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Parish Magazine July2016

Parish Magazine July2016


The Parish magazine of July 2016

Volume XLVII No. 7


Contents Page Church Services
The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus 3
Fiftyfour Years of Devoted Service 4 Sundays
OH NO!... Not again! 6 8.00 Low Mass
Let the Children Live 8 10.30 Solemn Mass and Sermon
A Magnificent Day at St Saviour’s
A Blast from the Console 10-11 followed by refreshments
June Lunchtime Concerts 14 in the Church Hall.
Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals 15
Eve’s Droppings Weekdays
Dates for your Diary 18 Mon, Wed, Thurs 10.30am;
Directory 19 Tues and Fri 12noon; Sat 9.00am
Major Weekday Festivals
Cover: Said Mass, as above Sung Mass: 7.30pm.
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The Disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ Franciscan Community 8.30am and 5.30pm unless otherwise
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The church is open from 8.30am each day
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The Book Shop/Souvenir Stall is also open
while there is a volunteer on duty.


The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus

During last month fell the Solemnity of the times of rejection and the indifference of others
Most Sacred Heart of Jesus. Some people is the stuff of the Incarnation, as, it must be
are put off the feast because, let’s be frank added, is His sharing in the joys and the party
about it, there are some rather ghastly of life, the celebration of all that is good in
statues around depicting all too vivid hearts, human existence. The cult of love, as devotion
and others, so the amusingly irreverent to the Sacred Heart of Jesus has been called,
say, suggests ‘come and look at my emphasises the nearness and immediacy of
operation scar’! God, His compassion and approachability.

However, if we look beyond the superficial we For me, going back to images of the Sacred
see something in the feast of profound truth at Heart, it is statues that show Jesus with open
the heart of our faith, for it is a feast of love, arms; arms of unconditional love and total
not ours for God but His for us. When we acceptance, the embrace of the father in the
think upon the Sacred Heart of our Most Holy parable of the Prodigal Son, that speak most
Redeemer we are focussing our thoughts powerfully. The open arm image is an inviting
and devotion upon that stream of perfect one, reminding us of His words. ‘Come to me,
and unconditional love that Jesus shows to all you who labour and are overburdened and
be the true nature of God. I will give you rest.’ We can bring our cares and
concerns, our disappointments and failures to
Popularity of devotion to the heart of Him. As a verse in one of our Lenten hymns
Jesus owes much to the 17th century nun, puts it: ‘Jesus who gave himself for you upon
S Margaret Mary, who received revelations of the cross to die, opens to you his Sacred Heart;
this mystery. However, it would be wrong to O to that Heart draw nigh.’ And, of course,
believe that devotion to the Sacred Heart of there is the challenge that we, as a church
Jesus is post-reformation This devotion seems family and as individuals, should likewise strive
to have begun in the 12th century within the to welcome, to love, and give time to others,
religious orders, at a time when men and seeing the Christ in them and doing to them
women yearned for the God who shared their as we would to Him, as this Jubilee year of
nature, understood their feelings, who was Mercy encourages.
warm and could be reached, not distant and
judgemental as theologians and some artists of Fr Robert
the time depicted him. The devotion began as
people meditated on the wound in Christ’s side,
and saw in Our Lord’s open wound and broken
heart the tender and unceasing love of God,
as well as their own security and salvation.
However, rightful devotion to the Sacred Heart
of Jesus does not belong to any one particular
period but embraces all, and there has been
something of a revival of this devotion in
recent years.

The Catholic Faith, held by the Church of
England, asserts that Jesus was fully God and
fully human. His sharing in the common lot of
ordinary people, our pains and sufferings, our


Fiftyfour years of devoted service
James Richard Dear MUS BAC FRCO
(1872 -1953) and St Saviour and
St Peter’s Churches

James Richard Dear succeeded Dr Walter every Sunday, namely, Mattins, Solemn
Hay Sangster, the formidable founder of the Eucharist and Evensong, as well as Choral
St Saviour’s Choir School, in 1899. The Evensong during the week.
original Choir School, a boarding
establishment, had closed the previous year Soon after his arrival Dear founded the
in somewhat controversial circumstances, Eastbourne Choral Union which over many
as readers of my previous history of the years was responsible for first class
Choir in the Parish Magazine will recall. performances of major works, like The Hymn of
Jesus by Gustav Holst, conducted by the
Dear was a young man of 27 years when he composer himself, The Kingdom by Edward
came to St Saviour’s and soon made his mark. Elgar, and The Flag of England by Sir Frederick
Just before he arrived the Choir School had Bridge, again conducted by the composer.
been re-established as a day school and it is For many years the church choir performed
fair to say that its success over the remaining Handel’s Messiah annually. Another major
almost forty years of its life before closure in highlight was the great Pevensey Pageant in
1937 is due in no small measure to him. J R 1908, in which the choir played a leading part.
Dear came to St Saviour’s from St James, West Dear composed most of the music himself,
Hampstead, where he had been organist. He including settings of two Rudyard Kipling
came with high recommendations including one poems; Sussex and Smugglers Song, the latter
from Sir Frederick Bridge, organist and master of which was often played on the wireless when
of the Choristers at Westminster Abbey. Dear I was a boy. Other well known composers
had been a pupil of Bridge together with collaborated including Edward Bairstow.
Edward C Bairstow (later Sir), who became
justly famous for his long tenure as Organist In Bairstow’s memoir Blessed City edited by
of York Minster and as a noted composer of Sir Francis Jackson his successor at York
church music. Dear and Bairstow became Minster, there are many references to James
lifelong friends, of which more later. Dear. He and Bairstow had become friends while
under Bridge’s tutelage, and kept in touch.
It is now largely forgotten what a major part the The two families would go on holiday together.
Choir and School played (on its own and with Chants and Communion settings by Dear were
others) in the cultural and musical life of in the repertoire at the Minster for many years
Eastbourne. The school had a high reputation and Bairstow’s Let all mortal flesh keep silence
academically as well as in sport and local was sung from manuscript copies at St Saviour’s
employers were always keen to employ former long before it was published in the early 1920s.
pupils of the school because they knew they
had young men of calibre. Dear proved a more The Memoir records many amusing anecdotes
than worthy successor to Dr Sangster – the relating to cycling which was a passion for both
Choir’s repertoire was greatly extended and a young men. Bairstow comments; ‘I think it must
high standard of music was maintained. There have been 1895 when the cycling boom
were no fewer than three fully choral services reached its zenith. Everyone rode a bicycle.


My friend Dear and James Dear aged 56
I looked down with
contempt on all these
mere fashion-followers
and ‘park wobblers’.
We were old hands who
thought nothing of sixty
miles after lunch on a
Saturday, and often rode
the seventy-two miles to
Portsmouth, caught the
boat to Ryde and did the
last and hardest twelve
miles to Ventnor (where
Dear’s parents lived) in the
cool of the evening.’

In June 1911 Bairstow comments that although his stay at St Saviour’s
suffered ‘a black cloud of had been a long one, he had only worked under
depression’ and felt he one Vicar, and he hoped that that would still
could do no more work. hold good till the end of his time as St Saviour’s.
His doctor told him to Sadly, it was not to be. In 1927 Father Urling
keep still, but this made Whelpton retired through ill health. Ten years
him feel liverish and later the Choir School came to an end and
miserable. Bairstow in 1940 the Organ was put out of action for
commented; ‘The whole 13 years because of bomb damage. Dear
affair was new to me. I had moved to St Peter’s Church in 1944 after Father
never felt like that before. Claude Williams left St Saviour’s. Bairstow died
My old friend, Dick Dear in 1946 and Dear in 1953.
cured me. He invited me
down to his lovely house at Eastbourne, where James Richard Dear has no memorial in
he was organist at St Saviour’s. We watched the St Saviour’s. His remarkable 54 years of faithful
great tennis tournament at Devonshire Park: we service apparently forgotten and his music
played clock golf in his garden. My mind was never sung. Some of us feel that this should be
taken away from myself. I went back to work at rectified as soon as possible.
the beginning of October fitter than I had been
for years.’ David Thorpe

In 1926 major work was carried out on the organ
including a new organ console in a gallery on
the south side of the sanctuary. Again, James
Dear was able to take advantage of his contacts
with leading musicians and the new instrument
was well and truly played in. Recitalists
included; Edward Bairstow, G D Cunningham
FRAM FRCO, Birmingham City Organist,
Stanley Marchant FRAM FRCO, Sub Organist
St Paul’s Cathedral and Dr Henry Ley, Eton
College. In his foreword to the programme Dear



Another timely reminder to the unwilling
from Jim Tomsett

It is five years now since I wrote an article nice for Frances and Peter to be ever
about the importance of making a Will, and ‘remembered’ in such a practical and
perhaps making some provision for the beneficial way.
future of St Saviour’s Church. I make no
apology for raising this issue again. It is Please, if you haven’t yet made a Will may I urge
probably one of the most prudent and you to do so – if only for the sake of your family
beneficial actions you can take – for you and and friends – and perhaps make some provision
for our Church. One can never really know for our Church and the other causes which may
what’s just around the corner. Oscar Wilde be dear to you. Any gift you make to Church
said, “Either that wallpaper goes, or I do”. and charities will be completely free of tax
He went long before the wallpaper! and will reduce the value of your estate for
Inheritance Tax purposes. More importantly, it
Who needs a Will? The answer to that is will be a real investment in the work, worship,
everyone. Every adult who owns any goods, witness and mission of St Saviour’s.
property or has any savings should have a Will.
Yet, amazingly, fewer than half of adult Britons If you are one of the wise ones who have made a
have made a Will. Are YOU one of those who Will, then reviewing the contents every few years
have no Will? If you haven’t, then the people, is not only sound financial sense, but also good
Church and charities you really care about may Christian discipleship. Jesus talked a lot about
get nothing at all. If you have no relatives, then using our money and possessions wisely – all on
the only person to benefit could be the loan to us from God (Luke 12, vs 15-21 check it
Chancellor of the Exchequer! Come on! Who out!). Clearly, suitable provision for your
needs it more… Mr. Osborne or St Saviour’s? immediate family and dependants should be your
prime concern, but you will surely want to
Most of us are cash poor and asset rich. Bluntly, continue your faithful support of our Church and
we are worth more dead than alive! In some your charities after your death. If you want help
25 years of professional fundraising for charities, about reviewing your Will, or even writing one in
I never failed to be staggered by the number of the first place, I can point you to more information.
people who supported a charity loyally and to Thank you.
the best of their ability throughout their lifetime,
but who then passed away without having made New Archdeacon
any provision for that work to continue after their
death. Conversely, I have been humbled by the The next Archdeacon of
enormous benefits that legacies and bequests Hastings, is to be the
have provided for charitable causes from Wills. Revd Dr Edward Dowler,
Indeed, there can be no better examples than Vicar of St John and
2010 when a generous legacy of £10,000 from St Luke, Clay Hill, London
dear Frances Smith provided almost one-third and Edmonton Area
of the £34,000 we needed to restore part of the Continuing Ministerial
organ, and just last year Peter Stockwell left us Education Officer, since 2010.
£25,000 which, as I remarked at the APCM, Before that, he had been Vice-Principal of
meant we closed the year with £36,000 in the St Stephen’s House, Oxford and Tutor and
bank instead of a danger-level £11,000. How Director of Pastoral Theology.


What is a Will?

A Will is a legal document that confirms how you wish your
property, personal possessions, savings and investments
to be distributed upon your death. For a Will to be valid the
maker of the Will must have the necessary mental capacity
at the time they make their Will and be signed by them in
the presence of two independent witnesses. It is usual to
include the appointment of executors who will have the
duty of proving your Will and ensuring your wishes are
carried out.

A Will can also: Furthermore, partners who have been living
together for many years, but who have not entered
n Specify any particular wishes you may have into marriage or civil partnership are not
for your funeral recognised at all under the rules of intestacy. But
by having a valid Will you get to choose who
n Show how you wish your estate to be benefits.
It is important to keep a Will updated. And you
n Confirm to whom, and in what proportions, should consider whether your executors will
you wish your residuary estate to be continue to be available and suitable. So, It may
distributed be preferable to appoint grown up children or
a solicitor as executor. If your executors or
n Ensure that assets are kept within a family beneficiaries change address it will not invalidate
and help to avoid disputes your Will, but it can make them hard to locate.

n Reduce an inheritance tax bill. Finally changes to the law with regard to
inheritance tax mean it may be appropriate to
In today’s society the structure of the family is update your Will to ensure your estate is more
changing and it is even more important that tax efficient.
your estate passes to your chosen beneficiary.
Without a valid Will in place you will die ‘intestate
‘and the rules of intestacy will specify how your
estate will be distributed.

Should your estate be distributed under the rules
of intestacy, it could be given to relatives you
neither know nor like and in some circumstances
your estate can even pass to the Crown. FREE PARKING

Meads 01323 407577
Eastbourne 01323 727321
Polegate 01323 487051
Hailsham 01323 841481


An extract from a letter recently received from

We most gratefully acknowledge receipt of your kind donation to support our work with
children from the streets of Colombia. Life for these boys and girls - some of whom are only
six years of age - is a constant struggle. and they are exposed to great dangers. Although
the level of violence in Medellín has fallen considerably in recent years. the numbers of
children who are at risk in the streets and shanty-towns are as great as ever.
Some of the children we help actually live in the street and for them we provide food and
medical care whilst trying to arrange for them to return home-if that is possible - or to enter
residential care. These youngsters also attend our Centre. Casa Walsingham, to have a wash
and a change of clothes. to have a meal , to enjoy craft and leisure activities and sometimes to
be reunited with their families. We currently have a group of approx 30 young people who,
thanks to the dedicated and skilled work of our educators, are making good progress through
this programme…
…We are immensely grateful for your generous support which will enable us to continue to care
for these children and to offer them the chance of life, ‘life in all its fullness’. Please keep
the street ·children and Fr Peter and his team in your prayers.

Vicarage Garden Party

Sunday 3rd July from 12noon
Tickets £8.00



dASatmySafaogvrinoiufirc’esnt SECuuhncidhcahayersiJustetnirecD5Fiteohsct4eipvsmaanlBwaLBtiSEitsSathhSSSPEoaeDrprovvSMcioiAecausCersRrtoi’iAosnfnMBCwoeEhiNfnlulteTprhdcreiehcst,iioSdnoeuth Street, Eastbourne

It was our St1wea0rki.vl3ilMin0cBaagealimss!rtohthionebpe
privilege to be
asked to host the of insense. Then came the Bishop
Chichester carrying the Monstrance containing the
Diocesan Sacred Host and his attendants (including the
Eucharistic obligatory ‘Umbraculum’. They, in turn, were
Festival closely followed about 200 members of the
last month (June) congregation singing hymns accompanied
and what a
day it turned
out to be! There
was a bonus too.
Bishop Martin
honoured us with a surprise visit and
presided over the 10.30 Mass in the morning,
delivering a great sermon on ‘New Life’ in his
very familiar style and setting the tone for
the events for the rest of the day.

The Eucharistic Festival had all been planned
pretty much at arms length by Fr Mark Lyon
and his team of helpers from the Society of
St Wilfred and St Hilda, so we were not too sure
how things were going to go. But it turned out
to be a great occasion with very few hiccups.

Coachloads of people arrived at St Saviour’s in
the early afternoon, as well as individual
pilgrims and members of our own congregation.

There was of course the Festival Service,
followed by the Procession of the Blessed
Sacrament around the block. The Procession
was headed by young girls carrying candles
followed by a whole host of clergy. These were
then followed by more women scattering rose
petals, a young man bearing our Corpus Christi
Banner and two young girls swinging Thuribles


by a small band. I think everyone was hoarse by
the end of the fifth hymn!

After the Benediction, those that wanted to stay
enjoyed a hot meal served from the Church
Hall – which had its French doors to the car
park opened wide allowing easy access and
circulation. Some chairs were put out in the
car park for those that needed them, but most
people were happy to stand and chat.

The meal was
accompanied by
a glass (or two)
of Pimms (and
music) and
it was all
rounded off
with a free
ice cream from an ice cream van.

For the younger ones among us, there was
other entertainment in the form of Bouncy

Castles and Facepainting (even the
Bishop was up for that, I am told).

The celebrations finished about
6.30pm and by 7.30pm everyone
had gone their various ways.

Fr Mark’s team have to be praised
for their efficiency and skill, as
once they had finished clearing up
you would not know they had been
at St Saviour’s – well done!



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if they really don’t know what they want (that’s
quite easy) or if one considers that their choices
might be misguided (much more difficult).

One of my jobs as an organist is to play for So when I spoke to Josh and Kayleigh I found
other services, on top of the work that has to myself in completely unchartered territory. They
be done for Sunday Mass and special feast were not familiar with church protocols and
day celebrations. So I am often asked to play formality, but were determined that they wanted to
for weddings and funerals. This work takes have a church wedding and they felt particularly
me all over the town and beyond; I have been comfortable in St Saviour’s. It soon became very
asked to play as far away as San Francisco… clear to me that their preferences were not for
don’t get too carried away, it only happened Bach, Handel, Wagner or Mendelssohn and we
once and is not likely to be repeated! were soon talking about groups such as Metalicca
and Guns & Roses; names which were completely
By the end of the month I will have played for unknown to me. This came as a quite a shock to
six weddings in June, two of which particularly my system, but I’m always up for a challenge.
stand out. The first of which was my sister’s in a So the music was decided on and their relief was
little village in Suffolk called Bungay. The music tangible. After a lot of swearing and listening to
for that was very traditional; marches by tracks on You Tube, I was (I hope) able to deliver
Handel, incidental music by Bach and a the music in a recognisable form on their big day.
selection of well-known hymns – the sort of So congratulations to them and best wishes for a
stuff that I can play in my sleep. That said it was great future together.
a lovely service and I was a very proud brother.
It did however make me think. The future of the
The other was here at St Saviour’s. Surprisingly, church is in the hands of youngsters such as
this was only my second wedding service here these two. Their musical preferences may not
since I have been your Director of Music (which have been mine, but they were happy,
is now just over three years). I must say they respectful of the church and the service itself
were an absolutely delightful young couple and was a very spiritual and moving experience. My
seemed a little nervous about talking to me point in all this is that as a Church, I think we
about their choices – imagine being nervous need to ‘wind our necks in’ a little bit and not be
about talking to me!!! too stuck in our ways. If we are to attract young
people, we need to know what it is that will
I have always been of the view that, when talking draw them in. Don’t misunderstand me! I am
to couples about their music, one has to start not suggesting praise bands and TV screens
with a clean sheet of paper. One should only around the place, but I think we need to be
venture an opinion or make suggestions either, more open some aspects with which some of
us might be less comfortable. Too many
churches are closing and I know, from
experience, what a painful process that can be.

The winners of the May 2016 We still need existing members to renew
100’s Club draw were: and we are also looking for new members
to sign up. See Steve Gilbert for details.
1st Kathleen Lane 78 The cost is £2 per month with the draw
2nd Annette Smyth 7 taking place on the last Sunday of the month.
3rd Fr Nick MacNeil Subject to numbers, prizes range from £40 for
57 first prize, £20 for second and £10 for third.


June Lunchtime Concerts

Two superb Organ Recitals by
Alexander Eadon and Robert Scamardella

“This is how Widor’s Robert Scamardella has played for us several
times before, but this fest of works by three key
Toccata should be German composers was a very testing
programme. Robert’s rendition of the Bach
played” was an Prelude was accomplished and quite ‘athletic’
and there was an unexpected whistfulness and
emphatic comment delicacy at the end of the Hindemith Sonata that
caught us, the listeners, rather ‘on the hop’.
from one of our
The pieces by Reger (a comparatively neglected
audience at the end composer) were technically difficult, extremely
complex with shades of Wagner in the
of Alexander harmonies. Reger’s work is among the hardest
Eadon’s recital. in the organ repertoire, so very well done Robert
It was an amazing for a super concert.

and varied

programme that Alexander Eadon

clearly demonstrated

Alexander’s prowess as an organist and

captivated everyone. Our thanks to him and

we hope that he will entertain us again soon.

Is our DOM
doing a bit
of succession

Photo: Robert Scamardella
The young Master Eadon
– a chip off the old block!

Forthcoming Concerts and Recitals

July Monday 4th 1.00pm Lunchtime Recital – Ian Collins, acc. Brian Steer
Saturday 9th 7.30pm Lunchtime Recital – Rebecca Anstey, acc. Colin Hughes
Tuesday 12th 7.30pm Festival Chorale Oregon
Saturday 30th 7.30pm Silent Movie with Organ – Johnathan Eyre

August Monday 1st 1.00pm Lunchtime Recital – Laurence Greenman
Monday 29th 12 noon Bank Holiday Piano Recital – Rosemary Kemp

September Monday 5th 1.00pm Lunchtime Piano Recital – Simon Weale

October Monday 3rd 1.00pm Lunchtime Organ Recital – John Ross

November Monday 7th 1.00pm Lunchtime Organ Recital – Malcolm Kemp

December Tuesday 20th 7.30pm Christmas Gala Concert



Located at FREE services available:
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Tuesdays to Fridays CAREERS GUIDANCE
9.00am - 4pm The opportunity to discuss your career path and next steps with
a qualified and experienced adviser
People Matter is sub-
National Careers Service Individual help with on-line or paper based format
Other FREE services include:
Weekly workshops
Sources of Job Leads, Application Forms
and Letter to Employers, Interview Techniques

Job Club Facilities
Free 2hr use of our computer suite with printing facilities

One to one advice
Re: Starting your own business

Volunteer Workshop
Workshops for Jobseekers aged 50+
Social Media Workshop
Confidence Building Workshop

T 01323 431289 W

Our extensive range of high quality health foods, beverages, dairy free,
vegan, vegetarian and everyday essentials provides you with everything
that’s naturally good for mind, body and spirit!
You can also buy toiletries and household products ASHRNPEAAALNCLUGKTHESS!YOF
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Sunny Foods 10-12 South Street Eastbourne BN21 4XF Tel: 01323 725200




Well, the roof repair work and must be a blessing to Stuart who is very
seems to be going well and the short of servers at the moment.
builders are being careful not
Then HM The Queen celebrated her 90th
to make unnecessary noise birthday and there was Keith raising the Union
during the daily Mass. Flag outside the Church. We were very pleased
to welcome to our 10.30am Sunday Mass eight
Did you notice that the large painting on the holiday makers who were staying at the Palm
wall at the back of the Lady Chapel has Court Hotel for the Blind. Mary T escorted them
disappeared? Don’t worry, John and Keith into the Church Room afterwards and Jim sat
were seen moving it to a place of safety so that talking to them. One gentleman asked Jim to
the work to repair the stone mullions to the pass on a message to the Director of Music
2 windows at the west end of the chapel can go saying how very much he had enjoyed the
ahead. The cleaners will be so relieved when music provided by the choir and organ. Thank
this work is completed, as they have been you choir and Colin who was on the organ stool
battling with the falling dirt and dust in that area that day. They chose a good day to visit
for several years. because as well as the usual coffee the Church
wardens had provided ‘fizz’, wine and cake.
B Martin came again for the 10.30am Sunday
Mass and then the 4pm Diocesan Eucharistic Paul has arranged some super recitals this year.
Festival which was held at S Saviour’s. It was Many of the musicians are new to us, but a
lovely to hear the bells ringing and to see all the returning favourite is Ian Collins (Paul’s brother)
people from other churches especially Chichester who will be giving his annual Song Recital on
and Worthing. Lots of children came too and it Monday 4th July at 1pm. Do come and support
must have been a first for small children in T him and with a bit of luck he’ll sing the
shirts and shorts to be serving in our Sanctuary. Hippopotamus Song as an encore! Please be
Then off everyone went walking round the streets there – it’s free including the refreshments – and
following the Blessed Sacrament and singing any donations will go toward the work needed
hymns accompanied by a small brass and reed on our organ. TTFN
band. Back into the Church for Benediction. This
was followed by Bouncy Castles and children’s
activities in the vicarage garden and hot meals
served in the Church room. If you didn’t attend
you missed a treat.

I read somewhere that we are having a pet
Service later in the year. One creature misread
the date and was seen creeping along Sylvia’s
shoulder during a Thursday morning Mass.
Who is he? Mr snail! It is lovely to see Hugh
back in the sanctuary serving. He is so efficient


Dates for your Diary July 2016

Fri 1 12 noon Mass S. Oliver Plunkett Bp. M

Sat 2 09.00am Mass Our Lady

Sun 3 Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time 08.00am Mass 10.30am Solemn Mass

Mon 4 10.30am Mass S. Elizabeth of Portugal

Tues 5 12 noon Mass

Wed 6 10.30am Mass

Thurs 7 10.30am Mass 3.00pm CBS Office and Benediction

Fri 8 12 noon Mass Laying on of Hands

Sat 9 09.00am Mass Our Lady

Sun 10 Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time 08.00am Mass 10.30am Solemn Mass

Mon 11 10.30am Requiem Mass Guild of All Souls S. Benedict Ab.

Tues 12 12 noon Mass

Wed 13 10.30am Mass

Thurs 14 10.30am Mass

Fri 15 12 noon Mass S. Bonaventure Bp. Dr.

Sat 16 09.00am Mass Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Sun 17 Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time 08.00am Mass 10.30am Solemn Mass

Mon 18 10.30am Mass

Tues 19 12 noon Mass

Wed 20 10.30am Mass S. Apollinaris Bp. M.

Thurs 21 10.30am Mass

Fri 22 12 noon Mass S Mary Magdalene

Sat 23 09.00am Mass S. Bridget R.

Sun 24 Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time 08.00am 10.30am Solemn Mass

Mon 25 10.30am Mass S. James Ap.

Tues 26 12 noon Mass S. Joachim and S. Anne, Parents of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Walsingham Cell

Wed 27 10.30am Mass

Thurs 28 10.30am Mass

Fri 29 12 noon Mass S. Martha

Sat 30 09.00am Mass Our Lady

Sun 31 Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time 08.00am Mass 10.30am Solemn Mass


Church Officers THE DIRECTORY Telephone
Vacant - Interregnum
The Vicarage Spencer Road Eastbourne BN21 4PA

Hon Assistant Clergy Rev Christopher Hadfield, BA 422050
Canon Charles Lansdale BA 646655
Churchwardens Rev Nick MacNeill, BTh 485399
Rev John Wright BSc Cert Ed 723584
Secretary PCC Canon Robert Fayers 07706 067496
Treasurer Mr John Bourdon 01323 729142
Electoral Roll Mrs Pauline Fella 656346
Secretary Planned Giving Mrs Judy Grundy 720577
Miss Mary Delves 735410
Other Officers Mrs Mary Tomsett 489646
Director of Music Mr Michael Brennan 504731
Parish Hospital Contact
Sacristan/Servers Mr Paul Collins 647969
Bookstall Manager Mr Richard Elliott 872168
Caring and Sharing Mr Stuart Burns 500585
Car Park Manager Miss Jane Pinching 894414
Safeguarding Officer Mrs Pat James 721061
Churches Together Mr Steve Gilbert 469078
Mrs Za Crook 729059
Deanery Synod Mrs Pat James 721061
Family Support Work Mrs Beverly Cochran 434785
Miss Mary Delves, Mrs Isobel Nugent, Mr John Bourdon
Librarian Mrs Mary Tomsett 489646
Websmaster Mr Robert Ascott 728892
Guild of All Souls Mr David Thorpe 486214
Mission to Seafarers Mr Paul Fella 656346
Open Church Miss Lis Trustam 504909
Our Lady of Walsingham Mrs Isobel Nugent 725796
100 Club Mr Roger Ellis 649896
Vestry (unmanned) Miss Mary Delves 735410
Mr Steve Gilbert 469078
Church Organisations 729702
Bible Reading Fellowship Miss Lis Trustam – call for details
Book Group Rev Nick MacNeill – call for details 504909
Church Cleaning Mrs Rita Orchard – meets Tuesdays from 9am 485399
Church Grounds Mr John Burford 723375
Flower Arrangers Mrs Rita Orchard – Fridays from 9am 724317
Social Committee Mr Paul Fella – meets as necessary 723375

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