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Parish Magazine Sept 2018

Parish Magazine Sept 2018

The Parish magazine of September 2018
Volume XLIX No.9


Contents Page Church Services

Announcement 3 Sundays

Benediction – What’s it all about? 4 8.00 Low Mass
10.30 High Mass and Sermon
Bishops of the Society 5 followed by refreshments
Norman Banks in the Church Hall.

The Feast of the Assumption of Our Lady 6 Weekdays
Mon, Wed, Thurs 10.30am
The Daily Mass 8 Tues and Fri 12noon
Sat 9.00am
September Programme for CTE 9

More Catholic Trivia 10
Major Weekday Festivals
Archdeacons’s Pilgrimage to Chichester 11 Said Mass as above, Sung Mass: 7.30pm
unless otherwise indicated on notice boards.
Our Lady of Walsingham Cell 13
100’s Club Winners
The Clergy are happy to bring the Sacrament to
Welcoming a new vicar 14 the housebound or sick at any hour of the day or
night. The Holy Oil is available for those who wish
Ride and Stride 2018 16 to be anointed.

New Car Park Permits 17 The Sacrament of Reconciliation
Confessions by appointment.
Blast from the Console 18
Hospital visits
Kitty 20 Our Parish Contact for local hospitals,
Mr Richard Elliott (872168), will visit and give
Dates for your Diary 23 communion to those in hospital.

Directory 24

Cover image: Other Services provided by the church
The Lord Bishop Dr Martin Warner, Bishop of For Baptisms, Banns of Marriage, Weddings
Chichester. and Funerals please contact the Churchwardens.

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Magazine. Caveat emptor! 2

On 25th September 2018 at 7.30pm

Fr Mark McAulay ssc

will be inducted as Vicar

The Right Reverend

Dr Martin Warner

Bishop of Chichester

the induction will be conducted by
The Venerable

DR Edward Dowler

archdeacon of Hastings

All are invited to this most wonderful celebration
and refreshments will be served after the service.


Benediction – What’s It all about?

During the twentieth century, following on Benediction simply means blessing and in the
from the ‘Oxford movement’ of the Victorian service we ask for God’s blessing. This is done
period, which sought to regain something of through the priest making the sign of the cross over
the sacramental life of the Church of England, the people using the consecrated bread from the
we have seen a move from eastward facing eucharist. Some may claim that this is a form of
worship, the priest with his back to us, to an idolatry, but I would challenge that by saying, that
altar, often now placed in a central position from my experience of talking with people from
with the gathered community of Christians many different traditions about Holy Communion,
around it. Whereas I fully agree with this that each of them, from whatever perspective they
movement and the theology which is behind come, acknowledge that in some way God deems
it, namely that our God is a God who has to make himself present for us in the Sacrament
deemed to come into the very midst of his of bread and wine. I don’t believe that we should
people, through this move I believe we have try and explain that any further, or else we get in all
lost something of the ‘transcendent-God, the kinds of knots, as did our forbears when they
God out there, who is the author and creator tried to analyse what God was doing through the
of the world, the God who is almighty and in actions and words of the eucharistic service. But
whose presence we should bend low. That is in the same way as we believe the scriptures to
why I believe services like benediction can be be the word of God and in some special way to
helpful within the whole life of the Christian have his presence within them, so also we believe
community. It is a simple and short service, that in some special way God makes himself
which in many ways reminds us of the majesty present for us in the sacrament of the altar. At Holy
of God, and the awe that should be in our Communion God ,places himself into our hands, he
hearts as we approach him. makes himself vulnerable, ‘the body of Christ, the
blood of Christ’, given to us, that life giving force
from the cross. In benediction the consecrated
bread, the host is placed into the monstrance (the
golden star shaped thing), and the sign of the cross
is made over the people. God comes to us again,
but this time we simply kneel in awe of what he has
done for us as creator and sustainer and redeemer
of all life, and he blesses us.

The use of incense at this service comes from it’s
symbolism in the gospel stories about Jesus birth
used as a sign of Jesus’ kingship, given by the
wise men to point us to the reality of who the tiny
child is. In benediction it points us again to the
reality that we are in the presence of Jesus, Lord
of heaven and earth, King of all time. Kneeling
quietly then, in the presence of God who holds our
lives in his hands, in the presence of Jesus whom
we claim as our Lord and our God, we are open
to the working of his Holy Spirit in a new way. In
benediction we remind ourselves of who our God
truly is. God is not only the one who comes and
walks life’s journey with us the one with whom
we can chat at any time, but also the one before
whom we drop to our knees as we acknowledge
his majesty over the whole of creation.

Canon Martin Onions RIP


The Right Reverend Norman Banks

Norman Banks is the present comprehensive school in St Albans and eventually
Bishop of Richborough. went to train at St Stephen’s House.

Bishop Norman’s first placement was as an
assistant curate at Christ Church and
St Ann’s, Newcastle from 1982 to 1987 when
he was made priest in charge until 1990. He
was then incumbent of St Paul Cullercoats in
Tynemouth from 1990 until 2000 and incumbent of
Walsingham, Houghton and the Barshams in the
diocese of Norwich from 2000 until 2011.

He was appointed and consecrated as the third
Bishop of Richborough at the age of 57, on
16 June 2011 at Southwark Cathedral by Rowan
Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury. As Bishop
of Richborough, he is the provincial episcopal
visitor for the eastern half of the Province of

“As the Bishop of

Richborough I have the

He was born in Wallsend on Tyneside and privilege of providing
attended the local primary school and gained a pastoral and sacramental
place at Wallsend Grammar School in 1965. care for priests and
Some of his best memories of early childhood are people within the eastern
things like the Sunday School outings and going and southern part of the
up to the altar on Mothering Sunday. Province of Canterbury.”
He was a History rather than a Theology scholar
and at the age of 17 he was given a place at Oriel Interview in New Directions in 2013
College – which given his background was quite
something. As an undergraduate in the early
eighties he was very influenced by the excitement
in the Oxford religious community at that time and
Vatican II was very much in the air.

As his first summer job he worked for six weeks Bishop Norman enjoys gardening, good red wine
as a road sweeper and during subsequent (Montepulciano and Beaujolais) and smoked
holidays worked as a Gallery Attendant at the Salmon. He likes the music of Vaughan Williams,
Ashmolean or waited on tables. After he took his the writing of Donna Leon and the paintings of
degree, he did a PGCE in Oxford and then went Piero della Francesca. He also listens to Radio 4 –
to teach at the Townsend Church of England particularly ‘I’m sorry I haven’t a clue’.

The Feast of the Assumption
of Our Lady

It might be considered unusual, if not a little Elizabeth to address to her cousin Mary in today’s
irreverent, to have, as my text this morning, a Gospel, are especially rich in meaning on this
verse from an early 19th Century Sea Shanty day when we celebrate Our Lady’s Glorious
called “What shall we do with the Drunken Assumption into heaven, when the body in which
Sailor” – but here goes: “Hooray and up she the Son of God took flesh was reunited with
rises - Earlye in the morning” Mary’s soul and taken to heaven.
Today is the Feast of the Assumption of Our Lady No wonder there are Hoorays, for today, as the
– transferred from 15th August to today, a Sunday, Collect says “she was crowned with surpassing
so that we can celebrate it with due importance. glory” as heaven received the woman who gave
So, to unpack our text: “Hooray– and up she birth to the Lord of Life.
rises” let us look at the first word. Now, as an aside, there were two women in the
HOORAY, I suppose, is the secular equivalent of Old Testament who had that accolade “BLESSED
the religious exclamation “ALLELUIA”. ART THOU AMONG WOMEN” given to them – two
Hooray is shouted out in a happy, enthusiastic women who did what they thought they should to
voice to express joy and celebration – sharing defeat evil and bring salvation to their world – but,
something good with one another, and they were nothing like Mary - in fact you wouldn’t
encouraging others to join in. want to meet either of them on a dark night!
We have a lot to celebrate in Mary because she - Jahel, we are told, took a mallet and drove a tent
and this is vitally important – she guarantees the peg into the side of his head while General Sisara
humanity of Jesus – born of a woman. lay sleeping, killing him instantly. Judith, the other
In Jesus, we do not worship someone who, to put woman singled out for praise as “blessed amongst
it crudely, fell off from God the Father to earth, or women” struck the cruel Holofernes, who was
was sent to earth as a clone of God – somebody about to destroy her city, and cut off his head.
who looked like a man but was really God in Mary, of course, unlike those two warrior-heroines,
disguise. triumphs not by force and violence but by humility:
Christianity only works if Jesus Christ is fully “ My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord; my
HUMAN as well as fully DIVINE. And that happens spirit rejoices in God my Saviour for he has looked
because there is a conception, a birth and a with favour on his lowly servant.”
childhood as well as an adult life. So, back to our text – we have explored the
HOORAY– now, on this Feast of the Assumption,
we think about “UP SHE RISES!”

Jesus was God in Man made manifest. He was The image that most people have of Mary’s
like us, yet without sin; he lived like us, he walked Assumption is probably drawn from certain
like us, he grew up in a family like us. pictures which are the products of popular
That is why when he offered himself on the Cross devotion or from the works of great artists
of Calvary, for us men and our salvation, it really throughout the centuries. Works of art such as
worked - because Jesus was both God and man – the Assumption of the Virgin by Titian in Venice
and Mary was the guarantee of all that. in which the apostles witness the rising Mary
supported by cherubs and angels.

“BLESSED ART THOU AMONGST WOMEN” In the Greek language, the word for Assumption
– those words, which the Holy Spirit inspired means “taking up” – an action undertaken by

somebody else FOR a person. So we get the Mary had a very special role because she said an
sense of Mary “having completed the course of unreserved “YES” to God’s invitation to become
her earthly life” being assumed - taken up - into the Mother of the Lord – thus making it possible
heaven. It is an act of God in which the person for God to come and live among us and ultimately
assumed remains passive, yet is given the honour to redeem us from sin through the sacrifice of
due for one who bore the Christ-Child in her Calvary.
A very similar Greek word means “going up” and The feast also teaches us something about
is the word used to describe the Ascension of Our ourselves, because Mary, as an ordinary human
Lord into heaven – but it is an active word – giving being, represents all of us. She represents every
an active role to the person going to heaven, body human being, including you and me, who stand
and soul, on his own power: Jesus Christ. before God and, unlike Adam in the Garden
The only person who ascended to God the Father of Eden who said “NO” to God, Mary says a
is the divine Son – as St John’s Gospel tells us: resounding “Yes Lord, your will be done”.
“No one has ascended into heaven but he who
descended from heaven, the Son of Man” So Hooray and up she rises.
The Assumption of Mary is different from the
Ascension of Christ. She could not, and did not, Let me end with some words of Bishop Thomas
go to heaven by her own power, as Jesus did, Ken who lived through the English Civil war in
but she was assumed by God’s grace into the the Puritan church of that time which wanted
Divine Presence for her vital role in the drama of to purge or “purify” the Anglican Church of any
salvation. traces of Catholic influence that remained after the
Not everyone in the various churches would agree Elizabethan Church settlement. Bishop Ken was
with the doctrine of this feast – indeed the various able to say this of Mary:
names of this festival, ranging from the Falling
Asleep of Mary, her Dormition or the early English The Son, adored and nursed by the sweet Maid
title of Our Lady in Harvest demonstrate some A thousand fold of love for love repaid
differences of emphasis. Heaven with transcendent joys her entrance graced
Next to his throne her Son his Mother placed
And here below, now she’s of heaven possessed,
All generations are to call her blessed.
Who are we to disagree?

Yet this celebration is special because the feast A Sermon by Fr David Musson
tells us things about Mary and about ourselves.


The Daily Mass

At Mass we often say that the Eucharist is the We recall:
“mystery of faith” It can only be approached l How He willingly went to Jerusalem, knowing
with humility and reverence, not by relying
on human reasoning. The wonder of His that there would be terrible consequences
Eucharistic Presence is unique and it certainly l How He gathered His disciples and ate a last
does not depend on any action of priest or
people – Jesus gives Himself as the Bread of meal with them.
Life and nothing we do can possibly make that l How He took bread and wine, His Body and
any better!!
Blood, and instituted the 'Jesus Meal'.
Each time we come together
The Church uses various names for this service
“With angels and archangels and with - Holy Communion, the Lord’s Supper, the
all the company of heaven, we laud and Eucharist, the Mass, the Breaking of Bread, and
magnify His glorious name.” more.
Eucharist means ‘thanks’ in the Greek. We give
Each time we offer again the sacrifice of the Mass thanks for His willing sacrifice for us on the cross
– we often refer to the sacrifice… and for His mighty resurrection. He opens the
way of salvation for us, reconciling us to God. It
“which is both yours and mine.” is a new agreement/covenant between God and
Every time we do this we show forth the Lord’s
death until He comes again. It is never a Communion is com-UNION - we seek union with
competition to see who is best, nor does it rest on God the Holy Trinity and with each other.
how many people attend the service. Throughout We encounter Jesus the Bread of Life –
the ages many a priest has said Mass on his
own. Jesus does not change according to who is “whoever eats my flesh and drinks my
saying Mass or how many people attend! blood remains in me and I in them.”

We use words and actions reminding us most fully It can never be a competition, so it simply does
of the 'Jesus Story.' Each Mass makes present not matter how many people attend;
the death and resurrection of Christ. l We are not trying to see which weekday

service has the largest attendance.
l We are not trying to see who is the most

popular among the clergy.
l We are not trying to see who 'does' it best or


At every Mass we try to follow the old Jesuit
maxim, doing all –

“For the greater glory of God”

Deo gratias Fr Tony Fiddian-Green


September Programme for CTE

The place of Israel in God's purposes

14-15 September
Christian Friends of Israel annual conference at Victoria Baptist Church.  Friday 6-9.30 / Sat 9-6. 

 Upper Room

Sunday 16 September
Like minded Christians gathering each month seeking God for Him alone. 'No agenda –
no preaching - simply time with God.'  At New Hope Church, Beach Road, 7.15 (drinks) for 7.30 pm.

A Hospital Chaplain's Ministry

Monday 24 September
Rev Frances Baldwin was once a nurse and has been Chaplain at the Conquest Hospital since 2011. 
She will be speaking at St Martha's Church hall, Bexhill TH39 4SP at 7.30. All welcome.  Organised
by the Eastbourne and Bexhill Newman Circle.

Foundation Training Course

Saturday 29 September
For Church treasurers, accounts staff, financial advisors and those interested in working with church
and charity finances. Dealing with all issues covered by the Charity Commission including rules and
regulations in churches accounts.  At Seaford Baptist Church, Belgrave Rd, BN25 2EE.  9.30-4. 

Courses at Ellel/Glyndley Manor

Choosing Life God's Way Understanding Abuse

7 - 9 September 2018 (Fri - Sun) 21 - 23 September 2018 (Fri - Sun)
Are you living today with the effects of past bad This course is designed to train and equip those
choices? Are today's choices leading you to who care for and minister healing to people
a more godly lifestyle? On this course we will who have been abused. It will benefit anyone
consider why we live the way we do and what involved in counselling or church prayer ministry
can be done about it. teams. So many people's lives are controlled by
confusion, guilt and self-rejection because they
The Truth about Sex and Sexuality have experienced abuse of some kind.

7 - 9 September 2018 (Fri - Sun) Discovering Your Gifts
When two people have sexual relations, God
says that 'the two become one'. If it happens 28 - 30 September 2018
outside of marriage, can anything be done to Do you feel called to minister God’s healing
put things right? Explore this subject sensitively love to others? Perhaps you are struggling to
and to learn and apply principles for healing and understand and exercise your spiritual gifts
restoration. or have questions about the baptism of the
Holy Spirit?
Healing Service
To contact the centre Bookings
10 September 2018 (Mon) Office Telephone: 01323 440440
Email: [email protected]


More Catholic Trivia

A Cat is the only domesticated animal not mentioned in the Bible
Lebanon is the Arabic country with the highest percentage of Christians
St. Gianna Beretta Molla is the Patron Saint of the Pro Life Movement
Italy and France lay claim to t wo thirds of the worlds 2,000+ Saints


An Archdeaconry Pilgrimage
in the Year of Prayer

This Pilgrimage for Archdeaconry of Hastings will be
led by Bishop Richard and Archdeacon Edward.

Saturday Programme
15th Sept The Pilgimage will start at 1.30pm. On arrival, pilgrims will
2018 assemble in the Bishop’s Palace Gardens, where Gathering
Prayers will be said.
Archdeaconry Pilgrimages
in the Year of Prayer The group will then walk to the Cathedral for a Pilgrimage
Eucharist, entering by the West Doors. This act of all-age
worship starts at the font and sees the pilgrims moving through
different parts of the Cathedral during the service. It ends at the
Shrine of St Richard, an ancient site of Pilgrimage.

Afterwards, pilgrims are invited to a ‘bring and share’ lunch /tea
on the Paradise lawn, or in the Cloisters, if wet.

There will be a shared coach to take Pilgrims to and from

Register for the event online:



A lamp burns for The winners of the July 2018
this church in the 100’s Club draw were:
Shrine of Our Lady
of Walsingham 1st 63 Victor Furlong

If you are interested in 2nd 39 Joy Hobbs
joining our Walsingham Cell
please contact Mary Delves 3rd 49 Stephany Bishop
on 735410
We are now entering our twelfth year.
The cost remains at £2 per month
(£24 for the year). Currently
prizes remain at £40, £20 and £10
respectively, however if the level
falls so will the prize money.

All profit goes to the Church and
Church Room. Please see Steve
Gilbert (01323 469078) for details.
The Scheme is open to all.

Pescador Building and Decorating Services

From minor home improvements and extensions to complete renovation.

Whatever your building needs, Pescador can offer you the complete package.
We have a full range of construction skills and expertise, ensuring that you can have a
‘one stop shop’ for your home improvement project.
What we provide:
• Property refurbishment and extensions
• Loft and cellar conversions
• Painting and decorating
• Plumbing and electrics
• Carpentry and joinery
• Carpet and vinyl laying
• Plastering and tiling
…and much more

Why choose Pescador Building and Decorating Services?
We offer Flexibility • Politeness • A high level of workmanship • Excellent references • Competitive
pricing …and we guarantee to leave your property clean and tidy.

Contact us for a no obligation quotation today and let us transform your property.
Pescador Building and Decorating 51 Swaines Way Heathfield East Sussex TN21 0AN M 07957 592079
E [email protected] W


Welcoming a new vicar: institutions,
collations and inductions

The service of welcome for a new vicar, benefice are given permission to present the
rector or what-have-you is a fairly recent chosen candidate to the benefice, the bishop
phenomenon, growing to near universal then admits the candidate to the benefice and
popularity through the 20th century. Before we institutes them. Thus, institution is the final
did public ceremonies, these were fairly private step in this ruritanian appointments process
acts of canon law. The twofold naming — an over which the bishop has two vetoes: they
X and Y — is down to the separate admission may veto the patron or patrons’ choice of
of the candidate to the spiritualities and candidate, and they may refuse to admit
temporalities of the benefice. (although it is unlawful for a bishop to veto

l The spiritualities include the responsibility Crown presentations, they may still refuse
to perform divine service, occasional offices, to admit the candidate). The admission is
preach, teach and hold the cure of souls technically the bishop’s right to examine the
(pastoral care). As the diocesan bishop is candidate before institution (patrons can
chief pastor of the diocese, admission to appeal against a bishop refusing to admit
the spiritualities is given by them or their a candidate, and the legal process differs
commissary (often an area, suffragan or depending on whether or not the bishop
assistant bishop, but can be any cleric). cites doctrinal grounds for refusing to admit).
If the patron or patrons fail to present a
candidate (it used to be within 6 months of
l The temporalities are the actual legal vacancy of benefice, but that cannot surely
possession of the benefice as property. In still hold true), the bishop then has the right
the past this would mean tithes, fees and to collate a candidate, then that right goes to
glebe, but is now a more limited right to the archbishop if the benefice is still vacant,
manage the property and control the benefice. and ultimately to the Crown. With our modern
Nowadays there are many more posts that system of job interviews, the interview panel,
are ‘incumbent status’ rather than actual which often includes the patron or patrons,
incumbencies, usually attracting the name makes a decision to nominate a particular
Priest in Charge or Team Vicar, which are candidate, and the patronal presentation and
exercised by licence rather than right, and episcopal admission are expected to follow
the legal possession of the temporalities is suit.

There are three terms used to describe the l Wherever the bishop is sole patron, rather
handing over of the spiritualities of a benefice: than presenting to themselves, the system is
licensing, institution and collation. streamlined into what is called a collation,
which merges the presentation, admission and
institution into one. If the bishop is one patron
l All beneficed clergy are licensed to their cure among others, the full process has to take
of souls, but the term ‘licensing‘ is properly place.
used for the formal admission of Priests in
Charge, Team Vicars and others of ‘incumbent
status’. The bishop or their commissary grants It used to be the case that all licensing, institutions
the spiritualities in a licence that sets out their and collations happened at the bishop’s chapel
responsibilities and the limitation to their term. or wherever the bishop happened to be. As we
have so many bishops today, a bishop comes to
the parish church to do these things. If a patron
l Many Vicars or Rectors who are actual is at the service, they will make a ceremonial
incumbents will instead receive a Deed of presentation. Then the candidate will make
Institution, which is effectively the same as oaths and declarations, to which the bishop or
a licence, but unlimited in term. Here is the commissary will assent to admit them. Then
complicated bit! The patron or patrons of the the candidate kneels before the seated bishop


or commissary, who reads the licence or deed getting new incumbents to write on the back of
of institution or collation over them, while the their mandate of induction the following: accepi
candidate holds the seal attached to it. clavem, intravi solus, oravi, tetigi sacra, pulsavi
The admission to the temporalities is quite simple campanas — ‘I received the key, I entered alone,
after all of that. If one is instituted or collated, I prayed, I touched the sacred things, I tolled the
the temporalitites are given in the form of an bells’. I do find something romantic in this practice
induction. If one is merely licensed, then there of the new incumbent going alone into the church
are no associated legal property rights. The to pray, touch and toll. It is unclear precisely
term ‘installation‘ is used to describe the purely what is meant by tetigi sacra, whether it is the
symbolic act of placing a new pastor in their stall, touching of the consecration points of the church,
and is used to fill the position where an induction or the more likely touching of the font and altar,
would otherwise happen. Even then, some symbolizing sacramental responsibility. However
ceremonies are described as ‘institution, induction this tangendum (‘touchy feely’) is the origin of the
and installation’, even though the latter can be archidiaconal waltz and the crackerjack game of
seen as a non-essential part of any induction. seeing how many baptismal ewers, chalices and
The bishop issues a mandate of induction usually Bibles the new incumbent can hold, symbolic of
to the archdeacon to induct the candidate that the pressures of ordained ministry, to which the
they have instituted or collated. Often the rural addition of the rite of installation, taking of one’s
or area dean receives the mandate instead of the seat, must come as a relief.
archdeacon, if the latter is unavailable, and some
dioceses have ancient rights about who may When most parishioners took no part in these
induct whom. ceremonies, the reading in of the new incumbent
The core of the induction is an act of property on the first Sunday (or at least within a certain
transfer, a business deal, which is carried out by fixed period) was the point at which they
the mediaeval practice of the livery of seisin: the received their pastor. This is the formal reading
property is transferred by passing it, or an object of declarations, and I think at one time included
representing it, from the hand of the giver to the the incumbent’s recitation of the 39 Articles to
hand of the receiver in front of witnesses. At its prove how legit they were. While a much curtailed
minimum, this means that the archdeacon or reading in still occurs, it is a hangover from the
some other places the candidate’s hand on the time when all the other things were done semi-
latch of the church door or the key in the lock privately. The practice of the new incumbent
while the churchwardens witness. Induction, giving notices, which include a declaration of the
therefore, has to happen at the church (and only next Sunday’s times of service, at the end of their
one church is necessary in multi-parish benefices, service of welcome appears to be a descendent
as the property is legally bundled together so that of promising the archdeacon or rural dean that
possession of a symbolic part is possession of the they will read themselves in on the Sunday.
whole), and induction actually happens outside of
the church, at the door, whence the incumbent is Gareth F Hughes
inducted into the building. Chaplain of Hertford College, Oxford

The induction has accrued a number of other The Revd Dr Edward Dowler and the Rt Revd
symbolic actions. The archdeacon’s dainty taking Dr Martin Warner, Lord Bishop of Chichester, who will
of the incumbent’s hand on a step dance around be conducting the Induction and Institution of Fr Mark
the interior of the church is a most delightful
custom. The new incumbent’s tolling of the church
bell was originally to inform the parishioners
habemus vicarium (‘the vicar’s here’), as they
were not present at the church for the induction.
All sorts of superstitions are associated with this
tolling, thinking it indicates how vigorous the
incumbent will be in mission or for how long they
will stay. Lancelot Andrewes had the tradition of



The 8th of September is the day when at the time. I am hoping that she (and I!) will
church-goers and others all over England be fit for 8th September. Half of the money
will take to saddle, bike or boots, to ride St Saviour’s raises comes back to us to do
walk or run to raise money for Ride & with as we will, while the other half is kept by
Stride, a sponsored event to generate SHCT to use in their good works.
funds to help preserve historic churches More Riders & Striders would be very
for future generations and finance urgent welcome - it’s a pleasant way to spend a few
repairs and improvements. hours and you meet some fascinating people
Money raised in Sussex goes to the Sussex and see some interesting churches on the
Historic Churches Trust (SHCT) which gives way. We also need people to be at the
grants to churches in need of repair and Church porch for an hour or so, throughout
restoration. SHCT gave a generous grant the day, to greet and ‘sign-in’ those other
of £8,500 to St Saviour’s Roof Repair Project Ride & Striders who visit St Saviours on their
in 2016, and it seems churlish not to try and perambulations.
give a little back each year through Ride & Please see me for more information - or
Stride. Last year Katherine Musson got on to take part in some way. At the very least
her bike and did some sterling work (and expect to see me and a sponsorship form
mileage), while I stomped around the Meads, quite soon!
town-centre and Old Town churches, sadly
without the company of Poppy our Labrador Jim Tomsett
(a R & S stalwart from 2016) who was lame


New Car Park permits

New Car Park permits are now available. Steve will issue the new ‘electrostatic’ permits (you peel
the front plastic film off and they stick to your windscreen without adhesive and peel off with no
residue), when you either sign-up or renew your parking subscription.

This year we have introduced a fixed minimum charge of £45.00 for a Congregation permit. You may,
of course, pay more at your discretion if you feel that you are able - the real value of town-centre parking
is far more than the ‘cover price’ of the permit. There will also be numbered permits for both Car Parks
for the reserved spaces. This will help us to monitor usage and any abuse of the facility.


C O N G R E G AT I O N   1


enjoyed by all present. We had an audience of 140
people and raised over £700 for the concert series.

The next recital will be on Sunday 16th September
at 2:45 when Maria Marchant will be playing a
programme including works by Chopin, Bliss,
Brahms, Schumann and Listz. Maria has
performed widely, up and down the country,
has been regularly been seen on the London
Southbank and is a frequent broadcaster on
Radio 3. Do come along and hear her. And also
look out for future concerts in the series. Entry is
£10 on the door. Coffee and biscuits will be served
at the end.

Please don’t forget the Monday lunchtime series
which will of course continue as normal, details on
the displays and at the back of the church.

Well it serves me right doesn’t it!! One word I would remind you all that I am still holding out the
from me about the warm weather and I might begging bowl for funds for Alex Eadon’s recording
just as well have done a rain dance!! Back to of the organ. We need £3,000 to get this off the
normal and it looks like we are in for one if ground. I believe that this is a worthwhile project
the coldest August Bank Holidays in record!! and if you would like to support it, please come
Ho hum; I promise to keep my mouth shut in and see me. I would be ever so grateful!!
future. The other great excitement of course is the
As promised, August was a great pending arrival of our new Parish Priest in a
month for us. The grand piano few weeks. This will inevitably bring changes
has arrived. Robert has named and challenges, but I think that we are ready.
it Persephone; you will recall, The choir is on a break at the moment for the
this was the young maiden summer holidays, but we shall be hard at it when
rescued from the underworld!! we come back September!
Quite fitting I think. This is such
a fabulous instrument; we are Maria Marchant
so lucky to have the use of it.
Please come and listen to it
when you get the chance.

Robert’s opening recital was
an absolute delight. Never
mind the piano, his playing was
sensational. We were treated to
the delights of Beethoven, Bach
and Liszt among others. Seldom
do you hear playing of such
control and sensitivity. It was a
truly lovely concert, much


For All your
Kitchen, Bathroom,
Plumbing and Heating

Upfields Complete Bathrooms Ltd
73-75 South Street,
BN21 4LR
T 01323 640252
F 01323 728086

www.upfieldskitchensandbaEt [email protected]


The month begins with a visit from Fr Nevsky
Everett from Keble College in Oxford. A great
honour for us as they are the Patrons of our

Hello Darlings I've got my Chiropodist coming on the 6th.
He could do with some prayers looking after
my paws.

Be careful what you wish for. We all wanted I digress - the Diocese are using us again on
some nice warm weather but what we got was 11th September for a DAC Roadshow for the
a total surprise. Week after week of scorching Hastings Archdeaconry. Same day as the Vicar
sunshine and NO rain. moving in. Good timing.

Why go abroad? Eastbourne for once lived up to The Archdeacons pilgrimage to Chichester is on
its name 'the Sunshine Coast' 22nd and the 'Big Bash' otherwise known as the
Such a change to see the doors wide open for Induction is on Tuesday 25th when at long last
Mass on Sunday Morning trying to reduce the Fr Mark will be officially with us.
oppressive heat. Even Paul Collins' best efforts Neil and the Servers have been quick off the mark
on the Organ didn't cool us. and are having a sort of Housewarming for Neil
Anyway the year grinds relentlessly on and with and Helen's new house and a good meal and
the Vicarage finally vacated the work of getting it liquid refreshment to welcome Fr Mark. I don't
ready for the arrival of Fr Mark has got underway. envy the server doing the 9am mass next day.
The Diocesan Property people have made a Fr Mark will be celebrating at both the 8am and
start at removing the last of the Asbestos from 10.30am Mass on Sunday 30th so plenty of
the garage and Paul and Pauline Fella together opportunity to meet him.
with help from John Vernon and Neil Clarke have Bishop Nicholas Reade is celebrating a special
started on the task of taming the jungle around Mass on Saturday 6th October for Caring and
the outside. Sharing in Eastbourne. Our long awaited
We have just had the first recital on the new Harvest Lunch is on Sunday 7th October after the
Concert Grand ex Underground Theatre and morning Mass.
well attended it was. 139 turned out and very Well I'm not sure what the future holds for us at
generous donations were made. They are going to St Saviour's, but I'm sure we'll be ready for what
have a series of concerts in the church on Sunday comes our way. I already have a soft spot for
afternoons at 2.45 so look for the posters and do Father as he is a committed GIN drinker – a man
come and support them. after my own heart.
Fr Nick Archer has now departed from Eastbourne Finally Puss in Boots sends love to all my
and takes up his place on the staff of Christ Australian Readers. It can't be much fun living
Church in St Leonard's on Thursday 30th August. in such a hot place. Oh I'm back on the heatwave
Some 15 of us from St Saviour's are going to again.
witness the service. We think our church is big, It's going to be such a busy
but our 600 places look paltry compared with their and exciting month full of new
seating for 1000. Who pays for the heating in the happenings. One thing is for
Winter, I shudder to think of the cost? certain I shall continue to support
Fr Edward has done his last spell of duty pre the Gin Industry and it's profits.
Induction and he deserves a medal for all the time CHIN CHIN
he has spent helping and supporting us through Kitty x
this Interregnum.




(Bring your own Drink)

7th October 2018

£12.30pm in the Church Hall

Tickets 5

These tickets are on sale NOW and are available from Elizabeth Hadfield
Ham, Cheese or Pâté Ploughmans available – choose at time of booking



Sund(aBy 2r5ithnNgoveymobeur r12.4o5wpm n Drink)

This will again be a Carvery Lunch held at the

7 t h O c t o b e r 2 0 1 8Cumberland Hotel, Grand Parade (01323 730342).

Tickets £ 5As on 1ou2r .p3re0viopiusmvisititnhe tCahrveery Cis ha fuixerd pcrihce Hall

(vegetarian option available). Dessert and drinks are
optional extras and paid for on the day. Transport available.
Price £10.95 in advance
Names and Money to Paul Fella or Elizabeth Hadfield



Eastbourne’s newest and finest florist. And now together with a wonderful coffee shop & tea room.
This unique and beautiful shop serves probably the best flowers and the best beverages in town.
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Dates for your Diary September 2018

Sat 1 9.00am Mass
Sun 2 22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time 08.00am Mass 10.30am Solemn Mass

Mon 3 10.30am Mass S. Gregory the Great P. Dr.

Tue 4 12 noon Mass S. Cuthbert Bp
Wed 5 10.30am Mass CBS
Thur 6 10.30am Mass
Fri 7 12 noon Mass

Sat 8 9.00am Mass The Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Sun 9 23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time 08.00am Mass 10.30am Solemn Mass

Mon 10 10.30am Mass Requiem Mass Guild of All Souls

Tue 11 12 noon Mass S. Deiniol Bp
Wed 12 10.30am Mass Most Holy Name of Mary
Thur 13 10.30am Mass S. John Chrysostom Bp. Dr. BCP
Fri 14 12 noon Mass The Exaltation of the Holy Cross

Sat 15 9.00am Mass Our Lady of Sorrows
Sun 16 24th Sunday in Ordinary Time 08.00am Mass 10.30am Solemn Mass

Mon 17 10.30am Mass S. Bellarmine Bp. Dr.
Tue 18 12 noon Mass

Wed 19 10.30am Mass
Thur 20 10.30am Mass Ss Andrew Kim Tae-g n and Companions Ms.
Fri 21 12 noon Mass S. Matthew Ap. Ev.

Sat 22 9.00am Mass
Sun 23 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time 08.00am Mass 10.30am Solemn Mass

Mon 24 10.30am Mass Our Lady of Walsingham

Tue 25 12 noon Mass Walsingham Cell
7.30pm Institution and Induction of Fr Mark McAulay

Wed 26 10.30am Mass S. Cosmas and Damian Ms.

Thur 27 10.30am Mass S. Vincent de Paul Pr.
Fri 28 12 noon Mass S. Wenceslaus M.
Sat 29 9.00am Mass S. Michael and All Angels
Sun 30 26th Sunday in Ordinary Time 08.00am Mass 10.30am Solemn Mass



Church Officers Telephone
Hon Associate Clergy Rev Christopher Hadfield BA 381796
Rev Anthony Fiddian-Green MA, Cert Ed 485399
Rev Nick MacNeill, BTh 723584
Rev John Wright BSc Cert Ed 723345
Rev Dr David Musson M Phil
Canon Robert Fayers SSC 07706 067496
  Mrs Pauline Fella
Churchwardens Mr John Vernon 656346
Mr Keith Metcalfe 412061
Deputy Churchwardens Mrs Rosemarie Emery 645145

Secretary PCC Mrs Judy Grundy 720577
Treasurer Miss Mary Delves 735410
Chair of Finance Mr Carl Hodgkinson 351014

Other Officers 647969
Director of Music Mr Paul Collins 07759 940832
Parish Hospital Contact Mr Richard Elliott 419769
07922 089303
Head Server Mr Neil Clarke 07759 940832
Car Park Manager / 100 Club Mr Steve Gilbert
Church Hall Managers Mrs Sylvia Dwyer 649896
Mrs Heather Neilsen-Bonini 656346
Safeguarding Officer Mr Neil Clarke 723375
Electoral Role Officer Mrs Susan Metcalfe
Deanery Synod Miss Mary Delves, Mrs Isobel Nugent 729702

Librarian Mr David Thorpe 504909
Open Church Mr Roger Ellis 351014
Events Committee Mr Paul Fella – meets as necessary 504909
Flower Arrangers Mrs Rita Orchard – Fridays from 9am 434785
Church Cleaning Mrs Rita Orchard – Tuesdays from 9am 431283

Church Grounds Mr John Burford
Mrs Diana Dean
Mrs Lynette Newman

Webmaster / Magazine / Publicity Mr Paul Fella

Church Office Answerphone

Church Organisations Miss Lis Trustam – call for details
Bible Reading Fellowship Rev Nick MacNeill – call for details
Book Group Miss Jennifer Hodgkinson and Mr Robert Ascott
Family Support Work Rev Anthony Fiddian-Green
Chat-Stop Miss Lis Trustam
Guild of All Souls Miss Mary Delves
Our Lady of Walsingham / CBS Mrs Beverly Cochran
Churches Together Mrs Isobel Nugent
Mission to Seafarers Mr Roger Emery
Additional Curates Society


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