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St Saviours Parish Magazine Dec 2019

St Saviours Parish Magazine Dec 2019

December 2019
Volume L No.12


‘Lo, I am with you…’ 3 Sundays
Taizé Evensong 4 8.00 Low Mass
100 Club Draw 5 10.30 Solemn Mass and Sermon
PCC Report 6 followed by refreshments in the Church Hall.
Curate’s Egg 7
Thank you from Bernard 9 Weekdays
ACS Christmas Cards Mon, Wed, Thurs Mass at 10.30am
11-12 Tues 11.00amExposition of theBlessed
Prayer Group Sacrament followed by Mass at 12noon
13 Weds at 11.15 Prayer Group,
Community Wellbeing Café Fri Mass at 12noon, Sat Mass at 9.00am
Blast from the Console 16
Concerts in Advent 19 Major Weekday Festivals
Kitty 20 Said Mass as above, Sung Mass: 7.00pm unless
Dates for your Diary 22 otherwise indicated on notice boards. The
Directory 23 Clergy are happy to bring the Sacrament to the
24 housebound or sick at any hour of the day or
night. The Holy Oil is available for those who
Cover Image: Shutterstock wish to be anointed.

The Parish Magazine is published on the first The Sacrament of Reconciliation
Sunday of the month. Confessions by appointment.
Production: PaulFella
Matter for publication should be submitted Hospital visits
to Our Parish Contact for local hospitals,
[email protected] Mr Richard Elliott (872168), will visit and give
communion to those in hospital.
Copy deadline is 20th of the month and
articles should be no longer than 750 words. Other Services provided by the church
News items or reports should be factual and For Baptisms, Banns of Marriage, Weddings and
no longer than 250 words. Articles are Funerals please contact the Vicar.
copyright to the author and may not be
reproduced in any form without the written Website
permission of the author or Editor. The is the church
Editor's decision is final regarding content. website and is managed by Paul Fella to whom
matter for the site should be sent via
Disclaimers: The Editor does not [email protected].
necessarily agree with all of the views The church is open from 8.30am each day and
expressed in this magazine. St Saviour’s a team of volunteers is available to answer
Eastbourne, is the parish church of St questions etc from 10.00am most days.
Saviour and St Peter. The parish and its
representatives do not endorse or The Book Shop/Souvenir Stall is also open while
recommend any of the products or services there is a volunteer on duty.
advertised in this Magazine. Caveat emptor!

St Saviour's Church
South Street Eastbourne East Sussex BN21 4UT
Telephone: 01323 729702

"Lo, I am with you, even unto the end of the age.”

My dear friends, Because this little baby whose birth we
celebrate, is God. No more, no less. Not a
Advent is traditionally the season for God of trumpets and thunderbolts and
preparation. armies, but tiny and vulnerable, like us. And
what's more, knowing our infinite capacity
Not the sort of preparation encouraged by for stupidity and cruelty and indifference, he
the retail industry, the sort of preparation will surrender his infinite power and die for
which – far from engaging us more deeply in us on the cross of Calvary.
the wondrous and saving mystery of the
Incarnation of God in a vulnerable little baby It is, literally, an amazing gift, more than we
– actually causes us stress and worry. can comprehend, let alone deserve, and our
(Strange that, isn’t it ? worry turns to panic, imaginations fail.
and panic turns to shopping… and panic
shopping leads to more panic shopping). Yet our Advent preparation enables us to
concentrate on the real meaning of
Rather, preparation for the coming, or arrival Christmas – the Incarnation of the Son of
(which is what the Latin root of “advent” God, the Saviour and Redeemer of the World
means) of the Saviour of the World - and this – and so grasp the mystery. Unless, of
is not about shopping, but about our souls. course, we allow ourselves to be swept up
The time to prepare by rejoicing that our into the sort of preparation secular
God is not far away and unfamiliar with the materialism encourages (as Wordsworth
struggles of human life, that Christ is here said, “Getting and spending we lay waste our
right now among his followers, that God has powers.”)
already begun to usher in his Kingdom, and
that Christ will come again to make it clear Because at Christmas we celebrate real
who really rules the world. ‘materialism’. As we will hear in the first
chapter of Saint John’s Gospel on Christmas
The liturgies of Advent help us to enter more morning (also the last lesson of our Festival
deeply into this mystery as the story unfolds of Nine Lessons and Carols at 4.30pm on
and so we are properly prepared for Christmas Eve) :
Christmas. There a lots of opportunities this
year to prepare yourself – I hope you will “In the beginning was the Word … and the Word
take advantage of them so you are ready to became flesh…”
receive the gift which (or rather, who) costs
us nothing, but means everything. And that Word is Jesus : the most precious gift
we can ever have.
The incarnate Jesus, the Word made flesh -
the real gift of Christmas – is so staggering May God bless all of you and your families
that it is almost incomprehensible. It is mind this Christmas and in the year ahead.
boggling to think that, in Jesus, God entered
his own creation – in a real, material way – With my love and prayers,
sharing all the pleasures and pains, hopes
and joys of our human experience. The sheer Fr Mark
humility of it all is astounding. Because in
Jesus, the Ultimate became intimate.

Taizé Evensong

To mark the start of our patronal festival, we held a service of Taizé Evensong on the eve
of Christ the King; the service was a marvellous success attracting over 60 people – many
of them new to the church – for a time of prayer, singing and silence. Huge thanks to all
involved especially to Robert Ascott, Paul Collins & the choir, Yvonne Dyer, Pauline Fella

and Brenda Wright.

1st 6 draw were:
2nd 27
3rd 37 Heather Neilson-Bonini

If you are interested in The cost remains £2 per

contactMaryDelves on 01323

and Church Room.

Steve Gilbert or call
(01323 469078).

Notes from the PCC meeting held on
Thursday 21st November 2019

The churchwardens were able to report There was also a vote of thanks to those
that work has now started to repair the who were involved in fund-raising events
two sections of roof where the lead had including the Servers’ lunch and the
been stolen in March and October. Autumn Bazaar both of which were very
successful and raised over £800.
The PCC had instructed the church
architect to seek permission to replace There was discussion about the Parish
the lead with a seamless membrane, Share for 2020 and it was agreed that we
including all flat roof areas and the valley will offer a 10% increase this year. This
gutter between the tower and the north will still be short of the full amount by
aisle. The Quinquennial Inspection over £12,000 and Carl Hodgkinson and Fr
Report (QIR) noted that the lead here was Mark will be applying for Credit for
in need of attention. Permission has now Mission.
been granted and Clarke Roofing will be
carrying out the work over the next four Fr Thomas presented the Mission Action
to five weeks. They will also repair some Plan, prepared as a result of the open
of the concrete flashing, the Sanctus meetings in August and September. This
bell’s wooden frame and the broken soil will be included with our application.
pipe from the vestry lavatory as required
in the QIR. Part of the cost will be covered The PCC also agreed the budget for 2020
by insurance. It was agreed that as the as proposed by the Finance Committee,
vulnerable parts of the roof will no longer and it was noted that this budget still
be covered with lead, we would no longer contains a deficit; there was a vote of
seek to install CCTV in the church thanks to Carl for producing the figures.
Following agreement from the PCC, Carl
There was a vote of thanks to Yvonne reported on behalf of the Finance
Committee that he has negotiated to buy
Dyer who reported that she has the Danemann piano from the
Eastbourne Art Centre Charitable Trust
successfully completed the Simple (Underground Theatre) for £3,000, the
cost to be covered by profits from the
Quality Protects safeguarding Sunday afternoon Chamber concerts and
assessment and has received the


Of all the many seasons of the church’s no other; it quite literally divided all of human
year, I think perhaps that Advent might be history in two – a fact still reflected in our
my favourite. Part of this I’m sure stems everyday life with the calendar which marks it
from my inherent English love of an starting point as the Incarnation. It was a
underdog – nobody needs to look far to be moment when God reached down to a
reminded that it’s a season which is people who were so lost in sin that we were
increasingly overshadowed by an ever- unable to reach out, to reach up to Him; as
earlier Christmas. (See ‘Blast from the He continues to do in our daily lives, God
Console’ for a more fulsome complaint on made the first move. Reaching down to
this matter!) But its also because its such a rescue us from our sin He turns us back
beautiful time of preparation; yes, there is towards Him and away from the emptiness
the excitement of preparing to celebrate that is life without Him. It was also a moment
Christmas and the Incarnation. But this is when He revealed the truth of His nature –
muted or tempered - at least in theory! – when we had the clearest demonstration that
by the penitential character of Advent; this ‘God is Love’. Of all the ways and means that
is reflected in the purple vestments and He could have chosen and used to visit us
the lack of flowers in church. So whilst we and save us, He confounded all human
are preparing with excitement, there is a expectation by being born of an unmarried
palpable sense of quiet and winding down peasant girl in a provincial backwater. He
as we prepare to mark the moment when lived alongside frail and sinful humans
the Word who is God and is with God feasting with them in the Wedding at Cana,
became flesh – almost as if the world is weeping with them at the death of his friend
holding its breath. This is why it is Lazarus. Finally, of course He died an unjust
important for us to keep Advent properly, and painful death of shame on the cross for
to spend time in prayer and reflection, to us all, those very same people with whom He
examine ourselves and our lives as we had shared all the peaks and troughs of the
prepare to meet the Newborn King. human experience.

The Birth of Jesus Christ was a moment like Given all this, is it any wonder that our period
of hopeful expectation is characterised by an
almost nervous form of excitement? From the
imploring carol ‘O Come, O Come Emmanuel’,
to the Advent refrain of ‘Come, Lord Jesus!’,
the prayers and language we use at this time
seem to betray something approaching a
nervousness, an almost subconscious fear
that our expectations will be in vain. As we
are preparing ourselves to celebrate

something so momentous and so lives that are a barrier to our relationship
incredible, perhaps collectively and with God or a stumbling block to welcoming
individually we still can’t quite believe it. Jesus into our lives. Then once identified, we
But believe it we should, because our must work to remove and overcome them
waiting is not in vain: we can trust in the and to make room in our hearts for the Lord
promises of God to His people, safe in the – fortified by prayer and sacrament.
knowledge that we have of the first coming
of Jesus, and the promise we have of His I pray that you all have a peaceful and holy
second coming. So as we prepare Advent, finding the time to prepare and make
ourselves to celebrate this first coming of room for Jesus Christ , and look forward to
Jesus Christ into the world, we also need to sharing in the celebration of His birth with
ensure we are prepared for the second – you all at the culmination of this most
whenever this may be. Advent is the beautiful of seasons.
perfect time to take stock and to look at
our lives afresh as the church starts a new With my love and prayers,
year. It is vital for a healthy spiritual life to
set aside time for prayer and self- Fr Thomas
examination, to identify those things in our

A ‘Thank You’ to all

A message from Bernard Irving after his recent spell in hospital

Just recently, I had a major operation in One very important visit was from Keith
the District General Hospital to replace Metcalfe who one sunny afternoon
my knee which was extremely painful brought to me at home, of course, his
and was quite debilitating. I must thank speciality ‘Shepherds Pie”. If you have
all the very kind people who enquired never tasted Keith’s’ Shepherds Pie you
after me through my wife, Carole, sent need to speak to him.
get well cards, phone calls and your I would also like to thank Sue and Keith
prayers. A big thank you to Father Mark for arranging the excellent ‘mystery tour’
and Father Thomas who visited me in to Tea Pot Island. It was an excellent day,
hospital to give communion, and Father the weather was lovely and everything
Mark who visited me at home with went so smoothly.
communion. It is very reassuring to know
we have such good priests to visit the To conclude it is like having a big family,
sick. A visit in hospital from Brother kind, helpful and friendly people of St
Server Roger and his wife Rosemarie. Saviours. This is what they mean
Father Chris Hadfield who also lives at ‘Brothers and Sisters in Christ’.
East Dean called to see me. We have
known each other a number of years. Bernard Irving

Christmas by Sir John Betjeman And girls in slacks remember Dad,
And oafish louts remember Mum,
The bells of waiting Advent ring, And sleepless children's hearts are glad.
The Tortoise stove is lit again And Christmas-morning bells say 'Come!'
And lamp-oil light across the night Even to shining ones who dwell
Has caught the streaks of winter rain Safe in the Dorchester Hotel.
In many a stained-glass window sheen
From Crimson Lake to Hookers Green. And is it true,
This most tremendous tale of all,
The holly in the windy hedge Seen in a stained-glass window's hue,
And round the Manor House the yew A Baby in an ox's stall ?
Will soon be stripped to deck the ledge, The Maker of the stars and sea
The altar, font and arch and pew, Become a Child on earth for me ?
So that the villagers can say
'The church looks nice' on Christmas Day. And is it true ? For if it is,
No loving fingers tying strings
Provincial Public Houses blaze, Around those tissued fripperies,
Corporation tramcars clang, The sweet and silly Christmas things,
On lighted tenements I gaze, Bath salts and inexpensive scent
Where paper decorations hang, And hideous tie so kindly meant,
And bunting in the red Town Hall
Says 'Merry Christmas to you all'. No love that in a family dwells,
No carolling in frosty air,
And London shops on Christmas Eve Nor all the steeple-shaking bells
Are strung with silver bells and flowers Can with this single Truth compare -
As hurrying clerks the City leave That God was man in Palestine
To pigeon-haunted classic towers, And lives today in Bread and Wine
And marbled clouds go scudding by
The many-steepled London sky.

Fancy a fry-up? Join us for
breakfast at Wetherspoons
every 3rd Saturday, after the
9am Mass! We meet in church
and head down together –
all welcome.

Community Wellbeing Café:
the development process

An update on the new Community Wellbeing closed group for those attending the
Café based in St Saviour’s from Elle Weaver, Wellbeing Centre, who needed more time for
who is the Mental Health and Wellbeing peer support as part of their recovery
Facilitator for Together in Sussex, which is part journey.
of a growing network operating across the UK. It was agreed St Saviour’s would offer a
It is a joint venture between the Church Urban weekly 2-hour slot, open to anyone who has
Fund and the Diocese of Chichester, with the mental health challenges, for people of any
aim of helping churches and community based faith or no faith. (M) said there was no
groups to work together, share best practice funding available for hall hire or
and build capacity, to bring hope to refreshments, so St Saviour’s agreed to
marginalised people and deprived support this venture, as part of its social
communities. response to the local community.

The Community Café at St Saviour’s meets Elle contacted the Mental Health
every Tuesday afternoon at 2pm. It is a Commissioning Manager, (K) East Sussex
partnership between St Saviour’s Church, County Council, which funds the Recovery
Together in Sussex and East Sussex County Service delivered through Southdown, and
Council. asked about the possibility of funding for
refreshments and advertising. She explained
Elle Weaver, who is Mental Health and Well that her role in TiS was to support churches
Being facilitator for Together in Sussex, has and communities to respond effectively to
taken the lead in negotiations, setting up the Mental Health needs by working in
procedures and advertising and provided partnership with them. During this
initial oversight and support. St Saviour’s discussion (K) offered £5000 to support the
have identified key volunteers to take development of the Community Wellbeing
forward the weekly running of the Café. The Café, to be reviewed in March 2020.
Café is targeted at those with mental health
challenges, who are on a recovery journey. This positive church-based social initiative
No one’s mental health issues are static! has been made possible by Elle’s role as
Mental Health and Well-being Facilitator and
Southdown Wellbeing Centre, Eastbourne the desire of St Saviour’s to reach out and fill
was looking for alternative community space a social need in this community. St Saviour’s
for a drop-in café, and approached Fr Mark. is now offering a safe, inclusive space for
Working together, Fr Mark and Elle met with people with mental health challenges.
(M) to clarify what was needed and for
whom. Initially, hall space was required for a

Well, A week or so ago, while having one people to deal with and I'm sure that you'll
of those horrid sleepless nights, I was find some reference to it elsewhere in
flicking through the TV channels and 'Logos.'............Enough!!!
ended up watching a rather gruesome
thriller called 'The November Man'; so- So, what's been happening? We had the final
called because, after he passes through, concert of our Monday lunchtime series for
everything dies. What a cheerful start to the year. Anthony Wilson gave us a lovely
the Christmas 'blast' you might think. organ recital. He is such a good player and
we were treated to a programme of real
One would, however, be quite justified in organ music; by that I mean, music that was
thinking that there is not much to look specifically written for the organ (that might
forward to after such a dark, depressing sound really obvious but so many recitals
month; particularly the one we have just these days are of transcriptions of orchestral
endured!! Well, those of you who know works and arrangements of other pieces). It
me well will understand that this is not was a super concert and for those who
my way; there is a lot to look forward to consider themselves 'allergic', they had
and yes , I love Christmas. I love nothing to fear, it was a lovely hour of
everything about it: decorations in the tuneful melody, with a bit of jazz thrown in.
shops in October, the food, the presents,
Andy Williams, family, friends, the music By the time you read this, Eleanor and Irina
and our Christmas services. So, as far as will have performed their piano and Violin
I'm concerned, there's a lot to duet recital. That's bound to be a smash; I'm
anticipate!! really looking forward to that.

I shan't go into the rights and wrongs of And so to December. Where did 2019
the excess, that's for much more clever go?? Before we get to Christmas we have
Advent. As a church musician I do get a bit
frustrated that the music for the season gets
overlooked and completely eclipsed by
Christmas (in spite of my earlier
comments). There are so many fine works
that are never heard in these few short
weeks. But that's the way of the world. Do
look out for any Advent concerts or carol
services that are advertised, you might be
surprised by what you hear!

At St Saviour's we have two major events; the
Christmas Gala Concert on Thursday 19th
December at 7:30. Publicity for this is now
available. Please take a flyer and put it in
your window, stick one up in the doctor's
surgery or any other public place that you
might frequent. They are not much use stuck
on the table at the back of the church;

they also take quite a lot of time and thing that you expect; the candlelit church,
money produce. Entry is £10 on the heavy with atmosphere is a sight to behold. I
door. We are NOT selling tickets in look forward this every year. It is, of course,
advance; it's too much of a faff! I am the best and worst possible time; we are all
particularly grateful to Becky and Colin busy with turkey, buying that extra pot of
for stepping in following the very sad loss cream and cheese that will doubtless remain
of Shirley earlier this year. It will be the in the fridge for days. Do make time for this;
usual mayhem with the brass band, you will not be disappointed.
readings, solos and lots of loud
singing. There's also mulled wine and I have rambled on for far too long. I hope
mine pies thrown in. Such a great way to that you all have a very happy Christmas and
get you into the Christmas spirit. Come that 2020 is successful for you. Please look
along and bring a friend or two!! out for future musical events, there's a lot
happening. Now......... to steam another
By contrast, the Carol Service on pudding!
Christmas Eve is a delight. It is everything

December Concerts at St Saviour’s

East Sussex Music Service Concert
Saturday 7th December

Concentus Christmas Concert
Saturday 14th December

Polyphony Choir Concert
Sunday 15th December

St Saviour’s Gala Concert
Thursday 19th December

Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols
Tuesday 24th December

Here we are in a state of panic as It's lovely that Fr David Weaver is to return to
Christmas draws nearer and we face the our team after his time at St Michaels.
stress of shopping and hoping we have We are so lucky to have so many retired
remembered to send cards to all we Priests to call upon.
should and what to buy Aunt Sally and St Saviour's has Priests a plenty, magnificent
the little dears. Organ and Concert Grand Piano, a dedicated
I could scream. When you live alone Choir and loyal team of Servers to name but
except for your four legged friend you a few of those who keep the place going.
think the world has gone mad. Well the only additional thing we need is
The true meaning of Christmas is in more MONEY. As our home costs increase so
there somewhere but is something on do those at Church. So for Christmas give
the bottom of the list. We can decide on our Church a present.
Church the day before as it's not
important but it's nice to go and sing Looking back we have had the Servers Lunch
some carols. run by Keith and his team of helpers. Very
I'm sure that those of us who regularly good meal it was too. Let's have another
attend St Saviour's don't think that way. soon. The Autumn Fair was a big success in
Advent has arrived and Frs Mark and spite of the weather throwing everything at
Thomas will lead us forward in Faith as us that it could. Rosemarie and Yvonne came
we prepare to celebrate the Birth of our up trumps. Remembrance Sunday was
Saviour. observed in a truly moving way and we were
blessed with dry weather for our short act of
I love the Annual Gala Concert prepared remembrance outside at the War Memorial.
by Paul Collins. This year will be the first Frs Mark, Thomas and David accompanied
without the contribution of Shirley Bishop Martin to Rome towards the end of
Barrell and I'm sure she will be in all our November. No news yet as to whether Pope
thoughts. Francis will visit us.

Then the wonderful Nine Lessons and Little Chelsea have their annual evening on
Carols and Midnight Mass on Christmas 6th and the Church will be open to welcome
Eve and to round off Christmas Morning any who wish to pop in.
mass. I do hope we use the High Altar
this year providing that the Christmas Well I shall be home alone at Christmas
Tree promised by Paul Collins doesn't surrounded by lots of food and drinkies
totally obscure it . Paul thought that last galore.
years tree was too small so he promised
to contribute towards one twice the Whatever you will be doing, I wish you all a
size. Cashpoint time Paul. very Happy Christmas and a Happy New

Back next year!

Kitty x

Dates for your Diary December 2019

Sun 1 First Sunday of Advent
08.00am Mass 10.30am Solemn Mass 6.30pm Advent Carols (Christ Church)
Mon 2
Tues 3 10.30am Mass Advent Feria
Weds 4 11.00am Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament 12noon Mass St Francis Xavier
Thurs 5 10.30am Mass St John Damascene (for CBS Cell) 11.15am Prayer Group
Fri 6 10.30am Mass Advent Feria
Sat 7 12 noon Mass St Nicholas
Sun 8 09.00am Mass St Ambrose
Mon 9 Second Sunday of Advent 08.00am Mass 10.30am Solemn Mass
Tues 10 10.30am Mass The Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Weds 11 11.00am Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament 12noon Mass Advent Feria
Thurs 12 10.30am Mass Advent Feria 11.15am Prayer Group
Fri 13 10.30am Mass Our Lady of Guadalupe
Sat 14 12 noon Mass St Lucy
Sun 15 09.00am Mass St John of the Cross
Third Sunday of Advent
Mon 16 08.00am Mass 10.30am Solemn Mass with Ministry of Healing offered
Tues 17 10.30am Mass Advent Feria
11.00am Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament
Weds 18 12noon Mass O Sapienta (for OLW Cell)
Thurs 19 10.30am Mass O Adonai 11.15am Prayer Group
Fri 20 10.30am Mass O Radix Jesse
Sat 21 12 noon Mass O Clavis David
Sun 22 09.00am Mass O Oriens

Mon 23 Fourth Sunday of Advent 08.00am Mass 10.30am Solemn Mass
Tues 24
10.30am Mass O Emmanuel
Weds 25 4.30pm Nine Lessons and Carols
11.30pm Midnight Mass of the Nativity of the Lord
Thurs 26
Sat 28 08.00am Mass of the Dawn 10.30am Solemn Mass
Sun 29 10.30am Mass St Stephen
Mon 30 12 noon Mass St John
Tues 31 09.00am Mass The Holy Innocents
The Holy Family 08.00am Mass 10.30am Solemn Mass
10.30am Mass 6th Day within the Octave of Christmas
11.00am Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament
12noon Mass 7th Day within the Octave of Christmas

Church Officers DIRECTORY Telephone
Vicar 01323 722317
Fr Mark McAulay SSC
Curate The Vicarage Spencer Road BN21 4PA 749630
Fr Thomas Crowley
Hon Associate Clergy Flat 4 Courland 19 Grange Road BN21 4HA 460905
[email protected] 07706 067496
Fr Paul Christian SSC 381796
Deputy Churchwardens Canon Robert Fayers SSC 485399
PCC Secretary Fr Anthony Fiddian-Green MA, Cert Ed 422050
PCC Treasurer Fr Nick MacNeill, BTh 07811 145656
Rev Christopher Hadfield BA
Other Officers Fr David Weaver SSC 656346
Director of Music 412061
Parish Hospital Contact Pauline Fella 431283
Car Park Manager / 100 Club John Vernon 720577
Church Hall Manager Rosemarie Emery 735410
Safeguarding Officer Judy Grundy
Electoral Roll Officer Mary Delves
Deanery Synod
Librarian Paul Collins 647969
Open Church Richard Elliott 872168
Flower Arranging Steve Gilbert 469078
Church Grounds Heather Neilsen-Bonini 07876 288794
Yvonne Dyer 07702 199844
Church Cleaning Susan Metcalfe 645145
Webmaster / Publicity / Events Mary Delves, Isobel Nugent
Church Office Answerphone David Thorpe 486214
Roger Ellis 649896
Church Organisations Rita Orchard 723375
Bible Reading Fellowship John Burford 724317
Book Group Diana Dean, Lynette Newman, Ross Piper
Family Support Work Tony and Pam Sharley 645682
Chat-Stop Paul Fella 656346
Guild of All Souls 729702
Our Lady of Walsingham / CBS
Mission to Seafarers Lis Trustam 525058
Additional Curates Society Fr Nick MacNeill 485399
Jennifer Hodgkinson, Robert Ascott 351014
Fr Anthony Fiddian-Green 381796
Neil Clarke 07759 940832
Mary Delves 735410
Isobel Nugent 725796
Roger Emery 431283

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