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Mathew gets stuck on highway 67 while driving to work and a big strom had just happened when he had a big meeting.

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Published by Nery Guerra, 2019-05-08 10:14:09

Late for Work

Mathew gets stuck on highway 67 while driving to work and a big strom had just happened when he had a big meeting.




Have you ever got caught in a storm? Have you ever been devastated 
by the high winds and the heavy rain? Well, this person Matthew has. 
He was heading to work in Dallas, Texas. I'm not going to spoil 
everything that happens in this story. Let us just introduce the main 




Matthew is a 28-year-old who works in an office building. He 

works for a certain company called… Longhorn Services. The company 
manages the taxes and bills in Dallas. Matthew loves nature, he loves 
animals, especially birds. He was born in Austin, Texas. He has two 
younger brothers Ryan and Tom. He also has a younger sister named 




On a Monday morning, Mathew was driving down highway 67 when 

a storm had just started. It was raining, there were high winds and fog 

blocking driver´s vision as they head down highway 67. ¨Man storms 

like this just kick my bucket,¨said Mathew as he watched in agonizing 

horror as hail started to pour down.   

¨It's raining cats and dogs!¨ said Mathew. Everything suddenly 

has gone silent… SMASH! A piece of hail as big as a tennis ball came 

crashing down on his headlights. DINK! DINK! DINK! The sound of his 

car as it was signaling Mathew that he was out of gas.  




He decided to call a mechanic for help but… They were off duty 
because of the storm. Matthew had to think of a plan to get out of 
there. He tried signaling people for a ride, but it wasn't working. People 
were passing right by him like buffalo in a herd. So he decided to walk 
since nobody would help him. He grabbed a bicycle helmet and football 
pads randomly from the back section of his car so he wouldn't get 
struck by hail. The hail chunks were meteors striking me every second 
I walked. 



Matthew started walking, then about thirty minutes later, he, 
finally, made it to his work. He was out of breath and freezing cold, but 
he knew it was worth it. He had to walk 3 miles but he made it to the 
meeting, and he made a deal with out of town workers that they would 
upgrade their business and move them across the country. Mathew got 
promoted to the executive office where he managed the businesses 
from Atlanta, Georgia and all the way to Los Angeles, California. THE 



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