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1 Causes of Magneticity 1

1 Causes of Magneticity 1

Causes of Magneticity of some elements of the periodic table.

In the periodic table there is a group of "Magnetic Elements", but no one has
explained where their Magnetism comes from.

I think, that this is due to the fact, that their neutron part of an atom has a special
property, related to its spatial orientation in relation to the Three World Forces:
Time, Gravity, Electricity, which act in absolutely any matter of the universe.

The nuclei of all atoms are compressed by gravity with great force. Wherein
the "World Time Force", stretching all the atoms of the universe, pulls out
a group of electrons from the nucleus, and thus generates the "electron shell of the
nucleus", which allows atoms to interact with each other and form all sorts of
compounds. And this way appeared world "Electric forces". Since without Time
Stretching Force, Electric forces cannot act.

If we analyze in the periodic table “Neutron parts of atoms”, then you will
notice, that the vast majority of those parts of stable atoms - "Even". It means,
there is reason to guess, that the neutron parts inside the nucleus, in the process of
balance, try to occupy "Symmetric position", in the form of a paired pyramid. And
about that we are witnessed by the “Pyramid of electrons of any atom”, which
builds the shells according to certain Numerical system rules.

As I understand it, for the group of Magnetic Atoms, in which neutrons also
form a “Pyramid of the pair”. The structure of this Pyramid is such, that
allows neutron electrons to move along some kind of “internal orbits”,
causing an additional enhancement of the Gravity force, with using the
magnetic field, that this current causes. This additional Gravity is like a “Little
Black Hole”, attracting other neutron nuclei, that can "reorient their neutron
pyramids", which are always "Symmetric". That's why, I am supposing, that the
Black Holes of the Universe also have incredible strength magnetic field, that
enhances gravity. It can be said, that Magneticity is the quality of the “Premature”,
which existed before the appearance of the Force of Time, that after it appeared
the universe, which was preserved in certain materials.


I think, that these neutron pyramids are located near the Main Balanced Spatial
Axis of a table known from the Sumerian number systems 60. Marked in red by
The Sumerian number system, which came to us from Space, allows
make spatial calculations of system structures. And therefore not by chance
the axes of the pyramids of magnetic atoms are in the region of the Main Balanced
axes of the hexagon numbers 60.

These magnetic atoms, known from elementary chemistry, include:
Iron having a neutron number - 30. Cobalt having a neutron number - 32. Nickel
having a number of neutrons 31.

Another group of magnetic atoms are:
Gadolinium, with the number of neutrons 93 = 31 * 3. Terbium, with the number of
neutrons 94 = 31 * 3 +1. Dysprosium, with the number of neutrons 96 = 32 * 3.
Holmium, with a number neutrons 98 = 32 * 3 +2. Erbium, with the number of
neutrons 99 = 33 * 3.

It means, for all magnetic atoms can be distinguished Pyramidal structure
of 15 neutrons, which can be paired, ternary and even fourfold.

What is the real shape of the neutron parts of magnetic materials from 15
neutrons, it is difficult for me to imagine. But if you arrange them in one sheet,
then we get a unique “Equilateral Triangle”, with properties known from
elementary trigonometry. It practically used in the game of billiard. This triangle can
be called - Magnetic triangle.

The main confirmation of this rule, are the substances obtained from non-
magnetic materials. CrB3 = 28 + 6 * 3 = 15 * 3. This substance forms three
pyramids of 15 neutrons.

It is worth paying attention, that most substances receiving Magnetic
properties in compounds with other substances, this substances in which there is
necessarily an atom bordering on a group of magnetic atoms of periodic table.
Those, which number of neutrons of these atoms is close to the “Main Balance
And these are atoms: Cr = 28, Mn = 30, Eu = 89. This means, that the attachment
the atoms shifts the axis of this bordering atom towards the Main balance axis.
This axis, apparently, can be called "Magnetic".


Confirmation of the same rule are also combinations of the magnetic elements
themselves, among which the most powerful magnet is Terbium - Iron.

If we consider, that the "System of Sumer 60", was intended for “Spatial
Calculations”, it must be assumed, that each number from 60 occupies 6 degrees
spatial circle 360 degrees. Therefore the number 30 is the axis of 180 degrees,
dividing the circle in half. And this is certainly the main "Balance axis of the
circle". It should be noted, that 6 degrees is the twist angle of the DNA chains of
the human gene system.

As it is known, in our world there are “people - Magnets”, and an element of their
magnetization is a bone skeleton. The reasons for their magnetism should be
sought in the possibility of obtaining the neutrons of the chemical elements of their
bones "Magnetic Triangle".

As we know, our bones in childhood mainly consist of amorphous calcium
phosphate with the formula Ca3(PO4)2, which over the years changed into
natural Apatite with the formula Ca10(PO4)6(OH)2.

If we consider the elements of calcium phosphate, we can pay attention.
Calcium is an ideal element for building strong foundations of all creatures, since
has an ideal structure of 20 neutrons and 20 protons and in the spatial hexagon
occupies the balance axis 20-50. However, in calcium phosphate three calcium
atoms and together they have an ideal structure of 60 neutrons and 60 protons. It
means, triple calcium has the ability to form 4 –x Magnetic triangles. The second
part of the formula is PO4. Where Phosphor has 16 neutrons and 15 protons, i.e.
also close in structure to the Magnetic Triangle. And Oxygen has 8 neutrons and 8
protons, and since Oxygen’s is 4, then they form groups of 32 neutrons and 32
protons and are capable of forming a Magnetic Triangle.

It follows from all these formulas, that a human bone can become Magnetic,
but for this it needs an internal “Magnetic Source”, which will force the neutrons
of the chemical elements of the bones to "Reorient their neutrons". Of course, such
an element can be Iron. However, iron can only get into the bone with the help of
Blood. Therefore, I suppose, that such a process can happen in childhood during
injuries, and of course in rare cases.

It should be noted, that our body in which it works complex Electrical system,
also has its own “Magnetic field”, polar in hands. So if we take in hand
"Permanent metal magnet", then its effect on the body will be depend on the polarity
of the magnet in the hands. In one case, it will be “Gain internal magnetic field",
which leads to increasing the balance of the body. In another case, there will be
a “weakening of the internal magnetic field, which leads to a weakening of the
balance of the body. And a similar process occurs, when the magnet is held
vertically for its central part.

In addition, from the two formulas for bones, it is clear, that the ossification of the
skeleton during of time, it comes down to the fact, that Calcium part of the bone
gets an additional atom of calcium and turns into Apatite. Since if you remove this
the additional calcium, the formula will be Ca9 (PO4) 6 (OH) 2. It means, this is just
the triple calcium phosphate molecule, that we have reviewed.

We can add to this description, that the bulk Neutron - Proton structure of the Iron
atom can occupy a very dense and symmetric structure, from the Seven Elements
into 8 symmetric layers of neutrons and protons. And this dense structure of
the bulk Hexagon, elongated along the central axis of the atom, together with the
special distribution of protons and neutrons, probably gives the whole atom a
special property of Magnet.


Since the arrangement of protons is symmetrically paired stretched inside in the
form of a Dumbbell, with symmetric shells of electrons along the lengths of 1, 4, 7.
This creates a closed neutron shell, with an internal symmetric charge of protons.
Where neutrons make up a symmetrical row from the center: 6, 3, 1, 5. And where
the inner space is generated by the magnetism of neutrons. Numbers 1, 4, 7 for
electrons have, according to the table of the Sumerians, the controlling property.

Yacov Ioffe. 28. 12. 2018.


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