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Parish Magazine August 2015

Parish Magazine August 2015


The Parish magazine of August 2015
Volume XLVI No. 8


Contents Page Church Services

Sacramentals – What Are They? 3 Sundays
8.00 Low Mass
The Transfiguration 5 10.30 Solemn Mass and Sermon

Clergy Musings – Fr Charles 6 followed by refreshments
The Problem of Evil in the Church Hall.

Saint Of The Month 7 Weekdays
Mon, Wed, Thurs 10.30am;
Hello! I’m The New Boy 8 Tues and Fri 12noon; Sat 9.00am

A Challenging 12 Months 9 Major Weekday Festivals
The Tingle Factor Said Mass, as above Sung Mass: 7.30pm.
Mattins and Evensong are said daily at
A Spiritual Experience 10 8.30am and 5.30pm unless otherwise
indicated on notice boards.
The Second Rant According To Jeffery 11
The Clergy are happy to bring the Sacrament to
A Blast From The Console 12 the housebound or sick at any hour of the day
Poem – But Can I Tell or night. The Holy Oil is available for those who
wish to be anointed.
The Vicarage Garden Party 13
100’s Club Winners The Sacrament of Reconciliation
A priest is usually available to hear Confessions
Eve’s Droppings 14 or for Spiritual Advice on Fridays at 11.30am
or by appointment.
Dates For Your Diary 15
Hospital visits
Directory 16 Our Parish Contact for local hospitals,
Mr Richard Elliott (872168), will visit and give
Cover: communion to those in hospital.
Detail from our mosaic of King Oswald, in St Saviour’s
Baptistry. Other Services provided by the church
Arrangements for Baptisms, Banns of
The Parish Magazine is published on the Marriage, Weddings and Funerals
last Sunday of the month. should be made with the Vicar.

Matter for publication should be sent to Facebook
[email protected]. See Pew Sheet /St-Saviours-Eastbourne
for Magazine deadline.
Articles should be no longer than
750 words. News items or Reports should
be factual and no longer than 150 words. The church is open from 8.30am each day
and a team of volunteers is available to answer
Articles are copyright to the author and the questions etc from 10am most days.
Editor’s decision is final.
The Book Shop/Souvenir Stall is also open is the church while there is a volunteer on duty.
website and it is managed by Fred Reeve
([email protected]) to whom
matter for the site should be sent.


Sacramentals – what are they?

For once I begin with a quote, instead of fact that they are performed. They don’t depend
including some in my article: “God is more upon the temperament or personality of the
anxious to bestow his blessings on us than we minister, or of the recipient. This is because it is
are to receive them.” St. Augustine. We all Christ who is acting and communicating the
know what sacraments are, (hopefully) but what grace of his Paschal Mystery. The word Eucharist
about sacramentals? Over time, the Church comes from the Greek and literally means ‘to give
has recognised gradually, under the Spirit’s thanks’ and recalls the Jewish blessing in which
guidance, that there are seven sacraments. God’s works of creation, redemption and
These seven are related to each other. sanctification are invoked and praised.

Through Baptism and Confirmation we are The Eucharist has many names highlighting its
enabled to truly participate in and celebrate the different aspects: the Lord’s Supper, the Wedding
liturgy. Through the sacrament of Holy Orders, the Feast of the Lamb, the Breaking of Bread, the
ministerial priesthood guarantees that it is really Memorial of the Lord’s Passion and Resurrection.
Christ who acts in the sacraments. The priest is We also speak of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.
the link to the apostles, who are in turn the link to We speak also of ‘receiving the Eucharist’ or
Christ. All of these three sacraments confers a seal ‘receiving Holy Communion’. Why do we go to
or character matching the individual to Christ and Mass? Perhaps we don’t think about this too
to a particular state and function in the Church. much and go because it has become our custom
and practice. However, the reason we go to
The sacraments presuppose faith but also Mass is to thank God for all the blessings and
nourish, strengthen and express it. Since the grace we have received in our lives. Praise of
Council of Trent the Church has taught that the God is the highest form of prayer.
sacraments act ‘ex opera operato’. This means
that they bring about the grace, the work of When we praise God the focus shifts from
salvation that they signify, simply by virtue of the ourselves and our own needs and wants to


worship, praise and thanksgiving to God. The The Rosary is another popular sacramental.
holy sacrifice of the Mass is quite simply a Praying the Rosary is really a meditation on the
sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving to God the most important moments in salvation history.
Father. We know from the very beginning the
Church has been faithful to the If you have ever
celebration of the Eucharist. had the experience of
‘They devoted themselves to
the apostles’ teaching and being part of a
fellowship, to the breaking of great procession
bread and the prayers. Day by (see the front cover
day, attending the temple of the October 2014
together and breaking bread in issue of our magazine) or
their homes. They partook of taken part in a walk of
food with glad and generous witness, you will
hearts.’ Acts 2:42,46). The Eucharist appreciate how faith-
is the source, summit and centre of the affirming they can be.
Church’s life. The sense of being united
in faith, in harmony with the
Sacramentals church and joined in
are objects or pilgrimage, is truly a great
actions in gift of our faith. Such
which a prayers and devotions do not
blessing is replace the liturgy but rather
given and strengthen it, enrich it and lead us
which bear more deeply into its riches.
resemblance to the sacraments. Two very Fr Jeffery
common sacramentals are the sprinkling of holy
water (this recalls Baptism) and making the sign Looking for a speaker for your
of the cross (common to all the sacraments). club, group, WI or society?
Sacramentals do not confer the grace of the Holy
Spirit but prepare us to receive God’s grace and LADY CRABTREE’s
dispose us to co-operate with the Spirit. They
bring God’s blessing into our lives. By virtue of latest talk
our Baptism not only are we called to a blessing
but we are called to bless. This could perhaps be ‘HOW TO
the basis of an examination of conscience. Have GROW OLD
I been a blessing to others? Have I witnessed to DISGRACEFULLY’
God’s blessing in the way I live my life?
is guaranteed to raise a laugh!
We are encouraged to call upon God’s blessing in
many areas of our lives. In asking for God’s Enquiries
blessing we receive grace and protection from
evil. Many situations and circumstances call for T 01323 722338
this in our lives. Some, on moving into a new E [email protected]
house ask that the priest blesses it, sprinkling W
holy water and asking, in the name of Jesus, that
their home and all who dwell in it be protected
from the evil one.


The Transfiguration

The Church celebrates the Transfiguration of The disciples saw Jesus
the Lord on 6 August. Jesus takes Peter,
James and John up the mountain, and there as he really is – we must
before them he is transfigured, and seen
talking to Moses and Elijah. Peter, in try to have that same
something like embarrassment, offers
to build three huts for them, but all is vision…
overshadowed by the cloud of glory, the sign
of the Father’s presence. They hear the This miracle of human transfiguration only
voice of God proclaiming his only Son – and happens because of God’s love. And God
their fear is put away by Jesus himself, alone loves you too – whatever you are like, he loves
once more. you. “God loves me.” Say it often, and
thoughtfully, and slowly. When someone really
These disciples see Jesus as he really is, for a loves you is when life really begins. God loves
moment. The man they had come to know, the you – life has begun. See yourself as you really
carpenter from Nazareth, is revealed in a are – full of sin and trapped in a vicious circle of
dramatic moment as God’s Messiah, the temptation and foolishness – all that – but,
Chosen One, destined to redeem Israel. They loved by God – infinitely precious to him.
have already given intellectual assent to the
idea that Jesus is the Messiah, and now, in a
strange and awesome way, their faith is
confirmed. For a time, his humanity cannot
hide his true form

We live long after the earthly life of Jesus and
we know what kind of man he is. For us, Jesus
is always transfigured. We enjoy for always that
brief vision on the mount of Transfiguration. We
must not forget, however, that he was fully
human too. Fully and completely, he was as we
are, except in sin. Therefore we see in him what
God wants us to be.

Those closest to us are children of God: very
hard to realise when they are irritating.
Because Jesus transfigured humanity, every
human being is transfigured. Try to see those
near to you as they really are, in their true form
– a child of God – a soul, capable of perfect
union with God – a creature whose real home is
heaven. Everyone shares in this miracle –
those we pass in the street, those we work
with, those we find hard to love. The disciples
saw Jesus as he really is – we must try to have
that same vision of our fellow men as they
really are.


Clergy Musings by Father Charles


HUMAN EXPERIENCE unto me’. ‘Repent and believe the Good News’.
1 In the experience of every human being we all This Divine help is provided by Jesus after
know we are not as we should be – something
is wrong with us. ‘We foul our nests wherever we CONVERSION
go.’ We constantly make the wrong choice and 5 It is the state of having repented and also needs
take wrong turnings. We all know what the
right thing to do is but always seem to choose constant reaffirmation. Sometimes conversion is
the wrong. We seem to suffer from congenital a strong emotional experience like St. Paul had
weakness with no cure. We need only read the on the road to Damascus. Usually it is the step
headlines of a newspaper to become aware of the by step conversion experienced by St. Peter.
human condition – it stares at us from every page.
SIN & REPENTANCE 6 Jesus promised His followers ‘you will receive
2 The Bible says – ‘All have sinned and gone astray
power after the Holy Spirit comes upon you and
like lost sheep’ (Old Testament) ‘He who thinks then you will be witnesses for me to the
he has no sin deceives himself and the truth is uttermost parts of the earth’. Jesus came
not in him’ (New Testament). primarily to give us the power and strength to live
SIN – Missing the target as in archery. Also victorious and joyful lives under God. We don’t
defective performance as in a washing machine need a teacher so much as help to save us from
or radio which does not work properly. Sin is, our weakness and enslavement to sin. Being a
therefore a failure to fulfil the purpose of creation. Christian doesn’t mean accepting a ‘philosophy
God’s commandments, God’s will and our of life’ or a set of rules to live by or believing a list
conscience form the ‘book of directions’ and the of certain statements. Being a Christian means
information centre for correct performance of to have God’s Spirit come and live in us.
human beings. When human beings stop sinning And for that to happen, we must want to
they are functioning normally thus Jesus is change. We must admit we’re on the wrong
normal and sinners are abnormal. road and have got lost. That’s called
Repentance and then we must invite the Lord
WAR BETWEEN GOOD AND EVIL Jesus to come and take possession of our life.
3 Jewish Rabbis taught that man has an inbuilt Then believe He has come into our hearts the
minute we have asked him and thank him.
tendency to evil (Yetser Hara) and a tendency to
good (Yetsor Hartov). That the tendency to evil is Here is a simple prayer , personal act of
stronger because it is negative. It usually means Repentance to use if we really want to receive
giving in to ‘the path of least resistance’. The the Lord Jesus into our life:
tendency to good is harder to follow because it
usually means being positive – making an effort ‘Dear Father, I believe that Jesus Christ is your only
against our natural laziness. It is easier to be begotten Son and that He became a Human Being
negative and find fault than it is to be positive and died on the Cross to wipe away my guilt and
and constructive. Every time we are confronted sin which separates me from You. I believe that
by a situation we are confronted by a choice to He rose from the dead, to give me new Life. Lord
follow our tendency to evil or to good. To choose Jesus I invite you to come into my heart. I accept
Life or to choose Death as the Bible puts it. you as my Lord and Saviour. I confess my sins and
ask you to wash them away. I believe that You have
SALVATION come and are living in me right now. Thank you
4 Because of above, all need Divine help. Jesus Lord! Amen’.

says: ‘Without me you can do nothing’. ‘Come


Saint of the month

Oswald was born around AD 605, eldest son amazing mosaic in our church) Oswald raised a
of the pagan King Aethelfrith of Bernicia and large cross and he and his soldiers prayed around
his second wife, Princess Aacha of Deira. it before the battle. Oswald was victorious and led
Aethelfrith had recently taken Deira from its his troops into York, while the Dowager Queen
King, Edwin. When Oswald was 11 he and his Ethelburga of Deira and her family fled from
family fled Northumbria when Edwin and his Yeavering and the new King’s expected wrath.
East Anglian army re-took the kingdom.
Oswald’s reputation as a saint originates in his re-
Oswald took refuge with King Eochaid Buide at introduction of Christianity to Northumbria. The
Dunadd in modern Scotland. Oswald and his chief among the monks who accompanied him
brother, Oswiu, were educated at the Abbey on from Dalriada initially attempted to convert the
Iona and were converted to Christianity. Aged Northumbrians, but met with little success.
around 23 Oswald went to Ireland with King So Oswald sent to the monks of Iona for an
Connad Cerr of Dalriada and fought against the evangelical Bishop. St. Aidan, Bishop of Scattery
Irish Cruithne at the Battle of Fid Eoin. Island in Ireland, arrived the following year and set
up a strong missionary movement centred on
Meanwhile, back in Northumbria, King Edwin was Lindisfarne, near the Royal Court at Bamburgh.
at war with the combined forces of Gwynedd and It was at the latter that the famous legend took
Mercia. Oswald’s half-brother, Eanfrith, took the place which resulted in St. Aidan blessing the
throne after Edwin died in battle in AD 633, but was King’s arm and making it incorruptible, even in
captured and killed after less than a year in power. death. King Oswald himself often acted as an
Oswald’s time had come. ecclesiastical interpreter for the new Northumbrian
Bishop who spoke only Gaelic. It is thought that
Marching south with a small army Oswald the legend started because during a banquet at
encountered a large Welsh force led by Cadwallon Bamburgh one Easter a group of beggars arrived at
(King of Gwynedd) at Heavenfield. (see above – the the castle. As the Royal retainers were about to


throw the men out, Oswald took a silver dish piled So, Oswald came to be revered as a Christian
with meat from his table and gave it to the starving martyr, and his dismembered limbs eventually
beggars. This so impressed Bishop Aidan that he found their way into various relic collections in
prayed that the hand which had done this might monasteries around the country. It is reputed that
never decay. his body was removed to Bardney Abbey and later
translated to St. Oswald’s in Gloucester.
Bonds were important to Oswald and he did not The King’s Royal Standard of purplish-red and
forget his old allies, the Dalriadan Kings, who had gold, once to be seen at Bardney (and probably
helped him gain his throne. For he appears to have the banner which found its way to Durham),
sent troops to Ireland to assist King Domnall Brecc forms the basis of the coat of arms of modern
and his ally, King Congal Caech of Ulster, during the Nothumberland. Popular iconography depicts the
Irish dynastic wars. By AD 638, Oswald was in a King wearing a crown and carrying sceptre and
secure position at home and he turned to orb, the ciborium (showing his charity to the poor),
expansionism. His army moved north and besieged a sword, a palm-branch or his raven companion.
and captured Edinburgh. Then, in a stroke of, what
appears to have been, diplomatic genius, he arranged Hello!
for his brother, Prince Oswiu, to marry Princess I am the
Rhiainfelt, the last remaining heiress of North Rheged. New Boy.
The old Celtic kingdom was subsequently swallowed
up by Northumbria in a peaceful takeover. Oswiu Just over 2 years ago I made a commitment
continued to expand the kingdom’s borders by taking to join St. Saviour’s. At that time my plan
his brothers armies to Gododdin and conquering was to sit in the back row and not to become
modern lowland Scotland as far north as Manau. too involved. Obviously, others had different
Bede claims that the King was thus recognised as plans for me. I am delighted to have made
Bretwalda by all of Saxon England. St Saviour’s Church my new spiritual home.

There were, however, forces gathering who wished I was very surprised and felt privileged
to bring to an end King Oswald’s glorious reign in when Fr. Jeffery asked me to consider
Britain. In AD 642, the old Northumbrian enemy, being a Church Warden, a position I had
King Penda of Mercia gathered a large united held for many years at my previous Church.
Welsh and Mercian force against King Oswald.
The Welsh contingent included the armies of I look forward to the challenges that await
Gwynedd, Powys and Pengwern. They clashed me in the coming months as I take on this
at Maserfield, now Oswestry (Oswald’s Tree) in responsibility. I can assure you all that I will
Shropshire, and Oswald was killed. work hard to maintain the traditions that are
held so high at St. Saviour’s.
King Oswald’s body was hacked to pieces by the
victors and his head and arms stuck on poles, until As I said, I do come with considerable
his brother and successor, Oswiu, removed them. experience of being a Church Warden, but
(Although one story has it that Oswald’s pet raven what I do need to learn, as Fr Jeffery so nicely
carried off one arm and dropped it by an ash tree puts it, is “doing it the St Saviours way”.
where a holy well sprang up). Oswald’s head was
placed in the coffin of St Cuthbert on Lindisfarne Thank you for making me feel so welcome in
and now resides in Durham Cathedral. The arms your Church, I look forward to the future and
were originally taken to Bamburgh. One later went working with you all.
to Nostell Priory in West Yorkshire and the other
(un-corrupted after Aidan’s prayer) was stolen by John Bourdon
the monks of Peterborough Abbey but was lost
during the Reformation.


A Challenging 12 months…

Our wonderful Church building has served us with all of the repair work to do and the building
well over many generations. As we approach will continue to deteriorate further ultimately
our 150th anniversary, like any old building costing even more.
St Saviour’s is no exception and we have to
take responsibility to maintain it and keep it in It makes economic sense that while the
a fit purpose for future generations to come. scaffolding is erected to do the roof repairs we
do as much of the high level repairs to the stone
Currently we need to do extensive work to the work as we can afford to do. We will continue to
roof, the gutters and the stonework around the look for other grants that we can apply for to
stained glass windows. Gaining access to some help increase our funds for the project.
parts of the building to carry out the repairs will
prove difficult but not impossible. WHAT CAN YOU DO NEXT
Continue to support all of the various fund raising
Earlier this year we were fortunate in being projects that are taking place in the Church.
offered a grant of £98,200.00 towards repairs to
the roof. To secure this grant we need to carry With our commitment to prayer and sacrificial
out a lot of preliminary work which we will have giving, we will be able to continue with
to finance before we can draw down any of the maintaining our wonderful Church Building to do
grant money. We do have a programme for Gods work for the coming years.
carrying out the work and plan to complete the
project by August 2016. We know that the next 12 months is going to be
challenging but we are confident that with the
WHAT NEXT support of you all we will complete the project
If we don’t do the preliminary works in time we well before we reach our 150th anniversary.
will lose the offer of the grant. We will still be left
John Bourdon

The Tingle Factor

Some of you may remember a radio programme of this name
introduced by Robin Ray where he invited his guests to share a piece
of music which “…made the hairs stand
up on the back of their neck”.

For me some hymns can have the same effect
and it would be interesting to hear from others
who have the same experience.

Robin Ray One of the hymns we usually sing during Holy Week

has this effect on me and is “My song is love unknown” (number 86 in the

New English Hymnal). It was written by an Anglican Priest Samuel Crossman

in the seventeenth century and is set to the achingly beautiful tune by

John Ireland. I often find it difficult to finish singing this hymn!

So it would be interesting to hear from others who share this experience and
perhaps relate it to a particular event in their lives.

Roger Ellis


A Spiritual Experience

There are those beautiful moments when a No one could ever make me deny anything,
deep hush has descended; when the I die with my hand on the Bible as part of my
enthralling knowing that the Presence is testimony for my encounter(s) with the Lord is
close by and that feeling of so much a testimony, it is an affirmation of faith. I have
perfection and love surrounding everything seen what I have seen. I have heard what I
and everyone brings tears. When one’s heart have heard. That’s the end of it. Probably
expands and one’s understanding widens many other people can say likewise.
embracing the whole world and everyone in
it and there is only love and that love is Sceptics will say it is all emotion and
almost too much to bare, and then... and imagination Intellectuals might offer visions as
then... and then... it is gone as whence it archetypes, psychologists offer intuition and
came. different levels of consciousness

There I am raking around the rhubarb roots It is not for nothing that libraries place books on
or gathering tomatoes with fingers yellow religion and psychology in the same section, for
stained from the trusses, for such precious where can religion be if not in our mind – our
extraordinary moments often come side by heart, our soul? Surely, every one’s altar is in
side when engaged in the most ordinary, their heart...?
solitary doings.
The Salvationist Albert Orsborn (1886 - 1967)
What happened? Is there an explanation? wrote a simple, but profound, hymn. It begins
Can such bliss be explained? Is it a chink in the ‘My Life must be Christ’s broken bread
ordinary level of consciousness? A privileged My love his outpoured wine.’
glimpse of heaven on earth? But why? Is it
that at that moment some need is assured, These words show life as being both mystical
some deep loss consoled, some empathy and physical. The Hymn ends with the words
deepened? ‘Who dies with thee, O word divine,
Shall rise and live again’
It is none and yet it is all, of these things.
But most of all it is a knowing. A knowing that These words tell of man’s final encounter and
we are linked to a higher spiritual source than one which – whether we have had, or not had,
our usual, mundane life will allow awareness. believed or not believed in said encounters,
And that the truth of life for which we search, nevertheless one day we must all in hope, meet.
and the love for which we long, for it is love and
love alone, the whole world is yearning – is Adrienne Joyce
right here, safe, warm and yes, somehow
familiar as if, although seen in this extraordinary Note:
moment even so, we have somehow, always I always feel that it is a pity the Church
known it, and now have felt it, in this sublime has not taught an understanding of
moment of utter bliss. mystical theology as a key to the
understanding of Christian thinking.
Throughout life’s rough journey I have had
moments like this and no matter how hard life Hands Up those who reading this,
has been and is, I could never deny any part of would like such a course at
any such moments, or any of the experiences St Saviours?
stated above; my own children have grown up
within the reality of my sharing.



and Quiz Night!

(With a fish and chip supper)

26th September

7 for 7.30pm in the Church Room

Tickets £10 (including a glass of wine.)

The second rant according to Jeffery

According to one of our tactic lead to legislation to allow women to
leading newspapers, the become bishops. The first series of session have
Church of England is already taken place – I wasn’t invited. As well as
spending a third of discussing Theology, members have been asked
£1,000,000 on away-days and to share intimate details of their own lives in
retreats to talk about sex. small group sessions – that should be fun!
Funding is to be shared between the Church
Clergy and lay members are being invited to Commissioners (we pay) and the dioceses (we
‘facilitated conversations’ aimed at breaking pay). It appears that the introduction of same-
down divisions over such issues as sex marriage has strained, to the limit, attempts
homosexuality. The Archbishop of Canterbury to hold liberals and conservatives together. Only
hopes that frank, face to face discussions will a cynic would suspect that the Archbishop is
help break the deadlock over the issue. A similar preparing the ground for a ‘volte-face’.

Later that week, the same broadsheet reported
on General Synod proposals to allow children
aged about 9 years to administer Holy
Communion. Oh, and they need not be baptised
or confirmed to do this. Apparently there is
nothing in the Bible, according to one enlighten
cleric, where Jesus says that it is not allowed.

Here endeth the second rant – because I am

truly lost for words. Fr Jeffery


A Blast from These past few weeks I have been researching
the Console! the history of the organ in St Saviour’s. Given
that there is a society for pretty much anything
Never mind flaming June… that has ever been invented, it will come as no
...what happened to July?! surprise that there is a whole army of organ
spotters out there as well as great tomes of
Well this is that quiet time of the year when associated literature about any organ ever built.
everyone takes holiday which makes music I thought that over the next couple of months,
planning a complete nightmare. But it is a much I would share some of my findings with you.
less hectic time when it’s good to take stock of
where we are and plan for the more frantic The church was consecrated (as you will soon
times that come our way starting with Harvest be oft reminded) in 1867 but the original
and then…before you know it, it’s Easter again. instrument (built by Messrs. J W Walker & Son)
was not particularly effective. The decision was
taken in 1880 to enlarge the instrument and the
whole thing was taken away to the factory in
Suffolk and remodelled there. It was then
completely dismantled and returned to
St Saviour’s and re-erected in its original home
which is the site of the St Peter’s chapel.

I just want to draw your attention to a couple of It was rededicated in August 1882. Initially it
things; firstly the organ recital on the 7th August was pumped by hand which must have been
which will be given by my good friend, Jonathan very tiring. I can tell you, from bitter experience,
Eyre who is the assistant organist at Bradford it’s jolly hard work and to pump an organ of that
Cathedral. Some of you will remember that he size must have been exhausting!! The hand
visited us last year and delighted us with a pumping mechanism was replaced in 1885;
superb concert, which culminated in a charming let’s be honest, it was never going to last long!!
improvisation based on our very own ‘Sussex
by the Sea!’ Please come along, he is giving us Next month I shall tell you about the expansion
his time and his talent and it would be a shame of the organ and its relationship with two
not to support him. It will be a fabulous concert. World Wars!!
Look out for details and the fabulous poster
(courtesy of Mr Fella).

The other thing is that I very much hope to put
on a service of Choral Evensong on Harvest
Sunday. I have started preparations for this and
we will be performing Elgar’s harvest anthem,
‘Fear not , O land!’ It’s a great piece with all the
expected references to the season; folds being
full of sheep, fig trees and vines yielding fruit.
You know the sort of thing. Again, look out for
details and listen for it in the church notices.


Vicarage Garden Party

On June 28th many under the big
members of our trees, which
congregation once made him
again gathered wonder if it was
together on the something he had said!
Vicarage lawn for a
feast fit for a king. He thanked us all for coming, for all the hard
work of the social committee who toiled to
Once again the weather was kind to us and the provide such wonderful food, for the fun of the
sun shone most of the time and the rain stayed usual raffle, and to Fr Jeffery and Margaret for
off until we had all eaten our fill and were sharing their lovely garden with us.
thinking of going home anyway.
For a mere £8 the food was outstanding and of
However, we did not disperse until David Horne course that included a glass of Pimms – a
(just as it was beginning to rain) gave a very change from the norm – but of course, in the
amusing vote of thanks, and as this lasted for a usual St Saviour’s tradition there was plenty of
few minutes, we uprooted and made for shelter wine to be bought after that.

The winners of the June The Vicarage Garden Party has become a lovely
2015 100’s Club draw were:
typically English summer tradition. Long may it

continue. Judy Grundy

1st 70 Jade Passiongham £40
2nd 42 David Powney £20
3rd 36 Mike Brennan £10

We are still looking for more members.
The cost is £2 per month with the draw
taking place on the last Sunday of the
month. Subject to numbers, prizes range
from £40 for first prize, £20 for second and
£10 for third. Please contact me for details.

Steve Gilbert




Hello everyone! wedding photographs Andrew. Alan is back
Our pilgrims went on serving too, so all told our poorly members are
their annual visit to doing well and must be benefitting from the
Walsingham organised by belated sunshine.
Mary D and have returned
The annual Vicarage Garden Party went with a
refreshed. Fr Robert has swing despite the weather’s attempt to spoil it.
joined the team of assistant priests and I’m sure As usual the food was scrumptious and David H
the other priests have welcomed him with open had us in stitches with his ‘Thank you’ speech.
arms. Recently after the 10.30am Sunday Mass Don’t forget the recitals. I think there are 2 at
he kindly provided wine for the congregation to lunchtime and one in the evening in August,
commemorate his 30 years in the priesthood. details are on the table at the back of the Church
and also on the porch notice board. Please try
Richard Elliott is now home following his stroke to support the musicians who give their time so
but is unable to drive, so it was a lovely surprise freely. I am particularly looking forward to Trio
to see him in his pew in front of the choir stalls Amici with the flute, oboe and organ.
having been transported from Seaford by his
son and daughter in law. Liz Trustam is doing I thought I’d also mention another behind the
well following her broken hip and we hope you’ll scenes member. This is Steve who many of you
soon be back with us Liz. Fr Jeffery then know runs the Car Park scheme and also the
nipped into hospital for surgery to his elbow. 100 Club. What you may not realise is that he
Don’t overdo it Father this type of operation also puts out all the tables and chairs for
takes a time to settle down and can’t be refreshments each Sunday. Please would those
rushed. Another chap has been poorly but with who are able, put their chair away before
a bad foot and he needed several hundreds of leaving the hall as this would be a great help to
pounds worth of treatment. This was Zeph who the church wardens?
also lives at the Vicarage but he is now fine and
no longer has difficulty walking. Choir members Didn’t the latest Sunday fundraising stall do
know him well as he usually sings heartily, well? It made £86.20p toward the proposed
sometimes tenor and other times baritone, Church roof repairs. Well done all who gave
on Friday evenings when he
hears the piano and singing and bought things. I saw
coming from the Church. a cherry picker in the
Not bad for a golden churchyard the other day
retriever! Andrew Tardif and the architect was
went in for a thyroidectomy looking at the high roof
and is doing really well and and gutters deciding what
building himself up for his needs to be done. No
wedding to Vicky on 8th doubt we’ll be getting
August in Burgess Hill. We bad news. Perhaps we
look forward to seeing your ought to do the Lottery?!


Dates for your Diary August

Sat 1 9.00am Mass S Alphonsus Liguore
Sun 2 18th Sunday in Ordinary Time 8.00am Mass 10.30am Solemn Mass
Mon 3 10.30am Mass Guild of All Souls Monthly Requiem 1.00pm Monthly Recital
Tue 4 12 noon Mass S John Vianney
Weds 5 10.30am Mass S Oswald
Thurs 6 10.30am Mass Transfiguration of the Lord
Fri 7 12 noon Mass Feria 7.00pm Organ Recital by Jonathan Eyre
Sat 8 9.00am Mass S Dominic
Sun 9 19th Sunday in Ordinary Time 8.00am Mass 10.30am Solemn Mass
Mon 10 10.30am Mass S Lawrence
Tues 11 12 noon Mass S Clare
Wed 12 10.30am Mass S Jane Frances Chantal
Thurs 13 10.30am Mass Ss Pontian and Hippolytus
Fri 14 12 noon Mass S Maximillian Kolbe
Sat 15 9.00am Mass Assumption of the BVM
Sun 16 20th Sunday in Ordinary Time 8.00am Mass 10.30am Solemn Mass
Mon 17 10.30am Mass Feria
Tues 18 12 noon Mass Feria
Wed 19 10.30am Mass Feria
Thurs 20 10.30am Mass S Bernard
Fri 21 12 noon Mass S Pius X
Sat 22 9.00am Mass Queenship of the BVM
Sun 23 21st Sunday in Ordinary Time 8.00am Mass 10.30am Solemn Mass
Mon 24 10.30am Mass S Bartholomew
Tues 25 12 noon Mass Feria
Wed 26 10.30am Mass S Feria
Thurs 27 10.30am Mass S Monica
Fri 28 12 noon Mass S Augustine
Sat 29 9.00am Mass Passion of John Baptist
Sun 30 22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time 8.00am Mass 10.30am Solemn Mass
Mon 31 10.30am Mass S Aiden and the Saints of Lindisfarne 12 noon Organ Recital

Key: Ap – Apostle; BVM – Blessed Virgin Mary; CBS – Confraternity of the Blessed Sacrament;
LM – Low Mass; MS – Sung Mass; RM – Requiem Mass.


Church Officers THE DIRECTORY Telephone
The Very Revd Jeffery Gunn MA 01323 722317
Hon Assistant Clergy The Vicarage Spencer Road Eastbourne BN21 4PA 422050
Rev Christopher Hadfield, BA 646655
Churchwardens Canon Charles Lansdale BA 485399
Rev Nick MacNeill, BTh. 723584
Deputy Churchwarden Rev John Wright BSc Cert Ed
Secretary PCC Canon Robert Fayers 07706 067496
Treasurer Mr Keith Metcalfe 01323 645145
Electoral Roll Mr John Bourdon
Secretary Planned Giving Mrs Pauline Fella 729142
Mrs Judy Grundy 656346
Other Officers Miss Mary Delves 720577
Director of Music Mrs Mary Tomsett 735410
Parish Hospital Contact Mr Michael Brennan 489646
Sacristan/Servers 504731
Bookstall Manager Mr Paul Collins
Caring and Sharing Mr Richard Elliott 649969
Car Park Manager Mr Stuart Burns 872168
Safeguarding Officer Miss Jane Pinching 500585
Churches Together Mrs Pat James 894414
Mr Steve Gilbert 721061
Deanery Synod Mrs Za Crook 469078
Mrs Pat James 729059
Family Support Work Mrs Beverly Cochran 721061
Miss Mary Delves, Mrs Isobel Nugent 434785
Librarian Mr John Bourdon
Guild of All Souls Mrs Mary Tomsett 489646
Mission to Seafarers Mr Robert Ascott 728892
Open Church Mr David Thorpe 486214
Our Lady of Walsingham Miss Lis Trustam 504909
100 Club Mrs Isobel Nugent 725796
Vestry (unmanned) The Vicar
Miss Mary Delves 735410
Mr Steve Gilbert 469078

Church Organisations and when they meet

Bible Reading Fellowship Miss Lis Trustam – Call for details 504909
Book Group Rev Nick MacNeill 723375
Church Cleaning Mrs Rita Orchard – Tuesdays from 9am 07732 123777

Church Grounds Mr John Burford 01323 723375
Confraternity of the Mr Jonathan Lawrence
Blessed Sacrament

Flower Arrangers Mrs Rita Orchard – Fridays from 9am

Social Committee Mrs Margaret Gunn

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