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6 History of Hebrew, Torahs and Israel 6

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6 History of Hebrew, Torahs and Israel 6

6 History of Hebrew, Torahs and Israel 6

General view on the history of the Language, Writing and Torah.

Man, as can understand from his complex construction, and his 15 thousand
years active history, emerged from the Cosmos, already formed a being.
And naturally, he could speak, and therefore the first languages existed immediately
with the appearance of man. And the basis of each human language is "Perception
of a person around the world." And the perception of the world by man is "Trinity",
because a person sees only the external parts of the system /creatures or objects/.
And systems have in their composition "7 parts", from which 4 we do not see.

Therefore, any human language is built in such a way, that the "Meaning
action of the world, as an infinite set of systems" wasn’t lost. It means, that the
structure of the language corresponded to the action of the Real infinite world
around us. But human language can not be infinite. Because, the average person's
vocabulary does not exceed 2000 words. Languages, this is not an invention of
man, although man is able to come up with a "new word". A human speech
apparatus, was originally designed so, that it can reproduce a large number of
sounds in a convenient alternation.

And accordingly, "Writing", which, of course, was also received by the first
settlers, did not appear immediately, just because in it for a very long time there
was no need. Not yet formed large states with a complex management structure of
bureaucratic apparatus.

Attempts by different peoples to create their own writing, depended on the
proximity their languages to the scientific centers, that had the Primary languages:
Semitic, Indo-European and Chinese. Which by definition were "System". And this is
well observed in the Semitic languages: constructed according to the "Threefold
Root Principle", as a simplified analogy "7 parts of the system from life", for human
perception. Since language is "Simplified analogy" of processes and structures of

The first complex states on earth were Sumer and Egypt, and in which
immediately appeared in writing. Because they had "Scientific understanding
the world ". And I think, that they also possessed some kind of "Scientific written
documents", such as the sacred scrolls of Egypt. Because, to preserve the scientific
understanding of the world for millennia, without a scientific instrument base, and
public knowledge is impossible.

At the same time, Egypt had a "Semitic language", which spread to all the coast
of the Mediterranean Sea, and along the rivers of Mesopotamia till Sumer.
Because the only roads of antiquity were the "Rivers and Shores of the Seas".
In fact, all of western Asia and Egypt spoke Semitic.

It is worthwhile to understand, that the peoples of the Semitic arc region, from
Egypt to Sumer, all history used the Semitic language construction, and all
the states emerging on this territory, Akkad, Amory, Babylon, Assyria, Aramaic, and
others, only changed the capitals of cities and rulers, and accordingly, the
vocabulary of the language, which was introduced by peoples who came to this
territory. But the structure of the Semitic language is remained, because so the
person thinks. Because language was received from the Cosmos. Even in ancient
Egypt, whose language has collected many words from Hamitic slave languages
from Africa, Semitic language construction remained all the time, and this is evident
in the structure of hieroglyphic words.

Why did the writings of Egypt and Sumer go different ways?


The answer is that both states had "Scientific knowledge of the world", but
their tasks were different. Sumer, built as a "city-kibbutzim", wanted to preserve
forever there scientific understanding of the world, and the system of computing
"Spatial Orientation". And so, at once they created, Starry Horoscope, Moon
Calendar, Cuneiform writing, and the most accurate System notation 60. I.e.
perhaps the Sumerian language, it was the language of navigators interstellar
flights, which was not very convenient for terrestrial conditions. And therefore when
the Sumerians conquered by Akkad, switched to the Semitic Acadian language of
their northern neighbors in Mesopotamia.

And it happened only because Semitic language had almost twice the number
of letters, and because it, had more opportunities for word formation. It means, the
Semitic language was more practical. For comparison, Manjuras, who conquered
China, have adopted the Chinese language and culture.

Ancient Egypt, possessing scientific knowledge about the "Structure of the World
and Man", set himself the task of transferring this knowledge to future generations.
Because Egyptians, it is unclear from where, but really had scientific knowledge
about the construction of man, as the most complex being in nature. / Some of this
knowledge came to us through Grave Books and drawings on stones, and also
through papyri writings from the 5th dynasty to the new kingdom.

And what basic knowledge about a person?
This is the "Principle of building the World". This is the Human Cell! And this is
the human Organism. And of course the main thing in this description is, that "The
world is One inseparable whole", connected by World forces, which we do not see!
And in this scientific knowledge, from the very beginning of Human civilization, it
was clear, that knowledge about the Human cell just save! Because The cell is
invisible to the eye, and to find for it in life Analogy is impossible.
Therefore, the first feasible task for the ancient Egyptians was, to describe the
"Principle of the construction of the world, on the example of the structure of man",
since the human is a part, but also an analogy of our world.
But how we can by words explain the meaning of human systems?
Therefore, from the very beginning, Mages of Egypt, as connoisseurs of scientific
understanding of the world, decided to introduce in text "Drawings in the form of a
A distinctive feature of the systems, make changes to the parts of the drawing.
For example, if a person has the "Head of a Falcon", as the fastest bird, then
this is clearly the "Brain and Nervous System", having fast electric signals. If God
is masculine, then this is the "Actions" system. If God is of a feminine gender, then
this is the system, that generates the structure. And as a result of this decision
was followed by the creation of a "symbolic image system" for drawings of the
Gods. And there was a system of animal heads, hats, colored garments, staffs, and
other symbols for understanding scientific Sense. And all this was accompanied by
the text of the action in the form of hieroglyphs associated with "Drawings".
Therefore it seems to us, that the writing of the Egyptians began with
drawings! But it can be seen, that the Semitic root principles of words, even
through Hieroglyphs, are preserved.
Just the ancient Egyptians built their country from 42 regions, in accordance with
the number of human systems, and in each temple set God, who runs this system.
And the river Nile, passes through all these areas and supplies the people with
water and food. Just like the Blood human system passes through the whole


organism and supplies it with water and food. It means, an approximate analogy of
the structure of man was created.

When, in human history, the owners of the Semitic language realized,
that their language describes the whole world, and it is Systemic?

This happened when the "Alphabet of 22 Letters" appeared, divided into "7
parts of the systemic construction of the World". It means, Semitic alphabet
immediately appeared in his "Scientific Understanding of the World", and not in the
random recording of letters.
Therefore the principle of the "Semitic letters wrining" was mastered through Greeks
to all the peoples of the Indo-European group.

Such awareness could appear only, when from the "secret cellar of the
long-term storage of ancient Egypt", at light was the main scientific book of
mankind "Torah" is extracted! Transferred first settlers, as the experience of
human knowledge in other solar systems. The book, beginning with the "7
days of the creation of the world", as Systems the principle of building a
world. And then the stages of Human development as "The Cellular Being".

Check it out! In the Torah, after 7 days of creation, it is directly written that
Each subsequent development is part of the previous one: "This is
the development of heaven and earth "/ Bereshit 2-4 /. "This is the book of
Human Development!",
in the likeness of God / Bereishit. "This is the development of Noah the
righteous" / Bereshit 6 -9 /. "This is the development of the sons of Noah /
Bereishit 9 - 1 /. "This is the development of Sim / Bereishit 10 -10 /. "This is
the development of Terah / Bereishit 11 -27 /. "This is the development of
Ishmael's son Abraham / Bereishit 25 -12 /. "It
development of Isaac the son of Abraham / Bereishit 25 - 20 /. This is the
development of Esau's son Yitzhak / Bereishit 36 -1 /. "This is the
development of Jacob / Bereishit 37 -1 /. And this way consistently any cell
creatures and the "Human" develops. And, for sure, this was not humanity
developing in antiquity, which very gradually developed new lands, settling from the
centers civilization Egypt, Mesopotamia, India and China, all over the planet. And
therefore it is not by chance, that all the languages of the world are related to each
other in one way or another way.

The entire text of Torah's scientific book, for clarity of understanding, is
integrated "Logically" with the help of the letter "Vav" at the beginning of
each sentence. The systemic meaning of which is "Unification". It means, all
text of suggestions Torah are united into one whole Semantic image.

And since, the histories of the Torah is not about people, in the sense of
humanity, but "Cell structures of the person", which act in us Forever. That is
why the letter "Vav" at the beginning of all sentences, except logical
unification of the text, still changing the verbs of action from the Past to the
Future, or vice versa. It means, this is the "connection of times" existing in
the operation of all systems of the world.

And since, the Torah is not the history of the Jews, nor is the history of the
peoples, therefore in Tanah there are no dates, and a huge amount of "Personal
names, for people and places residence»/ 2800 /. As the principle of describing
"specific structures", that can always be distinguished from others. And even there
is an exact numerical description of some special structures, like the Tabernacle of
the Covenant, Noah's Ark and the Temple of Solomon.

Therefore, as modern scholars investigating the "Structure of Human",


even using a computer can not describe it for everything was clear, and that
people could understand themselves.

So our ancestors, and we today, still do not understand the texts Torah,
which were transferred from another solar system!

However, the general principle of building our world as "7 days of creation
the world"! It is necessary to understand absolutely all people. And even this,
will be already very much, because otherwise, mankind will very soon finish
its Existence.

Therefore, if we consider, that the main distributors of the Semitic letter were the
"Phoenicians" / Canaans /. And this is about 1500 BC. Then picture of the rapid
spread of Semitic letters around the world, good fits into a well-known historical

Because The Phoenicians / Canaans / were a seafaring Semitic people, and
therefore they traded with all the peoples of the "Semitic arc of peoples", and in
general with all peoples having access to the Mediterranean Sea. Therefore, they
needed even more letters, than peoples with a state bureaucracy. The Phoenicians,
as merchants, were knows all kings houses of western Asia. They, as trade
intermediaries, implemented correspondence of Egypt, as the strongest power of
antiquity, and the Rulers of all the countries of the Semitic arc and Anatolia.
Therefore the Phoenicians knew all the achievements scientific and technical
thought, and therefore possessed the best courts, weapons and a large number of
slaves, with relatively small agricultural territories. And peaceful trade has kept them
long history.

Therefore, we can assume, that approximately in this period 1500 years BC.
Torah came into being. And with a high probability we can say, that it was
ancient Egypt, since other countries with a deep scientific knowledge nowhere

It is known from archeology, that at the end of the 3rd millennium the Semitic
Acadian kingdom of northern Mesopotamia conquered at the ancient Sumer.
And so it appeared Acadian cuneiform writing, borrowed from the Sumerians.
However, somewhere on the end of the 2nd millennium, the Acadian-Sumerian
State get some kind of ecological disaster, and Sumer and Akkad just disappeared
from the face of the earth. And only after some time in this territory appeared the
Amory and, then the Babylonian kingdom.

The catastrophe in Mesopotamia, where wheeled carts were harnessed by
donkeys, well coincides with the migration of Semite-Sumerians to north of Anatolia,
Canaan and Egypt. And in the 17th - 18th centuries BC. the Hyksos / strangers /
came with wagons to Egypt, which at that time had finished building all its canals.
And for the ancient Egyptians this was the first discovery of the Chariot. In the
country there was complete anarchy, so the Hyksos / Jews / occupied the leading
position in it.

It is worthwhile to understand, that the culture of the Hyksos / Jews / from the
Acadian-Sumerian state, was high, at least not lower than the Egyptian one. They
were not savages and nomads, as historians like them to paint, referring to the
Torah, and on presence of their livestock. They were well versed in agriculture and
irrigations, they knew how to write, they knew the Sumerian lunar calendar and the
horoscope. They were not need to prove its importance by force. They were looking
for a calm and full food life. Therefore, in the history of Egypt, and not preserved
"Names of the Great Hyksos conquerors", since they were not. And they did not
take the tradition of the pharaohs, set for themselves monuments during life. But


their arrival in Egypt really more complicated the possibility of centralization
of state power.

During this period, in the north of Mesopotamia and in Anatolia there is a strong
Strengthening the states of Assyria and Mitanni, where they learned how to make
Iron and use horses for the Army. All these achievements, through Hyksos
/ Jews / who lived partly in Canaan and the Phoenicians, gradually reached

However, only when Pharaoh Ahmose 1, the New Kingdom / 1550 - 1525 BC. /
managed to create a strong power, n Egypt, appeared its own "Horse Army". And
Hyksos to this period has long been actively involved in the life of the country.
It means, it was the Jews, who brought to Egypt the military strength of the country,
and the Pharaohs 18 dynasty of the new kingdom began a policy of conquest and
military fortification the state.

Why in the period of the Pharaohs of the new kingdom did signs of the
appearance of the sacred Torah scrolls appear?

I think, that the Torah was actually discovered by the Hyksos / Jews / in one
of the Temples of Egypt, during their priority in the state. Because, only the
Hyksos in Egypt were carriers of the ancient Semitic language, which existed
in the ancient kingdom of Egypt, and understood the language of the Torah.
After the construction of the big pyramids in the ancient kingdom, the spoken
language of Egypt greatly changed, incorporated many words from Hamitic
languages. Therefore, the Torah was beyond the profound understanding of the
Magicians and the Temple Priests of Egypt. And most importantly, there was no
need in the Torah to rule the Egyptian state, and to abolish their historical
Gods, and move on to One God, no one wanted.

Therefore, the inventors of the new Semitic alphabet 1500 BC. May be only the
Hyksos or the Phoenicians. But judging by the fact, that Hyksos / Jews / in history
received the holy book of Torah for real use, then Hyksos have priority. And
the Phoenicians / Canaanas / were just the first, who borrowed it for their trade and
communication needs between countries. Because, before this period, they used a
rather complex Akkadian cuneiform letters, that the Hyksos also knew.

Here I want to especially note, that the Phoenicians / Canaanites - Semites / is
an ancient, real people who had cities throughout the Mediterranean, and they still
exist as Lebanon. Their main territory was the cities along the entire inhabited line
of the sea from Arad to Dora, where they had the main earnings trade Cedar. And
they also occupied the valley of the Jordan, Jerusalem and Hebron.

And many of the peoples mentioned in the text of the Torah did not really exist,
since these are the peoples of the "human cell". And to find such an analogy in
life is not always possible. Therefore, after the appearance of the Torah, many
nations began to give names from the text of the Torah. For this reason, the
attempts of the historical the announcement of the texts of the Torah does not fit
into the archaeological framework.

For example, the word "Mizraim", like Egypt does not match to name of Egypt.
The Egyptians called themselves "Ta-kemet", which means "Black land", in
sense of fertility. And besides, this word is the Doubles number, and the Nile in
Egypt is one. The Sumerians, for example, called themselves "Sag-gig-ha", which
means "Blackheads". Acadians and many other ancient peoples called themselves
due the name of their capital Acade.


It is worthwhile to understand, that all the Pharaohs of Egypt, beginning with
Narmer / 3000 BC. / from 1 dynasty waged war. That’s a reason, why Egypt had
always many slaves with controlled large areas in the east in Canaan, and in the
south in Namibia, for their huge buildings. Therefore, the pharaohs always
considered the territory of Canaan and Nubia, belonging to them.

A very important evidence of the appearance of the Torah in the New Kingdom
Is, an attempt by Pharaoh Amenhotep 4 / Akhenaten / 1351 - 1334 BC /. To
change the priorities of the Gods in the Egyptian pantheon. The fact is, that
reform of Akhenaten is in good agreement with the "7 days of the creation of the
world", and with "One Invisible God" in the Torah. The Torah states, that the
God created the Sun, the Moon and the stars. Where the Sun, as a source light
is clearly given priority. This was done by Akhnaton 4, during his ruling. He gave
the Sun a priority over all the Gods of the Egyptian pantheon of the gods. But
immediately after his death, all the old gods returned to their places.

An important historical evidence of the appearance of the Torah during the rule
of the Hyksos / Jews / in Egypt, is the mention in the new part of Torah people
"Plishtim", / Philistines /, whose meaning is "The Conquerors". This was a
period, when the ancient parts of the Torah had long existed in the form of
"A scroll of papyrus". However, at the end of the 18th dynasty, "The real history
of the existence of the State of Israel" began, on lands Canaan, which began
with the period of "Judges".

Therefore, I think, that all parts of the Tanah, beginning from this period, they are
not "Cosmic origin", but written down by the Hebrews Cohen and Levites, who
know the writing. The spirit and style of the ancient construction of the old text they
completely preserved. And for this reason, the ancient, "Cosmic part of the Torah,
supplemented by the real history of the Autonomous Jewish state, is perceived by
peoples, as a single "History Jewish people ". But this is not true!

The appearance of the people of Plishtim, in Kanaan, is due to the fact, that in
the 16th century BC. an island volcano Santorini, exploded. All the peoples of
Greece and its islands in the Mediterranean began a great migration and wars over
territories. Approximately 12 - 13 century BC. finished the Minoan Culture of
Greece, because of the invasion of the Dorian’s of Sparta. So the mass of the
Greeks across the sea to Crete, and from there began to look for new lands.
Naturally, that the most attractive and close place for the conquerors was "Rich
Egypt "and its land in Canaan. An attempt by the Greeks to seize the very
territory of Egypt failed. Therefore, the Greeks founded their own cities, along the
coast Canaan from Gaza to Jaffa, remote from Egypt by a deserted Sinai. And
there were territories, where there were few original populations and there were few
Egyptian troops.

It means, Egypt, at the end of the 18th dynasty of the New Kingdom, beginning
with Merenptah and Ramses 3, was for the first time to defend against Plishtim. But
they used the whole territory along the seashore to Anatolia to consider their

Therefore, only in the new part of the Torah, already existing the state of
Israel, described the war of Judge Samson of Israel with Plishtim. And
then only King David ended the war and drove out the invaders. It means, described
a new people appeared on the lands of Israel, which is not mentioned in the
ancient text.

Therefore, I think, that it was the appearance of Plishtim, that threatened to
Egypt, and started "Piracy" throughout the Mediterranean, after the reign of


Ramses 2, made possible the emergence of the State of Israel, with the help of
Egypt, in antiquity.

Another important additional fact of "Open existence Torah in Egypt ", which
was soon confirmed by the appearance of Israel. It is an attempt by Pharaoh
Ramses 2 to conquer Mitanni. State in southern Anatolia, which had a strong
cavalry army. In the battle near the town of Kadesh, on the Orontes River, Pharaoh
nearly lost his war to his strong opponent. And although both Leaders shouted, that
they had won the battle, but the borders of both states remained unchanged. And
since Canaan was under the power of Egypt and Phoenicia, this battle for advisers
and military chiefs of Pharaoh Ramses 2, was a signal, that in the territory of
Canaan necessary to create a strong buffer state for protection borders of
Egypt. This happened after the death of Ramses 2. And the Israeli kingdom really
destroyed the cities of Plishtim, which threatened Egypt. / By the way, if you look at
the face and figure of Ramses 2 great, then by the testimony of his contemporaries,
he was very tall and red. This does not correspond to the Egyptian type of people. /

It is worthwhile to understand that the Semitic language of the Jews and
the sacred Torah are scientific documents from the beginning of human
civilization. And now readers only need to read my articles on the Three ancient
languages, and make sure, that Hebrew is indeed a "System Language". And
similar system languages are the ancient "Sanskrit" and "Sumerian language"
also come from the beginning of human civilization.

Yacov Ioffe. 2017 year.


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