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1 Ancient Solar system 1

1 Ancient Solar system 1

Understanding the solar system in antiquity.

It is worthwhile to understand, that the first civilizations of mankind appeared on
the planet earth from the Cosmos, and therefore they were fundamentally "Scientific
understanding of the World", and perhaps deeper than modern ones. Therefore,
for example, the Sumerian civilization immediately possessed Writing, and also
the knowledge of the planets of the solar system, the exact solar-lunar calendar, the
mathematical system of 60 with basis of 3*2*5, and the technologies of agriculture
and construction.

Similar scientific knowledge was possessed by the ancient Egyptian
civilization, which even described the universe in the basis, as the Trinity and
Paired, and describing the human systems.

Chinese civilization, which also appeared in very ancient times.
And the ancient Elins civilization, most familiar to us, with the scientific
description of the world through the Myths and gods of Olympus.
Indian civilization, possessing scientific knowledge, and confirming its scientific
understanding through the Trinity and the Pair-action of the forces of the world. And
where, between many symbols, I especially like borrowed from Indians the Trinity
of life in the form of a picture – symbol, where the basis is Water, and the Forces
of Universe are the largest and strongest beings of the planet - Whales.

We must understand, that people brought from other solar systems, about 15
thousand years ago, when the rapid development of mankind began, were no
different from modern people, and could not be different. Our ancestors were no
more stupid than modern, believing in "incredible amount of lies", distributed for
monetary benefit and ideologies for government. Therefore, all the absurd
reasoning of people, about all kinds of myths and beliefs of ancient people in
different stupidities, that we now understand, do not carry in themselves the truth.
All ancient myths and tales of extraordinary powers and beings are an attempt to
transfer scientific knowledge into form of Symbols.

The complexity of understanding the ancient world view is: That people of
ancient civilizations did not divide the world into parts, as modern science
does! They knew, that the whole world is "One whole", and it operates "Some
forces and laws". Therefore, all the ancient descriptions are very general and
designed only for personal perceptions of a person. But exactly, the common
understanding of the world and lacks modern science!

Put yourself in the shoes of these people, delivered to the uninhabited nature.
Everything had to start from scratch, and survive. The only tools of the people of the
first civilizations were hands only, and knowledge was obtained from
incomprehensible cosmic sources, that helped quickly adapt to life. And how can
the universe be explained if you do not even have the tools for this, and the


knowledge in society is "Equal to zero".
After all, knowledge in society is accumulated for years, and from generation to

generation. If, for example, tomorrow there will be some sort of catastrophe or war,
that will take almost the entire population of the planet. Then people will become
savages again. After all, every person, coming to this world, begins his life
with "Zero knowledge", and our Consciousness learns all our life!

That is why all the first ancient observations of the stars, are those, that can be
see with your eyes. That is why knowledge of the world was transmitted in a
pictorial and symbolic form. Therefore, it is so difficult for us to understand scientific
drawings from graves of ancient Egypt, since they describe the structure of a
person by their symbolic methods. On the one hand, now we have kind of studied
the structure of man, but this description looks completely different. The common
forces, that move a person and the whole world around is not clear.

The Sumerians understood well that the "Earth", as part of the Solar System,
is the "Object of the impact of the rest of the Planet world and the Sun". it
means, this is a well-known ancient approach: That the center of the universe
is the Earth! And from the point of view of the existence of life on earth, this is
correctly! And this did not abolish the physical rotation of the earth and other
planets around the Sun, which the Sumerians knew well. And where is the Universe
inside of which we move - it is motionless.

To observe through the eyes, the Sun, for all its importance, is a very complex
object, difficult to separate. Therefore the Sumerians created the Lunar calendar of
12 months for 29 or 30 days, and added to it 11 days, since the solar year has 365
days. And for the convenience of using the calendar, they divided every month for a
Week of seven days, where each day was given the name "7 Gods - as the
visible planets of the Solar System", according to their significance.

1. The Sun - Utu / Shamash /.
2. The moon - Sin.
3. Saturn – Udu-Idim-Sag-ush, Zibanitu. / planet stability / / Scales /.

/ later Ninib /
4. Jupiter - Sagmegar, Amar-Utu / Marduk /.
5. Mars - Salbatanu. / later Nergal /
6. Venus - Dilibat / later Ishtar /.
7. Mercury - Ninurta / The Leaping Planet. / / later Nabu /.

This immediately tells us, that the Week was invented not by Jews, but by the
Sumerians. And this also tells us, that the Torah, as a scientific book, is
possible appeared from Sumer and Akkad, which at a certain time merged in a
"single culture", and where the Jewish roots were.

And observing lunar and solar eclipses, the Sumerians knew, that the earth is
round. And they knew about the existence of "Saros" - the 18-year cycle of
recurrence of eclipses, and accordingly the Lunar Calendar.

And they even knew about the existence of an additional 8 planet - Nibiru, which
rotates in the opposite direction of all visible planets and has the period of
circulation of 3600 terrestrial years.

The circle of flight of our planet Sumerians was defined as 360 degrees, and
divided it into 12 parts of 30 degrees. And so they tied up every month of the earth's
movement, with certain stars visible by eyes of the sky of the universe.


This way it turned out the human Horoscope, "Visible by the eyes of the stars
of the universe", and simultaneously annual "Variable position of 7 visible
planets the solar system". It means, the Sumerians had a goal, to tie the times
4 seasons of annual cycles to real practical life. And where are the constant stars
of the universe, as if the language of the description of the change of the
moving planets.

This Sumerian horoscope was called the Babylonian Astrology of the "Visible
Stars of the Planets". It has a pronounced "System Description of 7 Parts", and
accordingly describes the "Influence" of these Stars on character the person. This
horoscope also describes the "Possible Role of Man" with his birth. But for us it is
especially important, that it came to us from a distant time of the beginning of
civilization, as a time of scientific understanding of the world.

As we see, it was important for the Sumerians to explain the "importance of the
planets" in the general system, so they arranged the "Planets of the Week" in
another order. And of course in the first place they had the Sun. But the true
location of the planets along the orbits was known to them. And they used
it's for the Horoscope events in life. Therefore, there was a lot in Sumer
"Prophets and fortuneteller."

Babylon Astrology of “Seeing Stars”

Sun Venera Moon Mars Saturn

Merkur 1,88 Jupiter 29,5
years years
y rotation 11,9 rotation
about years about
28 days 88 days 224 28 days Sun rotation Sun
Action, about Serious
rotation rotation days rotation Connect Sun Perfect,
ions Actions, Intellect
about about rotation about Good Self-
Mind control
its Axis Sun about Earth


Biology Quick Intellect, Intern

Cycles, fillings, Beauty, Biology

Commo Reactio Cycles

n ns,

Cycles and

of Mind


In ancient Babylon there was Astrology "7 Visible Stars" the solar system,
where in the first place was the Sun. It means planets were arranged in the order
of their physical orbits.

If we will put the Sun and the Moon at the place, where they are located in the
"7 days of the creation of the world," from the Jewish holy book of Torah, and
insert the Earth to the place where it is located in reality, then we get the real
purpose of all the planets of the solar system in relation to Earth, and this can be
seen from the table below.


The Solar System of Visible Stars with the Earth

Mercury Venus Earth Sun Mars Jupiter Saturn


System Purpose of the Planets

Excita Broadca Memory System Binding Executi Planet
tion st Mutually Manage Planet ve Return
Excitem Actions rs Planet Impact
ent of the

It can be seen from the table, that the Earth is the Information Center of the
entire planetary system, and the existence of life on earth is not accidental. This
means, that the solar system is built according to the principle "7 parts of
the Systemic Distribution of Functions".

Now, if we recall the "7 parts of building a computer", as an analogy of the
construction of "7 parts of the system of nature", then we absolutely know for sure.
That the heart of the computer is "Memory and Processor", occupying
respectively 3 and 4 part of the system.

Similarly the heart of the system of Nature from the ancient scrolls of the Torah
is "Vegetation and the Sun with the Moon", occupying the 3rd and 4th days of

And as we see from the last table, the heart of the planets of the solar system is
inseparable Trinity "Earth, Sun and Moon", as 3 and 4 parts of system.

In addition, we know from physics, that the force of the Earth's attraction to the
Sun and the Moon is practically the same. And even their rotation almost coincides
with the time of 29 days. It means, Sun and Moon on the impact on the earth
"Symmetrical". And this proves to us, that "The Earth is the center of the Solar
system", and therefore the source of life. And therefore the ancient scientific
understanding of the world: That the earth is the center of universe, visible to
us, absolutely justified!

And this, in turn, tells us, that on planet Earth, we must preserve "Not the
person", but its central part, as "Vegetation", on which the activity of the Sun

Yacov Ioffe.


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