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Published by astroport, 2019-04-17 11:08:38

3 Save our planet 3

3 Save our planet 3

Friends of Earthlings, do you really want to live on your own
planet Earth, and have already gathered to go into space?

If you carefully watch and listen to the broadcast channels television of
absolutely all countries, it seems, that all the peoples gathered to go to space,
and soon on our planet no one will be left.

And indeed, the atmosphere of life for people on our planet becoming
increasingly unbearable. And of course it would be good to find imagine a planet
similar to ours. But where to get it? We are captives of ours planets forever!
And what our great scientists of cosmonautic promise us, developing satellites and
rockets, this is Cheating. Rockets are good only for war. Man is not meant for life
in space as an organism, and our ancestors arrived on the planet in the form of
the “Frozen Genetic material”, apparently on glacial comets.

Therefore, we need to think about how to Protect and Save our planet, but
not to Destroy it, what happens before our eyes.

From whom do we need to protect ourselves? We need to protect ourselves
from our irresponsible “Scientists”, who decided, that if “Man is the most intelligent
creature on the planet”, then he is allowed to do everything, that comes into his
"Scientifically educated head".

For example, many scientists are engaged in the issue of "Creating new
sources of Energy". At the same time, they found a single source of Energy
underground, and this is Oil, which destroyed the clean air and clean water on
the planet.

Gentlemen, scientists looking for new sources of energy. Note, that in the
whole universe and naturally on our planet, there are only “Two Sources of
Energy”. And both of these sources are absolutely pure for nature and for man.
This is the Radiant Energy of the Sun Light, and Electric Energy. And this
for whole Universe and Man is enough!

Any other Energy, and this is the energy of "Burning", is always harmful and
dangerous for man and nature. That is why nature does not use "open fire",
because the main part of nature and man is “Coal, Oxygen and Hydrogen”, and
they are easily ignited.

Even only from the point of view of protecting the Person, the energy of burning
Oil is criminal and should be prohibited! If scientists really want to use Oil, which
mainly consists of Hydrocarbons, harmful to man and nature. Then let they find
way to change the chemical composition of oil so, that this oil product became
“Natural” and could be used as “Fertilizer for sandy or stony soils”. That will facilitate
the life of vegetation, as the main source of life.

All proposed Energy patents all kinds burning of vegetation, criminal at its core.
Because Vegetation is not only “Food” for us, but also “Filter”, which does
not give harmful substances in the soil, water and air Poison us.

Therefore, modern Genetics and Food Chemistry, which create new domestic
animals, feed them with various substitutes, instead of their natural food, destroy
our organisms, and first of all children. All new Fruits and Vegetables, received
incomprehensible artificial changes, and especially those, grown not on the soil, are
not "Filters defenders” for our organisms. Only cow's milk, that eats grass can be
called milk. And this is the reason, why modern children have an intolerance to
liquid, is sold under the guise of milk

All food industry of all countries of the world today for the sake of "Money"


ready to poison all the people of the planet. And all this is served under the slogan
"Tested by our scientists". And our scientists explain their test: "No one died
during the experiment." You can check, that Manufacturers of products for the
mass consumer, do not eat their products!

Modern science, for the sake of earning money, has become "the enemy
human civilization”, which will either die from the war, where the“ Scientists ”also
created weapons. Or die from the destroyed nature, from which we have taken
away more than 60% of the territories. Or die from "gene rebirth", as Mutants.

Our modern scientists are constantly talking about the possibility
"Unusually long human life", and sell all sorts of patents and food supplements.
At the same time, if you interview people: Why did they come into this life? They will
not answer you. In the best case, the answer will be - “To raise children”. And this
happens because we do not come into this life, because we want it. Because the
“Process of Life” is practically independent of us in general! You just have to
remember to drink and eat, and the body itself knows, what to do with food.
Because the “real God” of our Universe and the solar system once launched
this “Process of Life” and this process will never stop. Since the God really
acts / works / in us every second. Well, think for yourself can one really believe
charlatans who "do not control their own lives", but offer "Eternal life to others".
These people, before offering their patents must declare themselves "Gods". Then
at least it will be clear that they must live in a madhouse.

In order to protect Man and Nature so that our Planet flourishes. I propose to
introduce a law prohibiting the use of "Artificial technologies in agriculture", as
well as a ban on the use of oil.

The main goal of all mankind is “Restoration of the whole destroyed Nature",
and the implementation of the "Balance of man population with nature". Then
humanity will live to the end of the action our sun. And if will the automatons,
created by people fly to other Solar systems, or will not fly, it has no significant
values for people. This is curious, but no more.

Yacov Ioffe. February 2007.


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