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Leadership has become more of a buzz word now a
days. There is a lot of talk about it, but how truly are we

able to find leaders who are real leaders.

In today’s world we find a lot of artificial leaders who
believes in only self driven goals and benefits and

misuse the power of the role they play.

It is very hard to differentiate in traits but if observed
minutely, there are clear traits which signifies an
“Insecure Leader”.


A Leader who believes in living in a myth
called Leadership, however, is miles

away from what a true leadership is. Lives
in its own world like a frog in the well and
believes to be amongst the best and uses

the power to downgrade others.



Believes in controlling A1 A5 FIRST
mechanisms Only concerned about

their own benefits

Has no vision for
organization / team A2 A6 A6 RESOURCES
Feels as if they own
W ITH TEAMS A4 people of the company
Are mostly disconnected
to ground realities DIVISIONAL
Sets goals that are A4 Breaks teams unity and

unreal create a negative


Always think of losing the

[email protected] MYTH THEY LIVE IN…


Mission Vision REAL LEADER

Goal Strategy Vision
Binds people into a

common Vision

Establishes a mission for

the group

Works w ith team to
develop a strategy

Sets goals and lead by




TAKES 05 06 01 GREAT
IMPACT Achieves
Owns failures exemplary
and credits 04 03
team for results
Creates a high
Binds people 02 energy positive
working in
teams in workforce ready
alignment to deliver under

DEVELOP the odds
Build next gen INNOVATION
Creates roos to
experiment and
hence brings



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2019 CORP. LTD.

Millennials have been given “kind of a bad rap” by being ov erly stereotyped and s tudied. “Millenni als ar e Indi a’s
most diverse generati on. T hey hold more c ollege degrees than any other generation, and they’v e experienc ed
social, economic and political turmoil.
They’re s avvy, educated, sk eptic al, and on top of it all, t hey’re i dealists. All of this has l ed to v ast changes i n the
ways today’s workforce views business, engages with their organiz ations and leaders and m akes decisions
about their c areers. And y et, just as with any gener ation, one must be cautious about assuming one profile fits

However one feels about this gener ation, ther e’s the fact that millennials are going to be the prime engine of the
workplace for years to come. The truth is that companies have to adapt to them, not the other way around.

In order to foc us on Com pany gr owth and its tenure of service, benefits we need to identify top millennial work er
trends for 2019. Here’s his list:

1. Shifting motivations
Salary and culture continue to r ank high on the list for attrac ting millenni al and Gen Z c andidates, but the
following factors are increasingly important:
Flexibility: They ex pec t more control over where and when t hey c an work, with the ability (enough PTO and
work-life balance) to travel and have other life experiences.
Mission driven: T hey are more in touch with the environm ent, s ociety, and the future of both. T hey feel they are
not only repres entative of t heir or ganization, but their organizati on also repres ent w ho they are as individuals
and want to be a part of or ganizations that share similar views. They look for leaders who will make decisions
that will better the world, not just their organizations, and solve the problems of the world through their work.
Development and tr aining opportunities: Bec aus e millennials hav e seen suc h dram atic shifts in the economy,
they seek to have more control ov er the futur e of their car eers. Not only to “recession proof” but also to “future
proof” their careers by constantly learning and developing.

2. Declining levels of loyalty and increased job hopping
These phenomena, well-known to employers or millennials, are largely due to:
Shifting m otivati ons (outlined above): T he key to m anaging this group is understanding the s hifting motivations
and finding ways to meet those needs/wants will help organizations attract and retain top talent.
Higher v alue plac ed on ex periences , constantly w anti ng to try and lear n new things : Managers need to give
thes e empl oyees an opportunity to grow and dev elop in their roles is ess enti al, but also an opportunity to
explor e differ ent fiel ds and disciplines is also a k ey. Keepi ng the work and the environm ent interesti ng and
diverse will keep millennial employees engaged for longer.
Less patience, with a desire for frequent indicators of career progress ( higher pay and/or prom otions): J ob
hopping often allows the quickest opportunity to m ake m ore money and climb the c areer l adder. As a r esult,
organizations are building in a quicker cadence for promotions and pay raises.

3. An increasing lack of basic professional skills/awar eness
Many of these tal ented young peopl e lack ess ential k nowledge about what to w ear, how to act and how to
engage in an office setting. Here’s how to respond:
Managers need to be r eady to guide t hes e new workf orce entries into the professional skills areas. They oft en
don’t have a network of older (par ents /relativ es) professionals ar ound them to s et an ex ample and advise on
what “professionalism” looks like and m eans. And colleges oft en don’t provi de educati on in professionalism in
an office s etti ng: aside from business schools, many c olleges don’t prepare st udents—es pecially thos e in the
liberal arts—on meeting etiquette, business apps and technology, and other everyday professional practices.

Corporate onboar ding of new entry-lev el employ ees often excl udes the “basics” (meeting protoc ols, MS Office
skills, etc.). While c ompanies ty pically have s ome type of job-s pecific training programs, they often assume
thes e basic office skills are ther e and ar en’t able to see a candi date’s potential when lack of pr ofessi onal
skills/awareness is present. This can creat e a barrier for hi ghly qualified but m ore “ good” c andidates , especially
first-generati on graduates. Effective c ompanies will dev elop trai ning, coaching, and mentors hip pr ograms c an
help once on the job.

Best suggestions to manage millennials:

1. Create clear and fast-moving career tracks.
Create distinct career tracks with clear direction on how to advance to each level.
Restructure pr omotion and inc entiv e pr ograms that giv e smaller, m ore increm ental pr omotions and sal ary
raises, giving more consistent positive reinforcement and closer goals that make it more enticing to stay.

Create professional devel opment opportunities that help them adv anc e in thos e career tracks and build other
skills they need and want.

Create w ays young employ ees c an ex plore other car eer tr acks without leavi ng the com pany. Millennials and
Gen Z’s hav e a higher propensity for c hangi ng t heir minds and/or wanting different experienc es, s o consider
ways that enabl e employ ees to make lateral mov es or create rotational programs that allow inexperienc ed
professionals t o get experienc e in a variety of business capaciti es and are then more prepar ed to c hoose a

2. Along side comp etitive comp ensation p ackag es that i nclude CTC matching progr ams and compr ehensive
insurance offerings, provide benefits that allow them to hav e a s ens e of flexibility when it c omes to how they
Workings remotely, flex schedules/hours
Floating holidays–especially beneficial as the workforce becomes more and more diverse

Restructure PTO that gives employees more autonomy and responsibility for their work
Tuition reimbursement programs to increase retention and build leaders internally

3. Cr eate a strong comp an y culture: compan y cultur e is one of the strongest recruiti ng and retention t ools.
Go bey ond the flas hy tactics of having an on-site gam e room and fun c ompany outings and bring mor e focus to
the c ompany’s mission. Create and live/work by a s et of core v alues that repr esents your company’s mission.
People will be mor e engaged and mov e beyond just being their role or positi on when they feel c onnect ed to the

4. Ch allenge without over wor king. Boredom and str ess are equally c ommon as factors for driving millenni als
out of a workplac e. Allow inv olvement i n bi gger, higher-level projec ts and disc ussions to pr ovide meaningf ul
learning opportunities, and create goals that stretch their capabilities but are attainable.




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INDIA PROFESSIONALS IN THE Wi th over 222,000 members , the Indian
communi ty (including some from Suri nam)
In a neighbourhood nea r in the Netherlands is now the second
Ams terdam’s Schiphol ai rport, la rgest in Europe. The UK is the la rges t.
there is a communi ty of Indian
families who a re adding valuable Fi gures from 2017 identi fy Indians as the
s ki lls to the l ocal workforce. la rgest group of non-EU residents

regis tering in the Netherlands , wi th twi ce
a s ma ny a rrivals as i n 2012.

Ams tel veen is a prosperous 44% of Indian expa ts a re knowledge
nei ghbourhood and is ra ted
mi grants wi th families and s tudents
amongst the bes t places to li ve in
the country. Indian migra nts ma king up mos t of the res t. Around three
ma ke up one of the fas tes t-
qua rters of these mi grants work in IT and
growing expat groups in the
Ne th e rlands. informa tion servi ces . 200 Indian

companies employing many of these

knowledge workers . Student numbers

ha ve more than tri pled s ince 2012.

In Ams tel veen, the Indian communi ty has influenced the local communi ty. The
hospital has an Indian help desk. In 2011, there was onl y Indian res taurant.
Toda y, there are at l east 12 to choose from.

Nea rby, the ci ty of Eindhoven has also seen the influence of the Indian
communi ty. A (predominantl y Indian) cri cket club opened ea rlier this yea r on
the local uni versi ty ca mpus ; New s mall businesses ha ve been opened up by
Indian families. Typical businesses invol ve food or clothes or dance lessons . Itis
sometimes di ffi cul t to find common ground on communi ty events and
co mmu n ication .

‘India is more of a continent than a country: ‘Every 100km, the culture, the
food, the people change. I don’t know of any two households tha t even
cel ebrate a wedding the same way’, s aid one community l eader.

For Indians, a safe landing in the Netherlands is not gua ranteed. There is
di fficulty finding a ccommodation and interna tional s chool places . It is di ffi cul t
for spouses to find gainful employment wi th thei r home country qualifica tions .
‘Very few companies help with this,’ said one father.

When asked about the main changes to Indians’ li ves here over the past ten
yea rs , another resident said, ‘It’s getting easier and easier for expa ts, tha t’s for
sure,’ Social media means that ‘people a re connected to ea ch other’. Before
a rri vi ng in the Netherlands , they ha ve al ready done thei r resea rch; they ha ve
a l ready s poken to people a nd a re well prepared.

Every i mprovement has a flip side. As the communi ty gets bi gger, there is less
incenti ve to integra te wi th the local Dutch communi ty. Such di fficulties exis t
wi th all expa tria te communi ties, but here is a snapshot of one Indian
community i n Europe.


The small European na tion of Gibral ta r is bra cing itsel f for Brexi t. Gibral ta r is a
small peninsula on the coast of Spain with a population of a round 30,000
people. And it is pa rt of the UK a nd the European Union.It uses the Pound as its
currency, English as i ts fi rst language, and is a protected terri tory of the UK.
Odd, but true.

Gi bralta r has a contentious poli ti cal rela tionship wi th its big nei ghbour Spain.
Spain would like to take ownership of this rela ti vel y wealthy terri tory.
However, on a da y to da y basis, relations with Spain a re calm and goods and
servi ces flow easily across the s mall border. This is unlikel y to be changed by
Brexi t, when the UK and Gibral ta r will leave the European Union. Except in
one a spect – workers.

On a typi cal working da y, nea rl y 15,000 people, mos tl y Spanish but also British
li ving in Spain, cross the border between the countries to work in Gibralta r.
They include servi ce s taff working in tourism, a rchitects , and office workers
going to commercial companies that enjoy a ta x fa vourable s tatus in the small
country. There a re no passport checks for EU ci tizens , but this ma y change
wi th Brexi t. Dela ys in border checks will mean that workers ma y be la te for
work, or late to get home. It will also impa ct tourists , who will be deterred
from entering Gibraltar if there i s a l ong delay i n entering the country.

Ca n you ima gine a country where almos t half the workers commute dail y from
a nei ghbouring country? That is Gibraltar.


Russia. Despi te the recent era of capitalism in the country, mos t Russian
workers want to work for one of the bi g s ta te companies. In a survey, the top
fi ve mos t desi rable employers were all s ta te owned, including Gasprom and
Russian Railwa ys. In Russia, the s ta te’s sha re of gross domesti c product is
a round 70%.

Croa tia : The size of the grey economy in the country is indi cated by
Government fi gures whi ch identifies that 48% of 16-64 a ge ha ve not
regis tered themsel ves as unemployed and looking for work. Mos t of this
portion of the popula tion a re fi t, but offi cially economi call y ina cti ve. It is
thought that many a re working, but not pa ying ta xes. Croa tia is also the
European country wi th the most retired people who are still of working a ge.

Bulga ria: French offi cials arrested gang masters after identi fying 167
Bulga rian slaves employed by four winegrowing companies nea r the eastern
ci ty of Lyon. They signed contra cts in French, whi ch they do not unders tand,
and the gang masters took mos t of thei r salaries to pa y for food and
a ccommodation.


I liked the s tory from Eas tern Europe where labour shorta ges a re beginning
to worry some countries . In Poland, one textile manufacturer reported tha t
they had been unable to hi re a Polish national for the las t three yea rs, rel ying
on mi grant labour from Ukraine a nd Belarus to fill positions.

Fa ced wi th a declining popula tion - falling from 2.3 children in 1990 to 1.3
toda y - the Polish government is encoura ging pa rents to ha ve more children
wi th cash incenti ves , longer lea ve for the ma terni ty period, and better a ccess
to nurs ery places.

In Hunga ry, families ha ve subsidies for la rger ca rs wi th up to seven sea ts . The
condi tion is tha t they ha ve enough children to fill the ca r. In Russia, families
get a la rge cash bonus following the bi rth of a second child and any
s ubsequent children.


IIM Calcutta completes 100% placement on Day 1; students bag average salary of Rs 25.36 lakh
Premie r management institute IIM (Indian Institute of Management) Calcutta has secured 100
per cent placement for its 441 PGP prog ramme, with s tudents taking home an average salary of
25.36 lakh per annum, an increase of 1.16 lakh from the last year. Accenture was the largest
recruite r with a total of 24 offers accepted. IIM-Calcutta, in a statement, said a total of "123
companies took part in the placement process and made a total of 501 offers, which translated
into 15 pe r ce nt of the batch receiving more than one offer". Around half of the students
enrolled in the programme accepted offers in consulting (29 per ce nt) and finance (21 pe r cent)
sectors, said the institute. Around 14 pe r cent of s tudents we re hired in gene ral management; 12
per cent sales and marketing; and 8 pe r cent in IT-analytics. The ins titute revealed the companies
that took part in the campus placement include Goldman Sachs, Bank of America Merrill Lynch
(BAML), Citi, JP Morgan Chase, De utsche Bank and Avendus, AT Kearney, Bain & Co., The Boston
Consulting Group, and McKinsey & Co, EY-Parthe non, Alvarez & Marsal and PwC amongst othe rs.
Source : Business today

Mr. Analjit Singh set to take over as Chairman of Max Life, Max India
Max Group said its Founder and Chairman Eme ritus Mr. Analjit Singh would take over as
Chairman of Max India and Max Life. He would be taking over the chairmanship of the two
companies from Group President Mr. Rahul Khos la, who would be moving to a non-executive
role as g roup advisor from April 1, 2019, Max India said. Mr. Khosla will also demit his role as
Max Healthcare Chairman once regulatory approvals for the transaction with KKR-Radiant are
received. This pos ition will then be fille d by KKR Radiant, it said. “Mr. Khosla joined the Max
Group in August 2011, which was at the cusp of my shift to a non-e xecutive role and allowed me
to pursue other initiatives,” Mr. Singh said. That journey could not have been possible without
Khosla taking on the mantle of managing director and s ubsequently as group president, he
added. “Rahul and the team have impleme nted what ought to be see n as a ‘benchmark’ of
succession from sponsor to seasoned professionals leading the Group in various bus inesses,” Mr.
Singh said. Source : Business standard

Mr. R. Venkataramanan exits, Mr. Noel Tata enters in churn at Tata Trusts
Mr. R. Venkataramanan, a long-time Tata Group associate, resigned as managing trustee of Tata
Trusts. A late evening press release from Tata Trusts, which has majority control of the $100
billion Tata Sons Ltd, said that the trusts have accepted his resignation and that Mr.
Venkataramanan will relinquis h his respons ibilities on 31 March. A committee of trustees,
comprising Tata Trusts chairman Mr. Ratan Tata and vice chairmen Mr. Vijay Singh and Mr. Venu
Srinivasan, has been established with immediate effect to oversee operations and select a chief
executive for the trusts, the statement said. The trustees also named Mr. Noel Tata, chairman of
Trent Ltd and managing director of Tata International, and Mr. Jehangir H.C. Jehangir, who is
currently spea rheading the healthcare mission at Je hangir Hospital, Pune, as trustees of Sir Ratan
Tata Trust, the statement said. Mr. Venkataramanan’s resignation comes after the income tax
department on 6 February withdrew a longstanding tax exemption to Sir Dorabji Tata Trust,
citing the ₹2.66 crore compensation paid to him as one of the departme nt’s primary concerns .
Source :

Lufthansa Group Airlines appoints new Senior Director, Sales South Asia
Lufthansa Group Airlines has appointed Mr. George Ettiyil as its new Senior Director, Sales South
Asia. Effective February 2019, he will be responsible for all commercial activities of the Lufthansa
Group Airlines, including Lufthansa Ge rman Airlines, SWISS, Austrian Airlines and Brussels
Airlines, in India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Mr. George Ettiyil has he ld several key
positions within the Lufthansa Group for more than 20 years. For the last few years he served as
Head of Global Sales Products & Programs for the Lufthansa Group Hub Airlines. Prior to this
position at the Lufthansa headqua rter in Frankfurt, he was respons ible for the management of
different stations and the field of business controlling in Ge rmany and India. Mr. Alain Chisa ri,
Vice Preside nt Sales Lufthansa Group Airlines Asia Pacific said: “We a re pleased to have Mr.
George Ettiyil on board in India. His expe rience within diffe rent depa rtments of the Lufthansa
Group, combined with his know-how of the local business and culture are valuable assets for our
Group in Asia Pacific. I am convinced that he will play a relevant role in driving our company’s
success in South Asia. “I am very much looking forward to be back in one of the m ost important
markets for the Lufthansa Group and to actively participate in one of the fastest g rowing
industries in the country”, said Mr. George Ettiyil. “Together with a s trong team we will continue
to drive innovation and digitalization to serve not only our B2C but also B2B custome rs in South
Asia better.” Source :

Recruiters at XLRI Jamshedpur offer 11.1% salary jump in final placement
The average salary for 358 students at XLRI- Xavier School of Management, during this year’s
final placement, rose by 11.19 per ce nt to touch 22.35 lakh per annum with 104 recruite rs
including Boston Cons ulting Group, Microsoft, Amazon, P&G, Aditya Birla Group, ITC, Avendus
Capital, Hindustan Unilever and several othe rs making job offers to the candidates. The
recruitment process saw a total of 362 domestic and international offe rs being made to the
candidates comple ting the 2-year long postg raduate diploma in management – HRM and BM.
“Interest in XLRI’s students has been tremendous with top companies re cruiting. We attribute
the excellent placements this year as an affirmation by the industry of the high-s tandard of
management-centric e ducation that we s trive to deliver to our s tudents”, Mr. E Abraham,
director, XLRI - Xavier School of Management, said. While the median salary offe red to the batch
stood at Rs. 21 lakh per annum, the highest offer, made by a company from the BFSI sector,
stood at Rs. 50 lakh per annum. Source : Business

Deloitte to hire 40,000 employees at its Hyderabad office
Deloitte, one of the” Big Four" accounting organizations and the m ost extens ive professional
services network in the world is planning to double the headcount in Hyderabad. The company
is adding nea rly 40,000 employees in its Hyderabad office over the ne xt three to five years. It is
reported that Deloitte's other offices in India which include Mumbai, Bengaluru, Delhi (Gurgaon)
will als o see an increase in hiring over the next few years. Mr. Hemant Joshi, Technology, Media
& Telecom leaders at Deloitte India s hared in media, "In Hyderabad, we have 40,000 people
(and) that is the biggest office at this moment. It should double in a few years, I think, in three to
five years. “He further added that the consulting firm has bee n hiring a lot of enginee rs and
software professionals from the best universities and lateral talent for specific skills in
technology implementation and othe r a reas. According to the reports, De loitte is ramping up its
presence in India as the advisory and audit companies are expe riencing rising demand for
outcome-based solutions including te chnology services. Deloitte is also joined by its rival KPMG
who ea rlie r me ntioned about hiring 8,000-9,000 employees in India to expand its global se rvice
delivery capabilities in the country. Source : Compiled by

Amazon backed ToneTag appoints ex Oracle executive as CTO
Sound-based proximity comm unications and payment se rvices provide r ToneTag has announce d
the appointment of Mr. Anil Kumar as its Chief Technology Officer. At ToneTag, Mr. Anil Kumar
aims to optimize the existing tech stack to make the leading-edge product more robust and
scalable. He moves to ToneTag after leading several high-pe rforming technology teams and
delivering optim um software s olutions at leading organizations including Oracle and i2
Technologies. Through his previous roles, he has gained deep insights into the development of
technological products for innovation-driven domain players. He is an alumnus of prestigious
institutions including IIT-Delhi and IIM-Bangalore, where he forged the foundation of his prolific
career in the te chnological realm. Speaking on his appointme nt, Mr. Kumar Abhishek, CEO & Co-
Founder, ToneTag, said, “At this juncture of exponential growth for ToneTag, we are fortunate

to have on board an indus try veteran such as Anil. As we look at major expansion over the next
few years, we required an able leader with supe rlative industry experie nce to bols ter our
growth.” Mr. Anil Kumar said, “I aim to transform it into a more s calable and diverse product. I
also plan to enhance the existing R&D center and instil best practices for software development.
It is exhilarating to be a part of an organization that is working towards transforming India into a
truly digital economy with a product that permeates across numerous geographies and s ocio-
economic sectors.” Source : 13-02-19

Edu-tech company Byju's to double workforce, hire up to 3,500 employees
Education technology company, Byju's, that has witnessed unprece dented growth in the past
couple of years is now planning to double up its workforce and hire 3,000-3,500 employees. This
recruitment drive is going to be one of the biggest by a private interne t company in recent years.
The hiring plans come on the heels of Byju's latest round of funding of $540-million that made it
the fifth-most valued company in the country. Valued at $3.6 billion, the company is ranked after
Flipkart, Paytm, Ola and Oyo. Byju's that is backed by Naspe rs and Tence nt has been g rowing at
100% for the last three years. The company has around 2 million annual subs cribers. The company
is also on track to touch Rs 1,400 crore in revenue in the year e nding March 2019. In such a case,
the hiring seems like a natural thing to do. Byju's is looking to hire 2,000 people for its sales and
operations team, while the rest will be recruite d for the content creation team. This is markedly
different from the hiring conducted by firms like Zomato and Swiggy, who recruit in such bulk
mostly for the delivery fleet. Byju's hiring plans are also, in fact, double of what Amazon has
planned for the country as per their website. Source :

Sodexo appoints new CEO
Sodexo BRS India, the digital employee benefits company announced the appointment of Mr.
Anish Sarkar as the Chief E xecutive Officer. He takes over from Mr. Stephane Michelin who, after
2 years overseeing the digital transformation, is moving to Sode xo’s headqua rters in Paris to work
on Global Strategic Projects. Mr. Anish Sarkar has joine d Sodexo from Mercer India where he was
the CEO. During his tenure at Mercer, he le d the company on a journey of strong revenue growth
& portfolio e xpansion, including s trategic acquis itions. Before joining Mercer, he s pent 16 years
with the Capgemini group in several different roles across management consulting and
technology transformation, including India consulting leade r betwee n 2011-14 and as India sales
head prior to that. He has a B. Tech degree from IIT Kharagpur, and an MBA degree from IIM
Calcutta. Commenting on the appointment, Mr. Sebastien Gode t, APAC Pres ident at Sodexo
Benefits and Re wards said, “India is an important market for Sodexo’s Benefits and Rewards
Services segment. The employee benefits industry in the country is growing and digitalization has
been a big acce lerator for this growth. Anis h brings with himself two decades of expe rience
working with ma rquee organizations across the industry spectrum, driving their roadmaps of
business transformation. We a re confide nt that Anish will build on the momentum and will
further drive the growth and performance of our operations in India.” Source :


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