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2 SumerLang60internet 2

2 SumerLang60internet 2

Analysis Sumer language and its Math notation 60, as
principle of System space construction of our world.

part 1 / Math notation 60 /

From archeology it is known, that Sumers were one of the most ancient
peoples dwelling Mesopotamia and in general our planet, about which
we were reached with data. Their language differed from languages of other
peoples this area, and besides they had writing, that allows us today to make
even the approximate analysis of their ancient culture.

Sumer writing reached up to us is dated scientists approximately 5400
years, i.e. the earliest writing, which has reached us, earlier than Egyptian and
thus more formal, which not connected in any way with pictures and the
simplified figures - symbols.

Undoubtedly clearly, that advanced culture Sumer, has received there
knowledge from Cosmos, as well as other ancient civilizations, and Sumerian
epos directly informs us, that people were created by the Gods, who have
arrived on our planet for the purposes of reception of stocks of gold. Certainly
the history of "gold", I think can be imagination of local natives, as purposes
«Gods – Cosmonauts», but the fact of occurrence the strong push of human
civilization from Cosmos, is exactly not imagination. Although, if Gods -
Cosmonauts arrived flying to us on “aqueous fuel of the system of comets”,
then the need for gold, as material to the not yielding action of water it is
completely justified.

If to understand, that at Egyptians and accordingly at Jews, who were
part from the Egyptian culture, and were separated in the own state only in 12
– 15 century B.C., that numbers have appeared all over the world, not as
mathematical concepts, but as «structural concepts about System», so at
Sumer people, the notation of "60" has appeared not casually, and it is
possible to suppose, that notation is connected not only with «System
construction Sumer language, but also construction of the world».

Since this knowledge and probably language Sumers borrowed from
And consequently not casually scientists cannot find up the reason, why
and how, right at the beginning of a human civilization, has appeared such
complex notation, since it is completely inconvenient for simple practical use,
but has deep scientific roots, for the description of the world. And
consequently, because of scientific complexity Sumerian notation, in Egypt
already appeared notation of 10, which is «simplification of 60 system
notation», and in Aztec civilization have appeared simplified notation of 20.

And it is possible to notice, that in Sumer notation, number 10 has
obviously expressed special properties, and consequently I think, that
the notation with the basis 10, is a special case of the general Sumer system.

However because of simplification of 60 notation on 10, it has lost
very important scientific parts for the description of our world around.
Or may be 10 notation has other "accent" of the description of the world.

Therefore Sumer notation, as 60 and system of Egypt, as 10, nobody
thought out, they have been received from Gods cosmonauts, and they
are connected only to a principle of the description of «Process of balance» in


all systems of the world, and are not connected in any way to amount the
fingers on hands and foots. And the description of the world, by digital
notations, as parts from speaking language, it is possible to execute in several
ways, having the advantages and the lacks.

Decomposing 60 to simple multipliers we receive numbers 60 = 1*2*2*3 * 5.
And it means, that in basis of Sumer language, if its structure is really
connected to the notation, there are following basic system ratio in the world:
1. «Unity of the world and its any systems».
2. «The Power Duality or Duality of the world and any it systems».
3. « Structural Triality, as constant changeability of the world and

Its any systems».
4. « Functional five fold target action of the world and anyone

its systems ».
5. «Tens maximum structure» of all alone system.

The table of Cuneiforms for number system notation of 60 of Sumer.

If we shall analyse a principle of formation structures of pictures in the table
with the help of cuneiform writing, we shall see, that in a basis of all images
lays structural principle «Triple» system, as a principle of constant changes of
balance of the world. I.e. the table informs us, that all world in its any smallest
and hugest Triple parts, and any system of the world this is interaction of
three world components: « Energy, Management and Physical process », in
constant search of Balance! And consequently in a basis of all images lays
"Triangle", and also Triple structures as at one level, and at different levels.
I.e. there are no figures of numbers with big than Three amount of triangles in
one number, also it is not present more than three lines of triangles in one
image. And this structural description of all numbers of system 60, is the
obvious description of world laws formations of all structures of systems in
their constant change from birthes to death. And for the living systems, this
will be called “Homeostasis” both for the organism and for the cells.

Therefore investigating in details this table, we will learn a lot of important
rules for formation of system structures, and accordingly words of language,
as displays of these structures. And as we clearly see, that the table as the
general «Triple law» for system structures, has no direct relation to


«Mathematics of account». Or is more exact, numerical mathematical ratio in
the basis table are the secondary plan.

And this Tripleness of table is very important from the point of view of
understanding the person of the real world, since «the person perceives the
world in Triple Measurement», though the real system world is infinite aside
reduction of systems - elements, and aside increases in systems
elements. And as we see from the table, the law of escalating internal
structures of systems has «Decimal restriction», i.e. full system internal
escalating cannot have more than 10 system functional components
consecutive and closed in circular action. And it is very important to answer,
Why? I hope, that we let's receive the answer in the further research.

The main plan of this table, it «interrelation of digital system concepts with
structure of construction of the world, and according to language construction
of words in the language, reflecting the valid construction the world».

And this structural system understanding for numbers, in accuracy
coincides with ancient understanding of «numbers» in all ancient

For all that Sumerian civilization was even more ancient than Egyptian, and
thus disappeared earlier than Egyptian, and besides Sumerian writing is more
formal than Egyptian, and as I understand, in a small degree it is connected to
pictures, as usually like to prove Darvinists, and in the greater degree it is
connected with «scientific System concepts of the world».

However, in the given table of the Triple law of the images of numbers
there is the moment, which demands the logic decision!

And this moment is: why number 60, as two Triple levels of elements
10, i.e. 2 * 3 * 10 = 6 * 10 becomes «an element» for the following
digital level?

It can mean only one decision, that an initial Triple element, represented as
«Triangle», actually is «Dual Triple». I.e. all Three real basic components of
anyone systems: «Power system, Managing system and Functional system»
are in the basis «Dual and steady». And it means, that the table describes the
second important law of our world: « Pair stability of our world is capable
to stabilize the Triple changeable world ».

And then all becomes on the places, i.e. all represented «elements -
systems» of the table it is structures of Pair – Triple elements, or simply
Hexagons structures. Where everyone separate part of system is steady
structure, but forming Triple general structure of system, becomes unstable
and changeable under the certain laws. And consequently by the same
element structure, as «6 systems more high rank», as 6 * 10 = 60 table
comes to the end in the escalating.

And this complex last element of the table becomes «one simple element»,
for following more complex level. And it is very important, since the table
describes simultaneously and internal stability of the Triple world, and
simultaneously its eternal changeability.

And the main thing in our opening of rule 6 «closing of the Table», that
Basing, really working structure of our system world, as «Element - System»,
is functional structure with 6 system functional parts, as it is drawn on block
structure from below. Where 1 – first functional part of system, influencing
from the outside on structure of full system, always is outside border of
system, though «is inseparable» from 6 structure system parts in sense of


balancing action. And confirmation of correctness of ours conclusion is the
fact, that name of numbers «One» and «Six» in Sumerian language is
sound equally!

Picture «Basic System structure of the world, as 6».

Unfortunately in the given figure Power system duality is not visible, but it is
well visible Tripleness of managing part and Functional five parts, connecting
internal managing part with an external world functionally. And also Triple
paired relationship of system, as Three of management and as Three
functional with feedback is visible.

It means, that having closed logically Sumerian numbers table, we
have received «the System law of construction structures of our world» from 6
system parts, which the modern science really uses for constructions of all
automatic systems and computers. And about this law Sumerian knew 6000
more years before us, but did not know, what with this law to do.

But if Managing and Functional system structures, so well-known to us
today from computers and automatic systems, as consisted of 6 parts, where
the Power parts?

In fact, we well know from physics, that the field of Energy is
«Everywhere», and influence on functional bodies of different sizes,
forcing them to move in eternal balance between themselves.

Then, if these elements are lifeless bodies they perceive energy and move
on the certain balancing orbits, as planets around of the sun or electrons
around of nucleos. And these elements of structure form among themselves
complex structures due certain power spatial ratio. And sometimes even
they take crystal correct forms.

And if elements are alive, consisting basically from 12 easy chemical
atoms, their determining Power, spatial elements is «Water», as
«intermediary» and as «An external Feedback between World Energy and
Functional elements». And also «Carbon», which in conformity with its
System properties, and like consequence its physical and chemical
properties, that occupy the special position in Mendeleyev's table, is «the
Internal manager spatial relations». And these «system, functional,
properties» can be seen from the table of the basic chemical elements, from


which all Alive essences are constructed.

Take attention, that this table is build, due System properties of elements,
but not there physical and chemical properties.

If we shall look spatial structure, which forms "C" - coal, as graphite or as
diamond, they are hexagons, formed by atoms in tops and connected spatially
as beescombs.

Therefore from the point of view "C" carbon, as the manager element of
internal molecular structures having inside 6 protons, forming hexagonal
prisms, therefore its structure well coordinated with Sumerian table of
numbers for spatial balance.

However, from the point of view the structure of Water it is not so simple.
And though the water «H2O» is the Triple structure, possessing polarity,
which connects water in one volume, and packing this volume of molecules so
dense, that water «not change its volume by pressure», but to see in liquid
mass of water the law of «6» structure is absolutely uneasy.

On the one hand Oxygen forms in structure «dual columns», with tops in
hexagonal prism, and it is not surprising, since oxygen has 6 electrons in the
top orbit and 2 * 8 = 16 main elements in nucleos.


But, that is really surprising, that Hydrogen with its one proton and one
electron, having a lot levels of freedom, forms with other atoms of hydrogen
«hexagonal prism»! And it speaks us, that being in a molecule of Water,
hydrogen too tries to establish hexagonal prism .

Therefore the separate atom of oxygen is declined to form «Pair structure»,
and incorporating with two hydrogens, forms some pair structure similar to
«Parachute», where hydrogen tries to occupy «Hexagonal position»,
and hydrogen is the most mobile part in molecules of Water. And these
«Parachutes», almost as «sticks» possible fill in all volume, and it is the
Reason, why the volume of water is not change volume and flexible.

Since the volume and density of water practically does not vary in a range
from « 0 up to 100 » degrees, where after 100 degrees it passes in a gaseous
condition, and lower of 0 degrees are passes in a firm crystal condition,
speaks us, that in all this liquid range position of atoms of Hydrogen in a
molecule of Water remains almost constant! And only after lower 0 degrees
atoms of Hydrogen form Hexagonal structure. And after 100 degrees, atoms
of hydrogen form corners more than 120 degrees, and forming «Water
spheres rising in air on some kilometers».

Since any change of position of atoms of Hydrogen in volume of Water is
obliged to change its volume, but it dasn’t!

Therefore, change of corners of atoms of hydrogen in a liquid phase of
Water, which are found by scientists, not knowing how to explain its properties
with the help of the general law «Temperature change of volume all bodies»,
simply wrongly. Water does not submit to this law!
And consequently Water is the best «an absorber of energy of temperature»,
transforming it in internal energy of dual stretching. I think, that Water
transforms energy of temperature into energy «polarization of Oxygen and
Hydrogen», and in energy «pair system division of a molecule of Water into
two half of nucleus of Oxygen with separate atoms of Hydrogen».

Therefore, at constant temperature of water in an organism, like at the
person, Water has constant linear dependence between «Energy of
molecules of water and Polarization of molecules of water». And this
Internal Polarization of molecules of Water has demand an alive organism, as
Triple system, that needs for managing the process of Energy balance


symmetrical parts of organism by electric signals of brain and nerveos
system. It needs for moving and correct construction directions of cells,
tissues and bones.

Therefore in alive organisms Water, is «Power filler and the intermediary
between the Energy of Time, which is taking place in any point of space, and
energy of all structures of an organism». And water delivers this energy and
keeps it.

Therefore I think, that Water, except of Feedback, should occupy in the
initial table of chemical elements the place of «Element of Memory», which
should have very many internal states.

And then the initial Table of chemical elements of Mendeleyev for alive
organisms becomes: «full for construction of any systems of alive organisms
at the lowermost level»!

At the same time, structure «crystal water» as snowflakes, which occupies
greater volume than liquid water, is obviously constructed on to structure
Hexagonal form.
The gaseous structure of Water has many degrees of freedom, and due
to «Spheres of boiling water », can form great volume close to a sphere. And

this is possible only, when the corner between two atoms of hydrogen comes
nearer to 120 - 180 degrees.
But what corners are formed the «other molecules structure of organism» with
the help of prisms – molecules of liquid water not so clearly.

So, if to take in attention the structures of nucleus and others structures of
cells, structures of different human tissues, structures of bones of the skeleton
and still many other structures, where the water is always «determining», then


Water as «Power Memory» the organism, controlled by Electric signals of the
Brain and Nervous system, forms the corners of communications between
structures, giving them what that «certain shift », which allows them to twist in
the certain spirals.

And in this sense of «unusual power and information properties of Water»
it is possible to assume, that notation system of Sumer, as 60, is the
description «Laws of action of Energy in structures of the nature, and water in

Therefore probably because of Power properties of water, in alive
organisms «Pair Triple structures» are formed, it means Hexagonal, which
have diverse, but «unified» forms of structures: flexible chains of tissues,
pipes, volumes and bone structures.

And most likely the known hexagonal, pentagonal, quadrangular, triangular
and pair form reflects these «Spatially – Time principles» power balance of
alive systems. And the hexagon really is unique structure from the point of
view of «Pair Balance of Energy ».

And as we see from these images these spatial figures consisting from « 6
triangles » have not less « 6 lines » for full Pair Triple balance of space and
time. And consequently not casually bees build its honeycombs as connection
of hexagons.
And it assumes existence of the world spatial law: Any structure of our world
should have inside «Balancing pair and Triple changeable structures»!

And it is important to mark, that all those «Dual balance lines» in Hexagon
are always lines of 10 steps of notation 60.

If we shall consider structures of atoms of chemical elements, from
which consist all alive essences, it is possible to see, that atoms of


«Iron, magnesium, calium and calcium» construct form of hexagon. Atoms
«chlorine» forms lines of the direct and return enclosed triangles. And
only «sodium» forms correct quadrangles. I.e. it is possible to see, that all
elements inclind to hexagonal type of structure, since for 6 element structure
it gives for system structure maximal number of directions for «spatial

Thus we know, that in an isosceles triangle there are Three lines of
balance dividing it on Pair structures. In a square there is 4 lines of balance.
In the Pentagon and in the Pentagonal star there are 5 lines of balance. And
more than 6 lines of balance at hexagon, have only 8 octagon, 9 corner figure
and 10 corner figure.
And only at the Heptagon we do not see any spatial lines of balance!
Then, why in the beginning of «sacred rolls of Torah», like science book
arriving to us from time of beginning civilization from Gods, is confirmed, that
the world is built on basis of system with 7 parts?

Because the inner structure of every system has 6 functional parts
connected in circle of balance, and every system balanced inside of its
border. But simulteneosly every system connected with other systems, that
influence to it from outside, and system also influence on othe systems, been
outside of its border. And exactly on this «Outside changing» system react in
its «Inner balance». So take place, that every system of 6 functional parts
connected with one from outer system by «indissoluble connection»,
connecting all the world in «Whole». So this way, in Unity of the world
appeared system with 7 functional parts! And here is no any contradiction
with system understanding of modern science.

However, since the system should be balanced on all its three component:
Energy, Management and Functional parts, / and the functional part of system
necessarily has 5 parts/, so in combination the power / spatial / balance of
structures with functional structures, the «superfluous opportunities of
balance» give enable to improve «a feedback systems and its management»
for stability of system. Since the polyhedron with 7 sides has no in general
balancing spatial line, and since system with 7 functional parts, it is
necessarily balance between full internal structure of system and an external
world, speaks about its special feature.

On the other hand, knowing about base as «Tripleness and Dual
Tripleness» our world, and writing down «Letters and words of language» by
help of different pictures the same combinations of «Triangles», Sumerian
could to transfer communication between «Picture and sense of word and
letters», which these triangles display. And this semantic communication
between picture and letters forming words, should be found, «if it exists», for
proving « formality sumerian language».

Except for «the Triple law» we notice in table Sumerian images of numbers,
a principle of functional arrow as «Output», i.e. amount of target arrows of
every structure of images, as potential communications of system with an
external world, and it is possible as «criterion functions» of system, which do
not exceed Four / 4/.

But numbers of system connections more then 2 is doubtfull, because all
systems are builted due successive functional action, and accordingly have
«one input and one output».


Then «number of output arrows» can correspond not to number of
connections to external world, but spatial relation system parts, like space
parts of Hexagon. And in particular like composition «number of Triangle in
Hexagon», as number of Tens in space of system, and as common space.
And «number of types space-functional organization of stabuluty / instability
inside every of 6 Triangls», as numbers from 1 till 9. And they also divided on
three types space-functional properties of lines. Where «One» it is line of
«External influence», «Two» it is «line of stable interaction», «Three» it is
«line of changing stability». Then all table of 60 numbers describes spatial
picture of 6 Triangles like Hexagon, where every Triangle has 3 * 3 = 9 repited
properties lines, and 10, as line property of balance, taking place on central
line of.outer circle.

Then possible to divide all numbers on 6 groups of 10 numbers:
Group 1: Triangle 1 with numbers 1, 4, 7, 2, 5, 8, 3, 6, 9 and 10.
Group 2: Triangle 2 with numbers 1, 4, 7, 2, 5, 8, 3, 6, 9 and 20.
Group 3: Triangle 3 with numbers 1, 4, 7, 2, 5, 8, 3, 6, 9 and 30.
Group 4: Triangle 4 with numbers 1, 4, 7, 2, 5, 8, 3, 6, 9 and 40.
Group 5: Triangle 5 with numbers 1, 4, 7, 2, 5, 8, 3, 6, 9 and 50.
Group 6: Triangle 6 with numbers 1, 4, 7, 2, 5, 8, 3, 6, 9 and 60 = 0.

Except this dividing we can divide numbers due output arrows.
Rule of step number of outputs of images, as potential communications
with external world, divide all figures of the table on groups: individual,
dual, triple. And consequently all structures of images of numbers, are
subdivided into the following groups.
Group: 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 = 0 numbers have one arrow with small disk,

and rewriting special dots of balance and board between 6 triangles.
Since all «tens» have one arrow output, it means, that three
outputs of structure «9» are incorporated by the tenth element, like
at structure «4 and 7». And consequently «10» forms finished
«Chained structure on 3 * 3 elements with 4 - forth level».
Accordingly «20» has 4 * 2= 8 levels at system, and «30» has
4 * 3 =12 levels at system consecutive triple escalatings. So, picture
of 10 displayes by other type of the Triangle, developed clockwise,
as I think, showing real direction developing by steps structures.

It is in turn means, that «Internal structure of system», cannot have
more than «4 levels of escalating», so any complex, compound
structures of escalating can be formed only as combinations 4
levels decimal structures, with the certain additions of structures in
limits from 1 up to 9.
And it is important to note, that in Sumerian images, which I think,
this knowledge they have received from «Gods– Cosmonauts»,
finished system structures as «Tens», can’t contact with additional


structures from 1 up to 9, as «Initial structures», since then it would
be possible strongly to simplify pictures of numbers, and then all
«outputs of the most complex structures were only as 1, 2 both 3».
Then the world would be primitive Triple.
From the other side 10 is the sixth part of 60. It means yellow part

as triangle or 60 degrees from whole corner 360 degrees is 10.
Pictures of 40 and 50 is distinct from previous three of 10, 20, 30
and consequently has inclined image developed counter-clockwise.
I think, that reason to this change is passing the corners the central
pair line of hexagon 0 -180 degrees.
Rather those numbers need to understand like belonging System
to state, when all its composing parts: «Managing, Functional and
Energatical are balanced». Then system can be in this constant
unchengable form.

Group : 1, 4, 7, 11, 14, 17, 21, 24, 27, 31, 34, 37, 41, 44, 47,
51, 54, 57 have one output, as edge of one pointer,

emphasizing their special property of completeness, or
«Steady Isolation of ring system with one border». And as I
understand, these systems possess property of «Internal
Completeness» and consequently can be used in more
complex system, as «elements constant qualities and properties».

Structures 1, 4 7

Rather those numbers need to understand like belonging to
«Managing subsystems».
1 – Outside managing. 4 – Inside Managing. 7 – Managing
through Feedback subsystem.

Group: 2, 5, 8, 12, 15, 18, 22, 25, 28, 32, 35, 38, 42, 45, 48,
52, 55, 58 have 2 arrow outputs, emphasizing their
property of formation «Structural stability», allowing system
to form pair connections «Input – Output».


I think, that it speaks us, about the important property of our world,
that «the biggest and complex systems - elements our world can
cooperate with the smallest elements - systems of the world on
equal, without a priority! But in usual escalating way».
Rather those numbers need to understand like belonging to
«Functional subsystems».
2 – Functional volume and structure of system.
5 – Internal Functional systems.
8 – Functional Feedback.

Group: 3, 6, 9, 13, 16, 19, 23, 26, 29, 33, 36, 39, 43, 46, 49,
53, 56, 59 have three arrow outputs, emphasizing
them «Changeability in infinite search of balance of structure
systems », and also an opportunity to form « steady
pair and symmetric communications an input – an output».

Rather those numbers need to understand like belonging to
«Energatical subsystems».
3 – Water volume accepting Energy from Cosmos.
6 – Managing Energatical subsystems.
9 - Energatical Feedback.
We can pay attention, that all numbers of groups differ by «Triple step»
between figures».
Since the basic structural element of our world is an element "6", having at
Jews the image «David's Star», so if we shall check up a mathematical ratio
of all numbers of the table, in relation to number 6, then we receive the
following results:
If remember, that 10 compose corner of 60 degres, we see, that element step
of table is « 6 degres»! Then every relation of numbers to 6 accords special
corner. And corner step between numbers of every group, except first group
of tens, are 3 * 6 = 18 degres. So possible, that not by chance, this number
coincidence with weigth equivalent of Water. 1 + 1 + 16 = 18. because the
Water is the source of Life.

Group «1» 10 : 6 = 1, 6666666…6 10 * 6 = 60 degrees.
20 : 6 = 3, 3333333…3 20 * 6 = 120 degrees.
30 : 6 = 5 30 * 6 = 180 degrees.


40 : 6 = 6,6666666…6 40 * 6 = 240 degrees.
50 : 6 = 8, 33333333…3 50 * 6 = 300 degrees.
60 : 6 = 10 60 * 6 = 360 = 0 degrees.

Group «2». 1 : 6 = 0, 1666666…6 1 * 6 = 6 degrees.
4 : 6 = 0, 6666666…6 4 * 6 = 24 degrees.
7 : 6 = 1, 1666666…6 7 * 6 = 42 degrees.
11 : 6 = 1, 83333333…3 11 * 6 = 66 degrees.
14 : 6 = 2, 33333333….3 14 * 6 = 84 degrees.
17 : 6 = 2, 83333333…3 17 * 6 = 102 degrees.
21 : 6 = 3, 5 21 * 6 = 126 degrees.
24 : 6 = 4 24 * 6 = 144 degrees.
27 : 6 = 4, 5 27 * 6 = 162 degrees.
31 : 6 = 5, 16666666…6 31 * 6 = 186 degrees.
34 : 6 = 5, 66666666…6 34 * 6 = 204 degrees.
37 : 6 = 6, 16666666…6 37 * 6 = 222 degrees.
41 : 6 = 6, 83333333…3 41 * 6 = 246 degrees.
44 : 6 = 7, 33333333…3 44 * 6 = 264 degrees.
47 : 6 = 7, 83333333…3 47 * 6 = 282 degrees.
51 : 6 = 8, 5 51 * 6 = 306 degrees.
54 : 6 = 9 54 * 6 = 324 degrees.
57 : 6 = 9, 5 57 * 6 = 342 degrees.

Group «3» 2 : 6 = 0, 3333333…3 2 * 6 = 12 degrees.
5 : 6 = 0, 8333333…3 5 * 6 = 30 degrees.
8 : 6 = 1, 3333333…3 8 * 6 = 48 degrees.
12 : 6 = 2 12 * 6 = 72 degrees.
15 : 6 = 2, 5 15 * 6 = 90 degrees.
18 : 6 = 3 18 * 6 = 108 degrees.
22 : 6 = 3, 66666666…6 22 * 6 = 132 degrees.
25 : 6 = 4, 16666666…6 25 * 6 = 150 degrees.
28 : 6 = 4, 66666666…6 28 * 6 = 168 degrees.
32 : 6 = 5, 33333333…3 32 * 6 = 192 degrees.
35 : 6 = 5, 83333333…3 35 * 6 = 210 degrees.
38 : 6 = 6, 33333333…3 38 * 6 = 228 degrees.
42 : 6 = 7 42 * 6 = 252 degrees.
45 : 6 = 7, 5 45 * 6 = 270 degrees.
48 : 6 = 8 48 * 6 = 288 degrees.
52 : 6 = 8, 66666666…6 52 * 6 = 312 degrees.
55 : 6 = 9, 16666666…6 55 * 6 = 330 degrees.
58 : 6 = 9, 66666666…6 58 * 6 = 348 degrees.

Group «4» 3 : 6 = 0, 5 3 * 6 = 18 degrees.
6:6=1 6 * 6 = 36 degrees.
9 : 6 = 1, 5 9 * 6 = 54 degrees.
13 : 6 = 2, 16666666…6 13 * 6 = 78 degrees.
16 : 6 = 2, 66666666…6 16 * 6 = 96 degrees.
19 : 6 = 3, 16666666…6 19 * 6 = 114 degrees.
23 : 6 = 3, 83333333…3 23 * 6 = 138 degrees.
26 : 6 = 4, 33333333…3 26 * 6 = 156 degrees.


29 : 6 = 4, 83333333…3 29 * 6 = 174 degrees.
33 : 6 = 5, 5 33 * 6 = 198 degrees.
36 : 6 = 6 36 * 6 = 216 degrees.
39 : 6 = 6, 5 39 * 6 = 234 degrees.
43 : 6 = 7, 16666666…6 43 * 6 = 258 degrees.
46 : 6 = 7, 66666666…6 46 * 6 = 276 degrees.
49 : 6 = 8, 16666666…6 49 * 6 = 294 degrees.
53 : 6 = 8, 83333333…3 53 * 6 = 318 degrees.
56 : 6 = 9, 33333333…3 56 * 6 = 336 degrees.
59 : 6 = 9, 83333333…3 59 * 6 = 354 degrees.

I am confident, that I am not the first opener of these mathematical ratio, but

look, what are most emendous «Constant spatial ratio of possible «Balance»

gives this table. In fact in it only 20 equations give absolutely exact result. And

the others give «Relative accuracy the real world».

I expect, that this numbers table describes the «Water energy relation», in

time spatial interaction with other atoms and molecules of Life Nature.

If we shall build all results from division of numbers on 6 on to the natural

order, then the difference between results of each subsequent number will be

0, 1666666 … 6. And it will be an angle of 1 degree. If this number is

multiplied by 10, we get the "Golden Section". And this number, as I

understand, is « the spatial discrete step of balance of structure» for all

bodies, as systems!

This minimal step, as I understand, define by internal Energy properties of

Water, as system of atom Oxygen and two atoms of Hydrogen. And possible,

for understanding, we have to understand how is buildet the stable molecule

of oxygen O2 and also molecule O3, rising high up, and composing the

defending Ozon layer, and accordingly changing its inner volume. So, inner

properties atom and molecule of Oxygen, which we suppose changing in

upper electrons cover, and in real, chang something inside the nucleos, and it

the source of this properties.

This «energatical or spartial-time step» have only 6 group of 10 numbers,

as tipes of remainders, after dividing all numbers to 6.

Remainder from dividing = 0: 6, 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, 42, 48, 54, 60

Remainder from dividing = 0,1666..6: 1, 7, 13, 19, 25, 31, 37, 43, 49, 55

Remainder from dividing = 0, 3333..3 : 2, 8, 14, 20, 26, 32, 38, 44, 50, 56

Remainder from dividing = 0,5 : 3, 9, 15, 21, 27, 33, 39, 45, 51, 57

Remainder from dividing = 0,666..6 : 4, 10, 16, 22, 28, 34, 40, 46, 52, 58

Remainder from dividing = 0,833..3 : 5, 11, 17, 23, 29, 35, 41, 47, 53, 59

All groups have step of 6 and accordingly corner step of 36 degrees.

Taking attention, that molecules of water in organism is «organized with

help of Control system», so we can imaging the increasing corner

displacing molecules of water in space with the step of 6 degrees, as

increasing steps of the electric potencials of pair of molecules, developing

with the increasing the corner up to spiral. So then pair of molecules will

develop along two central lines from 0 till 180 degrees from front side, and

from 180 till 360 degrees from back side, with balance relatively the theired

central line.

Since, 10 is the one sixth part from Hexagon, it means, that 10 occupies

one equilateral Triangle and consequently 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 necessarily


finishes « the Line of balance of Triple triangles»!
If attentively look after all tens, so possible to see, that lines 10 – 40,

20 – 50, 30 – 60=0 don’t belong to any three groups of of numbers, but they
are lines of balance in Hexagon and simulteneosly divide Hexagon on spatial

Now if we mark on lines of Hexagon all points of numbers, that displaced
with step of 6 degrees, so we can see the next Dynamic process for numbers.

First of all, seeing on numbers of Hexagon, we see well, that numbers
subordinate to «Cyclic law of changing»! And in spite that this law of cycle
there is in source Sumer table of numbers, but there it looks not so clear, like
on the picture of Hexagon.

Then, we right away remember at the most ancient book of our civilization
«Emerald tablets of Thoth», were Thoth confirms, that all numbers from 1 to 9
are «Cycles of world’s action»!

We see in this chapter of «Emerald tablets», that there is absent the
description of numbers «1 and 2», which means «Management outside and
Dual functional action accordingly». ???

We can see here the difference between Egypttian and Sumer descriptions
of numbers in that, that all Egyption system direct to description «Unseeing
Energy and Management parts of system». And main dignity of Egypt system,
that it has pictures and symbolic description of numbers in form of «Small
arcane of cards Taroth».

The Sumer system of numbers is more formly and has not no explaning
pictures, except source table. But this system more full by numbers in Space


Understandings, and gives possibility « to make math analize quivalities of all

So only thanks to Sumer system we can divide numbers from 1 to 10
to «4 groups». So only thanks to Sumer division on groups we can explain
well, why in Egyptian small arcane of cards Taroth there is 4 groups of

In another words, we can see, that numbers system Sumer and Egypt
added each other and help understand «Real, science system description of
our world», which arrived to us in very small and changed form.

What main conclusions we can make analizing those two numbers
descriptions together?

The main science knowledge, that transmit us Gods, is the «United system
Language and numbers description of the world»!

And every system of our world, without connection to its sizes, has « 10
successive steps of action», which repeats cyclicly in Time and Space. Or
in another words, in every system of the world, especially in life system, there
is 9 phisical parts of cycle action.

This 9 phisical parts of cyclic action system, united by one process of
«Balance», and according system notation of Sumer divided on three groups
System action: 1, 4, 7 2, 5, 8 3, 6, 9 .

The fourth group it is group of «System inaction», because system are in
point of Balance, and this is group numbers 10, 20, 30…..

This means, that system divided on three system composions:
1. Management system with parts 1, 4, 7 in order of there action.
2. Functional system wuth parts 2, 5, 8 in order of there action.
3. Energy system with parts 3, 6, 9 in order of there action.

Then is stand a question, why in «Sacred rolls of Torah» have wrote,
that all the world is built from Systems with 7 parts?

And why the modern science arrived to conclusion, that system is
composed from 6 parts, and thanks for this knowledge have built compicated
automatic systems and computers?

I suppose, that answer is cosists in that, that people can see and
considerably easely understand «7 parts of system», definiting its «Managing
and Functional parts». And this is written in the very beginning of «Sacred
rolls of Torah», as science book of beginning of our civilization.

Simulteneosly «invisible and don’t understandable for people» Three
Energatical parts of all systems, were known only in the beginning of
civilization, when this information was given from Gods – Cosmonauts. And
this information was disappeared after leaving Gods – Cosmonauts our
planet, and together with losing this information were forgeted «Science
sources of Math notations 60, 10 and 20».

So only working on system sense of system notation 60 of Sumer, I myself
understand in whole the «Deficiency of 7 system functional parts for building
the world». Therefore I tried to compose «Whole structure for every system of
the world with 10 parts».


Then common system, having 10 structural parts, and composing from
«Three triple subsystems», that differently was drawn by Egyptians and
Sumerians, will have the next form.

We can observe, that this «Common system», like Three triple subsystems,
there is in constant change of searching Balance. Simulteneosly we know
from Sumer table notation, that every Triple system is Dual, and this way kept
the stability. But common Triple system never can be stable. And this Triple
unstability connect all three component of common system by «Triple cycle
successive action» with constant step passing from one subsystem to next.
And this common cycle ended by 10-th step «Inner ination or common

If understand, that system notation of 60, bear inside except «Functional
Management parts», also the «Spacial - Time part», then this Spacial – Time
description differ only by first figure of number for every Triangle, and looks
this way:

Triangle 1 – first figure – 0
Triangle 2 – first figure – 1
Triangle 3 – first figure – 2
Triangle 4 – first figure – 3
Triangle 5 – first figure – 4
Triangle 6 – first figure – 5
And last figure of numbers of notation, as we know, bear inside functional
belonging to subsystem in Triangle.
Important to mark, since we never don’t observe Energy system parts,
because it act automaticly without our participation, so it looks like it absent.
So evidently, this is the most mystic secret of our world, giving to people
possibility free moving in the space! Therefore this system never drawn in
classical Medicine.

Now we see clear, that if we exclude from description the Energatical
parts of system: 3, 6, 9 then, we get the classical description of system with
its 7 functional - management parts, as «1, 4, 7 – 2, 5, 8 and 10», which had
describing in Israel – Egypt science document of Torah.


Except this, due Sumer notation of numbers of 10, and knowing that every
system act successive in time, we can now exactly describe the «Algorithm of
acting every system in the world». It wiil be next cycle:
Time of balance – step 10. / Outside environment /
Action of signals Managing reaction on information outside
influence of system - step 1.
Action input functions Functional volume of system – step 2.
Action Energetical elements in volume of Functional and Managing

system – step 3.
Action signals inner Managing cycle of system – step 4.
Action inner Functional processes cycle of system – step 5.
Action inner Manager of Energy of system – step 6.
Action signals of Managing Feedback of functional

elements – step 7.
Action Functional feedback of system – step 8.
Action Energatical feedback of system – step 9.
Action common Balance all subsystems and 6 spatial parts all organism, like
realative step of inaction – step 10.

Back to beginning of cycle.

Now after preminary analize the Sumer table of notation 60 beginn clear,
that this notation really are the most wide description of our world, more wide
description then systems Egypt and Israel.

With help of Sumer number notation began clear, how to divide the system
sense of numbers to groups, so all information in ancient Egypt sources we
can understand in new and more clear form.

Therefore for example, if we will take the pictures of «Big Human» in
«Book of Sky», or «Book of Cavern», or «Book of Gates», then by help of
Sumer notation we can explain the number of different figures inside big
Human. And knowing the hour and the place of action and symbols of figures,
we can understand some «Fragment from Suprem Knowledge», that we get
from «Gods – Cosmonauts».

picture from book Cavern hour 2


picture from book Gate hour 5

picture from Sky book.

I ask the reader to concentrate.
Now, if we observe the structure of real physical 10 components of whole
system, we can understand, that every from three subsystems there is
«System of more low level», and then takes at «Own niche of Space and
Time», in whole Space and Time, that ended by border of «Outside Space of
interaction». And this Outside Space and Time is drawn by «Tens», with its
inner system «Balance». And this means, that to every subsystem there is its
own part in Inner Space and Time, by passing action from one subsystem to
next . And this Space will move on some constant corner, in realation to
«Tens». And simulteneosly it means, that every subsystem in balance will
get its «own space in structure of system», so all parts develop on special
corners in realation to each other. But, because subsystems have stability
thanks to «Duality of structures», so Central oxeses of balance and the
structures are Pairs in numbers: 10 – 40, 20 – 50, 0 – 30. So naturally
structures of first corner 0 – 60 degrees will interact in pair with structures
of fourth corner 180 – 270 degrees. And this process of Balance of
subsystems will develop the inner subsystems with speciak steps. So in whole
Space of Hexagon we get Three pairs of systems more big level, then
composing one of Tens.
And this is not bad explain at spartial shifting Water and other structures of
life in Spiral way with changing properties of system.
Simulteneosly this explain Space –Time structure all Triple system our
world, united to Hexagon.
In spite in this spartial-energetical understanding there is a secret, why
6 degrees step changing numbers and properties, and it is possible, that this
is a known minimal allowed corner shift of twisting structures in the body of
the person and other essences. Or it is possible that this is the angle of
pressing the two atoms of hydrogen against oxygen, which forms the natural
pressing of aqueous molecules against each other.
Today we can’t prove now the real spartial – energy time law for all more
compicated structures for life creatures. In any case for the human organism


this law must compulsorily appear in interaction of water with all other
elements and systems of our body.

And I think, that this prove we can realize only by help of investigations
«sacred books of ancient Egypt», because this science knowledge we get in
Egypt books from Gods, in form of «Human body Magic».

I have some articles of system anilize of Egypt
books from point of view «Energatical Magic of human body».

So, if a discrete minimal step of a spatial balance of forces is 0, 1666 …6,
naturally a line of balance of 10 steps is 1, 666666…6. Then line of 10 – 40,
as corner 60 - 240 degrees, has number values 1, 6666..6 - 6, 6666..6. Line
20 -50 as corner 120 – 300 degrees has number values 3, 333..3 – 8, 333.. 3.
Line 0 – 30 as corner 0 – 180 degrees has number values 5. 0 – 10.0 / 0 /.

And we see, that composed lines of balance have in numbers the same
fractions parts and differ in whole part on number «5».

One more important, and probably determining moment, in understanding
6 sides spatial structural model needs to note: «Since Hexagon, as much as
possible fill the spartial plane without everyones gleams, so «only from
Hexagons» it is impossible to construct the finished volumetric figure!
/ Possible this confirmation is a theorem need proving, but I think here is all
clear /.

So only with the help of addition squares or rectangulars we shall receive
from two hexagons a finished correct figure with 8 planes of volumetric
balance, in kind of hexagonal prism, which is built by bees and who seems a
basis of Diamond, the most strong natural structure. With help of Triangle we
can built prizm with hexagon basis. In the same time from figure 5, as
pentacles, we can construct buitifull volume with 12 planes.

The science not so long time began defined spatial structure of set of
organic connections. And consequently the description of structures of set of
organic connections is completely not casual is represented by hexagons,
pentagons, rectangle and pair connections.

I suppose, that Sumer table give us possibility to definite «System
properties of any chemical compounds and there space connections»,
beginning from atoms of chemical periodic table for life creatures, and further
to grown complicity, by help of small number from 0 – 9.

Where number 0 speak us about lines of balance. Numbers 1, 4, 7 speak
about managing role. Numbers 2, 5, 8, speak about functional role. And
numbers 3, 6, 9 speak about Energy role.

To check up, that we really correctly understand the given tables of
Sumerian numbers, as «System properties of chemical elements and
compounds», connected with there structures, we shall try to check up them


with «the Settlement ratio sumerian table» on chemical elements known to us.
For Management group of elements 1, 4, 7 in chemical table we have:

H = 1, / B = 11 /, N = 14, Mg = 24, P = 31, / Au = 197 /.
For Functional group of elements 2, 5, 8 in chemical table we have:
C = 12, / Si = 28 /, S = 32, Cl = 35
For Energatical group of elements 1, 4, 7 in chemical table we have:
O = 16, Fe = 56, / F = 19 /, Na = 23, K = 39
For group of balance elements 0 in chemical table we have:
Ca = 40, / Br = 80 /
Therefore that Oxygen and Ferrum have the small number 6, so they have

property to «Accamulate Energy inside of Atom».
Energatical activity free chemical elements from groups of Management

and Energy in nature, leading them to instability, forced this elements to
pair connection and then they belong to more stable functional group 2, 5, 8.

Then: H2 = 2, O2 = 32, N2 = 28, F2 = 38, Cl2 ? = 70.
Elements Fe, Na, K, P, Mg never there are in nature as clear elements.
Only gold Au = 197, in some reason keeps its properties of neutrality. / May
be like Feeedback in management, so connecting with finctional elements /

Water is composed from Oxygen, having role «Inner Managing Energy
element», and two atoms of Hydrogen, having role of Outside Manager.
Therefore Water it is managed from outside and act as Inner Energy element !
Because the atom weight of water is 18, so it can belong to group 2, 5, 8 and
can fullful a role of «Functional element acting as feedback».

Natural gas allocated and absorbed by alive essences, which carries out a
cyclic revolution in the nature is CO2. This gas is composed from two atoms
of oxygen and one atom of carbon. So 12 + 16 +16 = 44. So this gas has to
have Management properties.

Chemical compound Na Cl = 23 + 35 = 58 for another substances have to
possess property functional feedback. And may be therefore sea water and
more strong concenrrations like in dead sea, so strong influence on human

The natural gas CH4 = 12 + 4 = 16 due the number 6 in the end have to
possess property of Managing of Energy.
Chemical compound CH6 = 12 + 6 = 18 have to possess property of strong
functional influence as feedback.

Well known, one of most active acid H2SO4 = 2 + 32 + 64 = 98 due the
number 8 in the end, have to possess property of strong functional influence
as feedback.

As we know from chemistry, due law Nils Bor for model of atoms electrons
levels, they are built on special Energy laws, in which number of electrons
distributed on those numbers:
1. / 2 /
2. / 2 + 6 = 8 /


3. / 2 + 6 + 10 = 18 /
4. / 2 + 6 + 10 + 14 = 32 /
5. / 2 + 6 + 10 = 18 /
6. / 2 + 6 = 8 /
7. / х /

As we see from distribution electrons on levels, the figures of there
numbers are / 2 or 8 /, for all inner levels of electrons, except last level.
It means, that this inner electrons always play «Inner functional role», and
only last outside level like numberts / 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 / can give to atom
«any from Three different possibilities» for interaction with another atoms.
As we see, all «Electronic Covers» defindes some Energatical processes
acting in «atomic nucleos», and this specialy discovered from covers
2, 6, 10, 14 of electrons, which don’t tafe part in interaction with other atoms.
But due to Sumer notation we can define there functional roles, and this way
more deeply to understand the energatical and physical processes in nucleos.

Since electrons of atom are not separatable from «System of atom», then
Electron obligatly define the structure building of nucleos. So, if the model of
Nils Bor is right, as using the «Law system numbers dispersion Sumer», we
can see, that structure of nucleos have form of Prism, where there are:
Functional volume of nucleos, defining by pairs Neitrion – Proton. And this
Volume are the central oxis of nucleos / 2 /. Then there are the volume of
nucleos pair, defining the «Energatical space managment» / 6 /. Then there
are nucleos pairs, defining «Balance» in space / 10 /. And ended the volume
by «Functional management of nucleos» / 14 /, that exists only for nucleos
with atomic number more than 67. By another words we can describe the
«Structure of nucleos of atom», due orbits of electrons. And this is possible
only thanks to «Sumer system notation 60».

If we will take the modern description our genes structures, like chain
spirals, then description looks this way:

This means, that the chains of nucleotides bonds between them by the
same stretching elements like groups PO4 and C5 N5 H5 Ox, that have


P & D groups.
The genes themselves are the consequence of informational combinations

Two pairs of basises A – T and G – C. Connections groups P – D with
Informational basis of genes usually represented schematic in form of known

But the problem is, that understand «why those pairs of basises so exactly
connected in free space of cell» is impossible to understand.

So when I draw those elements of genes with help of «Spacial system
notation of Sumer», then those structures looks this way:


Now if we will try comprehend the numerical values of Six points of oxises
balance of Hexagon, so we will see, that spatial structures of genes have
about 3 points with the same numbers. Then it come clear, why those two
basises of genes so exactly find each other in space. Since this structures
have three oxises,that direct there bonds of basises, and naturally help in


process of connection with other elements take part in synthesis of DNA.
Except this, having numbers on point of structures, sae to us, that they

catch there place in space not by chance, but due space – time laws.
Then connection pairs of basises for genes looks this way.


On those pictures red line draw up connections between pairs of genes in
chain of DNA. Blue lines draw up all connections with Deoxyribose and other
elements, taking part in synthesis informational chain.

I am not an expert in chemistry, and all examples had given here in article
for checking «Sense», that give us the Sumer number notation 60 as science
description of our world.

As we discuss early, 6 degrees and his realation number 0,1666..6 is the
"Step" of natural division of a circle and volume of a sphere on equal parts.
And this step should be reflected in spatial attitudes(relations) of bodies and
weights of our real world.
The number of 60 of Sumer numeration systems can, in all likelihood, to be
also the source of the correct separation of system into its subsystems. Since,
if we will visualize that entire human organism is “ternary system for energy,
administration and functional action”, then each of these three parts must
contain on “two/pair/decimal subsystems”. Or each of three general systems
in other words, has inside “the pair of the symmetrical subsystems”, which
make possible for it to be steady, since the balance between halves of system
is achieved. And in each half there is “six functional parts of the systems”,
which compose the basis of the functional structure of each steady system.
However, the entire our living world is acting in a constant change because
the general structure of the systems of all living organisms is “ternary”.

All cuneiforms images numbers of Sumer are simply unusually fantastic
image of «system Dual-Triple-Tens of our world», which is steady only
thanking to «Structural Duality and Hexagon circularity». And I am confident,
that this system of 60 cuneiforms images of numbers, has inside more
profoundly «Supreme knowledge of the world», up to which science can’t
reach, without deep understanding of «System Duality, Trinity, Deximality of
our world». As I understand, Sumer notation give possibility by simple
methods investigate complicated processes of nature, inaccessible for our
understanding and possibility for investigation.


Yacov Ioffe 6. 04. 2004 - 2005


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