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Parish Magazine June 2015

Parish Magazine June 2015

Keywords: St Saviour's


The Parish magazine of June 2015

Volume XLVI No. 6


Contents Page Church Services
Indians Jones and the 3
Raiders of the Lost Ark Sundays
Icons 6 8.00 Low Mass
Parish Share 8 10.30 Solemn Mass and Sermon
A Blast from the Console 10
Parish Pilgrimage 11 followed by refreshments
St Saviour’s Musical Tradition VIII 12 in the Church Hall.
– from hope to decline
Parish Giving Scheme 14 Weekdays
Dates for your Diary 15 Mon, Wed, Thurs 10.30am;
Directory 16 Tues and Fri 12noon; Sat 9.00am

Cover: Major Weekday Festivals
St Saviour’s Monstrance Said Mass, as above Sung Mass: 7.30pm.
Mattins and Evensong are said daily at
The Parish Magazine is published on the 8.30am and 5.30pm unless otherwise
last Sunday of the month. indicated on notice boards.

Matter for publication should be sent to The Clergy are happy to bring the Sacrament to
[email protected]. See Pew Sheet the housebound or sick at any hour of the day
for Magazine deadline. or night. The Holy Oil is available for those who
wish to be anointed.
Articles should be no longer than
750 words. News items or Reports should The Sacrament of Reconciliation
be factual and no longer than 150 words. A priest is usually available to hear Confessions
or for Spiritual Advice on Fridays at 11.30am
Articles are copyright to the author and the or by appointment.
Editor’s decision is final.
Hospital visits
The church website is managed by Our Parish Contact for local hospitals,
Fred Reeve ([email protected]) Mr Richard Elliott (872168), will visit and give
to whom matter for the site should be sent. communion to those in hospital.

Other Services provided by the church
Arrangements for Baptisms, Banns of
Marriage, Weddings and Funerals
should be made with the Vicar.



The church is open from 8.30am each day
and a team of volunteers is available to answer
questions etc from 10am most days.

The Book Shop/Souvenir Stall is also open
while there is a volunteer on duty.


I’m sure some of you will remember the package like this can have a house of cards
Indiana Jones film ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’. effect when one of those views is challenged.
One scene shows the Nazis transporting the Disciples of this kind of Christianity may end
Ark of the Covenant in a wooden crate with up with their entire faith being compromised.
a Nazi insignia on the outside. When the God cannot and will not be boxed in by our
camera pans out and the soldiers leave the Ark own specific cultural or political preferences.
alone, we see the Swastika on the outside of
the crate being burned away. We should encourage people to explore
The contents were these practical and theological
bigger than the crate, issues, or they may end up
the power greater failing to reconcile their faith
than the badge. with their everyday life. We
Director Stephen want them to ask the
Spielberg was questions about how they
indicating that God’s should vote, bring up their
power does not children, and pray and reach
belong to any nation. their neighbours. Exploring the
God does not fit into paradoxes of Scripture can help
a box. us as we are forced to distinguish
between the things we can clearly
There is a kind of Christianity
that seeks to systematise God, to have a pre- understand from Scripture that form the
prepared answer to every conceivable question foundations of our faith, and other things that
or situation that its followers could pose. It’s not can be held loosely because Scripture is less
hard to find Christian leaders who tell us exactly clear about them.
which political party to vote for, how to
discipline our children, which baptism is the These secondary issues will cause some
only baptism that counts, when and where to tension as we wrestle not only with our own
pray, which organisations we should support understanding and application, but as we
financially, and countless other subjects not accept others who may take a different view.
stated specifically in the Bible. Buying into a St Augustine put it well: ‘In essentials, unity;
brand of Christianity that comes as a complete non-essentials, liberty; in all things charity.’
The paradoxes of Scripture and Christian
theology force us to answer questions with


questions because they don’t come with slick The Wrath of God.
and pat answers. When Job came to God with Today many people have a sentimental view of
the age-old problem of suffering: why? God God’s love, understanding it to imply that God
refuses to answer him, despite letting future could never be displeased with anyone or
readers in on the secret of Satan’s wager. Instead anything. Such a belief squares neither with the
God asks question after question forcing Job to Bible nor with our experience of life. In Romans
think hard about whom he was trusting in the 12:9 we read ‘Love must be sincere.’ The next
middle of his tragic circumstances. Rather than word comes as a shock: ‘Hate’ – ‘Hate what is
giving hand-outs when it comes to theology, evil.’ A love which does not contain hatred of
perhaps we should be encouraging wrestling and evil is not the love of which the Bible speaks.
wrangling in a bid to encourage discernment and
true discipleship of Jesus. The Bible is full of ❛ Love must
incidents where people clash with God and we be sincere.❜
are presented with apparent awkward paradoxes
in his character. In Scripture we meet a God who This doesn’t mean we need to balance God’s
is both terrible and compassionate. We meet a wrath with his love, as rival attributes, but we
God who is both distant and present. The Bible is need to acknowledge that God’s love itself
not afraid to show Jonah, Habakkuk, Moses, implies his wrath, his displeasure against sin.
David, Peter and the other disciples complaining Without his wrath, God is simply not loving in
to God when they don’t understand him. We also the sense that the Bible portrays his love. Why
need to wrestle with these things so that our does the idea of God’s wrath arouse so much
understanding of who God is grows, and our
relationship with him is strengthened. We need to
go beyond a honeymoon period and enter a
mature faith with a living God.


displeasure today? Perhaps one reason is that wrath? Love without wrath ceases to be fully
we now like to think that God’s purpose is to righteous and degenerates into sentimentality.
serve humanity. Or that God must respect It is only the love that is opposed to what is evil
human rights as we define them. Even, that we that is truly restoring and saving love. Which
might have a sentimental view of God and his parents love their children more: those who do
love, giving birth to benevolent, sceptical not care how they behave or those who seek to
apathy. It’s true that the New Testament instil moral character into them?
expresses God’s wrath in less personal ways There is no love of God that is not holy and no
than the Old. In the Old Testament there are holiness of God that is not loving. God’s love
many instances of God expressing personal and his justice are united in his essential nature.
displeasure against sin and evil. No one doubts In his holy, loving wrath he judges us for our
that the God of the Old Testament is a God of sins. In his holy, loving mercy he forgives our
wrath. This same God is, of course, also the sins. In salvation history, in Christ and in
God of love and mercy. In the New Testament Scripture we see God acting both in wrath and
Paul tells us that vengeance is God’s and that judgement and in mercy and forgiveness. The
he will repay. love of God and the wrath of God are not
ultimately in contradiction, but there is a tension
While much of Paul’s talk about wrath is between them. We are unable to fully
relatively impersonal, the evidence of his understand God.
writings as a whole is that he did not wish to
deny God’s personal displeasure against sin. This does not prevent us from exploring the
Hebrews is even clearer: ‘It is a dreadful thing to correlation between God’s wrath and his love,
fall into the hands of the living God’ and ‘Our but it does warn us against imagining that we
God is a consuming fire.’ (10:31 & 12:29) Is it have completed the task.
too hard to say that there is no true love without
Fr Jeffery

Full Tailoring Service • Alterations Undertaken • Made-to-Measure Curtains
Telephone: 07732123777 Email: [email protected]
Visit: or see Jonathan after Mass on a Sunday



The Christian Church, as we know, arose out of Judaism, and it still accepts the Jewish
scriptures as the first part of its Bible. An important principle of that religion, based on the
commandments, is that God should not be depicted in any way, and that images of him,
or of other gods, should not be worshipped Judaism is a very verbal religion – traditionally
all Jewish young men are taught to read in the Synagogue, so that at their Bar Mitzvah,
as they enter into manhood, they can read from the scroll of the law during the service.


According to legend, there are a very few showing Christ on the cross attended by Mary and
Christian Icons which date from the first century, John, was taken down, and the royal coat of arms
but was probably 200 years or more before Icons put in its place – echoes of the Byzantine period!
became general in the Church .I think this was But today, perhaps because of television, we live
because of the conversion of the Roman Empire. in a more visual culture, and Christians in many
Churches now contained congregations who churches are beginning to make use of Icons.
were not literate, and they needed something
visual to teach them the Christian Faith. There is Icons are painted in a traditional Byzantine style –
a saying of St. John of Damascus, a great it is felt that this is best for conveying divine truth.
supporter of Icons “If anyone wants to know what The most important icon is the icon of Christ,
you believe, take him into Church and show him often sitting in majesty with the book of the
the Holy Icons”. gospels in his hand. This shows us the reality
if the incarnation – that God has become man.
Because of our Jewish heritage
there was controversy for some An icon of the face of Christ on
time over the use of Icons. a cloth is said to be ‘not made
The Byzantine emperors by human hands’. Possibly this
banned them for a while, was copied from the Holy
(this was called Iconoclasm) Shroud when it was in that part
but interestingly the emperors of the world. Another famous
still allowed themselves to be icon shows three angels sitting
depicted in the guise of pagan at a table sharing a meal.
gods – presumable they didn’t This is called ‘the hospitality
like it that people thought more of Abraham’ or sometimes
of Jesus, Mary and the Saints ‘Rublev’ after the original
than they did of themselves. painter. It depicts Abraham’s
To resolve the question the vision of the Holy Trinity, as
Church held a General Council recorded in Genesis chapter 18.
at Nicea in the eighth century – Many other icons show events
The Second Council of Nicea – of the Bible or of the Christian
remember that the First Council faith. There are a large number
of Nicea proclaimed that Christ of icons showing Mary with the
was truly God and gave us the child Jesus, some of them are
Creed. The Second Council in a said to have miraculous powers,
way followed on from this – it said that because and it is claimed that a few of
in the Incarnation of Christ God had become the originals were painted by St. Luke. Other
man, therefore the human form of Jesus could be icons show various of the saints – St. George and
depicted, as well as the human forms of Mary the symbolic story of his slaying the dragon is
and the Saints as well as events of the Scriptures. very popular.
Icons were to be honoured in Church worship in
the same way as the Book of the Gospels, with We can make icons easily now by mounting
candles and incense – they were regarded as a prints on a block of wood, but true icons are
visual depictions of Divine Truth. painted prayerfully, usually by monks. And icons
are intended to lead us and to help us in prayer.
There was another time of Iconoclasm – after the They are not just decorations or even teaching
reformation because the printing press had made aids. We are meant to pray before them, not just
Bibles easily available, the protestant churches thinking what they mean, but with the heart,
tried to rely exclusively on the Word and to ban all experiencing the love of God and his heavenly
visual symbolism. In our own churches the Rood, presence.

Fr. John


Parish Share Parish Support Costs; National Church
It seems that, despite the Chairman of
Finance’s brilliant presentation at an For those who refuse to increase their giving to
Annual Parochial Meting a couple of years the local church because “the increase goes to
ago, there are still people in our congregation the vicar” must look for another excuse as,
who don’t know what the Parish Share is. once again, clergy stipends have not increased
this year. Look at the new display boards in
All 41 dioceses in England have a system of St. Saviour’s and you will see that it costs
Parish Share Contribution in which to raise £240 A DAY to keep St Saviour’s open.
funds to meet costs of mission in their diocesan
area. This diocese allocates the cost of ministry The Parish Share does not include heating and
to deaneries in proportion to clergy deployment. lighting, nor any costs we incur in our services.
These are the areas covered: Stipends and It does include church insurance.
National Insurance Contributions; Pension;
Housing; Church Insurance; Training; Ministry;


The average cost of insuring parish churches
in the diocese is £3,970 – the cost of insuring
St. Saviour’s is more like £8,500.

Clergy Stipends plus National Insurance
Contributions do not cover even half of the
Parish Share. Basically, parish contributions
cover all the costs of paying, accommodating,
training, supporting and developing ministry
within Sussex. Plus clergy pensions, parish
insurance, statutory, operational, advice and
support departments at Church House and
diocesan contributions to the national cost of
the Church of England.

St. Saviour’s is once again (after a very
difficult period) paying its full contribution.
No one in higher authority will put it in black
and white, but ask those parishes which
have consistently failed to pay their full
share where their vicar is now. Most will tell
you they have a part-time person at best,
or even someone who is housed and has some
expenses paid – but not a full-time parish priest.

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LADY CRABTREE’s St Saviour’s now has an official Facebook
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If you are able, please contribute to it and
‘HOW TO help promote our lovely church!

is guaranteed to raise a laugh!

T 01323 722338
E [email protected]


A Blast from
the Console!

Where does the time go? I cannot believe that result. Following a mix of gentle coaxing,
we are now at the end of May and galloping persuasion and just a dash of the bludgeon we had
towards the summer holidays! Easter seems a great evening of music making at the service.
like a distant memory although I am The psalm with the additional men (and without
constantly reminded of the excess of the luxury of the music which caused some
chocolates, sweets and holiday food every consternation – particularly with one of the visiting
time I try to do up me belt. Definitely time to ladies) was particularly very moving. I do suspect
get back in the gym and stop eating sugar!! though that we sing the hymns a little faster than
they do; just an observation. It was of course,
Ho hum! Back to the matter in hand. once again, helped along by the usual suspects:
Shirley, Tick and Ian (my thanks to you as ever).
Easter of course continues well past Easter Day
itself and it is quite a hard job to keep the ‘festival All in all it was a lovely service and great to see
mood’ going until we get to Ascensiontide. Of such a good number in the congregation. It has
course it would be daft to try and recreate the to be said, however that most of the faces were
grandeur of Easter Day every Sunday; all that of visitors. I know people don’t like going out in
would do would be to devalue the Easter Morning the evenings, but it wasn’t late (dark) and the
celebration. That said, I think we have kept the weather was fine. Come on...let’s be ‘aving yer!!!
momentum going very nicely.
We are doing a return match at St Mary’s for
We knew a long time ago that we would be Choral Evensong on the 7th June. Please come
celebrating the Mass for Ascension Day along along and support your choir. Look out for details.
with the congregations of St Mary’s, St Andrew’s
Norway and Christchurch. I was very keen to In other news, we had the most incredible organ
invite along the choirs from the visiting churches. recital on the Bank Holiday Monday (25th). Paul
I was very pleased then to be able to welcome a Carr from Birmingham came and delighted us for
substantial cohort from the Parish Church. about an hour with some of the world’s greatest
music. A most fantastically gifted and charming
For me it’s great to have swelled numbers as it young man. The St Saviour’s Organ sounded truly
significantly changes the dynamic of the group. magnificent and I have more or less decided
That said it is also quite stressful as you don’t know never to play again!!! It was a splendid start to
their capabilities and you only have forty five our series of lunchtime concert which start on
minutes to rehearse. I am not quite sure what the 15th June. Please look out for details.
visiting singers made of me, you will have to ask
them that!! But I was very pleased with the overall See you next month!!


Parish Pilgrimage site of Philadelphia and then to Pamukkale.
We will visit the last of the Seven Churches at
23 pilgrims will be heading off on 10 June to Ephesus where St. Paul lived – one of the
fly to Istanbul to begin St. Saviour’s Parish most extensive and impressive archaeological
Pilgrimage to Biblical Anatolia in the sites in the world. You can follow much of our
Footsteps of St. Paul visiting the Seven itinerary by reading the Book of Revelation.
Churches of Asia. Even if you don’t, we hope you will remember
the pilgrims in your prayers.
Some of the places we expect to visit include:
Hippodrome Square, St. Sophia, Blue Mosque,
Basilica Cistern, Topkapi Palace and the Grand
Bazaar in Istanbul. We also travel to the Church
of St. Saviour at Chora with its mosaics and

We cross Dardanelles by ferry and
continue to Canakkale. After driving
towards Troy, visit Pergamum one of
the Seven Churches of Revelation
and the Church of St. Polycarp,
another of the Seven Churches.

We drive to Thyatira,
another of the Seven
Churches before
continuing to
Sardis to see the
Temple of
Artemis; from
there to the


– from hope to decline

James Dear proved a worthy and more than Gustav Holst
able successor to Sangster. Over 22 years
the choir’s repertoire was greatly extended, of Jesus was given its first
and a high standard of music maintained. performance in Eastbourne by
The Choir School engendered a sense of the Eastbourne Choral Union
solidity, continuity and confidence in the with HoIst himself conducting.
future. Music from the 16th century to the
20th was sung; there were 3 fully choral The instrumental support at
services every Sunday, Solemn Eucharist, this concert was given by the
Matins and Evensong. Forty one composers Devonshire Park Orchestra. Its
are represented in the Sunday music lists in continuation had been in doubt
the 1920s! in 1921 for it needed more
financial support. By 1922 future
Dear was held in wide esteem of the orchestra seemed secured
well beyond Eastbourne for the short term but lack of
and he had contacts financial support occurs again and
with musicians and again at SS’s in connection with the
composers of choral tradition. The congregation always
national reputation. wanted it except when they were asked to put
One such was their hands in their purses to support it! In 1908
Dr. Bairstow, the Pevensey Pageant, a huge production
(right) between encompassing the history of Pevensey, saw
1913 and 1946 Dear as master of the Music, much of which he
who was Master composed himself. Two of his song settings,
of the Music at Sussex and Smuggler’s Song, to poems by
York Minster
who was a
close friend. His
anthem Let all
mortal flesh keep
(‘indisputably his
finest composition’ –
David Lumsden) was
sung from manuscript
copies at SS’s for many
years, long before it was sung
elsewhere. This suggests either that
Bairstow wrote it for SS’s Choir or he allowed
Dear to have copies of a piece which was
otherwise only performed by the choir of York
Minster. Such contacts and friendships
influenced the wider cultural life of the local
community as well. In March 1922 HoIst’s Hymn


Kipling, were subsequently published, the latter by a congregational hymn. Changes to the
being sung regularly on the wireless. music at Evensong were also made. “I am most
anxious that the Services should be really
While Dear’s contacts ensured support from congregational. In Cathedrals and ‘places where
well-known musicians for things such as the they sing’ the Choir holds sway; but that is not
Pageant and kept the Choir in the public eye, the ideal for Parish Churches”. This betokened a
the Choir School itself quietly continued its less than whole-hearted commitment to the
work. The numbers were steady at around 36, musical tradition fostered at SS’s for over half a
the academic excellence remained high and century. The effect of this must have been
sporting prowess continued. Eastbourne wholly negative and those responsible for the
employers snapped up leavers knowing they continued financial success of the Choir School
were young men of calibre and character. had had their task made all the harder.

But always, not far from the surface, was the In the magazine for January 1929 Fr Williams
financial uncertainty. It was always a struggle to had a go at Christmas Carols, saying there were
maintain the school, partly because the fees many from all over Europe which should be
were deliberately set low in order that promising sung. Talented musician Williams may have
boys should not be turned away. The school been but the tradition at SS’s had been to sing
had no endowments and so collections and the old Carols on Christmas Day at Mass and
generous subscribers were necessary to meet Evensong and also on the first Sunday after
the deficits and there were never enough. Christmas. It was clear that people were not
Through the 1920s there was only one increase happy about the musical and other changes
in fees and that raised the termly fee to £2.10.0 and some wrote to the local papers under noms
and this included books and stationery. de plume, something which irritated Williams.

1928 proved a momentous year. Urling At this period, over and above the boys fees,
Whelpton retired through ill health and his son the Choir School required about £450 p.a. to
Fr. Marsden Whelpton, Warden of the Choir cover Masters’ salaries, rates, taxes etc. The
School since 1924, had to take 6 months PCC allocated 2 Sundays a year for special
complete rest on medical advice. He was never collections, while the rest had to come from
to resume his Choir School post. To complicate subscriptions. In 1928 the only financial support
matters further the Choir School accounts from the church came to £17.
showed a deficit of £1 00 and this caused great
concern at the AGM. The deficit was met New hope came in 1930 with the arrival of
anonymously, but it was clear that something W.F. Annis as headmaster and Fr. Williams as
needed to be done to put the finances on a Warden. Fees were still £2.10.0 a term, but
sounder footing. The large sum spent in 1926 Annis’ energetic leadership saw numbers pick
on rebuilding and electrifying the organ was not up. By 1932 the Council of the School reported
far from people’s minds either. that provided things remained as they were the
School would stay self-supporting. While
Canon Whelpton’s successor, Fr. Claude academic and musical standards were
Williams, came from Westminster Abbey. He had maintained, by 1936 things had taken a turn for
previously been Precentor of Christ Church the worse. Doubtless the Depression played a
Cathedral and had wide experience of choral part but there was a very serious shortage of
foundations based on choir schools. However, boys. The end came quickly. In March 1937
Williams immediately set about making changes the Parish magazine carried the news that the
-the Creed was always to be set to a simple Choir School would close at the end of the
congregational melody and the Anthem which Summer Term.
the choir sang as the Introit was to be replaced
David Thorpe


What is it? Frequently asked Questions
The Parish Giving Scheme (PGS) started life How much will it cost us?
in the Diocese of Gloucester, where it has There is no additional cost to our church.
been running successfully for over five years.
How long does it take the money to come
Our Diocese and others are now offering it as through?
an initiative to offset one of the greatest Money is collected on the 1st of each
problems of local church income – ensuring an month and remitted to PCC bank accounts
adequate flow of regular planned income. on the 10th of each month.
Donations made through PGS use a Direct
Debit system on a monthly, quarterly or annual What do PGS donors do as the basket is
basis. The full donations – plus any associated passed around on Sunday?
Gift Aid – come straight back to us, saving quite The Scheme can provide tokens that can
a lot of administrative time. This also improves be put in the basket to indicate that they
our cashflow, freeing up our energies to focus participate in PGS to enable them to
on other important church priorities. express an act of offering during the course
of Sunday Worship. Tokens may be
If you tick the ‘inflation option’, your giving received and blessed by the priest with the
is automatically adjusted each year. So it rest of the collection.
becomes ‘inflation proofed’, which in the long
run will make a huge difference to our finances. Can I remain anonymous?
If you choose, you can remain anonymous.
Keeping track of inflation is important The PGS have your name and address, so
If church giving had kept pace with inflation they can reclaim the Gift Aid, but details are
since the year 2000, look how it would have not passed on to your local church.
increased from a £40 initial donation:

Year 2000 2005 2010 2013

Gift £40.00 £45.35 £52.32 £59.02

The PGS makes it easy for you to agree, in
principle, to increase your donation in line with
inflation each year. You can just tick the box
when you get the form. So far, nearly two thirds
of PGS donors throughout the Chichester
Diocese have opted for this annual increase.

You can be reassured that, if your circumstances
change, it is easy to decline the increase when
the annual inflationary letter arrives.

The PCC has already signed up to the PGS and
more information will be available soon.


Dates for your Diary June

Mon 1 10.30am Mass Guild of All souls Monthly Requiem
Tue 2 12 noon Mass Feria
Weds 3 10.30am Mass S Charles Lwanga & Comps.
Thurs 4 10.30am Mass 7.30pm Solemn Mass Corpus Christi
Fri 5 12 noon Mass S Boniface
Sat 6 9.00am Mass BVM
Sun 7 10th Sunday in Ordinary Time 8.00am Mass 10.30am Solemn Mass
Mon 8 10.30am Mass Feria
Tue 9 12 noon Mass Feria
Weds 10 10.30am Mass Feria CBS (Parish Pilgrimage begins)
Thurs 11 10.30am Mass S Barnabas
Fri 12 12 noon Mass Sacred Heart of Jesus
Sat 13 9.00am Mass Immaculate Heart of Mary
Sun 14 11th Sunday in Ordinary Time 8.00am Mass 10.30am Solemn Mass
Mon 15 10.30am Mass Feria 1.00pm Flute and Piano Recital
Tues 16 12 noon Mass S Richard of Chichester
Wed 17 10.30am Mass Feria
Thurs 18 10.30am Mass Feria
Fri 19 12 noon Mass Feria
Sat 20 9.00am Mass BVM
Sun 21 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time 8.00am Mass 10.30am Solemn Mass
Mon 22 10.30am Mass S Alban
Tues 23 12 noon Mass S Etheldreda Walsingham Cell Meets
Wed 24 10.30am Mass S Nativity of John the Baptist
Thurs 25 10.30am Mass Feria
Fri 26 12 noon Mass Feria
Sat 27 9.00am Mass BVM

Key: Ap – Apostle; BVM – Blessed Virgin Mary; CBS – Confraternity of the Blessed Sacrament;
LM – Low Mass; MS – Sung Mass; RM – Requiem Mass.

The winners of the 1st 49 Stephanie Bishop £40
April 2015 100’s Club draw 2nd 59 Fred Reeve £20
3rd 2 Steve Gilbert £10


Church Officers THE DIRECTORY Telephone
The Very Revd Jeffery Gunn MA 01323 722317
Hon Assistant Clergy The Vicarage Spencer Road Eastbourne BN21 4PA 422050
Rev Christopher Hadfield, BA 646655
Churchwardens Canon Charles Lansdale BA 485399
Rev Nick MacNeill, BTh. 723584
Deputy Churchwardens Rev John Wright BSc Cert Ed 638269
Miss Jaqueline Mulholland 645145
Secretary PCC Mr Keith Metcalfe 661481
Treasurer Mrs Pauline Fella 729142
Electoral Roll Mr John Bourdon 720577
Secretary Planned Giving Mrs Judy Grundy 735410
Miss Mary Delves 489646
Mrs Mary Tomsett 504731
Mr Michael Brennan
Other Officers Mr Paul Collins 872168
Director of Music Mr Richard Elliott 500585
Parish Hospital Contact Mr Stuart Burns 894414
Sacristan/Servers Miss Jane Pinching 721061
Bookstall Manager Mrs Pat James 469078
Caring and Sharing Mr Steve Gilbert 729059
Car Park Manager Mrs Za Crook 721061
Safeguarding Officer Mrs Pat James 434785
Churches Together Mrs Beverly Cochran
Miss Mary Delves, Mrs Isobel Nugent 489646
Deanery Synod Mr John Bourdon 728892
Mrs Mary Tomsett 486214
Family Support Work Mr Robert Ascott 504909
Mr David Thorpe 725796
Librarian Miss Lis Trustam
Guild of All Souls Mrs Isobel Nugent 735410
Mission to Seafarers The Vicar 469078
Open Church Miss Mary Delves 729702
Our Lady of Walsingham Mr Steve Gilbert
100 Club 504909
Vestry (unmanned) 485399
Church Organisations and when they meet 724317
07732 123777
Bible Reading Fellowship Miss Lis Trustam – Call for details
Book Group Rev Nick MacNeill 722317

Church Cleaning Mrs Rita Orchard – Tuesdays from 9am

Church Grounds Mr John Burford

Confraternity of the Mr Jonathan Lawrence
Blessed Sacrament

Flower Arrangers Mrs Rita Orchard – Fridays from 9am

Social Committee Mrs Margaret Gunn

Disclaimer: The Vicar and Editor do not necessarily agree with all the views expressed in this Magazine. Please note that all articles


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