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Parish Magazine May 2018

Parish Magazine May 2018

The Parish magazine of May 2018
Volume XLIX No.5


Contents Page Church Services

‘Friend, go up higher’ 3-4 Sundays
8.00 Low Mass
Ascension Day 6
10.30 High Mass and Sermon
Authorised Lay Ministry 8-9 followed by refreshments
in the Church Hall.
Pentecost 11 Weekdays
Mon, Wed, Thurs 10.30am
Our lady and the Catholic Revival 12-13 Tues and Fri 12noon
100s Club Sat 9.00am
Major Weekday Festivals
Letters of ‘Thanks’ 15 Said Mass as above, Sung Mass: 7.30pm
unless otherwise indicated on notice boards.
Putting on The Ritz? 16-17 The Clergy are happy to bring the Sacrament to
the housebound or sick at any hour of the day or
Blast from the Console 18 night. The Holy Oil is available for those who wish
to be anointed.
Kitty 20-21

Dates for your Diary 23

Directory 24

The Sacrament of Reconciliation
Confessions by appointment.

Cover image: Hospital visits
Ascension depicted in Les Très Riches Heures Our Parish Contact for local hospitals,
du duc de Berry © French Moments Ltd Mr Richard Elliott (872168), will visit and give
communion to those in hospital.
The Parish Magazine is published on the first Other Services provided by the church
Sunday of the month. For Baptisms, Banns of Marriage, Weddings
Production: Paul Fella and Funerals please contact the Churchwardens.
Matter for publication should be submitted to Facebook
[email protected]
Copy deadline is 20th of the month and Website
articles should be no longer than 750 words. is the church
News items or reports should be factual website and is managed by Paul Fella to
and no longer than 250 words. Articles are whom matter for the site should be sent via
copyright to the author and may not be [email protected].
reproduced in any form without the written The church is open from 8.30am each day and
permission of the author or Editor. The a team of volunteers is available to answer
Editor’s decision is final regarding content. questions etc from 10am most days.
The Book Shop/Souvenir Stall is also open while
Disclaimers: The Editor does not necessarily there is a volunteer on duty.
agree with all of the views expressed in this St Saviour’s Church
magazine. South Street Eastbourne East Sussex BN21 4UT
The Parish of St Saviour and St Peter Telephone: 01323 729702
and its representatives do not endorse or
recommend any of the products or services
advertised in this Magazine. Caveat emptor!


‘FRIEND, GO UP HIGHER’ (Luke 14.7-11)

I suppose that the one sin above all others sister was ordained priest, Christopher Morgan,
which our Lord hated was the sin of pride; the Bishop of Colchester, told us in his sermon
the pride which set the Pharisee above the how, when he was on the staff of Gloucester
publican, the pride which set the Jew above Cathedral, the canons, the rules by which the
the Samaritan. It is odd that so many are Cathedral is governed, had to be rewritten, to
obsessed with the notion of superiority, establish an order of precedence in processions,
merited or unmerited; superiority of class, of to stop the clergy constantly bickering among
status, of caste, of colour. themselves as to whose office was the highest,
There is little wrong with pride in the achievements and who therefore should go first or last, who
of others, pride in school, pride in regiment, pride should go in front of, or behind, whom. The
in nation. Such pride cannot be regarded as clergy of a cathedral, no less! But should we be
pride in oneself; it is rather an incentive, a spur, a surprised?
determination to live up to the high standards set The disciples came to Jesus, saying ‘Who
by others, to emulate one’s forebears, not to let is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?’
the side down. Pride of this nature is healthy and (Matthew 18.1). James and John asked Jesus
stimulating. to grant them the privilege of sitting on his right
Today’s Gospel draws attention to pride of a baser hand and on his left in glory (Mark 10.35-37).
sort, when guests invited to a wedding took it And at the Last Supper ‘a dispute arose among
upon themselves to vie for the places of honour. (the disciples) which of them was to be regarded
At an Ordination Service in Wivenhoe, at the as the greatest’ (Luke 22.24). Shall we never
mouth of the river near Colchester, at which my understand? ‘Everyone who exalts himself will
be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be
exalted’ (Luke 14.11).


If we are reaching for the sky, we would be wise A lamp burns for
to start with our feet on the ground, from where this church in the
we can only go higher. There is an uncomfortable Shrine of Our Lady
element of revolution in Christianity, of which of Walsingham
none of us can be unaware. ‘He hath put down
the mighty from their seat, and hath exalted the If you are interested in
humble and meek.’ ‘The Son of Man came not to joining our Walsingham Cell
be served, but to serve’ (Mark 10.45). Gregory the please contact Mary Delves
Great, describing himself as ‘servus servorum Dei’, on 735410
was following one who washed his disciples’ feet.
And finally, I draw your attention to an intriguing
sentence, easily overlooked. ‘When you are
invited, go and sit down in the lowest place; so
that, when your host comes,he may say to you
‘Friend, go up higher’; then you will have credit in
the presence of all your fellow-guests.’ ‘Then you
will have credit in the presence of all our fellow-
guests.’ It is strange that our Lord should here
appear to introduce an ulterior motive for humility,
namely the desire to win the praise of one’s
fellows. It is true to life, and it exposes the often
ambivalent nature of seemingly altruistic actions;
for how many of us can honestly say that such a
consideration never enters our heads? But did
Jesus himself ever seek the praise or the approval
of others? Was he ever influenced by the thought
that he might receive approval from anyone – save
from his Father?

Fr Christopher Hadfield



…an offer you
can’t refuse!

St Saviour’s Church Hall Registered Charity No 1131420
26th May 7.30pm
(dont be late - or else)

A themed evening of food and fun

To raise funds for the Additional Curates Society and New Vestments

Fancy Dress (optional – if you dare)

…there will be a prize for the best Male and Female costume

: £15

Antipasto Available from
Pasta Norma (Vegetarian)
or Neil Clarke on 077599 40832
Pasta with Polpette (Meatballs) [email protected]
Dessert or
Roger Emery on 01323 431283
Wine will be available to be purchased [email protected]


Ascension day

This feast day commemorates the ascension
of Jesus to heaven, returning to his Father forty
days after his resurrection, as recorded in the
Acts of the Apostles. On the 40th day Jesus
led his apostles to the Mount of Olives where
he instructed them to wait for the promise of
the Holy Spirit. Then as they were watching he
ascended into heaven. Two angels appeared
and declared that just as he had ascended,
Jesus would return in glory.

The Ascension is about the going of the Son to the Christ risen,
Father and about the coming of God’s kingdom on ascended,
earth as it is in heaven, and about the cost of that glorified!
kingdom. Christ risen, ascended, glorified; Christ
seated at the right hand of the Father, still at work
on our behalf, eternally alive to make intercession
for us; Christ willing us into our full stature as
redeemed Children of God.

May Programme for CTE

Courses at Ellel/Glyndley Manor

Restoration Week – Intimacy with God
Rescue from Rejection
14 May 2018 (Mon 7.30pm)
4 - 10 May 2018 Do you struggle to have intimate relationship
The effect of past rejection can blight our life with God and to know His Presence with you
and rob us of joy and confidence. Receive God’s in good times and in hard times? Have your
healing on this special Restoration Week. prayers and worship become dry, difficult and
During this week the teaching will open our unfruitful?
understanding of the causes of these rejection We need those intimate times in prayer and
issues, how we have tried to solve our own fellowship with the Lord for our lives to be all
problems and how we can receive God’s that God intended. This course will take us on
antidote to the poison of rejection: His covenant a journey into true intimacy with the One who
of unconditional acceptance. loves us. There is opportunity for receiving His
Registration starts at 4.30pm and the course help and healing as we discover the truth and
begins with an evening meal at 6pm. The course address those things that rob us of that vital
ends with lunch on the final day at 1.15pm with intimate relationship and receive the grace we
a departure time up to 3.00pm. Please contact need to overcome life’s challenges and fulfil our
the bookings office for availability and prices. destiny. Please contact the bookings office for
availability and prices.
Healing Service To contact the centre Bookings Office
Telephone: 01323 440440
14 May 2018 (Mon 7.30pm) Email: [email protected]


Furniture Bought and Sold
Houses Cleared


Authorised Lay Ministry 2018
– Equipping you to serve

In the autumn of 2018 the diocese
will launch an Authorised Lay
Ministry training course providing
flexible skills-based training for
lay people.

What is an Authorised
Lay Minister?
Authorised Lay Ministers share
in the public ministry of the
local church, as they serve
their local parishes. ALM
ministry takes many different
forms depending upon the
parish base, but in general
ALMs lead or establish a
team of people working
in an area of ministry
and they also work to
encourage and develop
the gifts of others.

ALMs are ‘authorised’
by the Bishop to
exercise a particular
ministry within their
local parish. Their
authorisation does
not extend beyond
the parish into the
wider diocese
but may be
exercised in other
parts of a Team
Ministry with the
agreement of the
PCCs and Team Rector. They
do not hold the Bishop’s licence and their
authorisation is not automatically transferable to
another diocese.

How does a candidate qualify for acceptance or that such a team will be developed during the
on the course? course of training.
To serve as an ALM a candidate needs to All applications must be returned by 24th
be nominated by their PCC for this ministry. September 2018. A candidate therefore should
Candidates for ALM will only be accepted for normally be baptised, confirmed, and on the
training if it is clear that their proposed ministry electoral roll of their sponsoring church.
will be to provide leadership of an existing team 8

What is the difference between ‘authorisation Living Faith and this is followed by a ministry
and licensing? elective of between 12 – 16 further sessions of
Authorisation training, depending on the chosen elective.
n Diocesan and episcopal There is also a pre-Commissioning Quiet Day. In
n Authorisation by the Bishop on advice of 2018 those candidates who have not attended
Living Faith but who can give evidence of having
diocesan staff participated in another discipleship development
n For ministries which under supervision course of similar quality (eg Bishop’s certificate,
Pilgrim, Emmaus, course offered by the SGP)
represent the church in the wider community will be able to join the ALM training. From 2019
and the church onwards, all candidates will be expected to attend
n Local supervision by the local minister and Living Faith unless there are exceptional reasons
final accountability to the Bishop for dispensation.
n Training and support through diocesan Dates and venues for the ministry electives will be
programme and through the local team established each year when we have confirmed
n Regular review, including for renewal numbers of students for each ministry area. Some
on behalf of the Bishop of the ministry modules or particular venues may
n Diocesan responsibility to ensure that not be offered if there is insufficient interest to
safeguarding training and checks are make a group viable.
completed. Training will take place at a minimum of 5 venues
Licence across the diocese. Candidates should be aware
n Episcopal licence as required by Canon and that some of the teaching will be on weeknight
nationally recognised evenings and other elements at weekends.
n Diocesan appointment/selection Are there any written assignments?
n Admission and licensing by a Bishop The course involves a limited amount of written
n For ministers of the Word exercising a work/practical assignments to aid and deepen
representative or leadership role in the church learning – but this is not ‘graded’ as such. The
and/or community in a parish/mission area course is open to people of all educational
or wider, and holding responsibilities such as backgrounds and assignments on the course are
for evangelism, mission enabling, teaching, designed to reflect this.
catechizing, preaching, leading of worship, What electives are currently available?
community outreach. Children’s ministry, Pastoral, Youth. We expect to
n Local supervision by the local minister and offer more ministry electives in 2019.
accountability to the Bishop What happens at the end of the training
n Diocesan training where required. Continuing course?
ministerial development through diocesan There will be a Quiet Day for all candidates prior
programmes/provision to commissioning at a diocesan service led by a
n Annual ministry review by or on behalf bishop.
of the Bishop All ALMs will need to be DBS checked, complete
n Diocesan responsibility for safeguarding Safeguarding training through the parish and
training and checks have their Role Description signed off before
Is there an age‐limit for ALM? commissioning. Authorisation lasts for a period of
There is no upper age‐limit for ALM. If the three years and can then be renewed following a
incumbent and parish support their ministry and review by the incumbent and PCC.
they are able to do it, that is what matters! An Applications may be obtained from the Diocesan
ALM does needs to be 18 or over at the time of Office or via the Chichester Diocese website.
commissioning, an ‘adult’ in legal terms. 9
What does the training involve?
The ALM training programme is a one-year
programme running from January to December.
It begins with the diocesan discipleship course



Pentecost comes from a Jewish harvest inclusive; hence the book containing the liturgical
festival called Shavuot. The Christian holiday texts for Paschaltide is called the ‘Pentecostarion’.
of Pentecost, which is celebrated on the Since its date depends on the date of Easter,
seventh Sunday (49 days) after Easter, is based Pentecost is a moveable feast.
commemorates the descent of the Holy Spirit This holy day used to be called ‘White Sunday’ or
upon the Apostles and other followers of Jesus ‘Whitsunday’, especially in the United Kingdom,
Christ while they were in Jerusalem celebrating where traditionally the next day, Whit Monday,
the Feast of Weeks, as described in the Acts was also a public holiday (now fixed by statute on
of the Apostles (Acts 2:1–31). Pentecost is the last Monday in May). In Germany Pentecost
regarded as the birthday of the Christian is denominated of ‘Pfingsten’ and often coincides
church, and the start of the church’s mission with scholastic holidays and the beginning of
to the world. many outdoor and springtime activities, such as
The day of Pentecost is a happy festival. When festivals and organized outdoor activities by youth
celebrating Mass our clergy wear red chasubles organizations. The Monday after Pentecost is a
as a symbol of the flames of the Holy Spirit – legal holiday in many European nations.
tongues of fire! Pentecost, is when, according Scholars believe that even if the Pentecost
to the Bible, the Holy Spirit descended on narrative is not literally true, it does signify an
Jesus’ disciples, leading them to speak in many important event in the history of the early Church
languages as evidence that they had been that enabled the rapid spread of Christianity.
baptised in the Spirit. Pentecostals believe that Within a few decades important congregations
this was not a one-off event, but something that had been established in all major cities of the
can and does happen every day. Other western Roman Empire.
Chistian churches believe that this was a one-off
event when the Holy Spirt came to earth and
empowered the Apostles, and this too leads us on
to Holy Trinity Sunday also celebrated this month.
In Eastern Christianity, Pentecost can also refer to
the entire fifty days of Easter through Pentecost


Our Lady and the Catholic Revival

An edited extract from a lecture by William Davage on the
Blessed Virgin Mary and the Catholic Movement in the CofE

There is a comic vividness about the tensions an image of the Virgin and Child, crowned and
that exist in the Church of England over the sceptred, set amidst barley-sugar pillars and
place and the proper role of Our Lady. Indeed, cherub masks, which was set up there in 1637
even the use of the term ‘Our Lady’ marks when William Laud was Chancellor.
us out as Catholics of one sort or another. The Oxford Movement did not spring out of
Perhaps the quarrels are not as hot as they nothing. It had antecedents and several fruitful
once were, although they still remain real tracks can be found through a High Church
enough. At my First Mass – where most, if eighteenth century tradition – in Samuel Johnson,
not all of the privileges that conventionally for example – to the Non Jurors, to the classical
attend such occasions were exercised, Anglicanism of the seventeenth century, to
including offering flowers to Our Lady – a William Laud, and back to the Pilgrimage of
liberal Evangelical who had been ordained with Grace in the reign of Henry VIII. Our Lady did
me, and was part of a small, very friendly but not disappear from English church life at the
diverse Post- Ordination Training Group, came Reformation. She may have suffered an eclipse,
and much enjoyed it; but he said that but Anglican theology from the Reformation to
he was sorry not to have been able to sing the Oxford Movement is not without a substantial
all the hymns because they seemed to be all body of Marian material. Much is based on the
about Mary. credal statement that Our Lord was ‘born of
My friend had entered a different world in his the Virgin Mary’. Central to the theology of the
encounter with Anglo-Catholicism; but we might Oxford Movement was and is the doctrine of the
experience similar feelings if were we to go, Incarnation, the essential truth that God dwelt with
say, to All Souls, Langham Place, or to Holy man in the person of Jesus Christ: ‘the Word was
Trinity, Brompton. For us, Our Lady is part of the made flesh and dwelt among us’.
indispensable ‘given’ of our Christian and our The pivotal role of Our Lady in the Incarnation
Catholic story. places her within the sphere of theological
On one simple and obvious level Our Lady has discourse, and places her within that sphere in the
been part of the Oxford Movement from its writings of Anglican Divines in the centuries before
very beginning. The three principal figures of the Oxford Movement. There is a steady, if not
the Movement in the early nineteenth century, overwhelming, stream of Anglican theology which
John Keble, John Henry Newman, and Edward engages with Our Lady as a woman of prophecy
Bouverie Pusey, were all Fellows of Oriel College and the second Eve, as one pre-eminent in grace
in Oxford, whose corporate designation is ‘The and perfection, as Mother of God, as Mother of
Provost and Scholars of the House of the Blessed the Faithful, as pre-eminent in glory. In the three
Virgin Mary in Oxford, commonly called Oriel hundred years of Anglican writing about Our Lady
College of the Foundation of Edward II of famous before the Oxford Movement, the most significant
memory, sometime King of England’ . Oriel is one aspect dealt with was her virginity.
of three Oxford colleges dedicated to Our Lady. However, it must be admitted that although
The other early connection is with the University serious and careful Marian theology may be
Church, where John Keble preached the Assize found between the Reformation and the Oxford
Sermon on National Apostasy in July 1833, and Movement, there is also a substantial anti- Marian
where John Henry Newman was Vicar until a little theology and devotional practices in the Roman
while before his secession to Rome in 1845. The Church. As part of this antipathy the use of the
church is dedicated to St Mary the Virgin, and title of Our Lady disappeared, other than in the
in a niche above the south-west door there is commercial usage of Lady Day: 25 March, the


are there? Putting aside these teasing problems of
nomenclature, it is possible to say, in broad terms,
that the early proponents of the Oxford Movement
exhibited a caution and a circumspection
about Marian doctrine. However, by the end
of the nineteenth century and throughout the
twentieth there was a more overt and a markedly
less cautious devotion to Our Lady. This early
circumspection grew from political reality,
exercising the art of the possible, rather than from
any entirely doctrinal reservation. At the base of
the Oxford Movement, in its critique of the Church
of England, was the appeal it made to the early,
primitive Church: the Church of the Apostolic
age. In that appeal there were no grounds for
accepting one component, such as apostolic
succession, and rejecting another component,
such as the Marian doctrines. However, the early
Oxford Fathers propounded that which was
politically expedient and politically possible, and
they were prepared to adopt what they believed
was acceptable to the Church of England.

Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, as it The Revd William Davage is a former Priest Librar-
appears in the Book of Common Prayer (BCP). ian of Pusey House. This paper, which originated
It re-appeared in 1843 in a children’s catechism, as a lecture given to the Society of Mary in 2003
only to be denigrated: ‘What is this day commonly and appeared in the Pusey House Journal in 2004.
called in civil transactions? Lady Day. Is it right
to give the Virgin Mother of Our Lord the title of The winners of the March
Our Lady? It is very dangerous to do so; and the 2018 100’s Club draw were:
use of that title and the hundred others of Queen
of Heaven, Mother of Mercies is much to be 1st prize £40  99 Diana Warland
deprecated.’ By 1866, however, in the Annotated 2nd prize £20 77 Pauline Fella
BCP, John Henry Blunt was able to say that the 3rd prize £10 57 Fr Nick Macneil
authorised title of 25 March was ‘the Annunciation
of Our Lady, or the Annunciation of the Blessed We are now entering our twelfth year.
Virgin Mary’. The cost remains the same at £2 per

There are clearly advances and developments month (£24 for the year). Currently
in the recovery of Marian doctrine throughout
the nineteenth century, but the progression prizes remain at £40, £20 and £10
is not linear. There is certainly a discernible respectively, however if the level
division between the early Tractarians and their falls so will the prize money, but if
successors who transformed into Anglo-Catholics.
What we call ourselves to express our ecclesial we achieve 100 members the prize
identity has always been a problem: Catholics; money will rise. All profit goes to the
Anglo-Catholics; Anglican Catholics; Catholic Church and Church Room. Please
Anglicans; Prayer-Book Catholics; Anglican-
Missal Catholics; English-Missal Catholics; Anglo- see Steve Gilbert (01323 469078) for
Papalists. Is it the Oxford Movement, or did that details. The Scheme is open to all,
end in 1845? Is it the Catholic Movement, then, or so anyone is welcome to take part.
perhaps the Catholic Revival? How many phrases


A Guide to the
Interior of
St Saviour’s

On Sale Now

Price £2.00


Money raised by the Lentern
Lunches most gratefully received!


Putting on the Ritz?

Have you seen the well-to- do, Up and down Park South Avenue
On that famous thoroughfare, with their noses in the air
Smart suits and pointed collars, posh frocks and lots of dollars
Spending every dime, for a wonderful time…

(with apologies to Irving Berlin)

Well, it wasn’t quite The Ritz, but it could have
given it a run for its money on a lovely sunny
Saturday afternoon in April. The posh frocks
and smart suits were all there, and a splendid
spread of all you could want for high tea:
smoked salmon, ham salad, and cucumber
sandwiches, scones with jam and cream and a
selection of fancy cakes all home made by our
resident pâtissier Paul Fella.

And let us not forget the champagne, a cheeky the proceedings and came in useful when Fr Chris
little taste award-winning number. It didn’t exactly Hadfield proposed a toast to the Queen, whose
flow, but it did sparkle and added a bit of fizz to birthday it was.

No Ritzy tea would be complete without someone
tinkling the old ivories, and we were grateful to
Robert Ascott who serenaded us at various times
in the afternoon, playing some old favourite tunes.
Thank you, Robert.


We are grateful to the 17
Events Committee
members Paul Fella,
Mary Delves, Sylvia Dwyer,
Pauline Fella, Elizabeth
Hadfield and Jenny Mail
who worked so hard to
put on such an enjoyable
event. Thank you all.
And finally, thanks to
everyone’s generosity
over £300 was raised for
church funds.

too soon but it may well be that we have another
go at this with another selection of music in the
future. They are an amazing bunch of people. It
takes something to produce a concert like this on
the back of only four rehearsals (plus a panic run
through about an hour and a half before we go
on). Well done to you all and thank you very much

And there was Easter; after all the So now we move on to the summer series of
preparations, gone in a flash! Well done Monday concerts, please come along and support
everybody. A fabulous effort and appreciated these. The first is a piano recital by Simon Ballard
by all, I’m sure. I hope that you all (diabetes on the May Bank Holiday, which is on the 7th at
allowing) ate more than your fair share noon. There is no other way of saying this but he
of chocolate without any thought of the is absolutely FAB. He brings the music to life, he
consequences on the summer waistline. plays some of his own compositions (which are
Talking of which, I have always been warned to be lovely) and he is very funny. Please come along,
careful what I wish for. 29 degrees – phew. That you will really enjoy it, I promise you.
was a surprise. The worry for me is that massive Look out for the future events, which are to be
swings in temperature (much like my mood) can held later in the year. Keep an eye on the publicity,
have drastic outcomes for the organ. ‘The old girl’ as there may well be additions to the programme
doesn’t like extremes at the best of times. So I and other changes as we go through the year.

have been very relieved that she seems to have One other thing that I must mention is that it
suffered no ill effects of the latest freezing weather is great to see David back in the choir. He is
and then the extraordinary early heat wave! obviously not fully recovered but has felt well
enough to come and sing with us again. A sterling
As I write this, we are in midst of our preparations effort and we are all delighted to see him. Keep
for the ‘Cathedral Gems’ concert which will have getting better; we want to see that collar taken
taken place by the time that this goes to print. But off!!
I just wanted to say what fun it has been getting
the music ready and enjoying the fellowship of So that’s it for another month. Let’s hope that
the singers who we only usually get together for the recent warm weather was a prelude to the
Christmas. They have worked really hard and summer and not summer itself! Remember not to
seem to be really enjoying the whole thing. Shirley put your bedding plants out ‘til the end of may;
and I have been struck by their commitment and we might still get frost, if not blizzards from the
enthusiasm for this project. I don’t want to speak Arctic… nothing would surprise me!!


For All your
Kitchen, Bathroom,
Plumbing and Heating

Upfields Complete Bathrooms Ltd
73-75 South Street,
BN21 4LR
T 01323 640252
F 01323 728086
E [email protected]


Then the Annual Parish Church Meeting crowned
the week.

Pauline and John were re elected as Wardens –
no great rush of volunteers to take on a six day a
week job I see.

Hello Darlings Nice to see some new faces on the PCC. One
young man (Terry) stood up bravely and a gave a
Easter has been and gone. The last of the spirited and heartfelt outpouring on the fact that
chocolate eggs have been woofed down and Children and young Families were not welcomed
the long weekend has passed. by St Saviours and that our church NEEDS young
people or it will die. I even got a mention so
I can’t help but remember back to when I was a someone reads this.
‘gel’ and we all used to have to make an Easter Now we have reached MAY. Memories of the
Bonnet to wear. We would wear it proudly to
Church on Easter Sunday. May Queen or Rose Queen and Garden Parties.
What happened to hats? We must buy one for 6th May we welcome back Bishop Nicholas
a Wedding, but it was the norm to wear one in Reade and on SATURDAY 12th a Joint Service
Church every Week. I can remember mummy with Our Lady of Ransom to celebrate Our Lady
getting very cross when being asked to remove of Fatima. 3pm start in St Saviour’s and Fr John
hers because the person behind couldn’t see the Underhill will give a short Homily prior to the
preacher. procession to OLR.

It was nice to see the servers guild coming to A great day for St Saviour’s is on SATURDAY
St Saviour’s for their monthly service and meeting. 19th when we are to host the Ordination Service
Fr Paul celebrated a lovely Mass and some conducted by the Lord Bishop of Chichester,
35 were present. St Saviour’s congregation Dr Martin Warner. Fr Nick Archer will be priested.
continued to show that it’s a Sunday’s only group. Rumour has it that large screens are to be erected
Three turned up to fly the flag and two of the were around the interior of the church so that we can
wives of Servers. At least Brenda Wright made watch the FA Cup Final. The Royal Wedding will
the effort. be over by then. 2.30 Kick off (the service not the
It’s no secret that we are all worried by the fact match).
that if we can’t pay our way in the Diocese by Fr Nick’s first Mass is at St.Mary’s on Tuesday
2020 we could be candidates for closure, but if 22nd at 7pm. The PCC meeting has been
the current apathy to attend or show interest in postponed until 29th so we can support him.
anything other than on a Sunday then we should The final big event is AGAIN on a SATURDAY?
put the closed sign up soon. ‘Dinner with the Mafia’ on 26th May. A high class
At least we continue to attract visitors during Italian themed evening with a three course Meal.
the week. Richard Crook gave an eight minute It’s organised by St Saviour’s Servers and money
talk followed by a show round to a coach of raised will be be split between the Additional
fifty architecture buffs. Sold quite a few history Curates Society and the Servers Robes fund.
booklets. They have no money to buy new cottas and
The same week we had our Champagne Tea cassocks so this will kick start the fundraising.
Party. A Saturday so it was a good number of Nice to see some positive action within the church
partakers. Delicious sandwiches, nice scones, for once instead of the usual indifference.
jam, cream and truly scrumptious cakes and a Our month ends on Thursday 31st when we
glass or two of Champagne – I still prefer Gin. celebrate Corpus Christi at 7.30 with a Sung
The cucumber sandwiches kept my stomach lively Mass. At least we can be sure that three people
throughout the evening. will attend.


Lastly but most important © Dave Walker - reprinted from The Church Times
is that on 9th May
the applicants will be
interviewed for the post of
Vicar. Let’s keep them in
our prayers…
They’ll need them!
If you see me in Church
veiled in a Mantilla then
you will know that my
Kangaroo Tea Party with
Sue Metcalfe and her
Sister didn’t go well.
Come on cobber let’s be
having your didgeridoo .
Chin Chin Brighton Gin.




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Dates for your Diary May 2018

Tues 1 12 noon Mass S Joseph the Worker
Wed 2 10.30am Mass S. Athanasius, Bp Dr. CBS
Thurs 3 10.30am Mass S Philip and S James Aps
Fri 4 12 noon Mass The English Martyrs
Sat 5 09.00am Mass S Asaph, Bp
Sun 6 Sixth Sunday of Easter 08.00am Mass 10.30am Solemn Mass
Mon 7 10.30am Mass
Tues 8 12 noon Mass
Wed 9 10.30am Mass
Thurs 10 The Ascension of the Lord 10.30am Mass (BCP) 7.30pm High Mass
Fri 11 12 noon Mass
Sat 12 09.00am Mass S Pancras M 03.00pm Our Lady of Fatima Procession to OLR
Sun 13 Seventh Sunday of Easter 08.00am Mass 10.30am Solemn Mass
Mon 14 10.30am Mass St Matthias Ap Requiem Mass Guild of All Souls
Tues 15 12 noon Mass
Wed 16 10.30am Mass
Thurs 17 10.30am Mass
Fri 18 12 noon Mass
Sat 19 09.00am Mass S Dunstan Bp Ordination Service. 2.30pm
Sun 20 Pentecost 08.00am Mass 10.30am Solemn Mass
Mond 21 10.30am Mass Our Lady
Tues 22 12 noon Mass Walsingham Cell
Wed 23 10.30am Mass
Thurs 24 10.30am Mass
Fri 25 12 noon Mass S Bede the Venerable Pr
Sat 26 09.00am Mass S Philip Neri Pr
Sun 27 Most Holy Trinity 08.00am Mass 10.30am Solemn Mass
Mon 28 10.30am Mass
Tues 29 12 noon Mass
Wed 30 10.30am Mass
Thurs 31 Corpus Christi 10.30am Mass 7.30pm Solemn Mass and Benediction



Church Officers Telephone
Hon Associate Clergy Rev Christopher Hadfield BA 381796
Rev Anthony Fiddian-Green MA, Cert Ed 485399
Rev Nick MacNeill, BTh 723584
Rev John Wright BSc Cert Ed 723345
Rev Dr David Musson M Phil
Canon Robert Fayers SSC 07706 067496

01323 656346
Churchwardens Mrs Pauline Fella 412061
Mr John Vernon 645145
Deputy Churchwardens Mr Keith Metcalfe 431283
Mrs Rosemarie Emery

Secretary PCC Mrs Judy Grundy 720577
Treasurer Miss Mary Delves 735410
Planned Giving Vacancy
Chair of Finance Mr Carl Hodgkinson 01323 351014

Other Officers Mr Paul Collins 647969
Director of Music

Parish Hospital Contact Mr Richard Elliott 872168

Head Server Mr Neil Clarke 07759 940832

Chat-Stop Rev Anthony Fiddian-Green 01323 381796

Car Park Manager / 100 Club Mr Steve Gilbert 469078

Safeguarding Officer Mr Neil Clarke 077599 40832

Electoral Role Officer Mrs Susan Metcalfe 01323 645145

Churches Together Mrs Beverly Cochran 434785

Deanery Synod Miss Mary Delves, Mr Arthur Randell-Hoyle, Mrs Isobel Nugent

Family Support Work Miss Jennifer Hodgkinson and Mr Robert Ascott 351014

Librarian Mr David Thorpe 486214

Guild of All Souls Miss Lis Trustam 504909

Mission to Seafarers Mrs Isobel Nugent 725796

Additional Curates Society Mr Roger Emery 431283

Open Church Mr Roger Ellis 649896

Our Lady of Walsingham / CBS Miss Mary Delves 735410

Church Office Answerphone 729702

Church Organisations Miss Lis Trustam – call for details 504909
Bible Reading Fellowship 485399
Book Group Rev Nick MacNeill – call for details 724317

Church Cleaning Mrs Rita Orchard – Tuesdays from 9am 656346
Church Grounds Mr John Burford 656346
Mrs Diana Dean
Mrs Lynette Newman

Events Committee Mr Paul Fella – meets as necessary

Flower Arrangers Mrs Rita Orchard – Fridays from 9am

Webmaster / Magazine / Publicity Mr Paul Fella


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