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Published by dylanpiehl, 2019-08-15 18:17:12

Volume 1, Issue 1

Mass Deflators

By Dylan Piehl

August 2019 Volume 1, Issue 1


Dear Fellow GMs,

As we begin the first season in our league, I would like to open up

communication regarding what to expect with these newsletters

throughout the season. If you have any desire to write an article for

the newsletter, please reach out to me and we can find a place for
your submissions.

The goal is to have a newsletter release once each week. The reality
is that I will be doing my best to come up with interesting things to

share and write about. Any suggestions are always welcome.

I plan on having a space in the newsletter where I will highlight

Trade Bait players that I find on your rosters, so please update

those as you see fit. Also, make sure that you are signed up for
Slack (there are still a couple people not in it) and for the #alerts

channel in our Slack workspace.

I am looking forward to the year we have ahead of us and I hope

you enjoy this special post-startup draft magazine.



Inside the Issue


Post Draft Review 4

-Hung Like Hernandez

-Kraft’s Happy Endings


-Keith Is Not Cool

-Y’all Need Jesus

-Edwin’s Bad Team 10

-Franchise 10

-Alex Is Not MaHomie

-Hooper Troopers

-Not Today

-Beginner’s Luck 15

-The Third Wheel

Aspiring Youth 17

On The Block 23


Post Draft Review

Let’s take a look at some of the top-tier players on

each of the teams in the Mass Deflators Utd. I

highlighted the major contributors for each team and

gave an overall review of their entire team as well as

their projected starting lineups.


Hung Like Hernandez

Hung Like Hernandez, led by GM Dylan, had the first overall pick and left with Projected Starting
Saquon Barkley, RB NY Giants. Saquon finished as the RB2 in 2018 as a rookie. Lineup:
He was named Offensive Rookie of the Year and quickly garnered top fantasy
QB—Andrew Luck
value in the eyes of all kinds of leagues. Hung Like Hernandez walked away
RB1—Saquon Barkley
from his second pick with Andrew Luck, QB IND Colts. Barring serious injury,
Luck is a top 5 fantasy QB. He finished as the QB5 in 2018 with 20.4 points per RB2—Derrius Guice
game. Rounding out a solid starting core, Dylan took OJ Howard, TE TB
WR1—DJ Moore
Buccaneers, at the end of round 6. Highly regarded as a top 5 fantasy TE,
Howard is a likely breakout candidate for 2019 with the addition of HC Bruce WR2—Calvin Ridley

Arians. WR3—Marquez Valdez-
Overall: Hung Like Hernandez is powered by some young stars. The team is
very young throughout, so some breakouts will have to happen if they want a TE—OJ Howard
shot at the title this year. The WRs for Hung Like Hernandez are young WR2/3s
SF—Jared Goff
that have the potential to make or break this team. Bye weeks will probably
Flex—Justin Jackson
become a quick issue if these young players don’t begin starting consistently.


Kraft’s Happy Endings

Kraft’s Happy Endings, led by GM Rob, left the draft with Christian McCaffrey, Projected Starting
RB CAR Panthers, as the 2nd overall player drafted. In just his second year, Lineup:
Christian McCaffrey set a record for most receptions as a RB in a single season,
QB—Jameis Winston
on his way to finishing as the RB3 in 2018. With his second pick, Rob selected
Keenan Allen, WR LA Chargers. Allen finished last season as the WR11, RB1—Christian

averaging just about 14 points per game. With Tyrell Williams gone, Rob is McCaffrey
hoping Allen secures a significant portion of the receptions he left behind, as RB2—Lamar Miller
Allen is still competing with other strong receiving options in Hunter Henry and
WR1—Keenan Allen
Mike Williams. Rob left the draft with Jameis Winston as his franchise QB,
selecting him in the 9th round. Winston was only the QB21 last season, but WR2—Stefon Diggs

Rob has high hopes that he can help lead Kraft’s Happy Endings to a title. WR3—TY Hilton
Overall: Kraft’s Happy Endings has a solid lineup of WRs and could have TE—Jack Doyle

certainly gotten worse QBs. TE is a position GM Rob may need to look for some
SF—Phillip Rivers
help, as Doyle has a history of injury. There are a lot of older players on Kraft’s
Happy Endings, so Rob will be looking for a title sooner rather than later. Flex—Robert Woods



GM Joe, head of Hammertime, had pick 3 overall in the draft and selected Alvin Projected Starting
Kamara, RB NO Saints. Kamara has been on the rise in New Orleans ever since Lineup:
they drafted him out of Tennessee. Kamara has only found himself in
QB—Mitchell Trubisky
timeshare situations with other RBs, but he has solidly performed. In his
sophomore season, Kamara finished as the RB4. Joe saw TE as a strong asset, RB1—Alvin Kamara

as he drafted Travis Kelce, TE KC Chiefs in the 2nd round. Kelce is a proven TE1 RB2—Josh Jacobs
and he averaged 12 points per game last season. Diversifying their assets,
WR1—Brandin Cooks
Hammertime selected Brandin Cooks, WR LA Rams, in the 3rd. Cooks has been
a solidly consistent receiver throughout all of the teams he has played for. Tied WR2—Tyler Lockett
to a young QB and an Offensive Powerhouse in Sean McVay, Joe is hoping WR3—N’Keal Harry

Cooks can finish as a WR1 this year, as he was the WR13 in 2018.
TE—Travis Kelce
Overall: Hammertime struggles with depth, but the starting lineup has a lot of
SF—Marcus Mariota
key pieces. Their TE and RBs will either win them or lose them weeks. QB is
the weakest position on this team. A lot of young talent could keep this team Flex—Tevin Coleman
strong for the foreseeable future.


Keith Is Not Cool

Keith Is Not Cool’s GM, Alex, had to have been happy with the absolute steal Projected Starting
with getting Mohamed Sanu, WR ATL Falcons, in the 10th round. Sanu finished Lineup:
as the WR30 in 2018, averaging a healthy 7 points per game. That is production
QB—Deshaun Watson
that Alex has to hope Sanu continues. There isn’t much else to say about how
incredibly Alex built this team, but I feel it’s necessary to highlight two other RB1—Dalvin Cook

players, as I have with every other franchise. DeAndre Hopkins, WR HOU RB2—Marlon Mack
Texans, and Deshaun Watson, QB HOU Texans, are a stack that will keep Keith
WR1—Mohamed Sanu
Is Not Cool competitive in games where Sanu doesn’t absolutely shine.
Hopkins finished 2018 as the WR4 and is highly regarded as the 2nd best WR in WR2—DeAndre Hopkins
the league (behind, of course, Sanu). Watson is only the 2nd best QB on Keith WR3—Kenny Golladay

Is Not Cool, because Sanu has been known to throw a TD or two given the
TE—Vance McDonald
SF—Cam Newton
Overall: What is there to say? With Sanu at the helm, anything is possible.
With RBs made of glass, and not much depth, injuries could decimate this team. Flex—Mark Ingram
This is a solid starting team with decent depth at other positions. Honorable Mention: JOSH GORDON


Y’all Need Jesus

GM David decided the best chance he has to lead Y’all Need Jesus to a Projected Starting
championship is through Ezekiel Elliot, RB DAL Cowboys, who he drafted 5th Lineup:
overall. Zeke has shown for the past three years that he can handle a work-
QB—Matt Ryan
load. He finished as the RB5 last season, with 16.8 points per game. Hopefully
Dallas hands Zeke the contract he wants before the season begins, or it could RB1—Ezekiel Elliot

be a rough start for Y’all Need Jesus. With their 2nd and 4th round picks, Y’all RB2—Aaron Jones
Need Jesus selected Julio Jones, WR ATL Falcons, and Matt Ryan, QB ATL
WR1—Julio Jones
Falcons, respectively. Matt Ryan has been one of the strongest QBs as of late,
finishing last season as the QB2 and Julio is a perennial top-tier WR, as he was WR2—Chris Godwin
the WR5 in 2018. If Zeke returns soon, this could be a tough team to beat. WR3—Larry Fitzgerald

TE—George Kittle

Overall: A very strong overall team. QB depth might be the weakest spot, but SF—Sam Darnold
a lot of strong WRs and RBs will make up for bye weeks. Age isn’t much of a
Flex—Jordan Howard
concern as there is a solid mix of young potential and veteran starters.


Edwin’s Bad Team

Edwin’s Bad Team is determined not to be a laughing stock any longer. GM Projected Starting
Edwin came away with two stud RBs, his first being Todd Gurley, RB LA Rams, Lineup:
taken 6th overall. Todd Gurley was unstoppable in 2018 before coming down
QB—Ben Roethlisberger
with a knee injury late in the season. Even injured, Gurley managed to retain
the RB1 spot, accumulating 342.6 points in Half-PPR. As long as he stays on the RB1—Todd Gurley

field, he is an easy top 5 RB candidate. For insurance, Edwin’s Bad Team came RB2—Nick Chubb
away with up-and-comer Nick Chubb, RB CLE Browns. Nick Chubb finished as
WR1—Antonio Brown
the RB16 in 2018, but was not a starter until halfway through the season.
Given the high-powered offense that the Browns have, he has a high ceiling WR2—Jarvis Landry
with TD potential. In addition to the stud RBs, GM Edwin selected Antonio WR3—DeSean Jackson

Brown, WR OAK Raiders. Brown may be the most consistent fantasy WR ever
TE—Eric Ebron
to play the game, finishing as the WR1 5 total times in his career. Hopes are
high he can maintain success, even if he needs to use a new helmet to do so. SF—Dak Prescott
Overall: A lot of older players tied to Edwin’s Bad Team puts him in the running Flex—Derrick Henry
for a title this season. There is a very strong starting lineup, but the depth is



Franchise 10

GM Kevin has recently joined Mass Deflators Utd and really robbed the grave to Projected Starting
get some of these players. With the 7th overall pick Franchise 10 selected Lineup:
Melvin Gordon, RB LA Chargers. In only 12 games last season, Gordon
QB—Drew Brees
managed to pull off and RB7 season, while averaging almost 21 points per
game. GM Kevin has to be somewhat weary that his star player has yet to RB1—Melvin Gordon

report to practices as Gordon is still seeking a contract extension. In the third RB2—James Conner
round, Franchise 10 snagged Adam Thielen, WR MIN Vikings. Thielen was red-
WR1—Adam Thielen
hot to begin 2018 and finished as the WR7. Thielen was recently given a hefty
extension, so he should be a viable option for years to come. GM Kevin WR2—Alshon Jeffery
must’ve recently visited a museum because the first QB he selected was Drew WR3—Tyler Boyd

Brees, QB NO Saints. Ole reliable has shown he still has some gas as Brees
TE—David Njoku
came in at the QB8 spot in 2018.
Overall: Break out the walking canes because this team is O-L-D. The players SF—Tom Brady
have talent and the starting lineup could prove difficult to beat, but longevity is Flex—Phillip Lindsay
not the name of this team. Franchise 10 will be trying to get the trophy this

year or next.


Alex Is Not MaHomie

Alex Is Not Mahomie got a few steals during the draft, starting with 8th overall Projected Starting
pick, Patrick Mahomes, QB KC Chiefs. Mahomes was not only League MVP in Lineup:
2018, but also the Fantasy MVP. He averaged an astounding 26 points per
QB—Patrick Mahomes
game. A large reason he performed so well is due to GM Keith’s second round
draft pick, Tyreek Hill, WR KC Chiefs. Tyreek Hill has some major character RB1—Le’Veon Bell

issues, but his football skills are borderline unmatched. Tyreek was the WR1 RB2—Chris Carson
last season in both standard scoring and half-PPR. Another absolute steal was
WR1—Tyreek Hill
grabbing Le’Veon Bell, RB NY Jets, in the 4th round. Bell was long considered to
be the best pass-catching back in the league. With a year of rest and a new WR2—Amari Cooper
team, time will tell if he can return to elite numbers, but he is still virtually a WR3—Allen Robinson

lock as an RB1.
TE—Jordan Reed

SF—Kirk Cousins
Overall: There are a lot of strong players on Alex Is Not MaHomie. The week
point of this team is the TE position. Young studs that need to pan out are Flex—Corey Davis
what will fill in this hole. GM Keith has plenty of WRs and QBs to make up for
that positional disadvantage.

Hooper Troopers

Hooper Troopers’ GM Tim managed to fire on all cylinders in his first year in Projected Starting
Mass Deflators Utd. Most notable was his 10th round pick Austin Hooper, TE Lineup:
ATL Falcons. Hooper was the TE6 last season, but was selected as the 11th TE
QB—Carson Wentz
in the startup draft; that’s what we call a BARGAIN in the fantasy business.
With Hooper Troopers’ first round selection, they took Davante Adams, WR GB RB1—Leonard Fournette

Packers. Adams landed the WR3 spot in 2018 while playing only 15 games. A RB2—James White
lot of hype is building about whether or not he can improve on that impressive
WR1—Davante Adams
performance. Even maintaining that success would be worthy of the 9th
overall pick. The franchise QB for Hooper Troopers is Carson Wentz, QB PHI WR2—Mike Evans
Eagles. Wentz has had MVP caliber stats when healthy, but the past two WR3—Mike Williams

seasons were plagued by injuries. When healthy, he can become a top-tier QB.
TE—Austin Hooper

SF—Jimmy Garoppolo
Overall: People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones and neither should the
owner of this team. A high-caliber team that is going to be one of the top Flex—Kenyan Drake
contenders or so injury-ridden that it won’t be able to field a starting roster.


Not Today

GM Oliver selected David Johnson, RB ARZ Cardinals, with the 10th overall pick Projected Starting
for Not Today. Johnson, while struggling behind one of the worst offensive Lineup:
lines in 2018, still ended up as the RB10. With all the buzz around the Arizona
QB—Aaron Rodgers
Cardinals and rookie HC Kliff Kingsbury, expectations are high for Johnson. If
RB10 is his floor, there are definitely worse options at RB. With Not Today’s RB1—David Johnson

second pick, Oliver took Michael Thomas, WR NO Saints. Thomas was the WR6 RB2—Damien WIlliams
last season and he just got PAID! There has been concern that Thomas is made
WR1—Michael Thomas
impressive by Drew Brees, but his catch percentage speaks volumes about his
hands. Oliver shouldn’t be concerned for Thomas, regardless of whether or not WR2—Julian Edelman
Brees retires soon. For their franchise QB, Not Today took Aaron Rodgers, QB WR3—Dede Westbrook

GB Packers. The ESPN darling and Game of Thrones star, Rodgers has a knack
TE—Evan Engram
of turning something out of nothing. With a new HC, Rodgers will have much
more leeway to control the offense as he sees fit. SF—Josh Allen
Overall: With some key components in the primes of their career, Not Today Flex—Devonta Freeman
can stay competitive for a couple years. The real problem here is a lack of

depth. A lot of players that haven’t panned out yet in their careers will have to

turn it around to help keep this team afloat. 14

Beginner’s Luck

Beginner’s Luck is spearheaded by 11th overall pick Joe Mixon, RB CIN Bengals. Projected Starting
Mixon finished as the RB9 while playing in only 14 games. He comes into 2019 Lineup:
with a beaten up offensive line, but he has shown that he can still take
QB—Russell Wilson
advantage of his opportunities in a middle-of-the-road offense. The Bengals
RB1—Joe Mixon
run their offense through Mixon and he should continue to produce. With his
second pick, GM Chris selected Juju Smith-Schuster, WR PIT Steelers. Juju has RB2—Sony Michel
been a top-tier WR while behind Antonio Brown, so becoming the WR1 is the
WR1—Juju Smith-
ceiling with Brown gone. He will hope to build on the WR8 finish he had a
season ago. In the third round, Beginner’s Luck walked away with Russell
WR2—Cooper Kupp
Wilson, QB SEA Seahawks. With his new contract, Wilson is expected to
continue to lead both the Seahawks and Beginner’s Luck for years to come. WR3—Sammy Watkins

Overall: A solid team all around. There is quality depth at the skill positions TE—Zach Ertz
and a strong starting core. The QB depth is probably the most lackluster part of
SF—Lamar Jackson
this team, but decent receiver options will prove useful for the superflex
position when the QBs are on bye. Flex—Marquise Goodwin


The Third Wheel

GM Tim found a strong stack for The Third Wheel on the Round 1—Round 2 Projected Starting
turn. With the 12th and 13th overall picks, The Third Wheel wound up with Lineup:
Baker Mayfield, QB CLE Browns, and Odell Beckham Jr, WR CLE Browns,
QB—Baker Mayfield
respectively. Mayfield is the Prince Who Is Promised for the poor forsaken
RB1—Kerryon Johnson
Browns. He skyrocketed up ADP charts after a strong showing in his rookie
season. Now he is tied to another young stud, OBJ. This boosted both of their RB2—David
values an insane amount and the expectation is that they both take a step Montgomery
forward in the high-octane offense. In 2018, Mayfield was the QB16 through
WR1—Odell Beckham Jr
14 starts and OBJ was the WR16 in 12 games. To grab a strong, sophomore RB,
WR2—AJ Green
The Third Wheel took Kerryon Johnson, RB DET Lions. There has been a lot of
offseason chatter about the Lions becoming a more run-heavy offense, and WR3—Curtis Samuel
with Theo Riddick gone, there isn’t a better time to jump on the Kerryon train.
TE—Hunter Henry
Overall: If AJ Green doesn’t miss substantial time, this is a high-caliber team
SF—Kyler Murray
that can make the push for the first year title. WR and TE depth can cause
some issues during bye weeks; especially if any serious injuries occur. Flex—Rashaad Penny


Aspiring Youth

The name of the game is Dynasty and the way to play is with

assets. Assets can be aging players that will help boost a team

to the championship, young players that can pan out over the

course of the next few years, and future draft picks.

In this section, I am going to highlight some rookie and

sophomore players on each team that have high-upside and can

becomes staples of their franchises.

Hung Like Hernandez—The obvious choice

would be Saquon Barkley, but let’s look at

DJ Moore and Calvin Ridley.

Calvin Ridley, WR ATL Falcons, comes into

his second season off of a hot start in 2018.

In his rookie season, Ridley caught 64 re-

ceptions on 92 targets for 821 yard and 10
touchdowns. If he can improve the catch

rate, it isn’t out of reach for Ridley to get to

the 1000 yards receiving mark.

DJ Moore, WR CAR Panthers, began 2018

slowly, but managed to find a rhythm at the

end of the season. He only managed 55

receptions on 82 targets, but he turned 33

of his touches into first downs. Carolina
have to be happy to use a reliable receiver

to garner field position.


Kraft’s Happy Endings—Dante Pettis, WR

SF 49ers, posted a 27/467/5 receiving line

in 12 games in 2018. The stats aren’t
astounding, but the 49ers are still looking

for a star receiver. Pettis could prove to be

the number 2 alongside Kittle and Good-


Miles Sanders, RB PHI Eagles, was taken in

the 2019 draft with the 53rd overall pick.

He finds himself tied to a lot of other young

stars in Philadelphia. The Eagles have
been notorious for being a team that is a

Running Back By Committee. If Miles

Sanders can change Doug Pederson’s

approach toward RBBCs, then he has the

play style to be a 3-down back.

Hammertime—Josh Jacobs, RB OAK
Raiders, was taken with the 24th overall

pick in the 2019 draft. Jacobs finds himself

in one of the most opportune positions as

there is not much competition for touches

in Oakland. The offense will be running
through him and Derek Carr.

N’Keal Harry, WR NE Patriots, was the 32nd

overall pick in the 2019 draft. Harry has
sustained some injuries over the course of

the preseason, but if he can get onto the

field, he has shown flashes of impressive

catches during camp. There isn’t a real

WR1 on the Patriots yet and Harry could vie
for that title.


Keith Is Not Cool—Christian Kirk, WR

ARZ Cardinals, enters his second year with

a new Head Coach, Kliff Kingsbury. Last
year, Kirk finished with 43/590/3. It is

strongly believed that this offense as a

whole will be making a jump this year and

Kirk should be a beneficiary of that.

Mark Andrews, TE BAL Ravens, finished

2018 with 34 receptions, as a rookie. If he

continues to build a rapport with Lamar

Jackson, Andrews could become a big-
bodied target when near the goal line. He

only managed to get 3 touchdowns a

season ago, but the upside is clearly there.

Y’all Need Jesus—George Kittle, TE SF
49ers, technically doesn’t constitute a

sophomore/rookie player; but, he needs to

be mentioned as one of the key contributors

on this team. In 2018, Kittle finished with

a receiving line of 88/1377/5. The only
way he could possibly improve would be to

catch more touchdowns.

Courtland Sutton, WR DEN Broncos, only
started 9 games in his rookie season, but

finished with 42 receptions for 704 yards

and 4 TDs. Sutton is 6’4” and should find

more usage on the goal line as he grows

accustomed to the system and the NFL.


Edwin’s Bad Team—Nick Chubb, RB CLE

Browns, only started 9 games in 2018 and

was only 4 yards shy of the century mark.
On top of that, he had 10 total TDs. Given

an entire season with an even stronger

overall offense, it is highly possible Chubb

becomes a top 3 fantasy RB.

D.K. Metcalf, WR SEA Seahawks, was the

64th overall pick in the NFL Draft. He is

most well-known for his ridiculous body. (I

can’t say I am surprised Edwin was drawn
to it…). With the departure of Doug

Baldwin, DK Metcalf has an opportunity to

become fantasy relevant as early as this


Franchise 10—Michael Gallup, WR DAL
Cowboys, comes into his second year with

the Cowboys. He is alongside Dak Prescott

and Amari Cooper, which has proven good

for him. Gallup is a solid piece in the

Dallas offense, but being the only receiver
was too much for him. With Amari stealing

number one coverage, Gallup can continue

to grow.

Phillip Lindsay, RB DEN Broncos, is coming

off a monster year with Denver. He

averaged 5.4 yards per attempt with 10

total touchdowns. His physique definitely

raises concerns, but he has shown to be a
very capable RB.


Alex Is Not MaHomie—T.J. Hockenson,

TE DET Lions, was the 8th overall draft

pick in 2019. Hockenson is a well-rounded
Tight End; he can pass block and pass

catch. He joins the Lions, who infamously

underuse talented TEs, so only time will

tell how he performs this year. Expect him

to see a very large snap share to keep him
on the field because of his blocking skills.

Dallas Goedert, TE PHI Eagles, only got 33

receptions in his rookie season, but he has
the profile of a real threat in the NFL.

Goedert is a strong chain mover, with 15

first downs on only 44 targets. He has high

touchdown-upside and when Ertz leaves

Philly, Goedert has top 5 TE potential.

Hooper Troopers—Drew Lock, QB DEN
Broncos, is the heir-apparent of the Denver

offense. He was taken with the 42nd pick

in the 2019 draft and is intended to learn

behind Joe Flacco. Signs are saying Lock

has been improving in the offseason, but
that he isn’t expected to start much this

upcoming season. If the Broncos struggle

early, it would be in their best interest to

get their QB some real NFL experience.

Terry McLaurin , WR WSH Redskins, was the 76th

overall selection in the 2019 draft. McLaurin will
be reunited with Haskins when Haskins becomes

the starter in Washington and he doesn’t have
much competition in front of him.


Not Today—Dede Westbrook, WR JAX

Jaguars, is coming into his third year in

the NFL. The Jaguars have struggled in his
first two years, so there could be a

breakout coming with Nick Foles under

center. If Westbrook managed 66/717/5

with Bortles, he could get to 1000 yards

receiving with a better QB.

Josh Allen, QB BUF Bills, performed much

better than most projections had

anticipated in his rookie year. His fantasy
floor is raised from his rushing and if he

can improve his completion percentage (a

porous 52.8%) then his fantasy stock could


Beginner’s Luck—Sony Michel, RB NE
Patriots, got to a new level in the playoffs.

Even before then, he took 209 attempts for

931 yards and 6 touchdowns. The Patriots

have a lot opportunities for rushing TDs

and if Sony maintains the goal line back
duties, he will have a high ceiling each


Lamar Jackson, QB BAL Ravens, is coming
off a solid rookie season when he took over

for Joe Flacco. His rushing upside gives

him a strong floor and fairly high ceiling if

he can begin connecting on throws more

often. Comments out of camp say he is

improving his accuracy immensely.


The Third Wheel—Rashaad Penny, RB

SEA Seahawks, averaged 4.9 yards per

rushing attempt in his rookie season.
Coming into this year, there has been a lot

of talk that Chris Carson is still the starter,

but Penny will likely eat into his touches

more this year. Penny only received 85

rushing attempts last year.

Kyler Murray, QB ARZ Cardinals, was the

Number 1 Overall pick in the 2019 draft.

Expectations are incredibly high for not
only Murray, but also Head Coach, Kliff

Kingsbury. Murray can easily become a

QB1 if he lives up to his hype in this high-

octane air-raid offense.

On The Block

Saquon Barkley (RB NY Giants)

2018—RB2 Finish (340.3 points)

21.3 points per game

Rushing: 261/1307/11

Receiving: 91/721/4

This is where I want to put interesting trade

targets; feel free to teach out to me if you ever have
someone you want to advertise.



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