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International Nurses Day - SM Campaign Report

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Published by EFN, 2021-11-04 04:59:10

International Nurses Day - SM Campaign Report

International Nurses Day - SM Campaign Report

May 11 - 12

International Nurses Day


International Nurses Day

- General insights Your posts reached almost 30.000 people
during the campaign period and almost

1.155 people reacted to your posts.

Total people reached for platforms Total impressions for platforms

13.740 9.979 412 3.697 436

Total likes for platforms

643 405 56 51

Facebook Insights

By Gender By Countries

People People
Reached Engaged

On average, more women than men Reached many parts of the world.
are interested in EFN Facebook page In particular, 64% of people come from Greece; Poland

and Bulgaria together represent 14% of the total.


Tweet Insights

Your Tweets earned 4.100 impressions over this 8 day period

Best Engagement Rate On average, your posts earned 7 likes per
on 12° May: 3,1% day. Best day for likes on 12° May.

Linkedin Insights

Belgium, Netherlands and
USA did more than 80% of



International Nurses Day

The International Nurses’ Day is celebrated Alexandru Ioan Mincu, Dorota Kilanska and 3
around the world each year on 12 May, the others reshared your post
birth of Florence Nightingale. “The lady with
the lamp”, founder of modern nursing, is a Alma Basokaite, Marcin Chec, Eric Pol, Ivana
Silva, Linda Yoder and 75 others reacted to
good example of nurses’ political voice:
convincing politicians to make informed your post
decisions! #Nurses need #EU as #EU need

#IND2021 #frontlinenurses #healthcareheroe

s #EFN #supportheroes

Post on 12th May

Today it is our day!!! Happy International Dr Atef El Maghraby, Iris Spinger and 4 others
Nurses Day to celebrate whom, every day, is reshared your post
at the #frontline, 24h on 24h, 7 on 7 days, for
Antonia Parvanova, Caroline Costngs, Milka
sake of all people. Sokolovic, Annabelle Seebohm, Alina Garofil
#IND2021 #frontlinenurses
and 90 others reacted to your post
#healthcareheroes #EFN

Post on 12th May


International Nurses Day 2021 to celebrate Monica Rat, Sineva Ribeiro, Virpi Sulosaari
frontline nurses! Protect those who protect and 10 others reshared your post

you! Thora Hafsteinsdottir. Alessandro Stievano,
#IND2021 #frontlinenurses Kenneth Dion, Nina Hahtela and 69 others

#healthcareheroes #EFN reacted to your post

Post on 12th May

Joop Breuer, FNBV n.p.a and 2 other
reshared your post

Ivana Silva, Nikoleta Anna Broda, Afonso
Duarte and 37 others reacted to your post

Nurses, lets celebrate International Nurses
Day! We deserve it! Thanks for your

relentless support and commitment to the

profession . #nurses #efn #ensa

Post on 11th May


Today, on the eve of the International Nurses Beatrice Lambot, Marc Koninckx and A. Fide
Day, we start to celebrate #nurses at the Turkmen Ozden reshared your post
#frontline for the fight against #COVID19
Raul Alberto Cordeiro, Nannie Wiegman, John
pandemic. Thank you for your #commitment O’ Toole and 30 others reacted to your post
and your #professionality!!
Yuji Segawa reshared your post
#RememberHealthHeroes #IND2021 Nikoleta Anna Broda, Dorota Kilanska and 3
#frontlinenurses #EFN
others reacted to your post
Post on 11th May

#nurses’ dedication to others saves lives!
They are the backbone of healthcare
#RememberHealthHeroes #IND2021
#frontlinenurses #EFN

Post on 11th May


#COVID19 pandemic has demonstrated, Yuji Segawa reshared your post
more than anything else, that #nurses are
Dessislava Choumelova, Jeff Dover, Joe
essential to ensure Tye and 17 others reacted to your post
patient #safety and #wellbeing.
#RememberHealthHeroes #IND2021

#frontlinenurses #EFN

Post on 11th May

Mariana Tsana, Violeta C. and 5 others
reacted to your post

The #COVID19 pandemic has put a strain on
the #physical and #mental #wellbeing of
frontline nurses. It is essential to build
a #resilient #nursing #workforce post
#IND2021 #frontlinenurses

#healthcareheroes #EFN

Post on 12th May


#COVID19 has put a strain on Helga Lippa, Yuji Segawa and 1 other reshared
the #resilience of the entire #health system, your post

including the health and #wellbeing of Kelly Sabbe, Paul Rood and 18 others reacted
frontline nurses. Investing to your post

in #nurses and #nursing is a key starting point Yuji Segawa and 1 other reshared your post
to build a more robust Nelly Biesuz, Dorota Kilanska and 10 others

and #resilient #healthcaresystem. reacted to your post
#IND2021 #frontlinenurses

#healthcareheroes #EFN #buildingcapacity

Post on 12th May

Every day, #nurses are at the service of
citizens, taking care of

their #health and #wellbeing. Their daily
efforts and commitment need to be
recognised by the EU Institutions by

implementing protective measures for nurses
across the EU during #COVID19 and support,
and assistance for those who are suffering

with long COVID.
#IND2021 #frontlinenurses
#healthcareheroes #EFN #supportheroes

Post on 12th May


Marc Koninckx and 2 others reshared your

Claire Mahon, Iva Rusan and 22 others
reacted to your post

We thank all European #nurses for their
constant #commitment, for their

tireless #willpower, for their enormous
dedication to the #nursing profession. Keep

up the good work you are doing! Happy
International Nurses Day!!!
#IND2021 #frontlinenurses

#healthcareheroes #RememberHealthHeroes

Post on 12th May

The European Federation of Nurses Associations (EFN) was established in 1971. The
EFN represents over 36 National Nurses Associations and its work has an effect on
the daily work of 3 million nurses throughout the European Union and 6 million in
Europe. The EFN is the independent voice of the nursing profession and its mission
is to strengthen the status and practice of the profession of nursing for the benefit
of the health of the citizens and the interests of nurses in the EU and Europe.

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