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God Never Gave Man Religion

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Published by thegardenofvision, 2021-12-16 22:21:04


God Never Gave Man Religion

No Stress There is no religion! God's real children don't suffer in life, our life is easy no matter
what is going on. If you want to know if you are a child of God, answer this one
question about yourself, do you stress at all? If you are a person that stresses you don't
belong to God. Anything on God team don't stress about nothing because they know
that God truly got them. If you stress that means deep down you feel that there is no
help and you are on your own, meaning you don't even know what God's voice sounds
like. God doesn't speak scripture, but your pastor gives you nothing but..... why do
people go to church their whole life but there is no change? They are still just as broken
mentally and physically as they were when they started attending 20 years ago, you not
reading the book you need for your soul. All books are correct and so are the stories,
but you are to make your own story.

Mask You see the mask you are wearing represents a symbol. The Muslim/Islamic they cover their faces
Symbolize because women are soil and we spread. The mask you wear when you are next to people you barely can
hear each other because of the mask and if anyone is standing far away they won't be able to hear your
conversation that's why they cover their faces along with their bodies to be unseen and unheard. But
you see, let's discuss the second symbol in coronavirus..... 6 feet apart and stay home, don't go to
church and don't go to school...... You see they are all symbols.
God isn't asking us to cover outside but for all of us to cover our inside. We must all be like the
Muslim/Islamic and cover our INSIDE (vessel) not outside. Tell nobody of your personal business because
there is a high chance they grew up on toxic soil. Toxic soil only knows how to be toxic. Do you
understand? Keep your business to yourself. Have a good time but tell nobody other than who you live
with and God your problems because Satan comes in many forms.

6 Feet Apart

6 feet apart- Learn to respect other personal
space, stop talking on others problems when
you have your own. It’s dangerous to receive
advice from toxic soil, trust in no man only

Stay Home- Learn that peace is still, when you
are constantly on the go your mind is moving all
the time, distracted mind. Enjoy family and
friends on Sunday at the park. Church is
supposed to be a large festival every Sunday,
where family and friends greet each other and
have a good time. Outside family and friends are
oil, oil is fine but in small doses, learn to enjoy
your own family unit.


Sinning is fun, have fun in your sin but when your
sin comes back to bite know that it's because you
sinned first. Learn from your sin and when the next
sin comes along remember the bite of the last one.
LEARN from your sin and move on, because if you
continue to play in your sin you will turn into your
sin. When you turn into a sin you turn into an evil
minion. Because you are a sin that means at any
given time evil can cause problems through you and
you won't even notice that you are the problem.
That's why you can't enter the kingdom of God, it's a
place for people who love to have a good time with
no drama.

Evil walks

Evil isn't in hell my love, it walks on earth
right along with it’s fallen angels right next
to you. Wake up! It’s walking on your
territory, why do you think it's so easy to
find trouble but anytime you decide to live
right things around you start falling apart?
You see, evil is having the time of its life on
earth because here there is "freedom " along
with fallen angels. But you see evil is
trapped here, so that's why it causes so
much confusion and destruction because it
doesn't want to be alone in the end.

Men Style

These are all rocks, men are the rock
of earth and women are the soil. Men,
do you see all the colors? And this is
only a few.... you are supposed to love
colors just as women do. Evil is a
thief, evil taught men to hate color
and hate style. Do you see how the
rocks have many different shapes?
Men are under attack because they
are our foundation. If earth's
foundation would fall the soil would
fall right along with it. You go
shopping for a boy. Their selection is
so small but when you go for a

Seeking Vengeance

The true meaning behind turning the other cheek.
You see, it has nothing to do with allowing people to beat you up. Want confirmation
on that? Look at mother nature. It's beautiful but what happens when you mess with
it? Mmhmm you see, if someone is to lay hands on you hit their asses back so hard that
they will think twice before they do it again, but only strike a few times don't kill them
because God still loves them and if you take it too far it's you that will suffer. What God
means is not allowing distractions to consume you. When someone does something to
cause harm or just a negative impact on you don't seek vengeance!
When you seek vengeance, your mind has become distracted, so you are no longer
focused. Did you know it takes more energy to be upset than to be happy? Do you
realize how physically sick you feel after someone has pissed you off? You see Jesus
didn't fight back because that was apart of his job but do you see how we went from
being the kings and queens to being the slaves and the most hated? You see?

The Snake

The snake, you see evil, because you only use your evil eye, evil is able to
control your mind with the snake. When we die we must all cross a river of
snakes, evil knows that if it can make you continue to fear snakes, you will

never enter the Kingdom of God. When a person dreams of a snake you
immediately think evil. God loves reptiles, God created the snake/cat for the
first animal in the garden. God separated the two after he saw the animal mind

was nothing like the human mind, nothing that has no mind of his own
deserves to speak. The snake was a leader, a leader that was a follower.


Chakra isn't a religion I follow but I don't discredit
stone or crystal powers. Did you not know you are
made from dirt?

My Son Levi….. My son is so well behaved at the age of
one he knew to only look at my work. Porsche isn’t an
aggressive mother, she nurture her children, so in
return her children are loving to all. A home full of life
and love doesn’t look perfect nor is it filthy.

Pure Love


Day 1 Cry, cry all day long, I want you to cry about everything that hurts, I
want you to cry about everything that destroyed you. I want you to reopen all
your wounds because your form of treatment caused your spirit to heal
crooked. We are going to break your spirit all over again, but this time wrap it
the correct way. Tell nobody of this journey. Only one day, so make it good, I
want you to throw the biggest pity party for yourself. I want your soul to cry,
your soul can only cry when tears roll, your soul can only cry when you have
to catch your breath because you have cried so much.

One day you will understand why God allowed your pain, after
you are able to see beyond your sorrows.


Day 2: No matter what phase of life you are
in, God doesn’t care, some of you may see
yourselves as worthless and washed up but
to God you are golden. I don’t care if you
don’t have a pot to piss in or only have a
stick to drive in the dirt, I want you to look
yourself in the mirror and find your worth.
You beat millions of other sperm cells; you
were a champion in the womb, nothing will
defeat you. All day today I want you to say I
am somebody and I will become who I am
supposed to be. I AM SOMEBODY AND I
BE. All day long, tell nobody of this journey
you are on, we must all be like the Muslim
children on the INSIDE. SHHHHHH!


Day 3: It’s time to learn meditation outside, you
need fresh air, your spirit is weak, and it needs to
recharge in fresh air. Find some music with a nice
melody, something without the words Bitch or N
word. Buy you a grill because once you start
meditating it is impossible to stop because it
becomes your medicine. Breathe and listen to the
melody, this is the time smoke and drink
wine. Weed and Wine is a treat, so you must treat
it as such, don’t smoke or drink throughout the day
but wait until it’s time to meditate before
consuming either. Listen to the lyrics. Did you feel
your stress level dive immediately? If your answer
is no that means you aren’t listening to the right
music, or you still aren’t listening to lyrics. You
must be alone during this time, if you are married,
please share this moment with your loved one
every night! This is how you began to listen.


Day 4: Continue, every night after your
children are down go outside and turn on
some music and listen to the melody. No
work!!!! NO WORKING!!!! Once you have
meditated for the day no more work shall be
done on this day! Nothing!!!
14 days later:
You have now been meditating for 14 days,
have you noticed you have become happier?
Have you noticed that you now thirst and
hunger to be at a place of peace? Your journey
is only beginning…

Change Nothing

Change Nothing
Don’t change your speech
Don’t change the way you walk
Don’t change the way you think
Don’t change the way you dress.


Water- Your soul is water, water is your core.
Water that knows themselves is loyal to God and
not Man and doesn’t place oil in their water.
Oil- work is oil, your job doesn’t define who you
are. When you leave
work, leave work.
Oil- Family and Friends are oil. Value nothing a
family member will state about you, it’s the ones
closest to you that are waiting on your
crash, or giving the best advice they know how
to give but they aren’t

Mark Of The Beast

God said trust in him alone, not in man.
The snake tricked Eve into biting the
*fruit* because it had no mind of it’s own
because it was loyal to Lilith and not
God. The vaccine was rushed, the vaccine
was created by man, the vaccine was
created by a snake that is being loyal to
it’s boss Lilith. In this day in age it’s
about who you know not what you know.
It’s about who you know rather than
what you know because man is loyal to
man and money not God. You allowed
people that don’t follow God to create a
vaccine under pressure. The biggest thing
you hear in the media is, we have to trust
in our scientist, man kills themselves.

God’s New

God’s new Kingdom for earth is coming soon..
God gave Porsche your economic plan, how to
stop global warming, a military plan that can’t
be defeated by anyone, Insurance plan, road
layout, education plan and much more.
Nothing of God can be stopped. Wakanda is
real, just as in Wakanda the two sides came
together and so did the Kingdom of God. God
took Lilith and Eve and made one person,
Porsche and God also took Adam, Jesus and
Satan and made one person with everyone’s
permission. One world. Evil moves, original
Satan threw down his throne and picked up a
new throne designed just for him by God. New
hell is run by a white man that wears a blue
robe and my grandmother Nettie. Porsche’s
grandmother was also a fallen angel but she
hates God. Evil Moves!

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