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UNIT 5- Could you please respect your neighbor

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UNIT 5- Could you please respect your neighbor

UNIT 5- Could you please respect your neighbor


Could you please respect
your neighbor?


1. Make complaints.
2. Respond to complaints.
3. Make apologies.
4. Use verb forms “should have + past participle”

and verb “need”.

A: Get started

Have you experienced these scenarios? How do you deal with them?

a.) Your neighbor makes a loud noise at night.
b.) Your friend steals your food from the fridge.
c.) Your friend does not listen to you when you talk.
d.) A hotel reception treats you bad.


Making complaints

Excuse me. I have a small problem about……………………
I am afraid I have got a complaint about……………………..
Sorry. I have to complaint about……………………..
I have a complaint to make.
It is really annoying to………………..

Responding to complaints

I am sorry.
I am really / terribly sorry.
I must apologize to…. (someone)…. for………. (something)….
It is all my fault.
Please accept my apologies.
I should not have done that.


Promise that they won’t happen next time

I promise this will not happen again.
I won’t let this happen again.
I did not feel well yesterday.
Next time, I will finish it before I get back home.
I did not mean to do so but _______________________.

Responding to an apology

Don’t worry about it.
Don’t mention it.
That’s alright.
I understand that.
Forget about it.
I can understand completely. It can happen to anyone.
You don’t need to apologize but next time, you should……….

Subject + should have + past participle

You should not have booked the expensive flight.
You should not have made such a loud noise last night.
You should not have drunk too much.
I should not have driven too fast
We should not have talked too much.
They should not have walked alone at night.
We should have studied harder.
Students should have done the instructions more carefully.
Mike should not have used rude words to his boss.


Direction: Complete the sentences.
Should have + past participle
Should not have + past participle

We got lost in Paris. We (take)should have taken a map.
My uncle is in jail. He (rob) should not have robbed a bank.

1. The flowers died. I (water) ________________________ them more often.
2. I’m really hungry. I (eat) __________________________ a bigger breakfast.
3. I fell into the water. I (be) __________________________ more careful.
4. Jon’s father got angry. Jon (tell) _______________________ him a lie.
5. I’m broke. I (buy) ____________________________ a new car last week.
6. This hotel is terrible. I (stay)___________________________ at another one.
7. It’s getting cold. We (bring) _________________________ our jackets.
8. The movie was boring. We (watch) _________________________it.
9. I don’t like Math. I (study) __________________________ English.
10. The kitchen is a mess. Steve (clean) ___________________________ it.

The use of verb “need”

Subject + need + v-ing

The room needs redecorating.
The air conditioner needs fixing.
The coffee maker needs cleaning.
The floor needs wiping.
The brass instruments need polishing.
The oven needs reheating.
The wall needs repainting.

Subject + need to be + past form of verb

The room needs to be redecorated.
The air conditioner needs to be fixed.
The floor needs to be wiped.
The brass instruments need to be polished.
The oven needs to be reheated.
The wall needs to be repainted.


Direction: Fill in the blanks with the expressions given in the box.
The washing machine needs fixing.
The tire needs to be changed.
The hands need washing.
All clothes need ironing.
The wall needs repainting.

A: Mom, I can’t really use the washing machine. I have been trying to turn it off on
but it does not work.

I will call the company this afternoon.
A: Laura, all clothes are piling up tp the ceiling. ______________________________ now.
B: I will do it later, mom. I’m still doing my homework.

A: Dad, what happened to the tire? Why is it so flat?
B: ________________________________________The nail pierced into the yesterday night.

A: You can’t touch the food with your dirty hands. ________________________________.
B: But I’m really hungry!

A: I think you should redecorate your room. The first thing is ________________________.
B: I think so.

Direction: Pair works. Role-play the dialogue.

Receptionist : Good afternoon, madam. Can I help you?
Receptionist : Yes, I'd like to see the manager, please.

: Well, I'm afraid he is busy just now. Have you got an

Client : No, I haven't. I just want to make a complaint.

Receptionist : A complaint? Oh, I see. Well, I'll just call him…

( 5 minutes later)

Manager : Good afternoon, madam. I believe you wish to make a complaint.

Client : Yes, I have a problem with this iron.

Manager : I'm sorry to hear that. What's the trouble?

Client : I'm afraid it's useless. It doesn't work. When I switch it on, it just

makes noises like ‘fsss', but it doesn't get hot at all.

Manager : Well, I am really very sorry about this, madam. I do apologize.

We'll be happy to replace the iron for you.

Client : I would rather receive a refund instead.

Manager : OK, we'll give you a refund instead, if you prefer.

Client : Thanks.

Direction: Create one or two sentences to make a complaint in the following
situations. Think of how to respond to such complaints.

1.) Water leaks from the apartment upstairs.

2.) The receptionist treated you badly.

3.) Your friend unintentionally tore a page from your book.

4.) Your mail does not come. It was possibly sent to the wrong

5.) Your neighbor threw some water over to your garden.

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