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11 ShortSysHebAng 11

11 ShortSysHebAng 11

Short clause about System the Hebrew language,
as functional structure from 7 and 3 parts.
/ And on the basis of what the Mathematics has appeared?/

Because of its Systemic and formal construction, and accordingly concision,
Hebrew also has "comprehensive description of reality", since deprived of "many
additional means of forming words", which existed in the languages of "Free
word-building". So Hebrew can be compared to Systems "chemical, biological
and other formal descriptions", which need for understanding "many
explanations". And it is well known to translators.

This clause is very serious reduction of another clause about System construction of
language the Hebrew, where I in detail examine all parts of language, and why they
reflect «system sense of our real surrounding life». However to read this clause, for
understanding, it is so difficult, that it only under force to people with special way of
thinking, and infernal tolerance. Since it contains so much information and so much of
thin shades, that it can be studied only in parts. And enclosed there illustration more than
hundred examples, it is even more heavy work. Especially it is necessary to take into
account, that the Hebrew has passed a history more than 10000 years, and has without
any doubt incorporated «strangers words», which break its unique order. Therefore in
given clause I have tried to get rid of all complex proofs, and I give only a skeleton of the
proof, why the Hebrew system language, and why it is so constructed.

The Hebrew language characterizes as one of the most ancient languages of the
world. And this language has characteristic special construction and writing, which very
long period of history it was impossible to explain without achievements by science the
high level of new technologies. And only after occurrence in science the concept of
«System» and concepts of «Feedback», and accordingly «Clever computers», it was
possible to understand, why our ancestors named this language «Sacred language»
since people got it, and it unearthly language. And about this speak Eposes
«Mesopotamia and India», that the Hebrew and the Sanskrit are languages received
from «Gods», i.e. those who has based the first civilizations of people on the Earth.

To understand by what language the Hebrew differs from other languages, we should
understand simultaneously in what all languages of people are identical. In fact all
people of our planet live in one world, and all people are constructed equally, and
everyone think equally. And it means, that in all languages of the world there is « One
System Principle» their constructions, which reflects the principle «what way we are
thinking». And this principle worth to be seen. All languages of the world are constructed
from the same elements, and these elements are:
1. Phonetic structure of language. Letters - sounds from which are under

construction all designs of language.
2. Rules of drawing up the semantic designs of words of the language having

« Concrete and constant sense ».
3. Rules of drawing up the semantic designs of sentences of language,

having « conditional and compound sense ».
In a basis of construction of the Hebrew the model of «Uniform Structure of System»
lays, consisting from 7 functional subsystems, and this model is general for all infinite
world of universe and our solar system. And the modern structure of this uniform model
of the System, made from 7 parts has the following picture.
This Uniform System model 7 parts, is deliberately divided by me into it 3 basic making
parts. Where its first part / 1 / « External influence » is always there is «Outside of


structure of system process», but without it the system does not have necessity and
consequently they are indissoluble. The second part / 2 – 6 / «the Functional parts»
consist from 5 functional parts of transformation from Input up to the Output / Reactions
of system/. The third part / 7 / "Feedback" observing adjusting process and stability of
the Functional part.

Now, if we with you shall look at the Alphabet of the Hebrew, as a basis of elements,
of which all «Words» - as «Constant Semantic designs», we shall see precise division of
22 letters of the alphabet into 7 functional parts, by a strict rule are under construction.
And this rule of division of letters on groups is determined on «to the principle of
belonging the letter to Roots or Connections». Therefore groups 2, 4, 6 these are letters,
which are used only in «Roots of words». And groups 1, 3, 5, 7 these are letters, which
meet «both in Roots and in Connections of words», i.e. in suffixes and prefixes and
formations of new designs from a root.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7
‫יוד‬ ‫סמך‬
‫אלף‬ ‫גמל‬ ‫א*ה‬ ‫זין‬ ‫*כפ‬ ‫שין‬
‫בית‬ ‫דלת‬ ‫ו*ו‬ ‫חית‬ ‫למד‬ ‫עין‬ ‫*תו‬

‫טית‬ ‫מים‬ ? ‫א * פ‬,
‫נון‬ ‫ה*פ‬
‫]ק[ צדי‬


First of all, this division of the letters of the alphabet, tells us, that Three Even
groups of Alphabet letters describing the parts of some System are "Stable,
unchangeable parts of the system". And in turn, Four Odd groups of alphabet


letters are "Changable, parts Systems", but of course, they change according to
"Certain Rules". And this is in the queue, tells us, that the semantic description of
the system can be guided only on "Even, unchangeable parts of the system". And
the meaning of the description is "very approximate".

22 letters of the alphabet they are «Base System concepts», which needed for
formation anyone «structures and process of the World». Those 7 parts «System»
division Hebrew alphabet, connects language indissoluble communication with
«the Systems world, surrounding us», and allows to describe this world with the help
functional «Designs from 7 parts», as it really operates in reallity. And consequently at
all 7 parts of the table of the alphabet there is a direct communication with 7 functional
parts of system model, drawn above.

We see with you, that the alphabet is broken into 7 parts functional constructions of
any system of our world. However why in the alphabet there are 22 symbols, the number
which is not connected in any way to number 7 and number 3, which determine
principles of system realization?

It explains very much simply. The matter is, that the first letter of the alphabet
«Aleph» describes the «External function of System», function on which reacts all
structure of system. But this «External function of system» always is outside border of
system, since it is «Target function of some other system». But this
«External function», though it is outside border of system, it is impossible to separate
from the system, since without it in system there is no necessity! Since then, to system is
not present opportunity to change! In fact it changes depending due change «External

Therefore due to External functions of all systems of our world, described by the
letter Aleph, the systems of world «are connected in One huge infinite System».

And closed boundary structure of the system actually has « 21 functional parts». And
consequently 21 = 3 * 7. It means structure of any system in the Hebrew language really
describes «Triple and Septenary ratio».

However, on the way of this «system reality of 7 parts», the world that around of us,
stands «Limitation of the Person» in perception of this real world! In fact, our eyes
are not X rays, and we cannot glance inside of associates about us the subjects and

Therefore, if we shall look at figure of model of system from above, we shall see,
that the person sees, so consequently perceives, from all 7 parts of system only
«External parts», drawn by green color. Moreover, the first part, it as a rule an external
Target part of other system! Therefore actually we see only 2 parts of systems,
«Entrance / 2 / and Target / 6 /». And all others 4 parts of systems, which are
represented in violet color, are for us invisible. Therefore «Gods or Cosmonauts», which
arrived on the earth and gave us Hebrew language, considered our «limitation» and
consequently have compressed all semantic designs language up to 3. And by that have
made all «semantic designs such, that we could connect them with 7 functional parts of
system, and at the same time could with them to operate. Moreover, «They» knew, that
the person not only does not see the majority of parts of systems, but also cannot
operate more than 4 or 5 elements.


Therefore having replaced invisible parts of system on one central letter, and
having left «External seen 2 parts», we receive «Shorten Triple System equivalent»
descriptions of a word. To be exact, we receive «the Triple Root», which with the help
of simple and known additions gives us «Group semantic designs».

1 23 45 67

Vowel Vowel

And this replacement don’t breaks logic of action «the Triple equivalent» in relation to
Full system, since despite of big complexity of action of these replaced invisible three
parts, their unique purpose «to balance» among themselves Entrance and Target parts
of system.

Therefore practically the majority of roots of the Hebrew, having semantic purpose,
Triple, and describe full «System», but compressed for our convenience usings.

And binding words, as «Pretexts» necessary for communication between words are
shorten to «Two-letter», by the same principle, with a difference that it is only invisible
parts of system.

1 23 4 5 67
-- Vowel

And as we see the Semantic equivalent of two-letter «Pretext» is formed from


«Binding parts of system», with full conformity of its arrangement to system of a reality.
This system way from «Base System concepts of the Alphabet» are builded «words»

construction in Hebrew language, i.e. constant concepts, which reflect «Consecutive
functional order action the system» from an input up to an output, i.e. reaction systems.

So, becuase words are constant semantic designs, they always have compressed
«Full system equivalent of 7 parts».

Question of concept the system equivalent of Sentences more complex, therefore
i ask you to concentrate, since it cannot be simplified.

On the one hand «Sentences», it is complex System designs «Conditional», not
having constant sense, which use for formation the «Triple structure» words and
separate letters - concepts. And consequently there «Full system equivalent of 7
parts» depends from complexity of system, which try to describe, and which can have in
the structure a lot of systems and processes. On the other hand, in the basis of this
conditional description «Triple equivalent » compression lays similar structures of 7
parts. And in this System equivalent 2 objects describe external, seen parts of system
/ 2 / and / 6/. And internal, invisible parts of system is described by «Pretext», since the
pretext replaces «Three invisible balancing parts» of system. And observable external
process – a verb, which we see as interaction between objects, which always «One»,
since it fixes change of system, this Process is projected on «Feedback» of system.
Since only «Feedback», which supervises all 5 functional parts of system, can outside
to observe this Change – Process and take part in process! And consequently «Pretext»,
which symbolizes «Invisible internal process», and «Feedback», as invisible part, taking
part in process from the outside, symbolizing process with help of «Verb», are parts,
which cannot be broken off in to system! And consequently «Sentence» is too «the Triple
equivalent», compressing 7 parts of full system, only with the help of «4 words ».

12 3, 4, 5 6 7
object of verb
object of pretext influence feedback

And these 4 words in the Sentences, which form «Triple model» from full system of 7
parts, and which are similar to Triple model of words language, it is really difficult to

This Triple model convolution for full system from 7 parts, which is a basis of all
«Sentences» in all languages of the world, therefore it is such important for all
languages, since carries in itself «System unit of our thinking».


Therefore with help of «conditional Triple model» we express all our ideas, substituting in
model the words, and increasing this model up to any complexity described 7-parts

And when you understand, that «Sentence» is short Triple structure for «full system» it
is possible to understand easier, that inside all systems of our world there is only one
process, and it is «Circle of Balance» system action. And also balance between System
and External world, despite of infinite quantity of systems Upwards and Downwards.

And this understanding of Triple model of our ideas, capable to describe any
structures and processes of our world, has generated the science Mathematics, which
uses the same Triple model for the description of the world, together with External
function of influence on system! I.e. Mathematical model it «Quarter model» of
convolution the «full system with 7 parts». Only Mathematics used in conditional model
instead of words of «Numbers», also have a little transformed this model, not having lost
sense. The first mathematics of ancient Egypt, which were familiar with Triple model,
argued so: Since in any system and its Triple models process is «Balance», we shall
consider, that this balance «was carried out». Then between the Entrance part / 2 /
system and the Target part / 6 / system for numbers there will be «balance – equality ».
And knowing on to what rule the part / 2 /, as «argument», changes can be calculated
always varies the «result» / 6/. And rules of change of «Argument» / 2/, certainly depend
from «External function» / 1/, are known, as «addition, subtraction, multiplication,
division, etc.». And connection between structural models of Language and Mathematics
looks as follows.


However here, as I think, it is necessary to note, that if in Language using «Triple model
of ideas», allows to receive with the help of escalating amounts of «Sentences»
practically the «Full 7-parts model of system».Than in Mathematics using the Triple
model, essentially does not allow to come nearer to sense Full 7-parts systems. It means
the Mathematical Quarter Model always approximately represents processes the validity,
since in a basis of mathematics there are no «Subsystems of full system of the
Alphabet», as it exists for the Hebrew language.

Now when became clear the principles of reduction of structure of system up to «the
Triple equivalent» for all components of language, it is possible to note some more
important details of the System principle of construction of the Hebrew.

In the first, for real 7-parts structures of model of system we see, that it represents
«Closed circle» of infinite action. And this circle operates due to «Feedback», which
observing for process and helps to «Internal managing parts of system» in steady and
balancing process between Entrance / 2 / and Target / 6 / structures, when it leaves
from the set limits. I.e. in real system there is a strong connection between «Feedback»
and «Managing parts of internal balance».

And for this system reason of conformity between a reality and semantic equivalents
of language, in absolutely all languages exists indissoluble connection between «the
Verb and the Pretext». And even there are many verbs, which demand only «the certain

As we see, all systems in a real life have «Feedback», but any language basically
cannot have the feedback during conversation, since process of conversation
«consecutive». Therefore, to compensate this lack of all languages there are some
words, which reflect concept of «Return action».

Let's pay attention, that because of full misunderstanding scientific sense model of
«System» with it 7 functional parts, which people have received from «Newcomers from
Cosmos», and which has been used in the basis of formal constructions of the Hebrew,
so this at all has been lost on many thousand years.
Therefore all languages of the world, except for an ancient Hebrew and the Sanskrit, by
virtue of progress human knowledge, have departed from «Limited on amount of words,
but formal System of the Hebrew», since have been compelled to proceed to «free
System word-formation». Then in all languages began to increase «Quantity
Concrete concepts of words of Language» till indefinitely, in connection with growth


human knowledge. Therefore today all people can «know and understand» only small
part of words - concepts in «enormous dictionaries» all languages. And therefore the
majority of the population of planet so like to use a computer, which can compensate
their «limitation».

Therefore all modern languages, tear off from «the System principle Word-formation
and the Alphabet», have retained only «One System equivalent», which corresponds to
Uniform model of the system world and this is «Sentence». Since without «Triple System
structure of Sentence» the person cannot think and understand the world around.

So only «the Triple system equivalent of sentences» allows to make translations from
one language on another, practically not losing sense.

Because of that? that the Hebrew has system construction of words and the alphabet,
with the help of Hebrew it is possible to find conformity between letters components of a
word and processes working in realities. I.e. with the help of System sense the letters of
Hebrew alphabet it is possible «To calculate functional processes», which behind them
are covered. Or in other words the Hebrew is the «Language of the scientific description
of the world»!

But on the other hand, quantity of roots Hebrew system, as groups of words from each
root, are 10000 combinations, while almost all modern dictionaries today went to 100000
boundary are limited approximately. And unique system structure of the Hebrew allowing
to expand quantity of combinations in language by structure «Smihut», allowing to
combine roots in groups. However in practice it have little using, since people do not
know the principle of system.

Given clause reflects only a question of interrelation between real 7parts systems of
the world and Triple reflection of the validity in Languages. However actually the real 7
parts system possesses still properties of «Power Duality » and «Functional five parts»,
and this knowledge too has been given to people by «Space newcomers». This
knowledge is concentrated in the most detailed and clear form in the ancient Egyptian
“Emerald Tablets of Thoth”. This is perhaps the oldest source of knowledge, which
modern science neglects.

I want to note in the end, that the serious understanding how operates the real
system, opened by science in 20 century, is the main moment in understanding «System
the Hebrew», and also understanding, that this language could not appear developing
from «language of birds» due to Darwin, since absolutely in all colloquial languages
constantly there is an infringement of rules, existing thanking to language academies.
Therefore such formal language, with such high scientific level could appear only «From
outside» our civilization. And it in turn explains the reality of many ancient Eposes, about
arrival of «Gods».

Yacov. 18.03.2007


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