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5 The Book of the Heavens Gate Caves Internet 5

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5 The Book of the Heavens Gate Caves Internet 5

5 The Book of the Heavens Gate Caves Internet 5

Ancient Egypt. / Introductory article /.
Scientific description of the construction and actions of Man
body, with the help of a certain "System Symbols", like figures of man
and animals, in the Books: Heaven, Gate and Caves.

The system symbols of the books of ancient Egypt are still not understood
and not deciphered, although scientists have been doing this since the time
of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Looking through the images of the Books of Heaven, Gate and Caves,
where inside the "Big Figure of a Man" there are little men and animals,
immediately, the Thought appears that the conversation is about the “Human
Body”, even not understanding the content. But the symbolism of these
images is complicated also by the fact, that Numbers, as a quantitative
depiction of figures of people on figures, are not related to the “Account”, but
are related to the “Structure Systems”, as we are informed by the “Emerald
Tablets” of the god Thoth. Since the human structure in the “Systems Image -
is the Pyramid”, where the Egyptians numbered 14 levels.

On the other hand, from the drawings of the figures of the internal Gods,
people and animals, it is clear, that these are the "Images of the Systems of
Man", that constitute single organism. But what is the principle of division is
not understandble.

In the book of heaven, the Goddess of Water "Nuth" is depicted, which has
the form of Women, within which there are many different little men.
This image alone says, that it is "Description of the Structure of a Man"!
Although this description is absolutely incomprehensible to us, but compare
this description with a modern scientific description, which also draws a
human figure, where placed some of human systems.

It is worth pay attention, that in all books of Egypt, all internal drawings of
the Human Structure are made in the form of “Three consecutive in time
registers”. And it speaks of their connection with the "Three World Forces"
operating inside a person.

Where for the "Energy of Time" the mediator is "Water of the body", and
therefore, “floating boats” are depicted in the middle register, as symbols
elements of human blood.


Where for “Electric Energy”, as the energy of Management of Organs, and
therefore in the upper register are depicted groups of Gods, as rulers.

And where for the “Energy of Gravity” there are “Functional Structures”,
that perform certain work. So in the lower register of the whole body are
depicted figures taking different poses.

Separation of images by the hours of the day, once again confirms, that
information describes a person whose processes changed during the day.

Without understanding the “Role of Action” of each God of the entire
Egyptian pantheon of Gods, to decipher the meaning of pictures, and what
information is behind this, is impossible. But since, this information came to
the Egyptians from other solar systems, through the founders of human
civilization, then surely this is a deepest understanding of the "Organization
and action of the human body".

In this context, the main thing is unclear in principle: “Why are the founders
of mankind give people such information? ”And here there are two possible

First, that people have mastered the "Magic of the human body", which
gives a person "Absolute Health", as well as "New opportunities and qualities,
such as using the Crystals, or Healing with the hands.

Secondly, apparently the founders of mankind foresaw, that there will
always peoples who will do experiments on human genes and just on people,
and the results of their actions "unpredictable and harmful". Since only the
Natural Process of “Self-perfecting” can save "Survival of man" and other
creatures. It means, man cannot interfere in the natural process, spent by
millions or billions of years of natural improvement.

Anyway, it is definitely worth deciphering “Scientific knowledge of the
beginning of human civilization”. And any of my site readers is invited to
participate in this process. Since In any study, even such an amateur hobby,
which I have been doing for 35 years, there are many benefits for self-

Please draw the attention to the fact, that in the Stage 5 am Book
of Heaven depicted the "God of energy of the water - Osiris", from which take
off fetters and ropes, as symbols of his inaction. And in real life we know, that
in the morning hours 4 - 5 inside us that begin to act some kind source of
energy. And after an hour, two or three / individually / we get up vigorous and
ready for any action.

It is also worth paying attention to the fact, that Energy moves through the
body from the Genital organs to the Head, because it is the Head, that reacts
to the lack of Energy.

In the drawings of the Book of Heaven, we see, that the direction of the
faces of the little men and the hours of general action are directed from the
Head to the Feet. And this means, that it is described "Electrical Energy
Management Process".


1 and 2 in the night. - 10 - 11 pm.
3rd hour of the night. - 12 pm.


4th hour of the night. 1 o'clock am. 5 o'clock in the night. 2 am.

6 o'clock in the morning. 3 am. 7th hour of the night. - 4 a.m


8th hour of the night. 5 am.
9th hour of the night. - 6 a.m.

10th hour of the night. 7 am.

The 11th hour of the night. - 8 in the morning.
12th hour of the night. - 9 am.

The final scene.

If you look closely at the last three parts, you will see, that this is “One Scene”
at 9 o'clock in the morning, and ends with the figure of God “Sobek”, which
is the god of "Abundance and physical strength", as a symbol of health and
balance of the whole organism.

It can be seen, that after the revival of Osiris at 5 am, all the figures in
lower register 6 am "Dark". At 7 am and 8 am figures appear light partly. And at 9
o'clock in the morning, these are already figures of a magical pose, whose hands
"Radiate energy".

We can immediately see in the image registers "3 main system the structure of
our body". "Control System", as the brain with the nervous system depicted in upper
register. "Water System", perceiving and giving away to two other systems Energy,
is depicted with the “Boat” on the average register. And "The physical body of man",
as consuming energy and control, depicted in lower register. And all 12 periods of
total images reflect the “process of perceiving energy and rebuilding systems
organism in Homeostasis, until full filling with Energy and Balance".

In my opinion, the Book of Heaven is a "System Description" the process
of "managing the body's energy", with the help of "symbols of people".

The structure of building a person in accordance with the "Book of the

The Book of the Gate is built absolutely in the same “Trinity Structure of the
Body”, as the Book of Heaven is built. Similarly, there is “General form of the
body", which is divided into 12 parts.

The main feature of the drawings of the Book Gate is the presence of a large
number of "Serpents", which are as in the drawings of individual parts, and held
by human figures. But also "Vertical Snakes" are like "Borders" between the
individual parts of the overall image. Therefore, the main thing for the concept of the
content of book of the Gate is the meaning, that was invested by Egyptians in the
concept of "Snake".

Even from the point of view of modern science, it is clear, that the Serpent is the
Code Symbol for "DNA Chains, Protein Chains, Fabric Chains, etc."

Therefore, in the texts of almost all books of Egypt, it is said, that coming to
some place of the organism, the one who comes, must know the “Code” of the
guard and the gatekeeper. This in turn means, that our entire organism, which is
divided into separate “Systems and Organs” by means of “Special code tissues”,
Snake-shaped, each of which has its own code to protect organism against

And this division of the Body systems into “Code areas” depicts the Book of
the Gate. A more detailed study of the book requires a definition Character image
figures. But it is clear, that within each period there is many different figures united
by code snakes.


1st period

2nd period.

3rd period.
4th period.
5th period.


6th period.

7th period.

8th period.

9th period.
10th period.

11th period.


12th period. Final.

In the final scene, we see the figure of the Snake locked into a ring with the body
and head of a man who holds in his hand some kind of figure descending onto the
“Boat of Main Gods” led by the God of the Sun, which God Nun keeps, like the
Water expanses of the universe. The conclusion is, that the human body is
completely “Encoded”, and according to the internal codes all tissues and organs
can be distinguished from each other, and of course to protect themselves from a

The structure of the human body in accordance with
the "Book of the Caves".

The name of the "Book of the Caves", associated with the structure of the body
man, immediately directs our thoughts in the direction of the "digestive system",
which like a sequence of caves chemically processes food into parts absorbed by
the body. And the processes in the digestive system are different from the
processes the rest of the body. It is like a long inserted inside the body a pipe, that
“Crush and Crank”, moving food from the entrance to the exit. And the body sucks
the necessary nutrients out of it.

In the image of the "Book of the Caves", the Trinity law of the construction
of man, according to the Three World Forces is not fully visible.
Firstly, because the symbolic image of the book has “7 periods”.
Secondly, that the first two periods differ from the ternary image.
They have "Five registers of characters". And the five registers resemble us about
any "Functional System Process", where exactly 5 parts from the input to the
output. It means, if from the "7 parts of the system" described in the Torah,
remove the first part, because it belongs to the Other System. And remove the
"Feedback", as the 7 part of the system. Then remains the "Functional part of
the System", which executes the “Target System Process”.

Therefore, on the images of the periods of the Book of Caves, you will see my
notes "Functional parts of the system" on the right side of the registers.

The protagonist in the images of the Book of Caves is “God Atum”, God of the
Creation of the Universe, which has Horn on its head, as a symbol of Power.
And this is really the Power of the Movement, that acts in a person, and specifically
in the Digestive System.


The first section of the book of caves.
The second section of the book of caves.


The third section of the book of caves.
The fourth section of the book of caves.


The fifth section of the book of caves.

The sixth section of the book of caves.
Note, that a sixth of each real system in our Life, it is the "Exit Executive
function of the system". So if we look at the Lower Sixth Picture Register of the
Caves Book, then we reverse attention to the unusual shapes of this Register.
Figures or without heads, or upside down, or small or cut into pieces. In any case,
they differ sharply from the figures of the other 5 registers. Although of course to do
a more specific conclusion related to reality, we can not. As well as modern science
cannot draw us the whole "Process of the Digestive System" in the same symbolic
language as the ancient Egyptians.
It is also worth paying attention to the fact, that between separate scenes and
on separate scenes of periods, a large number of "Balls" are drawn. Where each
ball as a separate symbol carries a meaning: "Closure of the system".
It means, the presence in the system of Feedback, as its Perfection, and


The final and generalized scene of the book of the Caves.

The final scene depicts a real cave, where in the upper part are a huge number
of men above and to the sides of the divided Pyramid, inside of which is a symbol of
the Sun God in the form of a Scarab, as the "Symbol Works and Actions. It means,
the food is completely decomposed, and because the little men are white, ready for
use in the body.

In the middle of the stage is the god Atum, holding in his hands two Shambhals,
and having wings. Two pairs of figures in the Magic poses symbolize from below is
"Maximum Balance of the body".

The bottom scene is difficult to comment, because It depicts dark figures, but
floating on a boat, and at the same time the boat is on the sarcophagus.

Looking at the Images of the ancient books of Heaven, Gate, and Caves, we
really see, that these are the images of the “Structure of the Human Body”, but their
language of symbolism is unknown to us, and therefore incomprehensible.
Therefore, the more people connects to the process of deciphering the Symbols of
images of ancient Egypt, the more we will understand ourselves and the world
around us. Since ancient knowledge of Egypt has come from other solar systems,
and it is many billions of years old.

Yacov 2006.


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