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KRag Low Organized Games (1)

KRag Low Organized Games (1)

Low Organized Games

William Jefferson
MWF 8am
MArch 20th

Table of Content

● Game 1: Wa! (Page3)
● Game 2: Cops and Robbers(Page4)
● Game 3: Hoop Tag(Page5)
● Game 4: Frogs across the pound(Page6)
● Game 5: Time Machine(Page7)
● Game 6: Move It Together(Page8)
● Game 7: Monster Ball(Page9)
● Game 8: Indiana Jones(Page10)
● Game 9: Opposites(Page11)
● Game 10: Mat Madness(Page12)
● Game 11: King of The Court(Page13)
● Game 12: Cage Tag(Page14)


● Instructions: This a game of concentration. Each individual will have their hands in the prayer
form and will perform a series of karate chops when it is their turn. An individual will start and
shoot to a player across the circle. The Chosen player will raise his hands and the players on
his left and right with use their prayer hands to chop him like a tree. Then after that individual
player is chopped, he will shoot it to someone else and they will perform the same acts. You
are out if you say the phrase “Wa!” when it is not your turn, or when you move too soon or too
late during your turn or not your turn.

● Objective: to keep playing until everyone is out.
● Equipment: No Equipment Needed

Cops and Robbers

● Instructions: Two Cops will be selected to protect the bank. The group of robbers
will be trying to take the money and return them to their bank without being
tagged. If you are tagged then you will be put in jail. The only way to be taken out
of jail is if you are given a beanie from your fellow robbers.

● Objective: Receive as many beanies as possible.
● MAterials: Beanies, Hula Hoops

Hoop tag

● Instructions: Distribute the hoops and Divide the teams and play freeze tag. The only way
to get untagged is someone have to jump through your hoop.

● Objective: Freeze Everyone with a hoop
● Materials: Hula Hoops

Frogs across the pond

● Instructions: 3 people to a group and they will race to get across to the other side of the
pond. The only thing is, the only way the frog can get across the pond is with the lilly
pads. So the frog has to walk on the lilly pads all the way across the pond.

● Objective: Get across the pond without falling in the pond
● Materials: Lilly Pads

Time Machine

● Instructions: 2 to a group. On individual will be the time machine and one individual
will be the time traveler. The time machine has to go over the time traveler’s whole
body. Then the traveler is able to teleport but only how far the time machine goes.
Try to make to the other destination.

● Objective: Make to the destination as fast as you can.
● Materials: Hula Hoop

Move it together

● Instructions: Partners will use their bodies to get a ball to the destination. They are not
allowed to use their hands to carry the ball.

● Objective: Be the first team to make it across
● Materials: Bouncy Ball

Monster Ball

Instructions: Two teams throw mini balls at the monster ball, and try to make it end up on
the other side of the line.
Objective: Make the ball end up on the opponent's side and receive a point.
Materials: Dodge balls and big ball

Indiana Jones

Instructions: Archaeologists are running around the maze and are being chased by a
boulder. The Archaeologists must run away from the boulder and cannot let the bolder hit
them. If the boulder hits you, then you are out.
Objective: Avoid getting hit by the ball
Materials: Jerseys; a Big Ball


Instructions: Players will line up single file line down the middle of the court. When i point to a direction
or a color, you must go to the opposite direction. Last One is out.
Objective: Make it to the correct side before the other players do.
Materials: Cones

Mat Madness

Instructions: Divide the teams into 2, and put them on opposite sides of the court. One person
from each team will be placed in the opponents territory on a mat, and it is their teammates job
to throw a ball for them to catch. Once the ball is caught, the person who through it can join
them on the mat.
Objective: Get all of your teammates on the mat
Materials: Dodgeballs

King of the court

Instructions: Players will play one on one to claim king of the court. If you score, then you stay
on. if you get scored on, then you are off. If you do not score then you are off, and the person
who was on defense now on offense.
Objective: Get as many points as you can
Materials: Basketballs

Cage Tag

Instructions: Two People will be placed in a box as defenders. Players will then run through
with the bennies trying to make it to the other side without getting touched. If you are touched
then you must give up the bennie and become a defender, and the defender who touched
you gets to go and be a runner.
Objective: Dont get touched while running through the cage.
Materials: Beanies

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