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1 WaterOpit Internet 1

1 WaterOpit Internet 1

Experiments with Water, or whence the Golden Section came from.
/ Perpetual water engine can be created! /

How many secrets exists in nature, so many secrets
there is in the molecule of water.

In basis of consideration of properties of Water in given clause lays scientific
concept of "Time" existing «Up to during existence Ancient Egypt », as
« Energy of the Stretching » working in all universe in counterbalance with
«Energy of Compression », named force of Gravitation. And the main
element, in which this force "Stretching", as Time, is shown by strongest way
"Water" is.

Why really Water, instead of other elements?
The main practical answer is «the reality of Alive world», which for 70 percent
consist of water. However it is not an explanation but only confirmation of its
importance in the alive and lifeless world. Therefore the valid explanation, that
water is basis of all alive on the earth and in all universe, it that Water in all
alive organisms is "Intermediary" for reception space Energy from space of
the universe. Therefore only due to properties of water «to accumulate space
energy and to transform it to energy of movement and electric energy», water
has taken such central place in the universe. And all most complex systems
alive do not live without water, and the most simple alive systems
do not activate the action without water.

The life on our planet the earth, as well as life in all universe is determined
by "Water". To be exact the Life is determined by quantity of Water existing
on planet, for that water was the determining part making temperature on a
surface of planet.

Despite of plenty unique properties of water, important for the
organization of alive essences, the determining part making temperature
on surface of planet is quality of Water to have the lowest temperature
range between three physical conditions: Firm, Liquid and Gaseous, and
it has approximately 20 degrees.
Actually, natural cycles of constant change of three phases of water really
support the range of temperatures on surface of the ground, and by that
give to develop to all alive. Therefore intervention in natural Cycles of water,
and especially pollution of water, which breaks Natural cycles, in all its
three conditions, lead not only to destruction of life, but also change the
climate on surface of the ground.

What information we can take from 4 conditions of water, proceeding
from position of Sun and Moon and practical supervision?

Rotation the Sun on sky in an ideal can be divided on 360 degrees, and this
information has been received from Cosmic newcomers together with
information about notation 60 at Sumer, and annual Cycle of rotation the earth
about Sun, as 360 days. But from practice we know, that the daily cycle of
rotation the earth is 24 hours, or 360 degrees is divided on 4 parts, where
duration « Day and Night » varies, and duration « Mornings and Evenings »
are constant, since transitions from Light to Darkness and Darkness to Light
depend only by corners of falling rays of light at transition. And as far as I
understand this time constantly and equally to 2 hours, or to 30 degrees.


Except for that, only on equator duration of day and night in season are
approximately equal, and with approach to poles day and night vary with the
certain dates of equality. However in anyone case, in the afternoon we notice
evaporations of water and its rising on kilometers upwards, as clouds. And at
night we notice lowering water downwards and its subsidence on all subjects.

Clearly, that rising of water is connected to increase the volume of
molecules of water, and lowering with reduction of volume. But if only whether
the temperature influence on molecules?

We know, that when Sun is in the sky, it means, that it pulls molecules of
water upwards counteracting attraction of earth, and it operates together with
increase in volume. At night sun is on the return side of earth, and except for
falling temperature, the attraction of sun helps the earth to pull molecules to
the ground. However the Moon interferes with this process, which being still
from Solar side helps to sun in the afternoon and strengthens a raising. And
on the contrary strengthens an attraction to surface of earth at night. And
when moon Is from the opposite side to sun it weakens action of sun in the
afternoon, and at night it operates as well as sun trying to lift molecules of
water upwards, i.e. not giving them to be lowered. And because Force of
Sun and Moon on influence on Earth are approximately equal, it is
possible due phases of moon to judge about change approximately
influences of planets on molecules of water.

Basically we can "Indirectly see" as molecule of Water conduct by
themselves being around of us in air. If we will make long break between
cleaning in an apartment, after removing a sofa, an armchair or a table, we
shall see under them huge quantity of «thin strings». And in my apartment,
constantly blown by winds, these «thin strings» are formed practically every
day. Who collects under our bed or sofa these "strings"? Strings collect
«Molecules of Water», which constantly are in air, and they and « Stick
together those fine particles», which are transferred with Air. And if we shall
look attentively these «Strings are always thin and very long », and they are
not hair, though also hair can meet among them. I.e. Water has property to
stick together materials in chained structures, which it forms.

Other business is water in the human body, which is «Electric machine»
with constant temperature. And it at once means, that volume molecules of
water in body has constant size determined by temperature of 36.7 degrees.
And consequently stickiness of molecules of water will be determined only by
«Electric properties of molecule».

Molecules of Water which as we know, are "Sticky" in attitude to each
other, because as people of a science explain, they have certain « Electric
Polarity». Why molecules of water have «Electric Polarity» and try to be
kept the friend about the friend? Therefore, scientists explain, that orbit of
electron Hydrogen forms the general orbit covering also nucleus of Oxygen,
i.e. more precisely, occupies «conditionally missing orbit of Oxygen ». Or it is
possible to tell, that Oxygen partly takes away electron from both atoms of
Hydrogen in molecule of Water, and nucleus of Hydrogen settle down with
one side nucleus of Oxygen.


Due to such association of orbits, the molecule of Water receives Electric
Polarization and consequently it always electric charged, by certain similarity
of the Electromagnet. And consequently this molecule of Water
communicates by electric forces with other molecules of Water, forming
Chains and Drop structures.

However, all of us, alive organisms, are in the Magnetic field of earth and
then our molecules of water, if they "are polarized", should always to look on a
direction of this field. Something with this theory of polarization of molecules
of water is not absolutely clear. And it is clear, that it was born from
experience of existing Lightning during rain.

And on the other hand we should ask themselves, then how it is possible to
explain property «Impossibility of compression the volume of water» if
molecules of water have because of "Polarity" the form type like Parachute?
And then how it is possible to explain, that pure water does not carry out an

I.e. I think, that it is possible to explain stickiness of water only then,
when such Stickiness simultaneously explains:
1. Paired relationship of molecule of water.
2. Triple relationship molecules of water.
3. Don’t pressed volume molecules of water.
4. Fantastic permeability of water in other materials.
5. Ability to dissolve in itself huge number of substances.
6. Stickiness, as electric activity of molecules.

We know, that the basic molecule of water / 18 / incorporates atom of
"Oxygen", which in turn, consist from: « 8 protons and 8 neutrons ». And also
two atoms of Hydrogen are.

Proceeding from Paired relationship of molecule of water, and proceeding
from Trinity molecules of Water, we can offer structure, which at all Is not
planetary. In fact the planetary system cannot carry in to itself the
property of Paired relationship.

Therefore it is possible to explain the Pair form of molecule of Water by
following image.

The form atom of Oxygen is parallelepiped and will have this structure:

Why the given structure of Oxygen corresponds to the validity?


Because this structure has two centers of Power activity, and communications
with other atoms, and well explains why and how it connected to molecule of
Oxygen "O2", which has an opportunity to be united by two power edges, and
even by four. Because given structure explains, that the Neutron as part of
molecule is binding between Two proton parts, and participates in all
reorganizations and interactions of atom. And consequently such structure is
simultaneously "Triple" and "Pair".

Therefore connection of two Hidrogens on edges of molecule Oxygen, does
not change character of Paired relationship and Trinity of atom Oxygen, but
already for «the Molecule of Water». With that only difference, that because of
connection of Hidrogens the power opportunity of interactions with
surrounding substances weakens, but new molecule receives additional
unique properties.

Weak acid properties of base Oxygen allow to water simultaneously: To be
enough neutral, to be the sticky, fastening environment of substances. And to
be enough active, to be a feedback of system connections, or simply a part of
structure for other system substances.

Besides, in general from simple logic it is more preferable to count, that
"Protons", as positive part of nucleus, are placed by top part of nucleus.
Since they, during what that process, have lost what that «Unknown to us
Energy». And consequently Proton cannot return electron back, into the
internal orbit. For that system «Proton + Electron» again became the
Neutron, and was neutral for external interactions. Therefore model, when
Neutrons inside atom, and Protons outside, it is quite real.

The main thing, that such structure of Water does not deny Orbital
Electronic connections on its edges, but makes these orbital
connections more «Directed and Selective» in space. I.e. the given
model molecule of Water has two «Electronic centers of Interactions»
with other substances. And where each of two «Electronic centers» can
increase the valency up to « - 3 ». In other words, such structure of
molecule of Water reminds us "Trigger", which thanks to big lost stock
of energy, during construction has huge Quantity of «Steady power
states». I.e. it can serve as «Information Memory of alive essences »,
and in general, to remember, what occurred to it in past time of

In other words, for all alive world, instead of «Planetary model of atoms» is
more preferable the «Pyramidal Model of atoms», having in space « Certain
active centers », which already for a long time are determined as "Valency".
And where quantity of tops such spatial pyramid can change.


So, for example, for Coal "C" / 12/, the quantity of such centers is known
as 4, however the form of the coal obviously has Hexagonal form, and to
explain its formation with the help only 4 centers is not obviously possible.
Since it possible to explain only by «Paired relationship and Triple structures».
Then 6 protons and neutrons located in symmetric nucleus by 3 from each
side really form hexagonal, and then these 6 Electronic Connections for
external interaction is used only 2, from each side only speaks, that the atom
is system. So its internal structure should "be balanced" with an external
world. Since external and internal Balance carry out only electrons.

Two extreme parts of molecule of Water allow it to cooperate with
substances outside. Power incompleteness edges of molecule allows it to be
united with other molecules of water in one «Macro volume». And
simultaneously allows water to stick to other substances and to fasten them.
Water «as though can creep» on other substances.
The rectangular form of nucleus of molecule allows it to receive anyone
form, and simultaneously to be to volume of water incompressible. Extended
form of nucleus of molecule, allows it to penetrate in molecular gleams of

I.e. in effect, the molecule of water is simply small, sticky and flexible
sticks, which allow to build of it any form.

Therefore filling by water any volumes makes these volumes strong enough,
and this used for construction of alive essences. In effect Water is glue of the
Nature, which possible easily to create and easily to destroy.

As we know from practice, that unique properties of Water, are connected
with its Temperature and Power properties. At heating water, the volume of
molecules of water strongly increases, force of an attraction of the earth falls,
and they come off from general sticky volume and rise upwards, on very big
height the bottom part of an atmosphere, on 10-12 kilometers. From what
reason molecules of water arising so high?

Because having not bind with another molecules, water from rising of
temperature, change its angle of stickiness. And scientists measure this
angle, it is equal 104 degrees. This angle provides a new opportunity to bond
water molecules between them, as the “Pentagon”, which has an angle of
bonding 104 degrees. And Pentagons can form a “Dodecahedron”, which has
very high strength and approaches the shape of a ball.

However, it is clear that the shape of a dodecahedron in inanimate nature
are very rare. In inanimate nature, we are witnessing a form of “Hex Crystal”,
since it is a very strong structure. Therefore, in the air water molecules stick
together in gropes of “Pentagons” random way, which is also a strong

In all the research and books about the Water structure is


emphasized, that the angle, which is formed by two hydrogen atoms
to the oxygen atom is equal to 104.5 degrees, i.e. a little different from
108 degrees.

However, why the hydrogen in the water molecule forms an angle 108
degrees? Since a structure with 8 protons and 8 neutrons not fits into
the construction of the Pentagon. How this condition can be done?

I believe, that this is due to the fact that the image of an atom
oxygen has the form of "Ball" is untrue. In actually the nucleus of an
atom of oxygen "elongated parallelepiped", wherein outer edges are
four proton. Wherein the size of the squares of proton arrays edges of
parallelepiped corresponds to length of parallelepiped as the golden

Then, in this form of the oxygen, atom the electronic connection of
two Hydrogen can form together with oxygen Golden Triangle, which in
turn is a five-pointed tip Star starting in mid parallelepiped.
Only this structure of atom oxygen with inner golden ratio of nucleus
allows the formation of electronic communication with the hydrogen in
the form of angle of 108 degrees pentagon. And respectively, the water
properties of the golden section determine them in nature.

I'm not a physicist, and come to this question of the structure water
atom from the positions of the actual quality of the water, in the
the rise of water up as dodecahedron, or the properties of water
penetration, or inability of compression, or other properties.

From this structural image of a molecule of water can be seen, that
all of the dimensions it is this contingent of the golden section ratio
lines of nucleus. It is seen, that lines of connections of the atoms in the
form of "Edge Pentagon" are line mutual attraction between the centers
of gravity, and also this line of Pentagon also divided in golden section.


It is important to note, that in this case, the ratio of length to
width of the structure of the oxygen atoms is 6: 2, or from the middle of
the atom to width of 3: 2. Since It is the ratio of the golden triangle.

This "golden" location atoms of hydrogen near atom of oxygen, when
they are placed on the golden section ribs Pentagon, gives the molecule
unlimited possibilities interaction in space. It soon turned water into
"the most reconfigurable, very sticky and very penetrating molecule in
Nature. Since firstly, it has more possibilities for joining foreign the two
hydrogens. And secondly, there are the possibility of changing the
spatial structure of the molecule in 5 different versions.

And to see it enough to look at the structure of a mirror image
of hydrogens.

Then the version of the structure of water will look like this:


It is clear, that with such a structure of the water molecule it has no
Obstacles, that hydrogen at negative temperature changes region will
changed their angle from 104. 5 /108/ degrees, to 60 degrees like at
snow. Since the golden ratio of the distance from the center of oxygen
to the center of the hydrogen remains the same. And I believe, that it is
act due to reasons of elongated nucleus of an atom of oxygen.

The figure shows, that in sub-zero temperatures, hydrogens
converging to an angle of 60 degrees, keeping all options
Structural combinations of water molecule. The compounds may
form any multiple angles, like snowflakes.
Those, it can be said, that the general and approximate appearance
of water molecules in the compound resembles Dumbbells, since the
central part of the atom oxygen inert. But most importantly, that the
water combines properties of Pairing / symmetric /, Triplicity and
Fivefolding, that gives her unlimited spatial capabilities.


In this model of water molecule, we see, that when changes
the angle between the hydrogens at the edges of the molecule, right
away changes the volume and electricity of the molecule. And we also
see, that the volume and electricity depend on each other.

Water is the main substance, that determines the energy of human
body and other natural organisms, as an "Mediator" for the world's
energy Time. As we know from "The Emerald Tablets", that "the
Thought to be eternal, Time must exist ", i.e. Time / a Energy / is the
realization of Thoughts penetration in space of structures. In nature
water is the Energy allows to operate Thoughts.

Therefore, during the Magic sessions, the movement of Energy
through the body is watching by mind of our consciousness. A magical
hand movement in orbits around the body is carried out by
Subconscious thoughts, which we do not observe. And then it is clear,
that the "Hands" is "Feedback between the conscious and the

The ability of water to form spatial “pentagons” determined the
dominant role of water in structures of living beings. Since such
structure is not only “durable”, but “flexible”. On one hand, his crystal,
on the other hand this crystal is flexible and can form in space complex
“Ordered structures”. In contrast Hex structure is strong, but inflexible.

Therefore, for a simple example, you can see that football balls painted by
Pentagons, since do this with Hexagons is impossible. Hexagons can’t form
a ball. And I think, that for this reason five fingers of man’s hands and feet is
a combination of maximum flexibility and durability.

These groups of " Pentagons " give to water «Elevating force» against
action of terrestrial gravitation, and accordingly lift water highly upwards.

After estrangement from liquid volume of water, the group of Pentagons
does not lose the «Sticky properties». However now it is difficult for it to find,
with whom to be stuck together, and on the other hand there is nobody to
whom give the spare energy. Therefore molecules rise highly upwards, and
only movements stream of air can find him partners for sticking. And so
clouds are formed. Since for estrangement from liquid phase water should
receive enough energy, for its volume has increased.

Molecules rise upwards up to clouds, as «Pair structures» and
consequently the word "Heavens", in Hebrew means «Paired relationship of

However with increase of height the temperature falls, so where
Energy molecules of water goes, if it could not be given nobody?

On seen, downturn of temperature should change the internal form of
molecule. And how it goes, it is a serious question?

That that in this case occurs decreasing volume of water we know from
experiences. And it means, as I understand, in this case the hydrogen starts
to be displaced from the center, since the internal electric potential of
molecules really starts to grow. But only the potential grows not in the form of
known in science "Parachute", but in form «Pair and probably balanced
Vector». And only when temperature falls below Zero, it is already high in an
atmosphere, occurs formation appreciable outside « pair Electric potential ».
Where each hydrogen, probably, deviates from axis on a corner of 60, and
then it can to make with another molecule angle 120 degrees of hexagon.


It is possible from these reasons becomes clearly, why highly on sky above
crystals of snowflakes are formed, or at downturn of temperature on surface
of earth. Since when the frosty wind carries atmospheric water, we feel, that it
pricks our skin. And accordingly electric potentials can appear in molecules of
water, only high on sky above, where the temperature is lower than zero.

And as, I suppose, the frozen condition molecules of water, erases
«Internal Memory states of Water», or in other words «Nulls the trigger of
memory of Water». And possible therefore, such water is considered more
healthy to organism.

It is asked, why then the volume of Water is not «Conductor of the

On seen, because in this volume there are no vacancies for promotion
electron, since all orbits "are filled", for Oxygen it is 4 + 4 and for Hydrogen
is 1. Water very steady connection, which is difficult for dividing into parts,
since during connection oxygen and hydrogen the huge quantity of thermal
energy is allocated. This means, that water has huge potential on
accumulation of energy.

It turns out, that in usual liquid condition water has very weak attitudes to
Electric energy.

Then how water is Power the intermediary between world energy and
structures of alive?

In the first, stickiness of water makes it remarkable transmitter of

In the second, Water can accumulate huge quantities of energy, which it
can give other molecules.

In the third, we know, that only cells of plants are capable to bear minus
temperatures, not breaking from crystallization water, but thus processes of
acting in them stop. All organisms of independent movement cannot bear
minus temperature and consequently in time of cool are hidden under a thick
Layer of grounds and snows. And warm-blooded animals, compensate cool
by meal, or too are hidden under layer of snow. I.e. a necessary condition of a
life is Liquid phase of water in an organism. And in this phase Water can
accumulate and then give energy to other fabrics, and smooth out level of
energy and temperature.

Since only the liquid phase of water, is capable to carry out at once some
functions of an organism:

1. To provide durability of an organism and his flexibility for movement.
2. To provide functional action of system structures, as


participant of functional process.
3. To provide functional action of system structures, as "Environment" of

functional action.
4. To provide balance of all processes of an organism.
5. To provide balance of all structures of an organism.
6. To provide Storing the Information of action of an organism.
7. To provide balance of energy of an organism.
8. To provide neutralization of the negative phenomena of functional

processes of an organism.
9. To provide thermal balance of an organism.
10. To provide maximal physical and accordingly power volume of an


Water is the first base and a basic element of our universe,
possessing properties of storing of Energy, in form of Information and
consequently forms a basis information Processes of all Wildlife in all
its variety of Essences and processes. Chained Energy of Water, allows
Water to accumulate huge volumes of Energy of Time /stretching/,
which it gives «to Information Structures alive Essences», taking part in
all their processes. Dual – Triple molecule of Water, is « Ideal Structure »
for accumulation Energy of the Stretching / Time / through any light,
Infra-red or other fields energy, with possible transformation it to
Electric Energy and back.

As is clearly from «Triple - Pair model», molecules of water, that after
passing through freezing point both atoms of Hydrogen of molecule are
displaced for limits of sides of Oxygen, and thus volume of molecule
increases. Thus stickiness of molecules very strongly increases, since
negativity of poles strongly grows. Therefore molecules of water, probably,
stick together in Triple structural groups. However, they are not one dense
Macro molecule, as it take place in liquid phase of Water, since distances
between molecules regular.

It, as we see, strictly ordered six facets structures and the principle of
formation of structures, we can see from figure.
But since volume of molecules from low temperature decreases, all of them
equally fall on he ground, due to attraction of earth.

Ordering of Triple groups of molecules in 6 beam snowflakes can occur
only in an atmosphere, where they can freely be unwrapped and incorporate
by rules of valiancy attraction. Separate beams of snowflakes, are strong
enough, since when we tread on snow, we hear a scratch, as these chains
break and more densely occupy volume of space.


Electric Stickiness and Flexibility of molecules of water allows it to form
associations with set of chemical substances and elements, in which its Acid
and Alkaline properties are shown.

Dual Property of water to accumulate Energy / the Information, as Energy
of Time or energy of Stretching /, and its property «Pair Electric Polarization»,
changing and depending on External energy of surrounding substances, have
predetermined «Chained construction of all alive essences», which use this
energy of Water for movement, construction and ability to live. All energy
Movements of alive essences and all energy of processes of ability to live
Essences, basically is determined «by Water taking place inside alive
Essences», which delivers energy to all other fabrics and cells of organism.
I.e. Water it is « Eternal and absolutely pure Fuel », which exists in
unlimited quantities in the universe and on the earth, and its use absolutely
free-of-charge and not demands wars and destruction of people and other

What is the main Power problem of alive essences, using Water as an
energy source?

As I understand main Problem of alive essences is high « Temperature
Dependence of Water Molecules ». Temperature, as we already spoke,
changes volume and changes « Electric, Dual properties Molecules ».
Therefore all alive organisms are constructed so, that Maximum to
exclude strong influence Temperature on Water inside our body!

In the first, at majority of overland essences, Thermoregulation is
supporting constant temperature approximately 35 - 37 degrees.
Which at temperature is higher than 20 degrees Celsius increases
«Branch of Sweat » lowering Temperature of Water in the body. Or at low
temperature of 5-10 degrees are reduces time of heat exchange and
increases quantity of reactions of allocation fat and hair cover.

And only essences lack backbone, presume to themselves absence
temperature regulation, i.e. opportunity of serious change water volume. But
thus all moving essences are able to use the means, protecting them from
"freezing", i.e. from breaks of their fabrics, keeping inside the liquid water

In the second, our skin is the Light filter, therefore Water in our body
is in Darkness. Direct beams of sun change color of skin on more Dark, not
allowing beams of the Sun strongly to increase Temperature of Body. I.e.
energy of "Time" / Energy of Radiation/, stretching volume molecules of
Water, operates in organisms only in the most effective «Penetrating part».
I.e. our organism tries to make so, that «Volume Molecules of Water» was
constant. This way in molecules of Water is established only interaction
between two Functions: «External Energy» and in «Electric potentials of

And these External influences and Electric influences are remembered by
molecules of Water. I.e. molecules of water they are «the Opposites
Copies» all surrounding fabrics. Molecules of Water, as though fill
Energetically the environment, sticking to them, and remembering, fix there
state, thus do not give them to change. And these Functions are determining
by Power Homeostasis and management of all functions of an organism.

What qualities of water are the most important in operation an organism?
Qualities of water, as Information memory, and as Electric network of


nervous system and Brain already for a long time are understood by science.
However why our organism, and also organisms of others warm-blooded
creatures are within the limits of 36 - 42 degrees?

I think, that it depends parity from «Stickiness and Penetrating ability of

Since on the one hand water should be Sticky enough, for that volume of
our body was «Whole and Strong». For there was strong skeleton, and
fabrics of skin did not pass water, that we have simply dried up.

On the other hand, water should have sufficient permeability to achieve all
cells of an organism. Since all Functional processes, cells and organs without
water do not act. And it means, that water should penetrate through all
internal partitions and walls of different vessels and cells.

And for understanding of an opportunity of overlapping of these opposite
functions «Stickiness and Permeability», we should recollect 4 different
conditions of water within day.

During time of "Night" we sleep. Our nervous system is disconnected,
pulses of nervous system cease polarize molecules of water and other
molecules of an organism. Water at such body temperature loses its
Stickiness. Now the task of water to penetrate into all cells, which during work
have collected a lot of urine. Thus during work in time of day different organs
have collected inside temperature potentials from combustion of Oxygen and
consequently the superfluous temperature is in the certain places of
organism. And only free penetration of water into all these bodies, can smooth
out level temperature of all cells of an organism. This penetration of water into
all hardly working places of an organism, removes existing «Nervous, Electric
voltage». Penetration of water into all dried up in time of day places
simultaneously "Balances" the right and left sides of an organism, and in the
afternoon we rise vigorous for action. Therefore at night, we as though renew

Only the Water Balance of an organism, when water will penetrate into
all volumes of right and left sides of an organism makes his "healthy".
If during night, water has not time to make this, in organism quickly
collected areas, where water does not act. These areas gradually change
the structure, which form water should hold. Areas as though dry up
and through what that time « Full balance of an organism» is already
impossible, the organism falls ill. Disease begins to twist the skeleton
and fabrics and the way back already is not exist. Ancient Egyptians,
when considered misbalance of organism, said that if it passes a line of
Heart, it dies, since it cannot support action of organs any more.

During time of "Day" the organism actively operates. The brain sends
Electric pulses, which polarize molecules of water and they stick together
more strongly. The organism gets stronger, and receiving energy of sun
in addition tries to lift the body temperature. However the body temperature is
stabilized, therefore water translates this temperature in additional energy of
Stickiness of molecules. I.e. in our organism there are two sources of
polarization: the Brain and Nervous system, and also External Heat. And both
they increase stickiness of water, and reduce its opportunities on
«Penetration between Volumes».

Therefore, the heaviest condition accelerating disease of organism is
Nervous excitation or Stress, which remembers the « Nervous voltage». Since


during switching-off of Nervous system at night, it continues polarize
molecules of water, and they do not lose its "Stickiness". Penetration of Water
into volumes of an organism insufficient and the organism cannot « Be
balanced for to be Healthy».

But how does act water power in the living beings and the man?
A question about the action of water power in the person’s body, the best is
observed during the performance of “magic and automatic power cycles” of
ancient Egypt. But who from the contemporary scientists and especially the
physicists manages this knowledge? No one. Since humanity, until now, did
not understand that the initial knowledge of people was obtained from
“cosmos”. And our civilization began from this scientific knowledge. And this
water energy and information processes are invisible for us. Therefore the
energy water processes of human body, until now, are known as “secret
magic”, which always attempted to open anew the Chinese, the Japanese and
Hindus. However, “source scientific knowledge” existed only in ancient Egypt
and it was completely lost from illiteracy and limitedness of people.

However, what is such “Egyptian magic”? This is “energy magic of the
human body”, which by brain and nervous system knows how " automatically
fill human body by energy”, without participation of human consciousness, i.e.,
in other words “thoughts”. In order to understand sense, what is such
“Egyptian magic” let us focus our attention on the fact, that human body
combine in their “vital process” two modes of operations, which are governed
from its brain:

1. Automatic, unconscious regime. In which our body completely
governed from the brain without participation of our thought. And
usually this occurs during the sleep, after which we arise cheerful and
rested, since collected sufficiently energy.

2. Semiautomatic, conscious regime. In which our body partially
governed by our thoughts, which govern by organs of motion, vision
and conversation. And in this case the rest organs of our organism
continue to be governed automatically without our consciousness.
And in this case we spend on our actions more energy, than we
obtain it from cosmos, and therefore we get tired and want to sleep.

Other regimes of action an organism in our life we do not have. However, it
occurs that our organism is so “magically wisely built”, that if it are
understood, then it is possible to learn to use “third regime” its action and this
the regime, which I call “Trans, automatic regime”, in which acts only
“power system of filling and protection of body, and its main actuating
element Hands”. And this scientific knowledge existed before the
appearance of ancient Egypt, and some time in ancient Egypt, and then it

Why hands are chief executor for the power system of man?
Because hand this is the part of the brain, which is separated from it on the
fourth week of the development of embryo, and furthermore hands possess
the property “of polarizations of the volumes of water” into the person’s body.
Therefore “the session of Egyptian magic”, this is, when men passively
controls its body, at that time when its hands move automatically along
the specific orbits around its body and fill by energy and they free from
the problems and the diseases, which the system " sees”. Therefore this
state is not sleep, since you can, as a rule, speak during the session and


certainly open eyes, but this special state of trance, since in the specific
minutes of session you lose the sensations of your body, as if it
disappears, but sometimes cannot open eye and speak.

I am confident, that this absolutely scientific knowledge the Egyptians
obtained from whom that from “cosmos”, since to understand it they did not be
able, and therefore this “absolutely noble knowledge about human health”
overgrew for them, in essence, in “black magic” sending the “disease or
death” to enemies, and also uses, until now, the incomprehensible “burial
ceremonies of people”. Therefore in reality all incomprehensible “ancient texts
and figures on the pharaoh's graves”, this only fragments from the scientific
texts about magic of human body, obtained from cosmos.

And it becomes simultaneous clear, that all known eastern procedures of
China, Japan, India and other countries, this only of part of “unique Egyptian
magic”, since the most great specialist in treatment and sanitation can’t know
the need of your body better than your “personal power system”.

I do not know accurately how organized the water human body, but the
duality of the structure of the molecule of water in it manifested, and this
duality of the structure “water body” of human, we can observe during the very
simple experience of rotation the ass on the hour and counterclockwise. Since
you will perceive raising energy only on one of the sides of body. Which tells
us, that “the fields of polarization intensity” two sides of the human body are
directed “towards each other”.

Therefore, if we will look at the volume of the human organism on top, then
it is rough him possible to depict, as two water volumes, having form depicted
in figure from below. I.e. the most likely “transverse energy section” of human
body these are curved resembling infinity or Moebius's surface. I.e. this two
large aqueous and polarized volumes, which are connected with each other
with a constant process of the energy balance. And most likely also “the
spirals of the tissues of man” are directed by opposite, but symmetrical

Therefore all motions of hands around the human body during the
performance of “magic cycles”, this in the final analysis “the balance of
energy” of right and left sides of body.


From other side our body is elongated in “length” and both sides have the
specific symmetrical energy centers, which from olden times consider as
energies oceans, and where our hands come during “the sessions of magic”.
/Figure below/. However, the analysis of orbits and stops the motions of
hands around the body during “sessions of magic”, especially when organism
accumulated a large quantity of diseases is very complex. Since motions in
proportion to the disappearance of diseases are change. Therefore the crucial
points, which make it possible to understand “energy basis of water”, are
experiences with the water showing its energy action.

The main and most proving experience with water is the experience
with the jar of water, which is placed overhead lying on the back person,
whom makes “automatic cycle of motion of hands by the basic energy
volumes of organism”. Then is repeated the same experience of the motion of
hands along the same orbits, but already “without the jar with the water”.
Comparing these two experiences, we can observe, that in the case of acting
the motion of hands along the energy orbits with the jar of water overhead, in
the cycle there is an initial “pause” in the motion, which determines the time
“of polarization the volume of water”, which stands overhead, and this pause
enough prolonged. But after the pause of the polarization of hand they renew
their motion on all chakras of organism, although the motion has somewhat
longer time. This time of “pause the polarization of water” is approximately
commensurate with the duration of the very cycle of motion of the hands
above the body up to its end.

It was checked by me on the experience, that setting the volume of water to
any of “chakra”, like syncopate, also ceases the action of the automatic cycle
of energy. Moreover first motions of hands begin from the creeping motion,


which very gradually grows, but is not collected speed, which exists without
the volume of water. Furthermore even after one energy session with the
water, you cannot open this jar, because of decrease and packing the volume
of water. But in the case of repeated use of jar with water, you can it open
only with help of heating.

Moreover if we begin to move aside this volume of water from the head,
then after a distance approximately two centimeter, hands don’t see this
volume and don’t react to it. The volume of water being located close to head
will immediately recognize by hands, as “internal volume of water” and hands
polarize it, as all molecules of waters in the human organism, which
compulsorily “regulated are polarized”. I.e. in our organism there is no simply
water, but there is “regulated polarized structure of water”, which determines
the structure of tissues of entire body.

However, then there is a lawful question. If all Water in cells of organism
"is polarized" and forms uniform sticky Macromolecule on the right and at the
left. Then how «Energy rises from below upwards»?

As I understand, it is connected by that Water inserts in blood system in the
bottom part of body, from Thick intestines. And on this reason at people,
having strong process of «sucking up Water» in the bottom of thick intestines,
because of shortage of Water in an organism, there are propensity to Locks.
Since waste products is very dry. And this explains us, that «Water of the
Digestive channel» and accordingly all contents of the Digestive channel
«does not belong to an organism». It is “External Environment” in
relation to the organism, which organism, for convenience of using, has
made «the Internal environment» and uses. But "water" of digestive
system does not belong to an organism, therefore the organism "does
not polarize" this water. And though many organs of organism
cooperate with digestive channel, taking away from it necessary to
organism Products, but all the same, it for them "External".

Therefore the Water, which has got in Blood system of organism from
below, adds Energy to organism, and organs of organism above settle down,
receive less «New water». And all cells can receive «new water» only through
Blood system. Blood system simultaneously, takes away the fulfilled bad
water from cells together with urine, and as we know, does not mix them
among themselves. Thus, precisely to tell, whether exist in organism
«separate stream New molecules of water», is simply impossible.

However it is possible to tell precisely, that «Permeability of new
molecules Water» are much higher, than other molecules of water,
which already «bounded with Structures of skeleton and other
molecules of substances» of organs, fabrics and cells. And I think,
that these molecules of water have «alkaline reaction», since all fruit and
vegetables have such reaction. And acid reaction of water is developed
in all organism with help of oxygen.

But who organizes the water body of our organism? Certainly nervous
system! Therefore the action of the power system of man can be simply
depicted as follows. And the same simplified structure prompts to us how this
structure works, and it gives to us answers to many questions of the energy
action, which today carry to “mysticism of our body”, when in reality this is the
pure form “science” without the fraud. Since where there is mysticism, usually
there is the fraud of uninitiated people.


From the figure it is possible to understand that the water body derives
energy from cosmos and transfers this energy to the executive muscles and
other functional organs, and nervous system governs the work both, the
ordered water body and executing organs, setting them in operation.
Moreover both the charge by energy the water body and the discharge the
energy through the executing organs of entire system act all 24 hours, and it
never stops to the end of our days. And in this sense the water energy system
of man and other living beings present “eternal aqueous engine”. With the
only difference, that the charge of aqueous body goes constantly always, and
the discharge of energy, decreases by night and increases by day.

Certainly in order to understand the total scientific depth, how acts “eternal
aqueous engine” into the person body and other essences, we have to
understand at molecular level: “How does interact water energy system with
the atmospheric oxygen, by which we breathe”? Also we have to understand
“how water energy system interact in tissues and cells of organism with
Carbon”, which according to the system determination for the periodic table
Mendeleev - Bohr is “the manager element” at the molecular and atomic
structural level. I.e. due the basis of system properties for the elements of the
periodic table Mendeleev - Bohr, the water is “external control or feedback”,
and carbon is “internal control structure of system”. Therefore carbon is 50%
of all elements of the body.

Since the human body has fantastically enormous quantity of cells filled by
water and having “the shell”, and also have the set of other “shells” for the
functional units, and also have the circulatory system, in which is concluded
bulk of water; therefore our “water power system” is extraordinarily complex!

And moreover it “is hidden before our eyes”, because of transparency of
water, and also its action “is absolutely noiseless”. Therefore to reveal your
own “power system” during the work is very difficult.

In ancient Egyptian Magic, a person does not engage in any "training", but
simply learns to "Give complete freedom of action to his Body "and learn to
listen and understand his body, and which is the extraordinary “Miracle of the
Creator!” when you begin understand.

The second experiment with water, although it is less demonstrative in
the scientific plan, relative to “water base” of our eternal energy engine.


However, this experience is most practical in the plan of improvement the
health in the course of several minutes. Since Jar with water in the hands is
the strongest balancing and treating tool, and which itself moves through the
sore points of organism. I personally, with help of jar with water removed the
assault of tachycardia, truth this process was sufficient to prolonged and does
not exclude taking medicine, since you cannot stand always and remove
assault from yourselves. The therapeutic process of reconstruction of
organism is very slow and prolonged. All the remaining discomfort and
disharmony in the organism are removed for the pair of minutes and you
perceive complete paradise in the organism. This experience is not my
invention, like for instance, experience with the jar of water overhead, written
above. I spied this experience in the figure in the ancient Egyptians, where
Osiris stretches cup with water to pharaoh. And my participation only
consisted in fact, that I ascertained that “the cup with the water in the hands”
always works. And it is the simplest in the world medicine. The cup with water
the very frequent attribute of Egyptian figures, and all temples were always
located on the aqueous sources and compulsorily were used in Temple’s

My experiences with two banks of water in hands showed, that goes the
intensive therapeutic balance of organism, which is continued sufficiently for
long time in me, as the possessor of good list of diseases, assembled till my
age of 67 years.

However it is not necessary to think, that «the Magic is Panacea from
all illnesses of an organism», though it certainly best physical influence
on an organism! Since influences of Magic on an organism defines
correct spatial arrangement of all of it’s structures. Therefore if at you
during the beginning of employment by Magic already exist what that
"Tumour", the magic is not capable to remove it ! Since, it balances all
already existing elements of an organism in the best side.
Magic is ideally for yang people, since don’t give spoil at organism.
The therapeutic power cycles of Egyptian magic are very diverse and
numerous and therefore them it is impossible to describe in this article. Since
even films of “magic sessions”, made by me transfer the motions of hands
and body, but they cannot transmit those enormous range of sensations,
which you feel during “the session”. And furthermore “therapeutic magic
sessions” sometimes continue to 3- 4 hours, whereas the cassette of film
has a duration of 1h. 30 min. Therefore this requires various and detailed
article about the possibility for each person to be “absolutely healthy” entire
his life. So it is only the way how to understand your own organism and what
is necessary to make for this.

Experience three. Water and Vibration.
Vibrations have an unusually strong effect on water. And that's why our

body uses Vibrations extraordinarily carefully. In ordinary life human body
"Don’t use vibrations at all!" During the "Magic Sessions" sometimes
vibrations of the Head appear, which help some tissues to occupy the "correct
position". It means, in the body there is a system of "Vibration", but as a rule it
is not used.

However, our body uses vibrations for Speech Sounds. And these sounds
can affect our body. But how and to what do they influence?
I, as a researcher, could not leave it without verification. Therefore, believing


to the Chinese and Indian Yogis, during the magical sessions, I began to sing
all "Sounds of the Hebrew alphabet", which you can sing. The result of singing
was completely unexpected. Firstly, for all sounds there were different
"Movements of the Body in the Magic Session". Secondly, the reaction of the
organism in the sessions changed rapidly, and became more Energetic. And
after a month of singing Magic, Energy of Magic of the body reacted to singing
so, that my body began to make movements, that are known in the history of
the peoples north and east as "Shamanic Dances". And repeat in the
ordinary life of such movements is impossible. Because I began to make
these experiments at the beginning of my first year “Magic Sessions”, i did not
understand the possible "Destructive Power Such singing". As a result, it
ended for me "Infarct", since I was at the age of 67, and a come off thrombus
led to a catastrophe in my life. These sessions of Shamanic dances, like the
usual Magic Sessions are filmed by me on video. And these "Shamanic
dances" are an example, that you do not need to do in the magic of
healing the body. Although, for young and healthy people, the use of
vibrations is possibly the Path to unknown possibilities of the organism.

Scientific understanding of the ancient books of Egypt and Israel gives the
possibility to science and humanity to find correct ways in life of humanity, and
actually they can save our world from the destruction by men.

The main conclusion of the article: "The perpetual water engine" can
be created, because It is used in all organisms of Nature.

Yacov Ioffe 8. 08. 2005


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