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7 System of 7 and Reality 7

7 System of 7 and Reality 7

A system of 7 in nature, as opposed to human reality.

In the initial part of the holy Torah, as "7 days of the creation of the world",
the “scientific Source” unknown to us, reports on the systemic principle of
building our world. But you need to be well aware, that "The structure of
System itself” has only “6 functional parts”, and the 7th part always belongs
to another System!

The Torah, as a scientific book, also conveys to us about the four main
“Priority Goals” for man, as a "thinking creature capable of creativity".

The first priority goal is, the priority of the 7th part of the system, as
“Reasonable Feedback” for all systems that exist, for constant system
stability in time. And it called Shabbat.

The second priority goal is, the priority of "Vegetation", which is the basis
for the life of all other creatures of Nature.

The third priority goal is, the person himself, as an executive function of the
nature system, obliged to preserve the life of nature on the planet, created by

The fourth priority goal is described in the “Prohibition of Slavery” form. It
means, the need to build the society in accordance with model 7 parts of the
system. / I.e. to build a "fair for all society". What, in essence, the Jews tried
to do throughout their history.

A model of a system with 7 parts of the construction of the world, located
In Jewish Torah, this is a model for all mankind, and not just for Jews. And
that's why all people, to some extent become Jews, in order to preserve
Nature and Human on the planet.

The main part of the sacred scrolls of the Torah, as "7 days creation
of the world", is in fact describe the principle of construction all Systems of the
World, using the example of the "Systems of Nature".

The contents of the sacred and scientific Torah scrolls are in fact dedicated to
the description of the structure of the "Human Cells". And it describes Rules for
the execution of people. This, in turn, is a requirement for people, so that human
society, and accordingly the state, were built, according to the "System Principle".
It means, that an example for construction of the state was "Man and Nature".
And that people of the state necessarily carried out "Feedback" for system of
state, which is declared in the book of Torah, as Sacred, and is obligatory for

Similar systems with 7 parts, science has mastered only since the 60s
the last century, and the era of "Technical Automats" began in technology.

To understand the hideous situation in which is today Humanity, we should
compare the information from the Torah, which came to us from the "Beginning of
Human Civilization" in conjunction with the facts, that we have in nature and its
laws, built by the Creator.
And peer carefully, what we have in reality of life, built by People.

Let's compare.
The main world law of nature's life is the law of "Obligatory work", since "No one
to no one does not owe anything", except for the short childish age of lack of
independence. All living beingss in nature constantly work in the search for "Food
and Water”. Man is no different from all natural beings, and also has to earn "Food


and Water" every day. And an example to a person are "All cells of his body",
which work each day all man’s life.

And what do we have in real life? Do all people in the states work for food? Of
course not! Today, in my opinion, about half of the population does not work,
because some of people are very rich, so they don’t need to work, and the other
part is "Political and Bureaucratic" busy with "Official Talks". Although "Language" is
only "Means of communication between people", and not a way of earning for
living. The only group of people, who can claim earnings with using the language is
"Teachers and Judges".

Ask yourself, do we come into this life for, that "the Rich and the Rulers would be
well"? Of course not. We all come to this life to get yourself food and enjoy life.
Because without "Water and Food" we can not exist, and the rich are not an

Therefore, when people came up with "a means of exchange for Food" to
“Gold and Silver”, as a beautiful and pleasant, but useless thing. It was a
revolution in the development of human society. Because we can see, that
thanks to these "Useless monetary units", trade and exchange between people
developed. But from this, this "Conditional value of money" did not become a
"Real Value". Because the real value for a person is "Breakfast, Lunch and
Dinner", as well as "Clothes and House". An example from life.
I remember in 1947 in Russia, when people learned about the replacement of
money, that "Depreciated". Absolutely all the products in the stores sold out. All the
grocery stores were absolutely Empty. And after the reform, a lot of large banknotes
lay on the street, which nobody raised.

This, in turn, means, that the main branch of any state is "Agriculture", and the
main people of the state are "Peasants".

But why this "Useless in life the Gold coin", has taken over all mankind and
rules the world "Destroying everything, that has real valuable in this World of
Wildlife "?

The answer is simple.
Firstly, because in the modern world, the "Money World", and followed by
him "Production World", is not under "Verification and Control the Office of
State"! And the main part of the population, which called "nation", quite failed
to integrate for the regulation of "Monetary world".
Since the end of the 19th century, when science made an unusually strong
progress in the study of Nature, Chemistry and Physics, in human society occurred
unusually important changes in the "Worst Side".
On the one hand, following the progress of science, two World Wars took place.
And on the other hand, there have been major changes, which are either not
noticed, or do not want to notice.
Second, Religion, has lost its primary role. And this is correct, because
religion deceives people with the miracles of God's actions, and deceit, that
God helps. Although God is a "slave" in the form of "World Forces", forcing
all processes in all systems of the world to move forever and according to its
God is everywhere and in everything, that exists, therefore he does not
have a "Personality", and have no "Address". Therefore, he does not help
anyone and does not bother anyone. God simply acts within us, and tries our
best to live. But in our "Personal actions" he does not interfere. He is a
faceless Power moving the world. But the laws of God can not be undone and


can not be violated! Because where laws are violated, everything is

Thirdly, Science has taken a role "Almighty", and Science has decided,
that if there is no God, than it can do on the planet, all that she will want. That
the people of science have the right to change on our planet all that they

Since science can directly influence "Production processes", then to
Science those "Great money" flows, which destroy the world of Nature.
Because the inventions of scientists always are or good, or bad. Therefore,
some scientists have created a refrigerator and a generator of electricity.
And other scientists created guns and atomic bombs. Therefore the Science
is the source of the destruction of our world. Religion, because of its isolation
from real life, does not harm nobody, except to life of the believer himself.

Therefore, religion has cultivated the "Soul" of man into the cult. And
science erected in the cult "Fantasy" of a man, who is dangerous to us

It must be understood, that all the academies of sciences in the world are
"Bureaucratic Organizations", for squeezing money from governments and
rich people. And talented scientists, they recruit in their ranks, using a
certain scheme borrowed from religion. Because all universities were born
on the basis of church schools. But the goals and objectives, that put
before the Academy and the University, no one has ever tested.
And so all the academies and universities in history, in the first place
worked for the war. Chemical weapons, Atomic bomb, biological weapons,
etc. invented in academies and universities. It's all inventions, that require
huge financial costs and people's lives. After all, the inventors of nuclear
weapons themselves did not dig uranium ore.

Mankind does not need any Energy, neither cheap, nor expensive, if it
violates the natural balance or harms people in one form or another. People
themselves are provided with the energy of God all their life, as long as they
live. In the universe and nature, only "Energy of water" acts, which is an
absolutely pure source of energy. Therefore people want or do not want, but
they should create such a "Water engine". If the "God the Creator" uses such
an engine in the living creatures, then people can create it.

The true belief in God, and gives people "Responsibility". If Nikola Tesla
felt his Responsibility to humanity, he destroyed the results of his
experiments, which can use to destroy people. Unbelief in the existence of
the "Creator of the world" and the need for a "Balance of Mankind with
Nature", generates "scientific monsters", as well as "Monsters wanting to
subjugate all countries".

Science, as a "means of research and understanding of the world", of
course is important for understanding life and people themselves. But people
of science do not have the right to create processes, that violate the "Natural
Balance, carried out by God". And even more, so create "Armament for
destruction of people". These are scientific criminals, and they must be
placed outside the law, and to judge just like ordinary criminals.

Along time ago appeared Scientific Prizes, like the "Nobel Prize", which reward
criminals, such as "Andrei Sakharov" or "Yasir Arafat." At a time, when humanity
must all inventors "The destruction of people" to keep in prison or simply destroy
with all the weapons, that have accumulated in the world. They are awarded and


converted in the heroes of the nation. After all, it was the arms trade for the
murder of people always was the profitable area of enrichment of all

The balance of Man and Nature has always been decided by God, through
a high "Child mortality". God, not people, decides who is able to live. That it
was only "Healthy offspring", but not disabled people, whose lives are
necessary maintain artificially. So we have today billions people, who can not
refuse all kinds of pills. Namely, this is how the Man was created, that he does
not need any medicine, also like all other creatures in nature.

In times of religion, humanity knew, that there is a Force in the world and
this is God, which is more important, than man. That the role of man in the
world "Secondary", according to the laws from “Above”. Now the people of
science are not limited in any way, and science has long been transformed
into a means of destroying Nature, and then and Mankind. The modern
"Biomass of Mankind", taken away from "Vegetation", which stands on the
verge of destruction. At time, that vegetation is the source of food for all
living beings, and the main source of stability of the climate and natural
cycles of Water, Carbon dioxide, Nitrogen and Sulfur.

What will we do with our "Strength and Reason", the One God does
not dictate to anyone. This is dictated by the "System" in which we live, and in
which we are the "grain of sand". And in this sense, we - people, are
"Prisoners of our planet", and are obliged to preserve life on her with all our
strength. We and our children have nowhere to escape!

And no famous scientist and academicians is given the right "Break the
balance", which existed for nature. And no Technical inventions, which,
incidentally, are taken from the World of Nature, created by the Higher Power,
should not take place in life, if they violate the Balance. God long ago defined
"Laws on which to live a person", and they must be fulfilled. A person must
strive for "Complete Perfection and Responsibility for this world", otherwise
he is not “Human”.

In all countries, science is declared the highest priority of development, because
it accelerates the industrial development of countries. All the best Minds of Mankind
joined the insane race of "Technical Progress", which supposedly "will open the
happy future of mankind"! Scientists of all countries are madly search in nature:
"What else can be burned"? It's just Insanity Madness! After all, in the life of all
Nature, the process of burning is forbidden! And the number of forest fires in all
countries is steadily growing. All living Nature need oxygen, which we burn.

Dear Jews, but where are we in a hurry? Are we in a hurry to build up all the
land with concrete houses, factories, asphalt and cars? Are we in a hurry to destroy
the whole nature? After all, the law on the prohibition to cut down trees during
building of houses, it simply deception. When almost all agricultural lands around
the cities has been given up to building. Today there are no kibbutzim in the center
of the country, but there is one big Tel Aviv.

I want to draw the reader's attention to the fact, that the experience of "Space
flights" of a man showed with all evidence, that a living person like “Planetary
creature”, subject to the attraction of the planet, not is viable for the Cosmos. And
we can not recreate the terrestrial conditions in the rocket. And this tells us: That
we are the "Captives of our planet", and for us the main thing is to save life on
our planet, and not to destroy it! Well, think for yourself? How many people can


we send into the space? I suppose, that mankind founded from the cosmos by
"Intelligent artificial Automats", which the people can make already in the near
future. Those artificial automats were delivered in special containers "frozen Cells
of all creatures of nature", inhabiting on the earth. And I suppose, that even in our
time the intelligent artificial automats control humanity. For many years, scientists
have learned to freeze "Human cells". And it was in this form they came to
earth for the founding of mankind. / And it is possible, that this and there is a
reason, that the Torah describes the development of the human cell, as a hint
the principle of the spread of life in the universe. /

I think, that all the useless costs of the Cosmos, and the Colliders, it is
better to invest in planting the Forests and in general the restoration of
Nature. Useless costs of the Cosmos create the missiles, that will destroy all
humanity and life on earth. This science works against people, and God.
Holes in the protective layer of the Earth's atmosphere can not be covered
with these scientists' assholes, only "Vegetation" can do this.

Secondly, as it is imperceptible for most people on the planet, but at the end
the 19th century was invented the "Stock Exchange", when in the business
activity of the "Rich" People of the planet", which determined "Productivity"
people many thousands of years, many middle-class people were involved.
It was the appearance of the Stock Exchange, which determined the new business
period of mankind, since appeared a new concept "Banning the Government
from interfering in Financial relations of Bursa! " Actually, from that moment the
"God of Money" appeared, which destroys all the Living. Greed and the desire
to become a millionaire and not work, has become ubiquitous, and for many people
"the purpose of life". Human values of the Personality ceased to exist.
And nations and countries, like "Something Whole", disappeared, the borders of
countries for money were erased. Today, to determine who and what belongs to the
country is impossible. Some countries even introduced a ban to sell their lands, for
protect their territory. Rich people buy real estate and land in all countries. Trade is
good, but why subordinate all countries to the "Stock Exchange", behind which
there is a relatively small group of people, whom no one has chosen Manage
And how the person can consider himself as part of Nature, where money is
not operate, it is not clear? After all, money is another "Artificial world".

After all, money is another "Artificial World", in which act the one law: "The owner,
or group of owners of big money banks command the entire Pyramid of Economics,
Politics and Production of countries".
The "Artificial God of Money" has no real goal, and the task of the Pyramid survive
and increase the number of their sponsors. In simple words, the rich people and
their descendants want to continue to enjoy life. For the rich people of the planet,
simple workers are outside their world, where they live. And people themselves
have created and put on their heads this money Pyramid.

The invention of the "Stock Exchange", on the one hand, involved many people in
"Pure financial affairs", and which were hidden in the shadow of "The World's
richest people". Appeared a huge army of stockbrokers and simply speculators,
who do not have to "real production processes" no relation. But the main problem
is not in these parasites. The problem is, that the Exchange has generated a
"financial war", which in turn generated the "Real War". After all, the First and
Second World Wars were the result of financial warfare, for the possession of
territories and the creation financial superiority. It's a myth, that "Competition" is


the engine of Progress! Competition only generates Shadow areas
system of the state, or rather the War. It's Cheating, Stealing Inventions,
Damage to competitors, Financial scams, etc.

The financial system generates and nourishes the "Political system
Ideologies”, that without financial support can not have influence. Unless without
the financial support of "The richest people of Europe and the East", such Religious
constructions of churches and mizgads could appear in the Christian and Islamic
world? Unless without financial support "Rich people" could appear "Academies and
labs of scientists, and accordingly scientific inventions». Unless without the support
of the Rich people can exist "huge armies, and a new more sophisticated weapons
of destruction of people"? Unless without the support of the Rich people can exist all
these "Sets of Party bureaucrats, and there advertising Mass Media"? After all,
today all the main channels of television and radio are occupied with "politicizing
the population", which the population does not need for nothing. This politician
said so,… this politician said so ....

"The God of Money", in the form of "Big financiers" created for himself
"The huge army of the political elite", which is busy talking about: "How they
successfully combat the poverty of the entire mass of the working
population". At the same time, all people engaged in politics are rich and hide
their wealth from the population.

In the mid 70's of the last century, after the invention of the computer and
achieving fairly large volumes of memorizing information, immediately
a group of scientists in different countries had the idea of "General Information
networ ", which can be used by all owners of computers of the company. This
idea eventually evolved into the "World Information System Internet", in which
you can find any information, that you specifically interested. A wonderful idea,
that allows to distribute "All the knowledge and information, that humanity

Information all over the world is a way of Learning the world and the way
of Communication. Without the exchange of information, we can not live, and
the languages of different peoples reflect this. And so the "Information", like
Water and Air, absolutely Free. Because, if you said a word, it's for you don’t
belongs. If you published a scientific idea, then it is for you don’t belongs.
You can only sell "Thing for use”, which you made, or a device containing
information. This way our world is built. The information itself is not for sale!

But look at the modern Internet, where the "God of money" climbed, in the form
of Internet firms and individual traders, who sell any information. Personally, I was
interested in ancient Egypt, and it turned out, that I can not use drawings from the
ancient tombs of the Pharaohs. In spite, these drawings were made several
thousand years ago, and not by Internet sellers. World Information System is turned
into a market, where you need to spend hours searching for the necessary
information in order to make sure, that you have to buy it.

Note, that almost everything new, that humanity invented was for the sake of
the Rich people. The first royal and royal Palaces. The first chairs and beds. The
first beautiful clothes and shoes. Fighting of gladiators, and then theaters. Young
women for fun. The first bicycles, motorcycles and cars. The first asphalted road.
The first drugs of rejuvenation. The first expensive jewelry. First pets. And so on.

Modern "Entertain Culture", destined for rich people, drives us all into the
"World of Fantasy", having no relationship to the real and uninteresting life of
ordinary workers!


With the help of this culture, we are constantly "24 hours a day in world politics,
in a world of endless cosmic wars, a successful war with aggressive
politicians, a successful war by the Economic criminals, sexs movies, we are
in the world of some abnormal Superhumans, we are in a world of incredible
inventions, that science will invent tomorrow. Simply to say, we are in a world
of constant lies and deceit about "Fairy-tale future", that us waiting, thanks to
Science and Democracy. Our children and grandchildren already live in
Smatfons and the Internet. They already do not understand well, what the
“Real World is".

People do not even realize, that the Artificial Intelligence, which soon
will create scientists in the form of an incredible clever, all-knowing Robot,
will be created "for War and destruction", because this is the modern
irresponcible science.

And really, through such a culture, mankind is in the world "Cheating", in
the promotion of lawlessness, disorder, violence, sadism and murders, theft
and cheating.

People of culture prove to us, that the main thing is "The human mind
and Fantasy", but not "Labor", which was the source of all inventions.

With the development of science and technology, the production of artifacts,
which are not utilized by nature has become fantastic. Industry produces so many
unnecessary things, that in cities they have to be burned in special furnaces. But
plastic bottles, polyethylene bags and other wastes already on all coastal lands of
the world ocean, seas, lakes and rivers. Every child in his house has so many toys,
that the children room resembles a "toy store". And these toys will go to the trash.

The God of money is merciless, even to the people themselves, because today
all food the industry produces with additives destroying health of people.

But if really can the human world exist without this "Huge Financial,
Political and Mass Media Pyramid", which produces nothing, and in my
opinion, it is about one third of the population?

The answer lies in the organization of the human body as a System.
The "System of the Human Organism" is a complex "Multilevel
Structure of the Pyramid". Where each system level consists of elements of
the lower next level. This whole system is riddled with World forces of eternal
action, which are constant "Balance" their actions, in order to preserve
the existing structure of the body.
This pyramid of specialized systems organized by principle of 7-digit
regulation, which operate within the framework of common Time cycles of
external impact. And the "Working Elements" of these systems are the
"Cellular Systems" of a specialized action. But in spite of the fact, that the
Cellular systems, as the lowest level of the Pyramid, obey commands of a
higher level, they are "Independent systems", operating in their own
programs. It means, on the one hand, the cell is "Independent from other
cells”, since it has its own Role. On the other hand, it is “dependent”, as part
of another system and organism, and obey to it due low “Belonging to
system”. Therefore, if the cell wants to live in the body, it has to work and
fulfill the role, that the organism gave to it.
Hence follows the main principle of organization human society, and
the understanding that "Freedom of action in society does not exist for man"!
In the "Systemic World of Nature", everything is subject strictly to the laws of
"Regulation and Balance".


In nature, there can not be such thing, that in the System, for
example in the Human Organism, there were some subsystems, or any cells, that
do not obey the rules of the system. In system of man in principle, there can be
no "Competition" for organs to harm to each other and fought. In the human
system, it can not be, that organs or cells deceived each other. Everything, that is
done in the system is transparent, and the system does not include the "Secret
Police", about which no one knows anything. Everything, that exists in the human
body is the Truth, and it is Necessity for the body life.

In the human body, there are more than 300 different cells of different structure
and purpose. At the same time, there are very complex cells, one can say
"Intelligent". And there are cells quite simple, such as cells of movement. Indeed,
the task of these cells is to "squeeze - stretch", i.e. we can say "Primitive". But look
how everything is organized in the body, regardless of their contribution to the
action of the organism, they feed from one "Plate" – and it is "River of the Blood
System". Independently from the contribution of cells, they all together "Live One
Life" in reality.

Therefore, the ancient Egyptians describing in the "Book of the Dead" the
system of organization of man organism, called it "Hall of Double Truth", since
person is Symmetric. It means, in the human body, and in all other beings
there can be no Lies. The whole world is built on Truth, as absolute Necessity.
The ancient Egyptians compared their "Nile" river to the "Human blood
system", because she really was the foster - mother of the whole population.
And the structure of state the ancient Egypt was built as complete analogy of the
human body.

Unnecessary and harmful for the body "Structures", that are not under "body
control" is called "cancer tumor". Do not obey the body organs, it's "Ebola", or
"Diabetes", etc. And this is the complete end of the body's life, or the life of a suffer.
Each System by definition, should "Know, Control and Regulate" all its parts!

Thirdly, Human society as it was built as an animal pack, where the strong is
always right, so everything is left. Where the strong is the Law. And the
announcement by governments of the existence of Democracy and Equality,
nothing changes. Because the real ruling power in all states is the "Owners of the
huge fortunes of Money", living in complete happiness and in whole pleasure. And
they do not care about the rest of the world. That's why all modern governments are
only "Accountants of money". Because "They can not manage the business life of
people", and as a rule they do not know how to manage, because they natives the
"Political Group" of the population, and do not have a "vocational education"
because never worked.

But how should built the "Human society and state of Law"?
It must be built as a "Human Organism", and on the model of 7 days of the
creation of the world. Because, it is a model within which there is the "World Law
of belonging to the system". This is the one very law, that allows us to realize
in the body "Duty all cells to work". In accordance with this law, all cells, that do
not fulfill their duties "Removed from the body" and are replaced by "New
working cells", born in place of the old. This allows the body is constantly
updated and continue life. It means, the life of cells in the body does not allow cells
to live at the expense of others. All of them are obliged to work, because so the
whole of our world, in which we live, works. Life is work, but not entertainment!
Whether we want it or not. Entertainment and hobbies for the soul is after


This "Law of belonging to the system" for the state is implemented with the help
of the "Law on Citizenship", which is not life-long, but depends on "What a
person does for the life of the state". If a man works and benefits the state - "He
is a citizen". If a person does not works, or brings harm to the state - "He can not
be citizen", and must lose his rights, or be thrown out.

In this law "Belonging to the system" there is and can not be any "Pity",
because "Death" and "Life" are the inseparable parts of the "Existence of the World"
in which we live. As long as you work, you exist. And no one can change this!

And who is in the human body, checks the activity of all cells and reports to the
brain the results of the check? Of course this is the "System of Feedback", which
was recently called "Nociceptor peripheral Nervous System", and which
permeates the entire body. This system reports to the brain, that there is a Problem
in the body. And the person knows, that he should react to pain, and do something.
And often, it is simply the removal of a diseased tissue or organ. It is "Feedback"
makes a person more surviving.

In a similar way, i.e. the formation in the state of the "Feedback System", we
will be able to make the "State System Healthy". It means, in the "existing
system of State administration" it is necessary to add "The new management
body", which works with the help of the entire population, and checks the whole
system of government. And then cuts out all sore points of the managment system.
And the sick places of the state are always officials, who either do not work or are
harmful to the state, and criminals.

In this sense, the existing "Elections of the business government" are
meaningless. Because in fact, ministers should manage the entire "production
structure of the state". Basically, "People hire them to work in a certain
specialty". And for this is enough for them to present "Description of their work
activity and education". And the people will decide which of them is worthy
to direct the ministry. It means, for the elections of the Government, we are
"Parties simply do not need." And the age of people should be from 40 to 60
years, since this is the age, when a person has enough experience "Practical
activities", as well as a sufficient "Education".

And since the real value of human labor is "Breakfast, lunch and dinner", and
money is a "conditional value". And of course no one in the world can not earn by
real work Billions and Millions money. This means, that such money can only be
earned illegally. And this means, that all states need a law for "Controlling the
money of all its citizens." After all, money, are earned inside the state, which
means, they can not always used for personal purposes.

And in practice we have, that rich people buy up in states, the best agricultural
land, or forest natural massifs, and build there their castles, or create a production
for new money. Look, at maps of their countries. Nature disappears before our
eyes, and the distance between former cities disappear, there are huge urbanized
massifs. A real war to destroy nature. And all this is "Uncontrolled money".
But it must be exactly opposite. Nature must take more and more places!
Because nature and land belong to all the inhabitants of the planet, and all
production buildings belong to a group of rich people.

In system sense, the concept of "Homo Sapiens" or "Reasonable Man", this
"A man who can create a balance between Life and Death", in all Systems,
where he is part! After all, our System of Nature is Wasteless. It means, Life is
based on Death. All nature wants to live just like people. And people should
give to nature this opportunity, since only man is the representative of God,


and can return this by Man-Destroyed Balance. If the Humanity grows
uncontrollably, then the rest of nature suffers, and especially "Vegetation".
And this diseased imbalance for the whole nature must be cured.

Thousands of people have already written, that the "Capitalist system" is unfair
and inhuman, and in fact the entire working population provides a good life for a
small bunch of billionaires and millionaires. And Jews have long come to the
conclusion, that the most efficient society for people is the "Kibbutz", where
everyone is equal. And even in human history there were a "Communist states".
Where "Equality between people" really existed.
Where there was a law of "Compulsory to work for all", borrowed from the

first Christians of Israel and nature. "Who does not work, shall not eat".
Where there was "Free Education for All children, including Higher and
Vocational Education".
Where there was a "Free treatment of all citizens".
Where all the lands was belonged to the State.
Where really all the forests and nature were protected by the state.
Where there was "Developed Science".
Where there was a "Plan for the Development of Industry and the State".
Where there was a developed urban and intercity transport, and

people did not have much need to have a personal car.
Where was the "Most Reading People in the World".
Where was "The most developed art".
Where were the "Best Composers".

The most interesting thing is, that in the communist state, which was called
the state of "workers and peasants", was the official Trade Union Organization,
which formally took part in the management of state.
But which ruling party elite will share its power, especially with the common

Therefore, the trade unions were given a small force in factories and plants, in
the form of the law: "Without the permission of the Trade Union, you can not dismiss
the worker", and which was easily overpassed by the party leadership. And for to
attract workers to the trade union created holiday homes and sanatoriums, so that
workers can rest during their legal leave. It means, real strength Trade unions do
not had, and were, a bureaucratic preacher of the Communist ideology.
To this list of the communist empire, we can add that Russia
times of joining the empire of Genghis Khan, and then of governing its lands,
occupied one-sixth of the world's land area. In this territory there are all the riches
that the land can give. In this territory there are huge spaces of fertile land.
In this territory there are innumerable water resources. And the fact, Russian
people have always been one of the poorest on the planet, with an incredible
luxury life of a brutal military top.

We can say that the state was at the core of everything that the peoples of
the communist state lived richly and happily!

And the fact, this state collapsed, since "Nobody wanted to work!"
Why did the "Communist State", created on the basis of just World Laws,
became "Inhuman and cruel to their Citizens", and therefore fell apart itself?
The answer is simple, at communist state was not "Feedback", from all citizens,
which checks every Head of the country at all levels of government, and
removes them, if they harms the state! Since all systems of nature work in this
way, and therefore they are stable, and do not fall apart. Human body is able to


work steadily up to 120 years.
Instead of an open, and with a clear Goal, "Feedback", which is not

connected with the "Government apparatus", but should be connected with
the entire population. Was created the "Secret Police Service", known as KGB,
with the secret goal, to save at any cost Party top management. And this
terrorist group took away all honest workers, commissioned by Tiran “Stalin” and his
bloody assistants from the party.

For ordinary workers, a "Grading system of salaries" was created, which
equalized everyone within the system of the state. This system of party commands
of "leveling", deprived people of the desire to work well. But the main problem was
not, that well-working or poorly working people received the same salaries. The
problem was in Lies, which permeated all bureaucratic, economic, technical, and
scientific system of the state. They lied all from top to the bottom without a chance
to change the situation. Everyone knew about deception at all levels, reporting
"upstairs" lime information. A strong economy existed only on paper. Soviet people
were slaves of the state and basically could not be responsible, because otherwise
the Secret Police would began the work, which declared such people enemies of
Soviet people.

The "Equality for All Fraternal Peoples" created in the country was by the
leadership of the "Great Russian People", which idea was born in the 17th century,
in time of complete conquest of the empire of Genghis Khan. And only Jews, with
their historically indestructible mind and desire to "Create a fair society", have
disturb this communist ideal, and therefore they were always oppressed.

For the implementation of the great communist construction projects, the
prison system of the "Labor Camps" was created, as free workers, which
appeared long before inventions of Himmler and Hitler. Lying became the norm
of state officials, and even the honest work activity of the majority of the state's
population could not compensate for the billions losses, that the "State party
officials" brought to the state. During the regime of dictator Stalin 20 million
civilians were killed, and 20 million soldiers were killed during the war, which the
illiterate dictator sent to die.

And this tells us about two important facts.
1. The government apparatus can not check itself! Such checks are always

to save the government itself!
2. And this once again tells us, that all the Empires are falling apart from
within. And the gravediggers of all empires and countries are "State officials",
which it is more correct to call "Thieves by law".
If we will take “Positive information” of structure and lows building of state
from the historical 70 years example of the Soviet Union.
If we will take information transmitted to us through the scientific sacred Torah
Scrolls, like “7 days of the creation of the world”, which is the experience of
people in other Solar systems. And in which the importance of the 7th part of the
system - the Shabbat, as the "Feedback" for all systems is emphasized many
Than we can understand, what is lacking in the organization of state, good for
all population.
We lack the "Second Authority", which has the right to throw out any official
from his post. The body, which receives information from the entire population of
the state. And such a function to collect information is best performed by all
Women. It means, we need a special Women's Government, protecting the


State from the bureaucrats.
And then, the Just for the whole population state, which in the "Communist State"

was considered as myth, will become a Reality.
In fact, to our Jewish people, and of course to all humanity "there is no

choice", or we will still be able to "return to Nature Balance with humanity",
which created by "God the Creator", or "God of Money" will destroy Nature
and all the people of the planet!

I am sure, that when in a Jewish state, every citizen will feel, that he also
"Governs the state", together with the government, to which he facilitates the
work. That his work on Saturday, on checking the negative sides of the state
gives a good result. That he works to improve his future and his children.
Such a state will be reliable and predictable, as the human body. And all
peoples will want become Jews and learn the Torah.

Throughout all the history, humanity has been discussing the issue, about
"God" acting and organizing the entire universe and our solar system.
Although the answer has long been known to the first settlers of the planet earth.
And this understanding was preserved in ancient Egypt. Ancient Thinkers of Egypt
stressed, that "God" is "The Balance of the Three Forces of Our World: Gravity,
Time and Thought ", which defines all the further Creation of all parts of the world.
It means, God the Creator acts and acted every second of time, in every part of the
universe. He also acts in us People, and He gives us "Physical power" for the
movement, and gives us the "Power of Thought" for existence. And he really
preserves the Structure of our body with the help of the “Gravitation Force”. And
where "Thought, like electricity, is dual by nature", and therefore when it acts in
the "Space of Time", it creates a "bi-directional action": that on the one hand
leads to "Stability of structures", and on the other hand to "Destruction of
structures". That is written in the Torah, like a tree of "Good and Evil".

The very notion of "God" as the world Forces, tells us, that to "God it is
impossible to serve", since He himself works every second of the time, and
He requires constant work from all things.

However, God does not prescribe the "Goals of Existence" to anyone.
Therefore, the Goals of human existence can only be understood from experience
of its multi-billion years existence on other solar systems. And such a scientific
document is the Jewish Torah.

In my first book, I scientifically and accurately determined, what is "God the
Creator". And it really exists, and really acts in our lives every second. And he
is the "Higher Power", which Balances and defines everything in this
world. And we are people, we are "reasonable representatives of God" on
earth. And our task is to preserve the "Balance of Nature" created by God.

I want to emphasize once again, that the "One God", described in the
Torah, He is "Faceless". He gives "Physical Strength", every cell of our body,
to live and exist every second. He gives the "Power of Reason" to every cell
of our body to think, every second.

Yacov. December 2010.


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