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9 7 Roles in State 9

9 7 Roles in State 9

Build the State based on science!
According to the scientific principle of "7 days creation of the world"!

Sacred Scrolls of the Torah, is the oldest scientific treatise, of the Jews, for
the transmission of knowledge in the future. And so the mission of the Jews
use scientific knowledge, and to open them to all other peoples.
A basic knowledge of the Torah, it is "7 Days of Creation the world", which
describes "Model of System", from which the whole world is built. And to
understanding this oldest model the modern science came only 60 years ago.
And so with the understanding of "System" were appeared modern high

What reason is the system model for the state?

Roles in the system government.

The first source of the proposed structure of the "state system" It is a
model of the "Universal System with 7 functional parts", which operates in
all the world systems.
The second source of the structure of the system is the "Structure of the
Construction of Man", as the most reasonable of all organisms of nature.

But since we are organizing such a system model for state and society,
then we value the Three main components of the system:

1. Functional, executive part / body, hands, legs /, in which according to
the general model has five parts.

2. Control, Thinking part , / head /, which for the first acting part is the
"Feedback", because gathers all data of it, and then adjusts its

3. //// External impact on the system. But it is not influenced by
System of State. / Therefore, it can not be considered /. ////

The main problem in organizing a fundamentally new "Scientific and systemic
government", will be, of course, oppose the existing "Political System of
Government Formation". Therefore, if we do not destroy useless, and helpless
party system of power, the "Environment for Business operation the Law in
country not to establish". There are only useless political talks and wars, as they
exist now.

For to organize a System business government does not need Revolution,
because the main parts of such government exists, and it was always existed in
the history of nations. This is the "Power Government of the Law", without which
no state can live. So, in the beginning, we can leave the already elected acting

The main thing to organize a new "Supervisory Authority", and give it certain
rights. Supervisory Authority will be require the implementation of absolutely all
citizens the World Law "Belonging to the system”, it means to the state. And
in this new "Thinking government" must enter the Police, Media and the Courts.
Only they have to organize otherwise. Because they should work due "System
targets and the laws”.

And most importantly, that supervisory authority, "As feedback system of the


state", should work on letters and suggestions from all citizens. Because citizens
always know, who spoils and harms the state and its power. In other words,
"control, thinking government," it is like filter and center of folk wisdom. And
therefore, this thinking government is the center of "people's culture and its laws,"
without ideology.

Approximate distribution of roles in the government system:

Executive Government / basically Men /
1. Army.
2. Education.
3. Science.
4. Economics.

The purpose of the Executive Government to manage the entire economic
and industrial activity in the country according to the law of "General duty to work
and obey the laws of the state”. Because this government is "Law and Order”.
This government is acting for state development within budget and full employment
of population. The government is engaged in "general education", as well as
forming "the professional training", according to the requirements of market and

Electing only the Chief Minister / President, King, .... / from the list of
the applicants: Economists, Businessmen, Scientists, Managers, in accordance
with the achievements in life. / Service records /. It means, people who have the
experience of leading teams.

The government appoints the Head of Government. Possible rotation
Head of Government, from a list of candidates in the elections.

The Prime Minister, appointing people to public office shall be independent of any
party or the other groups. He and his entire management hierarchy, depend only on
the "controlling government", which is backed by the entire population. The
population, which checks the entire apparatus, and can be on any day, to deprive
him of citizenship and positions. How it can be happen to any citizen of the state.

Government control and maintain a healthy structure of the state.
/ Mostly Women /.

1. The Central Authority.
2. Police.
3. Courts.
4. Mass media.

The purpose of the Central Organ of Control, "Watch and check the composition
and the work of civil servants”. Elected mainly of women with an active position in
life, and experience in working with groups. The central organ of this government is
"a collective collecting all negative information from the whole population". / The
human nervous system, informing the Brain of Pain. /

Head of Police is elected, and appoints his deputies for divided them cities and
regions. The structure of the police apparently no reason to change. But in the
hierarchy, which is assigned to the head of the police, all policeman will know their

The Supreme Court also elected body, and he appoints the hierarchy of judges


for all branches of the judicial system. Supreme Law for judges: it is a system, world
law - "Belonging to System". This is basis and the main punishment for the
population of "deprivation of citizenship". / Full, partial, temporary, conditional, with
the deprivation of property, without the deprivation of property, etc. / In this case,
acting now a "judicial civil code" will sharply reduced, since Reduce the number of
other penalties. In terms of the law "Belonging to the system" for existing today
"presumption of innocence", which originated during the full illiteracy of population,
judges need to consider its abolition. And the same question is raising of "need a
lawyer”, while protecting criminals. In anyway, the law "Belonging to the system"
dramatically enhance "The responsibility of citizens" in all spheres of activity.

Today, in the conditions of the existence of the Party government, whose role is
only to distribute Money, the number of "Responsible citizens in the country"
is very small. These are the groups of "Volunteers" working in the "Social
public service", these are Volunteers from the Medical Service of Hospitals,
and Volunteers from the "Yad Sarah" service for patients. And volunteers should
be all non-working population, and working as far as possible. Otherwise, what kind
of citizens are they, and where is their responsibility for the country? Situation
universal responsibility, and volunteerism and will be a factor, that will be an
example for our children, and will help in education.

The purpose of the media, has nothing to do with the fact, that "Citizens need
to know everything”. And the goal of the media should not be "Politics". Secrets in
our country, until it has enemies, must exist. In the system can not be a "disorder",
so if I want, I inform. Today, people have long been drowned in a "sea of stupidity"
which stream media Info. Perhaps the only purpose of the Mass Media is "News,
Education and Entertainment".

The aim of the government to control the actions of the Executive Government,
Mayors, and the whole world of the existing business on implementation of the
global law "Belonging to System". Because existing legislation in the country, as
the 10 Commandments and other laws, it is the "way" for the performance of the
world's major law "Belonging to System". A way is always different for different
states and societies. The task of the Government to fight against the shadow
economy, the pricing of private speculation, speculators on the stock exchange and
just deal with idlers and talkers.

Fighting is done for specific laws violators, through the denial of their "citizenship"
in a complete, partial or temporary measure, together with other existing penalties.

The government is working on the promotion and information of all citizens,
where the main force is volunteer support groups and retirees. This government is
discussing proposals from different groups and individuals to improve the work of
the executive government. As well as working with citizens' complaints.

Government is elected on the same principle for candidates; work experience
and achievements. Government is supreme collective body with an odd number of
members. The government can have rotation of the Chief.

As we can see from the above description of the system organization of
government in state, it requires little or no cash outlay. And only requires a "general
national debate" and a small reorganization existing institutions. To elect the
"Thinking Government" from members of "Court, Media and Police" is also not
problem, despite it need for a vote of the population. I think, that for such a vote, we
can use the internet, because here no competition, but only "respect for


achievements in life". And to put in the election centers some computers is not a

In essence, combine the efforts of all three management offices, with "One Law",
we will create a "nervous system of the state", who will know where it hurts, and
who should operate.

Such double government, that will support each other, create conditions for the
emergence of "State of Law", rather than a complete mess in all spheres, and will
make trust to the state government. This will stop the useless Parties war, which
only destroy the legitimacy of the state and create confusion and unnecessary to
anyone hype and political speculation. It will stop unnecessary competition, since
all state institutions, whether government or opposition should work for the state,
but not against it. It means, the government will be a single organism busy in work
rather than self-promotion and speeches for any stupidity.

I even think, that if sent today the current government to vacation for a few
years, and leave one secretary, who will distribute the budget, the economy and
army did not suffer, and even improve.

Only to "structure ordered distribution of power and the main responsibilities
of bureaucrats” can be used the "Mind" to improve development and wealth of
the state. Because for "disorder", that exists in all levels and spheres of existing
government, "Mind" can not work. And so our natural world, and the human body,
so orderly and operates according to the laws. Absolutely any "ideology" destroy
human society, since divide human society on "Working and idlers". Therefore, in
the history of mankind, between all the centers of ancient civilization, preserved,
virtually unchanged, only the Chinese civilization! Because in China always "all
people obliged to work". China has always been a central authority. In China the
"pragmatic" has always been more important than any ideology and divine forces.
Therefore, the "best-educated Chinese minds" were government officials. Only the
ideology of Communism deprived the Chinese people of their pragmatism on
certain period of time, but it already ended. And if the Chinese will create the
"System government," it will be the most powerful country in the world. Because
America has always lived and lives at the expense of others "the European and
Jewish minds", and free labor emigrants.

It is necessary to understand that the human body is built as a "kibbutz", but
there still exist "Reasonable feedbacks" preserving his life and adaptation.

Such systematic distribution of roles in the state, eliminates competition between
them, and creates a single, flexible body power, which can operate without limit in
time. System structure of authority eliminates the ingress to the power the useless
and illiterate people.

I specially want to emphasize, that "the responsibility of citizens in the state"
created mainly by "duty to abide by the law", first enforced, and then by
"educational" way. So an education can not create responsible citizens. Only when
the state will be "state of law", then education can play his role. To do this, and
there is the world law "Belonging to system”.

Jews, and especially the state of Israel, there is no choice. We need to prove
our real and documented the Jewish connection to the Land of Israel. We need
shut the mouths of all fascist nations in the open or hidden desires destroy the
Jewish people. We need to stop being a "scapegoat" for all peoples. We need to
prove, that the ancient Israeli and Egypt culture are the source of global Jewish -
Christian faith of tolerance. We need to prove, that Israel and Egypt culture are the
source of the appearance of Science, as opposed to the faith. Only Jews with the


help of the Sacred Scrolls of the Torah, as the scientific knowledge, that preserved
human civilization from the barbarians of all kinds, will be able to stop modern
barbarism ideologies, strengthened by science.

And for this, we need to build our own state, not due to European and American
democratic model, which live at the expense of weaker states. We must build the
state on our own model, and it is model of "7 days of creation of the world", which is
scientifically and tested in action millions of years. And it will be state the most
effective in the economy, and the most desirable state for the honest workers.

And this state will be the "Third Temple" for all Jews and non-Jews.

I guess, that there will be "the confidence and respect of the people to each
other" in the country, which is not present today. People will feel pride for the best
country in the world, built according to the "Sacred scrolls of the Torah”.

Yacov. beginning 2003.


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