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Parish Magazine May 2017

Parish Magazine May 2017

The Parish magazine of May 2017
Volume XLVIII No. 5


Contents Page Church Services

Christ is Risen, alleluia 3 Sundays
8.00 Low Mass
The Feast of the Ascension 6
10.30 Solemn Mass and Sermon
A Letter from Bishop Mark 7 followed by refreshments
in the Church Hall.
This Joyful Easter tide... 10 Weekdays
Mon, Wed, Thurs 10.30am; Tues and Fri 12noon;
St George’s Day Tea Party 11 Sat 9.00am
Major Weekday Festivals
The Elixir 12 Said Mass as above, Sung Mass: 7.30pm.
Morning and Evening prayer are said daily at
A Blast from the Console 14 8.30am and 5.30pm unless otherwise
100 Club indicated on notice boards.
The Clergy are happy to bring the Sacrament to
Caption Competition 15 the housebound or sick at any hour of the day or
night. The Holy Oil is available for those who wish
Churches Together for Eastbourne 16 to be anointed.

Chat-Stop 17

Eve’s Droppings 18

Dates for your Diary 19

Directory 20

The Sacrament of Reconciliation
A priest is usually available to hear Confessions
or for Spiritual Advice on Fridays at 11.30am or
by appointment.

Cover image: Ceiling detail, The Anglican Hospital visits
Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham. Our Parish Contact for local hospitals,
Mr Richard Elliott (872168), will visit and give
The Parish Magazine is published on the communion to those in hospital.
last Sunday of the month. Other Services provided by the church
Matter for publication should be sent to Arrangements for Baptisms, Banns of Marriage,
[email protected] Weddings and Funerals should be made with
Copy deadline is 20th of the month and the Vicar.
articles should be no longer than 750
words. News items or reports should be Facebook
factual and no longer than 250 words.
Articles are copyright to the author and Website
the Editor’s decision is final. is the The church is open from 8.30am each day and
church website and is managed by a team of volunteers is available to answer
Paul Fella to whom matter questions etc from 10am most days.
for the site should be sent via The Book Shop/Souvenir Stall is also open while
[email protected]. there is a volunteer on duty.

Christ is Risen, alleluia!

I love the Easter season, especially so in the God’s fire has not gone out, that He has neither
Northern Hemisphere as it coincides with forsaken nor forgotten us. It is the fire of His love
Spring and the season of new life and new that burns so fiercely that it is not able to be
beginnings. It’s great that we get so many op- contained even within God; it flares out, and from
portunities in the year to begin again and be it we, like our hand candles, become inflamed,
renewed. There is the season of Advent, the illumined by His love, and we begin to see.
beginning of the Church calendar where we
can focus on preparing ourselves to serve God Gloria in
again for another year. There is the New Year excelsis
of the 1st January where we traditionally make Deo!
resolutions, perhaps the fruit of our prepara-
tion; and this truly revolutionary renewal that
comes through Christ’s victory over sin and
death leading to new life.
Holy Week was such a joy this year, my first
here, and I was greatly heartened by the faithful
who attended the Sacred Paschal Triduum. The
great three days are both a mammoth task of
organising, and a demanding period where the
soul goes through both agony and victory with
Jesus. I am very grateful to all who helped to
prepare for the festivities.

I love the Easter Vigil; it seems to sum up the The Paschal candle weaves its way towards
Christian way so well. We begin in darkness, the Sanctuary, and we follow; the flicker of
it is the darkness of sin that casts a shadow light invading the darkness of the church. I
over our nature. In the drama of Holy Week it imagine myself in Jerusalem on that day of the
seems that we are so deeply separated from resurrection. The women have seen and reported
God that we stutter, fail to see, become blind. what the Angel has told them, that Jesus is alive;
From this darkness the Easter fire is lit; fire that a rumour only at this point; can it be true?
uncontrollable, untamed element. We see that 3

The Exsultet proclaims the fidelity of God, He Nicholas (soon to be, God willing, Fr Nick) Archer
has been with us from the beginning, He has will be arriving as our Curate on Sunday 2nd July.
been faithful, He has shown us through salvation Fr Nick is from Guernsey, and has previously
history that this was always be the way that worked as a Math’s tutor (very handy indeed!),
darkness would be forever cast out. We journey as well as a Pastoral Assistant in two London
from Creation, through the liberation of Israel from parishes before entering St Stephen’s House,
slavery to freedom; we hear the Prophets speak of Oxford. Please do keep him in your prayers as
the Messiah. Finally we proclaim the great Alleluia he prepares to be ordained deacon on 1st July;
and sing Gloria in excelsis Deo! The rumour is we will hold a draw for the 18 tickets we’ve been
true, light floods the church, we are redeemed, allocated for the ordination service.
God is victorious! Bishop Martin is coming to visit us on 16th July
This truly good news of the power of life and and we will have our Vicarage Garden Party on
light over darkness and death is not a personal the same day. Do pray for Bishop Martin and for
possession to be hoarded away in the attic of our the renewal of the Catholic faith in our diocese
soul; it is a Heavenly gift to be proclaimed and and in our parish. We will have candidates for
shared. Fire is not diminished by its sharing but Confirmation, and I pray that we have many more
increased; so too our faith when we bring others in the years ahead.
to God. The baptisms that took place at the As we enjoy the celebration of the Easter season
Easter Vigil, and the renewal of our own baptismal may we be empowered to cast off what holds us
vows, should encourage us to be impatient, thirsty back and with renewed vigour seek to serve God
to call others to the Church, and to the warmth of and neighbour. Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.
God’s love.
These next few months are crucial in the life of our Fr Chris
parish and we have so much to look forward to.


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The Feast of the Ascension

The Feast of the Ascension of Our Lord his glory Christ completed the work of our
and Saviour Jesus Christ, also known as redemption. Ascension is one of the Twelve
Ascension Thursday, Holy Thursday, or Great Feasts of the Orthodox liturgical year.
Ascension Day, commemorates the bodily Certain customs or rituals have been connected
Ascension of Jesus into heaven. It is with the liturgy of this feast, such as the blessing
one of the ecumenical feasts (universally of beans and grapes after the Commemoration of
celebrated) of Christian churches, ranking the Dead in the Canon of the Mass, the blessing
with the Passion, of Easter, and Pentecost. of first fruits, afterwards done at Rogationtide,
Ascension Day is traditionally celebrated on the blessing of a candle, the wearing of mitres
the fortieth day of Easter (Thursday), although by deacon and subdeacon, the extinguishing of
some Christian denominations have moved the paschal candle, and triumphal processions
the observance to the following Sunday. with torches and banners outside the churches
The observance of this feast is of great antiquity. to commemorate the entry of Christ into heaven.
Eusebius seems to hint at the celebration of it The antiquarian Daniel Rock records the
in the 4th century. At the beginning of the 5th English custom of carrying at the head of the
century, St. Augustine says that it is of Apostolic procession the banner bearing the device
origin, and he speaks of it in a way that shows of the lion and at the foot the banner of the
it was the universal observance of the Church dragon, to symbolise the triumph of Christ in
long before his time. Frequent mention of it is his ascension over the evil one (and can also
made in the writings of St. John Chrysostom, be interpreted by analogy as the triumph of
St. Gregory of Nyssa, and in the Constitution England over Wales). In some churches the
of the Apostles. The Pilgrimage of Aetheria scene of the Ascension was vividly reproduced
speaks of the vigil of this feast and of the feast by elevating the figure of Christ above the altar
itself, as they were kept in the church built through an opening in the roof of the church.
over the grotto in Bethlehem in which Christ
is traditionally regarded as having been born.
It may be that prior to the 5th century the fact
narrated in the Gospels was commemorated in
conjunction with the feast of Easter or Pentecost.

The Latin terms used for the feast, ascensio
and, occasionally, ascensa, signify that Christ
was raised up by his own powers, and it is from
these terms that the holy day derives its name.
In the Book of Common Prayer, ‘Holy Thursday’
is listed as another name for Ascension Day.

In Western Christianity, the earliest possible In England it was once common for churches to
date is April 30, the latest possible date is 3 ‘beat the bounds’ on this day, and some continue
June and in the Anglican Communion, Holy the custom (e.g. the church of St Michael at the
Thursday is a Principal Feast. The three days North Gate in Oxford). Members of the parish
before Ascension Thursday are sometimes walk round the parish boundaries, marking
referred to as Rogationtide, and the previous boundary stones (e.g. by writing on them in chalk)
Sunday – the Sixth Sunday of Easter (or the Fifth and hitting them with sticks. Knowledge of the
Sunday after Easter) – as Rogation Sunday. parish boundaries was considered important,
In the Eastern Church this feast is known since churches had certain duties such as the
in Greek as Analepsis, the ‘taking up’, and care of children born out of wedlock in the parish.
also as the Episozomene, the ‘salvation from 6
on high’, denoting that by ascending into

Dear Friends,


aipTnnehvdryiitoesKddoinbtbogeedtjcwoooimenmeieCnn ojAtohmsyiscfeuewlhnfaasevsiloleobnwoeDfc-wopamroyareaykneethdrrsetPhintaeittnlbemtueaiocldnoreidsntgpfo(e2uco5puptshGleooMfmdaa'asywyK-oci4nroltgdmhdweJoiudmtone.ekw,natohvwies, of prayer during the is
year). Every one of us -
love and follow Jesus


With thanks for our partnership in prayer,

Bishop of Horsham




This Joyful Eastertide...!

A wonderful time was had by all during this
period of great celebration. Uplifting Masses,
Baptisms, great Music from Paul Collins and
the Choir, a Party, Cake and Fizz – what more
could you want (except Easter Eggs!!!!).

The St George’s Day Tea Party

Scrummy and Fun!! Well done to the Events Group.


The Elixir

In a previous treatise, I debated the origins choose either to ignore or to follow. Quite simply,
of the threefold ministry of bishops, priests the vocation of each of us is summed up in the
and deacons. Now I intend to discuss the famous words of St Teresa of Avila:
nature of the word always associated with the
ministry, namely ‘vocation’. Once again, this Christ has no body but yours,
article may be deemed challenging, but the No hands, no feet on earth but yours,
arguments are scriptural, and the conclusions Yours are the eyes with which he looks
incontrovertible. Compassion on this world,
Yours are the feet with which he walks
Many of the assumptions which we make in our to do good,
day-to-day lives need to be examined. After all, if Yours are the hands, with which he blesses
we believed everything we read in the newspapers all the world,
on (for example) medical matters, we should Christ has no body now on earth but yours.
find life impossible. Wine is good for you. Or
bad. Three cups of coffee a day guard against Could any calling be higher? That is our calling,
diabetes. Or is it dementia? Conflicting evidence whatever we happen to do in our chosen
and counsel abound. And if ‘the experts’ profession or trade or livelihood. Within our lives
disagree, where does it leave us, the lay people? we all have to represent Christ. We are the body
Much of this kind of advice is reliant on statistics, of Christ. How we earn our livelihood is largely
and at best the conclusions are no more than a immaterial (unless it is in itself immoral).
possibility. Statistics look backward. They are
derived from the past, and from the general, not Thus St Teresa. But what does Scripture say?
the particular. We have to decide for ourselves, Romans 12.4-5: ‘Just as in a single human
with a healthy dose of scepticism, whether in body there are many limbs and organs, all with
our own case the advice is worth following. We different functions, so we who are united with
have to use our common sense and prudence to Christ, though many, form one body….Let us
accept or reject conflicting arguments, all of them use the different gifts allotted to each of us by
speciously persuasive. God’s grace.’ 1 Corinthians 12.4,5: ‘There are
varieties of gifts, but the same Spirit. There are
So it is with our faith and religion. Assumptions varieties of service, but the same Lord.’ Each
are there to be challenged. Faith must live. Faith of us has different gifts; different priests have
must be dynamic. Better a lively heresy than a different gifts. Despite these differences of gifts
pedestrian, staid or ossified orthodoxy. There and talents, we share one vocation, priest and lay
is no merit and no life in paying lip-service to alike, which is to be the Body of Christ. I quote
antiquated formularies. We of the Church of Scripture advisedly, for (as I wrote in my earlier
England are proud to tread a via media, a middle treatise) the only doctrine of the priesthood in the
way, between those on the one hand who look New Testament is that we are all priests. Differing
solely to the pages and letter of the Bible for talents though we may have, we are, each one
salvation, and those on the other who rely on of us, of the same value in the sight of God, and
the authority of a Church. Both Biblical theology our calling is the same: to be Christ on earth.
and ecclesiastical dogma benefit from constant This is the thinking which underpins the theology
scrutiny and appraisal. of the Second Vatican Council, diminishing the
distinction between priests and people, bringing
There lives more faith in honest doubt, priests and people together.
Believe me, than in half the creeds.
As in all activities involving the human mind,
And so to the assumption often made, but which there is a multitude of mixed motives among
I believe is erroneous, that the vocation of a priest those seeking ordination, and it is pointless and
is higher than that of others. A vocation, letter for dishonest to deny it. We know more about the
letter in Latin, is a calling. Each one of us is called complexities of the mind than ever our forebears
by God. Each one of us has a vocation which we knew; motives are seldom as pure as we would


like to think. Whatever we aspire to do, there is Each of us has a duty to perform, a calling to
inevitably something of ‘self’ in our aspiring. The fulfil. Our calling lies not in what we do (for
good are not wholly good, nor the bad wholly that is determined largely by our interests, our
bad. Ordinands can be attracted by (among disposition, our character), but in how we do it.
more honourable motives) ambition, status, and Our gifts will differ but our vocation is the same: to
‘holy garb’. Perhaps I’m being unduly cynical, show Christ to the world, to be Christ in the world.
but I certainly do not exempt myself from these And in Christ the humblest and most menial tasks
strictures. If you have read this essay aright, you are blessed and sanctified. Drudgery becomes
will realize that I am not belittling the vocations of divine.
the clergy, but rather enhancing the vocations of
the laity. Pick up the Prayer Book, and read in the Who sweeps a room, as for thy laws,
Catechism, magnificent and uncompromising, our Makes that and the action fine.
duty to God and our duty to our Neighbour. George Herbert: ‘The Elixir’
In the Incarnation, God became flesh, and thus
transformed, turned upside-down, the values of
the world. ‘He that is greatest among you shall
be your servant’ (Matthew 23.11). ‘I am among
you as he that serveth’ (Luke 22.27). And Jesus
washed the feet of his disciples (John 13.3-11).
Following where his Master had led, Pope Gregory
the Great described himself as ‘servus servorum
Dei’, ‘the servant of the servants of God’. God
became Man. The highest becomes the lowest.
We are the Body of Christ. No single part of
that body can claim precedence over others.


In addition to the usual we had some concerts,
one of which was a Passiontide portrayal,
presented by David Horne, entitled ‘Forty Days
and Forty Nights’. It was my great privilege to
provide musical interludes for the monologues
depicting some of the passion scenes and the
main characters in the story. His portrayal of
Caiphas will live with me for a very long time!
Brilliant, David!! Thank you for creating the perfect
mood for the start of Holy Week.

BLAST On the Wednesday we had two events. At
lunchtime Robert Munns made a return visit to
FROM THE CONSOLE play a recital of very reflective organ music for
the season. He is a player of extreme sensitivity
A-a-a-a-a-a-lay-loo-oo-yahh! and, as always, created a perfect atmosphere. In
the evening the choir along with some carefully
Well we did it. We made it through. Lent chosen draftees performed ‘The Cross of Christ’.
seemed interminable this year. Why was that? This is a compilation of readings, hymns and choir
It just seemed to go on and on. Then, all of a items similar in format to a Carol Service. This was
sudden it was Palm Sunday and Holy Week! intensely moving and was beautifully performed.
It’s a tough time for everybody involved in My thanks to all who took part especially to Brian
preparing worship but for the choir it’s a very for playing the organ.
intense time with lots of music to prepare most of
which has to be delivered in quick succession. It’s all done for another year. Now we move on
The Palm Sunday procession is always a tricky and the concert series gets under way. We have
one. Singing and synchronising the timing and two Bank Holiday concerts: a piano recital by my
tuning outside and inside the church is a complete old friend Simon Ballard. Simon is an extremely
nightmare. I’m not going to lie, it was nice to have gifted musician and is respected on the world
had a reprieve from that in the last couple of years. stage as a pianist of incredible ability. He has
some sixty concerti under his belt. He also plays
pretty much any string or woodwind instrument.
Then on the 29th May a recital of organ duets
presented by Tom Bell and Richard Brasier, two
very busy and highly accomplished London
players. Please come along to these and as many
of the other concerts as you can. Programmes
of the whole series will be found on the table at
the back of the church. Please take two; one for
yourself and one for a friend.
See you next month!!

For me the most meaningful service of the The winners of the March
Triduum is the one on Maundy Thursday. The 2017 100’s Club draw were:
foot washing, the depiction of the betrayal and
the pure drama of it with the church going into 1st prize £40 29 Valerie Rees
darkness and then the silence; there’s something 2nd prize £20 1 Heather Wolters
very moving about the whole thing. 3rd prize £10 11 Liz Tardif

The week was rounded off with a great Easter We currently have 3 lines remaining.
Paean which I found very uplifting and satisfying. Please see Steve Gilbert for details.
It’s great fun for me to let the organ go after a very The cost is £2 per month with the draw
long period of restraint... Sorry about that. taking place on the last Sunday of the month.


Caption Competition

Suggested captions by email or in writing to
Paul Fella or [email protected]
There will be a prize for the winning caption.

150th Anniversary
Commemorative Mugs available

Full colour, bone china mugs celebrating 150 years £10
of our church and some of its artworks.
Microwave and dishwasher safe. EACH

Churches Together for Eastbourne

Some forthcoming events ...
20th anniversary Vintage Tea Party - Saturday 29 April.
Contact Gilly [email protected]

‘Chosen’:  Mary Sumner’s inspiring story - Saturday 13 May
One hour drama to celebrate 140 years of the Mother’s Union. Performances at 10.30 and 2.30. 
Refreshments at 10 and 3.30. At Bishop Hannington Church, Nevill Ave, Hove, BN3 7NH. 

Matthew 25 Coffee and Cake Sale - Saturday 20 May
This event has become an annual classic.  10-12 at Brodie Hall, Christchurch BN22 7NN.  Includes
auction at 11am. Supporting Matthew 25 Mission as they work with vulnerable people in our town. 

Christianity in the Countryside - Thursday 22 June
Vicar of Firle, Peter Owen Jones, will speak on this topic at St Mark’s, Little Common, Bexhill. 7.30pm. 


Bishop Martin is visiting St Saviour’s on the 16th July, so the
Vicar’s Garden Party has been rescheduled to coincide with
this occasion. This will make it an even greater event to
celebrate our 150th year as an Anglo-catholic church in
the heart of Eastbourne.



The first outreach Chat-Stop was held on Saturday
8 April. We had coffee, tea and cakes. It was very
well attended and a group came along who meet
regularly on Saturdays and will join us again in the
future. Thanks to all who did the publicity, catered,
set up and cleared away. It was good to see the
young folk there, and Toby came too – Roger’s
pet-as-therapy dog. It is clearly fulfilling a need
and we hope that the numbers will grow – the next
one is on Saturday 13 May at 10.30am. Please
come and join in and invite those you know who
might benefit from this get-together.



I can’t believe Easter he told me he’ll bring Roger again as he’s good
has been and almost gone company. If anyone has any good condition books
at the time of writing this. or small items for the sales table please let Mary
T know. Delicious cakes were also on offer and if
Thank you to Paul Collins you are prepared to donate one please tell Juliet.
and members of the choir for leading us in
all the special services, a huge commitment.
I am sure those of you who attended The Cross
of Christ found it very moving and enjoyed
singing the hymns.

On Saturday, Easter Eve there were 3 baptisms, Thank you to Diana W for bringing a beautiful
one of which was little Niamh aged 21/2, her birthday cake to share with us all after the
Mother Lydia and baby brother Felix. Her Mother 10.30am Sunday Mass. Have you seen the
had prepared her for part of the service and as 150 years anniversary mugs? These are on sale
soon as Niamh sat in the front pew, wearing a for £10 on Sundays after the 10.30am Mass and in
beautiful, white dress the Open Church ‘shop’ weekdays. They are bone
she said, “When is china with coloured pictures of the interior of
Fr Chris going to pour St Saviour’s.
water over my head?” Please add Liz Trustam to your prayers as she
Sometime later she has injured her leg making it impossible to get to
was upside down in church at the moment. Being brave and with the
his arms and water help of her neighbour she managed to get to the
was pouring over her DGH for her eye operation. We send you our love
head and into the font. Liz and hope to see you soon. Please include
As soon as her feet Elizabeth H in your prayers as she too is having
were back on the health issues at the moment.
floor she rushed to Do some of you remember Andrew Georghegon
her grandmother, who was a regular Sunday attendee a few years
smiling and pointing ago? Andrew had been in the parachute regiment
to her wet head and and was always happy to chat. He is now back
then to her Father and then danced back to her living in Eastbourne and came to the Thursday
grandmother, she was so excited that she had Mass the other day so hopefully we’ll all be seeing
been baptised. him on Sundays. Make a note in your diaries that
Did you attend the Journey through Lent to Easter there will be a 7.30pm Sung Mass on Ascension
‘Forty Days and Forty Nights’ presented by David Day 25th May. It would be lovely to see you all
Horne and Paul Collins? A moving and thought there on this special day. Come on you can do it.
provoking recital which even included a piece by TTFN
Christ’s donkey.
The Chat-Stop coffee morning went well and
the outreach team look forward to seeing those
people who attended and others on Saturday 13
May in the church room. Toby was a great hit and


Dates for your Diary May 2017

Mon 1 10.30am Mass S. Joseph the Worker
Tues 2 12 noon Mass S. Athanasius Bp. Dr.
Wed 3 10.30am Mass S. Philip & S. James Aps.
Thurs 4 10.30am Mass The English Martyrs
3.00pm CBS Office and Benediction
Fri 5 12 noon Mass
Sat 6 09.00am Mass
Sun 7 Fourth Sunday in Eastertide 08.00am Mass 10.30am Solemn Mass
Mon 8 10.30am Mass Faithful Departed
Tues 9 12.noon Mass
Wed 10 10.30am Mass
Thurs 11 10.30am Mass
Fri 12 12 noon Mass S. Pancras M. Laying on of Hands
Sat 13 09.00am Mass Our Lady of Fatima
Sun 14 Fifth Sunday in Eastertide 08.00am Mass 10.30am Solemn Mass
Mon 15 10.30am Mass
Tues 16 12 noon Mass
Wed 17 10.30am Mass
Thurs 18 10.30am Mass
Fri 19 12 noon Mass S. Dunstan Bp.
Sat 20 09.00am Mass S. Bernardine of Siena Pr.
Sun 21 Sixth Sunday in Eastertide 8.00am Mass 10.30am Solemn Mass
Mon 22 10.30am Mass
Tues 23 12 noon Mass Walsingham Cell
Wed 24 10.30am Mass
Thurs 25 The Ascension of the Lord 10.30am Mass 7.30pm Solemn Mass
Fri 26 12 noon Mass S. Philip Neri Pr.
Sat 27 09.00am Mass S. Augustine of Canterbury Bp.
Sun 28 Seventh Sunday in Eastertide 08.00am Mass 10.30am Solemn Mass
Mon 29 10.30am Mass
Tues 30 12 noon Mass
Wed 31 10.30am Mass The Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary



Church Officers Telephone
01323 722317
Vicar Rev Christopher Yates SSC
The Vicarage Spencer Road Eastbourne BN21 4PA 422050
Hon Associate Clergy Rev Christopher Hadfield, BA 485399
Canon Charles Lansdale BA 723584
Rev Nick MacNeill, BTh 723345
Rev John Wright BSc Cert Ed 381796
Rev Dr David Musson M Phil
Rev Anthony Fiddian-Green MA, Cert Ed 07706 067496
Rev David Weaver BA, MA, Cert Ed
Canon Robert Fayers SSC 01323 656346
Churchwardens Mrs Pauline Fella 735410
Mr John Vernon 489646

Secretary PCC Mrs Judy Grundy

Treasurer Miss Mary Delves

Electoral Roll Mrs Mary Tomsett

Other Officers Mr Paul Collins 647969
Director of Music

Parish Hospital Contact Mr Richard Elliott 872168

Sacristan/Servers Mr Stuart Burns 500585

Bookstall Manager Miss Jane Pinching 894414

Caring and Sharing Mrs Pat James 721061

Car Park Manager / 100 Club Mr Steve Gilbert 469078

Safeguarding Officer Miss Jacqueline Mulholland 638269

Churches Together Mrs Beverly Cochran 434785

Deanery Synod Miss Mary Delves, Mrs Isobel Nugent, Miss Jacqueline Mulholland

Family Support Work Mrs Mary Tomsett 489646
Mr Robert Ascott 728892

Librarian Mr David Thorpe 486214

Guild of All Souls Miss Lis Trustam 504909

Mission to Seafarers Mrs Isobel Nugent 725796

Additional Curates Society Mr Roger Emery 431283

Open Church Mr Roger Ellis 649896

Our Lady of Walsingham / CBS Miss Mary Delves 735410

Vestry (unmanned) 729702

Church Organisations Miss Lis Trustam – call for details 504909
Bible Reading Fellowship 485399
Book Group Rev Nick MacNeill – call for details 724317
Church Cleaning Mrs Rita Orchard – Tuesdays from 9am 723375
Church Grounds Mr John Burford

Events Committee Mr Paul Fella – meets as necessary

Flower Arrangers Mrs Rita Orchard – Fridays from 9am

Webmaster / Magazine / Publicity Mr Paul Fella

Disclaimer: The Editor does not necessarily agree with all the views expressed in this Magazine. Please note that all articles are copyright
to the author and may not be reproduced in any form or medium without the written permission of the author or Editor.


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