that has been imported will be in the form of cans.

• First, let's try horse milk.

Horse's milk is called kumis .... I taste. Um ... It smells of milk, but it tastes sour. I don't like it.

• Next will be the stroganina

It's frozen fresh fish, everyone ... um. The taste doesn't have much, just

normal fish, I don't like it.

It is like a cup. Its components are using flour, butter, milk to boil and

mix well. Note that the food here is very fat. Because they have to eat fat to

fight the cold . This one, I can eat it deliciously, I like it.

Coming to the last food that we will try to eat together. Horse meat steak ...

It looks good, I will try it, it is softer, softer than beef, but the taste is

not as delicious as the beef. I like this one, it's delicious. There are still

many things that I haven't tried, including beef head, venison, rabbit. Next

time I will write an e-book for everyone to read again. Think in my mind

how I got it down

Since we have many challenge to do

The results of By our group, 2bnkd had the idea for the
people in the group to vote for their favorite 3

the votes challenge, which turned out that everyone's

among the favorite challenge was the challenge4. As

group's everyone was so excited to be able to eat local
food, be it horse milk or stoganina. Which is
members something very strange and strange to taste.

We like this challenge the most.

The second favorite challenge is the challenge 2 .

Because it is a challenge that is easy to make (You just have to endure the

cold) The method is as simple as raising the noodles and repairing them as

high as possible. Whoever is taller wins. Because it is an easy and fun

challenge So there are people in the group like and vote for number 2.

Next comes the third challenge, that is, challenge 1. It is a challenge

that needs to be prepared a little bit, that is. By splashing 100 degrees of hot

water into the air, it produces tiny droplets of snow. It's pretty when we look

at it.

The last challenge is Challenge 3, of course, where the votes come out

less because you have to soak in the water in a very cold river. We are still

surprised that people here can soak in the river. Which is the toughest and

most vulnerable challenge. Less liking according

Unititled form

Do you like the most
NAME ID student Number
top 3

Challenge 1

KloiKarn Muangpan 633040122-1 7 Challenge 2
Challenge 4

Challenge 1
สภาพ พลซักซ้าย 633040690-4 44 Challenge 2

Challenge 3

ภวิช ละมล 633040688-1 43 Challenge 3

ธัญญาลักษณ แสงสงคราม 633040685-7 41 Challenge 1

จักรวาล ศรลาศักด์ ิ 633040680-7 38 Challenge 3

Challenge 1

ปณยวัจน์ แสบงบาล 633040598-2 29 Challenge 3
Challenge 4

Do you like the most top 3

for challenge


6 83.3%
4 50.0%


Challenge 1 Challenge 2 Challenge 3 Challenge 4


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