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Published by William Bateson, 2018-12-13 10:49:34




Table of contents

Pg.2 table of contents
Pg.3 introduction
Pg.4 kinds of memes
Pg.5 dancing baby
Pg.6 knuckles
Pg.7 memes life
Pg.8 holiday memes
Pg.9 work cited


Did you know there are over 4000 different
kinds of memes! I remember the first meme i
saw, it was a doge called doge. It could be in
the form of a video or a image.

Memes have changed a lot over time. Memes
where created in 1976, the memes in 1976
where very dull. Since then, memes have
gotten a lot more funny.

More new

kinds of memes

Who made them?

Memes are made by tons and tons of people on earth. Memes can be famous or just memes you find when you
just scroll the internet. Some famous memes are…

● Du u no da wae
● Dang
● Mario theme song
● Illuminate theme song
Are all memes that have been viewed millions and millions of times. These sources should help you find lots of
funny memes
● The odd 1s out
● Cyanide and happiness short films
● Dank memes
By the time your finished watching these memes, you'll be crying with laughter.

First Internet Meme - Dancing baby

The first ever internet meme was the
Dancing Baby meme.The creator of
the meme was Ron Lussier. It got
famous because it got out on tv and it
was put on a tv show and was also
the first gif so it was pretty famous.
Here's a picture of the dancing baby.

Famous knuckles

Uganda knuckles is a famous meme. It was a meme

made in 2016 and put on youtube 2017. It is was made

by a youtube artist who tried to draw the original

knuckles but he failed and draw it.

Du u no da wae

Meme’s life cycle

The life cycle of a meme cycle of a
meme looks like this. First, the
meme gets made by a person and
gets put on the internet. Then it
finds it home cald youtube or social
media. It gets famous and is very

Holiday memes

This is a holiday meme. Holiday memes usually come out on holidays. Holiday
memes,in my opinion, are not as funny as other memes because people have
less time to think about them. Holiday memes are not as popular because they
only get put on social media when it's near the holiday.

Pepe the frog

My favorites Illuminati meme

Money meme

These are a couple of example

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