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Published by VCRB Gallery, 2021-05-11 13:17:10






The works in this catalogue may differ
from the works in the exhibition


M akesmesmile....

On m yw ayhom e

Som anythoughts

Thatafternoon,hew entforasw im

W ecant’wait

W hisperingmemories

W howantstoplaywithme?

W howillbefirst?

Keep on w alking

A closerlook

Catching thew ave

Time is an ocean, but it ends at the shore

- Bob Dylan -
‘Uncrowded’ is situated on deserted and remote beaches.
Where peace and space predominate.
Beaches who seem to hand over time to collect yourself.
Thoughts, with the rustle of water in the background,
creating subdued emotions, bring happy elation to life
or evoke melancholic memories.
All scenes are captured on Polaroid instant film.
The dreamy blur and the fading of the colours,
specific to this filmprocess, give the images their poetic power.
‘Uncrowded’ - Werner Van Reck

9 editions
150x150, 120x12o and 70x90 cm
Hahnemühle Photo Rag Baryta 315 gr.


Transcendental tranquility #6493

photo rag ultra smooth Hahnemühle

Transcendental tranquility #8743

photo rag ultra smooth Hahnemühle

Transcendental tranquility #29

photo rag ultra smooth Hahnemühle

Transcendental tranquility #68

photo rag ultra smooth Hahnemühle

Sea struck #71

photo rag ultra smooth Hahnemühle

Transcendental tranquility #6628

photo rag ultra smooth Hahnemühle

With Transcendental Tranquility Dirk Roseport makes a contemporary reference to a romantic
tradition within painting: that of the artist/photographer shunning the turbulence
of the 21st century.
He retreats into the vastness of nature, distancing myself from the passage of time.
He accepts to become a powerless observer of the uncontrollable elements.
In his photography there is only light, the horizon, and the eternally moving water;
the observation is distilled to the essence.
Throughout the years the project has become an essentially endless series of unique,
emotionally charged images. The sequential placement in a series and the repetitive nature of
the composition - water and sky sliced in half by the horizon - evoke an almost meditative state.

The deliberately centralised placement of the horizon(tal line), which is an elemental component
of the composition in many of the images, simultaneously imposes and deconstructs any form of
hierarchy and convention within photography and in the way it is viewed.
Subtle changes in colour and hue separate the sea from the sky and abstract the transition
between the two.
The layered, intriguing images exude a deceptive silence. They invite repeated viewing, in which
the observer drowns and obtains a sense of peace that is so often lacking in our modern lives.
This is how Transcendental Tranquilty balances on the intersection of photography, painting, and
film in terms of subject, layering, and development.

Alienation techniques, repetitiveness, and uncontrolled motion blur create a twilight that allows
room for reflection and interpretation. Moments frozen in time, which start to move again
the longer you look, as if it were a movie, creating a new reality.
In times of unbridled manipulation of images, Roseport resolutely vows to maintain the
authenticity of untouched images, which he prints on Hahnemühle, archival quality, extra smooth
paper in order to create exceptional density, sharpness, colour saturation, and depth of colour in
the images.

All prints come as signed, numbered, limited edition prints.
All come with a certificate of authenticity.



Kaptan Maika
oil on canvas
150x100 cm

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