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2 Energy constraction man 2

2 Energy constraction man 2

The design of the Human Energy System.
/ Based on the scientific meaning of the "Book of the Dead" and personal

experience /

Modern people, when they hear the word "Magic", perceive it as "Dark forces,
Divination, Deception, Unclear, Prohibited". Actually, "Magic, this is Life". Magic,
this is the eternal processes, operating in each person.
And in practice, "Magic", it is inherent in the body "System of Balance", which
leads the body to perfection of all internal Systems. And the "Inner Perfection of
the organism" leads to "Perfection External", i.e. "The ability of a person to work
and create" in all necessary spheres of life.

Magic as a science existed in ancient Egypt, in which existed a large group of
people "Initiate in secrets". Which in fact, together with Pharaoh, ruled the country.
For over 200 years, Egyptologists have been studying ancient tombs and scrolls of
Egypt antiquity. But Egypt, as was the "Dark Spot" for science, so remained.
How the stories of the ancient scrolls Egypt and Israel were "beautiful fairy tales",
such as the "Ark of Noah", so they remained.

This article translates "ancient tales" of Egypt into "Scientific Knowledge", which
we just do not understand.

In my opinion, the only scientific sources of information about structure of the
construction of the human energy system are the "Book of the Dead" and other
books of ancient Egypt, that transmit scientific information about a person from the
beginning of human civilization. At principle, all the sacred books of ancient
Egypt give scientific information about "The construction of human systems."
Although, personally, I discovered the Energy of magic of Egypt of the human
body on the basis of identity Alphabet language Hebrew and Egyptian Tarot cards.

Fold the pazel of Ancient Scientific knowledge in order to "Modernize modern
scientific knowledge", which is in an obvious dead end, and threatens
destruction of all mankind, is extremely difficult for many reasons.

First, today there are no "Adepts of Magic", as in ancient Egypt. When each
person was prescribed "Striving for Perfection through Magic" to live healthy, smart
and happy. And they believed, to live forever, like the Sphinx.

Second, the appearance of records in the period of 3000 b.c. in graves
Pharaohs, was preceded by a long period, approximately from 10 to 12 thousand
years BC, when scientific information was transmitted orally through family ties, and
was not recorded. In means, most of the scientific information was lost.

Third, because of the loss of the scientific meaning of information and the
understanding, that this information relates to the human body, there was a
misunderstanding of the Magical state of man, as a transition to the "Other world".
And as a consequence of this, incomprehensible "ceremonies" appeared in Egypt
burial and mummification of the dead. But simultaneously losing the understanding
of the scientific origins of Magic, appeared the sense of "Holiness of Graves", and
thereby saving some of the Scientific Information in the graves.

Fourth, because of the loss of initial and orderly scientific information, all the
Information, found in the sacred books of ancient Egypt, is mixture of "Scientific
cosmic forces, systems and laws", and "scientific systems and processes of the
human body". But the main thing is, that in this enough an intricate mixture of


scientific knowledge, there were antiscientific additions, related to the
requirements of public life in Egypt. And these antiscientific additions are
made by people of different levels and understanding of the text, and
therefore, in the text a lot of mutually exclusive descriptions roles of divine
participants. And therefore, it is not always possible to distinguish, where the
conversation is about the human body, where about the cosmos, and where
additions of priests, as necessary for them to work with the population.

A vivid example of this is the trial of 42 gods in the Book of the Dead.
Where the first part of all 42 sentences describes the names of the gods and their
location in the body. And the second part of these proposals is not related to the
first part, nor sense, nor logic, but are certain social rules. And also I see a lot of
additions in the section "Opening the Mouth".

Fifth, the basic information for understanding the meaning of the sacred books
are NAMES and IMAGES of all participants in the stories, and actions heroes, as
well, as the names of the location, which should have a semantic System in the
language. Then they can be deciphered, as it exists in Hebrew for the Torah.
Because Hebrew has a clear "Seven-to-Ternary Systemic Language Construction"
and this allows us to understand the scientific meaning of the text of the Torah.
But there are also difficulties with respect to Names, for example, the God of the
Sun has at least 4 additional names, due to the multifunctional action of the sun, in
the form of electromagnetic, photon, infrared, ultraviolet radiation, on plane the
background of the circadian cycle.

For the Egyptian language, such a semantic system as in Hebrew for decoding
symbols and names is not preserved. And the language of sacred Books records,
according to linguists, is a mixture of Semitic and African languages. But we can
assume, that the primary language of ancient Egypt, still was Hebrew, since the
book of the Torah was received by Jews in Egypt. And her luck was in that, that it
did not concern to magic of the human body, and therefore survived in the original
and in the language. The Egyptians did not use the Torah, and some parts of the
Torah repeat the texts of the Egyptian books. And I believe, that the Hebrew system
can be used for decipher the names of Egyptian books.

In addition, there is no information in sacred books about the structure of internal
organs of man, and only external organs and heart are described. Therefore, to
specify the actions of the Gods / as the Control systems of the organism / and their
location in the body is impossible. Although in deeper antiquity, such a system
probably existed. After all, they took somewhere the names of places, guards,
doors, etc. And there was understanding the codes of the body, and the presence
in the body pairs “Key – Lock” existed.

The Magical process of balancing and improving the body, gives little
information about the construction of the body, since it controlled from
Subconscious! But the magical process of energy gives the right direction of
search through the construction of the organism. And of course, the main
hope for scientific data from the Book of the Dead, in the focus of modern
Scientific knowledge of man, and new directions of research.

Therefore, because of such confusion, and an incredible amount of information
in the sacred scrolls of Egypt, books look and are perceived, as fantasies even by
modern scientists. And all this mass of incomprehensible Beings and Gods is a
source of speculation for many rogues of different caliber and mind.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to understand the "Science of the sacred scrolls"
and "texts Pyramids", sealed on the walls of the tombs, and most importantly, it is


about the "Organism of man", as the most complex creature on the planet earth.
Therefore, "Internal processes of the body", where "Life and Death" live at the same
time, they were transferred by the Egyptians to the real life of people in society. And
this at once turned "Science" into "Incomprehensible Ceremonies", who already had
a "religious meaning". ***

It is worthwhile to understand, that I am not criticizing the creators of the Book of
the Dead, they are brilliant, since They even put in the book an entire chapter,
where each paragraph begins with words: "What is it then?". Behind this is given
explanation of "Meaning of the divine participants in the plot of the text". But
for us, modern Readers, these explanations are already insufficient. So require
the following Explanations.

To this we must add an inaccuracy of the translations, because in the ancient
language, have not been spoken for a long time, and language for many thousands
of years before the advent of the pyramids and texts could change radically. And
lack in the written language vowels, leads to a multivalued meaning.

Hence the conclusion, that decipher ancient scientific information it is possible
on the basis of the "Real Exploration of Magic Sessions", in conjunction with the
scientific achievements of Medicine and Information from Ancient texts.

The extraordinary value of the ancient scientific text of the Book of the Dead,
is that the text explains, that in all processes of the Cosmic, Natural and Domestic
"Man is Passive"! A person does not manage his body! The organism in our
life does everything and acts by Himself. The mechanism of the laws of the
universe, starting by "The Birth of Time", act in effect for billions of years and
will Act forever. The only thing that a person needs to do for his life continued, it is
to provide for himself Food and Water. / And this is the World Law of the duty of
every person and being to work /

And this, in turn, says that the life of nature is self-sufficient, and all the scientific
activity of people does not have serious significance. To people nowhere to hurry.
And science is very harmful, when it interferes in "Natural Balance", which is
especially important for a person, because for people, there no the creature that
would have eaten us, and thereby carried out the Balance Man with Nature. And
for this purpose, man is obliged to understand scientific World Laws, to apply
them for proper construction of states, and the regulation of the balance of the
population with nature.

From my point of view, the main issue for understanding, that the conversation in
the text of the Book of the Dead is, in principle, about "building a Human being",
is question: Why in all the sacred books is it said about the "Bark" / Boat /,
on which almost all the main Gods / Governors / float, acting in the human body.

Before attempting to place all the Gods of the Book of the Dead in accordance
with their action in the human body, it is worthwhile to understand the common
scientific Egyptian concept of the action of our universe, and our Solar System,
as part of it.

First, the Ancient Egyptians emphasize, that the basic material the action of the
universe is "Water".
Therefore, the goddess of Water "Nut" is the mother of the god Sun and the god


Therefore, the entire body of the goddess Nut is depicted with the stars / universe /.
It means, the ancient Egyptians claim, that the nuclear reactions operating inside
the Sun, it's also Water. And accordingly, the husband of Nut, the god "Nu", as the
father of the god Sun “Ra”, also depicted in the form of a Water source, which
makes possible to swim the universal boat of Energy.

God “Nu” holding the boat with the main gods / control systems / man.

In chapter III of the Book of the Dead we read about the Sun-god: “Ra”, thou
Lord of Heaven, you are the master of the earth, you are the creator of those
who live in the heights and those, who lives in the depths. You are the One
God, who entered Existence at the beginning of Time. You created the earth,
you created fashion / nature / man, you made the watery abyss of heaven. You
did form Hapi [Nile], and you skillfully made the streams and great depths,
and you give life to all that is in them. You tied the mountains together, you
made mankind and beasts of the field, You made heaven and earth ...
The second passage: O thou, mighty youth, thou art the eternal son, the Self-
begotten, who gave Himself the birth, O thou the Strong, in countless forms
and aspects, the king of the world, Prince Annu / of the universe /, Lord of
eternity and ruler immortal ....
The third passage: Millions of years passed around the world; I can not say them
the amount through which you passed ... You will go and travel through the
innumerable spaces of millions and hundreds of thousands years; You are
established in peace, and you follow your path through a watery abyss to the
place that you love; This you will do in one a little moment of time, and you
drown and end the clock.

What can be understood from these passages? As I understand, it is in


pure the ancient "Explosion Theory", when inside a certain substance the
universe appeared Time / Force /, which exploded the substance and "Solar
masses" scattered all over the Universe, and continue to fly, and at the end of
this path, our Sun will go out.

In other words, Time is the Force, that stretches all the masses the universe.
And these separate floating masses are stabilized around the individual Suns with
the help of the law "The attraction of the masses".

The Power of Time established in the universe: Acting Laws and respectively,
the Rigid Order. Established the action of the Force Balance in all substances and
structures. Time established a permanent "Ternary Changeability of all
Structures ", as well as "Paired stability of all Structures", because such
properties of Trinity and Particity have a basis of the universe "Water".

The truth is, in the "Emerald Tablets" of ancient Egypt said, that before than
there was a force of Time, at first there was "All-pervading Power of Thought”,
/ as I understand, it is Electromagnetic polarity /. But, that Thought existed,
the power of Time is needed. This means, that there is no Thought without
Time. Thus "Thought, Time, and Attraction" this is the Three World Forces
acting in balance together. The Power of Thought and the Power of Time,
together with the Force of the Sun's attraction, created in for a long period of time,
everything that exists on Earth and other planets of the solar system.

From this scientific conception of ancient Egypt, it is clear, that our Solar System,
despite its action under the Universal laws, is completely separated, and therefore
the described gods actually participate in the processes of peoples.

It is clear, that once established the mechanism of the action of the universe, and
its Order and Laws will act forever. Therefore, for a person, Energy and Electrical
processes of the body, really every Time swimming along the Organism. Because
external forces of influence of the Sun, Moon, Planets and the Earth permeate our
body, and at the same time change their impact on certain cycles. Water is the main
part not only Universe, but also the Nature of the Earth. Therefore, in the human
body, and of course Nature, everything acts on the basis and with the help of
"Water". Our heart physically drives blood and water through the body, and for
Water our body is transparent, no borders.

We informed from books, that the Energy of Water, located on the planet earth, is
completely determined by the influence of the Energy of the Sun, the Moon and
the properties of Water itself.

The ancient Egyptians show us, that Water, which feeds the energy of the Sun,
and the Water, located in Nature and Man, are different Energies. Water of the
Sun radiates Energy, and the Water of Nature and Man is the "Mediator" for
obtaining the energy of the Sun by living beings.

Despite the fact, that the main hero of the Book of the Dead is the god Osiris,
the text constantly emphasizes, that the god of the Sun is more important, than the
god Osiris, since He is the source of all life on earth. And so, boastful pharaohs of
Egypt called themselves as god of the Sun.

The second major issue for scientific understanding, that in the books of the
ancient Egypt is described the "Building a Man”, is the question, "Who weighs
the great god Osiris"?

At the beginning of the text of Plate II we read: "Glory to Osiris Un-nefer, the
great god in Abydos, the king of eternity, the master of infinity, who passes
through millions of years in his existence." The eldest son of the womb of the


goddess Nut, bred by the god Seb Erpat, Lord of the Crowns of the North and the
South, the lord of the exalted white crown ... Reverence to you, King of kings,
Master of lords, prince of princes, who from the womb of Nut owns the world
and rules all lands and Akert.

At the beginning of the text of Plate III there is a picture:

The court of the god Osiris. Room Double Law and Truth, in which the heart, the
symbol of conscience, must be weighed on the scales with a pen, a symbol of the
law. Above, twelve gods, each of which the scepter holds, and they sit on thrones in
front of the table of offers, fruits, flowers, etc. / I.e. All gods, like Osiris, eat in Human
body /. Their names: Harmachis / Ra /, - "the great god in his Boat "; Tmu / Ra /;
Shu; Tefnut; - "Lady of heavens"; Seb; Nut, -" Lady of Heavens", Isis;
Nephthis; Horus, -" Great God "; Hathor, -" Lady of Amenta "; and Sa.

In the text opening the mouth we read: .... O you who give bread and beer,
to perfect the souls in the hall of Osiris, give bread and two beer season to the soul
of Osiris Ani, who wins before all the gods in Abtu, and who wins with you.

The presence in the description of Scales, the goddess of water "Nut", the god
of Earth, and also the deceased person ???, and the presence of the 12 main
gods, says that: described the process of "Test of Balance" in the human body, as
well as the joint action of the Gods. The presence of food emphasizes vitality
process. Where the gods are Managing the human body systems, sending
either energy, or electrical signals or hormones in certain organs or cells of the

What does the main god Osiris, from the book of the dead do? Osiris weighs
the Heart in relation to the Feather of goddess Laws “Maat”. He does this, with
his own assistant god Anubis, and the god of wisdom “Thoth”, who records result.
Comparison of "Heart and Law" looks strange and incomprehensible.
Nothing strange, if don’t believe those who wrote the Book of the Dead as
dreamers, but owners of ancient scientific profound knowledge about the

What is the only process that exists in all substances the world, from the smallest
to the largest? This is the Balance of Forces! The balance of forces, that exist in all
elements and systems of the world. / As I understand, it is the only contender for the
role of the Creator of the World /. Balance constantly сhanges the system, if it is a
Triple / Dynamic balance like the Sun /, or holds in constancy, if the system is a
Pair. Human body not only Doubles, but even Symmetrical, and the Balance of the
organism must this Symmetry "Check and Maintain". For this purpose of Balance in


the body there is a system of the god "Osiris", whose purpose is to maintain the
person's life. Because, if there is no balance of powers, life stops.

Note, that the goddess of the laws “Maat”, always present in the images,
the god of the Sun, the god of Osiris, the god Thot, and the other gods, where she
is emphasized, that they act under a firm law and this will be forever. The sun
every morning rises in the east, and sets in the west, and it will be forever.
Therefore, weighing the Heart in relation to Feather, as the law / and Maat has
many feathers on two large wings / not by accident. And since all the gods depict
people, they describe the law acting in the body of people. Therefore, Osiris
checks the body for the main law of life: "The duty to work, the duty to fulfill
his role, for which all beings and all their parts come to life".

Because, the body is made up of cells, and every cell is a small person, / i.e.
lives and dies /, then all cells are checked, they work or not. Hence follows
conclusion, that the heart on the scales of Osiris, this is the heart of the cell,
whether it beats or not. Checking every cell, if it acts or is inactive. In effect, the god
Osiris and his assistants carry out "Constant Regeneration and Renewal of cells,
and through them all the body".

And how to check the action or inactivity of the cell? I think that this is similar to \
the mechanism invented by the brilliant chemist D. Mendeleyev, when he received
an assignment from the Russian government to make smokeless powder. He went
to the railway station of the English factory smokeless powder, and counted the
wagons with materials, that were imported into the factory. And immediately wrote
the formula of the Gunpowder. Probably, a similar process controls the god Osiris,
when he checks "Nutrients" passing through Water in the cell. If through the water
surrounding the cell, there is movement Nutrients, the cell works. If there is no
movement, the cell should be replaced by new.

For this, Osiris needs the help of the god Anubis, since Invisible Water of
organism, there is the "Otherworld" of man. And therefore the god Anubis has
Dog's head, to sniff out. And the record, the god of wisdom of Thoth, to the god
Osiris it is necessary in order for the "Memory model of all active cells
Organism in the Brain", for it was True / because the cells are born and die /.
Since the brain must correctly evaluate this model, for the subsequent
Balance sides of the body and functional organs. And therefore, the hall of the
Court of Osiris is called "Hall of Double Truth and Law". / Parity of the body / Our
brain constantly checks the vital relationship between the Right and Left side.
Imagine what will happen to the body, if you suddenly have growing one ear, or one
leg, or the left side of the abdomen, etc. Therefore, the balance of two sides, and
in general all processes, it is the basis of the life of the organism. That's why
Osiris is the main god of the Book of the Dead, but not the Sun.

The protagonist of the Book of the Dead is the god Osiris, who exercises
"Weighing the Balance of the body". Who weighs the balance of the human body
in reality? Of course this is the "Vestibular System". Where goes the signals
from the vestibular apparatus? They go to Cerebellum and there they are analyzed.
We know, that the Cerebellum controls the movements of all the muscles of a
person, through the oblong and spinal cord. It means Cerebellum receives
information from the vestibular apparatus and gives movement of muscles,
preserving the position of the body in space.

However, this is a dynamic system of the balance of movement of the body,
which is in the static position of the body does not work.

Who does the static structural balance of the two sides of the body, which is


even more important for us than the vestibular, since if one side of the body is
heavier than the other, then the dynamic vestibular system will not be able to work
normally. This means, that the static balance of the number of cells on each side of
the body is closely related to the vestibular system. But the vestibular system is
not basic for the organism balance.

The Book of the Dead repeatedly emphasizes, that God Osiris, he is the son of
the goddess of Water “Nut”. How is the Cerebellum system connected to the body

Very simply The water system is divided into 2 volumes. The "Energy Water
System" is that static system, which supports the balance of the two sides of
the body. Because, when molecules of Water, electrified with the help of the
electrical system of the brain, they stick together in 2 volumes, right and left.
And through each of these volumes constantly moving Energy. Therefore, the
Water, "Envelopes and Simultaneously divides the structure of the cells of the
Organism". And thus, "The Brain Knows and Remembers", to which side each cell
belongs, and accordingly to which energy part of the organism.

Therefore, the Brain of the body can compare, and then balance both parts of
Organism. From this scheme it is seen, "That good moving of Energy along each
of two volumes of water, improves the access of Energy to the cells, and
accordingly improves the access of nutrients for feeding cells.

Recall that, in addition to weighing, Osiris / Cerebellum / gives a command to eat
those cells, who have not passed the balance. This in a simple language means,
that every cell in the body, that is not capable to action must be executed, must be
destroyed, and replaced with a healthy and effective one. This is the process of
regeneration of new cells, instead of non-functioning and destroyed cells. This
process of regeneration is also associated with maintaining the structural
balance of the two sides of the body. And apparently, precisely focused on the
energy balance of the left and right sides of the body.

This means, that the cerebellum, which controls the body's balance, is
connected also with the Energy Water System, which really fills all Cells of the body
with energy. And the energy of the body's water, directly associated with the Sun's
Energy, which is constantly changing in the daily cycle.

From this scheme of interactions, it becomes clear, why the god Osiris
interacts with so many Gods, as managers of Systems.

From the many drawings of Boats in the books of ancient Egypt, we can see,
that only Three Gods had their own boats. It is the god of the Sun “Ra” in various
guises, but with a red disc on his head.

In this picture of the Sun god, we see the Water base for his boat, as well as
many stars on the Water background, as parts of the universe.


This is the god Horus.

In this figure, the boat of the god Horus floats along the Water, but the Red disc,
as the priority of the Sun, is on his head. The presence of the Eye, as well as, the
head of the Falcon, the fastest bird on earth, says that the god Horus is the
Information system. And this in turn means that this is the Brain Electric

It is the God of the Moon, as the lunar cycle influence on Water, then on man
and nature.

The boat of the moon god “Aah”.
All other images of Boats, these are boats of the Gods Group, where
necessarily there is a god of the Sun “Ra”, in one of its manifestations, or red
disk. For example, the boat of the goddess Hazor, shown below.


The boat of the goddess “Hazor”, inside of which float another 4 goddesses,
above which depicts the disc of the god Ra, along with the wings of the goddess
of the laws of “Maat” and the pair Symbol of life Ankh. And this suggests, that in Life
only the Law rules.

Why does God Horus have his boat?
In the text of the Plate II, we read in the Hymn to Osiris. ....Osiris is the god of
eternity. Allow me to your Heart, which is in Mount Amenta, to be content, for
the installation of your son Horus on your throne.
Plate IV. Text: Says god Horus, son of Isis: "I came to you, O Unnefer, and I
brought Osiris - Ani to you.

The text opening of the mouth: ... Horus has opened for you your mouth,
Horus has opened for you your two eyes. .... Horus opens his mouth with iron,
which came from the god Seth, with whom he opened the mouth of Osiris. .... I
was with Horus on the day of dressing Teshtesh, and opening the water storage
to cleanse the god, whose heart is not moving, and unwind the door bolts that
hide things in Re-Stau.
In the text of questions and answers we read. ... Who then is it? This is Osiris,
or, this His dead / night / body, or it's his uncleanness. Things that are, and things
that must be in his dead body; Or, they are eternity and infinity. Eternity is a day,
and Infinity is night. .... Who then is it? Amsu is the god Horus, the avenger of his
father, and his appearance-forward is his / Osiris / birth. /After sleep/. ... What then
is it? This is the day, when Horus fought with Seth, who threw mud into Horus's
face, and when Horus Destroyed the Power Seth / Turned On the Electricity /.
God Toth made it with his own hand. / Participates in the struggle /. ... .. Therefore
Osiris, the scribe of Ani, triumphant, [He] one great among the gods, who are in the
boat of Horus.

Even from these several excerpts from the book of the Dead, we can draw the
following conclusions:

1. God Osiris, this is the Managing Energy Balance System of double Water
volume of the body. The volume, that they control together with the Sun
god who supplies Energy there.

2. God Osiris, despite of the eternity of action, in the orderly sense He is
Passive, and depends on his son Horus.


3. God Horus, this is the "Central nervous system" of the organism, which in
Night time is turned off, and thereby stops the electrization of the entire
volume of body water. The process of the Balance of the body stops. Whole
volume of the body's water breaks up into separate molecules. This
separating whole volume of Water to molecules, is described in the Book of
the Dead, as God Seth, cutting his brother Osiris into pieces, every night. In
this Night time, in the body is going the process of "leveling and lowering
the temperature of Water the whole organism. "And also going the freeing
the cells of the body from unnecessary materials.

4. In the morning hours of the Sun, God Horus, switch on the Central Nerve
System, and it is described in the Book of the Dead, as "Ceremony of open
The Mouth and Eyes". Simultaneously, God Horus defeats the God Set,
and restores the action of the God Osiris, and thereby returns the
Balance of the Organism.

5. The boat of the god Osiris, it is at the same time the Boat of the god
Horus, and also boat of the god Sun, because All of them are tied to "One
Water Volume ". And of course, all the other less important gods depicted
floating in boats, use the same "Water Volume". So the more energy is
filled the water volume, the better Nervous System and the Brain act, the
stronger the organism.

6. Proof, that the action of the god Osiris begins in the morning Hours, you can
see from the drawings of two other sacred books: "Book of Heaven", where
at 5 o'clock in the morning the god Osiris is depicted. There a group of
people "Take off ropes and bonds", by which he is entangled. And in the
"Book of Gates", and also at 5 am, there is a drawing of the god Osiris, who
begins to judge people / cells /.

Pictures of these books are depicted in the form of the Triple Registers, where
in the middle register shows "Boats", as an Energy channel, and this confirm the
Trinity of the processes of our Organism.

The energy structure of man really resembles the design of the Boat.

Why did the nature choose the energy system for the human body in the form
of "Boat"?

Because our body restores its Energy during the "Dream", when the body is
completely "relaxed", and there is no need for Balance. Only during the sleep body
recovers by Energy through the natural cycle. And during the Magic session, the
pose remains, and all the movements of the Hands, Legs, Body and the Head does


not require much effort. Therefore, all movements Stretching the body in the Width
and Length are as simple as possible. / And this is the reason, that the word
“Pharaoh” in Egyptian language means "Big House" /. Arms move over the body
bending in the shoulders, elbows and hands, and unifying above One, Two, Three,
Four or Five fingers, depending on the places Effects in the body. The body rises
smoothly, lifting the pelvis, or bends in the spine bringing his knees to the head.
Legs or diverge knees in different directions, reaching the position of the Frog, or
stretch in Length. Such movements are as simple as possible, and available to all
people, since do not require preparation and training.

Since during the Session of Magic, all movements are controlled from
"Subconscious", then the person generally turns into "Observer of his own
Organism". Consciousness only understand, what happens to the body, but in
movements of hands and body does not participate. On the one hand, this is not a
dream, since Consciousness is working. On the other hand, Consciousness is
passive; it does not control the movements of the hands, legs, body and head. But
this is not Yogic meditation without movement, where Consciousness works, but
there is no movements.

If you look at the side of the person in the pose of the boat, you can really see
similarities with the Boat and its parts. Feed, it's Pelvis. The Hull of the boat is
the Body. Legs, this is the Helm. Hands, this is the Sail. The Bow of the boat is
the Head. And indeed, these parts of the body are performed approximately the
such functions by Reality.

Similar to the Boat Pose, we can see from the Embryo, when the baby
develops in the womb of the mother. Only in the uterus, the child limited in growth.
When he is born, then he must occupy the body as much as possible large volume.
And this maximum volume is already limited by human Energy and Information
Systems, which depend from the structure of the genes of parents and ancestors.

To this location of the Embryo, it should be added, that the child is located in the
most energy-filled place of the body. Because the human energy system starts
from the field of the Genitals and ends in the Head. Therefore, the loss of energy
along the body, and accordingly its lack is fixed primarily in the Head. The Head
should react to the lack of Energy, so we feel tired or unwell, when the body needs
Rest or Sleep. By the same reason, the "Sexual system", as the most important, is
located in the very Energy place.


This, that the human energy structure is constructed, as a "Boat", says also
the fact, that the easiest way to swim in the water is "on the back". And if we will lay
on our back in salt water of sea, then we can simply lie on the water without moving.

When we convinced, that the design of the person is a boat, then it is easy to
understand, that the "Boat" is a design "for all living beings of our Nature", that
move: animals, fish, insects, etc. Only this boat is turned upside down / keel above/,
because their front and rear paws are for them "Points of support", and at the same
time "Means for Movement". And the fishes used fins. And our children also begin
their first movements in the posture of the "Inverted Embryo", i.e. on the palms and

Read the Book of the Dead, even out of curiosity, where there are hundreds of
repetitions of different pieces of text, in different versions, and incomprehensible by
names of the participants, you must have terrible patience. And if, while reading
the chapter "Opening the mouth", you can immediately understand, that the
conversation is about the "Time of Awakening", and accordingly the opportunity to
eat and talk. But what connection, with the eternal god Osiris, and his helpers the
god Anubis and the god of wisdom Thoth, has completely incomprehensible
numerical constructions "7 Arith", "21 Pylon", and "42 gods Judges in the Hall
of Law and Truth".

Think for yourself, how is difficult the task before the god Osiris, to find a not
acting cell in the human body. After all, our body consists of more than 200 billion
cells! Which, / someone counted / if the cells are pulled in line, they will take
15 kilometers! Therefore, there is clearly a need for mathematics. And as Science
"Diagnostics" says, in order to find one lion in a huge desert, it is necessary to
divide the desert into parts, and to exclude empty sites.

I think, that our body is really divided into "7 Arit", as 7 energy volumes. Where on
the borders there are 3 gods and 3 guards. The organism is divided into "21 pylons"
(column), like a "group of bones" tied to 7 energy volumes.
The organism is divided into "42 gods of judge", i.e. in each Energy Volume there
are "Six local judges" / three on each side /, that observe this Volume, and are
associated with the god Osiris, and through him with the god Anubis and god
Thoth. The three main gods, which must decide to remove the cell from the body or
leave to work.

Real hint, that the entire body volume is divided into 42 controlled parts is,
that the entire territory of ancient Egypt was divided into 42 nom / area /
separate self-government.

Why is the division of Egypt into 42 nomas, and Israel into 12 regions of the
Sons of Israel, according to Holy Scrolls, so important to us?

Because, at that time, "the only scientific method" was, the "Principle of
Analogies." And in principle, "Analogy", there are no precise, specific
evidence, but only the "most important parts" of Analogy information are

Physically, through practical Magic, you can observe 7 real body volumes, that
divide the body into areas determined by the points of superposition of the palms of
the hands during the Magic session. Our hands never make mistakes, because
receive orders from the Subconscious! These areas can be seen in the figure of
the energy system, below.


Now if we carefully consider these points of the hand movement, we will see:
Crown, this is a special point, because it is Distributor of all areas.
Legs, like arms, have a special purpose, for separation of all areas.
The back of the head and the forehead belong to the same volume of the head.
These Energy volumes are arranged in the order of their location on the body:
1. The area of the Genitals and Anus.
2. The area of the bladder, the pelvis, the hips and the loins.
3. The region of the umbilical cord and belly.
4. Area of the solar plexus.
5. Area of Nipples and Breasts.
6. Thyroid and Throat area.
7. A head, that has a set of hand overlapping points.

It is clear, that all areas are divided into Right and Left.
It should be noted, that the "Legs", when they are connected with stops, have
the function of "separating 7 energy volumes".
"Hands" in the energy system of the body, play a Special important role.
1. "Hands", this is the Executive function for the Diagnostic System
Subconscious, in the sense of their movement around the entire body.
2. Hands have the role of the conductor of Energy during the charge of all
Energy system of the body.
3. Hands have the role of an intensified conductor of Energy in the "Sick places of
the body."

/ This is the process, that in world practice is called Hilling /.
After some time of using the Magic sessions, Energy System gains enough
energy, then hands no stop at the indicated energy points of body volumes, and


immediately begin treatment of sick places, and then the physical balance of
the Left and Right sides of the body.

The special importance the posture of "Boat" / Embryo / is, that in this position
the hands learn to talk with the human energy system. Without training the hands
to interact with the energy system of water, there is no Energy Magic of the

In this sense, the most important starting point of the body, is «The region of
the waist». Why? First, because water is absorbed in the body in the large
intestine. The second, because the main element structure of the Boat, is
"Kiel". Just as today builders of boats and ships begin construction with Kiel.
Human organism also begins the construction of the energy system of the
skeleton from the "Spine". So if you look at the initial form of Embryo, it is clear
that this is similar to the spine of Fish. Because The embryo is also important, that
its energy is properly formed. Therefore, imposition of the palms of hands to the
area of the "Loins", will open your channels, and teach your hands to talk to the
Energy System.

How did the Egyptians transmit this knowledge to the future? They gave this
knowledge in the form of 12 card of Tarot cards. The hung up man. Look at the
hands of this man, they are on the back.

My luck was, that I believed Egyptians. Moreover, this card corresponds to the
Hebrew letter “Lamed”, which means, moving in a space. So the halo above the
head of man says, that this is not a simple move.

If you do not use Magic, then you are completely dependent on the natural
conditions of life, from the quality of your Sleep and Nutrition. You depend on
unknown to anybody reaction to these conditions an organism, and scientific
achievements doctoring. Energy Magic of the body allows you to maintain health
of the body, of course, if it's not too late. Because lack and confusion of water
energy in organism, leads to the twisting of tissues, through which energy does
not move up.

Unfortunately, the description of 7 energy volumes of the body is described in
the Book of the Dead otherwise. "7 Arit" are described, as the drawing of the Three
Gods, and the Names of three volume Guards: the Gatekeeper, the Guard and the
Herald / I do not know the difference between them /. All the Arits are described in
the information, but not Energy plan. Osiris needs to be named the guards to
Enter this area. However, to find in the texts of 7 Arit the semantic logical
information I could not get, and the names of the guards have nothing to tie with.

When Osiris approaches to each "Pylon", also needs "Code words", and he
needs to know the name of the gatekeeper. For 10 pylons it is typical, that each


Pylon stands God without a name. And when the god Osiris speaks, he turns to
Feminine beings, who do not have Names, and only the "Gatekeeper" has
Name. It means, that Pylons have no connection with the ruling gods. 11 - 20
pylons are not have neither gods nor gatekeepers, but instead of a gatekeeper
there is / she alone Judge of the frail wound /. Judge of the feminine gender.

At the same time, 21 pylon are distinguished especially, because to it appeals
the main defender and son of the god Osiris, god Horus.

In the text of the 21 pylon, we read: "Hello", says Horus, "Oh twenty first pylon
in Still-Heart / Brain. / I made my way / I finished the journey /, I know you, I know
your name, I know the name of the goddess who Protects you: The sword that
punishes when uttering its [own] name, the unknown goddess with her face
turned back, throws out those who approach her flame, to her name. You keep the
secret things of the avenger of the god that you guard, and his name is Amem. He
makes sure that Perseus trees does not grow, that acacia trees do not come
forward, and that copper is not a horn Was given in the mountains. The godlike
creatures of this pylon are the Seven Gods ... It means, this Pylon is the main.

The shape of the Pylon / Column / in the body clearly resembles "Bone".
And therefore there are simply no other options. It means Pylon, this is bone. And
then it is clear, that 21 pylon is not paired. And I think, that this is skull bone. But in
the human body there is still a special Pylon, that stands out by the Egyptians, like
the Emblem of the god Osiris, and the name of him "Djed". The form of Djed is
clearly like the "Spine".

Here is the order of "bones - pylons" in the human body. And it is clear, that they
begin with the Legs, and ended on the Head, in the direction of action Energy of the

And in order this are:
1. Bones of the toes.
2. Foot bones.
3. The talus bone.
4. Small tibia.
5. The tibia.
6. The patella.
7. Thigh of the foot
8. Pelvic bone.
9. The sacrum.
10. The spine.
11. Thorax.
12. The sternum.
13. The bones of the brush.
14. The ulna 1.
15. The ulna 2.
16. Shoulder bone.
17. The ball joint.
18. The clavicles.
19. The jaw.
20. The Skull.
21. I lost one bone!

I suppose, that the discrepancy in the number of bones is in the spine, at its
beginning or end. In which there is a bone, that the Egyptians distinguish
separately, for example, "conifer". And then there will be full compliance.


It is worth pay attention, that the difference in description, 1 - 10, 11 - 20, 21,
begins on the Spine.

The main part of the boat structure of the human body are Skeleton.
Human bones are the main "energy guides" of the whole body structure. The
reason for this is "Calcium", which has an atomic weight 40, and having a "Magic
number of protons - 20". Calcium is the fifth in the spread in nature element, and
unusually active. Therefore, it does not exist in its pure form. According to my
scientific study of the Sumerian system calculations 60. Calcium has the minimum
energy for balancing in Space. It has a cubic face-centered structure of the atom.
Therefore, for the Energy of the body, Calcium and its Aquatic environment are,
as it were, "Guides" for the passage of energy through the body. And therefore
most of the tissues and muscles are attached to the bones. And accordingly the
most complex department, for organizing the movement of energy through the
body, is Gastric tract.
42 god judges are present in the Hall of Double Law and Truth and participate
in the court of Osiris, since they are local judges.
Description 42 judges, as already mentioned earlier, corresponds to the number
areas, to which Egypt was divided. Really, the entire territory of Egypt is divided into
two left and right parts by the Nile. And also was divided into Upper and Lower
Of course Egypt, this is an approximate model of the human body. But there is
Main signs: Right and Left, as in the body. There is a river Nile, as the
Circulatory system of the body, which is feeding the all entire population of
Egypt. Division into Upper and Lower Egypt corresponds to division the
Organism to: Head, as Electrical control of the body "Top - Down". And Body,
carrying out the transfer of Energy and Water, as well as supplying Nutrition


to the whole organism "from bottom to up". There is an obvious
***** To agree with my words, it is worth reading the excerpts from the text below.
Image: The Hall of Double Rights and Truth, in which Ani must address separately
to the Forty-two Gods, who sit in a row in the middle of the hall ....
Text: Head of the entrance to the Room Pair of Rights and Truth ....
His Majesty the god Anubis says: "Do you know the name of this door to declare
it to me?" Osiris, the scribe of Ani, triumphant, triumphant in tranquility, says: "The
Shu Shunned" is the name of this door. "His Majesty the god Anubis says:" Do
you know the name of the upper sheet and the lower sheet? "[Osiris, Ani's scribe,
triumphantly in peace says]:" The master of law and truth, [after] his "two legs" is
the name of the top sheet, and "Lord of might and power, the scatterer of cattle"
[His name is the bottom sheet]. "[His Majesty the god Anubis says]:" Come in,
for you know [names], O Osiris, scribe, the narrator of the divine proposals of all
the gods Thebes, Ani, triumphant, lord of veneration. "

The following is said by the Man, when he reaches the Hall of the Double
Rights and Truth, and where he is cleansed of all the sins, that he committed,
and where he sees the faces of all the Gods.
Greetings to you, great god / Osiris /, Lord of Truth and Right! I came to you, my
lord, and I approached so that I could see your beauty. I know you, and I know the
names of 42 gods who live with you in this room of double right and truth. ....
Anubis told him the man's speech, when he came from Ta-mera, saying: "He
knows our ways and our cities, I was pacified, and the smell from him to me,
even like the smell of one of you."
... Two sitting figures of the goddess Maat, with the symbol of Right and
Truth, on the head, and scepters and emblems of life in the right and left
.... The balance with the heart symbolizes the consciousness of Ani, on one
side of the scale, and also by the symbol of Right and Truth, on the other side
of the scale.*****

What are the tasks of the Energy System in the body?
The tasks are simple.

1. Provide energy to all cells of the body, through the intermediary of Water.
And for this, Water, like a liquid, must occupy a certain position within the
body and reach every cell.

2. Accordingly, when Water will occupies a certain position in the Body, and
other chemical elements found in Water, must take a certain position in the

3. And in order for all Microelements of our body to occupy the correct,
genetically known position in Space of Body, the body uses the Balance
process of two symmetrical Parts of the body.

Those. Energy Magic of the human body, is the Energy Balance of the two sides
of the body, which sets all the microelements of the body in the "Right position", and
thereby: Fills the body by Energy and strengthens the body. Simultaneously, energy
is removed non-functioning cells from the body. And at the same time, it stretches
the body, trying to occupy the maximum volume in space, recorded in Genotype.

And the restructuring of the body is felt right under the palms.
A reorganization of the bones is felt with such pain, that it is very difficult to tolerate


it. Therefore, older people should think well before tackling "Magic". The main thing
is, that during the session "Dark places", which are not felt by the "nervous
system", they can disappear and feel. Although, there are "Dark places",
which require many sessions, so that they are felt. But the whole process of
the disappearance of the Dark places show, that "Without Time Energy of
Water - Thought, as a nervous signal" does not exist!

Of course, the magical positions of the body, not limited to the pose of "Boat",
about which the ancient Egyptians write. Magic poses can be done in the
Standing or Sitting position. Only the effectiveness of such poses will be somewhat
lower. In anyway, in these poses it is convenient to remove fatigue, headaches and
other ailments.

About the unique properties of Water, many people have written and are
writing, but how arranged invisible water in the human body no one knows.
And perhaps the ancient scientific knowledge of Egypt will shed light on this
unknown structure.

I think, the correct scientific title of the Book of the Dead, in ancient times it was
"The principle of the action of energy in man". Well, think for yourself, what
feeding of the "deceased person" can be discussed. Or what food, can eat
invisible God of Osiris, the son of the goddess of the Water of Nut, or other gods.
But in a living organism, absolutely all cells are constantly receiving food.

Therefore, as I see, that all the "Records of the sacred books of Egypt", had
the goal, "To preserve the highest scientific knowledge, for the future
Generations!" And the highest knowledge about our world, is the building of
higher essence of our world – the Man. I think, that the Pharaoh's top of
Egypt, understood the scientific nature of the information, that came to her from
"The beginning of human civilization." The top of Egypt, also understood, that
the level of public, scientific and instrumental knowledge is in the Null. Therefore,
there was no chance to keep this knowledge among people, since it can’t be used
in the concrete life of people. Because Practical Magic knowledge can only be
used "for healing of People”. For public and scientific purposes, Magic is

That is why, it was decided to hide them in graves for future Generations. And
that is why, due the scientific principle of the ancient "Sacred Scrolls", two
ancient states were built, Egypt and Israel. And as we see from history of
mankind, that for the scientific "Holy Torah Scrolls" this idea of transferring
information into the future has worked.

All people need to understand well, that for 10 - 15 thousand years of existence
Human civilization, "Man has not changed at all". Human as far as he was clever
in antiquity, he remained the same also today. Since, for this long period of time
passed only 400 generations. Think about it, only 400 people! But the transmission
of information from generation to generation, even in the presence of written
language, the question is very complex. After all, the information you have
accumulated during your life, as a rule disappears irrevocably, since goes with you
to the grave. And in a Sea of lies and fantasies the True information dissolves

We should not succumb to the "Psychological sensation", that the new
Generation smarter, than parents. Just every generation lives in its own way
changed reality. It is impossible to change the genetic train of generations for the
better; It must be done by the laws of Nature and the Universe, rather than
ambitious, illiterate scientists.


All Scenes and Characters of the Ancient Scrolls: "The Book of the Dead, Book
of Heaven, Book of Caves, Book of god Thoth, Emerald Tablets, and Hebrew
book of the Torah", this is not the fantasies of our ancestors, but the records
of "Scientific understanding of the world and man in the Real life, from the
Time of the Beginning Human civilization". Real Laws and Structures, as
acted for millions of years, and will act. Nature and Man, as were built from
"Systems with 7 Functional Parts", described in Scientific book of the Torah,
so they will act, whether we understand it or not.

Remember the example of Henry Schliemann, who unearthed Troy and found
the jewels of King Priam. He did not listen to theorists from different academies.
Because Science is a temporary fence of the understanding of the world, which
always changes.

But, to understand "What a miracle our body", which operates without our
participation, you can every day, doing magic.

Man, like everyone in the universe has a Triple process, and therefore this
mechanism can’t be stopped, and everything changes. A person from one side,
this is an electric machine. On the other side, he is an Energy machine. And the
third part is the structure of the body, which remembers the changes of Electricity
and Energy. Energy operates from below - upwards. Electricity operates from top to

This article does not set itself the task of completely arranging Roles all the gods
of the Book of Dead and other Sacred books, in accordance with the systems of
Man known today to science. Because, here need a young mind, well educated in
Medicine, Biology and other fields of science. And maybe this young will help my
articles on those topics. My task was to show, that all the ancient scrolls of the
"Beginning of Human Civilization" are scientific information, to which modern
science has not yet approached.

On the other hand, I would like to appeal to young people with more
important task. From my article it is clear, that "The Eternal Power of Time"
supplies to Water “Energy”, which is used by all living beings, and Human.
Therefore We are all "Eternal Motors". Think, how to create a "perpetual
motion machine" based on the same components: Water, Calcium, Oxygen,
Coal, Electricity, Light / Laser / and other elements. It's time to make a flying
saucer. It's time to get rid of the oil engines! Successes.

Yacov Ioffe. 2. 03. 2017.


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