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6 Knowing in pictures and tables 6

6 Knowing in pictures and tables 6

The oldest scientific knowledge in drawings,
tables and short text.

Ancient scientific knowledge of the world, appeared on the planet earth,
along with the appearance on it of the "Cosmonauts" who founded several
colonies. Scientific centers on the planet earth have become the most suitable
places for agriculture: Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, China, India, South of
Europe and South America. And in all these colonies, survives the "Myths" of
the Higher Forces acting in the world and on earth. And there were unusual
languages, unusual buildings, unusual artifacts and unusual technologies.

In fact, these were not myths, but Scientific Information, which in time was
distorted and lost its source meaning. And the reason for this was, because a
person sees and understands the world through external forms and movement.
But he does not see a lot of internal and external parts, which are the most
Important for understanding the world. Parts of these myths have come down to
our time, but it was impossible to restore this scientific knowledge, although this
was trying by many generations of scientists. And the main reasons for this, that
existed only family education, and to myths were treated as fantasies of our

My attempt to formulate this ancient "scientific knowledge" was associated
with a successful proof of the “System building of the ancient language Hebrew”.
That allowed me to understand the "Science meaning of the ancient Torah
scrolls", and principle of building the world. The general description of all this
ancient knowledge, in the most concise form is given in this article.

Restoration of the scientific knowledge of the beginning of civilization, passed
very long way: Ancient Science Magic of Egypt about the construction of Man,
gave birth to the scientific achievements of the Elin culture, and the scientific
culture of Israel. The scientific culture of Israel, gave birth the ideology of
religions. And science for a long time disappeared from human societies.
Ideology of the religion of Israel gave birth to the Christianity of Europe and the
Middle East. Inside Christianity of Europe, as the Elin culture, appeared scientific
schools, gradually led to the development of Modern Science. However, the
main scientific basis was always remain in Sacred Torah Scrolls, and the Sacred
Scrolls of Ancient Egypt, came from the beginning of human civilization.

In this process of restoring the scientific knowledge of the beginning of the
human civilization, not less than 400 generations of people passed. Where every
two, three generations gave a new interpretation to the ancient scientific
knowledge of the principles actions of our world. And as a result, up to now
came fantasies, and reality mixed with religious ideologies, where "Real
knowledge" has remained in the grains of the ancient sacred scrolls.

The main idea, of all the ancient scientific knowledge of the beginning of
human civilization, is that:

All our vast universe and our solar system operates and is built
according to the same Rules. And therefore it is connected to One Whole.
We can say, that the world is built by "Standard" for he whole variety of
structures and forms.

However, the key to the scientific understanding of the structure and
action of our world is the "System of Nature", described in the sacred
Scrolls of the Torah of the Jews, as "7 days of the creation of the world".


These common world laws are as follows:
1. There is only one process in the world and this is the "Balance" of forces.
Which we see like the Movement.
Where the forces of action are: Time, stretching structures, and Gravity,
compressing structures. These are the forces, that create spaces and volumes
for structures. And the Electromagnetic Force / Thought /, as bringing Order
and Harmony into space and structures. Of course the notion of Time and
Thought, in the understanding of the action of the world, is key in the ancient
cultures of mankind.
In the chapter "The Key of Time" of the Emerald Tablets / the ancient
scientific book of Egypt, which was a textbook for all ancient scientists /. We

"In the beginning was "Emptiness of Nothingness", in this emptiness there
came "all penetrating Thought" and filled the void. There was no essence, only
the power of the movement of the purposeful Mind. And for Thoughts to be
Eternal, "Time" must exist. Therefore the "Law of Time" has grown into an all-
pervasive Thought. Time, that exists across the entire space, floating in a
smooth rhythmic movement, which is eternally in a state of fixation.

From this statement is follows, that the Power of Thought is distributed
throughout the universe, and has the quality to penetrate everything. Moreover,
the Thought is purposeful, i.e. It is aimed at some goal. But without Time
Thought can not exist. Time, this is the Materialization of Thought with the help
of code structures. Time creates with help of the Thought space within different
structures. Where a special place is occupied by the structure of Water, which
materializes information codes of symmetry.

"Time does not change, but all things change in time. Because Time is the
Power, that keeps events separate, each event is in its proper place. Time is not
in motion, but you move over time because your consciousness / Thought /
moves from one case to another.

From this statement it follows, that Time, this is Power / Energy /, which is
distributed over the universe, and generates Space for structures. Time and
Thought exist only together.

Accordingly, our Sun is the "Repeater of the Universal Energy of Time.
And therefore it radiates the energy of Light, which does not have a return.

As affirm the author of the Emerald Tablet of Ancient Egypt, that Rotation is
the result of the action of the force of Time, because it operates under what that
"Unusual Corner". Therefore, you can fly from the ground only in a circle. But I
suppose, that the reason for the rotation of bodies is not only Time, but also
Electromagnetic Forces, as a manifestation of the Thought, because
they contain the Pair.
2. The whole world consists of "Systems - Structures", consisting of
elements, carrying out some Task, internal functional process in interaction
with each other. And where the boundary of the system is determined by the
space of the Balance of Forces. And where each system is an element of
another system. Those. All systems are enclosed into each other.
3. In each System as Unity, only one law "Belonging to the System" acts,
which determines the Roles of the actions of the elements in the system, as well
as the rules for the internal action of the elements. All Existence belongs
to a system. And all, that exists, is acting only by the Law. In the world there


can not be inaction and lack of movement. Each element / system / has its own
Role for execution.
Realization of the world law "Belonging to the System", for people is
described by a set of internal rules, such as "10 Commandments" in the
Jewish Torah, but these internal rules are different for different groups of people.
Werein, due to the fact, that each system has from the beginning 7 different
roles of action, then in the question of Role action, like "Work" is always
"Conflict of people's interests". Who does not fulfills the internal rules
defining "belonging to the System”, and main thing does not work, he is
thrown out of the system, or destroyed, such as the idle or foreign cells of our
4. Each System of our World has in its composition 7 mandatory
Functional parts, which in turn are divided into Three parts of different roles in
the system.
This general world structure of the System is described in the "Sacred
Scrolls of the Torah" of the Jews, as "7 days of the creation of the world".
And which is the most important, among the "Sacred Scrolls" preserved in
ancient Egypt from the beginning of human civilization.

It should be specially noted, that the "7 functional parts of any system",
which are described in the Torah, do not include the Energy Parts. Because
Man can not see the energy of time, which makes the whole world move.
We observe only Movement, i.e. the result of the action of Energy. / I.e. If we
add to the system the energy parts, then the number of elements will increase to
10 /.

Below is figure 7 of the functional parts of the system, which nowadays it is
realized in the form of a computer and various kinds automatic devices.

This computer structure exactly corresponds to the structure of the "7 days of
the creation of the world", and says, that the Sacred Torah Scrolls, are the
"Scientific Book". But the practical implementation of the scientific principles
of the Torah, in the organization of the state on a systemic principle, has not yet
been reflected in life.


From this simple figure of the system, 7 parts are easy to see.
"The first part of the system", is "Outside the boundaries of the current
system with 6 parts". But it is an integral part of the system, because without
external impact on the system, the system does not need to exist. And this
complete interconnectedness of the systems of the world, says that our
entire immense world is "One whole".
Parts 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 is the Target, consistent functional and logical Order of
our world, which authoritarian, since operates under the orders of the Program
Part 3 - 4 - 5.
Part 7 is Reasonable Feedback. Checking action Functional part of the Goal,
and correcting its work and stability. Feedback is the External Intelligence of
the system, transforming the system into a circular cycle.
"The Purpose of Reasonable Feedback", implement the "Law belonging
to the system", i.e. observe the action of working parts 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and
remove or neutralize all elements that are not work, and thereby "save the life of
the system". And also help working part in the severe "External conditions". In
our world, all elements have a Role, and therefore, "Everyone must Work"!
Feedback connects the system to the "Information Circle" where,
"Cause and Effect" do not work, because in the circle all depend from each
The Complete System of Nature, as the 7 days of creation in the Torah.
Let's pay attention to how accurately this system coincides with the scientific
computer system of our days.

And in the form of a drawing, 7 days of creation look like this:


The first part of the system: is "Light", which is Energy and Information
for the whole system of Nature. And he is "Beyond the very system of
Nature on the planet". And accordingly in computer "Information, that a person
enters", it’s outside the structure.

The second part of the system is "Atmosphere and Water", which
perceive the Energy and Information of Light, and this "Input System of
Nature". Without Water, nature is dead. Without input devices information in the
computer, it's just iron. Those Water Spaces "Different layers of the Atmosphere
and the World Ocean" take the Energy of Light from the Sun. And taking the
Energy of Light, these "Masses of Water" support "Temperature boundaries"
on the ground, for existence of Life. And give for all Nature the "Bioenergy of
Life" in any necessary quantities, because Water is an "Energy Intermediary"
in the transformation of the energy of Light and Biofield into Energy of
Movements of all living organisms. This is the reason, why Water is the basis of
all living beings.

The third part of the system is "Vegetation", and this is "Volume and
Memory of the System of Nature", which uses and supports Atmosphere and
Water Energy, realizing daily, monthly and yearly Cycles of the Sun and the

Vegetation is the basic volume of nature associated with the earth, where
the vegetation uses Water and the entire elements periodic table of Mendeleev,
which are used by moving beings. And which after death of beings return to the

The fourth part of the system is the "Sun, Moon and Stars". Which
"Manage all natural cycles". Note, that the Sun, Moon and Stars were
"created" after Vegetation and Light, which in principle is impossible in the reality
of appearance in the world. Do not grow trees and grass without the sun and the
moon. And the light without the Sun will not appear. But in the general natural
process, they are in the 4th place, because they implement Internal Control in
Nature Systems.

The fifth part of the system is: "Floating and flying Creatures". These are
already autonomous in the movement of beings, related their processes with
vegetation and water.


The sixth part of the system: it is "Terrestrial beings and Man". They are
the "Executive part of the system of nature". This is the "Target function of
the whole system of Nature". They support natural cycles of Vegetation, and
Ecological cycles. And Man, as a being capable of creativity, is necessary for
"Saving the system of Nature", as well as "Establishing a connection with
other worlds".

The seventh part of the system is: "Analysis and validation of the action
System ", with the possibility of Correction. Analysis and verification
System action, this is the "Control function", which in the system action
process does not participate! Therefore, in the scrolls of the Torah sad,
that "God rested, and did nothing!" The whole system worked correctly
and well.

And likewise "Man", which for the computer is "7th external Control Unit",
only analyzes the actions of Computer, but in the very internal action of the
computer does not interfere, but only controls his actions outside.

In this description of Nature Systems, the key words are:
1. "Elohim" - from 3 symbols and the end of multiplicity. Like Creator of all

things, and as a "sequence of realization Balances".
2. "Day" - from 3 symbols. As "operating parts of the system."
3. "Shabbat" - from 3 symbols. As a special, consecrated part of the system.
4. "Ihova" - from 3 symbols and the Female end. Like "Reasonable Memory of
the Prehistory of Unification", which differs from the Mind of the cycles of control
of the Sun, Moon and Stars.

Therefore, if we understand, that the 7 days of the creation of the world
are described "Sequential Order and Communication of Task Functions
parts System of Nature", then all the contradictions in the description
disappear. And appeared a Universal system of building the world. Then
it is clear, that all systems of nature and man are built in a similar way.

"World Reason" is the ability to establish "Order Management within the
system", as well as "Managing the Feedback from outside the order"
within the system boundary.

7 pieces of computer system.

Where part 2 is the "Keyboard, Conan, Scanner, etc." / The visible part /
Parts 3 - 4 - 5 is "Memory of Information and Smart Programs" / Invisible


parts /
Part 6 is "Screen, Printer, etc." / Visible part /.
Part 1 is "Information entered into the computer" / Visible part /
Part 7 is the "Man watching the computer" / Invisible part /, since what think
and decides to do a person we do not observe.
By analogy with the "7 days of the creation of the world", we see, that
Man is God to the computer, as God to nature. But God and created
man, for Man to replace God on the earth and maintained the Natural
Balance, including himself.

Systemic construction of the Mendeleev-Bor table.

All 12 elements of the first row of the table are necessarily present in the
structures of all organisms. The table shows their "System Role" in the
processes of organisms. The table is not directly related to their physical and
chemical properties. Therefore, there is no element in it as "Memory", since he
must have a huge amount internal states. And it can only be performed by

Systemic division of the letters of the Hebrew Alphabet.

22 letters of the most ancient language are divided into 7 System parts with
using the rule of "Root". Letters highlighted in blue only in the roots exists. The
letters marked with yellow are in the roots and ligaments. All the letters of the
language have a "systemic meaning", described by their name. And because
of unity connection of the culture of ancient Egypt and Israel, the systemic
meaning of letters has a "Drawing Explanation" in the "Major Arcana" of the
Egyptian Tarot cards.


Table of the Main Arcana of Tarot cards. (7 parts).
System partition of the Main Arcana of tarot cards.

The Lost Originals and the Meaning of Painting Tarot Cards in Ancient Egypt,
came to our time thanks to "Black Magic", which existed in ancient Egypt. And
exists to this day everywhere. So the source of the pictures is scientific and real.
Although many elements and the colors of the Original paintings, of course were
lost in small copies. But for in-depth scientific research, we need the most
ancient drawings.

In ancient Babylon there was an Astrology "7 Visible Stars" the solar system,
where in the first place was the Sun. But if we put the Sun and the Moon on the
place, where they are located in the "7 days of the creation of the world", then
the actual appointment is obtained planets of the solar system, and this can be
seen from the table below.

The Solar System of Visible Stars with the Earth

Mercury Venus Earth Sun Mars Jupiter Saturn


System Purpose of the Planets

Excita Broadca Memory System Binding Executi Planet
tion st Mutually Manage Planet ve Return
Excitem Actions rs Planet Impact
ent of the

From the location of the planets, we see an analogy with the "7 days of the
creation of the world", and also the functional roles of each planet.


The development and education of man in life occurs on the same
System Cycle 7 parts.

1. Intrauterine cycle. 9 months of full dependence on Mother. / External
information /

2. Priority of "Perception" systems. From 0 to 3 years. Appearance of
feelings Hunger, Sight, Hearing, etc .. Feeling of the mother. Specific
copying. Feeling his toy. There is no concept of "I". Training
/ Perception / basic life skills.

3. Priority of the "Memory" systems. From 3 to 7 - 8 years. Appearance of
"I". I want, I do not want. An approximate period, that a person can
remember in adulthood. All that is remembered, remains on all life. Learning
through games with parents and others children.

4. Priority of the systems "Action Management". From 8 to 13 years.
Enhanced development of the thinking apparatus. They can solve very
complex problems. The increased desire to participate in any affairs of adults
and the country.

5. Priority of "Communication" systems. From 13 to 18 - 20. Attempts
Iindependent Life and the establishment of Communication outside the
family. Period the formation of sexual maturity and interest in the opposite
gender. A period of painful self-esteem, conceit and Helplessness. The
period of nervous instability and extreme Feelings. The period of neglect by
parents, in the opinion, that all understand and know about their parents.
The period of appearance of doubtful companies and casual sexual

6. Priority of "Execution Systems". From 20 to 60 years. Period
Complete independence. Military service. Job. A family.

7. Priority of "Control and Analysis" systems. From 60 years to age
complete lack of autonomy. Period, when the main means activity is the
experience of life and knowledge. Loss period mechanical memory and the
development of associative memory.

As we see, 7 parts of building the world, permeate our lives until the last
day of our independence.

Table of the Sumer alphabet. (7 parts).

Systemic division of the Sumerian Alphabet into 7 parts.
The Sumerian language was intended to describe "Spatial Structures and

programming of the Cosmonauts". Sumer, apparently, the most ancient culture
and language. The appearance of the people in Mesopotamia is unclear. There
was a writing without any hints at the paitings.


The most accurate and most scientific number system 60, which is
connected with the fact that the "Balance" process is one, and the structures
are countless a bunch of.

In the language there was no division of words into masculine and feminine.
Language had only 15 consonants, and 5 vowels, where each vowel had several
variants of pronunciation. And this compensated for the lack of Consonants. But
it was facilitated by the fact, that in the word should not have been "The same
vowels". Sumerian language due to the large number varieties of similar vowels
was complicated in pronunciation, so he remained unknown to linguists.
Therefore, the Sumerian language was replaced by Akkadian / Hebrew /, as
more practical and more developed for human communication. Let's pay
attention, that executive functions in the table of letters only three. And these
are the letters P, R, S. Which in the ancient the Hebrew language was
represented: P is the Mouth. R is the Head. S is the Fish. It's in the essence of
the analogy of the Triple System of Man. And this speaks about general
scientific source of all primary languages.

Table of the Alphabet of Sanskrit, the ancient language of India.

System distribution of Sanskrit letters into 7 parts and 5 lines.
Sanskrit is the oldest system language. It has 33 consonants of sound,
which fully fit into the Functional Pronunciation of separate parts of the
speech apparatus. This emphasizes his ancient scientific character, and the
impossibility of his inventions by people. Sanskrit is difficult to understand by the
fact, that in ancient sacred texts there was no concept of "Word". While for
many concepts there were separate words. In it there was a concept of
"Proposal", composed of verbal constructions, that changed its sound at the
borders, as it happens in interaction of systems. Therefore the whole history of


Sanskrit, this is history of the Indian geniuses of Sanskrit, who shared it to the
"Meaningful components", which can understand many different peoples
inhabiting India, as well as carriers of Semitic and European languages.
7. The main "Motor of the universe" is the "Dynamic Balance", the Ternary
structure of any system consisting of: Energy Part, the Control part and the
Functional part. Thanks this endless interaction, all over the world is constantly

Where for man: The energy part is the World Power of Time, allowing the
body through the intermediary of Water, to occupy as much as possible of

The control part is the Electrical system, that makes man "Dual and

The Functional part is the Structures of autonomous Movement and
Provision of food and water for permanent Cell Homeostasis.

All languages of the world are built on the "Ternary System Thinking"
and the "Threefold Perception of the World" of the Human Brain.

The ternary structure of sentences for all languages.
Mathematics is built on the "Ternary System Thinking" of Man.
Where the main element is the verification of "Balance" which is described by
the sign "Equal".


The ternary structure of the system in Mathematics.
Hebrew is the oldest language of the humancivilization, which came to our
time thanks to the existence of the Holy Scrolls of Torah. Hebrew System
language, which on all three levels of language construction: Alphabet, Words
and Proposals fit into the 7 parts world structure, and the Ternary
implementation of any action.

The systemic principle of the formation of the Ternary Roots of the Hebrew

From the principle of the formation of Hebrew roots, it is seen, that for
semantic coding of roots, "Target" action function is the "Last Letter of the
Root". The central letter of the root have "Meaning of the internal
transformation". And the first letter of root "The meaning of perception of
external influence". And to these sense of roots is added "System sense" of
the position of the letter in the alphabet table.

Table of images for the numerals of the Sumerian language.


Table of cuneiform drawings of the system of notation 60 Sumers.
The table clearly depicts the "basic Trinity of our World".
The base of all images is the "Triangle". In each figure there is no more than
Three triangles in a row, and there are no more than Three triangles in Height.
The principle of organizing images of figures is "Trinity", speaking of the Trinity
base of our world and Man's thinking.
All figures of numbers are located in a specific Cycle, it means, after Three
pictures are repeated. The first drawing has One Arrow. The second picture
Two arrows. The third picture has Three arrows. And after the Three Tripls,
i.e. 3 * 3 = 9 appears lateral arrow, as 10. Pay attention, that the Ternary
images separates all the digits of the table on the Groups: 1, 4, 7. 2, 5, 8.
3, 6, 9. And these groups have a "systemic sense" of functional and spatial
appointment in the structure of any system of the world. Which can be seen
placing the entire cycle of 60 digits in a circle.

Then it can be seen, that the circle is made up of 6 Triangles. That each of
them contains the 10 numbers, and occupies an angle of 60 degrees. Which in
turn means, that each digit has an angle of 6 degrees. And the table itself is
divided into 60: 10 = 6. columns. Where 6 = 2 * 3. It means, 6 this is also the
basic element of the table, combining the Trinity and Duality properties. And
as we saw above, any closed structure of the system has 6 Functional


parts. It means, 6, like other numbers up to 10, have universal systemic

The meaning of the table is, that it divides the circle into a Space Line with
repetitive properties and a closed cycle 6 * 10. Which divided into 6 sectors, and
where in each sector 3 * 3 = 9 and 10 repeating lines of spatial interaction.

And then, looking at this "Cyclic repetition" of numbers, I remember the first
book of human civilization "Emerald Tablets" of God Thoth of ancient Egypt.
Where the author claims, that all numbers from 3 to 9, these are "Cycles of
action of our world"! And this speaks about general scientific origin of ancient
civilizations, and says, that the ancient knowledge of Sumer, Egypt, Israel
and India is complementing each other. And they are important for the revival
of "Scientific knowledge", more deep, than exists today.

The division of all the numbers of the table into 6 determines the quality
spatial line of 1 degree. And at the same time gives a numerical series, with
integers and periodic fractions. Which in interaction of structures in space,
can be interpret, as lines Stability / balance / or Instability / transitional /. And
where the minimum step between the fractional numbers is 0, 1666666 ... 6.
Number, which, when multiplied by 10, turns into a "Golden Section".

It means, the system allows to investigate the structural properties
the construction of atoms and the spatial interaction of structures at the
numerical level. / Together with the numeric description from Emerald
Tablets of Egypt.

8. Systems with developed "Electric Control Forces" can have a "dual
structure", and in the case of the Human and other Living beings of
autonomous movement even "Symmetry".
Because, there is no circular motion for Symmetrical creatures.
/ And I suppose, that the Wheel, as a design was obtained from the first
Settlers of the Earth, like the Fire, because they are not used in Nature /.

In the Emerald Tablets in the chapter "The Key to Life and Death" there is
remarkable phrases about the Duality, which sound like this:
"Know, O Man, that your form is Double, balanced in polarity, while formed in its
form. Know, that when you are quickly approaching Death, it is only because
your balance is shaken. Only because one Pole of the body was lost". Know,
that the secret of life in "Amenti", and this is the secret of restoring the balance
Poles. All, that exists has a form and lives from behind the Spirit of Life in its

As we know, that modern medicine does not accept concepts "Balance" of
the two sides of the body, because the energy system does not can be treated
with medication. And this imbalance of organism does not lend itself to scientific
research. This is an area application of "alternative medicine", which,
unfortunately, never had a "Scientific Background".


Dual control system for all body processes. / Simplified /

Symmetric Structure the Energy of the Water Body, controlled by
Brain and Nervous system.

From the general drawing of the system of 7 parts it is visible, that very
much interesting picture for the "Mind of our world". It turns out, that our
Mind System is "Paired".

One part of Reason is "Inner", and functional, which manages
functional energy activities movement in the body. The task of this Reason
is to have, as much as, possible number of different functions, that it
manages. The more the number of acting internal functions is in the
system, the "Cleverer being". It means, the system becomes more
universal in their actions.

The second part of Reason is “External” and controls, and corrects
the Inner Mind. External Mind is the "Feedback" for the whole system. And
for this, the External Mind checks actions of all Elements of the system,
that they work in accordance with the laws of the order system. The task of
the External Intelligence is "Save a viable structure of Actions and System
Management. A task of External Intelligence to adjust the system to New
external conditions or new tasks, and thus keep the Balance. But the main
task of External mind, as a feedback, is to keep the actions of laws for
absolutely all Elements of the System, and for the state it will be the law
"Belonging to the system".

It means, in the world there is the Law of Reason, which says, that
without the law Subordination to the Mind, nothing should exist. Or in
other words, in the system no one can live, who does not obey the General
Laws. Submission to the "law of Order" and the "Law of Feedback", they
are two parts of the Mind of the system. And this in turn means, that in
every state there should be a "Double Government"! These Two
governments are different Roles, but one goal of preserving the System

This, in turn, means, that the present today in all countries "Legislation
and Judicial systems" are defective, and therefore they are impotent.
Because, they are all engaged in ensuring their well-being.

From practice we know, that in the human body there is an internal
Mind in the form of the "Subconscious", which is never wrong, and
acts in the body automatically, without our participation. And in the
structure of systems 7 parts, they are parts 3, 4, 5. This Inner System Mind
is preserved by our "gene memory" and transmitted from generation to
generation. It means, our Subconscious "Eternally", and in some aspects
remembers all our ancestors who influenced it in the "Best or Worst Side".

From the structure of the 7 parts of the construction of the system, it
seems to us, that the mind of the Subconscious in a certain sense is
"Primitive", because almost little updated. But he "is not mistaken", since
verified Experience of the lives of billions of generations, and therefore
recorded in the gene part Reproduction of the body. Therefore, we can say,
that the Subconscious mind is the Eternal Mind. Therefore, the Magic of
the body, as a constant work on your health and character, and allows a
person to imitate the qualities of their best ancestors, and get rid of the
qualities of bad ancestors.

On the other hand, in the human body there is a Reason in the form of
"Consciousness", which observes and directs the actions of the organism,
solving the problems of providing the system with everything necessary


for life. This "External Mind" is "Feedback", since he observes the action
of the whole organism and does not allow him to leave the "Balance"
Healthy state.

I would call the Subconscious Mind "Mens part of Mind", since it
determines the "Order and Law" of the action of the organism. A
Consciousness would called be "Women's Mind", because it tries all his
life try comfortable the live of Subconscious. The importance of the Law
and Order, as the Man's management of society, has always been
accepted by people in all times. But the importance of women's
management of society, in general was not recognized by humans.
Although the importance of Women's Management Society, in the form of
the seventh part of the system / Sabbath observance /, is emphasized in
the ancient Torah scrolls many times.

The most interesting thing is, that Consciousness does not have direct
access to the Subconscious mind! Because Consciousness, solving a lot
of new problems, that have not been tested by the "Experience of Life". It
can be mistaken, which is absolutely unacceptable for "Internal action and
preservation of the organism", as a System! Therefore, Consciousness
lives only one of our lives, and requires "Training". Without learning
Consciousness remains at the level of the animal. From other side, the
Consciousness is "Individually", and the volume of information is much
greater, than the Subconscious. His task is "to develop and increase the
possibilities of the Subconscious".

Therefore Consciousness influences the Subconscious through
"Mediators", and these are the sense organs of the organism, which
inform the Consciousness, that for the organism some parameter is
violated. It can be Cold, hunger, thirst, heat, danger, pain, fatigue, etc. and
the external mind of Consciousness must change the discomfort to
positive. Concerning to the provision of "Equality and Justice for all cells
of the body", then it is already provided by building an organism. And the
body itself replaces the idle or sick cells for new workers.

The mediator between the Consciousness and the Subconscious is also
"Temporary Memory", which remembers the actions of the body. And if
these actions are repeated many times and are not accompanied by
Mistakes, they can be translated into the subconscious, and then we
do these actions automatically.

Human consciousness has in its structure "Block of Fantasies". This
Fantasy block is, in principle, necessary for a person to compensate our
"Limitation" in the perception of the world. Because we perceive the world by
the Mind in the Ternary form, and we say in Trinity phrases, but the world is
built of 7 system blocks. And so we can describe the meaning of really
happening, for it was clear, only the "Group of phrases".
Our Fantasies help to define the abbreviated semantic system from 3 in the
language, to the full of 7 in reality. But fantasy is not are always true, and
are not always confirmed by the "Experience". And then the person
is mistaken, and often mistaken fatal.

Fantasies without confirmation Experience of life, this is the main tool
of "Deception", well developed in politics, religion, art, trade and
especially in the overpast history of Humanity, black Magic!


With respect to the Reason of Man, I want to repeat again the words of
the author of the Emerald Tablets: "For the Thought to be Eternal, it is
necessary, that there should be Time / Energy /". It means, that there
would be an Eternal Subconscious, and that the Consciousness would
work perfectly, we need the energy of the body was maximum. This
ensures the ancient system of Magic of the body. Therefore, by Egyptian
Sphinx the head is covered with an additional cape, a symbol of
magnificent Reason. And therefore, if you close your eyes, and leaving
consciousness in the body, if you feel by Consciousness all parts of your
body, then you are healthy man. The Energy gives your brain the ability to
completely control all processes. And if you do not feel any parts, or even
one side of the body, then you have serious problems.

In terms, of the presence of a person's Subconscious and
Consciousness, he tells us directly "How to build a society of the Law".
And how to get rid of Ideologies and Democracies.

9. All the ancient languages on earth had "Special names for numbers from
One to Ten. And most importantly, these numbers did not have any relations to
the Mathematical account. And related to Systemic construction of the world.
And this is evident from the meaning of names for numbers. And also the
absence of Drawings for numbers. The mathematical account and the first
mathematical equations appeared much later from the practical needs of
building the Pyramids and agriculture. And then there were attempts to draw
pictures of figures. Although many mathematical calculations of various practical
problems have been known in Mesopotamia and Egypt, since the days of the
construction of the Pyramids. / That survived to our time / / By the way, the
attribution taken today drawings for numbers as Arabs, it's illiteracy. Because
Arab culture is Islam. And drawings of numbers, this invention of one
from ancient cultures captured by Arabs, Babylon, Sumer, Hits, Persians, Israel
and Egypt. /

So for the Sumerian language we have names for numbers:
For the number "1" we have: "Ash", "Deal", "Dis" - the meaning of the word
"Constant change".
For the number "2" we have: "Mana" - Where from the language itself it is
known, that "Ma" is a woman, and "Na" is a man, i.e. principle of Pair our
world. And in the language the female and masculine gender was not!
For the number "3" we have: "Esh" - Change of states. Or "Pesh" - Functional
change. It means, in any case "Permanent Change” existing in the living world.
For the number "4" we have: "Lim" / Limu / - Spatial multitude. And also has
sense "Thousand". Of course, in fact, this sense has a deeper "Spatial
significance", which we do not understand to the depth.
For the number "5" we have: "ia" - Vowels of the language, and their was 5,
/ and the same number have Functional parts in the system from input to output.
For the number "6" we have: "G * es" - Male dick. / Underlined importance of
Angle. And from the table for 60 it is clear, that the figure 6 has special System
properties. Because, in the system there are actually 6 functional parts.
For the number "7" we have: "Imin" - "Five + Two", and also "Countless, All
number, All". And all nature is built of Systems with 7 parts.
For the number "8" we have: "Ussu" - "Parties of Volume", where there is a
Sense of "Octagon" ??


For the number "9" we have: "Ilim" - "Five + Four".
For the number "10" we have: "Ha, Hu, U" - Numerous, Different, Sorted,
mixed, Natural, Vegetable, Nutritious. And from the number system 60, for the
number 10 we have the value - "Balanced". / What is confirmed by the 6-axis
axis in the figure higher /.
For the number "20" we have: "Nish" - "He or She or Denial * Amount"
For the number "30" we have: "Wushu" - "Ten * Three".
For the number "40" we have: "Nimin, Nin" - "
For the number "60" we have "F * en, F * esha" - Dependence.
For the unification of the "60", we have: "Nigida" ???
For the number "600" we have: "Geesthtu" "Geshu" - "60 * 10" Special
As we see, all the names for the 10 numerals of the Sumerian language fit in
the system of "Functional description" of the meaning of words for numbers.

About the meaning of numbers and the scientific purpose of numbers, it
is best way to understand from the Ancient Egyptian language.

On the one hand, in mathematics the Egyptians used the writing of numbers
in the form of One, Ten, Hundred, Thousand, etc. repeating the desired
pattern required number of times.

On the other hand, when they described System structures of people, then
they used names for numbers from 1 to 9, but then they emphasized, that
these are "levels of system cycles, nested into each other.

So for the ancient Egyptian language from the Emerald Tablets we have
for the numbers in general only a system description:

In the Emerald Tablet "The Seven Gods" we find the following saying.
"Then We / people / were formed in accordance with Order: Three, Four,
Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine. Know, that these numbers are the numbers of
cycles, that we go down to the person. Every / of the cycles / has a duty here
each of /the cycles / has here the power to govern". Each is improved by
balance, and the other does not exist in "Unity of ALL".

And the word "man", as one can understand by analyzing the texts
"Emerald Tablets", has a double meaning. When at the beginning of the
sentence there is an appeal "Oh man", then this really makes sense of the
Person. But when there is a conversation about cycles in the body, then the
person makes sense "Cell", which in fact is also "Information person".

In the Emerald Tablet "Halls of Amenti" we read.
"Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight / Cycles / each with his mission,
each with his powers, leadership, direction of the fate of people. There they are
seating mighty and powerful, free from all Time and Space".
Because the structure of each system is made up of parts, then increasing
the number of parts in the system changes the quality components, which are
superimposed on each other, but at the same time are divided into "control
cycles". On the other hand, each system is an element of another system.
Those, our world can be simplified represent like Russian "Matryoshka", only the
number inner matryoshkas with each level increases many times, and they are
all connected in one way or another. In the Emerald Tablets, even the qualities
of these "Control Cycles" are specified.
In the tablet "Supplement" we have an expanded and multiple description of
"Three", and it sounds like this.


"In primary live Three Unities. Other Trinity can not exist. They are the
balance of the source of creation: One God / Energy /, One Truth / control
system /, One point Freedom / Physical body /”.

The above can be explained in such way, that none of the components of
"Trinity" does not exist independently. If there is no Energy, then can not exist
and die Structure, and Management. If no Management, can not exist and
disappears Energy and Structure breaks up. If there is no Structure, then there
is nowhere to act Energy and Management. They can only exist together as
One Whole, in an infinite balance between themselves.

And most importantly, from the "Indivisibility of Three" follows conclusion,
that "Three" is "the basis of the structures of the world". And all other existing
system configurations, and even "Pairiness" is obtained from combinations of
"Three", or increasing numbers of parts.

In the same tablet, the "Supplement", about "Three" says:
Three are "Circles of existence / Systems /: Circle of Light / Energy /,
where only God lives, and only God can cross it / Borders circle of energy /: The
Circle of Chaos, where all things are by nature are the result of death / The
system of physical construction the body, that first kills everything /: The circle
of understanding / System Control Body /, where all things arise from Life.
/ I.e. Management is built as a continuation of life /.
And in the tablet "Secrets of Secrets" again a lot of statements about the
Listen now to the mystery of nature / character /, the relation of life to the
land where / life / lives. Be aware, you are triple in nature / Character /, i.e.
Physical, Star / Astral / and Mental in “One”. In the physical body is the channel
of the Blood, which moves in vertical motion, Heart, continuing his heartbeat.
Magnetism, that moves through the nerve paths of Energy to all cells and
tissues. Akasa, which flows through thin and yet physical channels, channels of
Three natures / character / Minds follow the Desires of One the Big One, who
is the Arbiter of "Causes and Consequences" in your life. Thus formed the Triple
creature, directed from above by power / power / Four. / This can be understood,
that "Four" is the addition Management to "Three", which defines the action or
inaction of Three. And "The reason and consequence" can only be in the
"Sequence", but can not be in the Circle.
Even the circulatory blood system is described by the author, as the Trinity
Each of these three is tuned to each other, and each affects life body. They form
common skeletal forms of the body, through which they flow thin streams of ether.
In their skill there is the Mystery of Life in the body. Leave / life / only in accordance
with the wishes of the Adept of Magic /, when His purpose living / in the body / is
To this we must add, that in the texts of the Emerald Tablets themselves we find
many places, that are explicitly added to the Scientific Ancient Text specialists in
"Black Magic". I.e. absolutely not understanding scientific concepts of the source
text. And this is analogous to the fact, that in the Science ancient text of the "Holy
Torah Scrolls", was added at a certain time "The slavery laws of King Hammurappi".
Which are not "Systemic", like the 10 commandments.
Three natures / character / Minds follow the Desires of the One Big, who is the
Arbiter of "Causes and Consequences" in your life. In this way formed a Triple


creature, directed from above by power / might/ Four. / This can be understood, that
"Four" is the addition Management to "Three", which defines the action or inaction
of Three. And "The reason and consequence "can only be in the" Sequence ", but
can not be in the Circle.

Above and beyond the Triple nature / character / person is the kingdom
Spiritual / forces / Self / I/ ». / A clear hint at the Higher Powers of the Spirit./

In the tablet "The Key of Wisdom" the author gives explanations.
"Three holds the key of all the hidden Magic of enchantment, he is the creator of
all Halls of the Dead, / is meant Sleep and energy volumes of water / Sending
forward the power of covering the darkness, tying the souls of people, sending
Darkness, and connecting the power of the soul of people". It means the filling cycle
the energy of the body during Sleep. When the management operates only in
Water Power System, and cells do not work.
All the above statements about the "Three" are so scientific and understandable,
that do not require any additional comments.
We read about other cycles of systems:
"Four is one who loses power. He is the God of the life of people. The Light is his
Body, the flame is his expression, the deliverer of the souls of men". As I
understand, it means "The Breath Cycle", which gives its Energy, and which
the main parameter of Life, and which is the "fast fire" of our body in the form
"Oxygen". And which operates inside the "Water body" / Three / our organism,
where water does not allow oxygen to destroy the body.
For the cycle Five says.
"Five, he is the Master of God of all Magic of enchantment, the Key to the Word
/ Information /, which is announced / distributed / among people / cells / ".
It is clear, that Five is connected with "Management of functional processes of
Organism", which are governed only by "Orders from within", and required for the
performance of all Elements / cells /.
For the cycle Six, and this is some kind of whole system said:
"Six he is God of Light, the hidden road, the roads of the souls of people". If, as
it is said above, that Four is Gods of Light, then the hidden road for the "System
Respiration" is the "Blood system", through which Oxygen and others Elements are
delivered to all cells of the body. It means, that from a functional point of view the
circulatory system of blood provides the whole body process with 6 parts of the
For the cycle Seven is said.
"He is the God of immensity, the master of Space and the key of the times". Like I
understand, that "7" is the main system level, that allows to build any "Complete
and Closed Systems", possessing Reason and Autonomy of action. Such a system
is described in the "Scientific model of the world" in the Torah. And this is because
"Feedback", as part 7 of System, regulates the response of the system to the
External Spatial Impact.
Also in the table "Supplement" there are two phrases associated with 7.
"Seven, these mansions of the house of the Power of Magic: there are Three
guard of the gate of each home from the dark. There are 15 ways, that lead to Duat.
There are 12 buildings of the God of Illusions, colliding with four paths, each of them
different. There are 42 / 7 * 6 / great Forces, that judge the Dead, who is looking for
a gate. From these, 4 are the sons of Horus, 2 this is the guard to the East and to
West from the mother of Isis, who begs for her children, Queen of the Moon,
renouncing the Sun".


As I understand, from this description, "Seven" is a complete Energy / Water /
System, divided into independent volumes. Where is everyone volume has Three
Borders. I do not know how to explain the word "Duat". All the energy volume is
divided by "Management" into 12 regions. Each Cell during body sleep is tested for
42 parameters, for Connections or Exceptions cells from the energy volume, and
"Goddess Isis" is trying to help all cells stay in volume.

For the cycle Eight is said.
"Eight is he who organizes progress, weighs and balances trips / magic
processes / people". As I understand it, this means the System Balancing all the
processes of the body, using information Feedback signals from the Central and
Autonomic Nervous System. It means, Eight are "Information Processes".
For the cycle Nine is said.
"Nine, this is the Father, is huge in expression, shaping and changing
From the formless". As I understand this expression, it's "A huge mass of Cells",
changing its position in the body, and constantly updated process of "birth and
To confirm the correctness of preliminary conclusions about the structural
content of "Three, Four, Five Six, Seven, Eight, Nine”, we will take a few more
statements of the author on the topic "Three - Nine". And then in the tablet "The
Key to the Freedom of Space" we read.
"Nine, it's linked / closed / measured, Nine is cycles Space. Nine, this is the
spread of consciousness, and Nine is the worlds in limits of the worlds. Nine, this
is the God of cycles, which comes both from above and from below".
From these phrases, and especially from the phrase "Nine is the Worlds, within
the worlds" we can confirm, that the Nine is the "World of cells", i.e. really
Worlds within the Worlds. It means, It's Energy and Time pervading everything
"Nested within each other's systems". And for the human body it is "Balance and
Weighing" of all small processes, and the spread of Mind for all elements.
It means, absolutely every action within our body has Reason.

All the numbers of Sancrit, like the Alphabet, have a Systemic meaning,
and therefore had Names, but had no drawings.

I do not bring a systematic sense of names, because of need understanding
the system meaning of individual letters of the alphabet, of which Names for
numbers are made up. And the names of the numbers sound like this:

The number "1" is - + - "eka".

The number "2" is - + - "dviz". It looks like Russian.
The number "3" is - + - "three". It looks like Russian.

The number "4" is - + + + - "Satur".
The number "5" is - + - "pansa".
The number "6" is - + - "shash". It looks like Hebrew and Russian.
The number "7" is - + + - "sapta / n".
The number "8" is - + + - "ashtty / n".
The number "9" is - + + - "nava / n".

The number "10" is - + + - "daza / n". It looks like Russian.


Now if we combine the Information of the number system 60 by Sumerians.
Information about the cycles of the formation of the human body by Egyptians.
And Information about the 7th digital functional construction of Man and nature
from the Jewish Torah. Then we can represent the General Structure of a
person in a functional - digital form. And it will be look like this.

Structurally, the cyclical meaning for numbers from 1 to 10 was known to all
ancient mathematicians who, as a rule, studied mathematics in Egypt.
Therefore, it is not accidental, that such great mathematicians as Pythagoras
560 - 480 BC believed, that the whole world can be described with using
numbers. The great German mathematician Leibniz Gottfried Wilhelm 1646 –
1716 g. tried to describe the world with "Monad", and as it turned out this is
prototype of the modern concept System. Great Albert Einstein 1879 – 1955 g.
physicist and creator of the theory of relativity of time. He wanted to create
"The general theory of the relativity of the world", but failed. Because in science
the concept of "System" did not yet form, and it was not open the concept of
"Feedback", without which the system does not exist.
10. Scientific and Systemic Understanding of the World at the Beginning of the
Human civilization, confirms the fact of the existence of the "General World
Laws". And in the Emerald Tablets, in the tablet "The Key of Wisdom" we

"Consider the Law, because for everything there is the Law. Do not look for
something, that does not have the Law, because this exists only in illusions of
Meanings. Fantasies detached from reality”.
In the tablet "The Key of Time" we read.
"Know, O man, that everything exists and can only exist because of the Law.
Listen, O my children. Magic is Knowledge and only Law. Do not be afraid of the
Energy inside you, since She follows the Law, as Stars in the sky".

"Do not be silent, when "evil" is spoken as True / Truth /, as if Evil like the


shine of sunlight for all. The one who violates the law must be punished, only
through the Law appears in people's Freedom. Do not be afraid, since Fear and
anxiety, this is "captivity", which fetters and binds the darkness over people".

In all scientific "ancient scrolls" the beginning of the human civilization, we
read about the existence of the Gods, that govern certain processes and require
the implementation of laws and regulations. And besides in the Egyptian, Hindu
and Greek epic, they had quite concrete image in the form of people, so that it
was clear, that they operate within a person. And each manages a system in
Human body. And therefore, because of the scientific nature of beginning
the Human civilization, in all ancient languages is not there was the word
"Faith, and the verb to believe". Because such a process in the world does not
exist, it is a fantasy and a deception. Word Faith was not and in the Hebrew
language, and was not in the Holy Scrolls of the Torah, since Scrolls is Scientific
information. And this can be checked even in our time.

Even if you do not believe, that the world is really built by the "Higher
Power", it means God, / And this don’t contradicts the scientific Trinity of the
world /, then in any way It acts according to strict World Laws, and not
according to the desires of people. And if people live in an Unjust Society, then
it is built contrary to the World Laws, which determine not only Natural, but
also Universal justice. In our Living World of Nature and the Man himself,
nothing can be done Change, according to the desires and fantasies of
scientists, who in fact have only a desire to make money any way.

11. Man perceives the energy of Time through its realization Spatial action
of systems processes on their boundaries. And in this perception is no Future
Time !, and there is only Present Time and Past Time. Because Future Time
is the result of Causes and Effects of Past and Present Time.

And in the Emerald Tablets, the author emphasizes, that his Future
person can not know in advance!

On the other hand, if we consider the construction of all the ancient
Languages, such as Hebrew, we see, that in languages there is Future and
Past Time, but the Present Time means the Transition Process, which exists
only Moment.

This discrepancy explained by fact, that the ancient languages were built on
the basis of scientific "System" considerations.

On the one hand, the person in his perception of the movements in the
surrounding world, does not have a starting point, but sees all the movement
simultaneously outside, not correlating with, what is happening inside observed.

On the other hand, within the system "the reference point is External
impact", on which the system reacts, and "Reaction, as Movement", always
lags behind time from external influences, since System in its sequential action
of 6 parts, and it need "Time".

Therefore the reaction of the system is always the "Future Time". And
then "External Impact" in relation to Reaction, is "The Past Time", and it is a
"Reference point" of the system's operating times.

And accordingly "Present time" in the system, there is a short Time of
transition from "Past to the Future".
Since we observe systems from the outside, we are, as it were, all the time in
the "Present Time", although inside the system they constantly replace each
other. Because all systems constantly are changing.


Hence follow the important conclusion, that the creators of ancient
languages approached the times of action from the "Systemic
understanding of the World". And accordingly, "Verbs", as an expression
of the action of the system had a systemic expression of "Past and
Future", and "Present time" is a transitional process of the system.

As we see, the main "Scientific knowledge of the world" came to people
from the time of "The Beginning of Human Civilization", but was gradually
lost due to the lack of "Training" and "Destruction of Civilizations" by
barbarians and nomads. And the new development of Science was slow
down by "Religious ideology".

This information is not only for Comprehension, but for Actions.
The fire bell has long since resounded.
Yacov. 12. 06. 2016.


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