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God Never Gave Man Religion

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God Never Gave Man Religion


God Is Black

Given By: God

Table Of Contents First off let’s give a shoutout to God and his team
back at home for giving us this book to read.
3. Netflix 24. Voodoo 50. Mocking Someone’s Purpose Next, let’s give a shoutout to
4. Christopher Columbus 28. Snakes/Cats/Cows 51. No Stress for all the pictures, Porsche got on their plan and
5. Porsche Crest 29. Playing God 52. Mask Symbolize got a license for the pictures.
6. Weed 30. The Land Real Owners 53. 6 Feet Apart
7. God Is An Original 31. Hieroglyphics 54. Sin
8. The Box 32. 7 Deadly Sins 55. Evil Walks
9. A Jealous Friend 33. A Piece Of Paper 56. Men Style
10. Fuckem Both 34. Wrong Person 57. Seeking Vengeance
11. Lilith Returns 35. Voodoo 58. The Snake
12. Oral Sex 36. Regret Nothing 59. Chakra
13. Neglecting Lilith 37. Loyal to Man And Not God 60. Meditation
14. Depression 38. Heaven Is Fun
15. It’s Adam’s Fought 39. PTSD: Porsche Story And God’s Medicine 64. Change Nothing
16. Lilith Hates God 40. Hearing Voices: Porsche Story 65. Water/Oil
17. Spiritual Clean In Heaven 41. Porsche Raven’s Feather Story 66. Mark Of The Beast
18. Earth Is A Prison For Evil 42. The Veil 67. God New Kingdom
19. Satan And Lilith Revenge 43. Marriage
20. Satan Is Jesus 44. Undamaged Soil
21. Racism Birth 45. Men Be Still
22. Keeping The Bloodline Pure 46. Women Grow
23. Everybody Black 47. Women Kill
48. Black Sheep
49. Reincarnation


Out of all religions evil removed
cores. Evil gave everyone one core
and a book full of stories that
belong on Netflix. You received
books so big and thick that it would
take a lifetime to read one book.
God’s book is only a few pages, to
enter the Kingdom of God, one
must have a mind like a child. Why
would God give you a book so thick
when a child only has the attention
span of a few minutes? God wants
you in your youth. Here is God’s
cheat sheet to Heaven.

Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus is the man to
blame, this is the man who gave you
religion, God never did. Christopher
Columbus was the moving evil at the
time. He was the thief; he was the one
that tricked people into thinking he
was God after he went into the holy
temple and stole God’s word. He used
God’s word against God’s people, he
gave stories to the people. When he left
places, he left scrolls of stories he
found in the holy temple. In exchange
for resources, everybody did what he
said because they thought he was God.

Porsche Crest

The Porsche symbol that sits on a car, was a
crest that belonged in the holy temple. The
crest speaks about the woman named Porsche
that will one day come. The crest represents a
battle between good and evil. Porsche was
going through a spiritual warfare and at the
end of the war she had the ability to choose
good or evil, she chose good. The crest
represents two women Lilith and Eve, there is
one horse because the two turned into one,
Porsche. The crest that sits on the car isn’t the
original but the crest, the name and the house
all belong to God.


Weed is a gift from God, weed is both a gift and a curse. Weed is
used in meditation. When a person smokes weed the best in them
comes out. Weed feeds the holy spirit, weed feeds the happy parts
of you, That's why it's illegal. Weed can take the angriest person
and show them the good side to themselves, weed is like a happy
mirror. Weed is a double-sided sword, never allow weed to
control you, you control weed by treating it as the treat it is,
smoke only when you are done moving around for the day, never
work and smoke.

God Is An Original

God is a designer, but Satan was a copier, Satan
didn’t have the vision, but he knew how to copy
anything he saw. Satan is the one who
introduced God into making his own version of
humans. Satan created the Neanderthals to try to
make people like himself, but the Neanderthals
were animals, they were handicap animals that
had similar features to a human. God made
dinosaurs; God loves reptiles. Satan and God
were friends, God got the idea to make humans
from Satan, but he didn’t copy Satan he made his
own creation. God created Adam, Adam was
nothing like the Neanderthals, he was capable of
everything that God allowed him to do.

The Box

God made a lot of humans and placed the
humans under his house in a box (Earth) God
said when he made Adam he made a bunch at
one time because he didn’t realize what he
had created. He thought his version of the
human race would be similar to the
Neanderthals but he was wrong. He said
when he made Adam, he kept Adam close to
him and made the Garden of Eden to watch
Adam. God said Adam did nothing besides
survive, Adam was happy with no growth,
God grew bored of Adam doing nothing. The
other humans that God created were walking
in the dark on Earth because God didn’t know
the value they held, Adam was the case study.

A Jealous Friend After coming to terms that Adam wasn’t going to do anything, God created a woman’s
vessel, Lilith. He placed Lilith strength in her womb and mind, Satan asked God to be a
part of Lilith creation, God allowed because God was so happy that Satan had turned him
on to the human race, God switched gears from dinosaurs, to humans. Satan was jealous
of God and God knew it but he said he just wasn’t sure because they had been friends for
so long. God knew it was a mistake to let Satan be a part of Lilith creation, but he went
against his better judgment. God allowed Satan to decorate Lilith's vessel and when God
wasn’t looking Satan marked Lilith by placing his blood within her, giving ownership to
him as well.

Fuckem Both

Adam only had the ability to communicate with God, but Lilith had the ability to
communicate with God and Satan because she was marked by both. After God placed Lilith in
the garden all was well, then Lilith started complaining and telling Adam she was sick of his
shit. Adam was lazy and was happy with living outside, God forgot he placed strength in
Lilith's mind. God instructed Lilith to listen to Adam and to lay with Adam whenever he
requested. Lilith had no issue with lying with Adam but she had an issue with following a
weak man. Lilith told God that Adam was lazy and didn’t want to work, Lilith started telling
God she could do everything Adam could do and she and Adam argued endlessly over this
God sided with Adam and told Lilith she was wrong and that she was to follow Adam, Lilith
said fuckem both and told them she was leaving. God told her she could leave but she
couldn’t take anything with her, God forced Lilith to leave her children with Adam. Lilith
went and started building a home for the whole family but God and Adam thought she was
working out of rage but Lilith went and built the grand canyon as a point to show them she
was just as useful and she was better with Adam. Lilith was pregnant when she was building
the caves but nobody knew, not even Lilith.

Lilith Returns Lilith had nobody on her side other than the snake and Satan. Satan always ensured Lilith that he was on her
side and he told Lilith that God was wrong for treating her that way. Lilith and Satan had sex because Satan
had access to Lilith because he had marked her, giving him access to the Garden of Eden. Lilith and Satan only
had sex one time because it was hard to have a real relationship due to all the eyes around. When Lilith left the
Garden of Eden she was pregnant with Satan babies, everybody thought they belonged to Adam. When Lilith
realized she was pregnant she told Adam, but also told Adam she wasn’t interested in having a relationship but
she wanted to make him aware of the situation.
Adam told God that Lilith was pregnant, God sent three angels to Lilith to convince her to return to Adam but
Lilith was like hell no she was good without him. After God realized that Lilith wasn’t going to return he
replaced Lilith with Eve. Lilith thought long and hard about what the angels had said and decided to return to
Adam because she realized she did need help and she couldn’t do it on her own. When she came back another
woman was in her place.

Oral Sex

When God realized that Lilith had returned, he told Lilith to
stay but she and Eve would have to share with Adam. Lilith
flipped out on God and Adam, Lilith told God he didn’t care
anything about her. Lilith ran back to the cave and took the
snake with her. Satan came to Lilith and told Lilith she can
get Eve out of her place if she could some kind of way get
Eve to die. God had told Lilith and Adam they could have
sex but not oral sex, oral sex USE TO BE forbidden. It’s all
free game now, have sex and enjoy sex as you may but sex is
between man and wife, no woman has a penis, so no woman
is to stick even a fake penis in a male butthole. Having anal
sex destroys the body slowly, what doesn’t affect you will
affect your grandchildren.

Neglecting Lilith

Lilith rebelled after Lilith saw that
nobody was on her side. God realized it
wasn’t until he gave Eve to Adam that he
saw that it was Adam that had the
problem. God didn’t understand Lilith,
God thought Lilith was full of rage, but
her rage was only pure love. Lilith built
the grand canyon off of heartache, she
felt that if she never stopped working
that she wouldn’t have to focus on Adam
or God. God thought Lilith was doing the
work she was doing out of anger but it
was love. Lilith was pure love and only
wanted to be happy, but she refused to
live with little.


Once Lilith returned back to her caves she fell into a great
depression, she had lost everything. Lilith gave birth in the
dark, the children never received sunlight and Lilith's home
was filthy. Lilith stopped moving during the day not due to
hate but she was just trying to stay out of everybody's way
because she knew everybody hated her. Lilith changed
everything about herself to accommodate everybody else.
Lilith felt all hope was lost, Satan became angry with God
over Lilith, and requested that he be the man to take care of
Lilith, God told him no because Adam was in charge and
that if he wanted Lilith he would have to go through Adam
first. Satan, full of pride, told God he wasn’t going to bow to
Adam and God told him he would either bow to Adam or
lose Lilith.

It’s Adam’s

God realized Adam was the problem after Adam told God
Eve had left him and moved into the caves with Lilith.
Lilith had convinced Eve to perform oral sex on her and
the snake told Eve it would be ok, that God was just strict
on rules. Lilith and Eve started having sex, that was the
forbidden sin. God went into the Garden of Eden after he
saw no growth, two women can’t create a baby. When God
came to the Garden he couldn’t find anybody, everybody
was hiding.
Adam had lost a second wife because of his ways, God
realized he too had problems because he and Adam were
just alike. God found Adam and Adam told him Eve had
left to live with Lilith, Eve came out of hiding and told
God she had left Adam for Lilith and she and Lilith was
having oral sex. Eve told God she had oral sex with Lilith
after the snake said it would be ok, then Eve taught Adam
oral sex as well. God banned oral sex because the
woman’s body gives knowledge and so does the man. Eve
was having sex with both.

Lilith Hates God

God separated everybody, Lilith became furious with God
because she said God keeps taken from her. Satan was
furious with God and Adam as well. Satan told Lilith to kill
her children before God got to her cave or he was going to
punish her the same way he punished the snake. Lilith
flipped out and started killing her children out of pain and
rage. By the time God had gotten to the cave Lilith had
killed six of her children and the rest ran out of the cave
after God opened the door. Lilith looked at God with so
much pain and anger, she screamed out a loud scream and
slit her throat. It took God seeing Lilith commit suicide in
his face for him to change. God wasn’t aware that Lilith
and Satan were communicating until he went into Lilith
cave and saw the Satan logo drawn in the cave. God looked
at the children and realized they didn’t belong to Adam but

Spiritual Clean
In Heaven

God left the Garden of Eden and went
back to Heaven, once back in Heaven an
argument between God and Satan took
place, God informed Satan that he
ordered Lilith to kill his children not
Adam. Satan had called an emergency
meeting in Heaven while God was still
away, only a few angels sided with him
and the rest stayed on God's side. The
battle in Heaven took place and it wasn’t
a fair fight, God won the victory and once
the battle ended God kicked Satan out of
Heaven and threw Satan down along
with everything. God said he cleaned
house on anything that was or could’ve
been touched by Satan or any of the
fallen angels.

Earth Is A
Prison For Evil

Earth became a prison for Satan. God took
Satan under his house and put him in the box
(earth). Earth became an apartment for Satan,
Satan turned the light on. When Satan turned
the lights on, the humans that God created
where on the earth began to change their ways
and their minds were bright. Satan and Lilith
began to terrorize the people on earth. God
thought the people on earth would be like
animals because he never taught them anything,
the people on earth began to watch Satan and
Lilith and started copying them. Once Lilith and
Satan learned that the people on earth would
copy them, they turned them into slaves, to seek
revenge from God, by destroying God’s creation.

Satan And Lilith Satan and Lilith didn’t stop there, Satan wanted his own creation without God. Satan owned Lilith because
Seeking Revenge she was a bloody sacrifice under Satan, so Lilith have sex with the Neanderthals to create a new creation.
When Lilith had sex with the Neanderthals the children came out white, the white race you know today came
from Neanderthals. When God saw all the destruction, he took everybody out of the garden of Eden and
placed them all in the box under his house (earth). The children that are tan (latin, chinese and etc) father is
Satan. There are several different humans. Everything became so mixed that God couldn’t reach down to
separate anybody. Once God realized he played his part in the destruction he fixed his error by making a deal
with the devil.

Satan Is Jesus

Lilith killed herself because Satan told her to be a bloody sacrifice for him so he
could protect her from God. God told Satan that he would give him the keys to
run earth if he would be a bloody sacrifice for him. Satan agreed. Adam, Jesus
and Satan are the same person. Satan agreed to die under God's name to give
the humans on earth the ability to enter heaven. Death isn’t on the table for
Porsche, Porsche is Lilith and Eve, she here to give life in a dark place. A queen
is only as good as her team. When Jesus was born, God placed Jesus with an
aggressive man. God allowed Joseph to treat Jesus the way he did because he
was shaping Jesus for his future. Satan tried to convince Jesus to change his
mind because Satan knew that he would have to possess Jesus at the end and
die. Satan wasn’t ready to die, so he was trying to stop Jesus, the days that Jesus
laid and was beaten, he didn’t make a noise because it was Satan that was being
beaten and he knew he deserved it all. God and Satan ended their beef a long
time ago but evil moves.

Racism Birth Satan and Lilith taught their children to stay away from black people,
and to kill them anytime they saw one. Satan and Lilith created the
white race so they would be able to tell their children from God’s. When
Satan died under God, all of the children that originally ran from the
caves received the ability to enter heaven. The Neanderthal had to
receive the blood of God through a vaccine, when Jesus was walking
because God has no ownership over the white race. When the white race
took the vaccine of the blood of Jesus it gave them the ability to enter
Heaven as well.

Keeping The
Bloodline Pure

Jesus brought the nightwalkers into the day because they were innocent, the
children that left with Jesus still carried the blood of the Neanderthals, so
their color remained white. There are two white races, the tainted and the
pure. The pure souls are damned to hell, Lilith and Satan never told their
children why to keep the bloodline pure, they taught them to keep it pure
because anything pure automatically goes to hell. New hell is a new kind of
ball game, the air smells like a dog and they are taking people and they are
playing human centipede, but you don’t die, in old hell one sits and watches
the destruction they cause.
New hell is so bad you won’t have time to worry about the destruction you
caused in life because you will suffer too much to remember, you don’t die.
Just as the humans walked in the dark before Satan turned the lights on, so
will you. God himself created the black race, the mixed race was created
through rebellion and the white race was created from Satan and Lilith, but
God created Lilith, so therefore God owns everything once he took
ownership back over Lilith.

Everybody Black Recap, God is black. Angels are black. Old evil was black. Everybody is black. Other races were
coined off of the black race. Satan and Lilith taught the white race to hate the black race because the
black race was God’s creation and they were full of so much anger, they were willing to even destroy
themselves, Satan and Lilith black, they just possessed the white body a long time ago to start
The white race still causes destruction to this day on their own, and they are well aware it’s them
causing the destruction, but they refuse to stop. Once someone is aware of an error they are making
and continues, they lose their innocence. Evil Moves. Everything white isn’t white and everything
black isn’t black. There are several different human species walking, you just thought you all were
the same. To hate the black race is to hate God himself, why do you think the world attacks the black
race the hardest?

Voodoo God is a wizard, wizards practice voodoo. God created everything he has
created with Voodoo. God gave Adam, Lilith and Eve Voodoo. The white
race taught the black race to stop practicing Voodoo, not God. Porsche
is a wizard like her daddy, she is no older than two years old and know
nothing, other than what she is told, she is a baby in training.


When the French lost against the Haitians in 1804 they went back and discussed the
Haitians success. They remembered Christopher Columbus warning them about
voodoo but the French didn't think Columbus was telling them the truth about voodoo.
When the colonists realized that voodoo was real, they decided they would make their
own, they started calling the day Halloween. They would dress up and pretend to be
like the Haitians on Halloween not knowing what the costume meant. Halloween was
coined into evil because people who stole the costumes didn't have a clue what the
costumes meant; they just knew it defeated an army.
Voodoo is powerful, voodoo can only be coined from those who have a pure heart
because it's in the will of the craft. Voodoo was painted evil through the usage of
Halloween. Dark magic works for the evil but evil offers no protection over it's user, if
evil is to use dark magic, the evil must be pure, when evil will its craft it must be from
the deepest darkest root, hate.
Evil lives in a constant fight because as they cast evil out, evil returns 10x. So evil must
use more dark magic to fight what's coming it's way constantly. Voodoo and dark magic
don't carry the same strength, Voodoo makes dark magic look like lint on a living room
floor, but Voodoo owns the house. Good is under constant attack as well from evil but
good doesn't suffer. Good people still have the ability to accomplish tasks without
falling to distractions.


Protection Spell

Spray bottle
White vinegar
Drop of pee of everyone that lives at the
Drop of Anointing Oil


Anointing Oil
Warm olive oil and pray over oil
as it heats,
drop of pee of the anointed.


Humans moves through cats and snakes, The great sphinx of Giza. When humans die we
all go in different directions, some go in cats, snakes, cows and demons go in dogs. Angels
move through cows, cow meat is poison to the body. Cow meat causes cancers within the
body. Anoint the cat that comes to your front door with a charm necklace dipped in
anointing oil. Anoint the snake by drawing a cross on the head. Know that before the cross
it was the snake symbol. Once a cat or snake is anointed they have the ability to
communicate in your favor, a cat is a house real protector once anointed.
The cat and snake are the same animal. God separated the cat and snake because together
they were too dangerous because it could speak but not be trusted. In the 1230s Pope
Gregory IX signed the Vox in Rama to execute all black cats... They managed to kill a few
thousands.... then God allowed the black plague to kill millions of them in return. Evil
knows their error now, your politician is going to sign a law ordering execution over the
black race, because they feel it's unfair for black people to live and everybody else to die.
That's why God is headed down here, and sent his book before his arrival, yall got God
fucked up all the way. For each black person that has been killed under hate and will be
killed under hate, just as only a few thousand cats were killed the table will flip and
10,000 of them will die for each black death, this is your last warning.

Playing God

On the wrong calendar..... you are
on the Gregorian calendar. Pope
Gregory xiii in October 1582
changed the calendar. Pope
Gregory IX ordered a demand
under Vox in Rama to kill all black
cats in the 1230s because he
found the truth about cats along
with other things. In 1582 the
pope who admired Pope Gregory
Ix wanted to be like him and
played God and changed the

The Land Real Owner

America belongs to the black race, the land
of America never belonged to the Native
Americans but black people. The water was
poisoned, and they killed off the original
black people. Mix children that were created
by raping black women became the new
Native Americans. The traditions that
Native Americans practice belong to the
black race. The grand canyon belongs to the
black race, everything belongs to the black
race. Porsche has yall economic plan,
military plan, education plan, gentrification
to Africa. You all need each other, and
nobody is going to rescue you all but God
and God's team. It's time for the black race
to rise, either get up or stay down forever.

Hieroglyphics When Jesus came to earth, Jesus went to the children in the woods and the caves and
taught the black race the children were innocent, and they deserved the same life as the
black race. Jesus taught the black race that we were not allowed to treat any of Lilith
children less than the next because Lilith also had black children. Jesus taught the
black race that any of Lilith's children could also take the throne if they are a part of
the royal bloodline. The royal bloodline means anointed spirit that can hear God, not
having sex with relatives. Hieroglyphics was taught to bring everyone together because
everyone spoke a different language. Hieroglyphics was created so all races were able
to communicate that sat on a throne, Hieroglyphics trickled down to the people and
became the form of writing.

So many people think they are saved but they aren't. There
are 7 poison trees..... selfish, destruction, insecurity, anger,
two faced, pride and depression. Take 7 items and place them

in front of you and label each item. Take 3 candles, light
them, place the three candles behind your items spaced out.

Look at each item and have a heart to heart, sit down and
think about who you are and your actions. So many think they
are innocent, but they are far from innocent. Do this once per
week. Anoint your children's head with drawing a cross then a

snake on the cross.
Allow nobody to pray over your children other than yourself.
Baptism takes place at home in the tub. Pray over your child

and sprinkle water over their heads. Anoint your children
once per week. Use warm olive oil that you have prayed over,
don't pray over your children until your soil is clean, you can

harm your children because toxic only gives toxic. Porsche
will anoint whoever comes to her and asks to be anointed.

A Piece Of

Do you understand that people charge
people for what's supposed to be free?
You aren't supposed to pay for water or
lights or a bunch of stuff people are
currently paying for. People determine a
good therapist by a piece of paper.
Wrong answer. A piece of paper grants
you nothing in God eye, because this
world is ran off of a piece of paper you
got people in the wrong places. People
love being in others' business thinking
they can solve everyone's problems but
in reality they make things worse. You all
get advice from toxic soil that holds a
piece of paper.

Wrong Person

Allowing the wrong person to pray over you can cause damage.
You can't allow toxic soil to pray over you because it's not praying
to God, even when they think they are. New Evil communicates
just as God does. People don't speak with God or Satan, you speak
with a relative that has passed away. God doesn't speak to
anything that is a walking sin because he doesn't have ownership
over you. If God wants the attention of the walking sin he will send
you a representative. To know if you are a walking sin, your choice
of poison.... Does it still feel wrong? If the answer is no then you
are a walking sin and you don't have a clue if there is a demon in
you or not because they lie quiet in your vessel and when it finally
shows its head, people say I don't know why I did what I just did.
It's never the person that kills another, it's always the demon in
them. Once they have killed or done whatever the demon wanted,
the demon leaves the soul and finds another one.
***** Since the marriage agreement God owns all voices outside of
new evil. On earth Satan and God’s voice is one team.


It's dangerous that nobody knows voodoo....
because none of you know about voodoo yall
are unaware of the dark magic that is being
released in the air everyday.... When a woman
aborts a child, she performs a ritual over her
body, she has given the spirit of Lilith to come
into her vessel. If a grandmother has an
abortion it will be the grandkids that will be
attacked. It always skips a generation.
Everything skips one generation, that's only
one thing. Demons are able to walk in anything
that is a walking sin. When you have a
miscarriage and you are happy that the child is
gone, it's considered an abortion. Abortions
must stop because it's a ritual to allow the spirit
of Lilith to enter your vessel.

Regret Nothing

When you regret your past you regret your
future. It's your stories that shape you, when
you no longer regret you take power over
your story. When you regret nothing,
darkness turns into light. When you regret
nothing you heal. For every negative there is
a positive but because you regret you have
yet to see the positive. In every destruction
there is beauty. Accept what you have lost
because when you accept what you have
lost, what is for you will come.

Loyal To Man And
Not God

Every time you kiss somebody's ass, you are
bowing at their feet, you are a person loyal to
man and not God. When you are a person that
allows others to influence your decision making
you are a person loyal to man, only God knows
what's best for you. If you change the way you
speak in front of others you bow to man. If you
change your whole vibe for others you bow to
man. Where does your loyalty lie? Bow at no
feet but yet be not disrespectful, be kind to those
who are cruel to you.
When you seek no vengeance your enemy
suffers, because you never balanced the scale.
The scale is unbalanced and it must remain
unbalanced, and let God handle the problem.

Heaven Is Fun
Netflix and chill all day long, imagine a life where
everybody is rich and there are no problems. Just sex,
food, weed, wine and peace.

PTSD: Porsche I lost count of the car accidents. Always hit from the back while I'm relaxing at a stop light. It got so bad that I had
Story And God’s a consistent fear while driving, feeling that I would die young, always hearing the crash in my head when I would
Medicine try to relax..
You must fight the demon that fights you. No longer fear the demon, instead catch it off guard..... wherever it
attacks you, I want you to walk on its territory while it isn't watching and blow everything up that you see! You are
in control, you must have a battle in your mind. Destroy everything in sight, scream in your battle! Let your demon
know you are there and you fight it and destroy it. Some of you have suffered for so long that you might have to
fight several times. No longer feed your ptsd because you just watched yourself destroy your enemy and if it does
sneak back up on you, fight it, don't run from it, destroy it every time. Whatever you don't feed will die.

Hearing Voices:
Porsche Story

For those that hear voices, did I not say it was God who moves through me.
God moves through me by speaking to me. God will move though you through
speech. My loves you aren't crazy and you do hear voices you are the ones God
called into Voodoo. You have the ability to hear because it's a trait God gave
you. People that have the ability to hear all had hard childhoods because
evil knows if it can keep you distracted the voices you hear will turn negative.
You are NOT ready to practice voodoo yet!!! You must first return to the tree of
If you practice voodoo in the wrong soil your crop will only spread poison.
Once you are back on your tree of life, what scared you and what you were told
was wrong will become your strength and power. We must first dig up your
roots and replant you, you are power and your voice is needed. Because you
have been told you were crazy, you have paperwork to prove your ability!
Congratulations on your degree, you see in every destruction there is a hidden
beauty. Because you have been told you were crazy it was written and that is
the beauty because you have proof that you hear voices.

Porsche Raven’s Feather

This is a raven's feather... God whispered a secret to me about the
raven and then the raven's feather laid near my feet. I picked the
feather up and I noticed it was beat up. God said, I gave you a
feather that shared no two hairs alike. Do you see how there's a
missing feather on one side? Do you see how the hairs move
differently from each other? Children that are born with disabilities,
there is a purpose, people born with no legs, no arms, missing
parts...... it's for your purpose. You see some of you came with
missing pieces because in your next life the strength you developed
in your disabilities will become your power. Women that suffer
miscarriages cry no more, your vessel created a power soul. Power
souls take a lot of energy, what you think is death is actually a
celebration. Every child in a miscarriage is a power soul.

The Veil/Charm

The veil has a special meaning: it has
nothing to do with weddings. The veil or
charm necklace protects you from evil
spirits and demons. Whenever you enter
a real temple of God you are supposed to
wear a veil because the temple is under a
spiritual attack at all times because it
works for God and it can attack any weak
soul near the temple, so you must cover it
with a veil, in God's presence. Porsche
sister was born with a veil over her face
and it was because Porsche is the body of
the holy spirit, so her sister was born
with a veil to protect her.


When a rock invites soil but later
rejects the soil, the soil will die on
the rock. In a marriage a woman
or man leaves mentally first.
When you leave mentally you
must go!!! Soil if you don't leave
you will turn into a rock, a rock
doesn't grow but you are soil.
Rock if you don't leave you will
break down to soil but you are a
rock and a rock provides strength.

Undamaged Soil

Men don't like easy women, easy women are
undamaged soil. When a woman makes it
difficult for you to bag her it's because she is
damaged. A woman is supposed to meet you
halfway if she is interested in you, she must also
show affection. When a woman gives you the
run around it's because you aren't the rock she
is looking at, she is looking at a rock that
damaged her soil. Be careful in what you throw
to the side because it's easy, it's supposed to be

Men Be Still

Rock be still.... God doesn't approve of rock moving
the way it does. A rock sits still and soil grows over
the rock. In order for soil to grow over the rock, the
rock must be inviting, the rock must be so inviting
that it creates a growing space for soil. Once soil
starts to grow on rock it becomes one. When men
(rock) move you are disturbing nature. Rock has to
be inviting for soil (women) to attach itself. If you
remove soil from a rock, you damage the soil. So
when rock is moving around and removing soil you
damage every woman you invite on your rock. It's
hard to get soil off of a rock, that's why women blow
your phone up. Women grow on rock, so don't invite
what you don't want because you are disturbing the
law of nature. Rock be still.
**** Disclaimer: in other words money stability has
nothing to do with anything, you build together. Rock
needs its soil to thrive and soil needs its rock for
strength. You don't have to own a home to have a wife.
It's not until rock and soil is one that other creatures
come along to join, you two are the home. Rock and soil
creates a mountain.

Women Grow Men are the rock of earth and women are the soil, did you not
know that a rock is still? Their job is to be still and provide
strength, women are you not soil? Don’t soil grow, who gives
life to this world? Women are to be free and move around as
they wish, both women and men can work or stay at home to
see about their children, there are no roles. In order for a
mountain to grow and be full of life, soil and rock works as a
team. There are jobs that no man can do and there are jobs that
no woman can do. A rock grinds its way to the top.

Women Kill

A woman leader is the most dangerous leader because a
woman likes to touch everything. When a woman goes
shopping she touches everything that catches her eye,
this is both good and bad depending on the woman. A
woman leader must know how to be a mother, a woman
leader that isn’t a mother will destroy everything she
touches because she is selfish, not on purpose. Only a
mother can lead, every mother isn’t a mother, to know if
a woman is a mother speaking to her children. Don’t look
at the image that is placed on social media, if a mother is
a mother, you will see the same strength the mother has
in her child. A real mother spends time with her children,
her children don’t get in the way when she works, her
children are her work.

Black Sheep

For every black sheep that has cried knows that God
allowed, he allowed you to be mistreated because one
day he will give you a task, the task you will be given
you must be strong and not care for others opinion.
Black sheep remember that you are a black sheep
because the ones that didn't see your value realized
they made a mistake. God doesn't want you to value
their opinion, that's why you were the black sheep.
The black sheep suffers in the beginning but reigns in
the end. Cry no more, question no further, thank God
for your suffering because the pressure turned you
into a diamond.


Evil wants you to believe reincarnation isn't real because anything that has
returned belongs to God. The ones that have newborn babies that will not
stop crying no matter what you do 9/10 are reincarnations, but because you
are unaware of reincarnation you label your child as bad, that is
DANGEROUS!!!. That child is not BAD, it's unable to move and speak the
way it knows how to do, have you heard the saying once a child of God
always a child of God? You have been speaking reincarnation but didn't
know it.
Once a child of God, meaning you have given your soul to God, some only
find God on their deathbeds, when we find God on our deathbeds, God will
allow you to play again but this time you have been marked as God’s child,
meaning child of God. Always a child of God meaning when God plays his
reincarnation, God’s children always find their way back home. God is the
king of risk, when God replays some souls, God is aware that he is running
into the risk of losing some, but a true child of God will always return back

Mocking Someone’s

Example the middle east and all around, these poor souls
sacrifice their lives in believing that if they die in front of the
world (in front of people) as a bloody sacrifice that they will turn
into Gods or God will hear their cry louder because they died
under his (name). When Jesus died nothing but beauty came
behind his death but when you die in front of the world nothing
but pain comes/come behind your name. No two purposes are
the same so that means if you copy somebody else's purpose
yours won't have the same effect because there was no passion,
just imitation. If everybody tries to copy each other, nothing
grows. I’m not here to copy Jesus, no two purposes are the same.

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